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How to Know if You Have A Bowel Obstruction

Updated on August 16, 2016

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Recovering after surgery for a bowel obstruction usually takes up to two to four weeks and it can be very painful depending on the nature of the surgery.
Recovering after surgery for a bowel obstruction usually takes up to two to four weeks and it can be very painful depending on the nature of the surgery.

Do I Have a Bowel Obstruction?

A bowel obstruction is usually referred to as a bowel (blockage), and is caused when there is something that is preventing stool from passing through the intestine in the normal way. If you were to use the following analogy of a garden hose to better understand just what it is that is taking place when you have a bowel obstruction it would go like this:

If you were to stand on a garden hose, the water is unable to pass through it. The tap tries to keep pumping water through it, but it is unable to get past the shoe that you have put on the hose. Soon, as the pressure from the tap continues to pump the water, the portion of the hose above your shoe starts to expand and swell up with the backed up water. If you don't take your shoe away from the hose , the pressure inside the garden hose will cause it to break open and start leaking. You could say that it is the same policy with your own intestines.

A bowel obstruction can be caused by a physical obstruction (this is the foot on the garden hose analogy), this is usually called a dynamic or a mechanical obstruction, or the loss of the normal muscle contractions in the intestines, which is called peristaltic waves; this helps move the material through the digestive tract.

When there is an absence of peristalsis, the name given to this type of obstruction is called an adynamic obstruction, paralytic ileus, or just simply an Ileus.

An lleus can be caused by a severe electrolyte inbalance, an infection in the bowel, or the manipulation of the intestine during surgery. The symptoms of this ileus are the same as the mechanical bowel obstruction. However when you listen to the bowel sounds, normal bowel sounds cannot be heard and the abdomen sounds very quiet.

Despite the actual cause of a mechanical (dynamic) blockage, the intestine above the level of the blockage overreacts and it constantly tries to push the abdominal contents (through very strong peristaltic waves) past the blockage. This then causes the cramps and pain to increase as the pressure in the intestine continues to build up. As a result of this happening, the intestine below the blockage can and will collapse on top of itself. When this happens, it brings about a reversal of the direction of the peristaltic waves as the bowel tries to empty its contents and relieve some of the pressure. The contents of your intestine then moves up and comes out and this is called vomiting. It is interesting to note that a bowel obstruction can occur in the large and small Intestine - this means that people with ileostomies as well as those who have colostomies, can experience a bowel obstruction.

Blockages in our large intestine usually occur gradually, while you will usually find that when we have a blockage in the small intestine, it usually happens very fast and without a lot of warning. However, in both cases, it is important to note that mineral balances in our bodies, such as sodium and potassium, can become upset and the possibility of dehydration can occur rapidly. When you have a bowel obstruction, it can be one of two categories.

A partial obstruction is when a small amount of fluid, or some other intestinal contents, can work their way around the the blockage. Therefore, you might end up having some discharge, or mucus-type output coming out of your stoma.

A complete obstruction indicates that nothing is getting past the blockage, this is represented by the absence of anything coming out of your stoma.

There are many causes of bowel obstruction. If you get any worrying symptoms you should not ignore them because if you do have a bowel obstruction, they can very quickly turn into an emergency situation. If you do not have any luck with your symptoms getting any better you should let your doctor and also your stomal therapy nurse know. If your pain becomes severe, and you are suffering from vomiting, dehydration and muscle cramps, and if this has lasted for more than eight hours, you should seek medical help.

Signs and Symptoms to Look For

  • Swollen stomach
  • Cramping and abdominal pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Distension of the abdomen
  • Minimal or no stoma output
  • Dryness of the mouth with a decrease in urine output
  • Muscle cramps

If you think that there is a chance that you may be in fact be suffering from a bowel obstruction, then there are several things that you should be aware of that you should never do. Once you have had a diagnosis made and it is confirmed that you have a bowel obstruction, your treatment will probably begin as follows:

  • Put on intravenous therapy in order to replace the fluids that you have lost through vomiting, as well as the sodium and potassium lost.
  • Given pain relief to alleviate the pain.
  • X-Rays will be taken of the abdomen to determine the source of your obstruction.

Sometimes, a tube has to be inserted via the nose to go into your intestine, which is used to decompress any built-up pressure. Sometimes, it is used to try to relieve the source of the blockage.

If you think that you may be suffering from a bowel obstruction, look for the early signs and symptoms which would be as follows:

  • Partial blockage usually presents itself with symptoms of abdominal pain, cramping, watery output that also has an unpleasant odour. There will also be abdominal distension and possibily swelling of the stoma. Nausea and vomiting will more than likely be present also.
  • Complete blockage is usually presented by having no output at all, as well as cramping and abdominal pain and swelling of the stoma. There will also be accompanying nausea and vomiting.

Whether it is one or the other, you should never delay in getting proper medical attention if suspect that you may have either a partial or a complete bowel obstruction.

What You Should Do If You Suspect You Have a Bowel Obstruction


  1. Stop eating solid foods.
  2. Increase fluid intake. If your stoma has become swollen, you should remove your pouch and replace it with one that has a large opening for your stoma.
  3. Soak in a warm bath to relax the abdominal muscles.
  4. Massage your abdomen or try putting your knees up against your chest.
  5. Call your doctor if the pain becomes very severe, or if you have symptoms of dehydration, regardless of whether or not the symptoms have not been present for eight hours..
  6. Have someone drive you to your local general practitioner or the hospital.


  1. Do not take any laxatives or other medication without talking to your doctor first.
  2. If you are vomiting, or if you haven't passed anything through your bowel, do not eat or drink anything at all.
  3. Inserting anything at all inside the stoma should never be done unless otherwise instructed to do so by a doctor or healthcare professional.
  4. Don't wait too long before your seek medical intervention.

Personal Experience

One afternoon I was feeling sick in my stomach. I realized that my ileostomy pouch (bag) had less content in it than when I had checked it the last couple of times. I also noticed that my stomach looked bigger than before. I was really feeling quite sick with abdominal cramping. I could hear and feel my stomach. There was occasionally an overwhelming churning in my abdomen with occasional cramps that were making we feel very sweaty and nauseated. As I went through the day the pain was becoming worse. That night the cramps got a lot more severe and I began to vomit. I was also noticing at this time that there was nothing coming into my pouch at all now. I was feeling quite dreadful and I was thinking "what could be wrong with me?".

I can honestly say from my own personal experience of having had several bowel obstructions that the sooner you identify the symptoms you are suffering from, the better it is for you. When you start to get that first pain and the distension of your abdomen that usually accompanies it, you should act on it. To delay in seeking medical advice could ending up costing you dearly. I hope that what I have put in this article will not leave any room for doubt in people's minds.


