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I Dreamt I Was Peeing, and Then I Peed in My Bed

Updated on March 22, 2017

You're Not Alone

Many people have experienced waking up from a dream of going to the bathroom to find that they've either gone, are going, or really have to go. For most, this is a one-time occurrence and it's nothing to worry about. If this is a repeated problem, however, you should seek help. It's not the dream that's causing the accident, it's the fact your body isn't waking up to its need to urinate.

My Experience With Bedwetting Dreams

I was walking upstairs and felt my nightgown against my body. I was warm, surprisingly so for wintertime. My bare feet were not even cold, and usually it's freezing in the house. I made my way to the bathroom where I proceeded to do what all humans do. I peed.

Ahhh, sweet relief....




What the hell have I just done! I'm peeing! I'm peeing in my bed, and I can't stop! Holy crap, this is crazy!

Apparently, the scenario was just a really vivid dream. So much so that I actually let loose in real life. So now here I am, jumping up out of bed, feeling the warm urine turning ice cold on my pajamas, and a big ole steamy stain right on my brand-new mattress.

I know, I'm disgusting, I'm vile...some would even say a sinner. I pissed the bed.

I have never been a bedwetter. Who the hell wets the bed at 26 years old? I had never in my life woken from my sleep to find myself pissing all over the place. There had to be an explanation for why I did what I did.

I took my case to dream books. I wanted to find out what dreaming about peeing meant. Answers were provided (it turns out that dreaming that you are peeing is a sign that relief from a difficult situation may happen soon), yet no book had the answer to why I dreamt I was peeing, and then actually pissed.

The only logical answer I could come up with is that my body knew I had to go, thus the dream. I did have to go, but unfortunately I didn't wake up in time to actually go. The dream of seeing the toilet and relieving myself started the urination process.

"False Awakening"

It turns out this is a fairly common occurrence, one that happens to many people all around the world, old and young. It's so common that psychologists have a name for it: a "false awakening."

In a false awakening, your dream of waking up is so vivid and realistic that you completely believe it, and then you behave as if you were awake, but you're really still lying there asleep in bed. In a false awakening, dreamers often dream they are doing the regular things they need to do like getting up, getting dressed, brushing their teeth, and having breakfast. And, of course, peeing.

It's like your body has two needs—to empty your bladder and to get enough sleep—and instead of sacrificing one (sleep) for the other (pee), it tries to take a shortcut: pee AND sleep. It's like your brain's lazy way of fooling itself into believing it can have it all.

Though it might seem like your dream made you pee, it's likely the other way around, that your brain received the signal that you needed to go and then that stimulus provided the inspiration for your dream.

What to Do Now

If this has happened to you, you should know that you are not alone. Many people go through this experience without it becoming a recurring problem.

If it only happens once and does not occur again, don't worry about it. It was a one-time thing, and there are thousands of other people who have experienced the same thing.

What Happens If It Doesn't Stop

Bedwetting, also called nocturnal enuresis, is only a problem if it's a regular occurrence. Some people have never experienced a dry period since they were kids. For others, bedwetting comes back to them after years of never having even one accident. According to the National Association for Continence, 2% of the U.S. population experiences recurring bedwetting.

If you're a teenager, it's likely that your system is just a little slow and that your body will learn to coordinate itself with time.

Causes of Bedwetting in Adults

There are two types of bedwetting:

  • Persistant primary nocturnal enuresis is a condition that begins in childhood and is when someone hasn't experienced nighttime dryness for longer than 6 months. There is evidence to show that this kind of bedwetting is hereditary.
  • Adult-onset secondary enuresis is for people who have experienced dryness but then experience a recurrence later in life.

According to Dr. Margaret Stearn, if you've just started bedwetting after a long period of being dry, some of the underlying causes could be:

  • A urinary tract infection, which can make it difficult for the bladder to hold urine
  • Alcohol, coffee or diuretic medicines, which all cause production of more urine and can irritate the bladder
  • Sleeping tablets - Sometimes these cause sleep so deep the body doesn't wake up when it recognizes that it needs to go
  • Diabetes - Lots of urine can be a symptom of diabetes. If the diabetes is treated, this problem goes away
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Some medications
  • An underlying medical condition, like a prostate problem in men or pelvic organ prolapse in women
  • Urinary tract stones
  • A neurological disorder
  • An anatomical abnormality
  • Prostate cancer
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Bladder cancer
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • A spinal cord injury

What Can You Do to Diminish or Stop Adult Bedwetting

First of all, do not blame yourself for wetting the bed—it is completely involuntary and cannot be controlled. There is no reason to feel guilty or dirty for having this problem. There are some tactics that may help you solve the problem without seeking medical help:

  • Try changing your diet. Cut down on alcohol and coffee as well as acidic foods and the other foods seen in this list of common bladder irritants from the National Association for Incontinence.
  • Don't take diuretic medicines at night.
  • Limit the fluids you drink in the late afternoon and in the evening, but do not dehydrate yourself. This can actually irritate your bladder more, causing the opposite effect that you want.
  • Try to reduce your stress levels. Change your living or work situation, take a vacation, or learn stress-management techniques.
  • Try using an alarm clock to wake you up a couple hours after you go to bed and a couple hours before you wake up. Vary the time every few days so your bladder doesn't get into a specific pattern.
  • You could try sleeping in a different bed or moving your bed.
  • Exercise - Find a program that will help build muscle, endurance, and flexibility. Some combination of weight training (including training with your bodyweight), cardiovascular training (like running), and stretching regimen might help you improve control.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor by doing Kegels, which are exercises that can help you improve bladder and bowel function.
  • Lose weight. Being overweight increases your risk of incontinence, especially for women. Trying a diet that is low in refined carbohydrates, sugar, and eliminates caloric drinks is a good place to start.
  • Go to the bathroom before you go to bed at night. Wait 5 minutes and do it again. Pee as soon as you get up.
  • Though not clinically proven to be effective, it's possible you could teach yourself to recognize that you're dreaming through lucid dreaming techniques.

You Should Get Help If

This is an ongoing problem. Though millions of people suffer from bedwetting, only 1 in 12 seeks help for it. You don't have to be one of those 11 people suffering alone. There are ways that you can manage or even stop bedwetting.

Before you go to the doctor, keep a diary for 2-3 weeks to keep track of your voiding habits. The National Association for Incontinence has a downloadable template with the kind of information you should be monitoring. You should also be sure to note the number of wet vs dry nights, your quality of sleep, your emotional state, and any other symptoms you're having like night sweats.

When you do see a doctor, make sure you're direct and tell them that you have a bedwetting issue. Break through the embarrassment! Otherwise you won't be able to get the help that might make your situation better.

When You See the Doctor

Your doctor will check for a number of things. They'll do a physical exam, a neurological exam, and a urine test to see if any of those provide clues as to the underlying reason for the bedwetting.

After this, they may help you find a product solution, recommend a behavioral change, or depending on the situation, prescribe medication that might help.

In the meantime while you figure out what's going on, you should manage the bedwetting as you need with the appropriate products like waterproof sheets, a waterproof duvet cover, briefs to wear at night, etc.

People who use these products say they're much better than cleaning the sheets and clothes. If you're embarrassed by the prospect of purchasing them, you can always do it online.

Some people, for whatever reason, find that nothing works and that bedwetting is an on-going part of their life. This doesn't have to be the end of the world. Like one person says:

"I refuse to let it bother me. I wear glasses because my eyes don't work very well: some people have hearing aids - some need pacemakers or other devices or medications to help things that go wrong with the body. I wear nappies because my bladder doesn't work properly, and because none of the medications I have tried have ever worked. It's just one of those things as far as I am concerned and I no longer let it worry me. My wife prefers me to wear a nappy to save the sheets and so that I don't wee all over her. So I wet myself while I am asleep - yeah, so what? It's no big deal. And even if I do start wetting myself during the day too, then I will wear nappies 24/7 if necessary."

Remember that this is not who you are—this is simply a problem you have.

Resources Used

Has anyone else ever dreamt of going to the bathroom, and then actually wet the bed?

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    • profile image

      Everyone 4 days ago

      This happened to me just now but it was rather confusing I was sleeping and all of a sudden o was awake then I started to pee myself... i then actually woke up and found that I had wet the bed

      (I have never Benin a bed wetter)

    • profile image

      ALEXBW 10 days ago

      This has happened to me about six times over the years. I wasn't a bed wetter but the dreams were so good and made me feel so relaxed that even when I woke at the point of peeing, I couldn't stop myself. In situations like this, I'm lucky, I guess, I live alone and although inconvenient, it's never been embarrassing

    • profile image

      WTF 2 weeks ago

      Okay, my experience is crazy. My brain seems to be to smart for that typical bathroom stuff, so I literally dreamt about painting by my...

    • profile image

      Nobody 3 weeks ago

      I am 17 and I it just happened to me. I feel so embarrassed because we are at my grandparents house.

      For the record I never was a bedwetter.

      In my dream I felt so good (my muscles were so relaxed) and warm, then suddenly wett. Even in my dream I realized what happened.

    • profile image

      DeepSigh 3 weeks ago

      Oh my goodness..this just happened to me for the first time ever @41 years old at 7:02 this morning. Very embarrassing and I pray it doesn't happen again. I want to forget this very soon!

    • profile image

      Nedean 3 weeks ago

      Omg just happened for the first time. Very disconcerting

    • profile image

      Douglas 4 weeks ago

      I was a bedwetter growing up. I started staying dry around age 14. I had a few accidents here and there over the next 20 years. Now I wet almost nightly and there's nothing I can do to stop it. I ruined mattresses. I have peed all over my wife. At her suggestion, I began wearing a diaper to bed every night. Now I am able to sleep soundly and without fear.

    • profile image

      pd 7 weeks ago

      I have the dream often enough to find I might do the pee once every 6 months. I have been making myself aware when I am at the real toilet to recognise the event as not a dream. Last night I had the dream and started a flow, but very quickly I said in the dream is this a real toilet. I stopped immediately and I woke up. The dream inevitably always occurs a bit before the time I might normally wake up.

    • profile image

      Me 2 months ago

      I think my experience is stress related. Been short staffed for the past few days and extremely tired. Then I had a dream I was peeing in a car (!) and I woke up to a puddle. It's the first time it has happened to be and I am 40!

    • profile image

      Mohamed 2 months ago

      It happens to me all the time. I never wet the bed without dreaming that I'm in a bathroom. I'm never sure anymore if I'm dreaming or not whenever I'm in a bathroom. One day I dreamt of going to the bathroom before sleep to prevent it from happening! It's a nightmare and has been going on for more than 21 years. I've tried behavioral changes, meds, exercise, everything, and it still happens regularly.

    • profile image

      Persimon 2 months ago

      It happened to me about 4:30 this morning. This has actually happened maybe about 4 times before. The space in between occurrence is a few years in between. This started when I was about 44 and I am not 58.

      It always starts with a dream that I am with some people but them I have to go to have a wee in the toilet. I actually see myself opening the toilet door and sitting in the toilet. Then while I sit and pee, it does not seem right and seems like I am in bed. The I wake up in the middle of peeing and my bed and pajamas will be wet.

    • profile image

      tortilla 2 months ago

      So this happened to me just tbis morning but its not exactly recurrent. I have had it happen to me 3 or 4 times in my life and its always the same scenario where i have to pee really bad and then go in real life. The first time i was 6, the second was 8 the third was 12 and the last was now at 16. I feel as if the last two were different than the first two because i was extremly physically exhausted before going to bed and the last one i was also emotionally exhausted. I also noticed on the last one that i wet the bed alot but i also still had to pee quite a bit once i went to the restroom. I guess the last one my body amd my blader were too exhasted/full to go through the trouble od waking me up.

    • profile image

      Daisy 2 months ago

      I did this last week. I am so embarrassed about it. I think it was because i was really tired and just didnt wake up in time. When i did wake up i was soaked, so was the matress. It was early in the morning so i managed to not let my BF see. I cant get rid of the stain on the matress now & i desperatley dont want the BF to see. Im sure hed be fine but im mortified about it.

    • profile image

      Sangeeta 3 months ago

      This problem began around three years ago, and has recurred, although quite infrequently - maybe once in 3-4 months. I have a very vivid dream which usually involves me searching for a bathroom in some unfamiliar city/town/house, finally finding one and sitting down on the toilet sea with tremendous relief! A couple of times I've managed to wake up just in time to rush to the bathroom, but at other times, I wake up with a jolt to realise that it's actually happening right there in bed! It's horribly embarrassing and results in my running around in the middle of the night, changing bed-sheets and then to concoct a likely story to explain the accident. I'm relieved to learn that I'm not alone, but that doesn't make it any less embarrassing when it happens!

    • profile image

      Someone 4 months ago

      That's happened to me. I was wandering the woods in my dream when I heard a voice call out release and I started to pee. I woke up to a mess.

    • profile image

      me 4 months ago

      I just awoke to a wet bed. I had a dream I was in a cold pool I told one of my friends I was going to where the light was that it was warmer there. In my dream I started to urinate in the pool????? I could feel the warmth...and I woke up to a wet bed.

    • profile image

      SaDiE 4 months ago

      It's always been my problem, and sometimes (as I got older)I have vivid dreams of peeing somewhere odd, then awake up with a damp diaper. Not often. But it happens.

      Such a pain needing protection everywhere I go.

    • profile image

      Jimbob 4 months ago

      My ex-wife had this problem from time to time but it was never an issue - we just laughed it off (was that a map of China last night dear?) Get a matress protector, have a shower in the morning, sheets in the laundry (even just rinse cycle if you're in a hurry) put out to dry, no worries. Above all, don't be stressed about it, it doesn't make you any less of a real man or woman - enjoy your life and be happy!

    • profile image

      Alyssa 4 months ago

      I'm 29 years old and I've always had this dream even when I was a teenager, but there was one time I caught myself before I could attempt to urinate on myself. I call it the "toilet dream" because while I'm still asleep, I'm thinking that I'm sitting on the toilet doing my business, but in reality I am in bed peeing!

    • profile image

      Me 4 months ago

      Im 46 and did that last night. It's happened maybe 5 times in my life. I read that the dream is your head telling you "wake up, you have to pee." I also read that it happens when in a deep sleep. So don't stress, you're not alone, and you'll probably have it happen just a few times in your life.

    • profile image

      Erica 4 months ago

      I did this today lorry.. my dream was so real told my brother hurry get out the bathroom I got to pee..finally he did I went to the toilet in my dream peed and woke up saying OMG I JUST PEED IN MY BED

    • profile image

      Jen 5 months ago

      Aww this just happened to me

    • profile image

      kenny 5 months ago

      Everytime you pee. Make it sure its not a dream. Ot works for me. But everytime you dream you just let it go and feel the relief maybe you pee already too much, on bed, not in the cr.

    • profile image

      Jack 5 months ago

      Use nappies to deal with my wettings but peed so much last night my nappy leaked

      23 and a chronic bed wetting nappy wearer is so embarrassing : (

    • profile image

      Daksh 5 months ago

      I am 24 and i wet my bed before 4 hours ago, That's why i searched on net. 15/2/2017

      but i found out some reasons why this happens and SOLUTION.

      1. THINKING ABOUT PEEING IN DAYTIME AND BEFORE SLEEPING - The science of dream is whatever you think the most comes in your dream. So don't think about urine all the day and before sleep.

      2. SLEEPING WITHOUT PEEING EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO PEE - some people really don't like to pee because of UTI(the more you pee the more you smell foul). So pee before bed and stay hygienic.

