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Invisible Biting Mites and Black Mold

Updated on April 12, 2017
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I didn’t believe I could have black mold in my home, but it turns out I did. This is how I dealt with getting rid of it.

It’s black mould spores. It absolutely is.

They seem to give you small mosquito-bite-like welts and crawling, pinprick sensations. It gets everywhere and makes your home attractive to whatever opportunistic springtails, mites, or gnats happen to be passing by.

I didn’t believe it at first. Then I read a blog in which the author described finding toxic mould in her humidifier, and I thought, "But I don’t have a humidifier, or even air conditioning! My house seems dry as a bone." But as the various remedies and daily bleachings/launderings had no effect, I thought it might be worthwhile having a hunt. And lo, on the bottom of the fridge (which has a dodgy door that doesn’t always shut properly) was a layer of black/dark green mould.

My symptoms started in April (we’re in France so that’s the start of the warmer weather): tiny, pinprick sensations while in different areas around the house. In our bed and on sofas there was dust that felt like itching powder. I also felt these unnerving crawling sensations on my bum whenever I sat on the sofa or on upholstered/wooden/rattan chairs, or on my back while in bed at night.

What really flummoxed me was how quickly I would feel crawling when I sat on a chair. How could anything get through my clothing to be right up against my skin so fast? I can’t imagine a worm/nematode moving so swiftly, or even a springtail (don’t they move by jumping?). It has to be a dust mite, or perhaps a spore (but, eww, can they crawl with intent?! Yikes.). Whatever it was definitely wanted to be anywhere on my body it was moist and warm!

At first the crawling and bites were the worst part. But in late September, after I had blitzed the house in a bleach-cleaning frenzy (it was also around the time the weather got cooler and drier), I felt invisible, midge-like things flying at my face at night. It was difficult to sleep. My young kids would wake up, unsettled by the itching, and I’d lie awake for the rest of the night, my mind reeling and roiling, feeling like I was under attack by thousands of miniscule dust-like insects, some flying, some crawling.

My car became infested, and also my chair at work. At the height of the affliction, I would feel crawling sensations in my trousers, as well as on my face and hair, and once something flying into my eyes.

There was definitely something physical there. I remember the occasional colleague swatting at their face when they came to talk to me, or blinking something out of their eye all of a sudden. But whatever it was, it was nearly impossible to make out. I did notice the odd tiny hair or particle of dust floating off me with more propulsion than you’d expect from a bit of hair or dust. It was usually in the corner of my vision, and would sort of ping off lazily and float away.

Anyway, long story short: After almost seven months, we located the mould, cleaned it off with vinegar, and that night, for the first time in ages, my family and I all slept through until morning. Not a whimper from the dogs, who usually yelped and barked between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. (when the spores and fungus-eating mites were most active). I lay in my bed, just somehow knowing that it was over, that I wasn’t going to feel any more symptoms.

The next day in the kitchen I felt some stirrings in my freshly cleaned trousers as I sat on a wooden chair, but it was hugely subdued compared with what I’d felt before. It struck me that naturally, there would still be mould spores around the house and undoubtedly it would take time before my family’s bodies could detoxify enough to stop attracting the bugs (if there even were bugs).

I was the member of the family being most attacked. So, for about a fortnight leading up to the mould revelation I had put myself on a strict anti-candida diet, cutting out carbs and sugar. I felt and looked so much better. Now, my symptoms are occasional and faint. For the past two nights my bed has been an oasis of tranquil inactivity. Now it's focused in one of my children's bedrooms and also that of my partner. I'm hoping it's down to straggler spores, but I'm ready to tear up the floorboards to look for more mould, if the symptoms continue.

Getting Rid of Mold in My Home

  • Note: Be careful not to disturb the mold itself until the specialists arrive. Also, try to avoid fluctuations in temperature or humidity in the affected area. The last thing you want is more spores being released into your home.
  • For cleaning other areas, I found natural detergent from the organic shop to be far more effective that bleach on the floors. The bottle I bought had clove, eucalyptus and pine essential oils in. It smelled so much better than horrible bleach. It was almost a pleasure to mop!
  • I wrapped the mattresses in plastic sheeting and taped it up. I also put the pillows in plastic bags, taping them shut too. Luckily we have removable covers on the sofa, so I bagged up the cushions and put the covers back over them.
  • I regularly rubbed down surfaces with a bleachy damp cloth (esp windowsills, aiming at snaffling a few springtails)
  • I went a bit mad on laundry, and this was definitely overkill, but I put worn clothing into two binbags to be washed—one dark (to soak in ammonia first) and one light (to soak in bleach). The pre-soaks had good results on my crawly trousers, but it never lasted, as they’d become infected from car/office/wherever within a day. I found a large plastic bucket really helped here, to create an ordered system in the bath/washroom and free up the bath.
  • I also closed the bedroom doors at night because the cats would come and sleep on our beds and I could literally feel the mites/spores hopping off them and on to me.
  • I stayed away from the sofas as much as possible, also kept iPad/iPhone/laptop activity to a minimum, especially in bed, as this attracted the flying things.