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    • lorlie6 profile image

      Laurel Rogers 7 years ago from Bishop, Ca

      You know of what you speak, BB, and I wish you well. I'm glad that you brought this dangerous condition out in the open.

    • beautybabe 7 years ago

      It isn't the nicest of things to go through. That is why I thought I would write about it just in case someone is experiencing some or all of the symptoms, because you can die from it.BB

    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 6 years ago from Florida

      Important info here! Glad you would share it! It must have been awful.

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Yes Faybe, a bowel obstruction is a very painful experience to go through and I have been through many of them. I have had a lot of surgery over the years and now I have a bag, that is something it takes a while to get to know how to use it and then to come to terms with using one. But, you do in time. Beautybabe

    • Danielsmommy2008 6 years ago

      I think I might have a partial obstruction but I can't get any doctor to check it out for me...I have a feeling of fullness on my left side, cramps up when I finally do go to the bathroom, I am on lactulose just so I can go. I also feel a twitching and rumbling in that area. Nausia, unexplained weight loss...but they just keep prescribing lactulose? What kind of doctor should I go to? Thanks :)

    • Jamie 6 years ago

      Confused... Over the years my husband has had over 20 surgeries on his abdomen. He firs had symtoms of 15 days of diarehha not beging abgle to eat lost 10 pounds, which isn't a good thing for him. Went to MD and alot of blood tests done. Nothing. Went to ER. Dehydrated did CAT scan showed bowel obstructions. Transported to OSU medical center thought they would help, instead they gave him a 2 day hospital stay and put an IV in for fluids. Also ati-diarehhal meds. They stated nothing they could do to high risk go home. Schedued appt. at cleveland clinic went yesterday confirmed bowel obstructions from adheasions surgery not an option would cause more obstructions. He hasn't had a bowel movement now in 9 days and no one will help. Will this go away on it's own. Really don't know what to do next already had 2 opinions no one wants to deal with damaged goods. Note also his surgeon retired 2 yrs ago. Any advice would be of help. Thanks.

    • Beautybabe 6 years ago

      Hi Jaimie,

      It sounds like you husband has had a very similar surgical history to mine. Has he had chrons Disease or Ulcerative. I thought with maybe all this surgery, he may have had one of these diseases of the bowel.

      I am not sure what is going on with him and I wouldn't want to try and make a diagnosis because I am not medically qualified enough.

      However, I have this information for you it may be of some assistance, I don't know,he really needs to be seen by another doctor to get another opinion. This is the sort of thing that can lead to a lot more serious complications, I hope this information is of some help Jamie, please keep me i informed of how he is going. I will be thinking of him and keen to hear of his progress Jamie love Beautybabe.


      "Constipation means different effects to different people. In most of the people, it just means occasional stools. And For others, though, constipation senses hard stools, complexity passing stools as well as straining, or a sense of unfinished emptying subsequent to the bowel movement. The reason of every of these “kind” of constipation perhaps is different, plus the approach to every condition should be customized to the specific form of constipation. The Constipation can also swap with diarrhea. This prototype is further commonly measured as the part of irritable bowel syndrome. On the extreme ending of the constipation range is the fecal impaction; this condition in which the stool hardens up in the rectum along with prevents the passageway of any stool. The amount of bowel activities generally decreases with the age. Ninety-five percent of adults include bowel movements among three and 21 times for every week, in addition to this would be measured normal. The majority common pattern is single bowel movement a day, except this pattern is seeing in less than the 50% of people. Furthermore, most people are unbalanced and do not comprise bowel movements each day or the similar number of the bowel movements every day.

      Well medically speaking, the constipation usually is definite as smaller amount than three bowel movements for every week. Harsh constipation is defined as a smaller amount than single bowel movement per week. Whereas there is no health check cause to have a bowel movement each day. Going with no bowel movement for three or two does not cause bodily discomfort, merely mental distress intended for some people. Opposing to popular faith, there is no facts that “toxins” accumulate while bowel movements are rare or that constipation lead to cancer. It is much important to differentiate acute constipation from the chronic (long duration) constipation. The Acute constipation needs urgent assessment because a grave medical illness might be the underlying reason. Constipation also requires an immediate assessment but it is escorted by worrisome symptom such as the rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, nausea and cramps, vomiting, and involuntary mass loss. In compare, the evaluation of the chronic constipation might not require instant attention, mainly if simple events bring out relief. Constipation that resists every the above measures need physical intervention. The Manual disimpaction or the physical elimination of the impacted stool is done underneath the sedation or the general anesthetic—which avoids ache and loosens the internal sphincter. In alternative and customary medicine, the colonic irrigation, exercise, enemas, diet and herb are worn on to treat constipation."

    • angela_michelle profile image

      Angela Michelle 6 years ago from United States

      This one is extremely important, I am definitely adding this as a link. I might later put it within the hub itself, because it's so incredibly important.

    • Rachel 5 years ago

      Can you get put to sleep when there going to put the tube down your throat???Im scared of this!!!!How bad is it???PLEASE tell me the truth!!!

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Hi Rachel,

      I have some information here which I hope will answer your

      question that you asked me.

      I have had a number of anaesthetics over the years for all kinds of operations, but mainly on the bowel.

      However,when you wrote this I was curious to know something.

      Are you going to have an operation soon?

      Here is some what I have put together for you Rachel.

      If there is anything else that I can help you with please do not hesitate to let me know. Okay. I would be only too pleased to do so. Good Luck.


      With the loss of consciousness caused by general anaesthesia, there is loss of protective airway reflexes (such as coughing), loss of airway patency and sometimes loss of a regular breathing pattern due to the effect of anaesthetics, opioids, or muscle relaxants. To maintain an open airway and regulate breathing within acceptable parameters, some form of "breathing tube" is inserted in the airway after the patient is unconscious. To enable mechanical ventilation, an endotracheal tube is often used (intubation), although there are alternative devices such as face masks or laryngeal mask airways.

      [edit] Neuromuscular blockade

    • MAY ALLEN 5 years ago


    • beautybabe 5 years ago

      Dearest May,

      My heart sincerely goes out to you and I truly empathise with you at this difficult time.

      Yes, I do agree with you that four weeks is indeed a very worrying and frustrating time to be asked to wait, especially since you have had a blockage confirmed by a Cat Scan and a Colonoscopy.

      If this was me,and the symptoms were becoming worse, I would not wait, I would get a second opinion AS SOON AS POSSIBLE,because the longer you wait,the sicker you could become.

      I will be keeping you in my thoughts and praying for you May. I would love to hear from you with regard to any

      future developments.

