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Staph Infection and MRSA: Symptoms and Treatment

Updated on May 3, 2017
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Whitney is a mom trying to evoke a healthy, happy life for herself and her family.

A secondary staphylococcal infection at a smallpox vaccination site.
A secondary staphylococcal infection at a smallpox vaccination site.

What Is a Staph Infection?

"Staph" is short for Staphylococcus, a type of bacteria. There are over thirty different types of staph bacteria, but Staphylococcus aureus causes the most infections.1 Types of staph infection include:

  • Skin infections like boils (this is the most common skin infection caused by staph), impetigo, cellulitis, or staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome
  • Pneumonia
  • Food poisoning
  • Toxic shock syndrome
  • Blood poisoning (bacteremia)
  • Septic arthritis

Skin infections can happen anywhere on your body, including arms, legs, groin, and face. Like most healthy people, you probably already have staph bacteria on your body, in your nose, or in your throat.1 And most of the time, the bacteria don't cause any problems, or if they do, it's usually a minor skin infection. But, sometimes, the bacteria can cause big problems, including burrowing deep into your body and invading your bloodstream, urinary tract, lungs, and heart, which can be very dangerous and occasionally prove fatal.

In the past, most serious staph infections occurred in people who were hospitalized or who already had a chronic illness or a weakened immune system. But according to a HealthLine article from 2013, a growing number of healthy people are developing serious staph infections,2 and some of these bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. The growing amount of staph bacteria that do not respond to antibiotics is a big public health concern.

What Is MRSA?

MRSA (IMethicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is a type of staph infection that has grown resistant to conventional antibiotic treatment. This type of staph infection is especially common in people who are either staying in or have recently stayed in a hospital environment.

More information about the symptoms and treatments for MRSA are discussed below.

Infection on the arm
Infection on the arm

Causes of Infection

Staph bacteria can cause illness in two different ways: (1) through direct infection and (2) through toxins that the bacteria produce.1

A staph infection can take many forms.

  1. Skin infections develop when staph bacteria enter your body via a cut or abrasion in your skin. Eczema, psoriasis, shaving irritations, and other conditions that make your skin more fragile and sensitive will enhance the risk of infection. This is why it is important not to share razors or towels, especially in environments where the risk of coming into contact with staph is higher (like in locker rooms).
  2. Food poisoning is caused by eating bacteria-containing foods that are not handled or stored properly.
  3. Toxic shock syndrome, incidences of which have decreased since the 1980s,3 is linked to the used of super-absorbent tampons, as tampons are a great breeding ground for the bacteria. The tampons can also irritate the vagina, making it possible for bacteria to enter the bloodstream. But, toxic shock syndrome can also affect men and children who can be infected by means other than tampons.
  4. Septic arthritis is caused when staph bacteria spread to a joint from an infection in another part of the body. Rheumatoid arthritis increases the risk of this kind of infection because arthritis medications suppress the immune system.
  5. MRSA (short for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is a form of staph infection that emerged in hospitals and is now a growing threat in health care facilities worldwide. In hospitals and nursing homes, MRSA can spread on the hands of health care workers and on many surfaces including bedrails, catheters, cart handles, and even remote controls. The staph bacteria involved are resistant to penicillin-type antibiotics.
  6. CA-MRSA (community-acquired MRSA) is a term for drug-resistant staph infection acquired outside health facilities. People discharged from hospitals may harbor drug-resistant bacteria in their nostrils, and these bacteria can spread further in the community.

What Puts You at Risk?

Although anyone can get a staph infection, the following groups are more likely to get them:4

  • Newborn infants
  • Breastfeeding women
  • People with chronic conditions
  • People with suppressed immune systems
  • Intravenous drug users
  • People who play contact sports

The following especially increase your changes of contracting MRSA:

  • A current or recent stay in a hospital.
  • A long-term stay in a care facility.
  • The use of invasive devices such as catheters or feeding tubes.

Community-acquired MRSA is MRSA that is not necessarily associated with a hospital stay. Here are some risk factors that make you vulnerable:

  • Youth. Children do not have fully-developed immune systems.
  • Old age. With age, our immune systems begin to decline, making us more subject to illnesses.
  • Contact sports. Skin-to skin-contact, abrasions, and cuts are three ways bacteria can spread.
  • Sharing towels or athletic equipment.
  • Having a weakened immune system.
  • Living in crowded or unsanitary conditions.

Draining a wound
Draining a wound
Pus in a wound
Pus in a wound
Skin infection
Skin infection


Different modes of infection can have different signs and symptoms.

Skin Infections

  • Boils, abscesses, or furuncles — with these, the affected area may be swollen, red, tender or painful, and have draining or pus
  • Cellulitis — a potentially life-threatening infection that can leave the skin inflamed and tender. Its symptoms include a swollen, red area of skin that feels hot. It most often occurs on the lower legs, but it can occur anywhere.5
  • Impetigo — this is a rash common in young children and infants. It looks like red sores that pop easily and leave a yellow crust.6 It usually goes away on its own in two to three weeks.
  • Scalded-skin syndrome — this is a blistering condition that mainly affects newborns and children under the age of five. It presents as large areas of the body with blisters and redness. Large areas of the skin may peel or fall away.

Signs of each of the above conditions will generally include skin redness, swelling, fever, warmth in the area, and tenderness.

Staph infections of the skin are contagious, so careful hygiene is a must when caring for someone with one.1


CC BY 4.0
CC BY 4.0 | Source


By RafaelLopez at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0
By RafaelLopez at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 | Source

Other Conditions Caused by Staph

Food Poisoning

Symptoms usually begin as soon as six hours after eating, and can end suddenly. Most people fully recover after a day or two. The most common symptoms of food poisoning are abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

People with food poisoning are not contagious because you can't transmit the toxins from one person to another.1

Toxic Shock Syndrome

Symptoms include:1

  • High fever
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Rash that resembles sunburn on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet
  • Confusion
  • Muscle aches
  • Seizures
  • Headaches

This most often occurs in menstruating women using tampons.1

Septic Arthritis

Usually the knees are targeted, but other joints such as ankles, hips, wrists, elbows, and shoulders can be affected by the bacteria. The symptoms are swelling and severe pain in the joint, fever, and shaking chills.1

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)

  • Starts as a superficial skin issue that resembles a pimple or spider bite
  • Quickly turns into a deep, painful abscess
  • In surgical wounds, the signs are severe pain, redness, swelling, and sometimes draining pus
  • In general, the signs can include fever, sweats, and chills

This is most often contracted by people who have recently spent time in or are spending time in health facilities.

Other symptoms may vary according to which parts of the body were infected, as the bacteria can enter the bloodstream, bones, heart lining, and lungs. Symptoms of MRSA infection in the lungs can also include pneumonia (coughing, shortness of breath, chest pains).

MRSA is contagious and most often spread through direct skin-to-skin contact with someone who is infected, or with something that has touched an infected person's skin.1

Staph Infection From a Bug Bite

Diagnosis and Treatment

Doctors can usually diagnose simple skin lesions caused by staph through a physical examination.1 For more serious infections or internal infections, doctors will diagnose by taking a tissue sample or nasal secretion. The sample is sent to a lab to check for bacteria growth and to determine what kind of antibiotics will be effective against it.

For many skin lesions, a topical antibiotic will be effective — possibly even one that can be purchased over-the-counter. Oral antibiotics will need to be prescribed in some cases, and for serious infections, intravenous antibiotics will be used.

Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Penicillin was once an effective antibiotic treatment against the staph bacteria, but the bacteria evolved quickly. After society had been using penicillin for just a decade, half of staph bacteria became resistant to the antibiotic, and now less than 10% of staph infections will respond to penicillin.7

Today, doctors use newer antibiotics, or a combination of antibiotics, in order to treat staph infections. One of these is vancomycin, which is a much stronger and more toxic antibiotic. Although vancomycin is effective in helping those who suffer severe staph infections, it is likely that the bacteria will evolve once again and become resistant to it. A few cases have already been recorded in which bacteria did not respond to vancomycin.1


You can lower your risk of getting a staph infection by using common-sense precautions.

  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.
  • Keep wounds covered and clean.
  • Watch the high-risk foods that you eat and avoid any foods that have not been stored and cooked properly.
  • Reduce tampon risks by changing frequently (at least every 4-8 hours) or switching usage between tampons and sanitary pads.
  • Keep your personal items personal by not sharing towels, sheets, razors, clothing, and athletic equipment.
  • Get tested so that you have time to get treated in case you do have a staph infection.
  • Be especially careful around people who play contact sports, have spent time in hospitals, or live in crowded areas (like nursing homes or dorm rooms).

Skin infection of a dog
Skin infection of a dog

Pets With Staph Infection

Yes, believe it or not, your pets can contract staph infections, just like you can.

Watch for excessive scratching, as that is the most common cause of staph infection in pets. Scratching can break the skin, which can provide the perfect opportunity for a staph infection. Other causes include fleas, inhalant allergy, food allergy, and flea and tick dips. All of these factors can enhance itching.

Watch for a red area on the skin that has a pimple-like bump in the middle. Sometimes staph infection can resemble ringworm. Most of the time it will appear as a crusty abrasion on your dog's belly. You might also notice that your pet has a fever, loss of appetite, exhibits symptoms of pain, or has pus-filled lesions.8

Your vet can diagnose infection in your dog or cat by making skin cultures or a biopsy, and can treat your pet.