Mold in the bathroom.
Mold in the bathroom.

Getting Rid of Mold in My Body

Some of the things I tried that seemed to work:

[Note from two years later: I now believe that the mould infection was purely external (i.e., in the house/walls and not in our bodies. I got the body invasion idea from a bunch of terrifying online chatrooms that seemed to be discussing something different). So these treatments might not be necessary.]

  • Teaspoon of colloidal silver three times a day (wow, the die-off symptoms were mind-blowing – two days of migraine-like headaches kicked in on Day 3 and two revolting hives appeared on one thigh. Something disgusting was definitely dying in my stomach.)
  • Teaspoon of turmeric powder each night (moving on to a mixture of turmeric, cinnamon and clove) swilled about in some water and knocked back with great stoicism
  • Fermented cabbage juice: half a glass twice a day (easy to make yourself)
  • No alcohol (well, I couldn’t quite manage that of course, and paid for it the following two days with a spike in symptoms)
  • I also took a multivitamin tablet every night, along with a B vitamin complex tablet and capsule of powdered Apple Cidre Vinegar (knocking back a mouthful of the liquid would probably be more powerful though)
  • I drank herbal teas. Pau D’arco and a floral blend that promised to treat candida
  • I ate well: fish, green veg, plenty of water
  • I took a daily "spore-be-gone" capsule (ordered from Amazon) with lunch each day
  • Colloidal silver, cabbage juice and clove oil (on the skin) were the clinchers, though. Possibly also the turmeric/spices (hard to know as I was doing everything at once). I really felt my body chemistry change

On my skin, I used:

  • Organic coconut oil
  • Garnier 7-day body moisturiser with L-Bifidus (curiously, the same thing that fights candida in your gut)
  • Clove essential oil: a drop or two added to moisturiser before bed kept the biting/crawling at bay amazingly well.

The detox diet I followed:

  • Cutting out carbs, sugar and yeast helped enormously. It doesn't have to be forever, just until you get the mold-induced "candida" in your stomach under control. (Long-term exposure to toxic mold leads to chemical imbalances and yeast overgrowth.)
  • Cut down alcohol consumption.
  • Plenty of green vegetables, fish, and chicken.
  • Bulgar wheat is a good (if uninspiring) alternative to pasta, rice, and bread.
  • Plenty of garlic and spices.
  • Lots of liquid, preferably something antifungal, such as Pau D'arco tea.


  • Apple cider vinegar capsules.
  • Spore-be-gone capsules.
  • Neem capsules.
  • Coconut oil capsules.
  • Fermented cabbage juice.
  • Lemon juice and baking soda.
  • Turmeric powder (one teaspoon a day).
  • B Vitamins.
  • Vitamin C.

For the kids:

  • Grapefruit seed extract in liquid form (easier to sneak into their fruit juice).
  • MSM powder mixed in with juices.
  • Colloidal silver, also mixed with drinks (I put a bit in the cat's water too).
  • Sweet multivitamins.

In the bath:

  • Apple cider vinegar (one cup).
  • Baking soda is also good.
  • MSM powder.
  • Clove essential oil.

And on the mold itself:

  • White vinegar and clove oil
  • Again, be careful not to disturb the mold itself until the specialists arrive.

Final Thoughts

Anyway, that’s where I am so far. I think I’ve cracked it, although will expect a slow and bumpy road to total recovery. Now I'm focusing on detoxing the family innards, with supplements, veg-heavy meals, probiotic yoghurts, a bit of fermented cabbage juice snuck into the kids' apple juice. I read somewhere that grapefruit seed extract is good for this kind of detox, so I'll try that too.

My partner is still feeling crawling in his bed (which I vacated weeks ago to make myself a test subject in my own bedroom/lab) and I’m still feeling a much subdued version at my desk. So we'll see.

I’ll let you know if this turns out to be a blind alley. But in the meantime, have hope, all ye in peril on this sea of madness. Be strong, be kind to yourselves, try to get out of the house and distract yourselves with the good things in life. But, most importantly, find that mould!

Update: Two Years On

We cracked it.

After we persuaded the landlord to remove the mould from the walls, things cleared up. There was heaps of the horrible stuff apparently, though hidden beneath layers of paint and wallpaper) and it was a big cleanse-and-replaster job. Two months later and the crawly, nippy sensations were gone, as was the feeling that tiny invisible bugs were landing on you at night.

We lived another year in that house, all the while jumping at every mosquito bite or tiniest itch, ever expecting it all to return, but it never did. We now live in another house, and though I sometimes feel itches from my mattress, sofa and carpet, it's nothing like the plague of invisible insects we experienced before.

