How to Treat an Itchy Ear Canal

Updated on March 23, 2017
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Learn why your ear itches, how to stop it, and how to prevent your ear(s) from itching in the future.
Learn why your ear itches, how to stop it, and how to prevent your ear(s) from itching in the future.

There is nothing more irritating and distracting than an itch in your ear. Anyone who has ever suffered from this common ailment knows how frustrating it is.

It seems as though the only feeling of relief comes from scratching or probing with fingers or q-tips. While this may bring temporary comfort, it is actually a very harmful way to tackle the problem. Thankfully there are plenty of safe ways to make your ear canals itch-free zones.

Don't let this get the better of you. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best treatments and the preventative actions you can take to ensure that your ears stay itch-free in future.

What Is an Itchy Ear?

An itchy ear canal is often the result of an inflamed or flaky skin condition that happens when the sensitive skin inside the ear becomes damaged, waterlogged or infected with bacteria or fungus.

Medical professionals refer to it as Otitis Externa. Along with the itching sensation, symptoms can include dry flaky skin, soreness, pain, and a watery discharge that emits an odor.

The condition is pretty common and won't endanger your hearing. In fact, the biggest threat to your hearing comes from the use of objects that you might use to scratch inside your ear. If you're guilty of this, stop now.

Scratching will only serve to inflame the delicate skin inside the ear which will actually increase the itching sensation even more—it's a vicious cycle. Furthermore you could seriously damage your eardrum, either by rupturing it or by inadvertently packing earwax tightly against it.

Before determining the best source of treatment, it's important to familiarize yourself with some of the causes. This will help you to identify how the problem started in the first place. Read on to find out what these causes are.

Shampoo, hair products, cotton balls, and/or cotton swabs may be causing your ears to itch.
Shampoo, hair products, cotton balls, and/or cotton swabs may be causing your ears to itch.

Common Causes of Itchy Ear Canal

There are many reasons why you might have an itch in your ear. Here are some of the main culprits:

  1. Fungal infections. Are you prone to fungal infections in other parts of your body, such as your feet or groin area? It is possible for fungus to infect the ear canal too.
  2. Skin conditions. Do you suffer from any other skin complaints such as eczema or psoriasis? Unfortunately, skin conditions like these can easily spread to the ear canal.
  3. Swimming. Swimmers tend to be in the high-risk category for developing an itchy ear. So, if you swim regularly this is something to watch out for. Water can carry germs and fungus into the ear which can then lead to infection, especially if the skin inside the ear is broken or damaged. Swimming can also create excess moisture which can create a breeding ground for bacteria, causing infections like Swimmer's Ear (which can also be caused by other conditions like excess earwax or damaging health practices like extensive use of Q-tips).
  4. Ear infection. Itching is often one of the first symptoms of ear infections, which can have many different causes.
  5. Dry skin. If your ears don't produce enough wax, your may have dry skin in your ears which can cause them to itch. Itching them, in turn, may cause them to itch even more.
  6. Q-tips or cotton buds. Using q-tips or cotton buds a big no-no. The ear is well equipped to clean itself, but if you find that wax or other debris is persistently present in your ears, there are safer and more productive ways to clean them. The problem with using q-tips is that you risk damaging the soft skin inside the ear. This is an open invitation for bacteria to invade. You also risk pushing the earwax against the eardrum.
  7. Weather conditions. Weather conditions, namely warmer temperatures, may be causing your itchy ears. Do you live somewhere with a hot and humid climate? The increased water in the air raises your chances of developing an infection. Fungal infections in particular thrive in warm, humid conditions.
  8. Hair or bath products. Do you regularly use products such as hairspray, shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath, styling gel, or hair dye? The residue from these products can easily get inside the ear during a bath or shower and cause irritation which leads to itching.
  9. Allergies. Do you suffer from allergies (namely dust, food products, pets, or pollen)? The histamine release that is triggered by the allergen and causes a runny nose and red puffy eyes might also be responsible for the itch in your ear canal.
  10. Trauma to ear canal. People who frequently itch the inside of their ear, use q-tips, or itch their ear with things like bobby pins, tooth picks, or paper clips might accidentally damage the sensitive skin inside their ears, which can in turn cause more itching or infection, which will also cause itching.

Mixing a solution of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol is a good home remedy for the itch in your ears.
Mixing a solution of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol is a good home remedy for the itch in your ears.

