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My Allergy to Melted or Cooked Cheese

Updated on April 17, 2017
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I have been allergic to melted or cooked cheese since I was a child. My father has the same problem.

Does cooked cheese give you diarrhea or make your throw up?
Does cooked cheese give you diarrhea or make your throw up? | Source

Diarrhea, an Upset Stomach, or Vomiting after Eating Cooked Cheese?

In this article, we are going to look at the issue of the melted cheese allergy. I have been allergic to melted or cooked cheese since I was a child. My father has the same problem. So I have been searching for answers: Can someone have a melted cheese allergy but be fine with normal, uncooked cheese? What is the difference between melted cheese and standard cheese? In this article, we will take a look at the answers to these questions.

I you have come here looking for answers as to why you are allergic to melted cheese, hopefully we can help you. Or maybe you know the reason and could shed some light on the matter—in that case, please post it in the comments.

First of all, let’s take a look at exactly what my problem is.

My History with Melted Cheese

I first became aware I had an issue with cooked cheese when I was around the age of five. I had attended a friend's party, and we all ate pizza. This was my first experience of pizza, and I do recall enjoying it. However, an hour later, it had all come back up. At the time, we were unsure what had caused me to be sick, but as time passed, it became clear that I was allergic to melted cheese. My father had the same problem—he would feel sick if he ate any cheese that had been cooked.

So let me make it clear exactly what I mean by cooked cheese. I am fine with all other dairy products. I can eat yogurt, drink milk, and eat normal cheese to my heart's content. But soon as it melts, something happens to the cheese, and it makes me vomit. A big chunk of cheddar will be fine, but slice it up and pop it under the grill until it melts, and you can guarantee my stomach won’t be able to deal with it.

Over the years, I have come in for some pretty strong abuse from friends who claim it is all in my head. The are convinced I can’t actually be allergic and it is just something I have made up.

A few years ago, some of my friends put this theory to the test. I visited their house for a meal and for starters we had stuffed peppers. The peppers had several tasty ingredients, one of which was cooked cheese. As there was only a small amount, and it was hidden away in the peppers, my friends assumed I would have no reaction, thus proving them right. I ate the peppers and commented how tasty they were. An hour later, I was hanging over the toilet, and my friends were apologising. This proved that the cheese allergy isn't psychosomatic.

At family dinners, there will inevitably be cooked cheese.
At family dinners, there will inevitably be cooked cheese. | Source

Searching for Answers

In my past, this issue has come up time and time again. When I go out for a meal or visit a friend's for dinner, the issue of cooked cheese will inevitably arise. The fact is there are so many meals that contained cooked cheese that sooner or later someone is going to offer it to you. So I am often asked, "How can you be allergic to melted cheese and not normal cheese?" I hate being asked that question as I really don’t have an answer. I have spent hours searching online for answers, and I have found other people that suffer from the same problem, but as of yet, I have had no conclusive answers as to what the problem may be.

Usually, when it comes to medical problems, the Internet is a wealth of knowledge. But for some reason, there are very few answers to this particular question. One thing I have noticed is that there are plenty of theories out there. I have also had quite a few people offer their own theories as to why I have a melted cheese allergy. So now I want to tell you a few of the theories that people have come up with over the years.

Possible Theories

The first one is one that I have little faith in. It has to do with lactose intolerance. I have seen many so-called professionals stick their noses out on forums and say, "Clearly you are lactose intolerant." However, if that were the case, surely I would have a problem with other dairy products. The fact is that every other dairy product I consume causes me no problems. I can eat masses of cheese and drink pints of milk and be just fine. So for me personally, I would say the theory of being lactose intolerant does not hold water.

Another theory is that the consistency of the cheese makes me sick. This is another one I have an issue with. Admittedly, I find melted cheese dribbling out of a grilled cheese unappealing since I know what it does to me. But cheese that has been cooked, but is no longer melted—for example, on cold pizza—has the same effect. What's more, last year, I made the mistake of eating broccoli and Stilton soup. I was sick once again, even though the consistency of the cheese was a liquid, not the gooey texture you get in a grilled cheese. So again, as far as I am concerned, this theory falls flat on its face.

One theory that I do subscribe to is one that I actually heard from a physics teacher. He was present at a dinner party I attended and the argument once again came up. To my surprise, he took my side in the argument and said that there is a chemical reaction in the cheese when it melts. The fats in the cheese separate. To be honest, a lot of what he said went over my head, but it involved trans fats and the way the body digests them. He also mentioned the fact that heating cheese can kill off the enzymes that help in digestion, so melted cheese can sometimes be harder to digest. This seems like a fair point, and it could explain the problem.

Not Alone with My Allergy

One thing that I have learnt while researching this whole problem is that I am not alone in my melted cheese allergy. The fact is that there are quite a few people out there who have the same problem. Although this is something that can be a nuisance, it is not the sort of issue that is going to be life threatening. That is probably one of the reasons why there is so little information about the allergy anywhere online.

If you know of anyone who has this allergic reaction or maybe you yourself struggle to digest melted cheese, feel free to post a comment on the bottom of the page. The same goes if actually have a conclusive answer to why it happens and have stumbled across this page. Either way, hopefully this article will have given you some clues as to why some people, including myself, are allergic to melted cheese.

Since writing this article, I have been amazed at how many people have gotten in contact with me. It turns out there are more people suffering from the problem of melted cheese intolerance than I first thought. As you can see from the comments below lots of people have the same reaction as I do to cooked cheese and many people have other similar problems to various other forms of dairy. It looks as though this is an issue that is now affecting more people than I had thought.


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    • profile image

      Jeanette 25 hours ago

      Im allergic to cheddar cheese.. i can have any other cheese. Its so strange it makes me totally exhausted i need to sleep after eating it and my legs and arms come out in big bruises and hugh lumps .it hits me like an hour or so but next day i feel totally drained..

    • profile image

      MotherOfHappiness 4 days ago

      (Forgive my english, me tired and italian.. not the best of combinations)

      It's about a year since I started to notice that my problem was cheese mostly and milk. And I, studying my body's reactions, came to a similar conclusion as the teacher: it must be the fats.

      I noticed that fat free cheese (very rare), fat free yogurt and fat free milk would work just fine. But anything with a little more fat, especially if hot or undergone the heating process, even if cold at the time of eating it, would cause all sort of problems to my stomach and my tum.

      I know that if I don't eat these products for a long while, then if I eat it once, even in a good amount, it will cause very little or no reactions.

      I love cheese, italian cheese, any cheese.. I could eat cheese everyday, on everything. Deciding to give it up along with milk which I love too (I can start having skimmed milk regularly only once I've quitted everything for a while) is the toughest decision of my eating/cooking life, but has to be done.

      Plus I feel immediately much better, even a couple days without any of these products are enough to feel the difference.

      Me sad. but then I think next time.. in a few months.. I'll be free to indulge in a gooey knafeh and a hot buffalo mozzarella pizza without hurting myself (too much).. followed by other six months of depressing cheeseless life.. but let's just focus on the knafeh and the pizza for now, it'll keep me going.

    • profile image

      Tonyryo 12 days ago

      Just recently I begin to have issues with any cheese foods expect cottage cheese and cream cheese,along the same time it a!so started with onions and greasy foods. I have reached a point that I now know it's foods with high content that has sulfur in it. It's really upsetting cause our family lives on foods with melted cheese any ideas on why this started so late in life?

    • profile image

      Emily 13 days ago

      For some reason melted Parmesan seems to be the worst offender for me. I can't identify any other cheeses off the top of my head that irritate my digestive system so much when they're melted. Mozzarella, cheddar, Brie, pepper jack, provolone--not one of them seems to cause irritation when melted, but when I eat Parmesan, I am almost guaranteed to be lying on my bed for the next four hours or so with painful bloating and gas that won't pass. I do recall some weird one-month period about six months ago in which I suddenly became allergic to ALL melted cheese--that was the worst, because as you said, so many dishes contain it (and I loooove the taste of it). Even the littlest bit of it put me in pain for hours. Lactaid helped minimally. Then this huge allergy spontaneously disappeared for all cheeses with the exception of Parmesan. I've been trying to figure out what makes Parmesan so irritable for my digestive system unlike other cheeses (at least, for now) and I came across your post. Thanks so much for researching this. It's refreshing to know I'm not the only one with a melted cheese allergy.

    • profile image

      Kailey 2 weeks ago


      I wanted to mention that if there is an issue with your gallbladder you may not be able to process fats very well.

      There is a change made to the cheese, in the separation of fats and distruction of enzymes from cooking the cheese, like you mentioned in the article.

      I think it concentrates the fat and your gallbladder can't keep up and doesn't have the help of the enzymes to break it down.

      I may be wrong but you might want to get a scan of your gallbladder. I know that is next on my list! I miss homemade mac and cheese! Haha

      Thank you for the article!!

    • profile image

      Catherine 3 weeks ago

      I have always had an issue digesting melted yellow cheddar cheese, however melted white cheddar is fine. I want to do more research in the breakdown of enzymes in the two different types of cheddar to see why one is fine but not the other.

    • profile image

      JuliaRobinson 5 weeks ago

      I can become so ill after eating melted cheese that I googled it and found your site! I love cheese but once it is cooked I am gagging before the first mouthful. Even if I manage to eat it, shortly afterwards I experience the most acute nausea and / or vomiting. Thank you for taking the time to research this bizarre topic. Kindest regards from Manchester UK

    • profile image

      Jackie Fraser 5 weeks ago

      Yes, I too have the same problem but my reaction is much less severe than Andrew apart from two occasions after cooked cheese in a restaurant when I felt so ill afterwards that I had to go home. Normally, I have a digestive problems which aren't a big issue but still annoying nonetheless.

    • profile image

      Txmom 6 weeks ago

      Commenting at 2 a.m. with GI distress after making and eating a tuna melt sandwich from a new recipe tonight at dinner. I topped it with Provolone cheese (something I do not normally eat). Belly issues started an hour later and continue! As I began googling for 'caper allergy' thinking that was the cause, I remembered the cheese. I don't have an issue with melted cheddar or American cheese it seems. However I remembered getting violently ill and throwing up after having nachos in Mexico made with some kind of WHITE cheese. I was convinced they melted the cheese with eggs, as I do have a raw egg allergy! Causes unbelievable GI distress for me. I can eat well-cooked eggs just fine! This is due to the egg protein being denatured during scrambling or being hard fried. Could a similar opposite reaction somehow be happening when the cheese is melted? Like some type of protein is being released during melting causing an allergy? I am not generally allergic to other dairy products. Could it be only certain types of cheese?

    • profile image

      Poppy 7 weeks ago

      I have just read this and is thankful to find some explanation to my abnormal allergy as i can eat some pizzas but if a certain pizza has more melted cheese than other pizza's i am sick for the whole day following the day I ate it. The same happens to me if i have melted cheese on chips, the next day ill be sick for up to 24 hours and its been going on for about 2-3 years. However like you, any normal dairy products, uncooked cheese or even small amounts of melted cheese I am completely fine.

    • profile image

      Gwen 7 weeks ago

      I've just read all the comments. Lots! What a useful conversation, as I'm trying to get to the root of my son's intolerance which started at breastfeeding.

      My SUMMARY of the issues and EVIDENCE:

      People here are describing a great variety of dairy intolerances ranging from being able to have no melted cheese, to cheese only when melted.

      2 scientific insights offered I found in these comments:

      1- An consultant allergist found that people vary in the amount of isoenzymes they 'carry' and this effects what sort of dairy they can have. (mentioned in comment by "L")

      2- The physics teacher mentioned in the main blog post also suggests enzymes differ between melted or non melted cheese.

      If anyone is interested in doing research I found this book:

      "Microbiology and Biochemistry of Cheese and Fermented Milk" and tried searching key words...but would need a lot of time to research.

      The only dairy my son (6 now) can tolerate:

      -ONLY AGED CHEESE (e.g. cheddar and parmesan), melted or not.

      -LOW FAT: milk, LF yogurt, chocolate (containing Low Fat milk).

      He cannot tolerate (it goes right through him within minutes):

      HIGHT FAT NON_AGED DAIRY: butter, cream, sour cream, mozzerella, soft cheese, sour cream, chocolate containing whole milk.

      Hope this becomes recognised soon. Clue might be in the isoenzymes we individually carry.

    • profile image

      Sheena 7 weeks ago

      Unlike most of you on this hub, I cannot eat cheese at all, nor yogurt, sour milk or cream, etc. I never eat any of these deliberately but have been really ill for 2/3 days after consuming hidden cheesy things e.g. sour cream in Rice Pudding, cake topping made with cream cheese, even cheese free sandwiches made on the same board with the same utensils as cheesy ones. Tonight I have been searching for information as I am still suffering gurgling stomach, brain fog, headache and sweating after swallowing, yesterday, one mouthful of cake with a cream cheese filling.

      Every article about cheese allergy or intolerance insists that there is no such thing, that there is only lactose intolerance but I can have hot or cold milk, cream, custard, ice-cream with no ill effects. I have been like this since childhood, my Mother was the same.

      I was pleased to find this hub as it proves that there are other problems with cheese that are not recognised by the medics and researchers. This is a problem because there is no law that requires Cheese to be listed as an ingredient, only lactose which is not my problem. I understood that the problem was with the bacterium that turns milk into cheese/creme fraich/ yogurt, etc. but none of the on-line sites mention this.

