How to Get Rid of Head Lice and Nits With Vinegar and Conditioner

Dealing With Head Lice

When I first noticed little dots in my five year old daughter's hair, I wasn't initially concerned because I thought it was dandruff. However, when they didn't disappear with washing, I decided to check with the school. They confirmed that my daughter was yet another victim of head lice in her school class.

Like any mother, I was horrified, and immediately sought advice from everywhere I could. Just the thought will probably have you literally scratching your head! After assimilating all the information (in the space of about an hour!), I'm happy to say that the lice has not returned. Also, no one else in the family has been infected.

This method cost me a fraction of the amount of regular medical treatments, and I didn't need to put harsh chemicals into my daughter's hair. Try it out!

What You'll Need

  • A nit comb. Or a strong, very fine toothed comb, metal if possible (These cost approximately $12 at the store).
  • A bottle of white vinegar.
  • A bottle of cheap hair conditioner.

Instructions for Lice Removal at Home

  1. Soaking the hair in white vinegar. First, I wrapped my daughter in a towel, and got her to put her hair over the bathroom basin,. Then I soaked her hair in white vinegar. I made sure that it really was saturated, including the scalp. I didn't rinse it out — just tied her hair up and out of the way. My daughter then put on her swimming goggles (vinegar has a very sharp odour), and sat outside in the fresh air for half an hour.
  2. Part hair and comb. After half an hour, I sat outside with her and parted her hair into small sections, each secured with a clip. (I did this outside because I didn't want to risk putting any live eggs into the house.) Using the nit comb, I then worked on combing out the eggs until there were none visible in each section. I rubbed a generous amount of conditioner into each section as I finished, and then clipped it again before starting on the next section. This was time consuming, but worth it.
  3. Leave the conditioner in, comb again, then rinse. Once I had finished, I left the conditioner in my daughter's hair for an additional fifteen minutes. Then I combed her hair through once more with the nit comb. Lastly, she took a shower to rinse it all out.

Just to be safe, all members of our family also did the vinegar rinse and left it for half an hour before rinsing out. We then put a generous amount of conditioner through our hair and left it for another hour before rinsing again. A pleasant side effect is that it left the whole family with beautifully pure, clean hair.

The theory behind this method of treatment is that the vinegar loosens the nits so they are easier to remove. It also gets rid of impurities in the hair, so that new eggs will not stick easily. Meanwhile, the conditioner smothers any living lice and kills them.

I have been diligently checking everyone's hair every day ever since, and we appear to be clear.

If I had found any sign of nits, I would have immediately removed them with the comb, and then thoroughly covered the hair and scalp with conditioner and left it for as long as possible (overnight if I could) before washing out.

I am no expert on head lice, but I am happy to report that this method has worked for me. It's cheap, avoids harsh chemicals, and it is comparatively easy!

Lice Prevention

Footnote: Once your child's hair is lice free, you may like to try some of these ideas to prevent reinfection from head lice.

Good luck!

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head lice 6 years ago

I appreciate the conventional way of removing such head lice but I guess it is not that kinda presentable when it comes to salons it okay to have that procedures when at home. I never thought of this procedure before but in the case of my youngest son michael I did use nitwits product for his head lice infection.

Best Regards,

carl uno

gjhhjg 3 years ago

can i use simple vinigar

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 3 years ago Author

Vinegar will loosen the grip of the nit "glue", and the lice might not like it, but it won't get rid of the actual nits, and they will hatch into new lice. You need to kill the lice and remove all the nits so there is nothing to hatch. It takes a while, but it's worth being thorough to make sure you have them all. Otherwise the lice will be back before you know it!

Yumna 2 years ago

I had no lice in my head but when a new girl came in our class my head is full of lice and nits I am a teenage girl and as I realise that there are lot of lice and I see them i become so worried please tell me the right way to get rid of them I am soooo worried

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 years ago Author

Have a look at the method in my article. Don't worry - lice are very common, and it doesn't mean that you or your hair are dirty. The most important thing is to get rid of them as soon as possible. You will need to buy a nit comb, and follow the instructions I gave. If you have an adult you can ask to help you, that would be great, as it's easier if someone else combs out your hair. Good luck.

beba 2 years ago


Im a 14 year old I got lice almost a week ago.. i am so embarraced to go to school. And the worst of all I have my sisters wedding this thursday.