We still talk about it and wonder what on earth it all was, and how we managed to survive it. I know you're probably, like me, reading all the horror stories online about morgellons and weird bacterial infections - but I now believe it really was all external and simply related to a bad case of mould. It got into our clothes and sheets and unholstery, but I don't think it affected us internally as much as I was convinced it was doing at the time. (I know I wrote in my original uncorrected post that 'it gets into your blood' - I wish I could erase that hysterical assumption, as it'll only cause further alarm to the poor people suffering the same thing.) As soon as the mould was gone, our symptoms cleared up.

I think we carry a sensitivity to it (apparently it's normal to be 'sensitised' by exposure to certain types of mould, and I do believe the type we dicovered - chaetomium - is particularly insidious/virulent) - which is why I now itch at first contact with dust mites in carpets and fabrics.

A word on the dust mites: I have a theory that they were instrumental in spreading the mould around our house and into mattresses, sofa cushions etc. According to yet more stuff I read on the web, dust mites adore mould and their population size rockets when they find a source of it to eat. They don't digest it though, so it sort of circulates through their bodies and back into and around the house, delightfully. I think that's why we still feel the odd tickle in bed. That or it's all the diatomaceous earth I rubbed into the mattress!

Another thought I had: around the same time as the symptoms started, we came into contact with a nest of processionary caterpillars, those furry little beasts who live in a candy-floss-like nest at the top of pine trees (we live in France). They came down the tree in April and after my daughter and I came into contact with them in the garden, we both came out in spots for a week or so. The little caterpillar hairs got into our laundry and continued itching and bothering us for a month. I don't know if it's related, but worth mentioning.


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    • profile image

      Kevin 5 weeks ago

      If you had mold, does that mean your office did too?

    • profile image

      Meesh 3 months ago

      We had an exterminator check our house he found nothing.

      I have sprayed it seems to aggravate the situation. I cannot sit on our sofa. I can sit in our wooden rocker. If I stand near the sofa its like I am being attacked by invisible bugs. My husband feels nothing biting him. I ich and burn. Even my scalp. I feel like I'm losing my mind!

    • profile image

      Elly 3 months ago

      OMG...I LOVE YOU..XOXOXO..I not off my Cobb.. I have been dealing with dust living in my hair attacking me at nite (I sleep with a shower cap on my head secured by spirit gum) for the last 15months..My primary care Dr. has given up on drug testing me an willnt prescribe me my depression meds until my flying biting stinging itching dust stops following me...We knew we had mould ...we been working on gutting an renovation.. Even the Dermatologist walks backwards when I arrive.. I am infested with dust and horrible gross pimple rashes.. Ive only left the house for Dr. appt. For 7mos now I have not seen my friends I took LOA from work..Thank god my 2 children live out of state...I will be a Primary care as soon as I print this article out..I surmise the good ole Dr. will need the pee I feel for you this is hell on earth besides loosing a daughter 3yrs ago....thank you thank you for writing this article..

    • profile image

      Zorro 4 months ago

      Try a ozone generator. At 100mg/h in your bedroom you will be amazed as I did! This is a Global problem. As I can feel, there has been increasing the number of people infected with this stuff. It's a relief to know how to easily desinfect your house, clothes, car and workplace. Merry Christmas!

    • profile image

      Diana Lynne 4 months ago

      You can't imagine the joy I felt when I read this; thank God for you! I'm going on 18 mos. dealing with this issue, exactly as you have so articulately described. My family doesn't believe me, and chock it up to my mental illness (bipolar/borderline personality disorder/severe anxiety/chronica

    • profile image

      Jenna 4 months ago

      This is almost precisely what I have been battling for the past decade. There seems to be no easy fix other than the drastic lifestyle overhaul you described above. In addition to the parasitic activity, I have had IBS/Candida/SIBO symptoms for the past few years which has made things even harder. Please update if you have any more break throughs.

      Have you ever had the bugs ID'ed?

      Other things that have helped tremendously:

      - epsom salt baths relieve itchiness, as does prolonged time in saltwater/ocean

      - FAR infrared sauna

      - fasting

      - liver flushes (

      - Lufenuron (available online)

      - avoidance of sugars, stimulants like caffeine and nicotine, high fodmap foods, etc

      - enemas seem to help a bit

      - plenty of sleep

      - anything that boosts the immune system

    • profile image

      Steve 4 months ago

      This is exactly what happened to me except it started living in me and I now have lung problem. I found mold under my brand new bed. It started out as yellow. Dermatologist tested it after I swabbed it. I think I have mold in my lung from the bug. Did you have any suggestions?

    • profile image

      Anna levis 5 months ago

      The trichothecene mycotoxins produced by toxic black mold are neurotoxic. This means they can kill neurons in the brain and impair a person’s mental ability. They also cause nervous disorders such as tremors and can cause personality changes such as mood swings and irritability.


