Ten Cooking Oil Burn Home Remedies and Treatments

I am one of those cooks who always ends up either burning or cutting myself carelessly. Cooking oil burns are painful. If you have burned yourself seriously and the skin is broken, here is what you should do:

  • Run cool water over the burned area for at least five minutes.
  • Apply antibiotic ointment gently.
  • Apply a bandage to protect the area from bacteria.
  • Consult a doctor.

If your burn covers your hands, feet, face, groin, buttocks, or a major joint, seek emergency assistance.

A cooking oil burn on the palm (note that skin is not broken.)
A cooking oil burn on the palm (note that skin is not broken.)

If the skin is broken, only apply cool water, antibiotic ointment, and a sterile bandage.

Hold the burned area under cool water for at least five minutes.

Cool water is the best immediate remedy for the pain of a burn. The coolness also helps reduce swelling. Do not use ice, as there is a risk of adding frostbite to your already injured skin. Also, some suggest using salt and ice on a burn. This is a dangerous combination, as salt and ice together can actually burn the skin further.

Honey and Turmeric

As long as the skin is not broken, massaging a bit of honey and turmeric powder can be soothing.


Just as sliced cucumbers reduce swelling for tired, puffy eyes, they will cool and reduce swelling for minor burns. Cucumbers contain antioxidants (Vitamins C and K), which help reduce inflammation. They also contain pantothenic acid, which helps the skin retain moisture. All of these qualities are soothing to a minor burn.

Olive or Lavender Oil

Olive oil applied daily for a few weeks after a minor burn will help prevent scarring. Lavender essential oil is an efficient antiseptic and also acts as a pain-relief that aids in quick healing.

Cold Milk or Buttermilk

Cold milk, buttermilk, or curd soothes the pain and burning sensation in the affected area in a matter of minutes.

Aloe Vera

This is my favorite remedy. To treat a burn, apply a freshly cut aloe leaf. It is said to have astringent and tissue-healing properties. Aloe vera is also available in gel and cream forms.


Diluted vinegar relaxes the muscles and relieves pain. Dip a piece of cloth in a bowl of diluted vinegar and apply. Keeping repeating it until the pain subsides.

Cooking Safely With Oil

To prevent a cooking oil fire, or grease fire, follow these safety guidelines to avoid injury to yourself or someone else who comes into the kitchen.

  • Cooking oils smoke before they catch fire. If you see smoke coming off of the oil you are cooking with, turn down the heat or remove the pan from the burner.
  • Most vegetable oils begin smoking at around 450°F, while animal fats like lard or goose fat will start smoking at around 375°F. Clip a thermometer to the side of your pan so you know the temperature of the oil.
  • When the heat is on under a pan of oil, stay in the kitchen. Use a heavy pot or pan with a lid that covers it completely.
  • Point pot and pan handles inward toward the stove.
  • Keep oven mitts handy to handle the pan and its lid.

Grease or Cooking Oil Fires

If your oil catches on fire, here's what to do:

  • Turn the Heat Off—Don't try to move the pot. You might accidentally splash yourself or your kitchen with burning oil.
  • Cover the Pot with a Metal Lid—Fire cannot exist in the absence of oxygen. With the lid on (and the heat off), the fire should quickly consume all the oxygen and put itself out.
  • Never Use Water on a Grease Fire—Water could splash and spread the fire.
  • Pour on Baking Soda—Baking soda will extinguish small grease fires.
  • Use a Class B Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher
  • Get Out and Call 911

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Mackenzie 7 months ago

my mother had burnt herself while she was cooking so I told her about this after she did it she was relieved a lot!

thank you.

sneha.siwan@rediffmail.con 11 months ago

i got burn during cooking in my hand... its too help me ya remedy for my burn mark frequentely..


Tina Naude 15 months ago

Last night I burnt with cooking oil, my hand was full of blisters and the pain was unbearable, I first put my hand into flour not to get broken skin, then after I took a half potato slices put it onto my hand and closed it up with bandage, this morning all my blisters was gone and NO PAIN.

unbelievable try it, it works perfectly.

buttercup 20 months ago

apply a slice of tomato immediately!

Shivani Gala profile image

Shivani Gala 20 months ago from India Author


The toothpaste is used with an intention to subside the burning. Use aloe vera or turmeric paste for the scar reduction.

Be Happy,


Shivani Gala profile image

Shivani Gala 20 months ago from India Author


So have I heard but never tried because i don't like the coconut smell. If it worked for you do share here.

Be Happy,


Crystina 20 months ago

I have heard coconut oil is a great choice.