Ive been using a treatment i got from a pharmacy yesterday and today; but im worried they wont ever leave.

Do you think using your treatment will let them leave for atleast a week?

Ill be waiting for your reply.


beba 2 years ago

Sorry I left out that im a girl

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 years ago Author

You poor thing - lice are horrible to have, but remember it's not your fault! To stop the cycle, you need to get rid of the lice, and then get rid of the eggs before they hatch. The nits normally take between 1 - 2 weeks to hatch. The pharmacy treatment will probably kill the live lice, but they have probably already laid a lot of nits on your hair. A lot of pharmacy treatments will suggest that you do a second application after a certain amount of time, so it might be worth checking that. The problem with pharmacy treatments is that the lice become resistant, and then the treatment won't work. My method either smothers or stops the lice from moving, allowing you to comb them out.

For the wedding on Thursday, I suggest you use my method on Wednesday night - covering your hair with conditioner, leaving it for a while and then carefully combing every section from scalp to tip with a nit comb. You will see lice as little black dots in the white conditioner. Wipe off the conditioner with tissues and throw them away. Another thing you could try is to straighten your hair with a hair straightener sometime before you have your hair done for the wedding, as sometimes that can fry any nits clinging to your hair. Doing these things should at least control the problem for now. After the wedding, keep up the conditioner/combing treatment every few days until there are no sign of lice.

The most important thing is not to worry! Headlice and nits are very common: weddings of your sister only happen rarely, so enjoy it. Have a wonderful, fun time at the wedding. I'm sure you will look absolutely gorgeous.

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 years ago Author

Once you are rid of the lice, you need to minimize the risk of getting reinfected. Here are some ideas that might help -

jennifer 2 years ago

I noticed my daughter came home from school itching like crazy and she had bites on her neck. I didn't have money for a kit so i started checking online and came across this artice. I used the viniger and conditioner and so farvso good. I keep combing her hair with the metal nit comb to makevsure. Hopefully they are gone. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for your information .

sonal 2 years ago

HI ! I am 13 and I have almost killed 80 percent of lice but what about the nits are u sure that ur redemy will help me out and I am a girl. I will wait for ur coment and thanks.

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 years ago Author

Thanks for your question, Sonal. You need to kill or remove all the lice, because if you leave any, the cycle can start all over again. You also need to get rid of the nits, because they hatch into new lice. I suggest that once you've tried the remedy above, you cover your hair in conditioner every three days and carefully comb through all of it with a nit comb. This will make sure that you catch any missed lice, and any new lice if the nits have been missed. You will see any lice in the comb. Remove them with a tissue. Once you have done this twice without seeing any sign of lice, you will be clear. Good luck.

Lisa 2 years ago

My daughter came home from camp the other day... with lice. She has been using a pharmacy treatment from the nurse at camp. She does not have any adult lice as far as I can see, but she still has a bunch of nits (mainly husks, however). Just to be safe, would you recommend this method?

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 years ago Author

@Lisa - Sorry to hear about your daughter - camps are notorious for lice. I would definitely recommend that you use the vinegar to loosen the nits from her hair, then comb out with the nit comb and treat with conditioner, just in case! Just a couple of sneaky lice still in the hair or hatching from nits can restart the cycle. Hope this helps!

cutie pie 2 years ago

nice work finished huh

Mamanoid 2 years ago

So I have never had to deal with lice/nits before and just that thought of it freaked me out badly. My mother in law told me my 2yr old daughter was scratching and had dandruff so I was treating her hair for dandruff. Turns out it was nits that my daughter got from her daughter. You can only imagine how livid I was. The lice removal kits are quite expensive and thinking my daughter was the only one with lice and nits I treated her today, was not easy. And the idea of using those chemicals while being currently 4 1/2 months pregnant was indeed stressful. Once my husband came home we checked each other with a nit comb and bam found out we also have lice/nits. In our mutual frustration we came across your method and are currently doing our first treatment. I love how detailed your article is, I just have one question. I see in the comments sections you mentioned repeating the conditioning process every 3 days until you have checked your hair after 2 treatments and there are no sign of lice or nits. When repeating the process every 3 days do you also have to include the first initial step and do the vinegar again? Can you repeat the vinegar step weekly? I just want to be sure, the thought that there tiny bugs living on our heads is making it difficult to get any sleep :(

