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Melting Calcium Deposits like a Boss

Updated on September 14, 2016
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Rita Gehman has over thirty years of personal experience with Self Healing using both Allopathic Western Medicine and Alternative Medicine.

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My Own Experience

I grew up with Dermatomyositis (don't worry, you don't have to pronounce it out loud!). This disease gave me enormous golf ball sized calcium deposits all over my body. Most of the calcium deposits in my body were hard, but some of them were liquid, and many of them were both hard and liquid calcium together.

If you think this was gross....and would be correct.

Methods That Worked (at First)

Growing up in a naturopathic family, and having an extremely rare disease, the help I received from the medical community was good... but not quite good enough.

So, we quickly branched out on our own to find even the most remote forms of healing available. We left no stone unturned.

Methods which wiped out a certain percentage of my calcium deposits, without doing a complete job on them, included:

  • NAET Therapy (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique)
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - This was especially helpful in that it made me realize how deep of an emotional attachment to my disease I had, as well as showcasing all of the ways in which I used my disease as a crutch and as a tool.
  • Heavy Vibration Therapy - This involved running a heavy-duty vibrating massager over my body, followed by scratching for the inevitable, deep tissue itching. This method also really relieved pain.
  • Heavy Sleeping and Fasting Patterns - Because so much of my body's energy was being spent on keeping the active disease at bay when I was a child, I wasn't always very hungry. There were times when I was ravenous, and there were times when my mom almost force fed me to keep me eating. However, I don't recommend eating when you don't feel like it. Digestion requires heavy energy usage in the body and your system may be in the middle of something during a mealtime or two.

The Permanent Solution

So, I needed a permanent solution. Obviously, the calcium I had got rid of did not come back, or anything like that. But, I was getting desperate. By this time, I was in my late twenties, and I wanted the rest of this stuff gone!

I saw a YouTube video where an eggshell was reduced to a soft, mushy mess by spending 12 hours in Apple Cider Vinegar.

So, I started taking vinegar internally. My stomach could not handle this, and I had bouts of headaches and painful stomachaches every time I drank the stuff.

My next idea was to put my feet into a tub of vinegar. This had an IMMEDIATE effect upon my calcium. The only drawback was that it softened my tissues to the point of the skin not completely covering my precious little feet anymore!

A client of my dad (my father is a masseuse) told him that she used DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) internally to help with the bone spurs in her ankles.

I took it internally myself, and felt cold and irritable afterward.

Then, resolving to always do right by the Scientific Method, I decided to take Vinegar and DMSO together before I stopped taking the DMSO altogether.

The effect was amazing. I drank one-eighth of a DMSO bottle in the morning, followed immediately by a two hour foot soak in vinegar. The DMSO seemed to firm up my skin more, so that I could handle having my feet in vinegar for two hours every day.

Then, I decided to use it on my left elbow. I have not been able to straighten out my left elbow for 22 years, because there is a major, hard calcium deposit sitting directly in the joint. I could only straighten it out to a ninety-degree angle (that's at a right angle).

I took a plastic bowl, poured vinegar and DMSO into it, put the lid on and shook it up, then put my left elbow in it for two hours at a time.

After that, I no longer had to worry about the skin on my feet being too soft to walk on. The vinegar and DMSO were in my bloodstream, so my body was affected the same, and it was pointedly melting down the calcium in my elbow!

Experiment Done—Melting Calcium Carbonate Egg Shell With Vinegar

DMSO is the Second Half of the Calcium Melting Solution

DMSO can be bought for individual use from Exclusive Wellness Club online. It's a fantastic site, with good prices for DMSO
DMSO can be bought for individual use from Exclusive Wellness Club online. It's a fantastic site, with good prices for DMSO | Source

Things to Watch Out For

I have always used the Scientific Method, thoroughly, when performing experiments on my precious body! I recommend that you do the same. Do the following when following your own routine:

  • First, look at what you are currently doing in your meal times, exercise, family time, work and down time. Knowing where you are when you begin will give you more self awareness and will make your awareness of changes brought bought by health treatments that much more clear.
  • Second, only do ONE thing at a time! When you are using various supplements or health benefits, quit doing all others, and only try one thing at a time! This way, you will have a very clear picture of the results that method brings you.
  • Third, document everything. Write down how you felt every single day during a health treatment. Knowing that you felt a whole lot better three or four days into the treatment will offset any skewed memory of initial discomfort.