      I find it increasingly difficult to dine out as restaurants seem obsessed with adding cheese/yogurt to soup, salads, vegetables, sauces, cakes and desserts so there is very little on the menu that I can have. If I can I choose a Chinese restaurant or takeaway.

      It is high time that researchers delved deeper into the mysteries of cheese intolerance and gave us some answers, so that people currently diagnosed with IBS, etc or dismissed as cranks can have clear information as to what is causing their problems.

    • profile image

      Lexi 2 months ago

      I have the SAME problem! It only started after having my son just 6 months ago though. It's been rough to deal with as melted cheese is contained in A LOT of meals we like.

      I definitely think it is a chemical reaction in the cheese when it is melted. I wish I knew more about it! I have found if I take an anti-acid before eating something with melted cheese I'm fine! So that may be useful to someone else suffering from the same problem.

    • profile image

      Kmy 3 months ago

      Omg. I seldom eat cooked cheese anymore for this reason. I haven't quite figured out what sort of cheese triggers it. But i seem okay when I eat fake cheese (aka plastic american slices) but if I go to a authentic Mexican restaurant to eat cheese enchiladas or order a pizza with a specific sort of mozzerella... im going to have a bad time in a couple of hours!

    • profile image

      KM 3 months ago


      I find I can eat uncooked cheese, or cheese that is cooked REALLY well, like browned & starting to crisp up. But not semi-cooked, gooey cheese, without becoming ill. And for some reason, it's even worse if it's eaten with potatoes! ???

      But like you guys, I can eat yogurt, milk etc without a problem!

      Interestingly, I have a problem with eggs too. I can eat them if cooked as meringue, in cake, pancakes etc, but no other way without becoming very sick too!

    • andyoz profile image

      Andrew Orrell 3 months ago from UK

      A melted cheese allergy alliance! I love it. I'm glad this article has made you realise you're not alone. Since writing this a few years back there have been tens of thousands of reads and hundreds of comments. It's amazing how many people actually suffer from this and it's really glad to know that we are not alone. Thanks for the comments, I always enjoy reading everyone's experiences.

    • profile image

      Hillaria Davis 3 months ago

      I don't know if you still look at this blog but I just came across it and wanted to say what I've found out about my melted cheese allergy.

      I was a picky eater when I was younger. It wasn't until I was in 6th grade (maybe age 11 or 12) that I even ate melted cheese. Up until that point I had never eaten pizza, cheeseburgers, and don't even mention home made macaroni and cheese(even the thought of it makes me sick). The first encounter with melted cheese was when I was invited to have a sleep over at my friends house and her dad made cheeseburgers. I thought it was just common courtesy to ask it you want cheese on your burger... Apparently not. I ate it anyways though because I didn't want to upset them. All night I was up throwing up. I was thinking I had food poisoning but my friend kept telling me she wasn't sick. After a couple days I started thinking about the possibility of being allergic to melted cheese. I just thought I would avoid melted cheese because I didn't like it anyways.

      My best friend used to always get mad at me for not eating melted cheese so one night she made me a burrito with cheese. Again, I just ate it just to be nice and just like the last time I spend hours over toilet. That's the point I realized I really did have a melted cheese allergy. Everyone told me I'm lactose intolerant but obviously I'm not. I'm not allergic to milk, yogurt, non melted cheese... It's just cheese when it is melted.

      Like one of the theories you have discovered, I have always believed it is a chemical reaction that happens to the cheese during the melting process. It releases a chemical from the fat that we are allergic to. It is so crazy to me. I have never found someone with the same allergy and when I tell people they just think I'm crazy.

      I think we should form a melted cheese allergy alliance.

    • profile image

      Stephanie 3 months ago

      I've actually never had any sort of dairy intolerance at all. I've never really been a fan of unmelted cheese or yogurt. I'm browsing around trying to self diagnose because something is going on! The last few times I ate pizza I've had to run to the restroom. The whole melted cheese theory seemed like the answer however, I don't remember getting sick after eating cheeseburgers. I thought maybe it was just mozzarella but from what I've read, all cheeses contain the same "ingredient" that qould make someone sick. No idea what's going on, all I know is these sharp pains and bathroom runs are no bueno.

    • profile image

      Janet 3 months ago

      I'm up at a silly o'clock time, because, yes you guessed... I had cooked cheese. I thought I was mad! Glad to see i'm not alone and going to avoid from now on.

    • profile image

      Nancy 3 months ago

      This is pretty much spot on, i'm currently writhing around with a hot water bottle on my crampy stomach after some amazing tasting pasta cooked in a cheese wheel. Worth it, but oh god the cramps! Normal cheese is fine, I'm a big cheese platter fan.

      I cut cheese out of my diet accidentally for a couple of years just by virtue of not bothering to add it to stuff and now I cant eat it melted, this has started extending to full cream milk as well. It's like I'm BECOMING lactose intollerent, and I'm a person who used to drink a glass of milk before bed every night for 15 years as a child. If this cheese thing can ever be explained past 'lactose intollerence' or 'IBS' I am certainly listening.

      Thanks for the article, and the open commenting, I never sign up to stuff to comment :)

    • profile image

      Mallory 3 months ago

      Thank you so much for this post... I've tried so many different things to make my stomach feel better... I get awful headaches, stomach cramps, constipation, gas, bloating, fatigue, etc.... I cut out gluten.. and with it went most cheesy things.. but when I realized that Wasn't it... i went back to my old ways... just today I'm starting to truly believe it's cheese... if not just cooked cheese alone!!!

    • profile image

      Kate 3 months ago

      I notice that I'm ok with most cheese but melted cheddar sends me straight to the washroom in a lot of pain. I had Quesadilla's for dinner and it made me sick within minutes...

    • profile image

      pantone 4 months ago

      I suffer the same, if I eat pizza when too hot the cramps and diarrhoea last up to 3 hours in the early hours of the morning (say I ate it at 10 pm). What I do find is that if I let it cool a bit I'm absolutely fine. So I believe it is all about the temperature.

    • profile image

      Angie 4 months ago

      I am just dabbling into this subject, looking for some kind of answer. My 5 year old, who is not a picky eater at all, likes to actually try new things, has been telling me after he eats macaroni and cheese cups or Velveeta pasta cups that he does not like them because it makes him feel funny after he eats them amdnif inbust one out for his siblings he looks at me terrified. :) I thought maybe there was a powder active ingredient in those cups that makes him dislike it. Then lately when he's been eating shredded cheese, melted, on Tostitos, after he says Mommy I feel funny again and my head and tummy feel weird and sick. He ahasnt thrown up, but I'm waiting for it. He eats a nib of Velveeta regular, string cheese, regular shredded & has never mentioned feeling funny/sick. He still requests the melted cheese foods and eats them & is happy to do so until after the fact, otherwise I wished just say no you probably better not have that. Which I'm probably going to do sooner than later. I just thought what the heck what's in all the hot cheese and not the cold that's suddenly making him feel this way?? Maybe I'm onto something here by reading your post. So thanks. It's the only thing I've read that's lining up with his symptoms right now. Interesting.

    • profile image

      New to candida 5 months ago

      Oh my goodness! I can't believe I just found this. I was put on the candida diet 1 month ago. Lost 4 and a 1/2 inches off my waist and felt so much better. I had tried cream sauce on 4 butternut squash ravioli (yeadt free) last week and sick within an hour. I had blue cheese this weekend to test if what happened was true and no reaction! Then I started thinking diet was a farce (although I have no idea why I could tolerate the mold ). Last night I had melted cheese and sick this am! I'm going to continue to watch this possible correlation. Thanks for the post!

    • profile image

      Shevanthi Selvakumar 5 months ago

      Have the same problem. Can have milk, yogurt, but have cramps from eating anything with melted cheese or cream cheese. Any theory behind why this happens?

    • profile image

      SaritaSt 5 months ago

      Very interesting read and so pleased to know I am not imagining it and that others recognise this as well. I have in the last year or so realised that cooked dairy is one of the things that gives me stomach cramps, low dull back ache, makes me bloated etc and since I switched to lactofree products I have felt so much better in myself.

      I struggle when eating out and often get caught out. My job requires me to attend events where I dread the 'set menu' as I know that inevitably I will end up in a lot of pain later in the evening. I do seem to be fine drinking 'normal' cold milk and eating cold cheeses.

      It was my dad that initially helped me to realise that I was intolerant to some foods as his doctor had put him on a FODMAP diet. We both suffer after eating onions and garlic however switching to leeks (white part only) and garlic infused oil has massively helped with home cooking. Fizzy drinks like Prosecco, Tonic water etc are too harsh on my stomach and also cause upset.

      It's crazy but I thought getting bloated and cramps after eating was just the norm because onions/garlic/dairy are used in so many cooked dishes.

    • profile image

      Gemma Houlder 5 months ago

      This article was an interesting read for me as I have on a number of occasions explained to people that melted/grilled cheeses makes me quite ill. I like a number of others that have commented experience griping stomach pain, hot sweats, diarrhoea, sickness and on two occasions after eating cheesey chips I have been on the verge of passing out until I could get to a loo to throw up! I can eat all other daily products and cold cheese without any reaction what so ever.

    • profile image

      Hana 5 months ago


      I have exactly the same problem, I can have dairy that isn't melted cheese, (and also hot milk) and I suffer from excruciating symptoms when I eat melted cheese. I too have done some reading to try and figure out what's going on, I have read about the chemical structure theory you mentioned about cheese changing when melted. I work in Pathology and was discussing this with one of our scientists and he said something about the amount or lactose increasing when dairy is exposed to heat. Which I thought made sense and could be a possible theory and factor as to why we have a problem with melted cheese, because I cannot have coffee with warm milk, but an iced coffee with milk is fine... I also get post nasal drip and swollen congested sinuses when I have melted cheese and hot milk, rapidly within about 40mins after eating, but not cold dairy.

    • profile image

      5 months ago

      Im guessing it has something to do with an intolerance after it is cooked. Maybe something seeps out after chemical bonds are broken? I dont throw up but I do have unsettling stomach pains. I also seem to have an issue with post nasal drip and dairy, black pepper seems to aggravate that. Not sure if there is a connection.

    • profile image

      Oli 5 months ago

      I'm allergic to most cheese, raw or cooked. Thankfully the smell makes me nauseous, so I get prior warning. A tiny piece of cheese placed in my mouth still induces vomiting immediately. I can drink milk ( it does thicken my saliva though), butter can be OK if it's part of the cooking process, but I have dry bread, toast, baked potatoes and mashed potatoes without milk, butter or cream.

      Strangely I can eat some soft cheeses and some Cheese and Onion Crisps. So I can eat Cheesecakes, although the baked ones I can only eat a small portion. When I was 9 my parents finally realised that I was not being fussy. As we were in France, I had a Quiche, because my dad said it wouldn't have any cheese in. My first mouthful, I started to feel ill.

      Obviously I have become hyper vigilant with food labels, learn how to ask for "no cheese" in various languages as well. This year I'm going to try some vegan alternatives.

    • profile image

      Brittany Nevin 5 months ago

      Oh my. I was just searching this topic because it seems my daughter may have the same problem. She is recently 5 and has started to have problems with certain cheeses presented in cooked form. I just left having lunch with her at school and after a few bites of a quesadilla I was almost wearing her lunch.

      She is also OK with milk as you but has turned away from uncooked cheese as well. She is OK with pizza though.

      So weird. She also has a few major signs of allergies. Eczema, occasional asthmatic issues and a body covering erythema when outside in spring and summer.

    • profile image

      China 6 months ago

      My melted cheese allergy started when I was really young. I used to love eating microwave-melted cheese. Then one day, I started to develop headaches immediately after eating cheese and later it'd be followed by intense stabbing pains in my stomach. I couldn't figure out what was wrong because I could still drink milk and eat cold cheese. Cheddar soups and items with a cooked cheese ingredient such as nachos is very unsettling for my stomach. At one point my DH banned me from eating cheese because it was hurting me so much. I didn't listen because I simply love cheese. Thank you for posting this article because I thought I was going crazy being sensitive to just cooked cheese and not cold cheese.

    • profile image

      Bailey 6 months ago

      I have the exact same problem with melted cheese but my dad is intolerant to all dairy, so I was really confused. I now eat lactose free cheese and I can eat as much of that melted as I want and nothing happens, you should try it. I believe a chemical is released or something with the lactose happens which my body cannot handle. Maybe it is the fat inside the cheese, I am not sure.

    • profile image

      im sick from cheese 7 months ago

      i have the same problems, its happening right now. but for mine i can eat cheese with milk and butter, NOTHING ELSE! it makes me so sick if i eat cheese popcorn, those water easy macs, and cheese alone. i feel terrible and feel like throwing up. does anyone know a way to help?

    • profile image

      Damien 7 months ago

      Great to find this site, always ruled out cheese,as I can take it uncooked,for my sickness, I took backed potato and melted chess @ 2 pm everything was fine until 6 pm then it seemed as if the cheese was just sitting in my stomach . Does any one have a solution to stop the sickness, I take a Cyclzine, if I find anything that helps I will post it. But for now never going to eat cheese again.