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 years ago Author

Hi Mamanoid. Sorry to hear you're having to go through this. It's a bit of a shock the first time, I know! I understand the horrible feeling of knowing that something is living in your hair.

The main reason for soaking the hair in vinegar is that it loosens the glue that lice use to attach the nits to the hair shaft. I'm sure the lice also find it most unpleasant, but it may not kill them. This method is more about removing the lice and nits, and then, just in case, removing any nits/lice that might have survived BEFORE they can reinfest the hair. If you break the cycle, you have won.

If you would feel better rinsing a second time or more in vinegar, go ahead. I would suggest maybe using apple cider vinegar, as a lot of people use it as a conditioner, and it will leave a much more pleasant scent on your daughter's and your hair.

You will, however, find that if you just keep up covering the hair with conditioner and combing out, removing any lice or eggs, you will quickly break the cycle. You can do the conditioner and combing thing as often as you wish (even more than once a day if it helps)- if you feel a tickle or feel like scratching, sometimes it's great just for your own peace of mind to do the comb through and make sure there's nothing there. Just make sure you buy really cheap conditioner, or it will start to cost quite a lot.

Hope this helps! Good luck.

Mamanoid 2 years ago

Will do, definitely want to nip this in the bud. I am considering having my house fumagated because my floors are carpeted and buying a lice removal spray would cost more because of how many cans would be needed. Upon my research I found that some moms have lightly sprayed there child's hair with coconut oil, tea tree oil or mint mouthwash (diluted in water) before their child leaves the house to protect from reinfestation because lice cannot tolerate the scent. How you ever heard of this after care method? What is your opinion on the matter?

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 years ago Author

Here are some of the prevention methods I've heard about. My favourite is the tea tree oil.

The lice don't live very long without a host to feed on, so as long as you clear everyone in your family, you shouldn't need to fumigate. I would imagine that would be expensive and not great to have all those chemicals around, especially when you are expecting. I have experienced several lice incidents over the years, but it's always been due to lots of kids getting them at school, never from reinfestation at home, and I've never sprayed to get rid of them. If you are really concerned about bedding, putting sheets and pillow cases in the dryer on hot will kill anything. You could also blow bedding with a hair dryer on the hottest setting.

Mamanoid 2 years ago

Once you let conditioner sit on the hair and you combed through your daughter's hair during initial treatment, did you do it like you would normally comb her hair or did you comb section by section once again? Apologies if I am bombarding you with question. I like to be extremely thorough and follow instructions to the very last detail.

corinne 2 years ago

I want to thank you for your advise. The vinegar worked great and with the conditioner. I did the vinegar two days later and combed out only eggs. I checked her later that night and all gone. Thank you again it was very helpful.

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 years ago Author

I combed each section with the nit comb. You will comb out the conditioner, and easily see if there are any lice trapped. It takes a little while, but at least it makes the hair feel lovely afterwards. Happy to answer questions :)

BarbaraCasey profile image

BarbaraCasey 2 years ago from St. Petersburg, Florida

Great information... wish I'd known about it 25+ years ago when my son came home from school with them.

barbara 2 years ago

is it harmful for the hair texture?

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 years ago Author

Not at all. Some people use white vinegar as a conditioner, and the conditioner won't hurt your hair. On the other hand, chemicals in professional lice treatments can strip and harm your hair, and can also be absorbed by the scalp.