      3. HARD SLEEP/ TOO DEEP SLEEP - The people who have soft sleep they will awake from sleep even if you switch on the light of their room or from a little sound. So maybe that your body want to pee but your nervous system can't find the way to wake you up or it's too late. My father is 58. He goes to pee 5-7 times during night. His sleep is light.

      4. ILLNESS, BLADDER PROBLEM, KIDNEY PROBLEM - In that case i prefer you please go to the doctor.

      5. FEAR AND STRESS. Your path you go. There is not any kind of medicine to get rid of fear or stress. You have to train your mind and that only you can do. Being happy, watching good movies, listening music and reading good books can help you.


      1. See now, if you wet the bed first time after 15 years of age and you haven't thought about urine all the last day and you peed before you sleep then RELAX. DON'T PANIC. Over 40 years of age 74% men and women accepted that they wet their bed once or two times after 15 years of their age. IT IS A BODY MISTAKE. Nobody is 100% perfect in this world. everybody makes mistakes. But DON'T REPEAT MISTAKES.(why 15 years - because after 15 years we have more control of our body)

      2. To the people who have UTI and other infections. You have to drink ENOUGH WATER. You have not any option, the medicine of doctor won't work without water. To all the people staying hydrated is a very good thing. Your body wants liquid, base of water, juice.

      3. If you wet your bed often or every month or every week. Then forget everything and go to the doctor and know what is your body trying to say you.

      4. Home remedies are good but i don't know so you can search on youtube.

      5. Wetting bed is not a good thing. It is reflecting your way of life. Change your lifestyle. YOGA EXERCISES are the best but first you have to find where the problem is.

      5. The 1 and only ultimate solution for bed wetting is MEDITATION. Not just bed wetting, Meditation is the cure for any problem any illness of your life.



    • profile image

      Kate 5 months ago

      I'm 21. And this happened last night

    • profile image

      Ben 5 months ago

      Happened to me exactly this morning haha. Dreamt that there were some friends at my house and I went into this strange looking bathroom - filled with wardrobes for some reason, i dreamt that i squeezed my way past and suddenly felt a weird vibe of relief.. Woke up a few seconds later and I was peeing haha!! I'm 19 and I've never wet the bed since I was a lil baby!

    • profile image

      Joe 5 months ago

      This actually happened to me last night im 22 all Ii little worried about it! I actually woke up still peeing

    • profile image

      Philip 5 months ago

      An unregulated sleeping schedule is what seems to make these dream-based-relief occurrences more regular for me. Though I rarely ever actually wake up and find that I have urinated, there are times when maybe once or twice a week I'll have vivid dreams about needing to pee, finding a toilet, or a corner, or a bin or who really knows what and letting loose. But there is never a relief in my dream no matter how long I urinate for. Then about 30 seconds in I'll wake up quite desperate to use the toilet. The two or three times that I have actually "wet the bed" in my adult life, it's been during a period of high stress either trying to balance a toxic long-distance relationship with University or struggling with financial issues and work.

    • profile image

      Greg 5 months ago

      I am 20 years old and this happened to me lastnight. Im my dreak i was out somewhere and I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom and did my stuff but part of me was thinking "something isn't right" as soon as I finished peeing in the dream I woke up soaked, I was so embarised, so naturally I told everyond my cat did it and it went by no questions asked, but still...I was releaved when I read I am not the only one this has happened to.

    • profile image

      Charles 5 months ago

      When I was in 10th grade i dreamed that I was peeing off a cliff and immediately woke up to myself pissing in my bed.

    • profile image

      Liz 5 months ago

      I'm 32 and I've never wet the bed in my life until about ten minutes ago. I had a dream that I was talking to my brother and then announced that I had to go really bad. He laughed and I rushed off to do my business. I dropped my pants just in time and then next thing I know I'm waking up in the act of pissing in my bed. I hopped out of bed still in the act of my awful desecration and rushed to my bathroom as if there were any hope of undoing it somehow. Hell of a mess. I hate you, stupid fake dream toilet and your porcelain lies.

    • profile image

      Lola 5 months ago

      It happened to me 1 time that I was 13, the thing is that was at a sleepover at my friends!

    • profile image

      Anon 6 months ago

      Happened to me twice during basic which as many would know it's an incredibly stressful/sleep deprived environment

      So I got up and went to the latrine only thing is I never climbed down my rack I was just in there so BAM red flag that I overlooked but I just woke up soaked, lucked out though next day was linen day

    • profile image

      cassy 6 months ago

      So basically what happened to me is it felt like I was really going pee but when I woke up I was fine. no wet bed and I didnt have to pee! Im only 16 and this has happened 2 times before someone tell me whats going on please because its kinda freaking me out.

    • profile image

      Anna 6 months ago

      I did this twice in one week so embarrassing. Can anybody tell me why this happened ?

    • profile image

      Bdh 6 months ago

      I've had this problem since the 80's. The first time I was maybe 25 and in bed with my then boyfriend (who I later married). Talk about embarrassing! It happens maybe a few times a year now. Just a week ago I had the dream and started to pee but I realized I was dreaming, jumped up and ran to the bathroom.

    • profile image

      Oya 6 months ago

      I was having an adventurous with romance and the things I lack in life. And then I dreamt I was talking to my love interest and a huge damn broke between my legs. I woke up urinating. It was so much and it would not stop. When I went to the bathroom, I urinated for about 30 seconds more and my lower right will not stop hurting.

    • profile image

      The guy 6 months ago

      I don't think I fully relieve myself, I just do it until I notice. I'm just curious what causes it.

    • profile image

      Simba 6 months ago

      @bed wetter have you been to the doctor to see what the cause of your bed wetting is,

      Sometimes they can help you stop sometimes not, but if you wet frequently I would seek professional advice because it could be due to other underlying health issues such as diabetes or other things that could worsen if left untreated,

      Good luck, hope you can stop your wetting,

      I myself am night time incontinent and have been for about 5 years, and starting to lose control of my bladder during the day too,

      If you are unable to stop wetting I would advise you to use the diapers for bed, I know it can be embarrassing, but trust me you get used to it, they are just another form of under garments at the end of the day, it's just the stigma that they are for babies,

      Once you get over that you're golden,

      I actually enjoy wearing now they are comfy, and don't wake up wet and smelly, and sheets and mattress don't get ruined,

    • profile image

      Bed wetter 6 months ago

      Once again I was Dreaming I was at work and getting ready to go to the bathroom but there was someone in the stall I checked the next one and someone was in that one too I had to go really bad there was no buddy in the next one I remember starting to go it was the best thing ever I peed and peed and that was it .. when I woke up this morning I was soaked with piss once again I thought what was going on with this i am 40 my life is going to be covered in pee my whole life i wish it would stop I started to buy diapers but don't wear them because I am embarrassed and then it happens the Dream so what should I do have yellow sheets or just face it I am a bed wetter for life I am tired of being like this please give me some advice for stopping this problem I have everynight

    • profile image

      vishu 6 months ago

      I was dreaming dat i was in a toilet a releasing urine but suddenly i realised something wet inside and i woked up fast but it was too late.i feel so embarassed. It may create problem in my marriage life too. I am so scared.

    • profile image

      Dev 6 months ago

      Smh this happened to me like 2 times know

    • profile image

      Chell 6 months ago

      OMG well this has happened to me more then 4 times I can say, I am gkad to know im not alone and that there is an answer.I have tracked my pee pattern HaHaHa

      and if im really stressed! upset! or I over worked my self I will PEE the bed. So on a funny not my last dream was a whole......... Row......... of colorful toilets what coler do I want hummmm....... and sat down on the prettiest coler and YEP..... pee pee the bed im trying to not lay down before I de stress and empty my bladder... thank god for puppy pads hahaha

    • profile image

      Isaiah newman 6 months ago

      I'm 16 and it happened a little tiny bit last night, I thought nothing of it. Just a drip. But I just woke up, from peeing in my dream, because I felt my bed soaked. I felt myself peeing instantly. What is this? Someone help. Email me

    • profile image

      Vio 6 months ago

      It happened to me just this morning. First time in sience i was a baby. I am 30 now. I just had this vivid dream about going to the toilet and pee. I am so embarrassed because of this. I started to do some research about this and i foud out that there is a condition called nocturnal enuresis and there is a cure for it. Those that wet the bed every night or so may suffer from this. On the other hand, if this happened only once, it could be from stress or anxiety, but it may be a sign of kidney or blatter infection as well. Anyway, if this happens a second time, i would recommend going to a doctor and check it out to avoid any later problems that could occur. I will certainly go and do some checks. I hope i can go over my embarrassment. It is so hard to explain to others what just happened. I am scared.

    • profile image

      Sean 6 months ago

      Yeah I've never not been in nappies for bed and is just a part of life for me now, just turned 20 and could probably count all dry nights I have had on one hand,

      So was in pampers like any other baby till I was a toddler then it was pull ups training pants, then dry nights small size, then the big size, now I'm adult nappies,

      So looks like I'm a wearer for life,

      I have heard of bed wetters that have suddenly stopped in their thirties and older, so here's hoping but not gonna hold my breath,

      Thank God for nappies

    • profile image

      Bed wetter 6 months ago

      It is a very imberising problem to deal with I fianally started to buy diapers to deal with the wet and yellow sheets everyday i wish it would go away but it never probably will I'm glad I found this page at least I am not the only person who has these dreams once you get used to the diapers it really helps a lot it's just like wearing underwear and really nice to wake up with dry sheets mabey one day the Dream will stop but until then thank god for diapers and vasoline I'm 40 year old male married with 2 dry boys my wife knows but I really don't like to talk about it with her she knows how embarrassing it is for me and doesn't tease me after reading these posts maybe I will feel more comfortable talking to her about my problem sucks buying diapers in the store maybe she will do it for me o well I'm sure happy to have found this great page

    • profile image

      Bed wetter 6 months ago

      I have to had the same problem I have peed in the bed when I thought I was in the bathroom I peed I the dresser droor but mostly in the bed as long as i can remember

    • profile image

      Eddie 6 months ago

      @ Joe schmoe, I'm glad to hear you very seldomly wee your bed

      And wish I could say it was as much of a rarity that I have accidents, but unfortunately it is not the case,

      I'm 34 and was never really a bedwetter in my youth I was dry at night by around four, bar a few occasional incidents,

      But at around my early to mid twenties I started having accidents and waking up to wet sheets every few weeks or so, usually accompanied by a pee dream, It got more and more often

      I would wet,

      I now wet more or less every night

      Doctors haven't been able to diagnose why I wet yet,

      There are probably the majority like you say that will only have a few actual accidents, but I know there is still a surprisingly high number of people that will pee their beds often

      And I'd just like to say to the people in my situation don't be ashamed to use diapers to deal with it.

      I got fed up of waking up cold and wet every morning and having to wash the sheets so started using diapers and have never looked back,

      They are really convenient, comfy and at the end of the day are just another form of undergarments,

      And trust me it's less embarrassing being in a diapers than having smelly yellow stained sheets and bed

    • profile image

      Joe Schmoe 6 months ago

      So I've had the dream where you REALLY have to go to the bathroom and you pee in your dream, though I have been lucky to almost always be able to actually wake up before wetting the bed. This happens all the time to me. I know I shouldn't, but I usually drink a bunch of liquids before bed just because I'm thirsty, and therefore I have to wake up to urinate at some point during the night.

      The only time I have the dream though, is when I REALLY have to go. Like when holding it in gets painful. To others who are young, have the same problem and are worried about it happening again.... don't. I've only wet the bed once or twice in a couple decades, it's very rare that I (and mostly likely you) won't wake up in time.

      I guess if I could offer any suggestions it would be to make sure to not drink a lot before bed, and try to completely empty your bladder before going to sleep. Seems obvious but I swear I used to not have to deal with this at all. I ended up here just trying to Google if it's normal for someone my age (32) to have to wake up and pee every night....

    • profile image

      Joey 6 months ago

      Yep it happened again : ( only four days into the year and I've peed my bed twice....... Is this going to be the year of the wet bed?? : (

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 months ago

      I'm.20 years old and I'm home from college on break. This has never ever ever happened before and now I'm.terrified it'll happen again at school or when I'm staying at my boyfriends house.

    • profile image

      Mariah 6 months ago

      Omg Joe me too! And trust me, it happened everyday. 3 days in a row. This is so embarrassing

    • profile image

      Jean 6 months ago

      I Just dreamt i was pooping - or farting, i'm not sure anymore. Fortunately i did not shit my pyjama but i farted for sure...

    • profile image

      Joey 6 months ago

      Woke up into the new year in a wet bed, had me one of those pee dreams and was duped, hadn't even had a drink and woke up lying in my own piss at the age of 23

      Happy new year I guess

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 months ago

      I just had this happen to me, I was a bit worried since I had just had an anxiety attack so in order of calm myself and my mind I listened to some guided body scan meditations. I guess they really helped me relax to the point that i peed myself.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 months ago

      It JUST happened to me for the first time which brought me here!!! I actually caught it in time as to where I didn't make too much of a mess and was able to run to the toilet.

    • profile image

      Unknown 6 months ago

      I have and im just 13 it always happens to me idk why

    • profile image

      Lesley 7 months ago

      I share your pain alkaline, it's bad enough when you're in your teens or adulthood and pissing the bed but when it's someone else's bed you saturate with piss and have to explain to your host you've left a big yellow pissy stain on their bed sheets and mattress is the worst,

      I've peed the bed a lot in adulthood I've lost count of how many times

      Not a chronic bedwetter though it's just an unfortunate thing that happens but the times I do or have wet are mostly in other peoples beds, I'd say between ninety and niteyfive percent of my accidents have happened away from home

      Lots of embarrassing memories

    • profile image

      Alkaline 7 months ago

      Happened to me at my aunt's house. Dreamt I was home peeing now I'm in a wet situation

    • profile image

      Gareth 7 months ago

      Amen to that me I got fed up of having pee dreams and waking up to smelly wet pee pee sheets, it was becoming a recurring issue that finally became to happen on a nightly basis,

      So started wearing a man nappy to bed

      Nappies for the win

    • profile image

      Nat 7 months ago

      I just peed the bed today as well but I stopped midway and woke up, went to the bathroom, and proceeded lmao. This is the first time this ever happened to me

    • profile image

      Koopa 7 months ago

      Pretty much happened to me too. Went to bed after a nice neal, woke up a few times but didn't have to pee. Then I was wrapped in a dream and needed to use the bathroom in the dream. I let it rip and woke up to a merry wake of pies today. I never wet the bee either but piss dreams are the worst lmao. Merry pissmas

    • profile image

      Garry 7 months ago

      @daddy pee,

      I too woke up in wet PJ's this morning

      No kids in the bed to give me any confusion as to who it was

      But had a dry 3, 5 and 7 year old all sleeping in the next room,

      Only daddy wet the bed,

      Oh and I believe you mean merry piss mass because of if you were anything like me you peed a mass of piss on your sheets it weren't too merry though

    • profile image

      Daddy Pee 7 months ago

      So I woke up and realized the bed was wet. I thought my 3 yr old daughter sleeping beside me wet herself. But lo and behold, my briefs were soaking wet and her jammies were dry AF. Noooooooooooooo. Hahahaha Merry Christmas guys!

    • profile image

      neal 7 months ago

      I am 60 and have never wet the bed before. Last night i dreamed of peeing around the bushes and then the sensation changed and i realized I was peeing in bed which luckily woke me up. Hopefully dreaming of peeing will wake me up before the actual deed....