      God Bless You

      Love from Beautybabe (Pam)x

    • RK 5 years ago

      hello, first I wanted to thank you for the information. what you have offered us seems to be amazingly helpful. the problem I suspect I have, is partial blockage. I have started to notice it today because I started having some pain. however in the past 4 days or so, I have had a bowel movement, however it was always in very small amounts and it had a reddish color. should I wait a few more days, or should I just go to the ER? I am passing gas as well and I have no problem there.

      P.S I had a bowel obstruction when I was 17 which was 7 years ago, but after a week I was relieved and everything was fine.

    • beautybabe 5 years ago

      Hi RK,

      I refer to your question that you wrote concerning your state of health. I am not a doctor and I don't profess to be. However,if you have any of the symptoms that I have mentioned regarding bowel obstructions or partial obstructions, I think it would be a good idea to have this checked out.

      I always say that "you are your bodies best barometer" and you more than anyone would know if something isn't

      right with your body. It does worry me however, that you have these symptoms. So please, if it does not get any better or it gets worse see a doctor as soon as possible.

      Even if it is a false alarm,at least you will know instead of having symptoms and being worried if you are obstructed or not. I know from experience that is just as bad as being told you do. But be wise, if in doubt, check it out.

      Good Luck with it.


    • Maria 5 years ago

      I was rushed to the ER 2 nights ago because of I thought was just simple stomachache. After 2 hour of having pain that i couldn't stand anymore, we went to the hospital, I had CT scan test and they said I have intestinal obstruction and needed to undergo that nasal tube procedure, but after my nose bled, I refuse to have it, it was really painful. The doctor said they need to confine me for 2 days to monitor if the blockage is moving or if I can move my bowel so that there will be no operation needed, again, i refuse because i have a 4 yr. old daughter at home. While at home, I passed gas, a lot of times, the pain is not bad, not often, too and I tried to moved my bowel even a lil' bit. I ate a little, more on liquids and I'm hoping that I will not have a problem again although once and a while, cramps are come and go.

    • martin 5 years ago

      Ok, i feel pressure in my intestines like something is blocking them or smth, i have been severely constipated for a week and nothing comes out except some diarrhea. I feel bloated all the time and got lots of cramps, gas and lots and lots of mucus coming out with the diarrhea as well. It feels like sh**. Anyway, the doctor prescribed me some laxatives to test if i went any better. Well, nothing changed except that at least i can shit (which i wasn't able to do for 5-6 days)! If i want to get a thorough check up or smth i will have to wait another week or two or smth they said. THEY HAVE TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME! The strange thing is i get a headspin, but no nausea. It doesn't hurt that much all the time as well, just the occasional cramps ? It could be partial i guess? If its true, i am fucked up, could i get poisoned from the toxins in my intestines or parts of the bowel to die?

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      To Maria and Martin,

      I truly empathise with both of you with the problems that you are suffering from. However, it would be wrong of me to give you medical information when I am not in a position to. I hope you will understand this because if I was able to to believe me I would be more than willing to but this just isn't possible.

      I refer to your question that you wrote concerning your state of health. I am not a doctor and I don't profess to be. However,if you have any of the symptoms that I have mentioned regarding bowel obstructions or partial obstructions, I think it would be a good idea to have this checked out.

      I always say that "you are your bodies best barometer" and you more than anyone would know if something isn't

      right with your body. It does worry me however, that you have these symptoms. So please, if it does not get any better or it gets worse see a doctor as soon as possible.

      I hope you will take my advice ad wish you both the best of luck and hope that you situations will be resolved as soon as possible. Beautybabe.

    • Kristin 5 years ago

      I don't know if I have a bowel obstruction, but I've been having a hard time using the bathroom lately, and whenever I pass gas it's very uncomfortable. It's really starting to freak me out. I figured it was just constipation, since my stool was really hard, but it's been going on for about half a year now and hasn't gotten any better. I had been taking stool softener and fiber pills, and it helped a little, but I could still feel that some of the stool wasn't coming out. I recently took a laxative, which made my stomach cramp like it had warned me, and it did make my stool loose. I took it twice, and visited the toilet several times but the cramps were terrible, and that one bit of stool still didn't come out. The next time I went after I stopped taking the laxative was just like it had been before, hard and painful. I'm still taking fiber pills, and that it of stool still won't come out. I'm at a loss of what to do. Should I try taking the laxative for a longer period of time? The package said not to take it for more than a week. I don't know what will work for me, and it's really freaking me out that almost every time I go number 2 there's blood in the toilet. I think my mom is also at a loss of what to do, though she is the one who said it could be a blockage of some sort.

    • Dominic 5 years ago

      Can a partial blocage come back

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Passing gas Maria is a good thing.

      However, just monitor yourself in the future. I am sorry I am late answering you and I hope that you have been okay since you wrote this.

      I have been unwell myself and that is why I haven't been able to answer this before now.

      Good Luck Maria.. Love BB

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      I'm so sorry that I have't answered up until now.I hope that you have had some relief from your symptoms. Have you been to see someone about these problems that you'ved been experiencing.

      Let me know how you are going as I would love to know because I care how you are. Take Care BB

    • AngelWings 5 years ago

      Hi I happened to come across this link by pure chance and found it very interesting and informative.

      It always helps to have someone to talk to or someplace to go to so you can share your fears with others.

      I had an ileostomy in 2004, (was reversed 10 months later, was absolutely horrendous experience.)due to cancer, had colon/rectum removed..only ma small bowel was spared,I have a Jpouch which runs the risk of a leak/blockage, in fact a day after surgery I unknowingly had a leak and developed septicemia, the last 7 and a half years since have been a struggle for various reasons, I have a cancer gene which claimed the life of my dad, my oldest son and a couple of years ago my other son was diagnosed with it, the two of us are fighting this every step of the way, I may not have the same problem as to what this link is for but I just wanted to say well done on the information you have given and I would always encourage anyone with a change of bowel movement in anyway (mucus/blood) etc to go see a doctor..sorry don't mean to scare anyone but it's always best to put the mind at ease.

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Hi Angel wings,

      I am so sorry to hear of your bowel cancer problems. /As you said, you might not have the same problem, however, you can still have similar problems if you got obstructed. It is therefore beneficial to you to read this as a precautionary weapon to have should you ever have one. I hope you never do need to but if you have a bag, this is something that you need to know.

      I would also like to commend you on encouraging others to have any change of their bowel habit checked. It may be scary but it is better to do this than to not. As you said "it is always best to put your mind at rest afterall.

      I am so sorry too that you and your family have this cancer gene. Some of us get too much more than we deserve and some people go through life without anything major just the occasional cold and boutof flu.

      Stay safe and well and I will be thinking about you and your family. God Bless. Pam

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      If you have had a partial blockage in the past, and it has resolved for you then.

      Yes, you most certainly can experience similar problems again which could lead to another blockage.