Though the infection itself is not contagious from your pet to you, the bacteria itself can get into an open wound on your skin and cause a separate infection. Therefore, while treating your pet, be careful of any open wounds or scratches that you might have.9

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the advice in this article should in no way replace that of a licensed physician or veterinarian. Consult your doctor or veterinarian if you think that you or your pet might have a staph infection.

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    • profile image

      Sonja 4 months ago

      Hi Alexander Pritchard:

      I have the same staphylococcus infection on my left foot for 6 months too. No doctor I have seen thus far can really figure this infection cure out. I have been on cylindomysin and pencilin. I am now turning to an Iodine foot bath. It seems to help a little but I can not find anything else to do to date. I have been prescribed every cream in America. Nothing helps... Please let me know if you have found any relief...Thank You-

    • profile image

      Sara Lamont 5 months ago

      lve suffered from a ulcerated leg twice now, l believe it was when l went swimming in a bad area of a river and cut my foot on a oyster she'll, as it is repairing, lve noticed small hard small balls of skin forming, does anybody know what has caused this?

    • profile image

      Alexander Pritchard 5 months ago

      I've had a staphylococcus infection on my feet for 7 months. I take Flucloxacillin 500 mg , 4 x daily.

      It heals to a certain point ,but, when I am finished the course , the infection returns to its normal state.

      I lose most of the skin on & in between my toes ,as well as under them. The pain is unbearable @ times.

      I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis , psoriasis based arthritis ,eczema , & other illness's.

      As the infections tries to heal , the skin dries & cracks & despite using powerful moisturizers , refuses to heal properly.

      As you can imagine ,life with all my other problems ,was hard enough ,with all the pain etc. Even the morphine I take for my Arthritis doesn't help the pain in my feet.

      I can't wear shoes or walk more than a couple of yards , its just too painful. At least I have my wheelchair to help.

      Any advice or ideas would be appreciated ! My doctors ,well , the just don't know what to do ,except keep giving me ,the same antibiotics & sending me to dermatology ,to get the same old speech.

    • profile image

      Hubpages@Luther1 7 months ago

      I had what I thought was a spider bite on my arm at the wrist area. In a matter of a couple days it became bigger around and the little whitehead in the middle was getting puffy. I notice a raised welt going toward the center of my arm. I squeezed the area and all that swelling was pus that came out of the arm and that raised area went down. Went to Dr and she didn't think it was a bite and gave me a sulfa drug. One month later (today) I notice the same beginning of the same thing in the exact location on the other arm! A small round red area with a whitehead looking center to it. I have heard something about skin cancers that do this but my mother also happens to have been and still is in a nursing home for 5 yrs now. She has a feeding tube and also has MRSA in her lungs as well as a couple other colonized bacterias. Not sure if I got MRSA from her as I am in contact with her trach tube etc that she has and he sputum. I do try to always wear gloves and was hands constantly but may have not done so one or twice in 5 yrs. Would it cause a bite looking spot that will fill with pus and then go away? And at the exact spot on the other inside wrist area. I am sure if you measured it, it would be the same spot since putting wrists next to one another it is matching with the old spot still remaining from the first one ? Dr had no clue but said come back if the sulfa drug didn't work. Doesn't give me confidence!

    • profile image

      Jessica Monia 8 months ago

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    • profile image

      Tammy 8 months ago

      I have had 14 surgeries since June 5th for merssa and staff and still fighting this I have had at least 14 weeks of iv antibiotics and still having problems and facing 2/3 surgeries and fixing to go back to the hospital for 3 more spots that have came up and chest pains this is a awful way to live I have a husband and a 8yr old son and scared to death I'm not going to live through this

    • profile image

      Marty Miracle 9 months ago

      I have a cellulitis with staph being treated with six weeks at home IVs. My doctor said I should not be around my dog. He is a chihuahua. He is bathed routinely. He has slept with since he was a puppy.

    • profile image

      PEARL 11 months ago

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    • profile image

      Sarah 2 years ago

      I have scabs from acne that are healing over, Im on Accutane, and my dermatologist decided to take a culture of an especially dry, scabbed area of my lips, and it came back that I have MRSA. However, the scab on my lip is not hurting, swollen, really red, full of pus or any of the other symptoms of MRSA. Why do I not have any symptoms? And how likely is it going to get somewhere where it can do damage? How long does it take for it to do damage? I'm scared. I'm only 16 and I don't want to die.

    • Bishop55 profile image

      Rebecca 4 years ago from USA

      My 7 year old nephew passed away from a MSRA infection that became septic. MSRA is no joke. I think this hub was well thought out and very informative.

    • Sinea Pies profile image

      Sinea Pies 4 years ago from Northeastern United States

      Excellent hub...voted up and useful and shared. My husband has diabetes and, therefore, is susceptible to infection. He is currently hospitalized due to a MRSA infection that came on very suddenly. People need to be aware of the symptoms and get immediate attention as soon as they suspect there is a problem.

    • amithak50 profile image

      amithak50 5 years ago from India

      I really enjoyed the article...Thanks for the nice information

    • profile image

      Pet owner 5 years ago

      My dog has MRSA, and it is most definitely possible to contract MRSA (or staph in general) from your pet. Both our vet and our physician confirmed that we "humans" must be vigilant to wear gloves, sterilize, and sanitize when in contact with our dogs wounds, bedding, or anything that comes into contact with the wounds. We also have to restrict exposure to small children, elderly, or otherimmuno-compromised individuals. Great article, but it is indeed possible to contract this from your pet.

    • Sinea Pies profile image

      Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States

      My husband had a really close call with MRSA. He had a bug bite that developed into a very inflamed elbow. Good thing his doctor was out of town. We went to the hospital, fully expecting to get a prescription and leave. They immediately admitted him, concerned that they might not be able to save his arm! Totally scary. After a week in the hospital, the antibiotic that they created for him did the job.

    • profile image

      colene 5 years ago

      I had no idea until now that MRSA is what I contracted when I had a c section. My doctor led me to believe that it was "odd" that i had this bad infection that put me in the hospital 3 extra days. Never once was I told it was mrsa but now when i think about the weird way he was acting that he probably knew that was what it was!! Luckily we called right in and told them my fever spiked 10 minutes after i left the hospital.

    • profile image

      billie 5 years ago

      my mother has mrsa. shes a very bad diabetic and her leg is turning black. i seen boils coming up and i thought it was diabetic ulsers.but i was wrong. she is right not in icu. and they are telling me that the antibiotics are not working. im very scared. i learned yesterday that it was staph. please if any of you have ran into anything like this please pray.

    • profile image

      chan 5 years ago

      Can you get staph from dogs and cats? My son has had it 3 times and hes not even two yet :( im scared to death. Please help!@

    • profile image

      sfcaps 5 years ago

      My mother had a diagnosed staph infection on the back of her leg that eventually ate a whole all the way to the bone. It was treated and the hole closed. However, she is now having a lot of pain in the leg - it sometimes comes on suddenly in sharp, stabbing like feelings. Could this mean the infection was not completely gone?

    • profile image

      bologna 5 years ago

      what is the best colloidal silver to buy. I saw one an amzon should i get that one? I have an open lanced boil that is mrsa positive is it ok to put in the small open area that was lanced???. I really want to get rid of it b/c I just had a baby & I breast feed him. I would die if my newborn or sons got this crap. My husband had it & i cleaned I cleaned everything very well & I still got. it.

    • profile image

      janer55 5 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      I had a c-section 31 years ago and now and then, very little I will get a red raised area near my c-section, that itches,maybe a small head, but goes away. This time I randomly decided to spray Collodill Silver and thru the night the entire raised area flattened and there were 5 raised ,hard, elongated bumps, that in a day oozed pus and all along I sprayed with Silver, and it has been 4 days and I have very small red, slightly crusted spots remaining with no pus. Healed fast. I must have "unearthed" so to speak, the staph lingering from all those years ago. I believe I have it in my system and I could take blood cleansers (natural) and also Colloidal Silver internally and give me more vibrant health than I have had probably for 31 years. Intrigues me.I am a health nut and firmly beleive a reputable herbal company can get RID of virus's that anti-biotics admittedly can't touch,only the subsequent infection at BEST. It could be the underlying condition for recent aches and pains in my joints and ligaments. My last word is get********* COLLOIDAL SILVER**********, the silver particles smother the virus and kill it. Use topically on outbreak and internally for where it lyes within.

    • profile image

      Holly Lee Stradley 5 years ago

      I'm beginning to think I have MRSA. I went to the doctor and got two inflamed "zith things" popped yesterday and I'm on anti biotics. I really hope this shit goes away..

    • profile image

      yooper 5 years ago

      my son christian is 8 years old acouple weeks ago he got these boil kinda bumps on his thighs, they popped them and took cultures, they were red inflammed they put him on bactrim they said the culture was negative for mrsa he finnished his bactrim fully. they went away and all the sudden he had another one appear on his butt he had to have it drained by his family doctor. i told him the marquette general hospital, said it was negative they never called me i had to bring him somewhere else to see if it was that but they got the results from the hospital and didn't push it now im waiting to see if these ones show up poistive he started bactrim once again. and tonight hes devolping a cough and sayin his throat really hurts do i bring him in to get him checked cause i see people with mrsa can have devolpe a cough can someone help me out im so scared for him i almost lost my life giving birth to my daughter feb 11 2010 and suffered a uterous infection after her birth also collapsed lung. i don't want anything to happen to my son.. i hate seeing my children in pain and holding his hand while he screams having these things broke.. i don't know if i can take the heart ache anymore... i need someone to talk too... that has dealt with this..