Treatment and Prevention

Although an outer ear infection or itchy ear canal will sometimes clear up by itself, it is a problem that can often be stubborn and persistent. The best approach is to think about

  • How you are going to treat it and also
  • How you will prevent it from happening again.

Treatment falls into two stages:

  1. Stopping the itch, and
  2. Clearing up the infection or skin condition.

Firstly, if you are having ongoing ear issues, you should consult a doctor so that she can clean your ear if necessary and prescribe ear drops. You'll likely need to see an ENT specialist (ear, nose, and throat). Your doctor might also take a swab of your ear canal to determine whether fungus is present. Results from a swab usually take a few days to come back.

What happens next depends on the underlying condition:

  • Your doctor may prescribe you ear drops. Ear drops will contain a minimum of two active ingredients: 1. An ingredient such as hydrocortisone that will quickly subdue the itching and any resultant swelling, and 2. An antibiotic to kill the bacteria which causes the infection.
  • If you are diagnosed with having a fungal infection, your doctor might also prescribe anti-fungal drops or ointment as well.
  • You may be prescribed a steroid cream or lotion to use on an on-going basis to prevent itching and earwax build-up.
  • You may get swimmer's ear drops to treat the various factors contributing to swimmer's ear.
  • You may also get oral antibiotics if your ear infection is accompanied by fever or blood or pus draining from your ear.
  • It may be recommended that you change lifestyle habits, such as the kind of shampoo, earplugs, or earbuds you use. It may also be recommended that you start new habits, such as wearing earplugs while swimming or working out to prevent moisture build up.

Whilst using ear drops prescribed by your doctor, you can start to take preventative measures to ensure that the itch and/or infection does not return (see below). Just because the ear drops have cleared up the problem, don't assume that it is incapable of coming back. Preventative action is an on-going process and the more vigilant you are, the greater chance you have of keeping your ear canal itch-free.

Note: Ask your doctor about long-term treatment and what all of your options are, including home remedies. It's possible that something you can do at home will work just as well as a prescription medicine and have the added benefit of being cheaper.

Home Remedies

For mild-to-moderate ear infections, especially those where pain is not a serious issue, you might want to try a home remedy before resorting to prescription drugs.

  • Rubbing alcohol and white vinegar.

One common method involves mixing one part rubbing alcohol with one part white vinegar (a 50:50 split). Use a pipette, dipper, or teaspoon and let the solution run into your ear by tilting your head to the side. Keep it inside for a few seconds before letting it drain back out onto a paper towel.

The alcohol and acetic acid in the vinegar will go to work on the infection and also help to clean your ear. Don't overuse this method because it can dry out the ear which will lead to more itching. Simply apply it once or twice a day until the infection has cleared.

  • Olive oil or coconut oil

Though not scientifically proven to be effective, some people say that putting a few drops of olive or coconut oil into the ear and letting it sit for a few minutes before letting it drain out on a weekly or bi-weekly basis can help prevent excess wax build-up.

  • Warm compress

Applying a warm compress to the ear may help ease the pain of the infection.

  • OTC pain medications

Over-the-counter pain medications like Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen may help reduce the pain as well while waiting for the ear to recover.

Letting a couple drops of olive oil into your ears (and then back out onto a paper towel) may help prevent itchy ears in the future.
Letting a couple drops of olive oil into your ears (and then back out onto a paper towel) may help prevent itchy ears in the future.


Take these precautions to lower the risk of developing an itchy canal again in future:

  1. Prevent excess liquid from entering. When showering or taking a bath, gently place a small amount of clean cotton ball over the entrance to your ears to prevent excessive water and bathing products such as bubble bath from getting inside. Be careful not to push the cotton too deeply and avoid it completely if you find that it irritates your skin.
  2. Purchase a swimming headband. If you go swimming, think about buying a swimming headband to keep your ears dry and free from the threat of fungus and bacteria. If you do get water inside your ear, try to drain it out by tilting your head to the side. As a last resort, you can use a hairdryer, providing you place it on the lowest setting and hold it about 50cm away from your ear. Do not use a hairdryer if the skin in your ear is broken or sore.
  3. Use olive oil in your ears. Clean your ears and prevent wax build up by using a little olive oil. Simply tip a small amount of olive oil onto a spoon, tilt your head to one side and let the oil run into your ear (if you find this difficult, you can ask somebody to help you or you could buy a dropper/pipette from your local drug store or chemist for a couple of dollars). Let the oil settle in your ear for a few minutes then tilt your head back up and let the excess oil drain out onto a paper towel. Repeat the process with the other ear and do this on a regular basis - maybe two or three nights every week before going to bed.The oil will also help to moisturize your ear canals and sooth the skin.
  4. Drain earwax. If you find that excess wax builds up inside your ears and the olive oil trick doesn't work, visit your doctor regularly so he can drain the wax. You can also buy wax-softening ear drops from your drugstore or chemist, but use these sparingly.
  5. Protect your ears in the shower or bath. This especially applies to products you use while showering or bathing. Try to avoid getting shampoo, hairspray, bubble bath, shower gel, or other chemical irritants into your ears.
  6. Be gentle with your ears. Always remember that the skin inside your ears is delicate and easily irritated. Never put anything hard inside your ears that might damage or antagonize the skin.
  7. Be careful with hearing aids and ear plugs. If you wear a hearing aid, try to wait until your ear canal is dry after showering before you put the aid back inside your ear. The same applies to ear plugs of any kind—including the ones you use to listen to music. If possible, avoid wearing hearing aids altogether until an itch or infection has completely cleared up.
  8. Controlling your allergies. If you suffer from dust, pollen or other allergies, reduce your exposure to allergens and take antihistamine medication when necessary.


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    • profile image

      snavej 6 weeks ago

      I don't want to use ear drops every day for the rest of my life. I will stick with gentle loose skin removal. It is pleasurable and doesn't cause problems when done properly. I've been doing it for 25 years and I'm fine.

    • profile image

      Jess 7 weeks ago

      Yay ever forgeting to go to the chemists for an ear dropper is not a problem! Five years ago is the first time I saw a doctor about itchy ears, who very quickly advised it was ezcema of the ear canal. He strongly recommended me to stop using earphones (I used to listen to music for over 6 hours a day) (so begged my parents for headphones that I've used since). I was advised to use oil olive treatment with a dropper.

      I'm kind of clumsly though and break droppers easily. I've a long histoty of sleep trouble too and I seem to notice itching and usually have noticed asbent-minded attempts to try to scratch the canal with my nails in the evenings and as my area has no pharmacy open in the evenings, I've keep forgetting for months to buy a dropper. It would not surprise me if scratching with fingers or cotton bud sweep (I figure at least I won't risk damaging the skin with my nails, I guess that is worse) has made my skin canal more vulnerable to infection, because I got mild swimmer's ear twice this year, I've only been to a pool about 10 times this year too, and these are the only ear infections I've ever gotton other then a bad ear infection that developed as a headcold complication as a teen. I've had increasingly itchty ears over about 6 months, realised that now using buds about 2 or 3 days, I don't seem to produce much ear wax at all and occassionally I see bits of scabbing on the cotton bud I just used. I've reprompted myself enough times to remember to focus on dealing with the itchy ears problem tonight, that I've remembered to add a calender to ring to book an appointment with a doctor my ears. So really glad to hear I can use a teaspoon for dispensing olive oil. Done that just now and that still itch and kind of hurt but also a lot of relief like the skin has been patiently waiting/begging for moisterisation!

    • profile image

      Susie 2 months ago

      Very helpful article. Did not realize I have been exasperating the situation with my itchy ears. Thought cleaning them with Q-tips was necessary to keep the itch at bay. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Grisbeck 3 months ago

      Yes this article was very very useful.

      Thank you .

    • profile image

      Freedom Jones 3 months ago

      Thanks for the information. Will try it and get back with you.

    • profile image

      GL 4 months ago

      I'm 20 and have been suffering with ear infections/ discharge/ itchy ears now for as long as I can remember. Ended up hospitalised for a week also because of a severe outer/inner and bone ear infection.

      My ears never stop itching! :( I get a lot of loose, runny wax discharge and dry flaky skin and have constantly either got my fingers in my ears, a cotton bud or a bobby pin.

      I know none of this is doing any long term good but as it gives me short term relief I've been continuing to scratch.

      This article is very informative unlike most and has given me the will power to stop itchy, and find a more natural remedy.

      My ENT consultant keeps advising to put Vaseline on cotton wool in the ear to keep it moisturised, but I always thought this would leave a moist breeding ground for infection? Any tips?

    • profile image

      JM 4 months ago

      Tea tree essential oil (rubbed onto external itchy ear areas) cured this for me in 2 applications. I had this itchy ear trouble for years and nothing else worked.