    • profile image

      Melinda 7 months ago

      I'm 17, and I have never been a bed wetter. I was fairly good as a child. But today (Or rather last night) I had a dream; I was coming back home from school, about to get changed to go out somewhere with a friend, and decided to use the toilet. went to the bathroom, and proceeded to pee..

      I Instantly woke up to to the feeling of releasing. The shame took over instantly too, and I quickly took off anything that was stained with piss and changed my sheets.

    • profile image

      Walter 7 months ago

      I'm Walter I'm 25 years old when I was around the age of 22 or 33 Years old I was paying my auntie a visit,

      Well I was going to see a gig in her home town which was around 50 miles away from where I lived and she offered to put me up for the night so I didn't have to drive back or pay for a hotel room,

      So I go back after the concert and she shows me to the room I'll be staying in,

      I then go downstairs and have a few drinks and a catch up with her,

      I began to get tired so I said sorry I'll need to go to bed, and off I went, I remember having a vivid dream about being back at school and going to the toilets only to find they're out of order, so I rush to the next toilets and same story this proceeds to happen a few more times, I got fed up with it ran out the building found a corner and started peeing and peeing and some more peeing a little more peeing followed by more peeing,

      My curiosity begins to set in and I start to feel warm and wet, I wake and I'm thinking I'm not at school anymore, then I properly wake up and realised I'd peed lake Michigan in my aunties guest bed, not even joking and it was white sheets so you could really see the spread of wee, it was a huge stain and seeped into the mattress.

      This was the first time I'd wet the bed since was like three or four possibly 5 but I wasn't a frequent wetter as a kid,

      So I lay in my wet mess ashamed and confused, I take the sheets off the bed to take down to the wash, I was hoping to deal with things without my aunt knowing, but I had little hope it would work,

      So I go down the stair with the sheets and my auntie was up and in the living room, needed to pass the living room to get to the kitchen, secret over I explained what happened and apologised Perviously, I almost cried from embarrassment, but she was super nice and understanding about the whole thing.

      I was seeing a comedy show just a few weeks ago down her way, and once again she invited me to go back and stay there afterwards,

      To which I said yes, I got there in was great to see her as had only seen her once since my last visit, but it was the first time I'd been back at hers again,

      So we chatted and what not a discussed what was new in life's and what not, was embarrassed by the last visits happenings but soon left my mind once we got talking,

      So came bedtime and my auntie says you know what room you're in yeah? It's same room as last time,

      I went up to the room, and put my pyjamas on and what not I sat down on the bed and noticed a weird feeling, there was a plastic sheet on the bed, and then I noticed an unopened pack of adult pull ups on the chest of drawrs next to the bed, my auntie never said anything to me prior to going to the room, I had a sudden bout of embarrassment, but I figured my auntie was just being nice and having a subtle approach to it,

      But at the same time I was like thinking to my self I hope she doesn't think I'm a full time bed wetter as last time was the first time since I was an infant as I'd stated before, and also hadn't had an accident since the last visit,

      It was for this reason I didn't put on a nappy, but I just left the sheet on even though the feel of it and the sound when I moved about made me cringe with embarrassment,

      Finally I stop letting it bother me and I nodded off, and would you believe it I had another pee dream and woke up soaking, I mean what are the chances of this happening again on this one specific night,

      My only saving grace was the fact the plastic sheet was on to protect the mattress, but the outer sheet was drenched with wee wee,

      I went down stairs head hanging in shame with the wet sheets in hand and had to explain once again that I'd peed her sheets,

      She was really nice and understanding about it once again, after I'd calmed down a bit she asked me if I never seen the nappies she'd left out for me,

      I said no I seen them but explained to her I'd only had these two accidents since I was a kid, she stopped me and said don't worry about it I only left them out for your good and convince,

      But again I tried to explain that I don't wet my bed often and I'd just it was just a coincidence that I'd wet the bed there on last to visits,

      " I know sweetie " she responded, but I could tell she didn't believe me,

      Don't think I'll stay there again and if I do I'll feel obliged to nappy up

    • profile image

      MoreTone 7 months ago

      Just had this false awakening and peed the bed.

      Had two big glasses of water before going to bed, and I've had about as much wine and sugar as I've had in the past month for dinner, so that might have something to do with it.

      It was a tiny stain, not even all the way down to the mattress. Last time it happened was three years ago. Before that it must've been close to a decade, so it's not really frequent enough to warrant any lifestyle changes. More of a nuisance really. I always wake up after the first little squirt, so I don't full on soak the bed.

      Still, I'm sitting here in my dad's guestroom, supposedly sleeping, but actually waiting for him to go out for breakfast so I can slip out and put the sheets in the machine without answering

      too many questions. This thread has been super entertaining. Some of these stories are hilarious!

    • profile image

      James 7 months ago

      I just woke up from a long lye, my first long lye in years, usually I'm up at crack of dawn for work even on my days off I usually have something to get up early for or my natural body clock gets me up due to routine and I can't get back to sleep,

      So just had a great long lye well passed my normal wake up time, unfortunately it has been overshadowed by the fact I woke up soaking wet and cold and smelly,

      Drempt I was surfing, a hobby of mine so didn't seem all that weird, was riding some mean waves, I remember thinking I need to pee, so seen I was in the sea I went pee in my wetsuit, at that point I was elevated by a monster of a wave and then lost control and came tumbling down as the wave crashed down over me,

      At that point I woke up in bed realising I'd wet the bed, well and truly wet the bed all over my boyfriend Josh may I add,

      And I'm just like wtf I'm 25 and just wet bed like a four year old,

      So decided to surf the web for answers, I'll try not to pee myself on this surf adventure lol : )

    • profile image

      Jenny the wizz wizard 7 months ago

      Welcome to my world I'm 33 and lucky if I've had over ten dry nights in my entire existence

      Finally got fed up waking up in cold wet pyjamas and having yellow stained sheets so decided to resort back to nappies, get some great thick comfy and absorbent nappies online.

      Was embarrassing wearing nappies again at first, but it's better than waking up in a cold puddle of your own pee,

      Plus you get used to it, my husband actually finds it kind of cute in quirky sort of way, I've even taken to using adult nappies with cute babyish design's on them but they are the best I've ever come across, besides gotta see the funny side of it,

      Recommend nappies to anyone helped me a lot, only if you're a frequent wetter though, some of you seem to be lucky enough to only wet a couple times a year

    • profile image

      Peter 7 months ago

      I was on a train one on my

      Way to a job interview, the train ride was a couple hour journey, so I decided to have a snooze. I'd had drank a lot of water before and on train, I was a tad nervous about the interview, anyhow I was a few stops away from my destination which was about 15 minutes away, I'd had set an alarm on phone to go off ten minutes before arrival time,even though that stop was the end of the line, but before the alarm sounded I drempt I was back home peeing in my toilet when in reality I was peeing on my train seat and brand new suit pants in front of several other passengers I woke up with the feel of pee running down my leg into my shoes and people laughing, got into the station and had 15 mins to get to my interview, which wasn't hard as the place was only a few minutes from the station, I get there pants still wet, my interview was delayed by about 20 mins by then my pants had almost dried, I could smell the pee through, I don't know if this was just me though as I'd known I'd had an accident, so I get called into office for interview and sit down, look at the employer and think where have I seen her before, ........... It was on the train about half an hour ago she'd been one of the ones in close proximity to see me piss my pants, needles to say I never got the job

    • profile image

      GI Girl 7 months ago

      And should I do with the mattress? Is new and a really nice one!!! I'm so frustrated!!!

    • profile image

      Brad 7 months ago

      Y'all think they're bad stories,

      I got up one morning and went about my usual morning routine, business as usual I thought, let the dog out the cat in,

      Made a cuppa coffee,

      Got the eldest ready for school, changed the youner one's nappy fed him his milk put him back in his crib for a sleep,

      Then fetched the morning paper and went for my morning ritual poo before getting ready for work,

      But before long I was woken up by my wife wondering what the noises and funny smell coming from me was,

      Yup you've guessed it I was dreaming and full on pooped the bed,

      I blame the madras from the night before

    • profile image

      Calvin 7 months ago

      I used to frequently pee pee the bed, until I was around the age of six or seven,

      Now I'm 29 and about two years ago one night I was at my gf parents house, and was our first time I'd met them since we had started going out, because they lived far from us,

      We were staying for a week, and on the second or third night I had a dream that I was on my way home from somewhere and desperate to pee, and was daylight so I couldn't go outside,

      I remember rushing and making it to my door and rushing upstairs to the toilet and relieving myself and what seemed to be the best and longest wee wee ever,

      Then waking up to the shocking realisation I'd peed all over my self and girlfriend and her parents fancy cream bedding,

      Was so embarrassed, especially seen as our three year old son in the next room who is already dry at night. Woke up in dry bed and undies,

      This began to happen often, and most of the time I'd have a wee wee dream to corelate my wetting, although not always,

      I wet once our twice a week now, and my fiancée agreed to stay with me providing a wear adult diapers to bed,

      It's embarrassing but helps control the issue, we were at the supermarket the other day and our son of now five turns and shouts to mummy when we were picking up my diapers " mummy why does daddy wear diapers to bed". Could've died on the spot

    • profile image

      dicky 7 months ago

      what do you do in preperation in case you go!

    • profile image

      Brandy 8 months ago

      i am glad i found this information because i am 38yrs old and for the first time since i was a small child this happened to me. i suffer from insomnia and take sleep medications that put me in a deep sleep which i dont actually love. But recently ive had two seperate incidents of bed wetting and couldnt figure out what had happened, but reading this information i remembered in my most recent dream, i had to go very badly and i found somewhere to go in my very vivid dream and went and i felt so relieved. upon awakening there it was, soaken pjs and wet spot on my bed. The scary part for me is the meaning of peeing in your dream because it couldnt be more accurate for me, i have been going through some terrible life events but something positive that is going to bring me relief is literally about to happen to me in a couple of weeks. The false awakening i understand as well, so definetely less liquid before bed, one last pit stop and im going to talk to my dr about some different options for getting to sleep and not being such heavy medications. Thanks for the help everyone.

    • profile image

      MonicaDiane 8 months ago

      This is real shit, I've done this over the last few years. The first time was awful, after the third year I was like damn not again. I haven't looked this up until now, I didn't want right believe I was the only grown assets person this is happening too. I great to find out I'm not. I need to google 'false awakening'. I don't always remember the details of my dreams but half the time I'm on the toilet or going to it and by the time I wake up it's too late. This sucks. Definitely no fluids a few hours before bed and go before you sleep. some of these comments have been very helpful. I feel a lot little better now. Still have to go see the doctor make suretheres no underlying problems.


    • profile image

      Me 8 months ago

      Happens to me sometimes if I'm sleeping in a strange bed, like a hotel. First the false awakening and then the pee. What I really need is a totem, like in the movie "Inception" to let me know when I'm still asleep!

    • profile image

      Sad Man 8 months ago

      I Also Did This Think Many Times...

    • profile image

      Ebi 8 months ago

      I remember many occasions in my teens and early 20s this would happen. all things aside it's too embarrassing. Once, it happened in the dormitory! you can only imagine how I felt!

    • profile image

      kizzabel 8 months ago

      Happen to me the other night has also happened before on several occasions I dream Im either on the toilet or in a shower and I pee but I cant stop in my dream next thing I wake up in a wet bed

    • profile image

      Angelkittywitty 8 months ago

      I once had a dream of in a never ending stalls and I step on the toilet and saw that I was in the men bathroom and saw my brother looking at me standing on the other toilet in a far away stall so I sat down and peed, then i woke up 6:00 in the morning.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 8 months ago

      I was doing an engine swap with a broken foot, (difficult situation). This happened to me quite a few times before the swap was done. Hadn't happened since.

    • profile image

      Someone Random 8 months ago

      Well.... I am really surprised actually that people MUUUCHH older than me have this problem. However I can't actually remember my dreams so I can't find out if it's from the dream, or just what I do. I just have a dream. Wake up. Feel awkward and realise I wet my bed. It happens like, a few times a year. I read some posts and one of them said what makes you wee. I think it's because I sleep on my stomach and don't go to the toilet before I sleep. Yeahhh I hate it ;-;

    • profile image

      David, 14 9 months ago

      I have this dreams very often - and also the mebarrassing results!! :( :(

      Beeing a bedwetter at age 14 is the worst case I ever frightened!! No Sport camps, no schooltrips without diapers, no sleepovers at friends house!! :( :(

      It´s mean cause it happens night after night AND also some days till one or two weeks I stay dry! :(NO doctor found the reason or could help me till now!!! :( :(

    • profile image

      Mr. C 9 months ago

      This happened to me this morning and it was definitely a False Awakening. I was spooked, and pretty confused since this has never happened to me before. Luckily it wasn't too much before I jumped out of bed and realized what was happening. It's been a pretty crazy day so far.

    • profile image

      Mr.E 9 months ago

      Just had this happen to me. I've been dealing with a tough situation; so i think i totally agree with it being a sign of relief hopefully.

    • profile image

      Eyasu 9 months ago

      Yeah, it happens to me once or twice in a year. Some of you guys better get your blood sugar level test done. Especially if it never happened to you before as an adult. Could be diabetes or an early sign of other medical condition. At 41 I've high blood pressure, heart deases and diabetes. Wetting my bed has been something I experienced my whole life but was more frequent in my late 30's that I had to see a doctor. That's when I found out the under lying problem. And yes I always had those deceptive dreams before I wet the bed

    • profile image

      Shaq 9 months ago

      The trick is pee before going to bed. It happens to me often when I don't pee before bed I'm 22 lol. That's so not cool explaining to ur gf wat happened

    • profile image

      dspear7 10 months ago

      As a child, I often dreamed of peeing, which resulted in a wet bed. But that gave me an idea which totally cured me! I figured out no one can dream "am I dreaming". So whenever I went to the bathroom, I asked myself that question before letting go. Sure enough, once the habit was formed, I never wet the bed again. When I was sleeping and about to let go, I asked myself "am I dreaming" by habit, and this woke me up every time.

    • profile image

      Manbearpig 10 months ago

      I had a dream just last night that I was on like an expedition in the arctic or somewhere like that, walking down some frozen metal footbridge with some random people. The dream was so real that I could feel the ice on my hands and I was cold all over. Then in my dream I had to pee to "stay warm", something I learned in basic training in the army to empty your bladder to because a full bladder makes you colder. I went over to a corner of some concrete room and started peeing, only then when I felt the warmth of it did I wake up and realise what I had done. I had to quickly jump up, run to the toilet to finish the rest of it, then come back an change the sheets. I was so embarrassed and disappointed with myself but now reading this thread I know it's quite a common occurrence, young and old. Btw I'm 21 and have never peed the bed in my life, not even as a kid.

    • profile image

      Virginia 10 months ago

      I just had this P dream for the first time in a long time but it's the same I actually dreamed that I am feeling for toilet to make sure that I'm not dreaming that I actually feel The toilet and think I'm safe to go Pee And so having felt that I'm securely at toilet and safe to P I proceed to do so yet it's all part of the dream and it's not real I'm still in bed

    • profile image

      N/A 10 months ago

      I actually had a dream well dreams of peeing last night woke up once & had to pee real bad then just fell back asleep without getting up to pee...had another dream that I kept peeing...finally woke up & I didn't pee my bed @ all but felt like I peed a gallon when I finally went

    • profile image

      Jdvhschs snvsjvs 10 months ago

      This happened to ME TOO I WAS SOOO EMABARRASSED!!!!