    • profile image

      Scott 5 years ago


      My case was pretty advanced before I realized what it was. Being into health my strategy was clear. I needed natural things that kill bacteria! My strategy was chewing and swallowing raw organic garlic, taking supercritical neem extract, using DMSO (you MUST educate your self about this tool first!) And finally plenty of sunlight. Not much sun where I live so I used my turtle light that replicates sunlight as best as possible. Two days in and all my symptoms are reversing! I will keep this up until I am completely in the clear and the scabs on my legs are gone. I would also make fresh veggie juice and drink lots of water to help your body flush out the toxins. Having psoriasis doesn't help =(

    • profile image

      Makaela 5 years ago

      I have Mrsa and staph currently and I also have asthma. My mom called Ask a nurse fifteen min. ago to see if it's affecting my lungs because I am becoming horribly sick in my lungs and a really bad cough I've went to the doctor and she gave me pills for mrsa, Z-pack, and a cough pill but only the pill to help my skin mrsa has worked.

    • profile image

      richard 5 years ago

      Grandson in hospital. spot on lung. Bugs comeing out of spot. Any help on this, information. please help. Thank you.

    • profile image

      lifechanging 5 years ago

      Try making colloidal silver, it works and it doesn't kill your good bacteria while trying to kill staph. You can go online and look up how to make my own colloidal silver. Anyone with any disease should be on it, because it's a natural antibiotic. The most important thing is when you make your own make sure you don't make the parts per million to strong and the only way to do so is by looking at the color and the time you have the silver charging. Slight yellow should be 1-3 ppm, urine yellow 4-6, strong yellow with out black tent is good 7-10 ppm.Make sure the silver is stamped .999 on it if not don't use it because it has another metal or minerial in it that would be toxic for your body. Now I drank this all day long with out eating anything and when I got home from work I took hydrogenproxide and let it sit in my mouth for 20 mins, it killed all the bad bacteria in my mouth then spit it out.Then at night before bed I took goldenseal extract under my tongue and I took distealed water and mixed it with golden seal extract put it in two diff. size pills. I know confusing, put the goldenseal inside the smaller one and covered the empty larger one over it . I did this so the gs extract would pass past my stomach acids and I would receive most of all of the goldenseal. Note if you need to eat while doing this for two weeks take fruit and blend it in a blender. Why blend it, your body will use less energy because you have broken the food down already. Now my symptoms started going away the first week but it took two weeks for it to all dye. At the end of the two weeks take 50 billion trans of good bactria you can buy it at any health food store. With that said I totally got rid of staph. Now I'm no doctor but I have read up on methods Drs use today, how its treated and its biological make up, this was my way. It makes perfect sense amp up your immune system and brake down the harmful bacteria so your body can get better. I hope this works for you because I know the struggles staph causes! ; ) Note I'm no doctor just a little smart have to say this for liability purposes

    • profile image

      paul oFlaherty 5 years ago

      Hi All,thought i too would add a few details regarding staph.I picked up this infection after training about 4 weeks,i had never heard of it before,and didn't know what it was.A felow person informed me i ought to go hopital as i had what i thought were insect bites on my arms.I went to hospital straight away and was given a crs of antibiotics for 7 days.It freaked me out reading into it on internet,and was not sure if i was gonna go back to the gym or not?.Leading up to this i was showering 3 times a day but just using normal soaps and shower gell.I decided to go back training as this was the reason i came thialand for.But this time armed with a detol spray bottle,anti bacterial hand cream and detol antibacterial shower gell,-this is a must,please take my advice.Sprayed every mat i used there after and showered straight after sessions using the detol shower gell and regularly using the detol hand cream and didn't have any further problems,protect urself and others,i learned the hard way! regards Paul

    • profile image

      Kevin M 5 years ago

      I am 14 years old. And in may it started to hurt when ever I sat. I dismissed this, but 2 days later it hurt a lot more so I looked at my butt with a small mirror and found a lump the size of half a golf ball next to my anus, I went the doctor and he said it was an abscess, so after many sitz baths filled with Epsom salts to try to pop it on its own, which didn't work, I had to get it lanced. After surgery they said when they drained it there was a plum size cave under my skin where the bacteria had been eating away at. The scar still hasn't fully healed due to the wound being the size of a plum. And last June I got it again however the wound was still open so I was able to take some Clyndamycin and took bleach sitz baths (where the bleach could actually get inside the wound) and it was gone very quickly however I think I have it again,(and the doctors are pretty sure it's mrsa) and my question is,

      1. Am I lucky to have gotten mrsa the size of a plum next to my anus, not have gotten any sort of fevers or anything, and just being overall good, and

      2. When will this thing just go away!!?!?!? I mean I was able to get bleach into the wound where the infection was for gods sake!!!!! And it's back for a third time! I'm rubbing ointment on it and taking showers once a day including another shower after every bowel movement, so what else can I do? I really don't want to have this again my first months of high school. Please help.

    • profile image

      Bre 5 years ago

      A patient with mrsa exhaled into my face right as I was taking a breath. Can MRSA be contracted this way???

    • profile image

      Dixie 6 years ago

      I am just trying to find out of MSRA can cause seizures but I can not find anything out there. My husband has had seizures like activity for 2 yrs now just find out he has msra and wondered if this could be the cause. They have not be able to determine why the seizures take place he has them every 3 months is sick with them for like 3 days then after the 7th day feels no impact form them until another 3 months. He feels like this think he is crazy because they have found no reason for them to be happening. Now that we found out he has msra we just wonder if it can effect the brain in a way to cause seizures. HELP!

    • profile image

      SpottyBum 6 years ago

      Ive get the bum spots / boils and they are horrid! I can feel them actually grow! I've had them for 4years and I am so over it! Horrible big welts that get so sore you can't even sit down... Have been on lots of different antibotics and now on my second course of Trisul (two active ingredients, trimethoprim and sulphamethoxazole). I use a surgical hand scrub on my bum and never use the same towel twice ... They seem as though they are spreading to my inner thighs ... bloody awful. Wish I could get something that works!!!!

    • profile image

      BasketFresh 6 years ago

      MRSA can live outside the body, in the air or on surfaces, for up to 48 hours.

      I saw that this question was asked several times, and I wanted to be helpful. =)

    • profile image

      Lyn 6 years ago

      In order to rid the body of MRSA internally, take Tumeric (available in capsule form from health store), and sovereign or colloidal silver (health store also). Take them both according to directions. For external cleansing, use Borax in the laundry, and Mr. Clean multi-Surface cleaner (leave on items cleaned for 8-10 minutes)for surfaces.

    • profile image

      Bj in Ga. 6 years ago

      I also contacted mrsa in the medical field, first oubreak was on my labia, took to rounds of antibiotics to get rid of it. Was hospitalized twice last year had a cardioversion and an abalazion. Hospitalized this year had a heart cath, now i have a second outbreak below my left eye the size of a quarter, am on docicylcline. Cyst is very hard swollen and painful!! Seems like it is spreading onto my temple area. Should the cyst need to come out ?

    • profile image

      Defender 6 years ago

      I got a penile staph infection since 8months .urinary culture showed heavy started treating with different antibiotics like cipro,levoflaxin,erthromycin,ampliox,norbartin,peflacin.etc the infection became modrate.still been on treatment nothing seems to be working i need considering taking allicin tablets heard its effective.pls i need advise

    • profile image

      karen 6 years ago

      I want to Thank everyone that has a comment on MRSA, I contracted MRSA almost two years ago,Im not real sure on how I worked in an occupation where cuts and scrapes occur,and a lot of bacteria is present(sportfishing),which I contractedfist staph which was trated with amoxicilin numerous times, then being out of that occupation I continued having outbreaks, finally I sucimbed to a seizure and landed in the hospital wityh a cracked head that was stiched up 1 week after Iwas admitted with a 108 degree fever and lapsed into a oma for 4 weeks i was on life support as the MRSA colonized in my heart ad brek off the heart valve into my brain cause 35-45 mini strokes,gengreen(sp.) in both hands and feet, endocarditis, and everything else bad, Please if not fo yyour own safety but of oters as well sanitize, sanitize,sanitize! I wouldn't wish this on anyone 3 months in hospital, lots of vancomycin, 1year of physical therapy from the strokes Im okay, but it almost killed me Thanks to God, and the doctors.Im still here.

    • profile image

      Mike 6 years ago

      I get them a lot, ive got 3 at once at the moment, and have had them before, if you put enough heat on them you can pop them like a pimple.the heat draws out the infection and make it into head. just gotta make sure everything is extra sterile.