Laurs 2 years ago

Hi my daughter came home from a family vacation a few weeks back with head lice and covered in nit eggs , I have managed to get rid of all love nits but finding it difficult to get rid of the eggs how long should I leave vinegar in her hair for and how long will it take for her to become egg free ? Thanks in advance

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 years ago Author

Hi Laurs. Only soak it in vinegar for half an hour at most. This will help to soften the glue, but the eggs will still need to all be combed out with a nit comb. It's easy to miss them all at first, but if you continue the conditioner/comb routine (you can do it daily if you like), in a few days you will eventually either get all the active eggs, or catch any hatching lice before they have a chance to lay, and break the cycle. Good luck.

alo 2 years ago

will my hair stink after using vinegar?

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 years ago Author

Surprisingly no, your hair won't stink, especially because you are using the conditioner straight afterwards. If you are worried, you could try using apple cider vinegar, which will leave your hair smelling slightly of apples.

saba 2 years ago

there r so many nits in my hair i want get rid of them but it seems very difficult if i apply vineger did it works plz reply fast

i m 17 a girl

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 years ago Author

Vinegar will only loosen the glue that attaches the nits to your hair. It won't kill live lice or nits - it just makes it easier to get them out of your hair. You need to comb out the nits and lice with a nit comb to remove them. Good luck!

Mahi cute 22 months ago

Hello . My name is mahi.I am student.from 10days i have some severe type of itching . My mother thought that this itching is from my dandruff . But one day i thought that this itching IS might befrom danderuff . When my mother check my hair

Mahi cute 22 months ago

There was many lics and nits found from my hair.i am in very tension . I have read urs article but one thing i dont understand that when conditioner will be used . I only undestand that first of all i will have to rinse my hair with vinega rfor one hour than divide hair in section than what is the next step.Can u tell me


ioweu 22 months ago

Thank u soooo much...ur article helped a lot :)) tried many things initially but none of them workd effectively.... Ur advice came as savior... Thnxxxx

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 22 months ago Author

Hi Mahi cute,

Once you have done the vinegar stage, just lather your hair directly with conditioner (no need to remove the vinegar first). Then use the nit comb to comb through every section of hair. The nits and lice will stick in the conditioner, so wipe the comb with a tissue after each stroke. Once you have finished the combing stage, and have left the conditioner for fifteen minutes longer, you can wash your hair. Good luck!

Mahi cute 22 months ago

Thank you so much...

vanshika 20 months ago

I got lice from my sister. Her hair is filled with for more then 2 years . We have trred very much bt all in vain . Plz tell something so it can be removed fastly

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 20 months ago Author

@vanshika It sounds like you are being reinfested. No matter how much you get rid of the lice, if you keep getting more from another source, they will never be completely gone. Washing all bedding and clothes in very hot water has been found to be helpful. You need to try and get rid of all adult lice at the same time, as they are continuously laying eggs. If this doesn't work, comb your hair every few days with conditioner and a nit comb to remove any lice or nits, and do the same for your sister. This will at least control the infestation. You might also try some of the ideas to repel lice in this article - Good luck!

hamda shahid 20 months ago

I want to get rid from the head lices plz tell me some ideas to reduce the headlices am very worried

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 19 months ago Author

@hamda shahid. Don't worry. Firstly, have you tried the suggestions in my article? In my experience this method works very well.

Miranda 19 months ago

Well the other day I realized my head was itching directly on my neck and beside my ears and I knew it was lice I've had ir plenty of times, sadly but I put the conditioner in my hair hoping it will be a lot easier too get all the nits out, do you think it will work?

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 19 months ago Author

It should work. The conditioner alone stops the lice from being able to escape when you comb them out. You need to repeat it every few days though, as there will be nits, and as they hatch into new lice, you need to remove them before they lay eggs. Good luck!

Xandra 19 months ago

Hi there, Im a 14 year old girl with lice and nits. Is it okay to soak the vinegar even if my hair is rebonded? Please reply thank you

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 19 months ago Author

Hi Xandra, I would suggest that you contact the salon that rebonded your hair and ask, as the vinegar is acidic and might cause a problem. If you don't want to call them, forget the vinegar stage, and just do the conditioner and combing. All the vinegar does is loosen the glue that the lice use to attach their nits/eggs to the hair strands. If you condition/comb regularly, you will catch hatching lice and stop them relaying, which will break the cycle. Good luck!