    • profile image

      Prempal 10 months ago

      I pee in my bed at least 3 or 4 times in a year. Of course always while dreaming that I'm peeing in toilet but finally when I finish doing so,I realise I actually peed in my bed. I can't control this n m embarrassed of this happening to me time n again.

    • profile image

      hermie 10 months ago

      o my god i done this not just once every time i dream i have to go to the bathroom i need to pee,when i wake up i pee in my bed already!

    • profile image

      Clockmaster 10 months ago

      God has a sick sense of humor. This happened WHILE I WAS DOING LAUNDRY. ALL MY CLOTHES ARE IN THE WASHING MACHINE.

    • profile image

      Laaria 11 months ago

      This happened to me too! I was in my dream.which seriously felt SO real and in it I had to pee super bad but there were spiders in the way of the toilet so I wouldn't go and so in my dream I got my boyfriend and brother and they finally got the spiders away from the toilet and so when I sat a started peeing in my sleep I oke up and sure enough I peed -.- it was so embarrassing I'm so glad my boyfriend was still sleeping! Other than that it's never happened before.

    • profile image

      Ozyman 11 months ago

      regretably I have a bedwetting problem 2-4 times a year. It's pretty much always been that way and I thought it was normal and happened to everyone until I moved out with my girlfriend and it happened when we were sleeping together. Her friends and her mum made fun of me, it was humiliating. The frustrating part is I always wake up as soon as my bladder is empty, why can't I just wake up 2 minutes earlier? Anyway I'm nearly 30 now so doubt it will ever get better but it's still an embarresing problem

    • profile image

      Lisa 11 months ago

      It happens to me quite often as I haven't quite grown out of bedwetting even though I'm in my mid twenties. It's usually accompanied by a dream about doing a wee but not always.

    • profile image

      Just a Random Guy. 11 months ago

      It's happened to me, too. Just last night, actually. I was lying there, asleep... and the next thing I know, I'm hopping out of bed, eyes wide, literally dripping pee into the floor. It was ridiculous.

      I happened to go to bed that afternoon, knowing full well that I needed to pee. No so much to the point where my bladder was insisting - but that slightly uncomfortable feeling where you just 'know' you need to go.

      I went to sleep anyway. Now, in my fleeting thoughts before bed, I thought to myself more or less, "I really hope I don't wet the bed." BUT GUESS WHAT I DID :'D!

      So, I'm dreaming. Near the end of said dream, I sat on the toilet and peed a little bit. Usually, this is where I wake up and make my trip to the bathroom. In my dream though, after that little bit of pee, I relaxed, and let the rest of it come - the mistake.

      With that onslaught of pee, came the real pee. And I woke, slightly panicked to the sight of pee all over my sheets, running down my legs and into the floor when I stood.

      I think this is also the fault of some sleep medicine I had taken - enough to keep me sleep for hours. That being said, I peed the bed.



      The bed.

      Good going body.

      Good going.

    • profile image

      Shygirl 11 months ago

      This had only happens to me when I was younger. But this time my dreams was so real. It felt like I controlled my dreams. And in my dream I was awake and walk to the toilet and peed. But honestly, it felt so real and when I woke up I did pee on my bed. Super embarrassed because I shared a bed with my younger sister. So I sought of blame her but it just so embarrassing.

    • profile image

      Walt 11 months ago

      Yeah, so just came across this thread because guess what I've been researching?

      Anyway, I had been frequently dreaming of urinating - so much so that I started to research why but all I found was questionable dream interpretations. Anyway, about a month ago it happened; I pissed the bed!

      It's never happened before or since then. Now, I still dream of urinating, but I get up in the middle of the night to pee because I'm so fearful it'll happen again if I try to hold it until morning.

    • profile image

      Luci 11 months ago

      Oh my goodness! I have had this my entire life and i have been so embarrassed to talk about it. I'm crying right now because i now realize it wasn't that i was lazy to get up like my mum has been saying for 25 years now. Finally, proof that i don't wet my bed on purpose. I've been struggling with this for so long.

    • profile image

      Megan 12 months ago

      This has only happened to me twice and the weird part is both times right before it happened, in my dream I would get up and go to the bathroom. Obviously I wasn't actually in the bathroom, I was asleep in bed. Although the second time it happened, after I jumped up out of bed I couldn't stop! I tried to hold it in, and I even crossed my legs but it just kept coming! I guess my body really wanted to let it all out lol

    • profile image

      Ren 12 months ago

      I thought it was just me. Like dreams typically are they don't make sense when you awaken but in the dream everything is relevant i.e, the toilet or the bathtub. Well it happened to me last night or was that early this morning. Doesn't really matter, all I know is I wet the bed and after realizing I did that, it didn't feel good. Message to myself, stay away from the bedside beverage before going to bed.

    • profile image

      Bianca 12 months ago

      Yes, i think it happed to me, i peed and didnt realized it, When i woke up i feel im kinda wet, But in my dream i peed and didnt wake up after im done, i just realized that i felt my matress is wet so i suddenly wake up...

    • profile image

      Anonymous333 12 months ago

      Thanks for this story. Im a 25y.o male experiencing the same thing. My life is hectic, but not out of control. It's my first time as an adult where this has happened. Also during the day there were several occasion where I was awake and had multiple urge to go to the toilet.

    • profile image

      Andrew 12 months ago

      I have

    • profile image

      12 months ago

      i am SO glad im not the only one dealing with this problem. i am a 14 year old female and i have never been the one to wet the bed. last night i drank a water bottle before going to bed, so i know part of the reason why i did it. but the thing is i didnt dream about being in a bathroom and peeing, i was dreaming normally and then all of a sudden i felt the need to pee, and let it out. i woke up and sure enough i had peed myself. i ran to the bathroom to finish it off, and was contemplating in my mind if that actually happened. of course my first instinct was to check the internet on why it happened. the only thing im curious about is why i didnt have a peeing dream like everyone else.

    • profile image

      Em 12 months ago

      I'm 16 and I dreamt I writing letters with my pee but then I felt to wetness and I ran to the bathroom and finished my peeing there but it's so embarassing

    • profile image

      Samuel 12 months ago

      I'm a thirteen year old BOY and it happened to me last night I share a room with my brother so I hope he knows nothing

    • profile image

      Victoria 12 months ago

      This happened to me last night.

      I was sleeping and like you said I had a dream where I had to pee, and did indeed go to a toilet and pee, I quickly woke up to feeling a small dribble on my bed, then when touching my leggings to feel dampness I worked out that I had peed.

      I am 16 (my birthday was recently) and I have to admit this situation has happened once before.

      I pounced out of bed and quickly ran to the toilet to finish what I had started, then when coming back had to change out of the horrible warm leggings and underwear. I then found myself changing my entire sheets.

      I am so happy to know that I am not the only one who has went through this situation, some even younger than I am and older! Thank you!

    • profile image

      Random 12 months ago

      I am at a hotel with a friend of the same bed...I told her I spilled iced tea and proceeded to put a wet towel over the area where I peed. It's horrible I'm actually gonna die. I'm 12 I haven't ever wet the bed, it's because I'm serverly dehydrated and never have to pee,

      So I guess I just dreamed it and it happened. I mean like people say. Just dream it and it can happen. Maybe just not how you want.

    • profile image

      Sarah 18 months ago

      i am 26 I've been a lifelong bed-wetter, i have all the tests The alarm the tablets and everything is getting worse is really embarrassing and affecting my relationship. know man want to be with me if they find out i still bed wet. there was a guy that disgrace me in because i bed wet on his bed ever since then i am doing my possible best to get out of this problem, i opened up to a friend because i really want to make sure i am out of this situation because it was really embarrassing she introduced me to a called DR PETER who helped her cure her herpes years back. i explained how i wake-up and i find i am wet DR PETER ( or ) told me not to cry or worry anymore that he is going to put an end to it. he told me what to do and i followed his instructions and later told me the reason i bed wet and how to put an end to the situation. he prepared a herbal native medicine that i drink for only 5 days and all the bad warm that make me to bed wet were flushed out, this is now the 6 months now DR PETER helped me ever since then i have not come across any bed wet, i am very free when sleeping with my boyfriend thank you once again DR PETER in case you need his urgent help contact his direct email: or

    • profile image

      Alli 18 months ago

      Last night I had a dream I had to pee and I started to but instantly woke up and stopped and ran to the bathroom. I'm 21 this is weird to me that it would happen at an older age.

    • profile image

      tia 20 months ago

      Its unpredictable when the pee dream will occur. I just learned to be ready for it. When it happens, I'm usually dreaming that I'm in a public place like a restaurant, fair or some festive event Then as some other posters describe, there is a sense of urgency as someone is waiting for you outside. Then the struggle begins between my brain telling me to go ahead and pee its safe hurry because people are waiting on you and your conscious telling me that I am not really sitting on the toilet and don't fall for the trick again. But physically I am paralized because I can't move or feel anything while sitting their in that tiny stall. I finally used the paralysis as a way to measure if the dream is real or not. Often while peeing in the dream it is very hard for the pee to come out as I feel this terrible strain. I figure its my bladder fighting to help me hold it in as to not be tricked again. Then I decide I will pinch myself as hard as I can and If I can't feel that pinch, I convince myself not to keep peeing no matter what even though the dream seems so real. It then becomes a battle because I pee a little and even though it hurts something tells me to keep going its safe to pee. Then I pinch myself hard again. If I can't feel it the I don't pee no matter if it hurts or not. Then the discomfort, which is real, usually wakes me up in time. Then I am awake and go to the real toilet. I then pinch myself and it hurts, so I know I'm not dreaming, The trick is to pinch yourself hard in the dream and if you don't feel anything don't give in no matter what.

    • profile image

      Ugh 2 years ago

      i'm 17, dreamt of peeing on the toilet, i was peeing & i couldn't stop, i remember myself peeing for a very long time. That's all i remember from this dream, i didn't even wake up right away, but i woke up to a really wet bed & soaked clothes... SMH

    • profile image

      Crazy 2 years ago

      since last new year, this has started happening to me, i dream i'm over the toilet and peeing in it, then i wake up midway realising Im not. Jesus.

    • profile image

      Lesley 14 2 years ago

      Omg woke up just before school and I wake up with wet jammys!!! Not impressed that's for dam sure , so I woke up thinking nothing of it and carried on with life as usual ( doing my homework late) and suddenly I have to urge to piss but before my brain can go " Whoa there Lesly !! You need the toilet" but nooo my blader is being such a little rebel and just resides " noooope , we're going to piss in the your bedroom" and before I know it? I am changing out my uniform and into a new one. Not impressed. So now I have missed my bus for school!!! And sitting here giggling at all of your humid , mom is going to be so mad at me , I didn't even go to school last week , or term !!! We'll barely .

      Now I did my reasrech and I may have found the problem to our issues, stress and anxiety and trigger some stupider bowl movements , even if it's the tinyist. Glad I am not alone !!

    • profile image

      vee 2 years ago

      So I Recently Moved In With My Girlfriend. Just To Make Things Clear We Are Lesbians , Anyways , Its Only Been 2 weeks & Within These two Weeks I've Pissed The Bed 2wice . I Don't Know Why This Keeps Happening To Me . I've Never Peed The Bed Since I Was Little . I'm About To Be 20 This Is Really Un Normal For Me. Anyways ...

      Both Times That I've Pissed The Bed I've Dreamnt That I Waa Peeing .

      now The First Time I Pissed In My Gfs Bed It Was Really Embarassing & She Cleaned Me Up , HOWEVER this Time We Fell Asleep Holding Hands & Her Leg Was Between Both Of Mine & As I Dreamnt About Peeing Not Only Did I Piss The Bed I Pissed On Her Leg Too . So EMBARASSING I Don't Know Why This Keeps Happening -_- seems To Only Happen At Her House In Her Bed . And I'm tired of The Embarrassment . Is There A Psychological Reason For This ??!?!?

    • profile image

      beck 2 years ago

      I have had this problem for many years. Every couple months ill dream I'm using the bathroom. It feels like a big relief and wake up to peeing in bed in real life. Last night it happened again and in the dream I told myself I had to wake up because it wasn't real. I woke up in the dream and thought I was going to the real bathroom and I farted which woke me up. I found I had peed in bed and really farted. Husband didn't wake up but he knows the problem because I had peed in a tent before. He stillnloves me and isn't disgusted. I feel disgusted with myself. I wish I knew what to do.

    • profile image

      thisguyrightthere 3 years ago

      dude this just happened to me. I had been out drinking with my girlfriend, and then we came home and had sexy time, lol, then passed out naked.

      I dreamt I went to the bathroom, lifted up the toilet, and started peeing, I knew something was wrong, and I opened my eyes to find myself in bed with my girlfriend. I had peed all over her and the bed. THANK GOD I didn't like totally pee, and I stopped pretty quick. However, she and I woke up and, yep I peed in the bed.

      talk about embarrassing. holy shit.

    • profile image

      Fred 3 years ago

      Having a rubber sheet can save your mattress for sure. You should have one on anyway. Keeps the bed bugs at bay.

    • profile image

      Johnd431 3 years ago

      Hey, you used to write amazing, but the last couple of posts have been kinda boring I miss your tremendous writings. Past couple of posts are just a little out of track! come on! daaaeekcffed

    • profile image

      tucu 3 years ago

      How good it feels to pee in your dream aww. I'm 86 I've had this dream for 70 years now. Your body gives warning signs to your brain while you sleep it's officially announced that they are not the intended recipient of this message in your dream. Wake up or pee your bed it is simple. I had to purchase an air mattress I look forward to hearing the pee in my dreams.

    • profile image

      I pee in my pants overnight in my sleep 3 years ago

      This has been almost a lifelong problem for me; it happens every year. I have no idea how you all manage to keep it to a minimum of once per decade. The dreams about peeing are all the same. I do not smoke or drink alcohol, and I am not on prescriptions. I'm 30. I do not have kidney problems.

      I have been troubleshooting this "issue" for 15 years. And here is what I have found. The following seem to increase the likelihood that I will pee my pants overnight in my sleep:

      1. Not going to the bathroom just before going to bed (this is now a requirement for me because it's so predictable)

      2. Drinking lots of fluids within a few hours before going to bed or way too much throughout the day

      3. Sleeping on my stomach

      4. Not getting up out of bed when I am supposed to go

      5. Rainy days (yes you can hear/interpret water into your wet dreams)

      6. I can't remember...

      And I've just given up. After all this troubleshooting, it still happens on average once a month. I give up.

    • profile image

      Jenn 3 years ago

      Lmao.. Same here.. I confess.. I've had this happen before too.. :\

    • profile image

      Fred 3 years ago

      One evening, after reading these stories, I wondered what it would be like to piss the bed. My bed has a plastic mattress cover on it so I wasn't too concerned that I would ruin the mattress. I went to bed with a full bladder, to see if I would dream of having to go somewhere like a public washroom to have a pee. I finally fell asleep. Some two hours later I awoke to find that things were just a little damp down there, not wet. I rolled over on my back and with the light on, pissed in spurts as high up in the air as I could muster. When the warm pee came back down and hit various parts of my body, it felt nice and warm. I kept this up until my bladder was empty. Everything was nice a wet. I turned out the light, rolled over in the piss soaked bedding and went back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning the piss had soaked into everything on the bed and me. It was a lovely feeling. I had to go again, but this time, I peed into a sterilized bottle. I rolled over on my back again and this time gently poured the warm piss over my face with my eyes open. Some went into my mouth and it tasted a little salty but tasty. After a lovely night sleeping with my piss, I went into the bathroom, took off my soaked pyjamas and had a shower. Afterwards took all the bedding down to the plastic mattress cover, out to the laundry and freshened it up. I now know what it feels like to Royally piss the bed.