      However, if this does occur, and I STRESS THIS, PLEASE SEE YOUR DOCTOR.

      Having a partial blockage can lead to a more serious complication. So, if you are not sure, please have it checked out. beautybabe

    • Marshall 4 years ago

      Hey I stumbled upon this today. What kind of doctor do I see? I started getting concerned about four years ago. I went to my family doctor, and he wrote it off as depression, b.c I was "too young" to have it happen. Asked him about some kind of x ray that I had read about on Internet, and he said he'd never heard of it.

      Got a colonoscopy, they said I was fine. I think it might be more of an intestinal thing.

      I agree with your barometer statement.. I just don't really know how to vocalize symptoms. Just know I don't feel right.

      I just need a point in right direction.

      Thanks do much

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Sorry to hear about your problems. If it happens again you should get it checked out straight away.

      Take care of yourself and good luck,watch out for further problems.


    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      I hope this has helped you in some way. BB

    • hi_its_sadaf 4 years ago

      Is it true that after you have taken laxative , you lose a lot of calories?

      i am overweight im 18 stones im 15

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Hi Sadaf,

      Please, please do not try to lose weight by taking laxatives. It is not safe to do so this way. I realise that at 15 you feel very self conscious at your size because of what you weigh.

      There are other much safer methods to lose weight. I would advise you to speak with a health professional, which I am not.

      Yes, this will help you lose weight. But the weight that you would be losing is actually water weight and this causes dehydration in the long run. They do not make people thin because by the time the food reaches the colon, where laxatives do their work, the calories have already been absorbed so the calories stay while the water, along with some minerals, goes out.

      Continuous use of laxatives has always done no good in our body. It can even result to the removal of colon or worse, death.

      There are other ways to lose weight which are proper diet and exercise among others that will get you the body you want without harming it in any way. Discipline is the key and not laxatives. Be wise for your health.

    • Dominic abeyta 4 years ago

      my mothe in law has this and she has cancer can you survive from this

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 4 years ago from Canada

      I've been there several times now, thanks for shring this important info...

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Eye Say,

      I truly empathise with you.

      It is a very unpleasant experience to go through once, let alone several times.

      I do hope things have improved since.

      You know what it's like you can only take so much pain before you feel like your belly is just going to explode.

      I know that feeling be sure of that.

      Take care of yourself.

      Love Pam x

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      It would depend on her circumstances and how far advanced her cancer was before they found it. So many things apply in something to do with anything like this.

      It would be wrong for me to say one way or another to this question. I mean this in a nice way as I am not a doctor. I can only talk from my own personal experiences.

      Only God knows the answer to these questions about our mortality.

      I will pray very hard for her and you and the rest of your family Dominic. Please have faith and believe in miracles, because they do happen when you least expect them.

      You are in my thoughts and prayers my dear friend.

      Pam x keep me informed please Dominic.

      I will let you in on a little secet Sr. Dominic was the Patron Saint of my School here in Australia.

    • arti 4 years ago

      hi, iam 26 yrs old lady

      after delivery i was suffering from constipation,once time i insert my finger in my anus i found semi hard swalling part ,i found this time of passing stool.after one year means now i recheck that from my finger now i also find that in same condition,but now i have no contipation,and no any other problem .so iwant to know that is normal swalling part or abnormal,when i touch that in normal condition means without passing stool ,sometime that foud little or not when i touch that i feel some sensation in my abdomen.pls let me know it is normal or abnormal?

    • shayshay80 4 years ago

      Beautybabe, could you pls advise us as to what type of doctor to see regarding these blockage issues? Would it be a gastroenterologist?

    • Leslie_Siegel profile image

      Leslie Siegel 4 years ago from Hollywood, CA

      My grandmother had a bowel obstruction in 1968, and she did nothing! When she died of it, my mom told me that all her feces and urine backed up and went through every hole in her body, including her ears and nose! If she had gotten help, she would have lived longer, when she died, my mom found empty bottles and packages of Exlax and old issues of The Christian Science Magazine! So sad. Now I know it runs in my family. My mother's brother also had the same, and died in 1945 of it, and it is also from too much asprin. And then my mother got the same thing, but was saved and operated on and is still alive. I also, from taking blood pressure meds, got it too! Stay away from remedies.

    • lesleyA 4 years ago

      When my son was born his bowel was not connected to his stomach and when he was 1 day old he had surgery to correct it. He has now had 9 operations because the join keeps getting blocked with adhesions. He is now 6 and has been in constant pain from the day he was born, I have a feeling that he is starting to get another blockage but his surgeon won't help because its not classed as urgent, I feel so sorry for him and totally helpless because nothing I do can take his pain away.

    • Leslie_Siegel profile image

      Leslie Siegel 4 years ago from Hollywood, CA

      As I write this I feel the pangs of the illness of Chrons, no joke. I've had to drastically change my life since I passed 50, menopause and hysterectomy. Have to go, FOR REAL! Thanks for this. LKS

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      yes general practitioner first and if necessary he will refer you to who he thinks can help.

      Sorry I am not a doctor and therefore not qualified to answer any more.Please see your regular physician. He will know what to do.

      Good Luck Beautybabe

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Hi Marshall.

      I really empathise with youand all that you are going through. My advise see your family practitioner. He will be the best person to see. I strongly you start thereand then he will find the best person to help more. Best Luck Marshall........I am recivering from a very serious neck operation. I could not reply as I was om ICU for ten days and had to be on life support. I have just come home from hospital so I thought I catch up on my emails. I didn't think that I'd have so many. Take care my friend and I know this will all be sorted once you see your doctor.

      Bye for now Beautybabe

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      I truly can empathise with you. I went through menopause after I turned 45. I have had problems ever since with reproductive sydtr,

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Please Dominic, I need you to discuss this problem with your medical practitioner. If he isn't sure, then he will refer you to another doctor who can help more.

      Take Care Dominic Beautybab.

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      My dearest LesleyA

      This has totally upset me that a little boy of six years had had to go through this kind of trauma. I get very annoyed with doctors who put adults as well as children through these agnoising episodes.

      All I can say Lesley my heart goes out to your little boy as well. If this was me going through watching my little boy in constant pain and I was unhappy with what the doctors were doing in regard to his treatment, I would ask for another opinion from onother surgeon.

      I have been through so many times where the doctors couldn't decided to operate. so I know all about it.

      This is just my advice,of course,

      However, the throught of little kids suffering when they don't need to, is just ludicrous.

      Please let me know how your little angel is going Lesley.

      I will be thinking and praying for you both.

      Take care of both of you and the little fellow.Beautybabe

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Hi Arti,

      Please make an appointment with your family physician and have this problem. It is not considered a good pracice to insert a finger into your anus wwhich is the ouside of your bottom area leading to your rectum. Your doctor is able to see better inside your anus and he will also be able to see and feel any abnormalities.