    • profile image

      Anditwedz 8 months ago

      I am gluten free, 4 years now but suffered for 15 before I realised what it was anyway I have now found out that cheese is the culprit that makes me feel exhausted. I love cheese and used to eat it often and the next day felt drugged all day till late evening when I,would come alive again. This again went on years and I was diagnosed with 'it's all in your head' to stress, to anxiety, to chronic fatigue etc. I have recently started yet another food diary having conquered the gluten issue and nailed it to cheese. Does cheese make anyone else fatigued. Not sure if it's melted or hard cheese as didn't realise it could be different but not sure I what to try it as I hate the feeling the next day. I literally walk round like a zombie with no energy and could sleep 24 hours.

      On another note I have found that artificial fragrances in body care products also cause this fatigue. Again years of trial and error.

      Think I'm faulty as no one else in my family suffers this.



    • profile image

      tony 8 months ago

      I have had this since about 5 years old. I was told it was a enzyme that was caused by heating cheese and was still present when it cooled. Like you i have had 64 years of being told i am silly. I also get similar symptons. When i eat cooked carrot but i am fine on raw carrot but these are easier to avoid than cooked cheese.

    • profile image

      Sharon 8 months ago

      Hi' over the years I could never work out why I felt sick after eating cooked cheese especially when in an omelet it makes me feel really sick I couldn't work out why? After searching my issue (realisation today and typing this whilst feeling sick)I came across your post "phew" so I'm not alone I see! I know not to cook cheese again! I find it an odd allergy but if my body rejects it then I guess It can't be that odd (-:

    • profile image

      Penny Kirkbride 8 months ago

      i have a similar issue - but not with cheese or any dairy. I have the same reaction with ice & water. I can drink water galore.... if it has ice cubes in it and they melt - i get the severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. my husband says i am completely nuts!!!!! anyone with this issue too??

    • profile image

      Jessy 9 months ago

      I too share the same affliction about melted cheese mine only surfaced in the past 2 years though. I can have all sorts of dairy products and uncooked cheese. If I order pizza I order it with no chess using the marinara sauce and my preferred toppings works just fine for me but I love marinara sauce so it's never been a problem.

    • profile image

      Nadine 9 months ago

      Hi I think the problem comes from eating cooked pasteurized cows' milk cheese You may find goat and sheep cheeses easier, or else using unpasteurized cows' milk cheeses only (eg parmigiano reggiano). The theory is that pasteurization makes the protein fibres in milk more rubber band like and the gut no longer recognizes it as food and cannot cope with digesting it. Works for me and I have switched to only small quantities of goat or sheep or unpasteurized cheeses and have had no further issues.

    • profile image

      Jhosein 9 months ago

      Hi I'm the exact opposite pizza is fine no problem yet if I eat a piece of cheese I feel so nauseated, diarrhea, hives, plugged nose and sore throat and I think maybe swollen throat, and bloated swollen around belly button, keep feeling like I'm going to throw up. I will start feeling it within hour of eating it and it lasts for a good 24 hours or more! I've been told dairy intolerant but can have butter. The other day I was depressed and ordered a gluten free pizza from dominos...I love pizza but had given it up and I was fine!! Sooo good I ordered one a couple of days later and fine!!! Ohhhhhhh maybe I wasn't dairy intolerant after all are a couple pieces of cheese last night and omg sooo sick I found this article! It's so not worth it. No ice cream, milk or cheese for me but melted cheese yum bring it on!

    • profile image

      David Hughes 9 months ago

      I used to be OK with cooked cheese, though I never really liked it, but 21 years ago I had to have a major abdominal operation which involved a colostomy.Since then I cannot eat even the tiniest amount of cooked cheese, though "ordinary" cheese is fine. I believe the whole thing is down to the ability of the gut to process cheese in a cooked form and subscribe to the idea that cooking cheese alters its chemistry. I find I have to be very strict with restaurants and friends and say "NO COOKED CHEESE!!" It helps!

    • profile image

      ChristenLB 9 months ago

      My daughter has been having nausea issues for 2 months now and we are waiting on a GI appt but trying to figure it out in the meantime. I have a question for you. Can you eat cooked cheese if you take a Lactaid with it? We had Lasagna for supper and she took a Lactaid and still got nauseated. She does not throw up just gets varying degrees of nauseated. Do eggs bother you at all?

    • profile image

      Taylor 10 months ago


      I stumbled on your post because I was frantically searching for answers on the internet. I happened to eat pizza three times in the last month and each time I became ill. I wanted to test my theory this evening and bought stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut and ate 3 slices. About 2 hours later I had a violent episode of vomiting and severe abdominal cramping. Once the pizza was out I felt fine. I am now worried that I have somehow developed a problem with cheese specifically as I eat ice cream a lot and feel none of the same symptoms. I've never been lactose intolerant or had any other food allergy. I've also never had any digestive issues. I am concerned but I don't know if my doctor will think that I am crazy. At least your post has made me realize I'm not alone.

    • profile image

      Ali 10 months ago

      I just discovered after months of cramps and urgent trips to the bathroom that this is an allergy for me as well. It's refreshing to know there are so many others out there that don't get to indulge in the melty goodness that is cheese in lasagna, on a pizza or in fettuccini alfredo. I have a yogurt every morning and a glass of milk every night with dinner with no side effects. I recently had ate lasagna and before even finishing my piece I was throwing it right back up. Not thinking it could be the cheese, I went back and finished the slice later on with the same outcome. The next day I had fattuccini alfredo at my parents house and was not able to leave for a few hours before I knew I could be away from a bathroom long enough to get myself home. So unfortunate melted cheese tastes soo good and is in almost all of my favorite meals. But avoiding it will leave me feeling so much better.

    • profile image

      Brittd 10 months ago

      I have noticed this intolerance in the last few years. For me the results are a little more explosive, and a little further south. The day after I eat melted cheese (pizza, lasagne, etc) I am gripped with urgency and can't be too far from a toilet for a good few hours. I'd love to know why, because some of my best foods are covered in melted cheese! Nowadays I just wait until I have a day off and then binge the night before. Although the next day is unpleasant I can't bring myself to give it up!

    • profile image

      HJWELLS 10 months ago

      I stopped eating cheese after being told it caused a blockage. The valve btween my large and small intestine blocks and it takes about 3 days to massage/release build up of non digested foods that feed backwards. Cannot say if it is specifically cooked cheese. There is something in the processing that causes this reaction. It is easier to live NO Cheese please.

    • profile image

      Nicole 10 months ago

      Yup, I've had the same issue since I was a kid. I used to be completely intolerant, but now I can tolerate a little bit of it, sometimes (and honestly I can't figure out why on occasion a small amount will go over OK with my stomach, while other times I will instantly be in the bathroom after a few bites of pizza). My doctor suspected that I have a problem digesting fat, but I am fine with olive oil, avocados, and nuts. I agree with the physicist - it probably has to do with trans fats or whatever happens when cheese specifically melts. I cannot have other greasy foods either.

      Glad to not be alone! People think I'm crazy too :/.

    • profile image

      Phil/MN 10 months ago

      Melted cheddar causes bloating and stomach irritation almost immediately. I also seem to have elevated blood pressure and a slight degree of memory problems for a short time. I had a CT scan done and there is no sign of a TIA. Has anyone had either of these symptoms?

    • profile image

      Michelle lovaas 11 months ago

      Lasagna has always been my specialty dinner. I have made and ate it a lot in my 40 years. For 2 months now even one bite and within minutes I'm violently vomiting (husbands terms). This also happens with enchiladas and tater tot casserole. The only thing they have in common is melted cheese and ground beef. I know ground beef doesn't bother me, as we eat a lot of it and I have no problems. Therefore it has to be the cheese. What confuses me is the fact that I've ate tons and tons of meals with melted cheese in my life and this just started happening 2 months ago. Also I can still eat pizza cold or hot and I have no reaction. I'm frustrated because this cuts out a HUGE part of my diet. So far I'm not finding any explanation as to how or why it started all of a sudden aft 40 years. My husband says I should go see my doctor but is there really anything she can tell me or do for it?

    • profile image

      Jodi 11 months ago

      Melted cheese, chowders, ice cream (sometimes), ... so tired of cutting foods out of my diet. The only thing I can eat is processed food and that's not good for you. Looking for some suggestions because I am starving for some normalcy.

    • profile image

      Pat 11 months ago

      I have the same problem, specifically certain brands or types of mozarella (e.g. Buffalo mozerella). I had a tick-bite when I was 9 yo. This led to beef-allergy. There are enzymes that they use to make cheese (rennet) that come from cows.

      So while I'm not allergic to milk, I get sick from certain cheeses (i.e. Swiss, mild cheddar). Heating the enzymes during the cooking process may cause the proteins to denature and get better processed and presented to the immune system, causing a stronger immune reaction to cooked cheese than to raw cheese. Right before I react to cheese I get a pinching pain on my left side (a symptom of IBS). I tried a sulfa-drug to treat the IBS but it had no effect.

      I've tried taking anti-histamines like Benadryl and Claritin, but they do little to halt the diarrhea even if I take them an hour before eating.

    • profile image

      E in T.O 12 months ago

      I have the same issue with melted cheese. If the cheese cools again then I am usually okay -I'll let pizza cool a bit before having a slice.

      I've found that mozzarella isn't too bad, when it melts it doesn't get really oily like cheddar. It seems to me that the separation of the oily stuff from the cheese is what gives me problems.

      I've had some success taking a digestive enzyme like Digest More.

    • profile image

      Cassii 13 months ago

      Have you tried drinking warm milk to see its effect? Or any other dairy foods?

    • profile image

      Jake 13 months ago

      Same here! I'm happy to hear others go through it too so I'm not just the crazy person who doesn't like something that's delicious. Also same, I drink lots of milk and eat blocks of cheese, but when it's cooked I know it will cause some serious stomach pain every time.

    • profile image

      Tommy 13 months ago

      I've had the same problem for a few years. With pizza I can't eat it hot but the next day when it's cold it's perfect or if I have cheese on toast that doesn't affect me

    • profile image

      wendy 13 months ago

      I have just discovered that it's melted cheese that gives me severe stomach cramps and diahorea. A friend at work also suffers with this. Hope we can all find more answers soon

    • profile image

      Meg 14 months ago

      I'm 21 years old and I just started noticing myself have this allergy maybe my senior year of high school. It's with everything dairy ONLY when it's warmed or cooked. But when it's cold I'm completely fine and my tummy is happy. When it's cooked or warmed my stomach gets upset, and I get nauseous. I've only thrown up from it maybe 2 or 3 times out of the 20 or so times I've eaten it.

    • profile image

      Kathy 15 months ago

      OMG.. I have the same thing too! Thanks so much for sharing. I can drink kefir, eat yogurt, drink milk tea, even eat some raw cheese, but whenever cheese is grilled/cooked like in pizza, I develop diarrhea, a lot of gas and bloating, with itchy hives. I actually have this reaction to other fats (fried or very oily foods - again only when fats are cooked) as well.

    • profile image

      15 months ago

      I have the same issue with cooked cream. Melted cheese fine, uncooked cream fine. Tried making stroganoff with the fat free cream and I have absolutely no problem with that so must be the fat...

    • profile image

      Anne 15 months ago

      I have had this problem for many years. Oddly, I can make a dish with melted cheese in and eat half of it and be ill, then eat the other half the next day and be fine, or vice versa. I get acute diarrhoea though (25 minutes is my record from eating the cheese to saying goodbye to it at the other end) rather than vomiting, although I have vomited after eating cooked organic cheddar.

    • profile image

      T.R 16 months ago

      Omg I thought I was going crazy thinking that I had a "melted cheese" problem, but now I know that I'm not the only one. My problem started around 3 months ago when I had stuffed peppers that I cooked myself for dinner. At 2 am I woke up with the WORSE pain I've ever had (I have 2 kids and not even the birthing pain can be compared) in the right side of my stomach, I thought that my appendix or gallbladder did burst because I couldn't even stand up. When I finally stood up with my husband's help to go to the hospital I felt the urge to throw up, I barely made it to the bathroom. After having the most horrible projectile vomiting for a few minutes (till my stomach was empty) the pain just went away, but my stomach didn't feel good for the next few days. I was very surprised and thought that maybe I had food poisoning (bizarre, cause no one else in the house got it but me). The next time was around 3 weeks after the first incident when I ate one of my favorite dishes, broiled broccoli with melted cheese on top, but this time the pain wasn't as intense as the first time since I decided to force myself to vomit before it got worse. After vomiting I felt much better and kind of made the connection between the pain after eating melted cheese. Well last night I had a slice of pizza and a few potato cheese balls, and once again it happened, not as intense, but I figured out that if I walk/fast walk around the house (like a maniac) for around 30 minutes it makes me feel better, maybe the fact that the sympathetic takes over the parasympathetic nervous system helps. It's frustrating knowing that I'm not going to be able to eat melted cheese again because it's delicious, buy at least now I know what causes it so I can avoid it. Thanks for the posting, it was very helpful, and because of it I don't feel alone with this problem anymore.

    • profile image

      lorraine 16 months ago

      omg! I just came across this article while trying to figure out why my daughter vomits violently after eating Pizza! She drinks milk and eats raw cheese no problem. So I've been going crazy trying to understand! The lactose theory just does not apply, so im so happy to hear your possible theory. Sucks cause even though she vomits every time she loves pizza still.