      End of story.

    • profile image

      CA 3 years ago

      Dreamt I was talking to the mrs about the kids going to college, whilst standing over the toilet in my dreams relieving myself.... And sure enough, I didn't ship my bed but I certainly tried to let it sail.

    • profile image

      Caitlin 3 years ago

      Reading this thread made me feel SO much better. I'm 23, female, and very healthy - just moved to France with a new au pair job & am currently staying with a host family in Paris (lots of stress), & last night I drank a cup of tea and went to bed like normal. Lots of stressful, upsetting dreams, & when my alarm went off this morning I looked down, & I had pee'd the bed! First time in my whole entire life. I panicked & threw the bedsheets in the washer, then decided I need to tell my host mother so I didn't ruin the complex French washer/dryer system. Boy, THAT was an awkward situation. She was very nice about the whole thing, but I was quite embarrassed. I read that often this is caused by the stress involved with a major move or transition of some kind, or even a major loss of some sort. I certainly fall into that category. Thankful I found this thread & so happy to know I'm not the only one experiencing this. Hopefully this is a one-time thing.. & certainly no more tea before bed!

    • profile image

      nick 4 years ago

      I have the same dream or half dream:I am getting up and going to the toilet but I don't get up.I wake up wet or even worse wetting and I can't stop.

    • profile image

      steve 4 years ago

      17 is a bit old to wet the bed,but I can be dreaming or think I have dreamt something and I know I have wet the bed.

      I am just letting off steam...but that awful time that I am half asleep and think all is right with the World.It all seems nice in that half-dream I am wetting the bed.

      It is a REAL problem that I hate,but even on the net no-one is serious about it and I am sure other guys have the same problem.What do you guys do?

    • profile image

      Thatjusthappened 4 years ago

      I had a messed up dream until I had to pee. Usually I wake up to my relief that I didn't do it for real but now was different. Glad to see I am not the only one at the age of twenty, haha.

    • profile image

      Al 4 years ago

      Every night I have these ridiculously crazy, fantasy-movie like dreams, yet I still can't tell that I am dreaming. I question myself, and the authenticity of the "reality" I'm suddenly stuck in, yet no matter how much I question things that are going on, there's always answers to everything. These super complex dreams have done more hurt than anything to my self esteem. I wake up on cold giant dark spots a couple of times a year, at 25 yrs old now. I read above that it may be linked with that chemical that kicks in at the R.E.M. stage of sleep, but for me it's weird because I already have problems with that chemical. I also suffer from sleep paralysis, a whole other wonder. In case anyone doesn't know what sleep paralysis is, it's waking up before your body stops producing that paralyzing chemical (the one your body produces to assure you don't act out your dreams and harm yourself), and it results in me being wide awake, but unable to move, and also still breathing at an extremely slow pace, causing a suffocating feeling. So my main question now is, how the heck can I suffer from both sleep paralysis, and "wetting the bed"? My own conclusion: a serious chemical imbalance is present within my body during R.E.M. sleep. I would just love to find something that can help me prevent all of this, and maybe set my chemicals right.

    • profile image

      leanne 4 years ago

      i love it when i pee the bed

    • profile image

      ash 4 years ago

      last night at 4 am i wake up to go to toilet . i clearly remembered that i wake up from bed , change my cloths ,went to toilet ,put lights on ,flush the toilet and sit on toilet . i am feeling stomach ache . suddenly i am feeling hurt in my head and realize that i am on toilet floor . its shocking for me. i get up as quickly i can . i was shocked and scared. after that i took bath and went to bed again . i did not wake up my husband but not able to sleep after that. at morning i found a big black mark (cuz i got hit when i fall slpt in toilet floor) near my right eye . whole day i feel terrible and head ache. why this happened to me? i am embarrass to discuss with anyone. i said my husband that i got hit in wall at night. i am scared. what is this?

    • profile image

      hb 4 years ago

      btw, I slept on my kid's bed and he slept with my wife, and it's my kid's bed I peed on.. during that panicking moment, I flipped over the bed and put on a new bed sheet on the reverse side soooooo quietly.. Well, all this was done on instinct not to be embarrassed.. but even to remember it already sooooo embarrassing.. God helps us

    • profile image

      hb 4 years ago

      2 weeks to 39th and it still happens.. it's so embarrassing, wet the bed this morning at 5am and tried to cover the mess like never happened, but I think my wife found out cos the sheet is different now this afternoon from what I changed this morning

      It felt so real, I was damn sure I was in bathroom, I woke up when in the dream there was another guy smiled at me

      Now I'm scared when will this happen again

    • profile image

      lil 4 years ago embarassing!

      same happened to me, i am 34. I pee at night dreaming as if i am in a comfortable place to pee...

    • profile image

      wetpants 4 years ago

      I had this dream last night. I was dreaming I had to pee really bad, I found a bathroom and someone was using the toilet, so I just looked at them and said sorry I gotta piss, and used the bathtub! As soon as I started to pee I woke up and jumped out of bed. My husband was like what is it what's wrong, did you hear something? I scared the shit outta him. I told him I had started my period and he was like "O". I then told him I needed to pull the sheet off. He never questioned anything. I left the light out, pulled the sheet off and put a towel down. I used the bathroom and took a quick shower. I scrubbed the mattress later while he was at work and them sprayed it with a bleach solution then dried it with a fan, lol... So he thinks I finally started my period which is over a month late but really I just had a pee dream.... lol.... If we are pregnate he might have a question or two about last night. lol... I think it is perfectly normal sometimes. We go through different stages of sleep and sometimes our body is trying to communicate to us that we need to use the bathroom and instead of waking up and using the restroom like we normally would we dream we relieve ourselves and wahla, you have a peee dream... Very humiliating though!

    • profile image

      shame on me! 4 years ago

      this happened to me today iam 30 years old. had dreams before peeing but always waked up before starting.

      last night i drank water and beer b4 bed today i waked up peeing half the way!

      its my first time and i couldn't sleep after i told me wife when waked up and she didn't believe first lol... probably she is doing the laundry now and am at work ! damn really embarrassing thing.

    • profile image

      notagain 4 years ago

      I now get nervous when I'm actually awake and I'm at work, and I am in the bathroom at work peeing, hoping and praying that I am really actually awake. I know that sounds weird, but, I have the pee dream in my sleep so often, that I actually get nervous when I am awake, hoping that I'm not really asleep!!!!

    • profile image

      OMG 4 years ago

      yeh today I the same thing happened to me.So I googled it :D( anyway I feel realy embarrased and what's more...I was sleeping on the couch in the living room.

    • profile image

      momof3 4 years ago

      I had this happen last night. In the dream there was a toilet in the middle of nowhere. Nobody was around so I relieved myself. I woke up to find my bed was completely soaked. My husband sleeping peacefully beside, remained unstirred as I "mopped" up the mess and cleaned myself up. I laid the towels over the wetness and curled closer to my husband. Couldn't fall back to sleep. It's well past my bedtime now but last nights horror is in the back of my mind. I am a 27 year old mother of 3. This is the last thing I need in my life right now! I never had a bed-wetting problem in my life. I've had the dreams before but I always woke up in time.

      I need this to not happen again, but I'm thankful for this hub and all the people that have come forward! So thank you all! Praying for the strength to sleep tonight (w/o waking to another wet bed)!

    • profile image

      frank 5 years ago

      i pissed in my bed everynight fromabout 5yo to about 10. the nights i didn't wet the bed are the nights i remembered the old saying " P B 4 u go 2 bed"

    • profile image

      Carmen 5 years ago

      Lol..just last night...boys is it embarrassing..happened many times..dreamt I was out and asked to use the bathroom....saw myself sitting on the toilet and all I'm saying to myself in the dream..dam this feels good....lolololol..realized I'm dreaming and raced o the bathroom with the pee still coming down my 40... Ain't life a

    • profile image

      Bre 5 years ago

      Ohmygod. I'm so happy I found this page. I was seriously thinking something was horribly wrong with me. This just happened about an hour ago and now that I've read through these stories I guess it kind of all makes sense. I'm about to graduate high school so that basically explains everything lol

    • profile image

      crazy woman 5 years ago

      i had a dream that i was at a friends house and i said id be right back. i went to use the bathroom and that felt so real... all of a sudden i was like oooo crap cause it was real i a tennager just peed my bed luckli i was on top of my blankets

    • profile image

      Lure 5 years ago

      I've always had bladder issues so I will ocassionally have accidents during the night. My girlfriend diapers me up for bed and also has a plastic sheet thingy over the mattress, but underneath the bed sheets so that it's just there "in case".

      I can also have accidents when I sneeze or the like, and being a guy in his 20's, I'm inclined it's not a strictly female problem =p

      It's good to see that people have a place they can talk out about this. If it wasn't for my girlfriend, I'm not sure how I'd be able to deal with it. Talking things out help alot. All the best to all of you.

    • profile image

      mike 5 years ago

      OK so my wife wakes up last night runs to the restroom she had just wewe the bed does any one know why this happens? she wasent dreaming nothing she said. She was very embarrassed I thought it was kind of cute but any ways hope some one can help us.

    • profile image

      Randy 5 years ago

      I had the same dream, prolly like 5th time. Now I realize mid piss that it's the bad dream and I wake myself. Sometimes I catch it in time with only a few drops others I'm not so lucky. Just wish there was an easy way to tell the wife.

    • profile image

      Maggie 5 years ago

      I am 56 and am a dream wetter. I dream everynight and in the mornings. I go to the bathroom before my head hits the pillow and once a month or so I dream of peeing somewhere, either in the bathroom or some water area and before I know it, I have peed the bed. I finally am going to go get a wet pad for the bed so as not to ruin the mattress. They have them in the medical places, if you should have a dream accident, you can just pull it out and place a towel over the sheet and go back to bed...I have no control over my dreams, I dream in color and very VERY vivid. I always toss and turn my boyfrind tells me. Sometimes I cry in a dream and wake up crying. For you guys out there, it is NOTHING to be ashamed of. You have no control over your body when it dreams, I have learned to just be safe if it happens in the future with a pad under me. Good luck folks...oh I am female.

    • profile image

      Lynn 5 years ago

      When this happens to me in a dream there is always a point when I realize that i am really not dreaming but actually urinating my bed. This morning I dreamt that I was on the toilet about to pass water but for some reason as usual it feels like it is taking really long and this is when reality kicks in and it is usually too late. What happens is that i actually feel myself urinating bit by bit in an unnatural way and then reality kicks in. To tell the truth sometimes when I am up for real I am almost afraid to urinate in case I am still dreaming.

    • profile image

      Curious 5 years ago

      Did anyone ever go to the doctor about their episode(s)? I'm curious to know what causes this.

    • profile image

      another guy 5 years ago

      Yup. I was dreaming of standing in front of a urinal. Best piss ever. Woke up embrassed as hell and had to tell my wife. As I jumped in the shower, she did laundry. As someone mentioned earlier maybe this is a sign of relief for me in a difficult situation. I was laid off a few weeks ago.... Hopefully this has something to with stress and nothing medically. Going follow up with physician.

    • profile image

      SomeGuy 5 years ago

      Weird vivid dream; told my friends I'd be right back because I had to piss. Then, I was taking the best piss ever but I felt really warm. Next, I awoke peeing myself still and ran to the bathroom. This has never happened to me before and I'm 18. I think its because I didn't go before I went to bed, was exhausted from work, and woke up in the middle of the night and still didn't go(this happened right before I normal wake up). I feel dumb as hell now...

    • profile image

      livvy 5 years ago

      I am so embarrassed. I have never been a bed wetter. That stopped well before I was 5 and now this is the second time in less than a year. I am 32yrs old. The first time it happened I was mortified. I was dreaming that I was peeing in a lettuce patch. My boyfriend tried to make me feel better as I cleaned up and he relocated to another room. The second time, even more embarrassing. I was dreaming I was a fish and started to pee the bed. How quickly pee goes from warm to ice cold. I jumped up and finished in the bathroom but enough damage was already done. I pray there isn't a 3rd time.

    • profile image

      aznshyguy 5 years ago

      crap, my second time. male, 25, in my own bed. i dreamt i was still in college, peeing outside of "a dorm" near parking spaces, and it felt like eternity; one of the students approaching their car gave me a weird look of disbelief. i woke up around 7, and realized i just peed in my bed. no wonder, i've never had an instance where i peed for so long before. sadly, i don't think there's a way for me to prevent this from happening in the future because the dream felt so real and vivid. first time, was at my girlfriend's house. tried to explain myself. gf just laughed a bit at the reality of what happened and felt surprised. embarassing, but what's done is done.

    • profile image

      Søren 5 years ago

      I am 25 years old, and I am peeing in my bed 2 or 3 times every week and in my pants very often too. I forget to go. When I start dancing around holding my hand between my legs, it's to late. People are laughing at me. My bedsheet is very often yellow and many people have seen it.

    • profile image

      mike 5 years ago

      i hate this dream and i think everyone gets it at least once

    • profile image

      annie 5 years ago

      I am 45 yrs for pass 10 yrs or more I too have a dream that I am in the toilet and II pee and when i get up i found tha i was on bed and this has happened many times to me I thought i have a problem and why this happens but now know that there are many more like me is there any solution to this problem of mine

    • profile image

      Lynn 5 years ago

      I'm Embarrassed, had a dream last night that I had to go to the bathroom n then I went..woke up n my bed is all messed up n my clothes uggghh n im 22 I haven't wet the bed since I was like 4 or something

    • profile image

      Karen 5 years ago

      This happened to me two days ago and a couple of times before in my adult life i'm 23. It stopped for a couple years through middle school and high school and the beginning of college.

      I started having the dream again 2 years ago when i was pregnant and thought that might've been the reason but i guess not.

      I was outside and went inside the house to use the bathroom i had held it for a while and so i went and I was soo relieved until i woke up... The worst part is i was at my dad's on a futon so there as a huge dark spot in the middle of it and all of the sheets. Can you say embarassing

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Yep this just happenned to me. I was sitting in the shower in a chair peeing at the drain then I realised something wasn't right. I jumped up and ran to the bthroom and finished. I stripped the sheets off the bed and scrubbed with a towel on my brand new matress trying to dry it. - thought I'm 30 years old what the Hell is wrong with me and if anyone notices who am I gonna blame it on?

    • profile image

      pearl123 5 years ago

      I'm so glad I came across this page. This happened to me last night. Peeing the bed is embarassing enough, but doing it when your 29yrs old...

      I was dreaming that I had a job interview and I got so nervous that I thought I was going to pee myself. So after the interveiw I ran straight to the bathroom. It was best pee ever. I felt so "relieved". Until that warm feeling turned cold and I realized I had just peed the bed.

      This used to happen to me alot right after I had me son. I would be so tired and whenever I would get into a deep sleep, I would dream I was in the bathroom peeing. This happened to me at least once a week for the first 2mo. He's now 9 and this is the first time it's happened since.

    • profile image

      5 year old 5 years ago

      Lol, this hapapened to me when I was 5. I was sitting on my trike and fell asleep and had a dream I was riding my trike over a jump and I was actually riding my trike in real life but than when I got over the jump started peeing on my trike for no reason and suddenly wke uop because I had crashed into a fence and looked to see a trail of yellow.