Julianna 17 months ago

can you use regular vinegar on the hair

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 17 months ago Author

Yes. I used cheap white vinegar.

Roxie 17 months ago

Hi ! Im 16 & my sister noticed a few days ago that I have nits...I am freaking out !! The problem is that they do not itch and I cannot see any live lice either... please help me get rid of them easily & quickly !!

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 16 months ago Author

Just follow the instructions in the article. One louse can lay lots of eggs, and that louse might not be in your hair any more. However, you need to get rid of the nits before they hatch, and make sure you've caught any nits that might have already hatched into lice before they get old enough to lay. Good luck!

Morgan 11 months ago

Just went through the whole lice thing at my house. We were able to get rid of them by using conditioner and combing through the hair (no chemicals). We did this every day and then kept checking every couple days after we didn't find anything. This turned out to be pretty crucial because we were positive we had gotten all the nits. Wrong! We missed a couple that became more visible as the louse inside grew and darkened (we are all blonde). We were diligent about doing laundry, trying not to cuddle, etc. I wanted to share a tip: if you have to check the head of someone with a very dry scalp, it can be really helpful to go through their dry hair with a blow dryer so you can tell if what you are looking at is dry skin (blows away) or nits (stays put).. Then have the person wash their hair, slather in conditioner and begin the combing process without all the dandruff in there. The blow dryer is also a great way to quickly check for live lice as it is essentially an automatic hair parting machine and they can't really move THAT fast. Wouldn't recommend for a huge infestation though, might cause them running all over but I found one louse hanging on for dear life this way that I had previously missed. Good luck out there!

Kathryn 6 months ago

will the vinegar bleach my hair or anything to that effect?

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 6 months ago Author

Repeated use of vinegar can dry out some hair types, but it should be okay just for this one use. It will do a lot less harm than the chemical treatments for lice. If you want to skip the vinegar step, you can. The nits are attached to the hair shaft by a kind of glue, and the vinegar weakens this glue, allowing you to comb out the nits more easily. If you miss combing out a nit, it can hatch and if there are more than one, you could risk the cycle starting all over again.

Pinkie 6 months ago

It's been a month that there are nits in my hair I m really embarrassed and my mother is saying to shave off my hair but it's my birthday the next week I don't want this to happen plss help me tell me how to remove nits

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 6 months ago Author

Please don't shave your hair off. A friend of mine's son had his head shaved, and he still ended up with nits clinging to the tiny remaining stubble of hair. If nothing else, please buy or borrow a proper nit comb. They are not very expensive, and are handy to have so that if you ever get lice again you can act quickly. Using the method in this article will remove the nits and headlice and prevent you from having to shave your head. You need to keep up treatment until you break the cycle.

Paula 5 months ago

New eggs will not stick? Since when?

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 5 months ago Author

New eggs will stick, but if you get rid of the adult lice, they won't be able to lay eggs. If you remove all the nits, they won't be able to grow up and lay eggs. It's hard to see the eggs when they are tiny, but if you repeat the removal process until you are sure there are no more nits to hatch, you will break the cycle.

Sandy 5 months ago

I have a lot of nits towards the back of my neck (under my hair at the roots). Please suggest a way I can remove the nits from my hair for once and for all. When I tie my hair up, my hair looks disgusting with its small white eggs everywhere. Please reply ASAP:(

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 5 months ago Author

Hi Sandy, If you follow my instructions in the article, you should be able to remove the nits. Lice love laying their eggs in the warm area around the nape of your neck. If you divide your hair into small sections and comb each section out with a nit comb, starting at the roots, you should be able to remove most of the nits. If you continue regularly with this treatment, eventually you will break the life cycle of the lice. I hope this helps.

DJ 5 months ago

I have a red head, very tender headed- just brushing out tangles is a 30 minute ordeal. I am hoping the vinegar /conditioner will help with her sensitivity... as using the nit comb thus far are produced tons of nits and tears (and splotchy face).