    • profile image

      Ian 16 months ago

      Hi, thanks for starting this.

      I've just worked out i have the same intolerence with melted cheese (49yo), maybe been happening for a year or two.

      So still trying to work out the extent of it, not sure if completetly melted cheese ie. in a sauce etc. has the same effect.

      At the moment it's just melted hard cheese, chedder etc. but i may be wrong and it's all heated cheese.

      I'll let you know.

    • profile image

      cazza 16 months ago

      over the past two years my problem with melted/cooked cheese has escalated and i need the toilet sometimes within ten minutes so eating out involves careful choices. reading this article has made me understand why cheese & wine is fine but cheese on toast is a 'no go'. oh well less calories i suppose should help in the long run ( pardon the pun)!

    • profile image

      j_saal 17 months ago

      I have found my people! This has started happening to me just recently. Suddenly warm or melted soft cheeses do not agree with me (goat cheese, brie...) but mozzarella is fine.

    • profile image

      Londongal 17 months ago

      I've just looked this up, having yet again having had a violent attack of diarrhoea this morning! I've always enjoyed dairy products of all kinds, including cooked cheese, which I eat fairly often as I try to keep down the amount of meat I consume. However, in the past year or two (I'm 71) I've been having occasional attacks of abdominal pain and galloping diarrhoea in the morning.

      As a former nurse, I've tried to take a scientific approach to this, keeping a food journal... and yes, it always happens the morning after eating cooked cheese! It's not down to the type of cheese I use for cooking either. I use the standard high-street strong Cornish cheddar for cooking, as well as eating generous quantities of it uncooked with no ill effects. It's not the quantity I use for cooking either. Last night I started on a new 500g block of cheddar, and just grated a little off it for the topping for my supper. I've just weighed the rest of the block: 460g remaining. I know I often eat more than 40g of uncooked cheese (all kinds) at a sitting with no problems.

      I don't know what it can be either, though my money's on the physics teacher. I'm not too mystified as to why this has only started recently, as I've noticed there are quite a few (non-dairy) foods I can no longer digest as I get older.

      I don't go with the psychological effect of the texture either - I love the sight, smell and taste of cooked cheese, and never feel at all nauseated during or after eating it. It's just that it goes through me way too fast! Don't know if it's connected, but I can remember one type of cheese making me feel sick, and sometimes vomit, when I was a child. It was those horrible little triangles of processed cheese. I still feel sick when I remember the smell of them now!

    • profile image

      Gail S 17 months ago

      Just forgot to add that I met someone once who had the same problem with apples!

    • profile image

      Gail S 17 months ago

      Wow. Thanks for this site. Also thought I was alone & idly searching for a chemical answer, so I go with the chemistry teacher theory too. The only reason I no longer have a problem is that just the smell of cooked cheese makes me gag with nausea and run out of the house or restaurant (problem for my husband of course!) so I never eat it - period. Like many I can eat any amount of cold cheese and cold pizza (so does the chemistry change back again?) but heated butter also makes me feel sick to a lesser extent.

    • profile image

      Werner (South Africa) 18 months ago

      I have no issues with yogurt, Milk or Cheese but the minute I eat melted cheese, it literally takes 10-15 minutes then I have diarrhea. My Wife thinks I am looney and its a brilliant act to avoid washing the dishes after dinner.

    • profile image

      Joyce Alt 18 months ago

      Wow... For years I suffered with unbelievable abd pain and terrible diarrhea after eating melted cheese...not during the consumption of the food, but about an hour after eating. These symptoms would/can rage for 12-24 hours after eating melted cheese. I can eat cold dairy products without issue. For the longest time I struggled attempting to figure out what in the world was happening and why. So, I began to journal my life to try and find the common link.... I followed closely the stresses in my life, my work habits, my exercise, how I slept and what I ate and drank ..... the common link became very obvious in review. Melted cheese. Good luck to all who experience this same challenge. It was reassuring to know... I was not crazy.

    • profile image

      Eloise 18 months ago

      I love my Cheeseless pizzas. I have been laughed at and also "tricked" but people are used to me now. Including pizza hut and dominoes who make me cheeseless pizzas totally seperate when I say i have an allergy. Definitely not lactose as I eat tonned of uncooked cheddar and dairy - but soft cheeses are a bit dodgy. I go for the trans fats snd/or enzyme theory. Glad not to be alone; )

    • profile image

      joy 18 months ago

      This is so comforting to know there are others who have the same issue as me. People look at me weird as I skim the cheese off my pizza. If I put too much cheese on chips and cheese I am ready to throw up. I know I cannot do melted cheese in casseroles, which keeps me away from a lot of tasty stuff. Thanks for the info about enzymes never gave that a thot. I too can do any cold dairy no problem, only what I thot was the rich stuff.

    • profile image

      SueHurrell 18 months ago

      Just googling as my 10 year old daughter was just randomly sick in her bed again, after eating pizza. Seems that mozzarella is the main problem. Her dad and grandfather won't eat melted cheese. Thanks to all for comments it seems we have identified the problem and potentially the cause (familial lack of enzymes needed to digest the broken-down cheese). Oddly she is ok with milk yogurt, harder cheeses, blue cheese etc but uncooked and cooked mozarella seem to be the culprits.

    • profile image

      Diane 19 months ago

      Thanks for your page. I can't believe I couldn't find a diagnosis on the net! For some time I've known to steer clear of dishes with melted, soft cheese. Tonight I fancied grilled cheese toasties & didn't even think about what cheese was in the fridge. I don't know what it was but OMG! The pains were excruciating, then came the diarreha - for the first time I was actually nauseous. It's about an hour later now & I think the worst has passed and as far as I'm concerned, I have an allergy melted soft cheese. I, like others here, can drink milk, eat yoghurt & ice cream without any side affects. Thank you for starting this page & good luck to fellow suffers out there.

    • profile image

      19 months ago

      In our family, we were analysed by a Consultant Allergist in Scotland many years ago. It was discovered that we need 7 or 8 isoenzymes to digest the CASEIN (protein) in melted cheese.

      My mother only has two; I have three; my sister has 4 and my father has the full complement.

      My mother cannot eat anything further down the solid dairy products than yogurt. I can eat all bar melted cheese and my sister has some intolerance to some melted and some blue cheeses

    • profile image

      Elle 19 months ago

      It's so refreshing to hear someone else has a similar problem to me! Although I am sorry you have it - it's horrid :-( I just thought I was so weird!

      My issue is with cooked cream. I can eat cold cream, cream that has been heated up and cooled down again, so it is cool when I actually eat it, every other dairy product under the sun; frozen, cold, cooked, warm, boiling hot, anything!!! Just not COOKED CREAM! Even the tiniest hint of it sends my stomach churning!

      I too hate the questions from others as they give you strange looks or make smart-arsed comments! I also hate that I have turned into a 'label-reader' in supermarkets and that annoying person in a restaurant who has to ask the question, "Is there cream in that?!". Aaaarrrrgghhhh!!!

      The explanation I was given once from a Nurse is slightly similar to yours:- She said that as cream is cooked, the bacteria in it changes and that can disrupt/upset/not agree with the stomach bacteria, hence making you unable to digest and inevitably making you poorly.

    • profile image

      Samm 20 months ago

      I found my people! I have the same issue! Worst stomach pain of my life! Glad I'm not alone!

    • profile image

      Carol New Zealand 20 months ago

      I have just had some fried haloumi cheese for the very first time. Within 15 minutes my stomach is really aching. It is the same reaction when I eat egg whites so I now know I'm also allergic to the protein in the haloumi cheese!

    • profile image

      Holly 20 months ago

      I have an issue too. Melted cheese gives me a stomach ache. It used to before pregnancy, and now that I'm pregnant it has worsened. My husband is very sad that we rarely eat pizza anymore. Maybe cooking it causes the protiens to change or something...

    • profile image

      Marylee 20 months ago

      I was so relieved to read your story. I suffer from the same problem. I can tolerate milk in my cereal and ice cream, but experience severe bloating and gastrointestinal problems when eating cooked ricotta cheese and other cooked cheeses, particularly soft cheeses with a higher milk content. After years of suffering, it occurred to me that my problem must be due to a change in the chemical compound of cheese and other milk products when heated or cooked. I believe it is the reduction in enzymes that causes the body to reject the cooked milk and cheese. If I take a sufficient amount of the digestive enzyme lactase, I can tolerate the dairy.

    • profile image

      angela 22 months ago

      i have this issue somewhat also. i sometimes CAN and fo est pizza and melted cheese...other times ill cook something, antivipating the gooey goodness, but by yhe times its out of the oven, my gag reflex is going at the dmell, and my stomach is churning. cold cheeses usually pose no issues.

    • profile image

      Adam 22 months ago

      I have the same kind of problem where I can drink milk until the cows come home, I can eat yogurt and uncooked cheese, but as soon as its been cooked that's it, after about 30 minutes too an hour, my stomach starts bubbling up and the cramps start, I've never been sick from it, but always Diarrhoea or Steatorrhea. I now drink lemon water every morning and it's helped a lot but not cured. I miss pizza :(

    • profile image

      S.McW 23 months ago

      Processed cheese, melted or not, makes me sick, but I'm fine with parmesan and French cheese. I'm trying to figure out my problem too. Good luck!

    • Ann Murray wainma profile image

      Ann Murray wainma 23 months ago

      Hi. I have trouble with melted/cooked cheese, i also get stomach ache with full fat milk and full fat yogurts. I can use fat free milk or have a fat free yogurts . i often thought it must be the fats in dairy , reading this has been a great help . Thanks. Ann

    • profile image

      Emilt 24 months ago

      I have the same problem. I just started taking digestive enzymes, they have helped tremendously. With that said I forgot them today ate melted cheese and now I'm on Google looking for a fast remedy to stop my stomach ache

    • profile image

      Grace 2 years ago

      I have the exact same thing as you, as does my Mum. The other half of my family are completely fine and can eat pizza and all other cooked cheese goodies, as can my grandparents on my mum's side so it doesn't seem to be a guarenteed hereditary thing.

      We usually get round it, and I am well known for bringing my own 'pizza' whenever someone invites a bunch of people round to order takeout, but I don't have an official idea either.

      What you are saying about fats breaking down makes a lot of sense though, as we were told by a pizzaria owner ( I know not that trustworthy but they do know about cheese I suppose) that when melted an oil is emitted from the cheese and that they had found people were allergic to that in the past, so maybe that is something to do with the oil.

      I honestly didn't realise that so many people had the same symptoms, i thought it was just a quirk I had!

    • profile image

      JoDec 2 years ago

      Hi All, i have the opposite to most of you; I can eat cooked cheese and love it, although it has to be cooked, not just melted, but raw cheese brings me out in hives and makes my mouth swell up. I can eat all dairy products, as it is mold that I am allergic to. The physics teacher sounds spot on, as the change that takes place in the cooking of the cheese is what makes it edible and safe for me.

    • profile image

      unknowncramper 2 years ago

      Yes I have a problem after eating melted or hot cheese, don't know why, or when this problem arrived. looking for answers, I am fine when I drink milk, or icecream or even uncook cheese, seeking answers of unkown why??

    • profile image

      Sian 2 years ago

      Gosh, I finally found others who have the same issue as me. When I go for food at friends' houses and they ask if there's anything I can't eat and I say cooked cheese they think I'm making it up.

      I get terrible cramps and diarhea within really short time. Today I had feta on roast veg at my friend's, didn't realise some of it had been melted, now rushing to toilet....

      Heavy cream and ice cream have also been problematic over the years.

      All of these issues have emerged in the last 20 years, no problems well into my late 30's.

      Thanks for posting this Andy, rather than an allergy wouldn't it just be considered an intolerance I wonder?

    • profile image

      Ben 2 years ago

      About 20 years ago I used to consume a lot of melted cheese on toast for breakfast. After 5 mins I found myself filling slightly sick and had large amounts of fluid in my mouth.(20 years later) I do not eat cheese on toast more than once a week and have found my intolerance to be under control. So I assume my intolerance is a very mild case.

    • profile image

      Candi37 2 years ago

      Glad I found everyone here....about 6 months ago I started feeling ill after having different foods. Only just realised a week ago that it is melted cheese ( on cheesy cauliflower , potato bake or pasta bake, toasted sandwiches and now pizza). It can hit me within 20 mins ... Until I realised it was this I would eat lasagna for dinner and go to bed, the pain would wake me and I would have to bolt to the toilet with diarrhea, not once but for the next few hours constantly, I would sweat, have chronic stomach pains and shooting pains on my lower right hand side, it virtually paralyses me. It would hit me around 3am and It would slowly stop by 5am ( no good when you have to work in the morning) .

      When cheese and other dairy are in there natural cold state I am fine,

      Although I have now switched to A2 milk and cream products as when I used to heat them up by cooking I would have similar problems with the generic brand.....something has changed with my body or perhaps the way the food is made...

      The only cooked cheese I can have is goats cheese (Haloumi) on the BBQ, I am pain at all.... I have been so ill that I am getting further testing done to see what is actually going on......

      As when you tell people you can't eat melted cheese, it's like what are you for real..... I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments...