    • profile image

      Lori 4 months ago

      Yes.. Very Good information , Thank you

    • profile image

      Jack Sams 4 months ago

      I wear hearing aids & my ears itch????

    • profile image

      Indira Mukhopadhyay 5 months ago

      It is informative. My ears itch whenever I have throat infection due to allergy. I am sitting fine and suddenly years, nose throat starts itching violently and water starts fro nose and eyes, upper palate in mouth also starts itching until I take anti allergy pill. Then it subsides.It has become a daily routine. Can you help please?

    • profile image

      Cheryl Lanigan 5 months ago

      I found this article very helpful . It gave me great ideas .I like it a lot .

      Thank You Very Much.

    • profile image

      mhristau 5 months ago

      "Rubbing alcohol and white vinegar, 50:50 split"

      Since alcohol is available in several strengths, is there a preferable strength?

    • profile image

      gerrielynn 5 months ago

      Good article, covering several possible ear concerns. My ears itch several times a day and I see an ENT regularly. It can drive you crazy, that's for sure. I appreciate all the home remedy ideas!

    • profile image

      Rit B. 5 months ago

      Very good article. Thanks

    • profile image

      Mrs. Aifia 5 months ago

      Very good and very thorough and easy to understand.

    • profile image

      Ricky 5 months ago

      Thanks very helpful and thorough article

    • profile image

      Mr TRAORÉ 6 months ago

      Good article. Very helpful. I'm under the impression my itchy ear canal is as a result of soap getting in there when I'm taking a shower and me having to get the soap out using water and my fingers. Will definitely try the remedies listed here and see how they help.

    • profile image

      ERNEST GAULD 6 months ago

      Thank -you ,, very helpful

    • profile image

      Charles 6 months ago

      Thank you very much great article very helpful.

    • profile image

      Mary johnson 6 months ago

      This will not help an infected ear, but for just an itchy ear, rub your toung on your teeth rather hard on that side of your head and you will get some relief.

    • profile image

      Marilyn Swinger 6 months ago

      Yes, very helpful.

    • profile image

      Michael 7 months ago

      I wear ear buds when I run and sometimes I shower three times a day. My ears occasionally flake right at the outer ear. A pea size dollop a couple times a day applied with a Q-tip for a week after a breakout usually nips it in the bud.

    • profile image

      Jenn 7 months ago

      You don't "itch" your ear, you scratch it.

    • profile image

      Dennis Monday 7 months ago

      I want to say that I have been trying to figure out how to deal with my iche

    • profile image

      Rg 8 months ago

      It's nice to see an article that cites references.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 8 months ago from Norfolk, England

      I had an ear infection once and the doctor gave me ear drops for it. Thankfully it cleared up quite quickly.

    • profile image

      Daniel 8 months ago

      I don't know if my ear wax build-up is more than most people's but I remember being teased about it in high school.

      As such, been using Q-tips almost every day since. That might be the reason why my ears are itchy when I don't clean them. I've tried using drops of hydrogen peroxide a couple times now (lying on your side and putting in a few drops then waiting until the fizzing stops, 5-15 min per ear) and it seems to work well, the itching stops for a few days. I'll have to try some of the other methods in this article, see how they compare.

    • profile image

      L S Parker 8 months ago

      I've had itchy ears inside off and on for years, and finally figured out what is most likely causing the problem! I realized that with my short hair (for 70 years!!) my HAIR DRYER was drying my ears out too much! I started putting cotton gently into my ear when I dry my hair and eureka! the itching stopped.

    • profile image

      Nad 9 months ago

      I'm so happy I found this article and I'm kind of glad I'm not the only one going through this. I've been suffering for nearly 20 years now.. I know it started from digging my ears with q tips. My ears are sensitive now and I've created the itch cycle. I've tried every cream, steroid, olive oil etc.. and don't get me wrong some have received the itch, but what I've noticed is I've now created a habit. I've noticed that even when my ears are not itching I now go to put my finger or object to my ear to start something and even when I'm stressed or anxious about something I will go to my ear. It's been a nightmare. Everyday is a challenge.

    • profile image

      tayl5 9 months ago

      My name is Brian and I have itchy ears...