Anna 4 months ago


I had nits about 2 weeks ago. I bought a treatment from the pharmacy and combed and combed and combed my hair until nothing was coming out. I currently design reed my hair was itchy like crazy!! The nits had come back I really need to get rid of them cause I am on a holiday in Hawaii and I don't want to come back to school with nits. Last night I put white vinegar in my hair overnight. This morning I rinsed it out and put tonnes of conditioner in it what should I do now?! Please please help me I need to get rid of them because not only am I on holiday but I am sick as well and my hair is so itchy but I haven't found any Lice only the white little things in my hair!

Will be waiting for your response thank you

Tania 4 months ago

Hi I'm a 11 year old girl and I suddenly got lives from a new girl in our school first I too thought it was dandruff but then it grew and now I have so many nits and lives in my head. I'm so worried and I think they will never finish. I think of getting bald but I love my hair. I comb everyday but there is no difference. Please help me I'm on a holiday to California and I want to have no lices before school starts please help me!

I'll wait for your response

xyz 4 months ago


m a girl. I am currently staying at my home and no other family member has this head lice/nits problem. 4 days back I found out I am having this lice problem but I am not able to figure out the reason behind it as I haven't went outside and also no other family member has this . can u tell the reason behind this and also will ur method actually help bcz I used the mediker anti-lice oil and the nit comb but still I am facing this problem :(

Megan 4 months ago

My lice is almost gone but last time i used vinegar it burned and i screamed bloody murder. What should i do? I have also had lice for over 3 months. we thought it was gone so we let it go and i got it back twice as bad. i need your response SOON. thanks


atara 4 months ago

I need help my 10 year old daughter still has nits in her hair. I got out all the lice but cant get the nits any suggestions?

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 4 months ago Author

The conditioner should help with detangling. My daughter also has a very sensitive head, so I do know how it can be. I've found that it helps if I get the knots out of the ends with a larger comb first.

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 4 months ago Author

The little white things are nits which are the lice eggs. Keep combing these out. You will miss some to start with, but as they grow and if you are thorough you will eventually catch them all. Even if they hatch, as long as you catch all the young lice, you will break the cycle and get rid of them.

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 4 months ago Author

Hi Tania, Are you using a proper nit comb? They are stronger and have finer teeth than a regular comb. You really need to get the right kind of comb to catch the lice and comb out the nits. Make sure you comb from your scalp right to the tips and remove any lice or nits from the comb after each stroke. You also have to make sure you have combed every bit of hair and scalp. Do this every couple of days for two weeks, even if you think all the lice and nits are gone, just to be sure you have caught them all.

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 4 months ago Author

That sounds like you have been very unlucky. Another family member may have picked up some live lice and transferred them accidentally to you before the lice had time to lay. The anti-lice oil should kill any lice living in your hair, but it won't kill the nits. You need to make sure that the nits are either combed out, or you are either killing the lice as they hatch or combing them out too if you missed them.

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 4 months ago Author

It sounds like you have very sensitive skin. In your case, skip the vinegar step and just use conditioner. There are two reasons why they could be coming back. Firstly you may be accidentally missing a couple of lice that then are able to reproduce and start the cycle again. You need to keep thoroughly combing your entire scalp and hair with a nit comb every couple of days until the lice and nits have been gone for at least a week. The other reason could be that someone you know has lice and is reinfecting you.

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 4 months ago Author

At first the nits will be too small to be caught by the nit comb, even after the vinegar has loosened them. If you can see the nits, you can individually slide each one down the hair shaft with your fingers, but it is easy to still miss them. Alternatively, if they are not too close to the scalp, you can fry them with a hair straightener. Very satisfying! Otherwise, the nits will keep growing until they hatch, so if you persist with combing the scalp and hair thoroughly with a proper nit comb every you will eventually be able to remove them.

Leslie 4 months ago

Hello. I've had head lice for a while now, and next week, I go back to school. Does this treatment work within these days I have left of summer? I want to take them out immediately.

Please reply ASAP.

Thank you.