    • profile image

      Goimurph 6 years ago

      I was in Hawaii on vacation when I noticed a strange rash on my arms, legs and neck. Not sure if this has anything to do with this, but it was odd, and scaley. I then had a zit on my of course, I popped it. Then it started to infect. The infection grew hard, painful, inflamed and fast. The morning we were to fly home I was scared. I didn't know what it was, but knew it was happening fast, and I couldn't raise my arm without pain. As soon as returning home, I was seen by my dr. He agreed I had a bacterial infection and put me on keflex. The following evening it went from my shoulder to my elbow and I was in bed screaming from the pain. The following morning I went to the er. I had cellulitis, they opened it and put in a wik. They put me on bactrim and vicodin. Friends, who are nurses were shocked that I wasn't admitted or put on vancomycin. I went back in 2 days and they took the wik out, and said "did anyone tell you that you tested positive for MRSA? Uh.....NO! The nurse told me not to worry and that people overreact to it. No big deal. She asked me twice if I'd seen a surgeon....WHY? Two days later I called my dr. He put me on tetracycline with the bactrim. And diflucan for the yeast infection.....yay... He didn't want to see me.

      It has been healing, but it has been over two weeks since I got this, over a week since it started to heal... I am still exhausted, cant drive or take a shower without being exhausted. The muscles in the back of my legs hurt, my brain is fried...I cant find my way to places I go all the time, I can't excersize, if I try to do anything I am sick in the bathroom, I am dizzy and am short of breath when talking for long periods....WHY??????????????? Please help me

    • profile image

      diane 6 years ago

      I'm a healty diabetic, age 65, with no symptoms or complications of diabetes. I went to the hospital for eye surgery two days ago.

      The nurse tried 3 times to get the IV into the back of my hands. When I suggested I come back another day, they finally got someone competent to do it. The first nurse kept wiping her nose on the back of her hand, and touching my hands.She said she had allergies. I asked another nurse to get her to stop or wash.

      Now, I expected bruising on my hands, and there is one small blue bruise. What concerns me is two very dark pink areas on my skin today, where two of the IVs went in, and now spreading over about half of the back of my hand. It doesn't hurt. Could this be staph? There is no blister.

    • ChristineVianello profile image

      ChristineVianello 6 years ago from Philadelphia

      Being a medical assistant, I am completely surprised how many people come in with staph infection or MRSA. It can be scary to see people with these ozzing wounds.

    • magicthe profile image

      magicthe 6 years ago

      Very informative ; you have covered a lot of points here. Thanks for Hub about MRSA

    • profile image

      luno 6 years ago

      Few things you should know about MRSA, it feeds on the sugars in your body, also it produces a lot of acid as a defense to keep your immune system from killing it, so if your really concerned about this get on a good low or slow carb diet and neutralize the acid in your body and your immune system will keep it out of your body.

      the high acid levels in your body from MRSA is what makes you tired and creates a lot of problems for you

    • profile image

      todd 6 years ago

      if u have mrsa in your nose and it drains in your sleep and some is swallowed is it something to worry about?

    • profile image

      sonia 6 years ago

      I just lost my mom in march due to mrsa she had staf bact and she got septic and cholecystitis just from getting her gallbladder removed. she had what they call a pic line and the nurses never washed their hands or put gloves on all they did was put sanitizer on their hands when they came in the room and left the room she was in the hospital from feb 15 to march 12 the day she died so always keep your hands clean she actually died of blood poisining but she had all the above. they put her on a life support for a few days trying to get her body stronger but instead the oppisite happen i miss my mom so much and the sad part is she had copd and that is not what she died of. so always tell your healtcare providers to wash their hands and don't be afraid to like i was. god is good

    • profile image

      Lisa 6 years ago

      Great hub! Funny how people who have never had it tend to heady and detached, but I guess that's human nature. Me and hubby both had it and it was absolutely the most surreal experience ever. Not sure how we got it. During this time there was a rash of illnesses circulating during the winter among friends and work (esp. some long-lasting bronchitis where the cough along with a very congested chest rattle lasted for 2-4 months among them and a few had viral pneumonia).

      Started out as a pimple on my back, thought I hit it on a lazy chair by sitting back too fast so I thought it would go away. This little regular sized pimple turned into a throbbing hot cyst the size of an oreo cookie. For him, pimple on his arm turned into a pretty big cyst about the same size. Doc prescribed a round of Zpack, Keflex, 2 shots in the butt each, had an MD who also believed in homeopathic medicine so he gave me several nutrients as well to build back up my adrenals and thyroid glands which were affected I felt as if I could barely take one step, keep balance and when I did take it step it felt like my feet were weighted down and hard to move. This was followed by a couple of blood tests and cultures of the cysts which had now began to drain so thank god we didn't have to have them surgically drained. What drained out I almost wish the doctor had seen it and not me. Doctor told us that she had not seen cysts that bad before - I was glad her facial expression didn't reflect that when she examined us. Later, after we had recovered, she told us she went home that night after examining us and had a glass of wine -- she says she doesn't drink. We were told by the doc not to share ANY utensils while we were still being treated (we went to paper cups, plates, etc.) and keeping everything really sanitized at home - washing the sheets/pillowcases, etc. more than usual to keep it from going back and forth between us - especially when those awful cysts drain through the gauze at night/hot cloths on the cysts assist in draining along with neosporin type ointment after each draining - had to drain them 2-3x day, sometimes just regular movement would cause a lot of draining especially when in the shower where hot water would assist in draining. Cleaned the shower after each of us were in it, Clorox bleach, etc.

      It hit me harder than it hit him and I was down for 2 months straight. The cyst discharge was horrendous - I wont describe it, but you can google and that's basically what it looked like for both of us. Cyst started out the size of a pimple and grew to the size of oreo cookie first light pink, then progressed to red, then progressed to purple-ish and oozing, throbbing, hot and extremely extremely painful - we both had high fevers, fatigue and just felt like we were going to drop any minute, fatigued like crazy. Almost like pneumonia, just moving your arm and your winded. Neither of us told the other how bad we felt because it was just such an abnormally odd feeling. Odd thing is the cyst had what looked like a blackhead spot on it but drained from a completely different hole. That black spot never drained anything. Not trying to scare you but give you heads up IF you see it - it isn't anything to joke about when it happens to you or someone you love.

      We never thought it would happen to us and we didn't really know what it was even after first hearing we had it. Had to read up a lot on what it is and sort out the false from the true. I used to be a very huggy person, like to hug people all the time, having had MRSA makes me double-think and then triple-think before I do because it is taking me awhile for my immune system to rebuild.

    • profile image

      concernedflorida 6 years ago

      The school and the health dept called last month to alert us about a child who may have had whooping cough. Since any kid who might have been near that one could have contracted it, they insisted every child get a dose of antibiotics right away just in case. The child is still in school we believe (that is coughing and said he had it). This was over 100 kids told to go get antibiotics. Seems all I've done to keep my family healthy gets knocked anyway by the paranoia and now an adult who hasn't seen the inside of a hospital for over 30 years, has MSRA.

    • profile image

      concernedflorida 6 years ago

      Signed up just to say that I found this hub due to researching an ingrown toenail.Aside from required routine physicals for my driving job,it's been many years since any need for a doctor and not to the hospital since I was a child. I do not go to gyms or pools. I had my children with a midwife.The few times in my early years I needed antibiotics, I absolutely finished them.I generally use plain soap and water. I am NOT an antiseptic/antibiotic queen. Vitamins is it. I am very healthy, have had very few problems in my lifetime, and do not take any other medications at 30 something. When a toenail became an issue, I allowed the podiatrist to remove the sidenail. Two months later, it started acting like it was growing from the incision point and a return trip had it lanced. I keep my outdoor and indoor sneakers only separate and clean. I wear socks and long pants on a regular basis, even in the house. With a now thought to be merca case, Bactrim was prescribed and it is healing very slowly. I'm now concerned for my family and everyone around me. Since it so rare for me to take meds or go to a doctor, I believe this came from the podiatrist office. I wish now I had continued to rely on natural medicine. I've been told the overuse of anitbiotics in others sneezing, etc could have caused this. All I can say is, if this can happen to me, there's more out there and yes, it is a concern.

    • profile image

      beebs86 6 years ago

      I had MRSA just over a month ago. At first i also thought it was a pimple inside of my right nostril. I noticed it on a monday, i thought it was maybe an ingrown hair but wednesday my nostril was huge, red, hot to the touch and extremely painful. At this point i thought it was a spider bite. I had never felt pain like this before---even during child birth. I went to the doctor that wednesday and they thought it was staph. i was given 2 shots in my butt then given ointment pain medicine and Keflex. By friday the swelling had not gone down and the pain was still intense and the redness started to turn purple! I went to the E.R. with my husband, they did a culture but said it would take a few days so they had to make a decision that it was MRSA bc they said it could've spread to my brain and was life threatening. I was admitted to the ER and the next morning i had surgery on the abcess inside my nose. They gave me stitches and a drain tube was left in my nose for a wk. Later it was confirmed MRSA! I believe i got this from a resident where i work. I JUST found out this resident has MRSA. There are no hazard signs, no1 told me she had this... Idk if i am goin2 have MRSA forever. the doc said i have2 wait and see if it comes back! I wonder if i can sue the company i work for?? It seems crazy to me that they didn't tell me and i couldve lost my life over this.

    • profile image

      whatever 6 years ago

      OK, has anyone had an issue with the pus from the "pimple" smelling like crap? literally? I have a small pimple/ingrown hair or whatever it is, but it has a pus that really smells horrible. Is that a sign?