When using DMSO and Vinegar, I recommend starting out with Vinegar, and see if you are okay with taking it internally. If that does not bring you any problems, then mix about 4 Table spoons of DMSO in with your morning Vinegar, and your treatment is finished. Other things to watch out for:

  • DMSO has a VERY STRONG ODOR!!! When it is in your body, it gives off a very strong Sulfur (or rotting corpse) odor, and you tend to have a lot of bad smelling gas, as well. This is particularly true if you take it orally. In soaking baths, this is enormously reduced, and you could probably still go to work! :)
  • While clear in water (it chemically creates a bit of a shimmer effect in water), DMSO tastes a little like rotten eggs or Sulfur. The taste can be quickly covered up with food, though.
  • If you are taking Vinegar orally, you should only take about 4 to 8 Table spoons per day.
  • If you take Vinegar orally, you should ALWAYS brush your teeth (thoroughly) after every dosage. Vinegar is extremely damaging to teeth. Don't worry, it won't affect your bones, because bones are mostly made of cellulite, whereas teeth are mostly made of calcium.
  • If you decide to do soaking baths, I recommend NOT using foot baths, unless you are staying home all day, every day, and have soft carpet. The vinegar softens skin to the point of peeling it off very easily, and you won't be able to wear socks and shoes or have anything scrape your skin for about 2 days after a treatment.
  • If you are doing a soaking bath, unless it is for you feet, I recommend soaking the affected body part in the bath for two hours every day.
  • After a bath soak, do NOT rub or touch the body part soaked until the skin is completely dry and hard again. Be VERY GENTLE with your skin. Although the DMSO does firm up the skin structure, far more than if you were just doing Vinegar alone, it still is a pretty heavy factor.

Uses of DMSO

DMSO and Vinegar for Immune System

When using DMSO and Vinegar together, especially if you take them orally together (4 Table spoons of DMSO, and 4 to 8 Table spoons of Vinegar, orally), you will probably feel warm and good inside for a long time afterward!

This is because the two together are cleaning out your system and really strengthening your immune system!

When doing soaking baths, don't dilute the vinegar. Just pour straight vinegar into a tub, pour in 4 Table spoons of DMSO, and then soak your body part for two hours.

Using DMSO and Vinegar for Yourself: A Warning

I am not a medical professional, and I always recommend telling your physicians and other healers about your desire to try DMSO before you use it. Doctors know how the chemicals in DMSO might affect and interact with other drugs you are taking. Be safe first!

If you have any questions, please comment below, or message me directly here on HubPages, and I will help you with any questions you may have.

Get on it!

Strong Bones and Joints Make Life Sooo Much Easier!

Life should be easy! Keeping your bones and joints strong is really beneficial to making life easy!
Life should be easy! Keeping your bones and joints strong is really beneficial to making life easy! | Source


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    • Holly 4 weeks ago

      How fast does the it work and how many doses did you need to use for full and permanent dissolving of deposits?

      Also - why would this not melt from inside - out teeth as well as deposits even with rinsing?


    • Rita Gehman profile image

      Rita Gehman 4 weeks ago from Amarillo, Texas

      Great questions, Holly! It works as fast as your body can get the calcium deposits out of your system. Fascia release will also accompany this, and with each new release of fascia, your muscles and tendons will be behind the times and will need to develop to give you current strength (if you have Dermatomyositis/some variation in your past).

      For small deposits I needed about 10 doses to wipe them out. The larger deposits took more doses PLUS rest periods in between, about a month or two each rest period.

      As long as you brush your teeth right afterwards, this is not likely to harm the enamel of your teeth at all, because your saliva is very consistent kept at a certain PH level. As for bones, if you are concerned about that, bones are mostly made of collagen with some calcium compounds. Not pure calcium.

      Also, keep in mind that your body is intelligent. It will send the needed materials to the proper location, and will not harm itself in the process. You don't have to worry about disintegration of proper materials.

    • Holly 4 weeks ago

      Rita - you're right - the ACV w/ DMSO eliminates the jitters & stress sensations produced by just DMSO alone. Good call!

    • Rita Gehman profile image

      Rita Gehman 4 weeks ago from Amarillo, Texas

      I'm so glad you feel good, Holly!

    • Holly 4 weeks ago

      Did you find it necessary to do both the foot baths and the ingesting to have complete resolution or is ingestion sufficient? And have you ever heard of anyone injecting a diluted solution of DMSO over a growth / calcification?