      Over the past ten years I've put everything you can think of in my ears trying to get the itch to stop, including most of the things mentioned in this article. What worked for me is Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Therapy Cream with Aloe. It's not greasy (olive oil in your ears is nasty), it doesn't burn (like many skin creams), it's inexpensive (giant tubes for a few bucks on Amazon) and it doesn't smell (like vinegar and alcohol). It also doesn't permanently solve the problem, but a quick application 3-4 times a day makes it manageable. It also works very well on dry hands. Good luck!

    • profile image

      janet 10 months ago

      great answer very helpful

    • profile image

      ItchyDeb 10 months ago

      Yes, this article described my symptoms perfectly and the itching is very bad; I plan to try some of the home remedies. Thanks.

    • profile image

      John 10 months ago

      I have had this problem for years. I went to my doctor and he prescribed an ointment called Fluocinonide. I apply it with a q-tip and it begins to work immediately. I know when to reapply because the itch resumes, usually about ten days later. It works very well for me. The drug, however, is a pharmacist's dream, it does not cure the problem. Fortunately the ointment is not very expensive and the tube lasts for a long time. Perhaps the solutions in this column will work for you. If not, give Fluocinonide a try. It works and beats playing around with home cures that don't work for you.

    • profile image

      BobbyC 10 months ago

      I have been having severe ear itch problems for the past three years and this is the best article I have read concerning my condition so far. I am going to follow the written advice in hopes that my condition can be curedd.Thank you

    • profile image

      Willypiggy 10 months ago

      I use q-tips and cotton balls and my fingers all the time. Now I don't know exactly,but this is helpful

    • profile image

      Elia 10 months ago

      Thank you this was very useful.

    • profile image

      Cricketgal 10 months ago

      Excellent article. Provided a good range of home remedies. When I went to my medical doctor it just check for wax and my hearing but did not address my itchy frustrating ears.

      Today is my birthday and this is the best birthday gift I could give myself in terms of my health. Olive oil with garlic will be my remedy. Thank you

    • profile image

      Helena 11 months ago

      It is most helpful

    • profile image

      Nida akbar 11 months ago

      Its a very helpfull article thanks

    • profile image

      Krissy 11 months ago

      Cheers itchy ears

    • profile image

      Sukaina 11 months ago

      Quite helpful.

      Thank you

    • profile image

      oobla1234 11 months ago

      Thank You

    • profile image

      Vimalkumar 11 months ago

      My grandma used to crush few fresh, clean mint leaves to extract its juice. Few drops of mint juice may work well in etchy ear condition.

      Find more at:

      Mentha arvensis (field mint (पुदीना/ Pudina,"Podina" in Hindi), (Urdu: پودینہ) wild mint, or corn mint)

      Menthol is widely used in dental care as a topical antibacterial agent, effective against streptococci and lactobacilli.

    • profile image

      B.J. 11 months ago

      Very useful, to the point, and clear. Thanks for writing.

    • profile image

      vicky 12 months ago

      This information is very useful because I have been using a hair pin to remove wax from my ear

    • profile image

      Palesa 12 months ago

      Very helpful

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      Noha 12 months ago


    • profile image

      DreamingFerrets 12 months ago

      I too am guilty of using bobby pins to ease the itching. I do it in secret because I'm ashamed, I know it's very dangerous for your ears. The first thing I do every morning is reach for a pin. I also enjoy having long nails so I can drag out the wax and stop the itching for a few moments. I'm 19 and I've been doing this for as long as I can remember, but now I am experiencing dull aches in both of my ears. No doubt from the trauma I've caused by itching. Now I am 100% committed to stop digging in my ears and try the natural solutions. From experience I know that using straight peroxide is very uncomfortable because the bubbles itch a million times worse than a regular itch. Good luck to all itchy ears!

    • profile image

      ipitamba 12 months ago

      I found this article most informative and helpful. Thank you.

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      Arabel 12 months ago

      good infos.. very helpful

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      jenybee 12 months ago

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      gordon gogo 12 months ago

      thank you for this very useful information

    • profile image

      Denise 12 months ago

      Omg thank god ive been suffering for a few years now and finally I just did the vinegar alcohol and I have relief ! Thank god thank this article .

    • profile image

      Vanvernard Bryant 12 months ago

      Found this very helpful. A have been suffering from itchy, flaking ears for several years now. The white skin like stuff falls out some times on my clothes. Also some times it feels like something crawling in my ear. Just want some relief.

    • profile image

      jamesdickinson 13 months ago

      Hi everyone, And thanks for this topic. It can help !

      - Have tried few products advised/ posted here but did not work for me...