    • profile image

      Cazza 2 years ago

      I though I was alone with cheese issue :) !!! When I eat melted cheese about an hour or so after I get bad cramps and really bad wind !! I avoided it and though tonight I'll try it again and see and yes it's defo cheese melted . I'm fine with other dairy products !! It's a mystery !!!

    • profile image

      Angela R 2 years ago

      I think I have this. I never had it before. But after my first pregnancy I can't seem to tolerate melted cheese. I've gotten sick two times that I've had it. Once on christmas, when i made queso and again yesterday. I ate a hotdog with chili and melted cheese. I threw it all up. I could be wrong and this could just be my body adjusting to post pregnancy but I haven't asked my doctor about this. I can handle regular cheese(shredded and whole) and dairy products, though I do get a little gassy with whole milk. :) There doesn't seem to be anything related my post pregnancy body and melted cheese but I do know that lately if I eat too much the food gets stuck just below my sternum. I feel like I'm going to explode but I don't unless I force it. Any feedback would help. Sorry to be gross about some things. :)

    • profile image

      Lauren 2 years ago

      I just googled this because I have been having the same problem! I thought at first it was how oily the cheese got when it melted which caused my bad stomach pains. The chemical theory makes a lot of sense. Thank you for your post!

    • profile image

      Dids 2 years ago

      I too feel so ill when I eat anything containing melted cheese, weirdly I get the same with egg white (however the egg is cooked) and fried food. I had 4 small slices of Garlic pizza with a weeny amount of grated cheese this evening, 5 hours on I am still feeling really nauseous. The older I get the worse it gets. I can eat hard cheese and egg yolk.

    • profile image

      Peter 2 years ago

      I love cheese on toast but I get pain in my gut after eating and will be on the loo all night but uncooked cheese I am okay

    • profile image

      Carol 2 years ago

      I've been violently sick all day today - stabbing pain in my gut. This is after eating too much pizza too late at night. People never believed my "sensitivity". Thanks!

    • profile image

      lisa 2 years ago

      Would this still happen with lactose free cheese, if you melted that would we still have problems?

    • profile image

      Dave 2 years ago

      Thanks for this everybody! Our 9 yr old has the same symptoms, nice to know we are not alone. We've found he can tolerate melted goats cheese and now he can eat pizza again - we go to Papa Murphy's, order his pizza without cheese, add the goat cheese at home, cook it and he's a happy guy!

    • profile image

      Michelle 2 years ago

      Hi all, my son is 7 and has been telling me that he gets sick from melts cheese for over a year now, he feels great knowing he is not alone, I will have to watch the lactose intake I think now. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • profile image

      Frank O' The Mountain 2 years ago

      What kind of hell is this where melted cheese is evil? Grilled cheese has been making me feel sick in the guts for the last few years. I shall experiment.

    • profile image

      Dionne 2 years ago

      I'm so glad I've read this post. My mind is now at ease. All my life I've had issues with milk so I'd drink or consume it in moderation. Box macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, coffee with cream and 1 bowl of cereal sends me to the toilet for hours. I rarely vomit but it has happened before along with diarrhea. I've been assuming its just colored cheese, but this post makes a lot more sense. I love dairy products and I'm upset I have to give them up to be a healthy person.

    • profile image

      Holly789 2 years ago

      Thanks for this, what the physics teacher said gives me possible answers for a recent occurance of vomitting after a grilled cheese sandwhich (a very good one). I am 19, only developed lactose intolerance last year, after tolerating dairy my whole life before that which I think is weird. At the time i had been vegetarian for a year, but still had dairy and eggs...dont know if being vegetarian somehow changed my tolerance of not just meat but other animal products like dairy as well. Anyways, I was not extremely lactose...could handle italian food, yogurt, chocolate, etc. just not full on milk. But a few days ago i had a very cheesy (havarti) and buttery grilled cheese sandwhich and about an hour after i puked. That has never happened before, as i tolerated grilled cheese just a month before. The thing is, i started to feel overwhelmed of the sandwhich after my first half of it, but kept eating as i didn't think too much of it. If anyone can think of a reason for this can you let me know? Ive been scared of having any dairy since. Maybe it was too buttery? Too cheesy? To much cholestrol? A mixture of cheese and butter? Food poisoning? Allergies?

    • profile image

      Shell 2 years ago

      Thanx for the info. My two year old nephew is also fine with uncooked cheese. Melt it and the poor guy has the worst tummy cramps. He even cramped up when he was an infant, receiving it through his mommys milk.

    • profile image

      Lyd 2 years ago

      I also have this problem but it has only just occurred. I can eat normal not cooked cheese and drink milk until my hearts content but as soon as I eat melted cheese even on pizza not long after I throw it back up. This has only been happening for the last 3/4 months but I've searched the Internet and nobody has heard off it until I stumbled across this page!

    • profile image

      Ella 2 years ago

      My husband doesn't have any issues with cheese, however whenever he has cream or sour cream which has been cooked he gets really sick. Diarrhoea, sharp stomach pains & sometimes even vomiting. It only seems to be a problem if the cream or sour cream is cooked. Does anyone else have this problem? I've been looking online to understand this further but haven't had any luck yet

    • profile image

      Patricia 2 years ago

      cooked cheese doesn't make me sick but it does give me really bad indigestion which is so annoying as I am a vegetarian so a lot of the dishes I cook need cheese in them. I find if I just grate it on top just before eating, it's ok.

    • profile image

      Rebecca Dugan 2 years ago

      I'm so glad I found this site. Although my reactions are different, the foods are the same - melted cheese is a problem, cold cheese is not, even if it's something like cream cheese or something that's a similar consistency to grilled cheese. My reaction is very different than what I've read here, though. I don't get stomach pains after eating, but I do get an itchy throat while eating. I also get this really weird, intense drowsiness feeling, but as soon as I drink something to wash my throat, both get much better. I've also experienced it with cheesecake, and now that I think back, I'm pretty sure it was only with the cooked style, not the no-bake. I'm still searching for anyone else who's experienced these same weird side effects, but I think I'm getting closer.

    • profile image

      Rod 2 years ago

      I'm sixty nine and one hundred and four days. At one hundred and two days the cooked cheese thing raised its painful head for the very first time, and again today. Stomach 'cramps' for a couple of hours. Certain it's just cooked cheese, glad I'm not alone but sorry you're all suffering!

    • profile image

      Erika 2 years ago

      It's nice to know I am not alone! Such a shame as I have often used hard cheese in recipes in the past and love it! I suffered with eczema , with bad attacks intermittantly ... Found in my early twenties, during an intense episode that I was allergic to tomato and orange. So ruled those out of my diet for many years! Now I can eat them in moderation. Some types of apples & melon, irritate my mouth so am wary of those too. Hoping if I leave well alone for now in might be able to eat small amounts in the future.. Hasn't yet happened though. Very interesting article and wonderful comments.

    • profile image

      Jgb 2 years ago

      I don't get sick from melted cheese but if I workout after I have eaten pizza as soon as I work up a sweat I break out in haves all over my body.

    • profile image

      Teddi 2 years ago

      I am glad I found this post. I also cramp up very shortly after eating any type of melted cheese when this intolerance is present. But the funny thing is I don't always have it. I can go for long periods of time when it is not a problem, but then for some reason, it comes back and I am intolerant again.

    • profile image

      Non cheesy 2 years ago

      Yay! Im not alone. No one ever believes me when i say i can't eat melted cheese. I called it 'Pizza Belly' for years and my friends just laughed. Feel somewhat relieved knowing it happens to others.

    • profile image

      Kathryn 3 years ago

      Nice to know I'm not alone. I am suffering from a cheese toastie I ate yesterday. No vomiting this time but oh the nausea, stomach cramps and diarrhea can go away. Only melted cheese affects me and sometimes too much milk can do it too. It has only just started doing this in the past 6 or so months when I decided to limit my dairy intake...the sickness lasts about 2-3 dats after consuming melted cheese.

    • profile image

      Sara 3 years ago

      I just wanted your thoughts regarding the following:

      Today I fed my toddler a quesadilla (melted cheddar cheese) and then he asks for a cold piece of cheese. He has had melted cheese p4-5 times. Today he has thrown up twice, but only today. Each other time he was fine. Do you think that if he was allergic, he would have had a reaction the first time had it?

    • profile image

      Anon 3 years ago

      Alright so in regards to my post just above I've been able to eat melted cheese without problems after I got lacteeze tablets. Chew on two mint flavored tablets just before eating pizza and no more stomach aches.

    • profile image

      Anon 3 years ago

      I too have a problem with eating melted cheese, but not normal cheese or other dairy products. I've been eating pizza from the same store since I was 13 and now I'm 21 and I can't eat it anymore or I get really painful stomach aches. I can't eat toast either so it's not a problem with the pizza store.

    • profile image

      ley1970 3 years ago

      Ditto to so many comments. I'm a 43 year old female, with increasingly worse symptoms appearing daily. I used to get diarrhea after cheese fondu ... that was years ago. But for the past six years I've been feeling sluggish, nauseous (daily), exhausted etc etc ... the nausea is hideous. Noticed that spaghettic carbonara was a big no no - melted parmesan in it, cream ... wasn't sure which was giving me problems. Then noticed heated cheese was ruining me. Two weeks ago I ate quite a bit of salad (lettuce leaves) and had the worst bout of IBS ... oh boy. Wondering what's next .... or even how to start fixing this problem

    • profile image

      Katherine 3 years ago

      Wow I thought I was alone, I have exactly the same issue I can eat plenty of cheese. The moment it's melted I get very ill, the same feeling as having an awful hangover!!

    • profile image

      Julie 3 years ago

      Have you considered a gallbladder problem? I had this problem and still do even after surgery to remove the gallbladder but they suggest that cooked fats are more difficult to digest and need to be reintroduced slowly if at all. I know I'll never be able to eat melted cheese but it's a digestion problem and not a true allergy in my case.

    • profile image

      Bev 3 years ago

      I can eat almost any cheese cold, with the exception of Stilton and goats cheese, but as soon as it's cooked, my stomach swells to 4 times it's normal size. I get cramps and my heart rate really slows down. I thought it must be a change in the fats and sugars when the cheese is heated. Came on Google to look it up and found this. I don't have problems with any other dairy! Odd! Takes a day or so for my stomach to get back to normal. I can't eat anything else till it does. Be interesting if the scientists did more research, to see the results. In the meantime I stay away from cooked cheese.

    • profile image

      Mike6545 3 years ago

      I'm the exact opposite. I can eat all the melted cheese I want but if I eat that same cheese unmelted I get allergies on the form of runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes.

    • profile image

      Kika 3 years ago

      I have the same problem and I thought I was crazy! I discovered this problem 2 years ago and, like others here, I thought was pasta (or some celiac problems)! After eating pizza, I had stomac cramps the whole night and bad diarrhoea. The same happened with lasagna or stuff related to pasta.

      For almost 2 years I tried to discover what the problem was and finally I understood that the problem was "baked cheese".

      Like Andy, I have no problems eating fresh cheese.

      So strange o.O

    • profile image

      Thiathy 3 years ago

      Still experimenting, but yep, seems to be melted cheese. I have many, many food allergies, but in the last few months I vomit a few hours after eating melted cheese and then get hives; this is an anaphylactic reaction, so quite scary to be getting these without knowing exactly what is causing them. Then I feel sick for about 2-3 days afterwards; my throat feels tight and swallowing is hard; nauseated, diarreah while the cheese works its way out of my system. I am glad I am not crazy, or at least not alone in being crazy!!

    • profile image

      Linda 3 years ago

      Hi - this is all super reading. Just hoping for more info on whether all you sufferers of this (like myself) have found you are intolerant to other food types too. I have been nauseous most days since the birth of my children 4 and 5 years ago. I can't get to the bottom of it - hormones, food - who knows. But I do know that I feel worse after cooked cheese, with a flying visit to the loo an hour later - and stuck near the loo for a while! But I suspect I'm intolerant to something else too ... any connections to other things? gluten perhaps. Blood tests show I'm on the cusp of being celiac. Would love to hear from you all

    • profile image

      Epona 3 years ago

      It's comforting (if ultimately of no help) to read all your comments! I have the same thing, from maybe being 12 or so years old - hours of agony almost immediately after eating melted cheese. I used to think it was all about the stringiness of long protein chains in it. But cold pizza doesn't have the same effect. And very milky tea or coffee does the same thing sometimes. It's mysterious. And all we can do is avoid the stuff. But that's not always easy... I'll have to try your cure, Erica!

    • profile image

      erica deWitt 3 years ago

      me too! only started happening about 2 months ago...I eat tons of yogurt, ice cream, I love bagels and cream cheese, creamy salad dressing. but give me a hot chocolate, latte, slice of pizza, French onion soup, or grilled cheese and I get incredible, debilitating cramps for hours. the only thing that helps me? a glass of bourbon or whiskey. try it! maybe the alcohol breaks down those rouge proteins...

    • profile image

      Blair 3 years ago

      For me personally, I would define this as an intolerance instead of an allergy.

      I think it has to do with the separation of fat from the milk solids. I can eat yogurt, drink milk, or eat solid cheese. But melted cheese on a pizza? My stomach does flipflops. It's funny, because if the cheese is incorporated into a cream sauce (like alfredo or pesto) I'm fine... which leads me to believe the fat-separation theory.