      Take care of yourself Artie. Keep in touch Beautbabe.

    • bettie jane koslowI 4 years ago

      i appreciate all the comments but they do ioanswer my quezstion. Ithibnk I purshed to hard an passibng a stoiol.It all seems different back there and maybe something did cillapse on itself. What does that amtter?

    • Maria 4 years ago

      Hi! I hope you are doing better from your neck surgery and happy you made it out okay from being on life support!! And you are still at this site helping others, god bless you. Here is where I can't understand why so many bad things happen to good prople

    • Maria 4 years ago

      Hi! I am glad you made it out well from the neck surgery and being on life support and you are back here helping others! God bless you. That's where I can't seem to understand why so many bad things happen to good people. Reading all these posts is incredible how much suffering- my daughter , at 19 was in a terrible car accident. Someone ran a red light and she ended in a coma for 6 weeks and among being paralizes

    • Maria 4 years ago

      .... After surviving the ordeal and 7 years of recuperation almost starting to drive and finishing her bachelors , able to walk , etc she developed a hernia probably from the accident where she also had an exploratory laparotomy - then 4 months after, this December she had an abdominal obstruction. They kept her in the hospital with nasal tube and dilaudid pain killers for 3 days and got so dehydrated that she had 2 code arrests where she almost died. She was in so much pain and vomitting and they just kept waiting. Finally they decided to open her up and she had sepsis and 3/4 of her small intestibe had to be cut! 2 weeks in the hospital. It was horrible to say the least at 27 years old. Then 3 weeks ago, 3 months after the last obstruction and surgery she had the sane symptoms. Pain and vomitting. This time they only waited 6 hours before they decided to open her up again and they were Abe to cut the adhesion which had a loop already in the remaining small bowel and no more was cut. She was put seprafilm which they say helps with reducing adhesions but still was told she has a 40 percent chance of this occurring again more with each surgery as they say she creates adhesions very easily. I almost lost her again for the third time and as a mother I am terrified!! Every time she feels pain I panic. She is so strong yet disappointed as she spent years recuperating from her coma traumatic brain injury problems voice walking memory loss etc and now she is back to being sick , anemia. Digestion problems etc I canno imagine going through this again I just can't see her through another surgery it's been a horrible ordeal. She says that she does not want to live if at her age she would have to live with a colostomy bag or something from another obstruction but she I read this site it seems like this is really a recurring problem for many. She still wants to find a boyfriend and enjoy her life which she has not since 19!!! She is beautiful and strong but has no sociAl life. I am so sodo scared! She also had just become a massage therapist and I wonder if that would be too forceful for her abdomen now God bless you all- I just needed to vent because I don't know how to deal with this. I want to have faith and believe this is never going to happen to her again but twice In 3 months and reading about people who have had 20 surgeries doent help!! Pray for her and for me - I surely don't think I can survive seeing her like that again. I don't know how I have not had a stroke yet She is so much stronger than me but she is losing faith and that is bad. Good luck to all and never let a hospital ignore your pains. Look what happened to my daughter I would sue the hospital but it's where her surgeons work and she needs their care. Plus money is not going to bring her health back.

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Please better I am having troube reading your email but I think I know what you mean. Please see your loca doctor of go to a hospital to have this checked out.

      I wish I could offer more but I am only a person who has experienced problems. I am not a medical professional I'm so sorry Bette but this is all I can advise. I think seeing your doctor might help to put your mind at rest.

      Please feel free to write and let me know how you get on with the doctor. Pam x

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Hi Angela,

      I see from your hub that you have been to hell and back with your own problems. I was sorry to read that you have had such a bad time. I hope that things are better for your now. I remember writing to you once before. My ame to you is Beautybabe. I know it seems a long time but I wanted to say hello and see how you are going. Beautybabe x

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Hi Dominic,

      You need to check with you general practitioner as I as not a medical professional and therefore not qualified to give any advice either way.

      Good luck Dominic and take care Beautybabe

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Oh Maria,

      I read your first two messages to me and thought what a kind lady saying how kind I was still writing after surgery.

      Then I read your third message and I felt your pain for what your daughter has been through and it hit me so intensely that I just had tears running down my face. Your daughter sounds like she is a very blessed woman to have such a loving and caring mother.

      I am so torn inside by what she went through with her accident. How she was in a coma and two code arrests. I know what that is like also. The bowel obstruction may have been a result of adhesions caused by internal injuries she received. Unfortunately, as I know from my own experience, once you've had surgery for an intestinal problem, you run the risk of more adhesions, etc. It has happened so many times to me,but I have managed to get through each time.

      This doesn't mean that this is the case with everyone. We are all different and handle things more differently than other people in similar situations.

      Your daughter is still young and obviously much stronger than she or you realise. You said she is a massage therapist which I feel would be good for her, When you think of her positives like the Bachelors Degree she has, learning to walk and talk again and regain some of her memory. This is what you have to concentrate on Maria and when she sees you have a more positive attitude then that hopefully will make her feel a bit better.

      She reminds me a bit like me in the early days when I was sick a lot with all my bowel problems. Then having to have a bag attached to me that was the end of my life of ever having fun again.I was bitter, I blamed God and

      wanted to die just like your daughter.But you can get past that too. It's just a reaction you have when you wake up in ICU with a bag.

      However, it was different to what I expected. I received my first operation to have a bag attached to my abdomen was when I was in my early twenties. I had help from a special therapist to show me what to do when I went home. The appliances are a lot more advanced these days.

      However,your daughter may not even need to have any more surgery like this and you should try to put all you faith in God. Offer all your pain and suffering and your daughter's up to him. He will be there for you.

      I am also here if you need to talk Maria and you can also contact me on my outside e mail if you need to talk more privately.

      God Bless you and your daughter Beautybabe xx

    • Maria 4 years ago

      Thank You for your kind words. I also shet tear drops reading your post to me. I will keep your e-mail handy, as I may need it one day. Meanwhile, I will keep my faith in God and hope for the best for her. If she doesn't find a way to accept herself and try to find friends and a life outside our home, I don't know what will happen. She is getting so depressed, although she is on medication for that. I feel she should be happy so far that she came out of this one alive again, but she doesn't see it that way. Her self-esteem is too low. Her saying is "Life is too painful and I don't want to live like this". She wants to find happiness but she just can't. I am out of ideas!! Just praying that GOD will intervene. By the way, head shaking for her started after the first obstruction surgery, they have not stopped. It is bothersome to her and no doctor can tell me "why" or do anything about it. They see it but can't explain. I have a 2nd neurologist appt. soon. Has this happened to anyone after any surgery? One doctor suspected it was the hypotension/ dehydration code arrest in the hospital but no one will say for sure. I will keep praying!!! Thank You so so much and I am sorry that you were so unlucky also have start suffering so young. I am glad you found a great husband though- I wish my daughter found someone whom she can laugh and cry with- i think that is what she needs.