      (1) Confusion

      (2) Brain fog

      (3) Shortened attention span

      (4) Difficulty concentrating and paying attention

      (5) Slowed reflexes

      (6) Disorientation

      (7) Dizziness

      (8) Memory loss and memory problems

      (9) Impaired learning ability

      (10) Hallucinations

      (11) Shock

      (12) Anxiety

      (13) Depression

      (14) Aggression and other personality changes

      (15) Tingling

      (16) Trembling

      (17) Shaking

      (18) Seizure

      (19) Numbness


    • profile image

      miranda 5 months ago

      have all the symptoms and more but the one i most don't understand is my hair moves on its own i have video and other people can see it too,creatures in my skin have pictures and video other people can see them too,i feel like this is going to be the death of me i loved wish black mold orange mold and mice had fun famous through my things in storage before i got them,I'm too my weird end

    • profile image

      SarahD 7 months ago

      It must be mould spores - as its only happening at night & bird mite or similar would be constant - but it seems to be invisible.. and at night -no bites during the day !!!

    • profile image

      Agree with story 8 months ago

      WOW, this happen to me as well and it is mold spores, I kept complaining and complaining, bug expert came out and told me to see a doctor, I was not crazy, it was every where, job, car, home, garge. I spent over $1000 trying to get rid of what I thought was mites or fleas.

      But the only thing that was different, was any a paper or plastic I had became infested immediately, I could not touch it, it burned or I could feel that crawling, and always on my private parts.

      I ended up throwing away every thing and just bagging my clothes, I kept complaining to landlord something was wrong. I had throw away all electronics as well.

      After moving out of the apartment, it was relief, but I did have in car and office. I started reading, I had several leaks from the apartment above with air condition, so I believe the mold was in the ceiling above me, I saw I little black mold and showed land lord, they just sprayed painted whole ceiling.

      I always wonder why, restoration was always cleaning out ceiling of some of the the other apartments. Now we know, mold.

      Now living in a new place, I brought the spores, but bought, lysol spray and to air filters. And will get total steam carpet cleaning.

      The person, talking about mites, wrong. In my home I was the only one complaining the whole time. Others in home, just slept. When at work, some people sit right down in chairs no problem, but others would sit down and jump right back up.

      I will spray my files at work with lysol and bought an air filter for office. All I know, was bug experts said there was no bugs. I lived in my apartment for 4 years and for 4 years, people above me apartments would leak into my apartment. My last year there, I just suffered.

      So if you a crawling sensation, and cannot see anything, search your house for mold. Because, mold spreads the spores and then you feel like something is biting you, have welps like bites. and feel like something is crawling on you, but you cannot see it at all.

    • profile image

      ClintFromNYtoVA 9 months ago

      After eliminating the possibility of a mite infestation and determining I had inhaled alternaria mold I was getting the same crawly stinging sensation. I began a course of Fluconazole and eventually added Doxycicline to convert the Fluconazole from fungistatic to fungicidal as per an NIH study. By the time I added 100 mg of Doxy I was up to 30o mg Flu both AM and PM taking it at the same time on an empty stomach. The first 5 days of doxy were uncomfortable but then became tolerable. Secondary infections from long term exposure were cleared by the doxy. There was a course of 11 days of 100 mg itaconazole which preceded Fluconazole which cleared up my left eye bio film. Prior to that the doctor prescribed a 14 day course of terbinifine which had some effect on a posterior muscle behind the eye an hour after taking. But the terbinafine did not clear it and antifungal creams did little. A second course of 15 days high dose terbinafine was prescribed by the doctor. It stopped responding and got worse on day 8. I determined it must be systemic. I plan to continue the Fluconaxole / doxy regimen for 1 month after symptoms are gone which will be in one week. Many molds exist as dimorphic and cause yeast infections in the body. Luckily I live in a land where obtaining these medications are not difficult.

    • profile image

      Pestil 9 months ago

      Triclosan powder will help treat your body and home to eliminate these mites. Find it on ebay

    • profile image

      Richard Snyder 9 months ago

      read David Bourke's story for the answer. (I've been thru it all myself, my problem is different as I have parrots)


    • profile image

      Dianne shore 21 months ago

      Omg my daughter is going through the same in a rental. It has been happening for a few months now thought it was dust mites got pest guy to come but he could not see anything as there is mould on bathroom walls but he did it look there thank u as my daughter is going mad

    • profile image

      tammiewalker51 23 months ago

      The spores an mites have to loosee hair my fingers hurt all the time ive had shingles, cellulites , terribe anxiety atacks my family thinks im crazy, my work place thinks on drugs im gonna loose my job im broje from not workin those mean mites bite me all the time I think yhey are gonna kill me a doctor told me I need t


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