    • profile image

      maggie 6 years ago

      i am not sure about staph but since mrsa is a strand of staph u could try this... get some lysol antibacterial spray, bleach mix with water, comet with bleach and spray down everything, that's what i have been doing ever since i found out that my son had it and me and my boyfriend, wipe down and spray everything, since its a bacteria it can be anywhere you touch. with that said i have a question for anyone that may be able to help, two days ago i felt a bump forming underneath my left nostril and thought it was just a pimple, but now its all red around it and swolen and even the whole left side of my lip is swolen, feels like i have a migraine constantly all throughout my head and even the back part of my neck, i feel like i have fatigue, mild nauciousness, severe lack of appetite and my jawbone on the left side and my ears hurt as well... any answers would be greatly appreciated and as for what i said earlier too, if i have been spraying everything down with lysol and bleach and everything, how is it possible that this may be another outbreak??? thanx for your time!!!

    • profile image

      doeadeer 6 years ago

      Wow, I have seen many questions here, and not one 'answer'. I have recurring staph, on my face! It's horrible! I've had an outbreak next to my left eye, then later, my right eye. They put me in the hospital for Vancomyicn IV, as it is dangerous that it is that close to my brain. It keeps coming back.

      I can't find any FREE information as to how I can fight this so it doesn't keep coming back. Last time in the ER, I'd ask "What can I do to prevent this" (like, eat certain things, certain vitamins, etc. etc.) The stupid nurse just kept saying "It's the gift that keeps on giving"! THAT'S NOT AN ANSWER!

      Do they (Doctors) just not know what to do...or is it some big secret? There are people on the internet selling books and holistic advice...I don't have the money! I have to pay out of pocket every time I have to go to the ER. I have no doctor, as I have no insurance.

      I'm SO SICK OF THIS!

      If anybody can find any advice as to how to PREVENT these outbreaks...I would SO appreciate it if you would share....Thanks

    • profile image

      Maggie 6 years ago

      I just found out last week that my 2 yr old son has mrsa, my friend was born with a rare form of ichtheosis that is from head to toe, she has had six outbreaks in the past year with mrsa, she came over during an outbreak and i had no idea how serious mrsa was or even what it was. she came over to visit and asked me to feel the lump in her finger and i told her i talked to my mama and she said it was contagious so i said no im not touching that. a month ago i had a spider bite that i believe because she came over during an outbreak and didn't inform me of the necessary precautions that i got mrsa, my boyfriend a week later got bit by a spider outside the home but it turned into staff infection, my doctor and the er failed to take a culture, (idiots) my doctor didn't even really look at mine but for a sec... they were gonna get a culture from my boyfriend but couldn't due to the fact it had already scabbed up, (bull) (they could have), now my son had on his arm what we thought to also be a spider bite and they took a culture and it is mrsa, my friend that came over during her outbreak and has severe ichtheosis, her skin cells shed 10 times that of a normal skinned human being, in short, she looks scaly and her skin falls off everywhere all the time, my question is this... is it a major possibility due to the fact that the bacteria lives on the skin and shes had 6 outbreaks in the past year alone that when she knowingly came to visit and regretted to inform me at all about mrsa that she spread it in my household knowingly and didn't care? i am sure that she knew all about it... due to the fact that wherever she goes she leaves skin everywhere, could that make the bacteria spread quicker? now my 2 yr old lil angel has it and i am very worried, i know what i need to do to try to prevent him or us from having another outbreak thanx to the internet and doctors and all of you ;) my son was allergic to the antibiotic they gave him and the only other option because hes soo young is either a different antibiotic or an iv, the antibiotic i have to start tomorrow is also used for rocky mountain spider tick fever (or somethin like that) and can turn his teeth permanently yellow even after he loses his baby teeth, i have been stressed and very upset that my so-called friend would do this to us and not even consider how serious it is, my boyfriend keeps comparin it to the flu, pisses me off, i told him to read up on it, anyway, thanx for any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated!!!

    • profile image

      Randy 6 years ago

      Last month, I took a nasty fall in the street, cut open my knee and wound up with a staph infection that was diagnosed as MRSA. Dr. gave me antibiotic ointment 3x a day for 10 days and oral antibiotics. Dr. said the best medicine to treat this would be Keflex but since I am allergic to Penicillin, I could not take it because there is a 10% cross-over between the 2 medications. I took Minocycline for 10 days which made me feel even sicker. I was constantly nauseous, had the chills and could not sleep at night. It was like I had insomnia. I felt horrible. Have been off the antibiotics for 2 days and can finally sleep now. My knee is looking better but the pain is very bad to the touch. Does anyone know how you can confirm if MRSA is out of your system?

    • profile image

      Katherine 6 years ago

      As we speak, I have a bump on my thigh. I have been in and out of the hospital with my brother, so I have probably been exposed. At first, I thought the bump was a little pimple. It's bigger now, but that could be from where I can't stop touching it through my pants. I have diarreah and possibly a fever, but I am not positive. My mom had mrsa about three years ago and was sick for months. How likely is it that I have mrsa? Should I get it checked ASAP? I would feel ridiculous going to the hospital if it was just a pimple and nothing more.

    • profile image

      Okie Sherri 6 years ago

      I got a staph infectio(Boil) on my army, the Doc gave me antibiotic and cream to put on it and up my noise. It went away and came back on my other army.I have ben using Clorox Wipes, Antibacterial Soap Bleach Water ever where in my house.





    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Hi all, I recently had MRSA and a couple skin infectiona after (I am on accutane and that lowers your immune system)

      In May, I had what looked like a zit in two places but overnight grew to 3 then 4 and in the end it was 8 quarter to the most infected one which was baseball sized..I had been running a fever always dizzy and they were painful to sleep on. I went to the 3 doctors all said it looked like MRSA ( because of how aggressive it was spreading) I had to leave to chicago and that day I felt so ill and my nodes near a lesion were huge, I had a fever and was in extreme pain. Ended up in the hospital and the test was positive... I had to stay overnight because the antibiotics were just not enough for my body to fight it and I needed an IV. It healed and since I have had a couple small things...but I just use clynimyclin.

    • profile image

      uptown20pink 6 years ago

      Shellebelle-Im motivated to share my story because of your post. Since my issue isn't resolved Im not sure how much help I will be though.

      The end of April I got an infected hair close to my groin but closer to my genitals. I had been shaving that region since I was 16. I'm 26 now. This infected hair was the worst I had ever had. It was swollen to the point that I couldn't do my regular cardio at the gym. (I wonder if I picked this up from a gym somehow). I went to my gynocologist and he went ahead and used a scapel to drain it. It felt much better and my follow up appointment was one week later. At that time I felt a nodule near the area deep under the skin. He mistook it to be a swollen lymph node. I had taken a few days of Bactrim immidiately after the draining.

      1 week later 3 to 5 pustules/absesses appeared. They were hard, swollen and drained. They drained a lot. I went back to the gynocologist and he drained and cultured. I had been on Augmentin at for a week at this point. Due to the antibiotics I had taken the culture came back negative. He gave me another round of Bactrim. It appeared to go away after two weeks of the Bactim and the dr cleared me. One week later it came back. I called the gynocologist and the nurse said not to worry about it (yeah right...!) so I went ot see my regular MD. He drained and cultured. In the mean time he started me on Clindamycin topical cream and Bactrim. He had me washing the area in dial soap and drying with a hair dryer on cool then applying cream. Lots of hot compresses.

      I went back once I finished the antibiotics and the area had quit draining mostly but was still sore and not healed. He referred me to a plastic surgeon. Luckily I had a friend who was an Infectious Disease specialist...the best around. He gave me two weeks of Rifampin and Doxycylcine. I also got a positive culture back for staph on my last culture.

      It has been two weeks since he cleared me and I finished the antibiotics. Two days ago the area became hard and started to drain again. Not a lot but this is the beginning. I have an appointment in a week to see the ID specialist again.

      Im scared now that Im facing surgery or a PIC line with IV antibiotics. This has been going on all summer and I get really nervous and down about it. It affects my working out at the gym and my intimate activities with my boyfriend. I've been limited in getting out in the sun because the antibiotics Ive been on. I cant stop worrying about what is next.

      Anyone else have any opinions?

    • profile image

      kneve 6 years ago

      My dog has a sore on his chest the size of a dime. I thought maybe a squirrel got him but after seeing some of those pics I'm not sure. I got him as a rescue 8 days ago (he's a sweet pit bull) and he was "living" at his foster home in Nashville on a front porch w/a baby gate, so his underneath fur all came out leaving him completely bald and very sensitive pink skin, poor thing. His hair is starting to grow back like peach fuzz, but this bite is looking worse and now there's a rash under his armpit... could this be MRSA or staff?

    • profile image

      Alexis 6 years ago

      @ yepers13. Chlorine dioxide may have limited effects if the infection is only on the skin, if it is in the lungs/blood stream/ect. it will be completely useless. Problem is that vancomyacin is a second level antibiotic, meaning it is only used if other antibiotics will not be effective on an infection. You should get your brother to talk to the doctor about methicillin, sometimes staph that are resistant to vancomyacin are still susceptible to methicillin. There are also some other possible treatments when antibiotics are no longer available, but they do require long-term treatment (usually 3-24 months, often in the hospital) to get rid of it.

      Also, something I have not seen mentioned on this site that doctors are not very good about passing onto patients is that while taking vitamin supplements can be beneficial for some things, taking vitamin C while you are on an antibiotic can make the antibiotic ineffective.