    • Rose 4 years ago

      I have a ? you may not be able to answer but i will ask anyway. Back in dec a dear friend got sick with sepsis from a bruise. long story short. but they removed her colon and gallbladder. was in icu for 3 weks and then was strong enough to come home. was doing great but hated the bag. on march 15 she went in for the reversal of the bag. She came out of surgery and was throwing up and in pain for 7 days. they kept saying it was NORMAL!Then they said she could hav ice chips and GUM! after the 8th day he put he on a liquid diet and she never had a (poop) or passed gas in the 9 days! on the 9th day she got reallllllllly cold nd swetty. they took her down for a cat scan and had cardic arrest and never came out of it. she pased away on saturday and i'm looking for answers anyone has or to pont me to a website to look on! thank you so much!

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Dear Maria,

      First of all, I am so plesased that you got some comfort from my message back to you. As I said , your daughter has been through a very horrific and scary time. The other thing I want to stress is that I had a disease in my bowel that caused me to be so sick so early in my life. This is what caused me to get a bag eventually.

      I know your daughter is very worried as are you at the thought of getting a bag also, but a bag is usually a last resort when nothing else helps. I know she is not well and I you are very worried also I feel she needs to have a full medical examination to determine once and for all what is making her sick. She will probably also need help dealing with her emotional problems. I am not saying that you haven not been good enough. In fact,you have helped your daughter probably more than you even realise by just being there and supporting her.

      You must realise yourself Maria,that she needs professional help now again and the sooner the better.

      With regard to the romanance side of things, just let her get things sorted out medically. When the time is right, she will find someone who she can love and who will love her back whether she is sick or not.

      I did after my first marriage ended because he was abusive and stuff. It took years for me to sort myself out before I could think of any other relationships. Then out of the blue 7 years later, I met Richard and we just celebrated 22 years of married life together even though he knew I was sick.Now I have this terminal disease and he still loves me enough to stay there and still be my rock to lean on when I need to.

      It might be better to contact me outside Hybpages on my personal website and we can talk more privately if you wish.

      Take care Maria. I will have you in my thoughts and prayers. Love Pam Beautybabe.

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Dear Rose,

      May I extend my sincere sympathies to you in the loss of your friend.

      However, I do apologise but as I am not a qualified medical professional, I could not possibility answer why you friend passed the way she did. There could be so many reasons.

      May I suggest talking to her doctor or the coroner, other than than I'm afraid my hands are tied.

      Please once again accept my sincerest sympathy Rose.

      I'm here if you want to chat again.Please feel free if you need to talk.

      Love Beautybabe (Pam)

    • Jill 4 years ago

      I have a very medically involved daughter with low muscle tone. She had reflux from birth and has a G-tube and Nissen Fundoplication. She had that done in 1997 and had emergency surgery for an Ileus in 1998. When they went in they found that her large bowel had completely collapsed and they went in and kneaded through her bowel. She has always had chronic constipation problems and they finally put her on Miralax about 7 years ago and that has worked wonderful for her. Nothing else ever worked for her. She had another emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction in 2008. Now since the second week of February she has been in the hospital 3 times for a partial bowel obstruction/Ileus. They always say surgery at first and then after running tests they say no because it is not a Mechanical Obstruction and that every time you do surgery that your risk of another obstruction goes up by 20% each time. The second time they life flighted her from our local hospital to Cleveland Clinic. In these two months she has also had other episodes but that have not required hospitalizations. It has been a roller coaster ride for two months. I hate seeing her get so sick so often. They just keep telling me that they have to decompress her stomach with the NG tube and rest her stomach and that it might happen again in two weeks or never again. There has to be another answer.

    • mrs. carter 4 years ago

      My mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer 2yrs ago. She now has a partial obstruction to her small intestine. The was given the tube in her nose to relieve her vomitting. Then an operation was done where a tube was directly placed in her stomache (to drain). Do you know why she was not given a colostomy tube since she cannot move her bowels, which would directly connect to her intestines as opposed to this feeding tube not used for feeding but for drainage. Also why a stent was not recommened as opposed to the tube in her stomache.

      P.S. my mother was told she would never have a bowel movement but for the pass three days everytime she urinates she has a liquidy brown bowel movement. She is hiding this from the doctors because of distrust. One doct said full/one said partial, one doc said cancer has not spread to major organs just bowel, another said it did through the fallopians tubes she doesn't even have. Lost and confused. They do not want to give her a feeding tube either.

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Ileus occurs from hypomotility of the gastrointestinal tract in the absence of mechanical bowel obstruction. Presumably, the muscle of the bowel wall is transiently impaired and fails to transport intestinal contents. This lack of coordinated propulsive action leads to the accumulation of gas and fluids within the bowel.

      Without radiographic evidence of a true mechiIleus occurs from hypomotility of the gastrointestinal tract in the absence of mechanical bowel obstruction. Presumably, the muscle of the bowel wall is transiently impaired and fails to transport intestinal contents. This lack of coordinated propulsive action leads to the accumulation of gas and fluids within the bowel.

      Without the radiographic evidence of a true mechanical obstruction, the usual treatment is the insertion of a nasogastric tube to decompress the gas that has built up in the intestines.

      This is how I have been been treated when I have had an ileus in the past. However,as I am not medically trained I feel it would not be right to give more advice regarding this situation that you daughter is in.

      Please talk to the doctor who is looking after her care to try and allay your feels. I feel this would be most benefical to you and your daughter. I wish you the best of luck and please keep me informed on how she is doing. God bless you both Love Pam xx

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      An ileus occurs from hypomotility of the gastrointestinal tract in the absence of mechanical bowel obstruction. Presumably, the muscle of the bowel wall is transiently impaired and fails to transport intestinal contents. This lack of coordinated propulsive action leads to the accumulation of gas and fluids. within the bowel and usually the best way to treat this is with a nasogastric tube.

      Fom my own experience Jill, if I did not have a mechanical bowel obstruction, which means that the bowel has been clinically seen as in when an x-ray is taken, to be not able to pass anything through it, then surgery is needed to release the pressure that is building up in the bowel,otherwise you have a risk of perforation of the bowel and the contents of the bowel spilling into the abdominal cavity. When this happens, it causes you to become very sick very fast and needs looking after very fast.

      However, an ileus is not a mechanical obstruction, it is a problem with the motility of the bowel. In other words the bowel slows down and gives the similar symptoms to that of a mechanical bowel obstruction.