    • profile image

      Jay 5 years ago

      This has Just happened to me at the age of 26, went to the toilet in my dream and then woke up soaked. Not impressed!!

    • profile image

      marie 5 years ago

      Hmmm, okay, guess I feel better? 56 here and dreamt the same dream as, it seems, everyone else................was in the bathroom. Thankfully I woke up before too much damage, sad smile. Was worried though, but it is only the second time in my life, first time I was about 5, so I am not going to worry about it....

    • profile image

      Susan 5 years ago

      Wow, I am so happy I am not the only one. I am 26 yrs old,It is so embarrassing,but it happened to me twice this year.When I go to bed I pee before hand. Even if I have to pee and im asleep,I wake up and go to the bathroom.But for some reason, I was dreaming I woke up and went to my bathroom and was peeing and kept peeing. I felt warm for some reason,then I woke up,I looked at my husband and he had woken up at the same time,he noticed the look on my face I almost started to cry because I felt so embarrassed. He was so worried,I told him what had happened. And told him It felt like I really woke up and went to the bathroom. He just giggled and said. Baby you just needed to pee that's all. You don't have to be embarrassed.

    • profile image

      Shevy 5 years ago

      This has happened to me on multiple occasions.... I had a hard time being toilet trained due to an abusive mother and no father. Growing up I had periodic episodes of bed wetting, which was cause for great humiliation at sleep overs and such. I am 19, and now the only time I have this issue is when I hadn't dreams. In these dreams I am getting ready for work, and I go to the restroom and pee. I have noticed that this usually happens right before I get my period. I don't know if that is related at all, but it helps me because I can prepare myself by urinating before I go to bed and being on alert for this particular dream. I have dealt with depression beforehand, and I think this might also play a hand. All I can do is hope and pray that the man I marry will be understanding if it ever comes to that.

    • profile image

      me 5 years ago

      i did 2

    • profile image

      bor 5 years ago

      Just happened to me I have no idea why. I usually wake up when my bladder feels full. Anyway I was dreaming that I was peeing then I suddenly had a gush of urgency to pee out again and what di u know it felt so good. I couldn't wake up and moments after I wet my bed. Anyway I think its cause I usually sleep somewhere else with a pretty stress up life and a different bed. Whereas my home bed which I sleep on weekends are like super knockout for me thus me not waking up in time as I'm too comfortable. Hasn't happed to me before

    • profile image

      Jill 5 years ago

      Yeah... I woke up to my boyfriend peeing the bed this morning, he was having a dream that he was doing it, and voila. Ughhhhhhh.

    • profile image

      Adam 5 years ago

      Happened to me once too - I am not worried about it.

      If you are having this happen several times get in the habit of asking yourself if you are dreaming before peeing - that should carry over into dreamland - at least that's what some lucid dreaming strategies promote.

    • profile image

      ice 5 years ago

      i did the same and im glad other people did too. first i thought i was having early signs of Alzheimer. but im just 26..i do had the pee pee dream and wake up finding i really pee on my bed..oh...arent they any solution ? im so scared it will happen again !!

    • profile image

      Lawschool26 5 years ago

      OMG.. Thank God I'm not alone.. I had that dream lastnight and actually wet the bed.... ugh... I never wet the bed since I was like 3 years old.. Now I am 38 and wet the bed.. wow.

    • profile image

      this-should-be-a-facebook-group 5 years ago

      I agree to the few comments about this being linked to over tiredness. It happened last night for th first time ever. I had drunk lots of water before bed to sober up and usually end up waking once in the night to wee. But last night I was so overly exhausted that my body didn't wake me. I am mortified that I wet the bed at 18! And just so so thankful that I wasn't at a mates house.

      Get good sleep guys or set an alarm if you know you'll need to get up and pee.

    • profile image

      john 5 years ago

      Jst happened to me :( but Thank God, this page is such a relief, bn readng some of the comments, hilarious..jst trying to view the funny side of it all

    • profile image

      Kate 5 years ago

      Well, I'm 20, and this happened with me this morning. Does anyone know the reason?

    • profile image

      Rylez 6 years ago

      LOL that just happen to me - TWICE! last night i did that, and this morning i did the same thing, exept i was wearing a pantyliner *ahem, that time of the month* so i managed to catch myself and get my ass to the toilet before my liner was saturated. O.O its so gross.

    • profile image

      DC 6 years ago

      This just happened to me too. Exact same bathroom dream but was able to catch myself midstream. 21 now and the last time I remember this happening was when I was 18 and taking school exams, which I put down to stress on that occasion. As for this time, I didn't have a lot to drink before bed, am relatively healthy and there is nothing too stressful going on in my life. Good to know that I'm not the only person this has happened to?

    • profile image

      Embarrassed  6 years ago

      Laying in my warm bed, dreaming an awesome dream when I need to pee so I go to the bathroom and let it out only to be awakened by a wet bed. and the embarrassment of trying to wash the sheets at 1:40 in the morning without waking anyone up. I am 14 and embarassed beyond belief. I haven't wet the bed since I was 3. It sucks. I hope it never happens again.

    • profile image

      stillpeeing 6 years ago

      Wow, am I happy to find this page. 36 y.o. woman...hasn't peed the bed in decades...until this morning. I was having a dream that I was in somebody's bathroom. I was sitting on the toilet remarking at the new fixtures. Then, I was thinking in my dream "Why is my butt getting wet?" Yeah, thank goodness for mattress pads that can go into the wash. I'm dreading that this may happen again

    • profile image

      kaylah 6 years ago

      Thank god for this page, this Happened to me last night, I dreamt we both a new house and just moved in, I looked in the bathroom and was disappointed to see it was a shower stall, not tub...but the toilet looked clean...the next thing I knew I had peed myself in my sleep..this is the first time ever and I'm 34....I told my husband because he wanted to know I was re doing all the laundry and he just made fun of me for hours, finally I lied to him and said I was joking earlier and I had just spilt soda...bit to be honest, I'm kinda scared to go to bed tonight because of it.

    • profile image

      Brittany 6 years ago

      This started happening to me after I got pregnant with my 2nd child. Just last night I had a dream that I had to pee so bad and found a toilet and went..then i all of a sudden woke up and made a mad dash for the bathroom down the hall. So embarrassing though because my husband was sleeping right next to me. Luckily though I had a body pillow between us, I use it because I'm 6 months pregnant right now with 3rd child :) He never woke up to me cleaning up the mess...I don't know how I would of explained that to him. I was mortified!! He noticed that i had different gym shorts on than the ones I went to bed in and I blamed it on me sleep walking and I dont' remember putting them on. I'm almost thinking about wearing Depends to bed cause I don't want it to happen again and i'm only 26 years old!!

    • profile image

      kate 6 years ago

      just happened to me! must be anxiety related, as i've just had some very bad news. seems to make sense.

    • profile image

      Nocturnal pisser 6 years ago

      This has happened to me twice in two weeks now. I

      40 and it hasn't happened since I was 12. I'm relieved to find this site and see how common it is, yet still troubled because I don't feel like I should be pissing the bed at 40. It was the pee dream just like everyone has described, both times. I spent three weeks in Africa this spring and came back a month ago, but just finished taking the malaria medication 4 days ago. One of the side effects is vivid dreams, which might explain the problem. I peed because the dreams seemed so real. Both times I think I'd had alcohol in the evenings, which probably exacerbated the problem. Either that or I have a urinary tract infection. Maybe some strange African parasite climbed up my pee hole while I was over there. Just to be safe I think I'll see a urologist this week. Thanks for all your posts - I was feeling mortified but now feel somewhat relieved, no pun intended.

    • profile image

      Callia 6 years ago

      Argh this happens all the time, like once or twice a year! Last night i had it, i was busting and sat on the toilet but for some reason i just couldn't pee! i tried and tried and tried and was absolutely bursting and then the most wonderful relief ever, went on for a while and then i realized the familiarity of this dream and woke up.. too late! I ran to the toilet and there was nothing left to pee. Ive never woken up this late in a dream too. The same time i ran out was the time my hubby came in to go bed, i just said i had a sore tummy :/ Luckily he slept on the floor as my son is sleeping in my bed at the moment.. But still sooo embarrasing!

    • profile image

      Embarrassed 6 years ago

      Imagine being a 10 year old who still peed the bed and was afraid of hocus pocus the movie. Well that was me. I spent the night at a friends house for a birthday sleepover and we watched... you guessed it... hocus pocus. That night I had one of those dreams and peed all in my friend's sleeping bag. Thankfully her mom was good about it and saved me loads of embarassment by "Tripping" over us and spilling orange juice all over my pants the next morning. Then she helped me get cleaned up and put the sleeping bag away. I still think some of the girls suspected it but it was never spread around school so THAT I am thankful for.

    • profile image

      karma 6 years ago

      Thank God I am not the only one to go through this sort of problem in my 30s. I too dreamt of pissing in toilet just couple of days back and I happen to piss in real in my bed. God I was so embarassed.... and of course worried too...because my husband he was also worried about me that I may be feeling some kind of insecurities in myself. He consoled me and gave me an assurance that I should not feel any sort of insecurites. This was not my first time that I wet my bed , it had happened to me around six to seven times before also.Is there any problem with me? Or like my husband said ' Do I have any sort of insecurities in my life? Its really embarassing and I am really worried about it. Now a days every night before I sleep I always say to myself that I am allright and I will not piss in my bed todat not ever.

    • profile image

      need2goritenow 6 years ago

      I am female 26 and have had this happen periodically since my late teans unti now. Always the same dream (which is interesting because it is my ONLY recurring dreams). The urge to pee something fierce hits me but I can't find a toilet run around halls up and down stairs and finally I find one out in the open but I have to pee so bad I don't care. And then I pee, and I pee, and I pee but no real relief comes at which point I realize something is wrong and wake up. Thankfully it has never been like bed soaking bad normally just my undies/sleep wear or the sheets. I had this happen while dating my ex once and in his bed! Thankfully it was earlyand he was passed out so I just stripped put my clothes in a bag and put a towel down to dry it up and told him I thought his sheets smelled a little funny and should be washed. As far as WHY this happens for me it's normally when I am sleep deprived/stressed and just totally pass out. Glad to see I'm not alone. And whoever posted about vitamins thanks! Gonna work some multi-vitamins into my daily routine.

    • profile image

      Glenn 6 years ago

      some of these stories are hilarious. I just leaked like 10 mins ago and decided to search 'why' ? just the same story as everyone else I was half sleeping and You could say I was almost aware of everything in the real world and then I started dreaming about peeing and I was thinking ohh this is good but i managed to shock myself into waking up because I told myself no as it had felt so real, then when I checked I was like phew, then it turns out it's down the other side of my leg, so I managed to stop peeing half way through then I got up and finished in the bathroom with a weird expression on my face. I'm 16, pretty gross but who cares after reading these stories I'm really laughing at what I have just done and believe it's just an odd 'out of the blue' thing that probably won't happen, but according to dream books it means alot of pressure is going to be released off me very soon and I can stop worrying, which us true as I have very big exams coming up then I can just leave school

    • profile image

      steph 6 years ago

      I'm 17 & it happened to me this morning..but I was able to stop like half ways through it & continue after I woke up & cleaned seemed so real..weird dream

    • profile image

      steph 6 years ago

      I'm 17 & it happened to me this morning..but I was able to stop like half ways through it & continue after I woke up & cleaned seemed so real..weird dream

    • profile image

      Yea ha 6 years ago

      Guilty as charged. I'm 25 and it's happened to me twice in the last 5 years. No kids, not an issue before. I do wake up right as it starts and run to the bathroom so its a small stain but I dreamed I'm on the toilet and actually tinge tinkle a little......glad to know I'm not the only one....

    • profile image

      WINDwhirl 6 years ago

      i woke up and the same thing happen .. i was talking to some one in a train asked where the bathroom was and went piss for a long time but when i woke up my hand was down my pants ( like i was holding it to pee ) and i was really wet all over before i went to bed i had two beers with alot of hops .. any way i had to wash my sheets\blanket and clean my mattries ... atleast im not alone .. im only 20 too

    • profile image

      Secret Agent 6 years ago

      I think this happens when we drank to much water after going to bed and when we are so tired that we can't even stand up when we need to pee.

      Sometimes I can stop this by just not drinking too much water after going to bed and peeing first after sleeping

      and making sure that I will go to bathroom even I am so sleepy and tired,Just need Discipline

    • profile image

      Secret Agent 6 years ago

      I think this happens when we drank to much water after going to bed and when we are to tired that we can't even stand up when we need to pee.

      Sometimes I can stop this by just not drinking too much water after going to bed and peeing first after sleeping

      and making sure that I will go to bathroom even I am so sleepy and tired,Just need Discipline

    • profile image

      What the 6 years ago

      Ok peeps, done some researching after I too, a 26yo female also encountered this situation.

      It could be any of the following, stress, fatigue, too much to drink before bed, alcohol but the most common reason as to WHY as adults we have for some unforeseen reason wet the bed is a UTI or urinary tract infection. Go to the dr and have a urine test done. Antibiotics can clear up a UTI in a few days.

    • profile image

      Secret Agent 6 years ago

      Me to this Always happens to me and I don't know why I'm doing it but sometimes I can stop it

    • profile image

      Charlene 6 years ago

      I thought I was the only one, it's such a relief to find this hub! I have a strict morning routine, always waking up at 7.30 and I'm always at bursting point.

      Last night I dreamt I was desperate, searching everywhere for a bathroom and when I couldn't find one I broke down and peed in my knickers.

      When I woke up and realized what had happened I couldn't believe it, I'm utterly humiliated. I noticed that I had overslept though and I'm praying this has something to do with it.

    • profile image

      Zany 6 years ago

      Ah I'm so happy I'm not the only one who this has happened to.

      I was dreaming I had found this new part of my house and there was a bathroom. I went in and sat on the toilet to piss. About halfway through I woke up and all I can really remember is jumping up and finding Febreze to cover the smell. Absolutely embarrassing but there's no stain and it seemed to take the smell away.

      The wierdest part is I've NEVER bed wet. Like ever. This is the first time and I'm 16.

    • profile image

      topal 6 years ago

      Dammit, urinate before the sleep and you won't have such problems. Jesus I didn't wet my bed since I was 3 year old and plus I sleep in cold, which makes some people's urge to urinate even more and I still wake up in the morning and that's the time when I visit the bathroom.

    • profile image

      confused. 6 years ago

      im 17 and until recently haven't had this issue since i was very young and even then i can only recall one time that i wet the bed because i had dreamt that i was on the toilet. however a three nights ago i had a very vivid dream that i was on the toilet and as a began to releive myself i woke up catching it just in time, there was no more than a few drips. as i remember doing it once when i was younger i just thought it was because i was having such a vivid dream and it wasn't anyting to worry about. unfortunatly last night was the third night in a row that it happened. the last two times i have woken up before i started to releive myself but all three times i have desperatley needed the toilet. i am now wondering whether my body is using it as a way to signal that i need the toilet or whether there are any physical or phycolocical reasons for this...

    • profile image

      Emperor Augustus 6 years ago

      The last time I poo'd my pants was when I was two years old :D

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      me too...just peed on my bed this morning, so embarrassing and i'm 19, and i have early morning class didn't know what to do but i locked my door so that non of my parents or sibling will go in to see the mess in my room.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      thanks for all your posts! im 19 and i did this too! weird, very weird, but we must obviously all be normal! lets just laugh about it and not be ashamed! still i wont be rushing ot tell anyone!