    • profile image

      yepers13 6 years ago

      My brother is dying of MRSA. He's been on vancomyacin for almost two years. He got MRSA while on dialysis. The staph is now resistant to vancomyacin. Looking over websites I saw that a cheap mineral supplement called chlorine dioxide can attack MRSA from a different angle than antibiotics do. I've asked my brother's doctor is they know anything about chlorine dioxide and they said no. The website says pharmaceutical companies don't want this getting out because it can kill their business. Can any HONEST, doctor, nurse, caregiver or anybody post any information on any success they might have had using chlorine dioxide on bacterial infections, especially MRSA? I don't have much time and I would like to get my brother to try it but he's afraid it will react with his meds. I read it doesn't.

    • profile image

      Kim 6 years ago

      My puppies were diagnosed with MRSA when they were 6 weeks old, my vet thinks its from overuse of antibiotics. We lost 5 out of the 6 puppies within days from the pneumonia. Our first dog became ill in Januaray, we think they caught it at a dog show. Its so sad people take their dogs out when they are obviously ill with no regard for other peoples animals. It was really a shame to lose such beautiful healthy pups after watching them thrive for 6 weeks then to see them die over a matter of 3-5 days. The puppy that survived is doing well and hopefully will be ok with no long term problems. Dogs can absolutely get MRSA, our pups had MRSA and a resistant E coli strain as well.

    • profile image

      Kmg1228 6 years ago

      I was told that MSRA cannot be spread from one person to another in swimming pools due to the chemicals being able to kill it. Anyone know if this correct or myth?

    • RemmieRat4ever profile image

      RemmieRat4ever 6 years ago

      I volunteer at a nursing home, and I've seen some pretty disgusting looking skin diseases and conditions, Including Mrsa. I've also seen cases of SCABIES, and shingles.. None of it is pretty.

    • profile image

      dr tasleem arif 6 years ago

      nice topic on staph and MRSA .I had a patient in the ward with massive rt pleural effusion.first we suspected malignancy as the patient was a chain smoker ,male,70year old.pleural fluid examination revealed MRSA.He drastically responded to vancomysin[i.v] then to oral linezolid.Now his CXR is crystal clear.

    • profile image

      Shellebelle 6 years ago

      I first had what I thought was a pimple on my back. I went to see my regular doctor, who was not in that day. The other doctor I saw thought it was an infected cyst. They removed it from my back. Approximately a week later I got what I thought was a pimple on my forehead. After 3 days it started draining, both my eyes were swollen and then my entire face became swollen. My doctor by then had me take a swab and found out it was MRSA. I was placed on antibiotics and the nasal swab. My boyfriend then developed it in his armpit and since he has diabetes he was watched closely. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so my immune system in compromised. I now have what I believe is another outbreak near my genital region. It was first the small bumps which I thought had gone away, however now it has grown into a huge nodule, which is warm and very painful. I have been unable to sleep for almost 2 weeks. Has anyone ever heard of someone having MRSA near their genitalia? HELP???

    • profile image

      mute 7 years ago

      do they poke u wit anything

    • profile image

      Meli 7 years ago

      My boyfriend thinks I am being paranoid, that I am worried about his mother living with us who has MRSA. She just left the hospital after less than 5 days and even though she is a really great person she is not the brightest. Im 6 months pregnant and really worried that I am going to be infected or my unborn child or my 8 year old. Am I just paranoid. I don't think so.

    • profile image

      ray 7 years ago

      Mrsa has effected me,girlfriend,both my daughters,son sisters mother friends I believe it all started when my mother was helping with lifelong friends dying mother who was infected by mrsa which I had no idea 5 years ago we've been thru surgery and all that come with mrsa plus poverty living in Detroit mrsa is my icing on are lovely cake main thing is keep fighting the shit or you'll die or worse ur kids get informed and when u see a sign of mrsa attack it as fast as it would at u

    • profile image

      SouthTxCowgirl 7 years ago

      My husband had gotten MRSA back in november and had to have surgery. Since then he has had it 5 more times. Just last month was the most recent infection and i ended up getting it the dr's told me the virus can lay dorment (alive) on shopping carts at the grocery store for 12 days so remember to whip down the carts with the sanitzed whipes before touching it. Also become a firm beliver in bleach. I now use bleach to wash both whites and colors. I bleach conters tabels door nobs and remots, just to be on the safe side its vary vary scarry to get he o most lost both legs bc of it so plz don't hesitate go to the doc if u hav any of the symptoms

    • profile image

      drew717 7 years ago


      You may have shingles. Go to the doctor asap and ask about it. Shingles typically follow nerve bands and can stay on one side of your body. If so, you can get on Valtrex, which will help clear them up pretty quickly.

    • climberjames profile image

      climberjames 7 years ago from Steel City

      Great informative Hub, plus this is the first Hub score of 100 that I have seen! Well done!

    • profile image

      NascarRenee 7 years ago

      I'm worried over here. I had a boil that grew to the size of a quarter in the upper area of my armpit. The doctor gave me Keflex for it, but took no culture. It burst a week later (yuck) and I thought it was healing just fine. I took all my Kelfex til the end. I even went to Vegas for a week. When I got home from Vegas, I noticed two small lumps on my lower pit of the same arm. I was like great, not again. Well, during the week, there became more and more small lumps. They all hurt and a few turned red. I did the same regiment as the first one but nothing happened. They didn't grow like the first one nor did they diminish, but they always burned and hurt like anything (still do). I made an appointment and was seen yesterday. I also have a cold that has turned in bronchial asthma. This happens to me every time I get sick. But, I was still very scared and still am.

      She looked at all 11 bumps (I feel like there's a party in my armpit) and said they were all to small to lance. I said I was too sick to take blood and I was. I felt like passing out in her office. She said she'd treat as MRSA and put my on Bactrim and it would also help my chest. She said to put nothing on my pit (was using neosporin for pain).

      Well, this morning, my pit hurts twice as bad. I took one Bactrim yesterday and just took today's first dose. I'm to be on these for 14 days and if they don't heal completely, I need to see a disease or skin specialist. I'm scared to death because my pit hurts so badly this morning. Does it get worse before it gets better with Bactrim? Does anyone know or had this condition with multiple red bumps in their pit. I'm not even embarrassed anymore to ask. This is my life I'm talking about. I'm a mother of two and they're terrified for me. My 13 year old was even crying when I called her yesterday. I've been dealing with this since April 17th. I had some relief from the 30th thru about May 9th, then noticed the lumps again.

      I'm afraid to look at them today for fear of seeing more. It seems every time I check, there's another one. I also have severe diahhrea and when I say severe, I mean the cramping kind, not the watery kind (I apologize if that's gross). I've had that since Vegas and even in Vegas, so who knows.

      I'll bet my original never healed, it was pretty darn deep and I should have kept something over it even in Vegas from walking that strip and sweating. It's probably my own darn fault, but now I'm fighting for what seems my sanity and life. I can't stand the sweating and the big "D" and dizziness.

      Any advice would be appreciated, please. And my God heal those who are also inflicted with horrible condition.

      God Bless.

    • profile image

      JEWEL 7 years ago

      my cousin has been sick for 5 months. 7 months ago she met a guy who has mrsa. he told her he had it after they had sex and oral sex. then she got a boil on her but and then 3 on her but now she is sick with pain burping farting lost her hair lost 12pds sweats everynight and it smells bad, her skin is sagging shes always hungry can't sleep and her eyes are buldging and she has been to every Dr. for testing of the thyroid. nodgels, pancries, and even colon cancer but they can't pinpoint what is wrong with her. do any of these symptoms come from mrsa and how soon would she get it from him if he had a breakout

    • profile image

      Jenny 7 years ago

      How long is it supposed to take to get rid of a staph infection. I had brain surgery in March and was discharged from the hospital just three days after surgery. I was diagnoised just over 3 weeks ago with a staph infection, spent 2 weeks in the hospital, a week and a half of that was getting vancomycin 4 times a day and my wound still isn't healed.

    • profile image

      diane 7 years ago

      colloidol silver kills all these germs so why don't the doctors prescribe it.?? They get paid for the prescriptions they give out and the government makes millions of $$$ every year from antibiotics that either don't work or the stronger ones in the ciprofloxicin group, create a myriad of side effects, some everlasting, like tendons falling off the bones and much more. If you think i am over the top, pick up on my key words and check out the sites with the appropriate question and see if I am not right. I have had psuedmonas aeruginosa in my sinusis since nov 09 and even in my sphenoid sinusis in my head. There is no treatment for the head and I should be dead by now. I contracted this in Nov after a visit to the hospital with breathing problems. It was most likely the oxygen tube up my nose that jumped onto me because of my undiagnosed pan sinusitis which i have had ongoing for 3years, earache, swelling of the outer ear,tinnitus, and more, my ear swelled so badly I could not wear my hearing aid, it would not fit. I told the dr i had rginitis and he said that was not a word they use much these days, why?? it is real. I was diagnised with it as well. my sinusis, to be told there was no help available, that was from 2 specialists, before my body, overloaded with toxics ,and pnuemonia sent me into a spin and I ended up in A and E only to be sent home at 3.30 am in the morning. 2 days later I was coughing up red blood and today, all I have taken by mouth is colloidol silver and colloidal silver drops and gelon my facial sinusis and rubbed the colloidal ointment into my head. I don't have too many symptoms now a bit of pressure in my head but otherwise, no discharge from my nose.

