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How and When to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Updated on May 05, 2016

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Castor oil nourishes the scalp and may prevent hair loss.
Castor oil nourishes the scalp and may prevent hair loss. | Source

Hair loss may be one of the most common hair issues. New styling techniques with chemicals and heat are bad for hair, weakening it and increasing the chance of advanced hair loss.

There are a number of things we can do to strengthen our hair, but personally, I feel more comfortable with natural treatments like oil.

There are several oils that you can use for hair growth and hair strength but I will talk about castor oil today because it has been used as a hair treatment for centuries. It contains numerous minerals and fatty acids.

Here is when you should use castor oil for your hair:

  1. When you see hair falling out at a quicker rate than normal.
  2. When you see split ends.
  3. When your scalp is dry.
  4. When you just want healthier hair.

How to Use Castor Oil as a Hair Treatment

1. Wash hair.
2. Warm the oil on the stove or microwave.
3. Massage oil through hair and on scalp.
4. Cover hair.
5. Wash out.

Step-by-Step Hair Oil Treatment

  1. Wash your hair Some stylists suggest applying warm oil to the hair before shampooing, but I don’t recommend this. Wash your hair to ensure that it is clean before you apply any oil to it.
  2. Warm the oil Pour castor oil into a pot or bowl. If desired, add olive or coconut oil. Gently warm on stove or microwave. Alternately, place bowl in a tub of hot water. In either case, ensure that oil doesn’t get too hot.
  3. Massage If your hair is completely dry, spray to moisten. It is better to divide hair into sections. Apply oil to one section at a time and massage gently. Castor oil needs a little time to absorb, so massage continuously until you can feel that oil has soaked in.
  4. Scalp massage Hair massage isn’t enough. You need to massage your scalp too. Take some castor oil and massage scalp gently with your fingertips in a circular motion. Make sure that all the oil is absorbed into the scalp.
  5. Cover hair After massaging hair and scalp, cover your head with a shower cap for at least one hour. Allow oil to completely absorb into the scalp.
  6. Wash your hair Finally, wash your hair. Make sure to remove all of the oil, shampooing twice or three times if needed.


You might not notice results immediately after washing. For best results, follow these steps twice a week. You will see positive changes within a month or so.

Have you ever used castor oil for hair growth?

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    • Medicomart 2 months ago

      I am using castor oil after one month.i think may hair growthing to more 2 thanks this article....

    • Tit 2 months ago

      Rita. Burrough

    • chintan 4 months ago

      Hii, last 2 months I noticed that my hair is thinning and falling out, now I m apply refined castor oil with another oil in three day a week.... how many days I have to apply castoroil? ? Which type of castor oil I have to use?? Now I apply this treatment is that correct or wrong? ?

    • manjulatha 7 months ago

      hi, i want to know that does castor oil kept for three days what will happens is it good or bad to hair and scalp

    • Lysa 8 months ago

      Where can i buy castor oil cold pressed?

    • Ankit 9 months ago

      I apply castor oil but didn't washed it 2-3 days . There is no problem in that Na.

    • Ankit wal 10 months ago

      my hair type is dry and frizzy, how many time in a week i should use it ?

    • JDGolden100 12 months ago

      Hi, this is an interesting page and string of comments and questions!

      Exactly how DOES castor oil make hair grow? Does it absorb into the root or something? It is awfully thick and I had to wash my hair several times to get it out. Oh, and the smell!!! Did I buy the wrong king?

      My hair is light blond and shoulder length, pretty thick but starting to thin...hope to hear how to use it the right way.

      thanks so much.

      JD Golden

    • amanda 13 months ago

      Hi..... I'm going to try castor oil for my hair cause it just keep falling out...... I hope it works...... Going to follow your instruction carefully..... Will have u know back of my results in 4 week time

    • sanjna 15 months ago

      can I mix alovera jel and vitamin e capsule with combination of castor oil and coconut oil

    • maakhlesh 15 months ago

      Can I directly apply it on my scalp, without mixing something . .???

    • zoheb 15 months ago

      Can castor oil regrow and make my hair thick??.because my hair is getting too much thinner and it's started getting baldness...due to have a lot of medicines for acne pimples.problem ..and how often do I need to use the wells castor oil bp ..and within how many days I'm going to get result????

    • zoheb 15 months ago

      Day by day,,My hair has started to thin a lot...i think it's happening for the cause of taking too much antibiotic capsule for my acne treatment...whatever.. Today I bought a (wells castor oil B.p),to regrow my hair...So is it possible to regrow my hair again by using wells bp castor oil..??so tell me direction for use and how and when to many days in a week?? How to apply??how many times in a day??but I think keeping it at overnight will be better isn't it??? One of my friend told me to use kaminomoto hair oil to regrow but I had avoided him because that contains too much chemicalchemicals... .