    • profile image

      Ellyn 3 years ago

      SAME THING HAPPENS TO ME. I have deduced that it is the oil that comes out in the cheese. I have the same problem with other foods if I haven't had any of the "bad oils" in a while such as french fries. Oils such as extra virgin olive oil doesn't seem to have the same effect so I have been only using cold pressed oil when cooking. So far with good results. Although it makes me more sensitive to transfats I've noticed. Hope this helps!!

    • profile image

      TCapp1 3 years ago

      Well, I was interested to read the hub and the posted comments. For years, I have been trying to find out what is the basis of my food allergy. I went through the litany of lactose intolerance, gluten intorence, as well as thinking I was allergic to tomatoes, vinegars, and a host of other items but one by one they were all eliminated. Only recently have able to quantify it. It is similar to the "melted cheese" allergy but more specifically, I have found that when dairy fat is heated, it truly has a chemical reaction and it causes me severe and immediate problems when it is digested. Here are the things that I know make me ill: drawn butter, cream in coffee (skim milk doesn't but 1/2 & 1/2 does or full cream does), melted cheese mostly in spaghetti sauce, hot chocolate again if made from whole milk or even 2%. I would like to know if any physician or chemist can explain the chemical reaction that occurs or why it does not effect me if I eat regular butter on bread, drink whole milk or ice cream.?

    • profile image

      G Duffy 3 years ago

      Im with you and the physics teacher. Im writing this while feeling quite ill after melted strong cheddar. This happens all the time. I'm utterly convinced that the grilling process draws out the oils in the cheese and this is what makes us feel ill. I reckon that the oil goes through our digestive system too quickly but eaten uncooked the body digests it much slower


    • profile image

      heneryevery 3 years ago

      I'm allergic to yellow American Cheese. A few hours after eating I get migraine effects: light sensitivity, room spinning dizzy, extreme vomiting, diarrhea attack, fingers tingle. I'm incapacitated for the entire day. Cheese cake and cheese in deserts also cause effects. I can eat whole pizzas and not be effected though.

    • profile image

      c burr 3 years ago

      My son has an intolerance think after several years we might be getting some where, he has lots of sickness not had a clue why but started keeping a closer eye and after eating cheesey things including cheese biscuits cooked melted cheese with in an hour feeling rough within 3 vomiting. Thanks for this everyone.

    • profile image

      Kai 3 years ago

      I can't stop eating cooked cheese.

      It hurts so good...

    • profile image

      3 years ago

      Thank you so much for this! I have been having serious problems with most nasal drip so bad that I can't sleep for the drowning feeling. The doc put me on steroid nasal spray and decongestants but it was not enough. I started using a net I pot which helped a lot but still did not solve it but I made a connection to years of periodic congestion after meals and that every time my PND was very severe I had eaten cheese.

      After that I went dairy free for a week and felt better. I am in my 40's and did not have obvious symptoms. However after just a week of no dairy and using my net I pot I stopped most of my snoring and the PND was gone. I also lost 6 lbs and you could see noticeable deflation around my gut.

      At this point I tried whey powder since it is in so many things. I was fine so I tried butter again fine then soft fresh mozzarella and still OK.

      At this point I realised for certain that it must be the hard cheese like cheddar etc but I cannot find information about it as it is always referenced as being very low lactose and that's about it. Last night I decided to try cheddar again in some lasagne and I paid dearly for it with severe congestion PND and this morning the same loose thick dark and foul smelling poo I have had off and on for years. I will try hard cheese cold again after reading this as I would rather give up meat than cheese.

      I hope this works because my daughter suffers with thick congestion after cheese as well and I hope to help her too

    • profile image

      Aron 3 years ago

      I have a problem with melted cheese also! Difference is, mine leads to diarrhea, not throwing up. I eat regular slice cheese on a sandwich and I'm fine. I can't eat pizza, cheese steaks, grilled cheese sandwiches etc....

    • profile image

      BMG 3 years ago

      I have this same problem too. I have always assumed it was the chemical bonds that break and separate as oil. My stomach cannot handle any oils from melted things like cheese, butter, and grease from burgers, bacon or steaks. I can eat all the cold cheese, cold butter on a piece of bread, fat on meat if it's still on the steak, piece of bacon, etc., but as soon as these foods are heated and start to separate into to an oil, even a teaspoon or less, I have hours of the most nauseous indigestion with burping and reflux you can imagine....I'm talking about hours of misery.

    • profile image

      Alison 3 years ago

      Wow, so pleased to find so many others with similar issues. I have been on Slimming World for a while now so have a very reduced dairy intake. Have had periods of unwellness and have tried cutting out all sorts - cheese, butter, onion, bread etc etc etc. I think it's melted cheese although last week I also had a reaction after eating a chocolate digestive so trying a dairy free fortnight.

    • profile image

      Kat 3 years ago

      I'm the complete opposite than you. I can eat all the melted cheese I want but can't eat any other dairy products. I can't drink milk, can't eat yogurt, can't eat cubed cheese, but as soon as I order a double cheese pizza, I'm fine. Weird.

    • profile image

      David Schwind 3 years ago

      I began experiencing this.

      I believe it is a digestive impairment as a result of mercury toxicity, likely from silver amalgam tooth fillings.

      If there are no fillings present, it could be from previous fillings, or alternative metal toxicity.

      I will share more soon on my blog at:

    • profile image

      Kai 3 years ago

      Count me in.. I can eat kgs of yogurt, litres of milk.. More than 2 slices of pizza or a handful of melted cheese and about 5-7 hours later, I have 2-3 toilet sessions, lasting upto 45mons each involving cramps, diarrhea and constipation waves... It's been happening my whole life so I kinda just enjoy the ride, check my emails, goggle stuff etc.. In between the agony that is..ah well just one of those things.. There is no way ill ever stop eating pizza... What's the point if you can't enjoy some pizza aye.. Sweet well my 45mins is nearly up, better so make a coffee. Cheers

    • profile image

      Angelagh 3 years ago

      I get the sane thing and just put it down to it being greasy, but it always baffled cause although it's melted what you eat it still the sane melted or not. I'm never usually sick but feel sick for hrs after. The strange things is I don't get it from pizza.

      I do also get the sane sickly feeling from greasy foods like garlic bread, Indian takeaway, tomato soup, raw onion, toasties, and omelettes but poss just the cheese in the omelette.

      Very strange

    • profile image

      Gina 3 years ago

      This is an interesting discovery. My daughter has been having unexplained seizures. We noticed that she has good days and bad days, which isn't typical for her diagnosis. I noticed that the day or two following a pizza dinner will be bad days for her. It keeps happening and I don't think it's a coincidence. Interestingly, it didn't seem to happen when she had gluten free cheese pizza. Maybe it's the combination of gluten, melted cheese and the preservatives in things like pepperoni or sausage? I can't find anything about what happens to the casein, for example, when the cheese is melted. I have found another post about the interaction of casein and gluten, but she seems to be fine with regular cheese on bread. The other interesting thing is that she has developed an aversion to melted cheese. She ONLY eats it on pizza now!

    • profile image

      Lori 4 years ago

      Thank you for your article! I have been searching for information on mozzarella intolerance and stumbled on this. My daughter has developed what I thought was an intolerance to mozzarella cheese, but now I'm thinking it is melted cheeses. She can eat yogurt, sliced cold cheeses (cheddar, etc), drink milk, eat ice cream, but cannot eat pizza. She is 16 and we just started to notice a problem within the last year. I thought it was the way mozzarella was processed, but I could not find anything. This makes sense though.

    • profile image

      Lisa 4 years ago

      Thank you for posting this! I react violently to melted cheese, in particular with cheddar or marble, like with all that oil that pools on it. Within minutes I'll be sweating, terrible cramps, then projectile vomiting and diarrhea. Just melted cheese - eating it in it's normal state is just fine. It started for me about 10 years ago (I'm 35). I have had the same reaction on a few occasions to other triggers, involving deep-fried food (tempura, fries), and over the years I have guessed that it was something to do with the fats and oils. It'd be nice to have more answers as to what exactly the trigger is.

    • profile image

      Heather 4 years ago

      Thank you so much for writing this article! As a kid I would only eat eggs, milk or ice cream on rare occasions. It took me until my twenties to realize the reason I never "liked" them is because I would feel nauseous afterwards. It was mild enough that because I started avoiding the foods young I hadn't noticed. I had always loved cheese but mozzerella sticks and baked brie made me sick. I'm okay with most pizzas but some (especially Pizza Hut) make me sick. Grilled cheese has always made me sick but I still crave it sometimes. I usually use american cheese slices but I just tried it using Muenster, and I'm not sick! That's when I googled melted cheese allergies and got your article. This is the strangest thing and I would love to participate in a study some day to figure out what the problem is. It's 2013, shouldn't we have a clue by now?

    • profile image

      Ava 4 years ago

      As far as I'm aware melted cheese is fine, but if I ever have hot milk I feel terrible for an hour or two as if I have to work it off, I can have tea with milk but I will feel quite lethargic but not as bad as something like hot chocolate. It's the only dairy product or form that makes me feel that way as I've tried others as a test and never seen a negative reaction

    • profile image

      Melly 4 years ago

      I stumbled across this in search of answeres for my own little problem. It seems the exact opposite of yours. I can eat melted cheese, yogurt and drink milk till I burst. But as soon as I eat a piece of cheese thats been sliced right from the block I have horrible stomach cramps and end up in the bathroom unable to leave the toilet. My dr thinks its lactose intolerance but i have no problems with other dairy....

    • profile image

      Mimi 4 years ago

      My 17 month old son has had exactly the same symptoms as yours. It did not cross my mind until I read your article... Thank you for writing this. How can we raise the awareness though?

    • profile image

      Gracee 4 years ago

      I always have this problem too, but i dont throw up i just always feel ill after eating melted cheese on home made pizzas and hamburgers.

    • profile image

      steve drinkwater 4 years ago

      I have this problem in reverse.I cannot eat cold cheese of any kind,It reaches the top of my stomach and up it comes.I travelled a lot through europe in the 70/80s [greece, Italy etc ] watching people eat these mouth watering pizzas and thinking about what I was missing but in the back of my mind the cheese problem reared its ugly head.Then one night after a few beers watching my girlfriend eat this melted cheese delight I tried a piece.It was fantastic ,no nausea no ill effects nothing only joy.I have been eating melted cheese in various forms ever since.Every now and again I will try to eat cold cheese of different kinds to see if my tolerance has changed,no chance it doesn't get further than my neck.Long live pizzas and welsh rarebit and cauliflour cheese.

    • Ashley Spenelli profile image

      Ashley Spenelli 4 years ago

      I've been trying to figure out what's up with me. When I was younger I never drank milk. It made me sick. Cheeses did too, and also eggs. I thought I was lactose intolerant. My mom claims she was, but I think she just had a weakness for it. She could drink 2% milk if it had ice in it. Years down the road I stayed at my friends house and they had full milk. I never had it so I tried it. It didn't make me sick. I think my milk sickness was learned. These days the only thing that makes me feel sick are eggs, frosting, and melted cheese. Usually gives me diarrhea within just a few hours of eating it. I thought for a while it was pizza making me sick. But now I realized earlier that it's the cheese. If I eat baked potatoes with cheese, mac and cheese.. damn melted cheese. Why is it so good? I learned today that most people who are lactose intolerant don't even have a problem with cheese. I read that when milk turns to cheese, the lactose turns into something else. Well with that said, I see no reason why taking that same cheese and melting it wouldn't change it again. People can call us crazy, but I believe we are both allergic/sensitive to melted cheese.

    • profile image

      ANNA 4 years ago

      warm melted cheese does it for me almost every time. love the taste but hate the consequences. it started after my second pregnancy and it's been crazy for last 9 years but i also thought it was just me...good luck everybody!

    • profile image

      Mars 4 years ago

      I'm not sure if this applies to me. I've noticed that any time I eat melted cheese I get really out of it mentally. Kind of like I'm dizzy or something. I've always thought it had to do with the oils separating or whatever, so the physics thing makes sense to me. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Evelyn 4 years ago

      I'm lactose intolerant, but un-cooked cheese isn't too bad for me. It does make me feel sick - but melted/cooked cheese makes me feel absolutely terrible. I cant even look at nachos any more without wanting to puke. I am glad that there is a reasonable explanation as to why this is, as I thought that it was a little odd. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Jeanne Kinscher 4 years ago

      Agree absolutely...have tried googling for reason...but know that cooked "soft" cheese in particular and crem cooked in anything gives me the most awful runs...very hard to find out why???

    • profile image

      Nici 4 years ago

      Came across this when looking for answers to why I get severe migraines when eating melted cheese but I am fine with uncooked cheese. It's good to hear that others react differently to melted cheese rather than uncooked cheese I definitely agree that the physics teacher has a good point.

    • profile image

      Brian Murray 4 years ago

      I am so glad iread this article,until now i thought i was a bit of a strange fish,with me it seems to be melted sheeps ,goats cheese are the worst offenders,cheddars are on the whole ok with me ,but but if i eat a lot in one go it affects me my symptoms are severe stomach cramps excess acid and diarrhea.One time recently i had acid reflux it really burnt my throat this was after eating sheeps cheese melted in a mexican dish cooked by friends and as usual didn't want to offend. it's nice to know that i am not alone.