      Get this!! the results of my last test said i had straph auerus, so work that out ?/ no mention of psued. A.

      I think some of the medics are flying by the seat of their pants today.too many do not give the time to even hear what your symptoms are. Collodal silver working for me, it inexpensive, please give it ago. We put some on our dogs very bad excema and he was healed in 2 days. Vets make use of this here in NZ. Trust this is helpful and constructive.It is my faith in God and being able to have the colloidal available that has made me well. Oh and good sleep and diet...I do not manufacture or sell colloidal silver.Thanks for reading>>>>>

    • profile image

      jessica 7 years ago

      i was just told i had mrsa they gave me bactrim 2 tablets twice daily and ive been taking them for 3 days now there is no difference at all its actually getting bigger how long till the antibiotics start working? please help im so worried.

    • profile image

      amanda 7 years ago

      i know someone who just contracted mrsa and is about to give birth, is she and her unborn baby in danger and what about the people present for delivery??

    • profile image

      lauren 7 years ago

      i have mersa at first we thought it was a spider bite and before that a zit on my knee. I went to the doc today she took only one look at it and said its defianitly mrsa my knee is very hot to touch and the burning is horrible but they said i should be fine after im done with the mediacation they may have to lance it but she said if it drains to let it. See not so scary so the whole not al bad as it seems and very scary deal well i mean it just depends on how bad and what kind it is. Im only fourteen and im a pretty clean person you know i shower daily wash my hands it just goes to sgow that anyone can get it you don't have to be dirty.

    • profile image

      rena 7 years ago

      I just got mrsa on my face from my boyfriend. The Question is once your infection is gone can you still give it to someone else during sex or kissing?

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Great hub with interesting dialogue. In trying to help care for my elderly parents over the last two years I have seen horrid practices in doctor's offices, emergency rooms, hospitals, and nursing homes. Everyone's going around talking about the need to be careful, but they are not being careful. Many are quite careless in fact. The "good" nurses and other staff have a lot to deal with in what they have to work with. I am stunned by what I am continually seeing. One word of concern about it, though, and the next interaction with that person/department/institution is a very chilly one. C-diff, MRSA, other infections...we have to take responsibility to be careful for ourselves for we cannot depend on the "professionals."

    • lovelypaper profile image

      Renee S 7 years ago from Virginia

      Excellent hub. One of the most thorough and informative I've read. Great photos (although gross). Nice work!

    • profile image

      Wondering in St. Cloud 7 years ago

      I heard of a local hospital who stored a deceased patient infected with MRSA in a hospital supply area, I think that is outrageous, the stretcher was then moved to another area before it was finally cleaned, its practice like this that put everyone else at risk.

    • profile image

      Kevin 7 years ago

      Early in the year 2009 I started noticing some little red and raw spots on my arms and there was one on my face too. I let it wait for about a week or two to see if it would go away and then it did not. I went to the wellness clinic in school and they told me it was staph infection, but not the MRSA kind. At the time I did not know that they were to take a culture and send it to a lab. They put me on antibotics. Bactroman and another oral one I don't remember the name of. They went away but not without a scar. Then school went out for the summer and then about two weeks after being back I got another two spots on my right arm and then one on my left arm just above the elbow and then another one on the same arm and then I noticed a pimple-like mark on the arm just above the other spot and I scratched it off and then a day later it was another spot. I think I am picking it up at school because I went all summer without another spot coming back, getting scratched and everything.

      I don't know what to do

    • cindyvine profile image

      Cindy Vine 7 years ago from Cape Town

      I had MRSA after my tramflap operation. It was horrible, they put me in an isolation ward, people had to wear special suits to visit me and masks and I wasn't allowed flowers. Apparently, they carry the MRSA or something. I didn't quite get that!

    • Scarlet Danes profile image

      Scarlet Danes 7 years ago

      I work for a Family Practice Clinic. I am amazed at the number of patients that come in with a staff infection. Then it happened to my own. My college age son had a small pimple near his upper lip. We thought it was an ingrown hair. Within hours his upper lip swelled hugely even covering his bottom lip. He was in a lot of pain. One of our doctors confirmed staff and started him on Bactrim immediately. At one point there was a fear of him losing his upper lip to this horrible infection. For a singer that would be devastating. He is now cured..thank God..but that did not come without a permanent scar on his upper lip and the risk of it spreading somewhere else in his system. Good Read!

    • Artemus Gordon profile image

      Artemus Gordon 7 years ago

      These are no joke. My aunt got one a couple of years ago and her body has never gotten over it. She has a hard time healing from even just a tiny scratch and gets sick easily.

    • profile image

      Debby 7 years ago

      I had my rt leg amputated in 2005 due to osteo-mylitis and got MSRA while in the hospital, 4 more surgeries and some wicked anti-biotics for a couple of months and all seemed fine, about 2007 I started having problems with pain when urimnating and my gums getting really red and sometimes bleeding for no reason and in the past year have had numerous bouts with boils, systs and skin irritations, I've been told these are from my original bout with the infection,and it now really interferes with my daily functions, would like to know if anyone has heard similar story. I do not know what direction to go with this.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      Quarantine doesn't necessarily mean that he's going to lose his job. But, it is a good idea that he takes a leave until he finds out if he has MRSA or not. I'm sure he doesn't want to spread it to others. I'd say that safety is very important; I'm sure the spa would understand. It may even be a liability to have someone who may have MRSA working for a company that works closely with other people. I'm not sure.

      Doesn't mean he'll lose his job. It's a health matter. That's something your friend needs to consult with his boss with.

    • profile image

      blondie  7 years ago

      I have a friend who is waiting for the test results to see if he has mrsa. people are telling us that he needs to be in quarantine for it. can anybody shed some light on the subject? We both work in a spa and need some information so he does not lose his job over rumors

    • profile image

      Jon 7 years ago

      I have seen a few people say "Staph isn't as bad as the media makes it seem" Which is a load of BS.

      I am the cleanest person ever, wash my hands all the time, shower daily obviously, and just in general have good hygiene.

      I had staph on my NECK after shaving. The absess was so big my whole face was like a baloon, was admitted for surgery because it was near my juggular vein.

      Weeks later, I got it on my lip. After we thought it had been cured... left with a massive scar on my neck now, and lip.

      Months later... I now developed it under my arm. Turned into literally a HOLE in my body. Left with a huge scar again...

      Most recently, a few days ago, I have another outbreak in almost the exact same spot... at this point I don't know what is going to happen to me next... I am a young (and thought to be healthy) 24 year old male who bodybuilds and does cardio every other day.

      I am scared because I do not know what is going to happen to me next :( it doesn't seem like anyone has the cure for me... I am currently outbreaking again right now as we speak....

    • StevenCavendish profile image

      StevenCavendish 7 years ago

      Very interesting and thorough hub. MRSA certainly is scary!

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 7 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thanks for your hub of a medical dictionary, I was enlighten by all the knowledge. thanks for sharing. Godspeed. creativeone59

    • profile image

      betsy 7 years ago

      I have some questions about MRSA, which I've seen in the other posts, but not exactly the answers.

      When can you relax somewhat and not be afraid you are spreading MRSA to anyone else?

      My husband and I both have it and are sleeping in separate beds. How long do we need to keep doing this?

      Is the MRSA only passed by infection from open sores? Or is it on all your skin?

      Thanks for any help!

    • koeitjie profile image

      koeitjie 7 years ago

      Great hub. Disturbing, but great! I saw an episode of Oprah the other day which featured the MRSA bacteria. Scary!!

    • profile image

      Raggits 7 years ago

      Great hub. I am a survivor of MRSA infection. I will post my story and try to figure out a way to add your hub without causing copy infringement.

    • profile image

      britney 7 years ago

      i need some advice. my 2 year old got staph and is allergic to bactrum and clendamycin is there anything else he could take if it is mrsa?? please let me know anything i am very scared.

    • srpatterson profile image

      srpatterson 7 years ago from Dublin, Ohio

      We have a friend that caught MRSA after a breast cancer operation. Very poor luck.

    • profile image

      Lisa 7 years ago

      I'm 43 I've been breaking out on my chin and neck terribly for about a month. I was on Accutane about 4 yrs ago and was pretty sure it wasn't acne. My face has been red, some of the breakouts are extremely swollen and hurt and I can feel them under the skin right before they break out. I went to the dermatologist and he said he was sure we weren't dealing with acne or roscea any longer and it could be a low grade staph infection. He took some cultures and I should have the results back tomorrow. Today my husband took our 1 yr old puppy to the vet because he has sores on his stomach and hind legs - he's had one or two here an there for awhile, but the last month it's been getting progressively worse. The vet took some scrapings and it came back positive for staph. Can this be a coincidence - I keep reading that you can't get staph from your pets. Would we have gotten the infection from the same source or do you think my dog already had it and I got it from him? It is possible that after grooming him and inspecting his sores that I touched my chin or neck prior to washing my hands which would explain why I may have it.

    • profile image

      Loo 8 years ago

      I just finished my staph meds but now theres a really hard area all around it and it seams like it might be starting to get red again. I have seen 4 doctors in 3 weeks about this.

      We really do need to take our health into our own hands, The first doc said i had a pimple, the next said boil and the next said cyst. After a culture it was said to be staff. We need to do our own research and not depend soely on the Doctors. Stick to the basics, eat right, excersise, stay happy and wash your hands!