    • tanmayi 16 months ago

      Iam experiencing so much of hairfall iam still 15 ive started applying castor oil . iam applying it alternate days since there is a lot of hairfall. Hope it works . but i have a doubt can i comb my hair after applying castor oil??? I did it , i lost so so so much of hair dont know why plz reply to my comment whether i can comb my hair after applying castor oil or not .

    • Aliz 19 months ago

      Whenever I do any kind of oil mask on my hair, I use conditioner to wash afterwards, not shampoo. For me, the shampoo dries out my hair too much, or it can't get all of the greasiness out. The oil in the conditioner is able to pull out the excess oil on my hair, without completely stripping it.

    • Akash 19 months ago

      It ns compersory mixed any essential oil in castrol hair regrow your hair...if necessary what type of essential oil used?

    • Addy 19 months ago

      Hi, since year ago, my hair start to loss in a high rate. So I decided to use Castor Oil to treat this problem. I want to know Castor Oil that labelled with BP suitable for the hair treatment...?

    • deepak 20 months ago

      I am 22 yr old and my hair is very dry. And I am facing hair problem for 2 yrs. Can castor oil regrowth my hair...and I want to know how long I have to use it for seeing the best result. And after getting positive result can I use this oil further or stop using this.

    • carol 21 months ago

      Ok ...sorry for that.

    • Tam MT profile image

      Tam 21 months ago from Texas


    • divine 22 months ago

      Can you use it on your eyebrows?

    • Tam MT profile image

      Tam 22 months ago from Texas

      Hello Kunal please read my previous comments on responding to others ..... thank you.

    • kunal 22 months ago

      Hi tam,

      How often do I need to use this oil in a week and will it regrow my hair in middle where I lost due to stress

    • Tam MT profile image

      Tam 22 months ago from Texas

      Hi Riya It usually takes 4 weeks for any type of hair growth or some success of thickness. Read my other comments where I explain to take a before and after image to see if it is actually working. Contact your doctor if it gets worse.

      Hi Potol - every hair type of course is different - I stopped responding to comments because this is not my post and respecting the original host. First you need to follow the advice I give and take it from there. If nothing works then seeing either an endocrinologist or a dermatologist to hopefully help in that situation.

    • riya 22 months ago

      Hi .... I am using castor oil for past two months on daily basis..... since i am in home (un-employee) i apply the oil during the morning and plat my hair ..... while combing my hair the next day it doesn't show any improvements plz help me

    • potol 22 months ago

      hello TAM MT. How r u?? Thanks for your advice. Friend I have a problem. My hair is looks so thin & I feel it so dry. That's why the problem of dry hair are turn into hair loss. So DEAR please say something & help me how can I Solve this metter.........

    • raza 22 months ago

      I have loss my front hairs and iam afraid of losing please suggest me is it better to use castor oil or it will affect my hairs please.

    • suku kannan 22 months ago

      Hi...I had severe hair loss within a short period then i had shaved my hair in my head bcoz of bald on some areas and mine is oily hair. Nowadays i having good food and sleep then also im not statisfied can u tell me wheather this oil will help me..if this do so then explain me how to use...

    • Tam MT profile image

      Tam 22 months ago from Texas

      Hello Andrea - you only heat castor oil if it requires you to. Make sure you are not using a cold base castor oil. Cold base castor oil will be labeled on the bottle, might say cold pressed or cold base. If you are not sure ask a retail associate where you can find some. Now if you prefer heated (which I don't) make sure you apply it correctly.

    • Andrea 22 months ago

      Do i have to heat up the caster oil for every time i want to use it

    • Tam MT profile image

      Tam 22 months ago from Texas

      Hello JYOTI - if you just had your child within 8 months what you are experiencing is postpartum, during a pregnancy you hormones are sky high but after a pregnancy you will lose your hair faster than it can grow. Making it harder to take care of - that happened to me 18 years ago after my daughter. It took me 12 months to get my hair back in shape - I used mayonnaise and pure coconut juice not store bought I made it at home. Castor oil might not work since this is a hormonal issue. You have to maintain your hormones as well as your estrogen, contact your doctor to see if he/she can give advice on how to balance it out.

    • jyoti 23 months ago

      After delivery of my second daughter, my hair fall is very much, even i don't want to comb or wash as i feel all hair will be in my hand. Please tell me what can i do, will castor oil work and if yes then which one i should buy. Please help me.

    • Tam MT profile image

      Tam 23 months ago from Texas

      Hello POTOL - yes you can mix other oils BUT in this case like that was mentioned they are trying to "grow" their hair so YES it is used for growth. If you mix olive oil/coconut oil it will make the hair type that is already greasy harder to actually clean thoroughly. Meaning if you don't get all the oils out it will clog the hair follicles. Just like your skin on your face - you have to maintain dry and oily skin if not your pores will clog causing pimples/blemishes. Using 'only' castor oil is better when trying to grow hair. But of course using small portions.