Tas 4 months ago

After the conditioner should we do it part wise or together

Duane 4 months ago

My 4 year old has thick hair and she is covered in eggs will the vinger still help

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 4 months ago Author

This treatment physically removes the lice and most of the nits, so it is instant. However, it is possible to miss some lice, so it pays to repeat the treatment until you are certain that all the lice are gone. Also, a nit comb is not fine enough to remove tiny, just laid nits. As they grow, you will be able to remove them, so you need to keep thoroughly combing your hair with the nit comb every few days and checking for nits / lice until there is no sign of them.

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 4 months ago Author

Hi Tas, Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. After you have put the conditioner in your hair, you need to comb it out from the scalp to the ends with a proper nit comb. The conditioner immobilises the lice, making them easier to catch.

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 4 months ago Author

The vinegar stage is to loosen the glue that the lice use to fix nits to the hair. It won't kill the lice or nits, but it will make it easier to comb out the nits. Keep combing with a nit comb every few days to remove nits as they grow, and any emerging new lice. Once you can see that nothing is coming out in the comb, your daughter should be free of lice and nits.

brandi hendrix 3 months ago

My 3 year old daughter came home with lice from head start. I ignored her itching for almost a week. I have dry scalp so i figured thats what it was. I googled alot! I bought rid shampoo... Did that and i put leave in conditioner in her hair... Lots of it and i combed and combed and combed. Then i got some lice repelling shampoo and washed her hair with it very good. Scrubbing with my nails... Then i combed and combed some more.... Then when her hair dried i used a flatiron.... Eggs or lice vannot stand that extreme heat... I had it as high as it will go and went very slowly and pushed hard... Now she is lice and nit free

chiya 2 months ago

Hell!! Its like hell ..... itching evry thn n now cant concentrate at any work... Plzzzz its all over thr in my scalp... I need to get rid out of these lices ... I cant tolerate more!!

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 months ago Author

Thanks brandi hendrix. It's great to hear success stories. I have managed to get rid of lice in my daughter's hair without the treatment shampoo, as my daughter has sensitive skin and I'd prefer not to use chemicals unless the situation is desperate. Lice are gradually becoming resistant to known chemical treatments, so it's good to have an alternative method just in case. I've found that persistence is the key. Even when you think you have captured and combed out everything, they can still be lurking. Just keep conditioning and combing, or at least combing, every few days until absolutely nothing appears for a couple of times. It works, and it's very cheap.

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 months ago Author

Chiya, try the treatment I have suggested. Comb, comb, comb the lice out. Be thorough and persistent. Eventually you will remove them all before they can lay any more eggs and you will be lice free. Good luck!

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 months ago Author

Remember, everyone, you absolutely MUST use a proper nit comb, like the one pictured in my article. A normal comb will not work. The nit comb is especially designed to catch lice and remove nits.

Abc 2 months ago

Please help with steps to remove white nits in hair

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 2 months ago Author

Sorry to hear about the nits. Please follow the instructions in my article. The vinegar will loosen the nits, the conditioner will help trap any live lice and make it easier to comb the hair, and combing with a proper nit comb will remove lice and nits. You will need to repeat every few days until you are sure that the nits have gone and that there are no surviving lice in the hair.

Ann810 profile image

Ann810 2 months ago from Sunny Cali

Thanks, this is an informative article. I use apple cider vinegar to clarify my hair from all the hair products. Who knew vinegar was good for lice as well.

Esmeralda 7 weeks ago

Hi I'm a 14 year old girl I got rid of the life but need to get rid of all the hits I have a lot I can see them and am worried if u try Apple vinegar will it at least get rid of some and comb it how many times do I need to do this to get rid of the nits

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 7 weeks ago Author

Hi Esmeralda, You will need to comb your hair thoroughly with a proper nit comb every three days for two weeks. After that, you should see that there are no nits or lice coming out in the comb. The vinegar will definitely loosen the nits, but sometimes they are too small or too stuck to get out of your hair and will hatch. I would only use the vinegar once as if there are no new nits being laid, using it more often would probably be a waste of time. If you just comb really carefully every three days to remove anything that is there, you should be able to catch any new lice as they grow and before they get big enough to lay their own nits. You could also try using a hair straightener as this will squash a lot of the nits and kill them before they can hatch. However, the only sure way to get them all is to keep combing for two weeks. Good luck!