    • profile image

      Dee 4 years ago

      I've had cooked cheese allergy since I was a kid. I can just about handle melted cheese on pizza and toast but the moment I eat cooked cheese in a white sauce or cooked soft cheeses, an hour or so later i'm throwing up over toilet. I think your last theory is right, think cheese has chemical change when cooked that disagrees with me. I'm glad I'm not alone a more. Thanks

    • profile image

      Tanger 4 years ago

      Wow, I'm so glad I'm not alone. I've been allergic to melted cheese since I was about 9 years old. My parents had a hard time understanding it for a while as I'd always get picked up from school after the reaction was over (when I could feel confident enough to leave the toilet to make my way to the nurse's office). After a few years of repeated reactions after pizza at home, I think they finally realized it wasn't made up. Of course it took me a long time to work out what it was as for me it isn't all melted cheeses. For instance, mozerlla is the biggest offender, but I can sometimes get away with eating small quantites. I also seem to be affected by how much has melted and cooking times. If I do up a packet of alfredo noodles and I follow the instructions to a T, I am fine. My husband sort of makes up his own instructions and I believe he may have cooked it for longer than suggested, which led to a violent reaction. I can eat melted cheese on a burger, but my in-laws like to do melted cheese on toast with soup where the cheese is literally caked on, which makes my stomach reel looking at it. I can eat my mother's lasagnas fine, but my in-laws' lasagnas (again cheese caked on, reoccuring theme with them) make my stomach reel. Now I am currently having a reaction from take-out pizza and mightly furious because I haven't had a reaction from this shop before, and now trying to figure out the difference. I almost wish it was more consistent so my love for pizza wouldn't be able to convince me that "Maybe it won't happen this time!" For now, I am tortured. I am just glad to hear I am not alone with this stupid reaction.

    • profile image

      K22 4 years ago

      Im 19 years old and have been having The exact symptoms to cooked cheese as well. All of the doctors i have been to tell me im lactose intolherant even though i can eat all dairy products except for cheese when it's cooked. I think your last theory is on the brink of a major science discovery. Please keep us up to date.

    • profile image

      ukgirl 4 years ago

      I have exactly the same problem - can eat some but not all dairy products but definitely not melted cheese. I also cannot eat rare beef. I believe that these two things may be connected as - apparently - beef contains some of the same proteins as milk. Has anyone else experienced the same?

    • profile image

      Timi 4 years ago

      Thank u for sharing! I have the opposite problem and would love some answers!! i.e. i can eat it melted but not the regular way.

    • profile image

      ug24des 4 years ago

      I have the same thing - bloating/cramps/diarrhea/sweating triggered by any melted cheese on pizza/pasta/grilled cheese etc but ice cream/cold cheese are all fine.

      I also have the same issue with red meat - especially fatty meat (never with chicken). Sometimes also have an issue with oil that is non-vegetable - i.e deep fried foods (olive oil seems to be fine).

      I have also never found an answer but thought that it could be a wider intolerance to fat in my diet - if I cut these foods out then I will invariably be fine for months, however within 30 mins of eating melted cheese/red meat the symptoms will be back.

    • profile image

      Steve 4 years ago

      I have the same problem Russ, melted cheese and also milk if it's heated up. Long toilet trips. Costa cappuccinos are a killer!

    • profile image

      Claudia 4 years ago

      I used to eat cooked cheese w/out issue. After my youngest was born w/ an almost immediate dairy allergy we changed our diets. So 5 years later when I try to eat cooked cheese my stomach hurts for hours! My mom claims cooked cheese is hard to digest & my stomach agrees.

    • profile image

      Russ 4 years ago

      Me too. Melted cheese, everytime. Usually it hits me around 3-4am while I am sleeping, terrible stomach cramps followed by long trips to the toilet for the rest of the night.

    • profile image

      Michelle 4 years ago

      Finally a logical answer. At first I thought I was just eating to fast, but it doesn't matter how fast, I will still be ill. I find the reaction to be pretty immediate. Oh well, at least I know I'm not the only one throwing up out there

    • profile image

      jo-anna 4 years ago

      Yes, I can't eat boiled or fried eggs. Only poached lightly or scrambled. As for cheese and milk..go for months eating it in any form, then all of a sudden, can't stomach the thought. Weird...

    • profile image

      Jill 4 years ago

      Thanks so much for your post-my son is diabetic and have noticed grilled cheese and pizza make his blood sugar go up-thought it was his corn sensitivity to crust and bread but have eliminated melted cheese for past 2 weeks and his blood sugar is coming down-have to decrease insulin 2x already-this is so enlightening!! He can eat hard cheese all the time and we eat ice cream every night-no issues only with melted cheese!!

    • profile image

      claws 4 years ago

      Ha! I just came off the loo for the 3rd time in the middle of the night - excruciating tummy ache and diarrhoea, now I can't sleep and did a search and I'm so glad I found your article.

      For me it is always the mozzarella on the pizza - I can have a small slice or two, beyond that I will get my torture few hours later.

      But tonight at dinner I had something different - a couple of shrimps in some runny cheesy sauce, and now reading your article I'm starting to realise it's due to the cheese being melted.

      I'm generally ok with milk, non melted mozzarella and other cheeses, even cheddar on burgers (now that I recall I had a bad episode once after eating a big mac but I'm not sure if its the cheese cos normally I'm ok with burger cheeses) ... but the pizza cheese, yup, gets me every time.

    • profile image

      heather77 4 years ago

      I have the SAME PROBLEM!!!!! Here is what in the dairy world I can eat and not have issues:

      milk, uncooked cheese, ranch dressing, yogurt, ice cream, frozen yogurt, cream cheese.

      These are the dairy products that give me a lot of issues:

      Steamed milk in my starbucks mochas

      melted cheese on nachos, pizza (or anything else!)

      Does anyone really know what is causing this? I want to be able to eat these items and thought about taking an over the counter product to deal with it. But I am not sure what I can do if it is only due to the cooked/heated products.....

    • profile image

      Mari 4 years ago

      I am so happy I found this! I just came back from lunch and I was telling my co-worker that I am feeling terrible because I just ate sandwich with hot mozarella and every time I eat melted cheese it hurts my stomach, not to mention I can't even taste warm milk. I always thought that I had a very weak stomach but after reading all this I can see that apparently there is something when you heat dairy that causes me terrible stomach aches.

    • profile image

      Joanna 4 years ago

      This happens to me! Also happens with cream cheese...i.e. if it is on a toasted bagel and melts slightly...i get very ill and vomit it up. I always thought i was weird. On another topic...I can't eat salty things with a hot in a cup of tea with a ritz (or other salty) cracker, or coffee and a few potato chips. To me it is definitely a reaction between the cheese and the heat that renders it indigestible to us. Definitely not lactose intolerance

    • profile image

      EchoRose 4 years ago

      Heat releases chemical reactions... I have not completed my research into this matter yet I have had the same difficulty for nearly a decade now. I became allergic to nearly everything following an outbreak of Shingles so it may be that the Pox virus can leave people super sensitive to chemical which our food supply is fully contaminated with! Sour Cream kills me when nearly all other dairy products are fine as long as the cows were not given any hormones, antibiotics, etc... while cheese when heated makes me violently ill. Cold pizza is fine! so I discovered that once the cheese completely cools again, the cheese is fine. It is in the heated state that it causes the problem due to the chemical release induced by heating it. I have more useful info in my Squidoo page if you are interested: The Spectral Palate @ best of luck and also, the most healthy thing you can do in your diet is to eliminate BLEACH particularly bleached flour. Simply by switching to Unbleached Flour, your overall health and future health will improve greatly!

    • profile image

      Anita M 4 years ago

      Found this thread when trying to find out why my 7 year old son ALWAYS gets a tummy ache after eating pizza and some pasta dishes. Had ruled out cheese as he has it frequently in his sandwiches for school and invariably a cheese string. No problem. Plain pasta is not a problem either, but as soon as I sprinkle grated cheese on it that melts, he complains of a tummy ache afterwards. Process of elimination has left me with melted cheese as the culprit. Amazed how many comments there have been and glad I'm not going mad (and that his intolerance doesn't sound as severe as many of you) ! At least it's quite an easy one to avoid now I know it's a likely cause. Thank you !

    • profile image

      Ann Virginia 4 years ago

      Wow, glad I found this. I too can eat all dairy products, including uncooked cheese, and am fine. Once I eat the melted/cooked cheese, I am full of gas and bloating for hours until it goes through me. I figured it was the tomato sauce since the same things happens when I eat lasagne, pizza, etc but then I can eat a tomato sandwich with a slice of cheese and have no problem or spaghetti sauce with no cheese and am fine. Must be something in the breakdown of the food once it is cooked. My son has also mentioned he has a reaction after eating pizza but is fine with other dairy products. Very interesting! Thanks.

    • profile image

      Cheryl 4 years ago

      Me too !!!! with me ..... I am 52 now and have had pizza off and on thru-out my life.....just about 2 years ago it started with me

      pizza makes me vomit, regular milk and dairy products do not??

      the whole heating enzyme digestive theory makes sense to me

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Mike 4 years ago

      I'm suspecting that I'm a victim of this one as well. I can enjoy cheese of the cold variety in quite an amount without any ill effects but as soon as it's melted? Say hello to incredible stomach pains which are (Suspiciously) cured very quickly by sending back out the way it went in. Furthermore, I've noticed that for me at least, this issue tends to occur most often when the cheese is under-cooked or from the cheap frozen Pizza's. I seem to have little problem with take-away or restaurant Pizza's - It may be that they cook it thoroughly or use a different type of cheese to the cheap stuff. I've had this issue for a while and will start paying some proper attention to it to see if I can figure out the root causes better.

    • profile image

      Christina 4 years ago

      I also have this problem, and I sweat profusely from my face while I am throwing up! I thought that I was alone in this, while I wish none of us were effected, it's nice to know that I am not alone.

    • profile image

      Steve R 4 years ago

      Interesting - have been 'cooked cheese intolerant' as long as I can remember, but love milk, cream, mayo etc with only mild reaction if I eat too much. Am ill with anything containing heated cheese even if I didn't know it had any !

    • profile image

      Kit 4 years ago

      I have a similar issue with cooked cheese It doesn't stay with me either, but mine comes out the other end! It doesn't stop me from eating it, and it certainly doesn't prevent my enjoying a nice slice of pizza or a home-made mac and cheese, but I know it'll be an instant exit so I stay close to home!

    • profile image

      Sadie 4 years ago

      I am so happy to know there are other people with this issue! I myself have this issue but instead of throwing up I am in immense pain for hours (most likely due to my Crohn's as well. However, I have learned a way to still enjoy melted cheese. I buy rice cheese, or alternative cheese, that is sold in places like Whole Foods. It is a bit pricier than regular cheese but for the times I'd like to enjoy pizza or lasagna I specifically buy it and I do not get the symptoms :)

    • profile image

      pix 4 years ago

      A friend cannot tolerate melted cheese. It causes his heart rate to drop causing dizziness, becoming incoherent and sometimes passes-out. We tried researching this but cannot find an answer. Thank you for your blog, let the problem go "out there" and hopefully a solution be found.

    • profile image

      Naomi 4 years ago

      I'm glad I found your post! I, too, have major problems digesting, or not..., melted cheese. Thanks for the info!

    • profile image

      Wanda 4 years ago

      Just read this in search for answers. Had a grilled cheese small piece for dinner and spent the evening on the loo. So found this hub. I was thinking that it was glutton or lactose intolerant. But now thinking back at foods that bother me are... Grilled cheese, melted cheese in macaroni, hot pizza, and I can't have melted butter with seafood either. Thanks a bunch. This saves me some stomach problems

    • profile image

      May 4 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this. We're trying to figure out if my son has a similar problem. He tends to vomit when we're out at a restaurant, usually if he's had pizza, but not always. Yesteday it was while eating a grilled cheese sandwich. I don't know if it's the fact that the cheese is melted (but it doesn't always happen and it's becoming less frequent) or if the food in restaurants isn't always the freshest? Or is it the consistency and maybe he's not chewing well and then gagging?

      But this gives us something to think about!

    • profile image

      llareggub 5 years ago

      I have suffered from GORD for some years and in an effort to narrow down the triggers, I kept a food diary. Early on I identified cooked cheese as one of the main culprits, although curiously I am fine with Mozarella and Feta. Thank you for this.

    • profile image

      raiderjazs 5 years ago from Chenango County,New York

      Amazed to find this today.I recently went through 4 weeks straight of horrible headaches....worse than migraines.I did alot of figuring and the only 'new' thing I did in those weeks a grilled cheese sandwich every day for lunch.I have never had the issue before,but I've also never eaten cheese every single day for weeks.I know,weird but I get on 'food kicks' had assumed it was maybe a seasonal allergy or sinus infection.But when I realized the cheese thing,I stopped eating it completely....and bam! no more headaches!! I thought it was very weird considering I drink milkshakes with no issue and eat pizza occassionally and have no issue.It is good to know I'm not the only one.Thank you for posting this :)

    • profile image

      Shawn 5 years ago

      I have a very similar situation. I can drink all the milk I want, and eat as much ice cream as I can without problems. I even eat a stick a string cheese almost every day with lunch. But dishes with melted cheese often have me running to the bathroom.

