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The Cream That Finally Made Our Eczema Go Away

Updated on December 30, 2016
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Wife, mom, blogger, entrepreneur, and long-time eczema sufferer. I'm happy to share information about something that finally works for me.

My Eczema Story

I’ve had eczema on and off my whole life, so it came as no surprise when my son also became plagued with the uncomfortable itchiness. As uncomfortable as eczema is for me, it was almost more agonizing to watch my son suffer through his discomfort.

So, I’ve tried everything. Every cream, lotion, and steroid. Bath bombs, essential oils, bathing, and not bathing. EVERYTHING.

A few months ago we were visiting a friend, and she spotted the eczema on my hand. She gave me a jar of lotion and told me to give it a try. I had never seen it before, so of course I put it right on. What did I have to lose?

I’m going to cut straight to the chase—this stuff WORKS. I also want to make it clear that I’m not being paid to write this article.

No Sting

The first sign that this cream was amazing was that it didn’t sting when I put it on. My hands were really dry, so even putting something as mild as Nivea would have made them burn a bit. But this stuff didn’t. I put it on before bed, and the next morning I actually wasn’t itchy, as I normally would have been. You could still see the redness and my hand wasn’t perfectly smooth, but the discomfort was gone.

Gone Within a Month

Needless to say, I ordered my own jar the next day and started using it on myself and my son (his eczema was worse).

I had to be vigilant about using it, but within a month our eczema was gone! A month may seem like a long time, but I’m telling you, my son had patches of eczema that had been present for over a year. Even cortisone cream wasn’t keeping it away.

So, if you’ve got eczema—or more importantly a child or baby that does—I highly, highly, highly recommend you give this stuff a try.

More Information About This Cream

Here’s some things to know about the cream ahead of time:

  • One of the main ingredients is raw shea, so the lotion will actually be grainy—it almost seems like a scrub. Don’t worry, it’s not a bad batch. It’s supposed to be that way. As you rub, it will smooth out into a cream. If you’re putting it on a really sensitive spot, you can rub it in your fingers or hands first until it’s smooth. I’ve also read about people heating it up a bit to melt the chunks, but I’ve never actually tried that myself.

  • It’s sold as a lotion for babies, but if you’re an adult with eczema like me, don’t be discouraged! It will still help you. And as always, I would test a small spot on your baby before going crazy. My son has been fine with it, but you never know! Our little ones can be really sensitive to things.

  • This stuff is oily. Like, the oiliest lotion I’ve ever used. Which is ironic because the jar actually says that it’s not greasy. But it really doesn’t matter because it’s so effective. Just try to use it when you can handle the oiliness (before bed was perfect for us...especially under my son’s pajamas).

Good luck with your eczema! I hope this lotion can help you out like it’s helped us.


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    • profile image

      Faraashik 2 months ago

      Is it really helpful? My son is also suffering from eczema . It really makes me sad, every time people asks me "what's wrong with him?" - seeing his skin full of patches. I have tried a myriad of creams without success. It would be great to know if there is something which would really help him from itching . Exactly how many jars would he need for 1 month and how many times per day I have to apply?

    • profile image

      Syl 2 months ago

      What's it called? I see no mention of the name and I'd like to get some.

    • GardenHarbor profile image

      Nikki Schilling 2 months ago from Pennsylvania

      I was always heartbroken too when people would ask what was wrong with my son's skin. I really think you should try this stuff. I wasn't exaggerating when I said he had eczema for years and this was the first stuff to clear it up. Luckily you really only need a little bit so 1 jar will last you way more than a month. I would start 2 a day and see what you think! You can always apply more throughout the day if you want. Good luck :)

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