    • profile image

      someone 6 years ago

      I too have this problem and i am 27 years old don't know what to do :-(

    • profile image

      MontaEl 6 years ago

      I know I missed the subject (this one is about wetting the bed and having a dream about it) but I had to open myself. I love my family and I don't want them to catch skin diseases and some other bull... just because my little tinky winky friend couldn't wait! From now on I will urinate in the main square if I get the urinating feel. No more waiting. Bed wetting: it never happened to me. Just make sure you don't drink anything before sleep, make sure you're feeling warm because if you sleep in cold it'll only stimulate you to pee even more. And always urinate before going to sleep.

    • profile image

      MontaEl 6 years ago

      People i dig you all and I know how nasty it is. Yesterday, I was going home from my friend's. It was a cold day and I had an urge to pee, probably because cold made me to, I didn't drink anything. I don't like urinating in the streets so i was waiting until I get home. So, I opened the door, stepped into the bathroom, and I didn't even make it into a direction of toilet boom it was over. I didn't just pee myself, I peed the towels that were standing nearby as well. I was so upset because I know some people say that urine is toxic, unhealthy etc. I almost cried, I was thinking what if my family brushes with those towels, I can't throw just-washed towels into washing machine again. I felt like I should disinfect everything where even one drop of my urine felt. Please tell me that urine is not harmful, because I'm thinking about killing myself. This never happened to me before

    • profile image

      shadowfrost 6 years ago

      I have done this, I am 19 and it happened when I was only a 12 year old girl so I'm guessing it can happen to anyone at any age. I'm also guessing it has nothing to do with stress, I was 12 and under nooo stress at all :/

    • profile image

      Sarah 6 years ago

      I'm 17 and this happened to me last night! I was dreaming i was in my basement just getting ready to leave and I went into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet and started peeing. I felt relief until I woke up and realized I had just pissed the bed and was soaking wet from it. More embarrassing was the fact that I was sleeping at my boyfriends that night and pee'd in his bed right next to him! I didn't tell him lol, just cleaned it up as best as I could and passed the remaining wetness off as sweat because the blanket was so hot. =S Most embarrassing moment ever, I really hope this never happens again. Seriously, what the fuck!?

    • profile image

      dk 6 years ago

      I had the same kind of dream . Anyone found the root cause ?

    • profile image

      ulises perez 6 years ago

      not embarrassed to say something about it... but i just woke up january 10 2011 at 8:06 and i too peed the bed in a dream.... but dear god the dream was horrid.... murder and death everywhere... i wont go into details but this lady called me on my phone in the dream but she suddenly appeared in front of me screaming with her eyes open but there was no eyes in her eyeholes.... you know what i mean.... so i passed out and ended up in the house i used to live in when i was 6 which was a really horrible time in my life... and i went into the bathroom to try and figure where i was but when i looked ou the window in the bathroom there was sort of a negative looking affect but every few seconds i would see a glimpse of normal not inverted colors, but that would only be a flash... and i decided to use the bathroom while i was there... and so when i was starting i felt myself pee and in the dream... i remembered that im not supposed to be pissing in dreams because (yes it's happened to me before) i would end up pisdsing myself in real i stopped and woke up wet... and crying.

      the reason why i see this dream as significant is that the dream itself had so much meaning to the my life. it brought back memories that haunt me still... so im not sure what it means... and ive had this dream before i remember.... but it not quite got up to the part where i pissed... hopefully someone can give me an answer to my question.... but what does this mean?.... yeah pretty moronic question in the eyes of a troll.... but it really was a unpleasent experience... and keep in mind im only just 14 so yesterday january 9th was my birthday... im not sure if that adds any weird twist to the answer im seeking... but please answer....thank you...

    • profile image

      oops 6 years ago

      haha your not alone this happened to me as well, im 21 male in great physical health. I peed my bed when i was in basic training. Talk about embarrassing, it happened at around 5 am when i usually get up so i just did laundry while everyone else slept and said i threw up. It was the weekend so everyone was sleeping in thank you... I had a litre of water to drink pretty much before i went to bed, and it was the first time i had relaxed in a month, no joke. This combination and the fact i am used to a routine probobly caused me to have a dream about getting ready and going pee. When i woke i didn't realize i was peeing in bed i just though wow thisfeels goooood. haha. Never again will i drink a litre before bed

    • profile image

      Lola 6 years ago

      I am SO relieved I'm not the only one. In fact it looks like it's quite common! This happened to me last night for the first time since I was about 5! In my dream I was sat on the loo..

      relieving myself. Then I think, wait.. this isn't right! I wake up straight away, jump out of bed and see a nice big wet patch -.- are you serious. I went to the REAL toilet cause I still had to pee. I put the bedding and my clothes in the wash. I felt so embarrassed and now I'm going to be anxious every time I go to sleep. At least I wasn't sharing the bed with anyone.. but then what if it happens again in the future when I am :|

    • profile image

      Angel4u 6 years ago

      I just foubd this interesting site as I too just had an embarassing episode last night! I dreamt I was living on the streets (something I also cant believe I dreamt of), and went to use a public toilet, sat down and starting peeing, it felt so good and real, that I woke up to a big wet patch as I had wet the bed in real life! I wonder if it stress related, of a subconscious thing where you can be bothered going to the toilet, so you pee in bed?

    • profile image

      TEE 6 years ago

      I have had a dream I was sitting on the toliet and I let go but I also caught myself mid stream. The bed was spared but the blanket I was on needed to be washed. At the time I was taking these depression drugs that always put me in a deep sleep and relaxed my body totally. This might have contrubuted to me peeing the bed this time. But when I have been younger I also have had this dream and peed the bed really good. Soaked it! I don't know what causes it but it is a weird feeling. Glad other people have had this experience too.

    • profile image

      bweeno2 6 years ago

      this morning i had a dream that i was peeing. except i actually stood there infront of the toilet for about 10 seconds in my dream before it happened, should have taken the opertunity to wake up, but no, i chose to stay dreaming. so i started peeing.... lucky i stopped it as quick as possible and finished the pee in the real life toilet. it only got to one layer of my blankets, so that was lucky. oh and im 17 years old

    • profile image

      trinibini 6 years ago

      Im 41 and awoke this morning next to my boyfriend after one of these dreams and slyly got to the bathroom to find I had peed myself fortunately the bed was spared and so was my boyfriend. I cant fathom trying to explain him waking with pee allover him, thank god I woke up. before it was worse.

    • profile image

      chenny 6 years ago

      I am so relieved to know i am not the only one !!

      i see every1 has been talking about this, but nobody has tried to find a cause for it.....With me,it started,when my doctor gave me some anti depressants when i was 17 (stupid doctor) i took them for a week but then stopped,but everythings been upside down after that!!

      i am 23 now and it has happened 5 -7 times (once with my husband sleeping next to me )

      its so embarrasing and depressing as wel

      i dread going to bed every night fearing it might happen again.....!!

      does anybody know how to sstop it??

      i mean there might be a solution, after all i used to be perfectly normal before i took those damn anti depressants when i was 17 ............(and they were only for a week,,,,can they really have such a long after effect !!)

      please help somebodyyyyyyyy

    • profile image

      OMG 6 years ago

      I stumbled across this site after googling "dreams that make you pee in sleep". I am 50 years old, healthy. This is maybe the 5th time I can remember in the last 20 years this has happened to me. Same deal, having a dream, happened to be somewhat sexual, next thing i know in dream I am sitting on toilet and happily begining to relieve myself...then dream feels like I am having a problem peeing, barely any comes out, then try again.... by third time trying....ya sorta wake up with OMG in your head. Nice to know I am not the only one this has happened to.

    • profile image

      wetwhistle  6 years ago

      Stumbled across this site, after I had an embarassing episode early this morning. I had a dream I was having sex with an old co-worker then afterwards took a nice hot very hot shower, only to realize a few moments later after awaking that I had actually pissed on my self while lying on my stomach dreaming about sex, showering and seeing water spraying. I am a 33 y/o man who is married and I awoke at 415am to tell my wife that I was sorry but I had literally just peed the bed! My god I was so shocked, I thought at first a wet dream, but when the whiff of piss wreaked I knew that was not the case, although it may have started that way. I guess take it in stride, the other thing was I actually still had to piss more after the fact, so my wife says well at least you stopped mid-stream! Wow what a deal. Although the dream was very sensual, nice and relaxing, I hope next time I am sleeping on the grass if it happens again. Wow is this the first sign of old age...??? Thanks for posting a thread I can pee on.LOl j/k........Sincerely, Lost in piss:

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      yeah i too have had this dream, and now i need to ask myself if im dreaming or not before i use the bathroom.

    • profile image

      Kace 6 years ago

      This just happened to me. I've NEVER wet the bed, not even when I was little. I am 21 years old now. I remember the dream really, really well too. I just had to tell someone, but it couldn't be anyone I know! It was extremely embarrassing!

    • profile image

      Still Pissed off 6 years ago

      So it's been another several weeks and I haven't had an accident. I'm sleeping a little better but I always go to the bathroom before my head hits the pillow. I currently am going to a therapist(not just for that reason but because of anger) and he determined stress and the way I was raised. I don't know if that helps anyone. I don't know if it even helps me because it doesn't tell me how to avoid another "episode."

      Reading the responses from all of you does help though. I'm comforted by everyone's honesty and the likeness of everyone's situation. We all seem to have dreams of urinating whether it be in a toilet or behind a chair. And only some mentioned that it was hard to pee. And some others mentioned stress.

      I know there is an answer in here somewhere because I know neither of us need to start investing in "depends." But I wish a doctor could read this hub so we can all stop thinking of investing in mattresses.

    • profile image

      Relieved 6 years ago

      I had this happen to me last night. I'm 23 years old. I dreamed I was sitting on the toilet and the seat felt cold and incredibly real. Next thing I know, I've wet the bed. My boyfriend was very cool about it.

      I was mostly worried about this being due to stress or depression. I've been waking up at 6am every morning with stressful dreams.

    • profile image

      omg 6 years ago

      I just wet the bed for the first time in my life! I am 30 yrs old and i have been sick this week and stressed out with the kids so i still am in shock i never even remember peeing. must have been a really great dream, glad i was only sleeping with my 3 yr old son, usually he wets my bed sometimes lol! hope this is the 1st and last time!!!or i will go see my doctor.

    • profile image

      Bill 6 years ago

      Well it's 4:39 on a Sunday. So much for sleeping in. I just woke up to find that I had wet the bed for the first time in years. When I found this website I had also remembered that I had a dream that I was peeing on a t-shirt that I had on the floor & I was on my knees. I noticed that the pee didn't come out very well in the dream. I had to really try to get it out. And oh boy, I woke up. Oh well, hopefully it's the 1st & last time. Otherwise, it's just a message that I need to wash the sheets every once in a while.

    • profile image

      Andy 6 years ago

      I am sorry. Same story. Butttttttttt. Not a big problem. That happen to me when i was 22-23. I went to doctor . He told me that i am in stress and need some vitamins and he gave me some tablets. After that upto now no problem. Now i am 32. Suddenly start gain. What was that medicine. I don't remeber.

    • profile image

      Theresa 6 years ago

      This happens to me a lot. I'm 21 and the last time it happened I had this scary dream and woke up peeing the bed.

    • profile image

      ... 6 years ago

      I'm 18 and it happened to me for the first time this morning!! I could not believe what just happened. I was dreaming that I was peeing and woke up to realize the whole bed was wet! Worst part? I was with my boyfriend! I had to play it off like something spilled so that I could at least get the sheets off.. but wow! I've been so stressed about this all day. Good to see that I'm not the only one. I hope that I'm not going to have to worry about this forever!!!

    • profile image

      ughh 6 years ago

      Well it happened to me this morning I dreamed I was pissin all over someones front yard and I didn't even wake up! Never happened before! Worst part was I was at my dang friends house in their bed!

    • profile image

      FML 6 years ago

      Oh man... I had a dream this morning i was peeing in a shower uncontrolably,with mice talking to me. it was the wierdest dream i have ever had in my life.. Anyways, I woke up while i was peeing but luckily i caught myself. i passed out at a party with people surrounding me that also passed out. I would have died of embarrasment if i didn't catch myself in time, although my pants were soaked, i managed to slip out without anyone seeing. This is the first time this has ever happened to me and it better be the last.

    • profile image

      jizzle 6 years ago

      I just woke up this morning after having experienced the same thing as the rest of you guys. I'm 19 and over the past year this has happened about 3 times but very spaced out. I don't understand why though and WOW, it is really embarrassing even when it's just me in my apartment! My girlfriend frequently spends the night so now I'm worried - what happens if I pee the bed when she's over??!

      I'm really concerned about it so I'm going to visit a doctor to find out what's the deal and what I can do to stop this permanently....this is just too horrible of a feeling!

    • profile image

      Wildned 6 years ago

      I've been experiencing this for about 2 years now with it increasing more as of lately. It's almost always the same, I'm dreaming about being in a situation where I need to relieve myself. The difference here, is that in my dreams, I usually choose to relieve myself in an unacceptable / inappropriate location. Behind furniture, under the dining table etc... I usually wake up before I wet the bed, but it has happened, and with my girlfriend in the bed beside me too... Totally embarrassing for a man in his 40's.

      Not sure what the dreams have to do with anything other that my subconscious trying to wake me. During the day I usually go to the bathroom frequently and always felt that I had "small" bladder. Wish I could get this in check before it happens again...

    • profile image

      Relieved 6 years ago

      I woke up this morning after the same thing last night. I've had dreams where i had to pee, was peeing, then woke up having to pee really badly, but didn't actually do it. but last night, I woke up and realized it had actually happened. I panicked, was mortified, cleaned up and vowed to google it when i woke up this morning, Boy am i glad I found this hub. Also I'm 24, female, and am not on any drugs, and i wasn't drunk. Oh and it's never happened before. Glad to know i'm not freak. Maybe it comes from being too exhausted for your body to pay attention to the messages being sent from your brain, so where you would normally wake up haing to piss like a race horse, you don't realize til it's too late.


    • profile image

      Confused 6 years ago

      I just woke up to a surprise..... I'm on narcotics for pain, i've always been able to wake up in time but tonight i didn't :( hope it's just the narcotics causing deep sleep and dreams of me peeing in my own bed. My husband didn't wake up, doesn't smell like urine thankfully. Last time I wet the Bed I was like five years old. Sigh, I woke my husband up and said I fell asleep with my water bottle open, ( which ive been known to do )placed a towel and dried up as much as I

      could, now what do I do in the morning when he wakes up???? I feel horrified. I just turned 30 yrs old, sheesh... Is this a part of getting older? Or my drugs? One things for sure, I hope my husband doesn't find out and I hope something isn't medically wrong with me AND I pray it doesn't happen again!

    • profile image

      pissed off 6 years ago

      haven't had another accident and it's been 4 weeks. however, i'm having a hard time sleeping. i wake up every couple hours to check that i'm not doing it and i don't sleep deeply cuz i'm always watching out for the "walking to the bathroom" dream. This sucks. I need help!

    • profile image

      Netta 6 years ago

      I had a dream that i was urinating and i peed on the hotel bed.

      this happen the day before my 21st birthday.

      i couldn't believe i wet the bed.

      i peed so much my pants was dripping when i roll out the bed.