      For me, it's not all melted cheeses. Grilled cheese sandwiches seem to be fine. It's also only pizza from certain restaurants, for example. I so far cannot pin it down to anything specific, which is very frustrating.

    • profile image

      Sue 5 years ago

      I can't eat melted cheese either.

      I kept a food diary , as I kept " acting out" my dreams, with kicking and screaming whilst I was in deep sleep. I eventually got a diagnosis of REM Sleep disorder.

      Astonishingly the only food which guaranteed a bad night was melted cheese.

      I see this is a form of allergy, but am not sure why I develop these symptoms.

      Thanks for posting , I feel less of a freak now:0)

    • profile image

      caroline 5 years ago

      i cannot even smell cooking cheese without getting a violent migraine, i cant handle any cheese with out disinfecting my hands within a few minutes or i get a migraine .i definitely cant eat any cheese at all -or guess what -i will get a violent migraine!!

    • profile image

      Natalie 5 years ago

      I have sharp, serious pains in my stomach and back after eating warm cheese. It's strange because I've eaten it a million times growing up and suddenly this last year I have this horrible pain. I even thought it was an ulcer. I documented what I ate and usually warm cheese was the culprit. My nutritionist explained fats take longer to digest as well. I'm only 23 it seems like getting older is no fun! I can't eat things I just did a year ago. Now I just have to figure out how to ease my pain when it happens :( so far heat helps a little. Sometimes it's so terrible I Take sleeping pills to force myself to sleep...

    • profile image

      moni 5 years ago

      I thought I was crazy trying to explain that I could eat "raw" cheese but not melted. Thank you for proving I'm not crazy, at least in regards to this.

    • profile image

      Matt 5 years ago

      Exactly the same as people describe here, I've just eaten melted cheese on a tuna pasta bake and less than an hour later I have terribly smelly gas and my guts are gurgling! My brother says he has the same problem...

    • profile image

      Mar 5 years ago

      Glad to have found this information. I have spent years wondering why I felt so sick after eating anything containing cooked cheese. Excessive "burping" and a skipping heartbeat follows eating anything with cooked cheese. Almost went to the ER several nights ago. Found this information and now know it is not all in my mind ! I, also, can eat uncooked cheese with no problems...also yogurt and milk. It's just anything with cooked cheese! Done with anything containing cooked cheese !

    • profile image

      Chris 5 years ago

      You are not alone, sir, you are NOT alone. Explosive liquid diarrhea within minutes of consuming melted cheese.

    • profile image

      Jennifer 5 years ago

      I have a similar story. When my son was born, I exclusively breastfed, then ended up exclusively pumping (which decreases your supply because it is based on supply and demand, and a synthetic stimulus isn't quite like a baby suckling). So we tried formula and it made my son so incredibly sick, he vomited for hours and could barely move. I suspected he had a dairy allergy, so the pediatrician had me try different formulas and he kept getting sick and finally was smart enough to catch on that ANY type of formula wasn't breastmilk. I told the peds again and she just didn't think he had a milk allergy, because "how could he tolerate [my] breastmilk" when I had eaten dairy and that should have passed into the milk and affecting him. I still thought he had an allergy. So long story short, my son saw a peds gi doc and without doing any tests said "your son has a cow's milk

      protein allergy. Not a lactose allergy, that us sugar. You see, cow's milk protein molecules are very large and humans aren't really designed to break them down and therefore it causes inflammation and many times immunological responses". Sounded good to me. We did an allergy blood test and the only thing that tested positive was the cow's milk! DUH!!! Anyway, i was able to feed my son breastmilk for 13 months and then we transitioned to almond and coconut milk without any problems! I have noticed over time he has started to develop more of a tolerance for dairy, however it has to be cooked in a product. If he eats uncooked cheese he develops a rash, etc. It's the opposite for us! So my theory is heat must cause some sort of chemical reaction to the protein chains, and allows it to be more tolerable for him to digest. Don't feel bad when people give you a hard time! I had people giving us a hard time for a year saying I should just force my son to eat it! Why would I force discomfort on a baby. People can be ignorant! Good luck with your research. :-))

    • profile image

      Joyce 5 years ago

      I have been trying to figure my own allergy out. Cooked mozzarella causes me to go into anaphylactic shock, but I can eat string cheese with no reaction. I can't have heavy cream that's cooked, but I can have it cold. I eat cereal all the time, but a hot chocolate gives me a terrible stomach ache.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • profile image

      Christina 5 years ago

      I suspected that my son might have the same issue as all the other posts described. One thing I would love an answer to though, does anyone have a reaction to Parmesan cheese from Kraft that you sprinkle on your pasta? My son definitely does. I. Looked it up and it is made from cooked milk. Thank you for starting this blog. Would. Love some feedback.

    • profile image

      Alex 5 years ago

      Another one here - I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant as a child and grew out of it.

      Melted cheese over the last few years began to make me feel sick and now have explosive diarrhoea within a few minutes of eating it. This has only really happened since suffering with bad food poisoning (Campylobacter)

      I am however ok with some melted cheeses - Domino's Pizza is the worst reaction by far!

      We have a theory that the heating changes the proteins in the cheese change, which the body then reacts too.

      Nobody apart from the missus believes me either!

    • profile image

      Mjecu 5 years ago

      Wow, this happens to me also and I never thought it happens to other people but whenever I have melted cheese, especially mozzarella, man, I feel sick until the next day..... it's only with melted cheese though!

      Thank you for sharing!!!

    • profile image

      Jayne 5 years ago

      So glad to have found this article, as I have the same 'melted cheese' problem, however I also cannot drink hot milk - this has the same effect. I am totally okay with cold milk and cheese. Have also just added soft fried eggs, and soft boiled eggs to the list recently, although can eat scrambled eggs! How bizarre eh?

      Anyone else have problems with additional foods?

    • profile image

      Jenna 5 years ago

      My friend linked me to this article, because she is studying nutrition. I am mildly lactose intolerant. What I can eat: fair amounts of yogurt, cottage cheese, cold cheeses of any kind, small amounts of sour cream. What I cant (without a dietary aid, or else I will have the worst stomach pain ever and make about 10 trips to the toilet): ANY amount of melted cheese, medium-large amounts of sour cream, milk, or heavy cream.

      I would think this physics professor would probably be quite correct. I have a friend who is allergic to *any* cooked foods! I think I am just going to remain thankful that I can eat cheese and have to pop a few digestive aid pills to be able to eat melted cheese... but it was really good to read this article!

    • profile image

      Ezzie 5 years ago

      Thanks so much for posting this! I too suffer from this problem. I can eat cheese normally like on crackers (although sometimes can unfortunately make me a bit gassy) but if I have melted cheese I get dry bad cramps and eventual diarrhea! I know that's gross to say sorry! But I actually like the physics teachers explanation. I hate having an allergy to cheese because it's dead set one of my favourite foods. Thanks for posting and making me feel less like a freak!!

    • profile image

      Ray 5 years ago

      Just had manicotti for supper with lots of melted cheese and 6 hrs later stomach cramps and diarhea.SOmetimes taking an antacid helps but as I get older this has become more of a problem.Never bothered me until my 30's.

    • profile image

      Kristina 5 years ago

      I'm beginning to experience this exact problem! I grew up eating melted cheese but now as i'm getting older i get incredibly naucious, the inside of my mouth feels like it can't stop salivating, and minerly bloated when i consume melted cheese. I can eat all other dairy products and even most cheesey soups but if it's any other melted cheese i get symptoms. I am so glad i'm not alone on this because no one else will believe me!

    • profile image

      Ansie (Ssouth Africa) 5 years ago

      I have no allergies whatsoever. I hve Saturday morning headaches - thanks to - it seems- Friday night pizzas. After 50 years I only now realize it is the melted cheese I love so much. I can't handle the headaches though, so I will have to give up the melted cheese.

    • profile image

      Anon 5 years ago

      Thanks for all who shared their experiences. I seem to have developed this in recent years. Is that even possible?

      I was starting to suspect cooked cheese after needing a long session on the loo shortly after eating pizza.

      As an experiment I avoided cooked cheese for a while and was fine. Then tried a melted cheese sandwich and less than 30 minutes later I was back on the loo.

      I will try avoiding it again to see if I am OK. If so then I guess I have to remove cooked cheese from my diet. A real shame because I love it. D'oh

    • profile image

      Eloise Summerfield 5 years ago

      I could have written this blog - near-enough identical to my experiences. I have had people mock me - including my mother. They tell me it is all in my head. Yet I can eat something which then makes me sick and I go back to the packet and read the ingredients and find there was cooked cheese in it. Again, I have people try and sneak it into my food, which does not work well at all. I am a Pharmacist and have no answers. Lactose intolerance would be the reverse (i.e. cooked easier to tolerate and milk the worst - but milk and raw cheese is fine). I have to go with something to do with seperating the fact and destroying the enzymes on cooking. I even have to be careful how much the cheese next to warm food gets on the plate (like at a party). Thank you for this blog.

    • profile image

      Jane 5 years ago

      I am lactose intolerant but can eat specific things such as cottage cheese and hard cheeses. but the second i make a grilled cheese or try to indulge in a pizza, it goes through me in 30 minutes...

      why doesn't anyone have an answer?!?!

    • profile image

      emily 5 years ago

      Thank-goodness i'm not the only one, was beginning to think i was going mad. I too can eat all other diary including uncooked cheese, but as soon as it gets cooked my IBS symptoms flare up in a big way and guarenteed within an hour i am doubled over, seating feeling faint and then on the toilet for the rest of the evening. Took me a while to work out it was the cooked cheese, went through a stage of thinking it was pasta ( lasagne, tuna pasta bake etc used to set off the sypmtoms, but then i ate another meal which didn't have aany pasta and had the same symptoms...soon realised this meal had cooked cheese in it and made the link) thought for a while it was just cheddar, but the other day had same reaction from cooked mozzerella..have been ok in the past with this but now my body has ruled that out aswell! :-(

    • profile image

      jackie jane 5 years ago

      This also happens to me as well as my grandmother and we have both been told all the theories of above but the chemical one is the one that sticks. We have no intolerance to any other dairy product whatsoever. In fact, we are kind of dairy product addicts! Its just the melted cheese we can't handle. Sometimes I can do pizza if its just a light coat of cheese but I always get nauseous for a bit afterward and for some strange reason it always makes my nose tingle... I usually strip the cheese and just eat the sauce, crust and toppings. At this moment I am recovering from a quesadilla I just attempted to eat. It made me violently ill. I also believe that certain melted cheeses seem to affect me more strongly than others. but I do my best to stick to unmelted cheese. Its just safer that way. Last time I let the roommates talk me into melted cheese- glad to find an article like this knowing i'm not the only odd one out there. :) thanks!

    • profile image

      Claire Bhela 5 years ago

      i'm having a reaction right now!!!!!! cooked Stilton!, fine with it in its normal state, but cooked - i'm in agony. itchy hands and feet. neck and chest too. now i'm coming out with lumps on my legs and arms.

    • profile image

      Libby Cole 5 years ago

      Brilliant. So glad I found this. I had a friend with this problem and now my daughter has it. She has a lactose intolerance but as she gets older her intolerance is easing but melted cheese goes straight through her and makes her feel poorly. She is only 18 months now and we've been keeping a food diary for 6 months so I can say with certainty that any intolerance is not in her head!!

    • profile image

      aj 5 years ago

      I get this all the time. I used to be allergic to all dairy products but grew out of that and am left with this intolerance. I always thought it was something to do with a change in bacteria in cooked cheese.

    • profile image

      Myriah 5 years ago

      I have this problem too. Not only do I throw up but I get the worst chest pain you can imagine.

    • profile image

      Richard49*123 5 years ago

      I too thought I was unique until I read your article. I have suffered with a cooked cheese intolerance since a small child and am now retired. I do not have any explanation. But the intolerance is certainly real. Great post. R

    • profile image

      Nic 5 years ago

      I have the same problem. I'm fine with cold cheese, but the second that it's melted (even just a handful of it on top of some pasta) I get violently ill. I have a different reaction to you, including stomach cramps, sweating and diarrhoea. A doctor explained that it's very unlikely to be lactose intolerance, as the levels of lactose in cheese are far lower than that of milk due to the ageing process. It's unusual as it's only something that has particularly effected me in the last year or so. My other half is a chemical engineer working in food, so I shall have to ask him what his take on what the physics teacher said.

    • profile image

      D.C.B. 5 years ago

      Hi andyoz, I stumbled across your post because I think I may also have a similar issue with cooked cheese and I did a search online. This was my first search on the subject, and I found your article very interesting. Thanks for sharing! I'll get back to you if I find another answer.

    • diseasessymptoms profile image

      diseasessymptoms 5 years ago from Philippines

      Oh my.. I was really not aware of this allergy. I know a person who is allergic to coconut. I also have allergies with seafood and poultry. Having an allergy is not cool at all. I know how you feel.

    • Entourage_007 profile image

      Stuart 5 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      I had no idea that this type of allergy existed. Good hub.

    • L.L. Woodard profile image

      L.L. Woodard 5 years ago from Oklahoma City

      Until this hub I had never known there existed an allergy/intolerance to cooked cheese. I'm with the physics teacher: cooking really is about physical and chemical changes to food, so his explanation makes sense to me. Thanks for sharing.

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