    • Rita Gehman profile image

      Rita Gehman 4 weeks ago from Amarillo, Texas

      Hey Holly! If you can comfortably ingest both the ACV and the DMSO, whether together or separately, then that is enough. It will also save your skin in the short term.

      Unless you have personal experience with needle injections AND you have the equipment AND you have the proper disinfection, I would not recommend injections. Things you'll want to avoid: infection and/or hitting arteries.

    • Holly 3 weeks ago

      Yes, you're right Rita - breaks are necessary when ingesting. It's an intense experience. Even headaches. NO change yet but will update when miracles happen :)

    • Holly 2 weeks ago

      Hi Rita

      Update - I've done the DMSO / ACV internally & topically (& even a small subcutaneous injection into mass) for a bit now w/ no noticeable results so I'm about to gear up for 'the soaks' . I know you said about 9 days in a row for the internal dosing w/ month breaks here & there. How many rounds did it take you / your body (knowing all of us are different) to accomplish results via the soaks? I'm trying to figure out how to do just one toe vs the entire foot as that's the only thing really bothering me. Thanks

    • Rita Gehman profile image

      Rita Gehman 2 weeks ago from Amarillo, Texas

      Size - I'm 4'8" tall, and so it's bound to have a greater effect on me over a shorter period of time.

      Holly, something you must remember is that your body will spend a much greater time healing the matter and working on it in the background than it will spend in the actual detox itself. The detox is merely to jumpstart the process and give massive amounts of resources to your body's work on the situation.

      The deposits will dissolve over time, little by little, by themselves even if you don't do the detox at all. The detox merely speeds up the natural process.

      As for your toe, I recommend putting a small plastic box (filled with marbles, so that it stays weighted in the water) in the tub, so that you can rest your foot and only dip your toe into the soak. Good luck! :)

    • Holly 2 weeks ago

      HI Rita

      Yes, I'm the same size as you (minus 2 inches) :)

      I have actually detoxed all the time for years & the bone just kept increasing in size thus the soak & ingestion

      I'll keep at it though. On soak # 1 hr #1 Vinegar & DMSO

      Thanks for the creativity & positive vibes

    • Rita Gehman profile image

      Rita Gehman 2 weeks ago from Amarillo, Texas

      Holly, are you saying that your disease is active, not in remission, and that the calcium deposit is actively increasing in size?

    • Holly 2 weeks ago

      Oh & White or ACV or does it not matter ? (I used 1/2 & 1/2 for cost of white & enzymes in ACV)


      Different/new batch of vinegar each day/soak?


    • Rita Gehman profile image

      Rita Gehman 2 weeks ago from Amarillo, Texas

      I used Apple Cider Vinegar. It's a little healthier for your body.

      I reused the Vinegar soak until it evaporated down to a thicker paste, and then I just added some more.

    • Holly 2 weeks ago

      Hi Rita

      Thanks re the ACV & reuse info - super helpful

      I do not have a disease - just calcium deposits from being an athlete ie trauma to body parts (in this case feet) over time & said trauma not healing properly when I was younger due to not being aware of alkaline / acid balance which is now my religion of course & all subsequent injuries have healed perfectly.

      So these are merely old injuries that are 'in the way' & only a problem as the more I wear shoes (of any kind) the more friction occurs & yes the size increases from said friction. I do not have a disease - it's just a cycle which I wish to break sans surgery.

      btw - I've done 2 nights of 2 hr soaks each on top of drinking DMSO / ACV w/ not one bad side effect thanks to your tips . No calcium deposit / feet changes but I have to say, I've definitely been sleeping like a boss :)

      Perhaps this works on certain deposit conditions & not others? Hope not - hope it works for this as it did for what you had, as I'd love nothing more than to report back on great success!

    • Rita Gehman profile image

      Rita Gehman 2 weeks ago from Amarillo, Texas

      I'm so glad it's helping you sleep. I think your expectations from 2 treatments are vastly overextended. You're asking if it works on some calcium deposits and not on others. It takes a lot of repetitive treatments and rests in between. Do it for as long as it feels good to do it, and don't do it when it doesn't. Simple as that.

    • Holly 9 days ago

      Hi Rita -

      So it's day 20 of drinking DMSO / ACV & day 11 of daily 2 hr foot soaks

      No change yet but I'm continuing on

      Will report back in a few more weeks


    • Rita Gehman profile image

      Rita Gehman 9 days ago from Amarillo, Texas

      I'm excited to hear about it! :)

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