      - Anyway, just came back, since i finally found a natural plant product , working good for me:


      - Got cured in few days, works great for me.

      my poor story...

      - I had crazy itchy ears crises every day, many times/day/night... calvary!

      - So long... 12+ years !

      - Went/check w/many doc/Ent ... all useless but lot's costs, yes!

      - All grandma's home remedies... guess what... again all useless!

      - Looking all over... finally found Oplantamednaturo ,it really released me.

      Thanks Mother Nature! Still doing great!

      - James Dickinson -

    • profile image

      jim 13 months ago

      I've had over production of wax in my ears for many years. I got in the habit of using a bobbypin to gently remove the stuff. in the last few months I have not been seeing as much of the wax but also both ears have become very itchy. I also have experienced a yeast infection for over half my life in my groin that was near impossible to control...drs holistics home remedies etc. did nothing. for no reason..praise the lord... the yeast infection just stopped. soon after, the itchy ears started. I had gotten tea tree oil for the yeast..was supposed to be antifungal. did not work...

      last night my ears were bothering me somewhat more than usual so I decided to try the tea tree oil on my ears. I soaked a qtip with the oil and gently coated my ear canals. it burned some but I have had no itching at all today which is not normal. maybe this is going to work.

    • profile image

      Sophie 14 months ago

      I'm a swimmer so I always get swimmers ear and I never know what to do so this article has really helped me thank u

    • profile image

      Connie 14 months ago

      I have itchy ears and like the suggestion if olive or coconut oil and will defintitely try. I have recently learned of histamines after following a Leaky Gut diet which the foods are high histamines....bone broth and fermented foods. To my surprise and disappointment, my digestive issues worsened on this diet and later learned these high histamines foods aggrevated my symptoms. All foods have histamines but some more than others causing allergic responses like itching. I also feel my itching could also be from psoriasis due to the dry skin in ears, too. What we eat has a definite affect on our body, good and bad.

    • profile image

      14 months ago

      I have had itchy ears for close to 7 years now, it is getting worse, I have done some research on this and I think it is Candida over growth (Fungas). From the research I have done the only way to really get rid of it is to stop all sugars, starches, fruits, anything that turns into sugar. Because as long as you eat sugars you will feed the fungas. I have been trying to eat this way and I'll say it's really hard. My ears are so raw from itching at night also wet and pasty in the morning then dry up in the day time and flake. I will try the vinegar and alcohol for relief. I will also got to the doctor for a swab of my ears. But I truly think that to clear this up properly I will have to stay on a very strict diet of no sugars. I also found out the fermented things like vinegar also feeds the candida so my question will putting vinegar in my ear going to feed the fungas???

    • profile image

      djazz 14 months ago

      OMG !


      I have the exact same problem, I do think it is an allergy issue. I have taken clatine D before I go to bed and it seems to work but I am so sick of taking it every night before bed. I have woke up many time and used witchhazel on a Q tip and that seeems to releave it a little. It is making me crazy

    • profile image

      Anmol rani 14 months ago

      I've had itchy ears for a long time what I find helpful is putting a bit of vicks vapour rub on a qtip and coating it inside the earhole it cools it down and relieves the itching for a few hours. hope it helps

    • profile image

      WildAimee 15 months ago

      Omg! You have 100% described my ear problems! After so many doctors told me my ears were fine I was joking with my family that I might be crazy!

      My ears are SO itchy and they get so wet during the night when I'm sleeping (2 docs have told me that the wetness is sweat- um So I either wake up with my finger furiously scratching in my ear or that fluid dries in there and I have crusty and itchy ears in the morning. Also, I am so bad with Qtips, I regularly injure my ear canal with them but geez I'm so dang itchy. I'm trying to be better.

      My new doctor believes that this ear problem may be exasperated by my bad seasonal allergies. So hopefully with his help and your suggestions I can get back to having healthy ears.

      Thanks for this article.

      It's nice to know I'm not nuts!

    • profile image

      Evelyn 15 months ago

      To stop my itching ears I put vaseline (petroleum jelly) on a q tip or cotton wool bud and gently coat the inside of my ear. It takes a week or so to clear up completely but it works. I swim a lot and get eczema in my ears. I keep my ears dry and clean with a damp cloth on the outside.

    • profile image

      francois3 15 months ago

      I had crazy crisis itchy ears for many years... chronic !

      Idid try almost everythong, andmany doc/ENT...