    • profile image

      EH-MOS 6 years ago

      Yes i just had this today and i woke up right in the middle of it while i was peeing and i didn't believe this is true or not but i just put my hand down there and felt if its moist or not and not only it was moist i smelt the damn thing i woke up ran to the bathroom and peed for like 20 minutes i am over"f***ing"whelmingly anxious and worried ... WTF ?!?! Is that normal am i going to be like that forever?! or what ... ?! this SUX

    • profile image

      Pissed off 6 years ago

      So, I'm 25 and this morning wasn't the first time it has happened to me but is the first time having it happen with my fiance' in the room. There really isn't anything more embarrassing then telling your loved one, "i pissed the bed." The look of confusion and shock on her face was almost heartbreaking.

      She was very comforting though and told me she still loves me. I love her so much for that. She even asked jokingly if I wanted her to do the same. She actually helped me find this site when looking for reasons of bed wetting and people in the same boat.

      I did it a few months ago but caught myself before I really started to pee. Other than that, it has literally been like 7 years since I have. Why is it happening again. I'm scared. I'm about to be married, I have a 5 year old son, I want to be the man of the house, yet I piss the bed(my son hasn't done it since he was 2).

      Always in my dream I'm doing something normal, maybe not in a normal setting but normal enough where I have no idea I'm in a dream. During the dream I realize I have to relieve myself. Depending on the setting, I find a toilet or urinal or even a hill side. I unzip, pull out and start to pee. It feels great. Like the best pee ever. Then I keep peeing. And keep peeing...And keep peeing. And for some reason, maybe because of how good it feels, how normal it is, how warm I am, only towards the end of the pee do I realize I have been peeing too long and start getting concerned.

      In real life my urethra is constricted and I can't pee freely. Also being in a dream my body won't pee at its normal force. Because of my concern for what's reality, I toss and turn, the stable feeling of warmth and comfort is cut off and replaced with a feeling of wetness and coolness attacking the mid region around my body. My mind quickly comes back to consciousness and I place my hand to my boxers and feel wetness. I jump out of bed and see the wet spot on the bed, sheet, and my clothes and I cry out loud a little shriek and a thunderous scream in my head.

      I'm sure all you fellow bed-wetters can relate to the deep depressing feeling that overwhelms you when you come to the full realization that you wet the bed. I will tell you for those that have done it alone. The anxiety that follows when you have someone else in the room is overwhelming. I thought about hiding it from my fiance' but didn't because 1: she would find it weird i was doing laundry at 6 in the morning. 2: the mattress can't be washed. 3: this is the second time in months and I'm afraid #3 is around the corner. 4: I'm don't have the energy to run and hide anymore. and 5: If I'm going to tackle this issue I need to do it with her involved.

      So that's my story. It is now nearly 9 am and I finally feel a little bit relieved to get this off my chest. The laundry is nearly done, my fiance' is sound asleep on the couch, I think I may be able to sleep now but won't cuz the sun is up and I have things to do, and I will try and get help. Thanks for listening.

    • profile image

      Mortified 6 years ago

      Wow, I am so glad to know I am not alone! I have never ever peed the bed in childhood or adult life. I am female and 27 and I was having a dream where I had to pee really bad. In the dream I finally got to a ladies room and thus relieved myself. To my utter horror, I awoke to the strange sensation that I was doing it in real life in my bed. I was able to stop and went to the bathroom. I came back to the bed in disbelief. I was do upset I googles it and found this thread. Thank god I am not alone. I am so glad my hubby didn't wake up while I quietly aces a towel on the sheet- it wasn't a whole lot but still- I am mortified!!! Ugh!!! I hope this never happens again.

    • profile image

      Shelly 6 years ago

      Couldn't believe it...The last time I pee'd the bed was 30 years ago (4 or 5 yrs old). I was dreaming about sitting on the toilet and peeing and peeing and peeing...somehow I still needed to go. Then finally I didn't have to anymore...and I woke up to a nice surprise. My husband was shocked to say the least to be woken at 3am to that...but at least he said, "Oh well, it can happen"...

    • profile image

      Steve 6 years ago

      This just happened to me today. I had a dream that I was in a hot tub, with a warm sensation all over my body. And then I dreamt I was peeing. And I noticed, wow, I've been peeing for a long time. I woke up immediately, and found I had wet the bed.

      Being the college kid I am, I had to hurry and clean it up or my already troubled life would be over. When all that was said and done, I went to take a shower and out of habit I pee before entering. Well I still peed there, not even 20 minutes after I woke up, and it was still a lot!

      I hope my life isn't over forever.

    • profile image

      Alici 6 years ago

      Omgee This Happened to me last nite. I Didn't Knoo i was wet until i actually woke up. i must have been really tired because i didn't even know i was wet. Omgee lord please help me because i don't want this to happen at the wrong time!!!!!!

      -sad but true

    • profile image

      soo embaressing 6 years ago

      im 19 years old, and that's happened to me 4 times over the last 2 year, ive never wet the bed before this, im starting to get a bit worried, one of these times i had almost finished peeing myself in my bed before i realised what was happening, its so embarresing, im scared of when it will happen next

    • profile image

      yea just me 6 years ago

      im 21 and last night i didn't woke up in time. i was sleeping right beside my boyfriend and i didn't know what to say or what to do because i was really embarassed so i just blame my lil dog. hes like 8pounds and the pis was just to big for him, but when you're shy you don't know what to say i guess. i think my boyfriend have doubt about it but don't know what to do !!

    • profile image

      budcookie 6 years ago

      44 and totally stressing about this situation.......feeling so so abnormal.....and hiding it from my family.this has happened about 6-8 times in the last couple of years and it seems to happen when i am really tired and have had insufficient sleep...i go to the loo and sit down and start to go and it it the biggest feeling of relief....i can feel the difference in the dream as it is like a comforting letting go feeling and i say to myself in the dream uh oh this is the feeling that is not right i am dreaming ....wake up wake up pinch yourself this is not real ohhh i can feel the pinching so it must be real....and i continue going.....i wake and i am so angry with myself as it feels like a weakness ...............glad i'm not alone as the embarrassment is unbearable.

    • profile image

      Amber 6 years ago

      I'm 21 and this is the first time it EVER happened to me, and my boyfriend was in the bed next to me! Thank God I woke up just as it started so I could run upstairs before it was too bad but Jesus Christ why? So embarassing. I guess it's better than period blood though!

    • profile image

      mortified 7 years ago

      happened to me this morning and I found this thread because my husband googled "why would a 30 year old woman pee in bed?" I'm mortified. I was so embarrased as I was cleaning the bed that I was crying in shame. It does help a little to know that I'm not alone and just pray that it never happens again!

    • profile image

      huh? 7 years ago

      Same thing just happened to me but mine was weird I overflowed the toliet so then I had to go in the sink yeah but it weird cuz u said It turns out dreaming that you are peeing is a sign that relief from a difficult situation may happen soon but its kinda of ironic cause later after I woke up my grandpa told me we didn't have to mow the grass today "cause it was gonna be my first day" because it rain'd I don't think i was really stresses about but could I of possibly been? I'm 13 btw.

    • profile image

      Kay 7 years ago

      I've had dreams that I'm peeing all the time, but I always wake up in time to go.

      ...Except for last night. I woke up and surprise, peed myself. I still had to pee, so thankfully i didn't pee all the way out, but still, embarrassing for a 19-year-old.

    • profile image

      dot 7 years ago

      I am 61 years old yes I have many problems of dreaming I am in the bahroom and end up wetting the bed. this has been going on for many years now. I feel so bad when my partner gets wet along with me. I did not know so many people have or had had the same problem. It is time for me to seek help. I am too glad that I am not along. I also sleep so close to the edge of the bed,so I don't wet my parthner, one turn and I might find myself on the floor.

    • profile image

      wtf 7 years ago

      it happened to me this morning i was dreaming that i was pissing and woke up a little to late to stop i was like wtf im 30 years old and just wet the bed. So know i feel like theres something wrong with me, thank god i wasn't with girlfriend or that shit would really be bad, but i hope that never happens again. I wonder if theres a medical condition for it.

    • profile image

      Vita 7 years ago

      This just happened to me on my 34th birthday. I was dreaming I was sitting in a lawn chair around a camp fire with a bunch of friends and i just started peeing... and wouldn't stop..even though I knew how inappropriate it was. I thought it was strange and managed to wake up. No saving any for later... it was a very wet bed and so embarassing. This has happened to me a few times in my old age!! (c:

      Glad to know i am not alone

    • profile image

      Guddy 7 years ago

      I forgot to mention, I'm 18 years old at this moment.

    • profile image

      Guddy 7 years ago

      This was the weirdest thing that has happened to me in years. I haven't wet my bed since I was like, 6 years old, if not younger! This morning, I had this dream about a deep conversation with someone and then suddenly I run to the bathroom to use the toilet and it felt so real. Next thing I know, I wake up in my bed, pants all wet! Or well.. almost. Lucky me, the time of the month being, I still had a night pad on in case it wasn't over so it absorbed most of the wetness! I still feel really emberassed but also the urge to tell someone how weird it was!

    • profile image

      johna 7 years ago

      Yep, just happened to me this morning. This actually isn't the first time though. This is probably the fifth or fourth time in my life.

    • profile image

      Alex 7 years ago

      I'm 24 and the same thing happened to me today for the first time of my adult life. I let it go but I stopped it before it was too late. I wet myself but I was able to stop and save the bed. Then I went to the bathroom to let the rest of it go.

      I know about this chemical. During REM sleep (when dreams occur) there is a chemical that disables the nervous system temporarily so as to avoid embarrassing situations like that one and to keep you safe from yourself.

      I am on a harsh antibiotic and antimycotic treatment because of a serious sinusitis I have so I guess the two situations may be connected somehow.

    • profile image

      cycle man 7 years ago

      Yeay, now at 25 I thought I was reverting back to my childhood ways by dreaming about pissing in my bed and actually doing it, curious about this chemical that keeps you from moving. I was dreaming that I was pissing on someones lawn, and then I kept dreaming, finally the cold piss on my pjs must have awoken me from a really good sleep and dream.....then I was pissed HAHA, that I pissed myself.

    • profile image

      Curios 7 years ago

      Is there a psychological reason for this?

    • profile image

      reply to you 7 years ago

      yes just did that last night and wanted to see if anyone else had the same problem and apparently they do... i have only done this 2 times in the last year... so its weird I guess

    • profile image

      Curious 7 years ago

      I've experienced the same thing. One minute I'm having a conversation and the next moment I am running for a bathroom and when I think I've found it and relief myself I start to feel the wetness and before I realize what is going on it's already too late. I'm a teenager in high school and imagine how embarassing this is! I don't don't know what to do. When I was 12 it used to happen to my older sister who was 22 at the time. I used to think she was discusting. I'm the discusting one now.

    • profile image

      Mark` 7 years ago

      lol, yea don't worry bout it happens wen you have sex in you dreams, you'll release, my sister once woke up spitting because she was spitting on a fire in her dreams... its actually not a psychological problem,it's chemical, its happened prolly twice in my entire life, wit pissing n e ways, even more about other activities like punching and havin sex, but a lack of a certain chemical, (that prevents you from moving) may be the problem, i forgot what it waz called, but do some research... i learned this a long time ago...people who have it really bad may even sleep it waz just an unlucky coincidence that you were takin a nothing to freak out about

    • profile image

      kyle 8 years ago

      But what's even weirder is I'm like half awake and half asleep... I know sort of what's going on, but yet im just laying there waiting to finnish pissing. and I still just lay there soaked in piss lol

    • profile image

      kyle 8 years ago

      Adam B. that is so fricking weird I just had one of those pissing dreams and I whent to get some stain removers... turns out that is only for carpets so now there is a gaint white spot in the middle of a black sheet... that and I do "Cumsie" a lot to for the same reason lol

    • MellasViews profile image

      MellasViews 8 years ago from Earth

      lol... Proud Mom... that must have been so embarassing!!!! But yeah, I would have thought that your bladder broke. I dunno why they ran though! Gez, they should have seen if you needed help!!! Some people! lol.

    • Proud Mom profile image

      Proud Mom 8 years ago from USA

      Just for the record, it's not a good idea to stand in the hardware aisle at Wal-Mart during the Christmas rush 8 months pregnant when the baby decides to suddenly karate chip your bladder. I've never seen men run so fast in all my life. I choose to believe they thought it was my water breaking as I went into labor, not what had REALLY happened.

      Okay, I'm done now.

    • Proud Mom profile image

      Proud Mom 8 years ago from USA

      SurvivePrison and Pam, I'm typing from the floor because I'm still laughing!

      I remember as a kid, probably 5-6 years old, my mom rearranged the furniture in my room one day. I apparantly slept-walked that night the usual route to the bathroom, and woke to find myself pottying in my doll's bed.

      Not the same, but kinda. I have to go check out SurvivePrison's stuff now.

    • MellasViews profile image

      MellasViews 8 years ago from Earth

      lol... you guys are hilarious... nocturnal emissions!!!!! That's a damn good title...... Adam...cumsies. lol.... !!!!!

    • profile image

      Adam B 8 years ago

      I have dreams ALL THE TIME that I am pissing, and pissing and pissing some more, then I wake up. I never have actually peed on myself or the bed, but I have to go like a racehorse on steroids.

      On another note, only once in a great while I have a dream where I am banging hot chicks and make cumsies in my underpants. It's always a huge load too. Those are the best!

    • Pam Roberson profile image

      Pam Roberson 8 years ago from Virginia

      Oh no Mellas! Your poor cousin! That is so hysterical, but it must have been incredibly embarrassing!

      LOL @ Lisa...nocturnal emissions! I guess that would be like farting under the covers? ;)

    • LisaStar profile image

      LisaStar 8 years ago from New England

      That's it people.. in my next life, I want to be born with boy bits.

      Speaking of boy bits.. wouldn't a funny alternative to this hub's title be "Nocturnal Emissions"??




    • MellasViews profile image

      MellasViews 8 years ago from Earth

      lol. Pam that's hilarious. My cousin just had a baby, and at the gym the other day to try and burn off some baby weight... she was on the treadmill and pissed all over the thing as soon as she started running.

      OMG. I felt so bad for her...

    • Jerilee Wei profile image

      Jerilee Wei 8 years ago from United States

      This is a common thing that happens, especially to patients in the hospital, who can at least blame it on the drugs.

    • Pam Roberson profile image

      Pam Roberson 8 years ago from Virginia

      Yes, Mellas, this has happened to me too. Gosh it's embarrassing, and I give you MAJOR props for doing a hub about it! :D

      Equally embarrassing is what happens to some women after they have kids. Sometimes all you have to do is bend over or sneeze and you wet your pants. lol! I remember playing twister with my kids once, and I bent over to do the 'right hand red' thing and suddenly...wee wee in my pants. Sheesh, I didn't even feel like I had to go. *blush* My kids were like, "Gawd mom, get some Depends already!" Oh well.

    • profile image

      C. C. Riter 8 years ago

      yer right ha, ha, hee hee haw! we're still monkeys ain't we?

    • MellasViews profile image

      MellasViews 8 years ago from Earth

      lol CC... I bet when we lived in trees, we just pee'd... right from our branches. lol.

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 8 years ago

      LOL nice one

    • profile image

      C. C. Riter 8 years ago

      Yes! I hate that! I also had sexual encounters in dreams that caused real wet dreams. Long time ago. You're not alone. I think it is a remnant of when we slept in trees.

    • surviveprison profile image

      surviveprison 8 years ago from New York

      I too have had this dream - and to the passengers in my car, I am truly sorry.

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