    • Tam MT profile image

      Tam 23 months ago from Texas

      Hello Nick - Hmmm I am a little skeptic on reviews, some say it works and some say it doesn't. Natural oils should work but seeing the ingredients which shouldn't have an odor and most of the comments are saying it's a horrible smell. 100% castor oil is tasteless and odorless - you can find that in a pharmacy section. When you look for it make sure you find it by the section that has laxatives yes you read that right - by the laxative section. Ask a pharmacy store clerk where you can find it. Depending on your hair type start doing your treatments and always try to give it 4 weeks to work.

    • Nick 23 months ago

      Castor is the way I meant to spell it my apologies

    • Tam MT profile image

      Tam 23 months ago from Texas

      This comment is for Kaysie even though I am not the original author for this article I do a little about the thinning of hair since I did go through that process. Sometimes shampoo can do that depending on the ingredients. With too much silicone can clog your follicles so hair won't be able to grow. When brushing your hair (do not comb) use a soft tip bristle brush.

      When applying castor oil - since your hair is oily do a treatment once a week. Before you start treatment take an image of the area that is not forming. Make sure the castor oil is NOT warm, it has to be a cool base. Also make sure the oil is 100% castor oil and not mixed you will know when the bottle says odor free and is tasteless. Take a small amount of the oil to your fingertips not palm, make sure you place on area and move your fingertips in a circular motion (slow) for 1 minute. If there are more than one area that needs treatment do the same amount of time and movement for each. Once you have done all the areas that needs attention take a shower cap (disposable or reusable) and leave it in your hair for 45 minutes. DO NOT wash hair before applying, only after the treatment.

      The best shampoo to get is the kind that doesn't have color in it. The color in the shampoo has silicone in it. I use DOVE shampoos for thin hair. It will have it on the label (for thin hair). Make sure you use the same conditioner, making a note to this when washing hair on a regular basis make sure you don't over wash or under wash. Every other day or every 3 days is best.

    • Tam MT profile image

      Tam 23 months ago from Texas

      Hello NASRIN castor oil can do so much - what you can do is try when you apply properly and continue for 4 weeks and if some does grow then it works but if nothing happens, probably the best thing to do is ask your doctor for something that might help.

    • Kaysie 23 months ago

      My hair has started to thin a lot. I think its because of change of shampoo& conditioner or back combing ..

      I don't know how to apply castor oil to my hair & how often. My hair gets oily quite quick so i started oiling once a week, i just pour some into my hand and dab it onto the top of my head im not sure if im doing it right. Aha.

    • nasrin 23 months ago

      Hii.. I want to know , it will help for regrowth and it is use hereditary reason or not.

    • Tam MT profile image

      Tam 23 months ago from Texas

      Hi Sunny When you prepare don't mix it up - keep it the same preparation until you start seeing results then you can calm it down. Since you have oily hair it's best to do it once a week. Use a disposable or regular shower cap and leave it in for only 30 minutes. Wash with shampoo that doesn't have silicone added (example DOVE shampoos with no color). DO NOT wash hair before applying, make sure it's a little wet just with plain water. DO NOT over wet it just put your hands under lukewarm water and place it on your hair. Dip your finger tips or pour a small amount onto your fingertips then massage it gently in circular motions close to the roots. Since you have to do it a different way you will see results (hopefully) in 4 weeks. As long as you do it the way I explained it might actually work. Try it and let me know if it does. Remember take pictures of before and after 4 weeks.

    • sunny 23 months ago

      I m willing to use this. My skin is oily so i apply directly on my scalp or mix with other oils

    • Tam MT profile image

      Tam 23 months ago from Texas

      Hi Siva, if you don't mind me asking a few questions - what condition is your hair (oily, dry,etc) . How are you preparing your hair? (wrap in towel, shower cap, etc) How long are you keeping it in your hair? Also how many times a week? Hopefully I can help you with this - I am seeing results more now that I can actually only do it once a week.

    • siva 23 months ago

      Hi... I am using castor oil for past one month but i didn't see any improvement

    • Tam MT profile image

      Tam 2 years ago from Texas

      Hi Pauline - I saw your comment and wanted to see if there are medical reasons why it's not growing? But if that is too personal or you don't have medical problems then it would definitely have to be on how they are asking you to do it. It's actually wrong - don't wash your hair before applying (oil needs more oil to work) and get cold pressed or cold pressured castor oil not heated. You will know if it's 100% castor oil when it says on the label ODORLESS/TASTELESS. I have been doing this for 2 months and the results are good. My hair is super thin and now it's actually getting thicker in the front and back. It brought back my natural hair color (happy). So hopefully this helps you.

    • pauline 2 years ago

      Hope my hair will grow .i hav kept my hair for 3yrs but i don't see it growing

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