      This is something that can't be verified until x-rays confirm one way or another whether this is obstruction or it is an ileus.

      Other than this, talk to your daughter's doctor again or ask for an explanation in more detail that you can understand from another source. best of luck to you and your daughter Love Pam xx

    • Jill 4 years ago


      Our daughter got home on the 19th and ended up back in the hospital Wednesday night with her 4th bowel obstruction. They now think she has Chron's Disease. They are either going to scope her or do surgery Monday. She has bleeding from her stomach. Thanks for responding. I have felt alone through this process and very frustrated.


    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Jill I was most upset to read this about your daughter.I am so sorry that after everything she has been through,they are now thinking of doing a colonoscopy,which I would say they are going to do. This is when they put a tube a bit like a telescope just a different shape into her bottom. This is where she would be bleeding from somewhere inside her bowel. This is lower down from the stomach area.

      However, upsetting this is for you, it is a positive step because at least now you will find out what has been making your dear daughter so sick for all this time.

      If they do find out it is Crohns Disease, she may or may not have surgery right away, but that is something that the doctors will talk about with you Jill.

      If you want some information about it, I can send you some, but please don't get to anxious about this until you know something definite. You are not alone Jill, you are in my thoughts and prayers constantly.

      Please let me know as soon as possible what the result is as I want to help you to get through this. There are lots of people out there to give you support and guidance. I don't know where you live. I am in Australia.

      God Bless all your family, especially your daughter.

      How old is your daughter Jill?


    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Hello Mrs. Carter,

      It must be terrible what your mother is going through at the moment. Ovarian Cancer is sometimes not picked up until it has a good hold on the body because the symptoms are so subtle that they are easily missed.

      I cannot say why she wasn't given a colostomy, obviously the doctors treating her would have had their reasons. I can't really comment as I have no medical training, only nursing and then, please understand I could not make a judgement due to this fact.

      From what I've read here, it seems she has lost her confidence in doctors and I can see why when they are contradicting each other. This is the last thing she needs to hear. You said that she is also losing brown liquidy bowel motion when she is urinating. She has to tell them about all of her symptoms, especially now.

      I will tell you something but this may or may not be the same but it sounds very similar from what you say.

      I had to have an operation because I had a brown discharge like faecal material, which meant it was coming from my bowel. My surgeon discovered that a had a hole through the wall of my vagina and the bowel fluid was leaking through it out into my vagina.This is why your mother thinks it is coming out when she urinates because it is all so close. They said it was a fistula which is like an opening, or hole like I said and had to be fixed as it could have made me very sick. So please tell the doctor about this problem to have it checked out. If it is the same thing she needs to have it seen to now.

      Please keep me informed how things are going. I will be waiting for your reply.

      Take care and my love to both of you. Pam x

    • Jill 4 years ago


      Our daughter just turned 18 a few weeks ago. We live in Ohio. I found out today that they are going to scope her from top and bottom on Monday. They found a narrowing by her small bowel which the GI doctor believes is old Chron's. She has lost 8 lbs. in these two months. She is down to 88 lbs. That really bothers me. I am glad that they are finally taking a step in trying to find out what it is. I hope it's not Chron's because I have heard bad that is but I do hope they can help whatever they find.



    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      Hi Jill,

      I hate to say this but it sounds like it could be Crohns Disease as she is in the right age group. You said that they found narrowing in her small bowel and she has lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time. These are symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.

      As you said at least now they are trying to find out what is wrong. Once that is done, then they can work on fixing it and making her well again.

      I was diagnosed when I was 19. I hope I'm wrong Jill but when I think back to how I was, I just have a very uneasy feeling. I am so sorry . Please let me know when you know for sure. If you want to write to me privately I would be happy to hear from you.

      My email is

      God bless you my dear friend. I am praying for you and you are in my thoughts as well.

      Pam xxx

    • Michie 4 years ago

      Hi Pam:

      I came across your site after Googling for a bloated stomach, nausea, vomiting, and unable to go to the bathroom (I have bad gas and pass watery mucus discharge).

      I do not have any of the experiences you or your posters have and my heart and prayers go out to everyone.

      I noted that its been seven weeks since your last post and I hope that you are okay! My prayers and positive thoughts go your way and I hope that you continue to win the battle your body is waging upon you. I'm so sorry you have gone through what you have yet am happy that you have a wonderful man who sticks by your side.

      Please get better, take care, and may God bless you and keep you safe.

    • bill 4 years ago

      Im not sure if i have a blockage,but when i go to do a poo,i am able to poo a bit,but as soon as i move,it just gets stuck,then throughout the day i get a sick feeling,and have the urge to go and poo,but only small dry flakes of poo come out. Do youp think it might be a blockage(im waiting till monday to make an appointment with my gp)

    • Crissylite profile image

      Crissylite 4 years ago

      Thank you for writing this great article...really informative. I only wish I would have come across this before I experienced a small bowel obstruction myself a few years ago. It was a horrible experience. I would encourage people to drink plenty liquids and eat foods that are high in magnesium on a regular basis to help prevent this.

      Not being able to pass stools + vomiting after intakes = go to the doctor/ER...I thank God for doctors.

    • Mickey 4 years ago

      This morning I vomited with yellow and won't come out bowel movement for a week that's main my problem. Even my stomach has pain for awhile. I will see dr for gastroenterology this coming Wedensday and hope dr find what's problem. I had been vomited once awhile due plms with bowel movement & nausea too.

    • Overworked Angel 4 years ago

      My mother had to wear a bag since 2009. She had breast cancer. the cancer back years later and is now in her bowels now, which makes her stage 4. My mother never went to rehab to learn to deal with her own bag, which she set me up to do, after the nurses did their time after her operation. It is almost 3 years and she has made things very har for me, and now my dad changes her bag. My mother will not get a scan done, and is hurting like she is blocking up, but ignores it and takes Children's Tylenol (not afraid to take that one), and has Vioden ready for when she neeeds it. My mother's doctor talked about putting my mother into Hospice Care, but she said he talks like I am dying. I am not going to die until I am ready to die. My mother is like 75 pounds now, and still going. It amazes people how she can do this, because she is now in kidney failure too!! My mother has given everyone hell, and made things 3 times as hard, and play games to stay out of the hospital, or do anything that might keep her in more than 2 nights. My mother will not take care of herslef, but tells the hospital I can take care of myself. you have no idea what i have went through for almost 3 years.