      I found recently a plant wichs cured me in few days, very efficient and natural, instead using some corticoid's... or other chemicals...

    • profile image

      Tootsie 16 months ago

      Yes - it worked! I am very appreciative for this helpful advice.

      In my case it was caused by water getting in my ears while showering. Now I just have to be careful and prevent that from happening again.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • profile image

      Tootsie 16 months ago

      THANK YOU for this home remedy! I have had itchy ears on and off for years and I have been guilty of overusing Qtips and bobby pins. But it has been especially bad for the past few weeks. If it's fungal, the vinegar/alcohol should work; therefore I will definitely give this a try. Thanks again.

    • profile image

      Mom_2_1 17 months ago

      Great hub!! In talking with my doctor he recommended a few drops of vinegar in my ears to help the itch. I have a container with vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil in that I use every other day. I'm sure my itch is caused by ear plugs I'm required to wear for work. I know it's not a major health issue but it sure is an annoying one

    • profile image

      Cheryl 17 months ago

      I went to an EMT and he charged me $100 and wasn't sure what the problem was- he told me to use 100% grain alcohol (kind you drink)- in an eye dropper one drop per ear as needed it helps but the itching returns and I have to continue to use the alcohol - been doing this for over a year and itching hasn't stopped completely

    • profile image

      Jean 17 months ago

      After experiencing itchy ears for a couple of weeks, I checked out what CVS might have. I've been using CVS Homeopathic earache drops for a while and it's very helpful in relieving the itch. I do have to apply it 2-3X a week so it doesn't cure the itch. I have an MD appt next week and I'll ck it out with her.

    • profile image

      simplyjowhm 17 months ago

      hi. I just read your article. Is it okay to use johnsons baby oil instead of olive or coconut oil? thanks!

    • Evane profile image

      Eva 19 months ago from Philippines

      I think it is normal to have itching ears sometimes. What can be alarming is frequent itching like everyday or worse.

    • profile image

      Angel Rodriguez 19 months ago

      I've been dealing with this for years, I mean, years and years. I'm going to try my best to stop the q-tips, and visit a doctor, again! LOL.

    • womenshealthguide profile image

      Sadia Komal 20 months ago

      I have suffered for years with itchy ears. It seems to be around the rim of the year before it goes into the ear canal. I have been prescribed an antibiotic which I had to spray which temporarily relieved it but it has now come back again

    • profile image

      artdeleonardow 20 months ago

      I got two itchy ears about 6 years ago... my fav. thing to use was a spread apart bobby pin. I went to the Dr. she gave me useless stuff...

      However, I realized whenever I ate seeded fruit or veggies... is when I wold get it at night. Olives, cherries, apples, not apple sauce... apricots...

      all caused it. OH it started when I tried roasted red peppers. Never had them before but when I started eating them regularly I got itchy ears.

      I havent tried the suggested things here... but I will... Thank you

    • profile image

      peace 21 months ago

      I love this it was really

    • profile image

      mahima 21 months ago


    • profile image

      Blackbird 23 months ago

      Very useful article , I am afraid I have been using Qtips just for relief , will try and be good now and just put olive oil in my ears once a week , Thankyou.

    • prettynutjob30 profile image

      Mary 23 months ago from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet.

      Great hub, my ears have been itching for a few weeks now and I know it has to do with how much I have been cleaning them. I will have to give the rubbing alcohol a try to see if it can relieve some of the itch.

    • profile image

      Pallavi56 24 months ago

      Thnx for this hub. Mysteriously without any reason i always tend to have itchy ears. May be your tips and remedies will help me out.

    • hari87 profile image

      K HARISH RAMACHANDRAN 24 months ago from INDIA

      Great hub. My mother has been looking for a remedy to cure the itching ear. This hub worth a lot.

    • profile image

      ingrid 2 years ago

      I have itchy ear right inside the ear canal, and i use q-tips a lot! I saw my doctor about it a year or so ago, he's a naturopath and suggested (without testing) that i'm probably allergic to wheat. So i've reduced wheat consumption by about 90% but it doesnt seem to help all that much. I think perhaps it is associated with my seasonal allergies and it seems maybe sugar related too, which might mean a fungal thing since fungus feeds on sugar...

      Thanks for the helpful article!