Bbg.slat 6 weeks ago

HI my name is Nayely I have lice and curly hair if I try to take out the lice it hurts my hair does your method really work I got lice from this new girl at school and Monday is twin day and I really want to take my hair down also if I take out all the lice and nits how do I take them out of the house???? Please answer I will be waiting for you xoxo

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 6 weeks ago Author

Hi Nayely, Yes, this method definitely does work. Don't hurt yourself getting out the lice. You just need to make sure you comb all your hair from the scalp to the tips to make sure you are removing the nits and any new hatching lice. I combed my daughter's hair in the shower and washed the lice away, and over the bathroom sink or bath. That way you can simply wash any lice or nits straight down the drain. Another way is to have someone else comb your hair out in the sunlight, as they will be able to see the nits more clearly to remove them. There could be some lice or nits already in your house, but they don't live too long without a host. If you are thorough, even if one or two find your hair, you will remove them again. One more thing - if you wear your hair down on Monday, I suggest when you get home you comb it out that day, as it is easier to get reinfected when your hair is down. Good luck, and have fun at twin day.

Chole 6 weeks ago

hi i am a 13 year old girl recently i just got head lice and i have nits like crazy i feel like shaving my head do u really think your advice will work thank you

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 6 weeks ago Author

Hi Chole, Yes, if you follow the directions and you really take the time to comb out the lice and nits, it will work. The only way lice and nits can stay in your hair is if you leave them in there. Remove the lice before they have a chance to lay more eggs, and you will solve the problem.

Someone's Mom 5 weeks ago

I have been doing excessive laundry lately because of this; bedding, clothing, couch cover, pillows, etc. My daughter, who has long hair has had success with a mixture of white vinegar and sea salt as a 10 minute pre-shampoo rinse. And anyone who feels crazy in this situation shouldn't.

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 5 weeks ago Author

Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree with you that no-one should feel crazy in this situation. Lice and the resulting nits are nothing to be ashamed about. They are spread very, very easily and are extremely common. Washing everything excessively is not really necessary, as lice don't live very long without a host. However, it made me feel better doing it, so if you want to, go ahead.

Ruby 5 weeks ago


vaibhavi 4 weeks ago

by following this method can we remove lice and nits in one day????

please......reply.....its urgent

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 4 weeks ago Author

No, not in one day. The only way to remove lice and nits in one day is to have an expensive salon treatment, and even that doesn't always work. Chemicals will kill the lice, but will not kill unhatched nits. If done carefully and properly, this natural treatment will remove most of the lice and nits in your hair, but you need to continue to comb out your hair with the nit comb every couple of days for at least two weeks to make sure you catch all the tiny lice and stubborn nits. Otherwise, any missed nits will hatch and the baby lice will grow and start the cycle all over again. However, the first time you do this you will feel a lot better, as most of the lice and nits will be gone. The rest of the time you are only catching the "strays".

Thishi 2 weeks ago

I've got lice and I'm sooooo embarrassed to even go to school. I have quite long hair and that's even worse. I don't know what to do. Sometimes our school nurses check all kids for lice. And I'm so scared. In how long do you think this will work?oh I'm a girl by the way.

coolstuff4kids profile image

coolstuff4kids 12 days ago Author

If you comb all your hair from the roots to the tips really carefully with the special nit comb, you'll remove all visible lice and nits. This will save the embarrassment of having the school nurse find them! Keep up with the combing and eventually you'll also remove all nits and lice from your hair. It does take longer with long hair. If you have lots of hair, comb out any tangles with the conditioner before using the nit comb, as that will make it easier. Good luck!

farace 4 hours ago

I have tried this on my daughter's nanny, and i should say 98% (thousands) of lice and nits were removed. Thank God I have found this blog. I have really done thorough research for remedies, luckily this first attempt of getting rid of lice and nits really, really worked! Thumbs up! Proven and tested! I have verbally shared it with friends, neighbors and officemates, am amazed with the wonders of white vinegar! Hahaa...

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