      I wish she would have taken care of herlself until she was not able to do so, or if she can't change that bag, get a nurse in. it has causes family fights too, because my sister got doctor excuses to come and help her mother, and didn't do shit, and I know she stayed home, or did what she

      wanted after coming for short little visits to see her mother. When this happen back in 2009. My sister had me to track down my mother's cancer doctor and said for me to get her excuse so she can get off of work to help me. Due to my mother weak, and not wanted a nurse, nor wanting to deal with her own bag, i had to live with her for 3 to 4 months . I heard my mother talking to my sister on the phone ask her what if they see you home? My sister told my mother, I will tell them i came home to get more clothes. My mother told me what she said when she ask my sister that questiom. My mother don't care if my sister helps her. My mother wanted her sister and I do do the dirty work, while my mother said your sister is too fat to help me. While I was the onltone taking care of her. My mother said don't tell the doctor you are tired. I am not going into no rebag or have a nurse in my home. My mother also has said some awful hurting things to me like... I'll kill you too, and I wish you were the one on the operating table. I had to stop helping her because my hubby had to have a back operation, and she got mad I didn't come back to help her at the same time. I said I went from helping you to helping my hubby. She said smartly laughing, you sure have a lot to do. Please pray that my mother will agree to get what she needs to done, or at least get a nurse in her home. My mother has drove, me, doctors, and now my dad nuts, and we don't know what to do with her. This is like a bad dream that you can't awake from. My mom will even run for help from her primary care doctor to avoid telling her cancer doc how she is feeling. Reall, you have no idea what all i have went through and still going through. Sh calls me almost everyday complaing about her sister not helping her, or how she is feeling. I tell her to go to the ER, like her cancer has done too, when she got short of breath, but she won't take any advice, and does what she wants to do. Anyone here going through hell to, don't feels bad, there is alays someone going through hell too!!

    • Tired Angel 4 years ago

      LOL Sorry about my typing, but I am ONE TIRED AND OVER WORKED LITTLE ANGEL !!

    • Trying to be helpful 4 years ago

      Mickey 5 weeks ago

      This morning I vomited with yellow and won't come out bowel movement for a week that's main my problem. Even my stomach has pain for awhile. I will see dr for gastroenterology this coming Wedensday and hope dr find what's problem. I had been vomited once awhile due plms with bowel movement & nausea too.


      Good that you are going to the doctor to see about it. How did it go? If all your trests came back good. Maybe you should take MiraLAX every day. Yes, you can take this one every day for the rest of your life (if you wanted to) and it won't hurt you at all. One of the top gastro doctors in my area told me so. It doesn't even hurt you, it just does its job. Your body will not get dependant on it, so nothing to fear. Good luck to you!!

    • Johnf837 2 years ago

      This design is incredible! You obviously know how to keep a reader amused. ckbffefkdcbf

    • anne 2 years ago

      Hi don't no if any one can help but I've not had a bowl movement for 2 weeks now and in felling ill in getting bad heads and bad back in also getting rumbling sounds and movement all around my stomach and horrible pains in my bowls and struggling to eat and drink as it makes me fill sick thanks to any one that can help x

    • claudia 2 years ago

      i can't poop! mucous in stools/ strangeness. skinny dark stools do come out/ one at a time off and on.. two wks of this now. to scared yo go to hospital.. help.. Ty..

    • EddieHnH 2 years ago

      Hi, I have been constipated for most of my life. For the last few months I have not been having bowel movements at all. I resorted to enemas to help me. I went to see my gastroenterologist and he prescribed amitiza. When I use it and I get the urge to go to the bathroom, which is only a minor urge, I only pass gas. I had a colonoscopy about 8 months ago and have diverticulitis. I have tried Instestinew, probiotics, fibers, magnesium, aloe vera, you name it. Even natural laxatives don do much. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. One other thing, my lower back is always sore. Thanks

    • EddieHnH 2 years ago

      Hi Claudia,

      Did you ever find out what was going on with your issue? thanks

    • pavrun 2 years ago

      And as I can say about it so quick as possible about you and me have a lot of fun about it and so I can try my best thing out

    • Full of it and fed up with it.. 5 months ago

      I am 37 years old.. Female with 8 years of opiate medications. I've had 8 back surgeries, two spinal implants and I have a metal plate in my lower back... Theirs the history that has led to my obstruction. I went to the ER 4 days ago due to severe stomach cramps (I had two children natural) and these cramps were just as bad.. I was told I had ALOT of stool in my colon and intestine. I was kept overnight, placed on IV fluids given milk of magnesia and miralax along with stool softeners and antibiotics.. I insisted on leaving after staying one night due to I could control my pain better at home and could take the same meds they were giving me.. Now I've been home drinking milk of mag, miralsx, and taking colace for 3 days.. I have never had regular bowel movements and when I do go on those rare occasions every other week or so it is hard balls one at a time and I really have to strain to get that..... I have searched and searched the net to find out how can I tell when the obstruction is gone. At this point my stomach is very loud and I'm releasing watery stools. I'm not sure if the blockage has cleared and I'm fine or if all this is simply going around the blockage. Please help me to know if this is cleared up or do I need to continue with the laxatives.. I have not had any solid stool at all.... Thanks in advance for any answers I get. I don't know what to do... Also my abdomen is still swollen I could pass for being about 6 months pregnant.. Sorry in addition my tail bone was broken, healed incorrectly and also blocks my colon according to my doctor who states that's why it's so hard for me to pass stool to begin with... Please help... If you have answers you can email me at

    • MARGE 3 months ago


    • Rachel Anne 2 months ago

      I just got out of the hospital the other day with a bowel obstruction but I've also have cystic fibrosis. I'm really irritated because I don't feel like getting proper care I was only there for a week but I will get it to them twice after taking a gallon of Golightly and two glasses of Miralax daily. I've been battling this off and on since I was probably 8 months old. they had to load me up with magnesium and potassium in my IV plus antibiotics and I'm still on massive laxatives taking Miralax 3 scoops 3 times a day and I'm becoming to have very bad muscle pain not being able to think right I just want to know if I can get it electrolytes I'm not like I used to after the hospital I feel worse and I'm in a lot of pain I'm desperate I'm so incredibly weak and tired and in pain and no one in my family believes me. I used to come in the hospital feeling so great fantastic I can't even barely move I don't know what's wrong I can't eat without getting sick what should I do

    • weezyschannel profile image

      Lisa 33 hours ago from Central USA

      Great article! I am suffering with another blockage as we speak. That's how I found your article under miralax and blockage. Having a blockage and vomiting up your own stool is more than a nightmare. The pain and nausea is relentless and until you've had one, you'll never know the true meaning of nausea. I have short bowel syndrome and a lot of scar tissue from several abdominal surgeries. I truly feel for you, I really do. Since I have a gtube, I can Empty the stomach contents into a cath bag and it helps me from vomiting; but the nausea is so overwhelming; truly a nightmare, that I don't want to move. I've had 3 blockages in less than 6!months

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