    • profile image

      Vincent 2 years ago

      I think doctor are useless and I have seen them many of them to I am a 74-year-old man I have an itchy and I have an itchy ear both on the right side I have an itchy ass I wake up every morning at 6 o'clock in the morning with pain in my chest pain in my stomach it goes away after I get up but it won't let me stay in bed I have a bad stomach I call anoscopy doctor they are worthless they were interested in one thing money I lost the kidney me in the last eight years so I only got one good working kidney don't know where the other when but I think Doctor had something to do with it you know put in a stent there and one there triple bypass 20 years ago they played with my auto triple bypass 20 years ago doctors of no help to me whatsoever but I have a good kidney doctor though God bless everybody

    • profile image

      Ahmedammarooo 2 years ago

      Great advices ... Thank you ... :)

    • Arc4life profile image

      Arc 4 Life 2 years ago from Florida

      Great article. I wonder if a warm solution of hydrogen and peroxide and water work the same as the vinegar combination?

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind 2 years ago from USA

      Good, solid hub with lots of great advice. You're a really good writer and I appreciate hubbers like you. Thanks!

    • ladyguitarpicker profile image

      stella vadakin 2 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

      Hi, Your article was very helpful as I get this very often. I have used Q tips my whole life, now I know. Nice to meet you,Stella

    • Rabadi profile image

      2 years ago from New York

      very informative. Awesome, Following you now :)

    • livingelysian profile image

      Elysia Valdivia 2 years ago from Loveland, Colorado

      Great resource! Thanks for this!

    • Chin chin profile image

      Chin chin 2 years ago from Philippines

      Very informative hub. Sometimes, I also have itchy ears. It just gets worse if I try to "scratch it," so as much as I can, I just let it be and it resolves itself. What I really am bothered about is when pimples appear inside my ear. It's itchy, a bit painful and very annoying. But as long as I don't touch it, it's gone after a few days.

    • Liamlion profile image

      Liam Lion 2 years ago from Ankara Turkey

      the first time I know about it

    • Breatheeasy3 profile image

      Breatheeasy3 2 years ago from USA

      Excellent article. I thought this phenomenon rested with me. Instead, I see how common it really is and appreciate these reasonable remedies. Excellent breakdown on the subject

    • Susan Trump profile image

      Susan Trump 2 years ago from San Diego, California

      No I don't dislike anything that works. Candida, however, can live with a person a lifetime. Most people have it and it manifests differently. It's vey difficult to curb and doctors know almost nothing about it. I've written about it as others on hubs. Your doc is right though, whatever works.

    • Skiday profile image

      Andrew Day 2 years ago from Isle of Wight, UK

      I'm afraid you won't like this comment, but I've had itchy ear for at least 40 years combined with a reduced diameter left ear canal. The medical profession had no real answer for it, so I found what works for me. I get as much water in my ears when showering (every other day) then dry it out with Q-tips (carefully!) I have done this for over 30 years and it keeps my ears just fine, clean and itch free. If I do not shower for 3 days I feel it coming back. I have told my doctor I do this and he said 'Well if it works for you'.

    • Susan Trump profile image

      Susan Trump 2 years ago from San Diego, California

      I always thought it was candida.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 2 years ago from The Beautiful South

      I had unbearable trouble with my ears for about three years until I thought I would go mad and no doctors could see a thing wrong with them until finally I was sent to a neurologist and found out the problem was from cervical spine damage. It was a nerve pinched and causing the ear problems and also numbness and pain in my hands and feet. So anyway if no one can find anything wrong they may want to look up this avenue since it can be so bad and go in so many directions.

    • profile image

      Ellehcir 2 years ago

      This article helps me a lot to lessen my worries about my itchy ear.

      Thank you, God Bless and more power to you.

    • profile image

      Veleda Tai 2 years ago

      How am i going to stop my ear itchy inside? Every night i feel difficult to sleep when my both ears are very itchy inside.

      How to stop the itchy from my ear inside.

    • profile image

      Maureen 2 years ago

      I suffer from Meneires also. Will put drops in my ears affect that? Thank you!

    • alphaprime profile image

      alphaprime 2 years ago

      great article! thank you.

    • profile image

      Diana 2 years ago

      Ive had this problem for severeal months now and i am guilty of using bobby pins to releive some of the itching. But thats only made it worse, yet i still ocassionally use them.

      But i want to try the rubbing alchol and white vinegar thing, but if my skin is broken inside my ear, (which i dont know if it is, although im guessing it is) can i still try this remedy? Or will it burn or sting when i apply it to my ears?

      Please relpy!

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