Afrin 20 months ago

Today I was cooking accidentally hot oil spilts on mah face just under mah eye..... Its neither major nor too minor but the marks are easily visible I had immediately applied cold water then toothpaste but it seems like no results pls Help me :( But m really worried about to have dat ugly scars......pls help me to get rid from dis burn marks Thank you

Amita 20 months ago

Thnks a lot ..Shivani :)

Shivani Gala profile image

Shivani Gala 21 months ago from India Author

Dear Amita,

It's best if you see a skin specialist for this.

Be Happy,


Shivani Gala profile image

Shivani Gala 21 months ago from India Author

Hi Annec,

Apply aloe vera and turmeric paste as mentioned above in the article once a day each. Within two weeks you should see the results, depending on how deep the scars are.

Be Happy


annec 21 months ago

i was cooking dinner tonight and suddenly the hot oil exploded on some part of my leg and arm ,it blistered fastly so i washed it with cold water and put some toothpaste,now im worried that it will scar ...please help what is the best way to treat get rid of getting a scar from it.thank you

Amita 21 months ago

I got a burn mark...a year to completely reduce it appearance??plz help

Shivani Gala profile image

Shivani Gala 22 months ago from India Author

Hi Pem,

Am glad it helped. If it happened couple of weeks ago, there might just be a mark left now. To make it fade faster, simply keep applying turmeric paste once a day and aloe vera gel.

If it still pains slightly then continue with aloe vera for few more days and then switch to turmeric paste.

Warm Regards,


pem 22 months ago

My my niece got her arm burnt.i triend alovera n helped a lot.what woud i do now?.help me next..step

Shivani Gala profile image

Shivani Gala 23 months ago from India Author

Hi Yuki,

As per my experience, it doesn't get rid of the burn. Ice just calms the nerves and burning sensation.



Shivani Gala profile image

Shivani Gala 23 months ago from India Author

Hi Araceli,

Glad it was of use! :) Hope it's all healed ans scar free now.



yuki 2 years ago

can the ice get rid of the burn by it self

araceli 2 years ago

Just got My toes burn with oil i clean it and put aloe vera and on top of that i aplied some banana peels crushed and Its really helping at least am not feeling the horrible burning. Let see if it helps, thanks for the advices.

Shivani Gala profile image

Shivani Gala 2 years ago from India Author

Hi Anesha,

You can use turmeric-curd paste twice a day; keep it for 15 minutes. If the affected area isn't too sensitive, then rub some lemon juice once a day. Leave on aloe vera gel over night.

Hope this helps!



anesha 2 years ago

What to apply on the black scars after the burning has subsided?

Shivani Gala profile image

Shivani Gala 2 years ago from India Author

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for stopping by. Honestly, I have no experience in face burns. However, safest would be aloevera gel, turmeric-honey paste and neem gel/paste.

Let me know if it works.



melissa 2 years ago

i burned my cheek today with cookin hot oil my face as 3 pretty big red spots i dnt see any blisters yet but looks like one might be startin the redness actually looks like i was slaped so hard it left finger prints buts its my burn on my cheek im worried and if u can please tell me whitch remedi is best for my face.. thank u..

Shivani Gala profile image

Shivani Gala 2 years ago from India Author

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your comments. Like Ranan mentioned these tips are for superficial burns and quick remedies. For severe burns please see a doc!

Ranari 2 years ago

For anon: if your skin is damaged to the point you can see the underlayer or you have blisters of course DO NOT USE HOME REMEDIES AND GO SEE A DAMN DOCTOR. Those listed above are remedies for when the burn is just superficial, like the one I just got - about 10 minutes ago. And yes, I'm writing, because it doesn't hurt as much and cool water helps a lot, just like aloe vera and cucumber.

That said, I found this article pretty helpful ^^

anon 3 years ago

DO NOT USE ICE. DO NOT USE BUTTER/CUCUMBER/NON-STERILE HOME TREATMENTS. An infection will be much, much worse than just a burn. This article has some very dumb ideas...

vaishali 3 years ago

got burnt wid cooking oil....using aloe vera nd hope it will get well soon as i have to go into the marriage

Emma 4 years ago

Yeah, but holding your burn under cold water for too long can cause it to swell up. Otherwise, thanks for the tips. :)

ekta 4 years ago

hmm, i will try,hope these works.

DIA 4 years ago



Juz got oil burnt while cookin. I'm trying your turmeric remedy hope it goes well.

Thanks to give this info out :)

Shivani Gala profile image

Shivani Gala 5 years ago from India Author

@Priyanka83, thanks and welcome to Hubpages ;)

priyanka83 profile image

priyanka83 5 years ago from INDIA

wowww... nice listing of ideas... me too follow some of them when needed... Having Aloevera plant in your kitchen garden is very beneficial because of its use in beauty and care ...

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