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Why Does the Inside of My Nose Hurt?

Updated on September 7, 2015

Our noses have an important job. They help filter the air we breathe. It only makes sense that once in a while something we breathe will irritate the tissue inside the nose. Certainly when we get sick, our noses can become infected, sniffly, or even completely congested.

Your nose often shows the first signs that you're getting sick: sneezing, tickling, dripping, or congestion. When this happens, we need to listen and treat the symptoms of a cold: plenty of rest, water, and warm foods.

There are many other issues you may experience with your nose. Most of them can be fixed fairly easily, once you find the underlying cause.

Causes of Pain In the Nose

There are many reasons noses can hurt. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Dehydration.
  • Being in cold or dry air for too long. Heaters in winter can dry out the nose fairly quickly.
  • A pimple. Often nose pimples don’t have a head, so they appear simply as a lump that is sore to the touch.
  • An accidental scratch from picking or blowing your nose.
  • Blowing your nose repeatedly.

How Can I Stop the Pain in My Nose?

Drink Plenty of Water

The inside of our noses is made up of delicate membranes that are constantly exposed to air. In order to stay healthy, this skin needs moisture. When we become dehydrated, these membranes will tighten and become sore.

  • Drink eight ounces (that's eight cups!) of water everyday to keep your skin, including the membranes inside your nose, healthy!

Keep Your Nostrils Moist

You may have dry nose membranes on the inside, but if it's the outside of your nostrils that hurt, you may be breathing very dry air and/or frequently blowing your nose.

  • Dab around the outside of your nostrils with a wet washcloth. This will clean the area, to help avoid infection, and restore needed moisture to your skin.

Try a Warm Compress

If you have a sore pimple inside or on the outside of your nose, warmth will help draw out the infection and clear up the pimple.

  • Hold a warm, wet washcloth against the sort area. This should be soothing and will help reduce the infection inside the pimple. Avoid picking at or scratching the area.

Try Steam or a Humidifier

Steam from a humidifier, or boiling water in a kettle or bowl, can work wonders to restore moisture inside a very dry or congested nose.

  • Sit close to the steam but be careful not to breath it in too deeply. It can burn sensitive membranes! If desired, place a towel around your head to create a tent. This will capture more of the steam, especially if you are using a bowl of boiling water.

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Aggravated Nose Pain

If you have been sick and are blowing your nose regularly and vigorously, make sure you’re using soft tissues, preferably with aloe vera or another moisturizing ingredient. See your chemist about a moisturizing cream to apply in or around your nose to help heal sore or aggravated skin.

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    • profile image 3 weeks ago

      i need help to see how can i get rid of pain in my nose i was botched job in burnley many years collapsing my septum and raw skin in nose causing severe pain

    • profile image 3 weeks ago

      i had a botched job done on my nose in england by a indian for polyps he ruiined my septum and suffering terrible pain especially in mornings i was told the lining is raw in nose id like to get advice how i can get ir put right mebe with a skin inplant in nose please advise tommy

    • profile image

      molly 5 weeks ago

      i found that my nostril was hurting mainly because i had slept with my window open so it was cold, i just put my head under my covers for about 3 minutes to make sure i was inhaling warm air and the pain went away!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 weeks ago

      My right nose hurts after picking it and it only hurts when touched should i tell my parents

    • profile image

      Hailey 5 weeks ago

      What else you can do is wet a paper towel, and only paper towel, rip out a small piece and put it in some nice hot water. Stick it up your nostril that hurts and in about 3-4 minutes and you should feel fine. If you don't feel good still, try using nice hot water still and let it sit in your nostril 5-6 minutes that time. If you want more feed comment and daily I will come back with more suggestions and facts what you can do!

    • profile image

      Jamiyah 2 months ago

      My nose do not hurt no more

    • profile image

      Cd 2 months ago

      My nose pimple is closer to my eye. I tried the warm water washcloth and instead of working, It made it worse. Tysm

    • profile image

      someone 5 months ago

      alexis, did you sniff water?

    • profile image

      Guest 5 months ago

      8 ounces is not 8 cups. Might want to change that. Lol

    • profile image

      vae 2 years ago

      My left nose is hurting when my head are bow. What should i do? It also hurts when i go to sleep

    • profile image

      Alc 2 years ago

      try coconut oil

    • profile image

      deez nuts 2 years ago

      My left nostril hurts (:)

    • profile image

      alexis 2 years ago

      i tried water and it did not help it made it burn

    • profile image

      chloe beyer 2 years ago

      My nose hurts and non of these things helped. They only made it hurt worse

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