    • profile image

      Heidi 8 years ago

      Hey I was wondering. My son has MRSA, He is almost 3. He got it from my inlaws. anyway does anyone know if you have had MRSA is it easier for you to get it again??? (Easier then someone who has never had it?

    • profile image

      JD  8 years ago

      Stanely 9 --- I have had MRSA since December 2008 and have gotten several boils over the last 6 months. I was on 4 antibotics and as soon as I got off the medication they came back. MRSA (STAPH) causes boils so it is quite possible that you already had it. Good thing the Dr took a culture that is very important. I finally just got a culture of it last week and am on Clindamycin 300 mgs 2 x per day for 10 days and then doxicycline for 30 days to try to get rid of this awful super bug. Now I am trying to determine if I should take my dog in for a nasal swab to see if he has MRSA in his nose cause I don't want to get reinfected. I am a 38 year very healthy person and the last 6 months has been very sad for me. I am afraid to touch anything or go anyway if fear I may give this to someone else or I may get it again. I hope so much that this the last antibotic I will have to take for a very long time as the antibotics take a toll on me. I clean my house every day with bleach and lysol. I wash my sheets every other day. And my husband (which I believe him to be a carrier) is swabbing his nose twice per day with Bactroban ointment to kill the staph in his nose. I wonder if my dog should be de-colonzied also. I hope your staph is gone and never comes back...

    • profile image

      Stanley9 8 years ago

      I had a boil that got as big as a golf ball. Went to the dr. and he lanced it. He put a packing in it to keep it draining for a week. I went back to get the packing taken out and he said it wasn't there that it must have fallen out. I waited a few months with it draining all of the time. I figured it was just deep and would heal. I also thought about how much better it felt when it was open and not filling up with pus. Then I got worried. I went back to the doctor because I could see the packing in the wound. He looked me in the eye and boldly told me there was no way that packing was still in there. He did take a culture and sent it off only to find out I have a staph infection. My question to anyone who might know is, "Could leaving that packing in so long and keeping the wound open have caused me to get staph?" By the way, I pulled it out myself and am taking it to dr's office this week. I have an appointment to check to see if the staph is gone for now.

    • profile image

      "D" 8 years ago

      Well my son has been goin to an eye dr and we just found out that he has staph infection. My god I'm the one that had to suggest that she do a culture on his eye bcuz it was just not healing. My son has lost some of his eyesight due to this not being diagnosed sooner. Sometimes you just have to be persistent with these drs bcuz they sure don't care but they like takin ur money.

    • profile image

      mike 8 years ago

      arghh i have one on my leg right now... been on anti biotic for 3 days now it still filling up with shit after being drained twice

    • chantelg4 profile image

      chantelg4 8 years ago from Northern Ontario

      What an informative hub, wish you had written this 3 years ago when I contracted this type of infection after my last child was born through C-section. If I had known more of the symptoms, I could have been treated earlier with less damaging results. Of course that did not happen, I had a private nurse tend to me 4 days a week for 3 months because of the severity of the infection. I had necrotic tissue and a gaping hole in my abdomen. The worst experience I have ever lived through! Thanks for this hub, hopefully others will be better prepared and know what to at least expect.

    • profile image

      Rachael 8 years ago


      I would say this was a freak occurrence, but with the outbreak of staph in hospitals and nursing homes a doctor should have gotten a culture of her boil. If I were you I would contact a lawyer. I am truly sorry for your loss! I work in health care and my 6 year old stepdaughter has had Mrsa and is acceptable to it when ever she comes in contact with the bacteria or gets an infection. I worry about bringing something home to her constantly.

    • profile image

      Nancy 8 years ago

      My 25yr old beautiful younger sister died 8 months ago from sipsemia. or toxic shock syndrome...she had what she thought was a mosquito bite, went to the hospital as it became painful and filled with puss. They drained it and gave her some antibiotics (no one telling us it might be staph)...5 weeks after that as the wound was getting better she had fever, then vomiting and dioriahea went to the hospital again and they sent her home saying it might just be a flu/virus and return if it persists. Within the next 24hrs my sister wnet in shock and died...The culture revealed staph areus. We had never heard of such a thing till this tragedy...I still don't understand it or how my sister it the doctors fault? Is it the nature of the bacteria? Is it a combinatioin of factors that contributed? We don't know...We obviously are still in shock and in incredible pain to lose such a beautiful young person as my sisiter Rebecca. Please tell me who is at fault? I'm Angry!

    • easegiri profile image

      easegiri 8 years ago from Bangalore

      I see that my father-in-law seems to be having this kind of staph infection. I am seeing it in him since past 20 years now and he is still living along with it.

    • Dr Post profile image

      Dr Post 8 years ago from Rochester, MN

      Thanks to the mis-use of antibiotics by patients for this problem. The one thing that I've found that works extremely well for these infections is low level or cold laser therapy. I had one young girl brought into my office for a skin infection which turned out to be boils caused by MRSA. I used the cold laser shining it on the area of the infection as well as the area of the nerve root that innervate that region. A few days later I learned that had started to dry up and go away. We ended up treating her one more time just to make sure but it did a beautiful job getting rid of the infection. No side-effects and no worries!

    • profile image

      hawk18 8 years ago

      I had MRSA in my digestive track about 6 months ago and I was on antibiotics for 24 days. To this day I still feel like crap, but I do not have it in my system anymore because I have been tested many times since I first tested positive for it. Thanks to the MRSA in my digestive tract, the DR now thinks that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome because of it as well. MRSA sucked then and is still sucking the life out of me.

    • profile image

      ernursekat 8 years ago

      Let me just say...MRSA is often caused by people continually over their life span stopping the antibiotics prescribed sooner than prescribed. If the prescrition is for 10 days twice a day and you feel better after 3 can't stop taking must take the full course. If you stop taking them then you are only empowering those little staph bugs and building their immunity to antibiotics. Just like we take is like vaccinating the staph against our antibiotics!

    • dr.martyr profile image

      dr.martyr 8 years ago

      Yes presently MRSA is the most dreaded bacterial infection.It is resistant to most of the common antibiotics.

    • profile image

      Nancy 8 years ago

      Hi Everyone, my son has a sty in his left eye. The Doctor says its staph. The Dr. put him on Erythmycin antibiotics. The Dr. told me to bring him back immediately if it didn't improve. I try not to worry about this. My son has staph on his knee last year and I cleaned it with bleach and warm water it finally went away. In April of last year he also had MRSA in his lungs, along with pneumonia and pluerisy. The Doctor put him on Vancomycin or something like this and he got better, I know this is something I will have to keep dealing with. I wish I knew how he got the Staph in the first place. The Dr. says school is where he probably got it. I was reading an article about natural cures of Staph. With tree oil. Has anyone else heard about this? If so where can we get it and how do we use it. My best suggestion is to use warm water and bleach (diluted). bleach will kill staph. A skin infection is easier treated. The most important thing is not to let it get to far ahead. Once you get a small red pimple and it starts to grow or have pus coming from it take a bowl of warm water and about a teaspoon of bleach and wash rag and clean it 3 times a day and it should go away. Do not let it go unchecked and uncleaned, there is a chance it will get into your blood stream. My only and most effective defense against this bacteria is prayer.

    • profile image

      Old Guy 8 years ago

      My bestfriend, and new roomie, just spent half a month in hospitals with this. Now her 18 month old baby girl has it too. I have a job in which I get a cut or scratch nearly every day, and between my my roomie and I, we have... several cats. Two nights ago one my cats scratched me. Pay attention now people... I rinsed the scratch with peroxide, then applied a little neosporin. Like most of the minor (and sometimes serious) skin wounds I frequently get, all healed normally.

      Eat right, wash your hands when you've been out in the world. Especially before you eat or prepare food. And I saw one posting here about keeping your hands away from your face, really folks, THINK about where your hands have been, and what you've been touching, and you won't want to get your hands anywhere near your nose, or mouth, or ears, or etc... and then you were going to eat with those hands!

      Point is, I am exposed to all kinds of ugly stuff every day of my life, and I will not live as a germ nut. I am careful, yet still a slob. Just be aware of your actions, and the consequences for you and the ones you care about the most. I know that while not ever having an infection, I maybe carrying MRSA, but I am very careful about contact with others.

      Just be aware of the potential for exposure and be smart and careful!!!

      Enjoy each day like it might be the last! Love and don't hate.

    • profile image

      Nikki 8 years ago

      Ok yeah Im reading all of this, and literally getting scared. My cousin had a baby 2 days b4 i did (back in sept) well she had to have a c sec. After she was discharged from the hospital she came down with very very high fever, like 106.1 for a week. She was hospitalized again for many days. Turns out she has staph (mrsa) so does her newborn, husband, and 1 yr old daughter. Well the otherday she broke out in chicken pocks, like sores all over her entire body.... Im very scared for her. Not to mention it was christmas eve and the entire family was together, and all of them infected. many hugs, holding of the babies ect...Im terrified i should get myself and my kids checked out, I think I will.. But i feel just terrible for her and her family. Any advice I could give her? I also know that here, (I don't know if its like this everywhere) We are supposed to report MRSA outbreaks to the health department, I would never do that to her... but why are we supposed too? I mean what good would it do? Do they quarantine? lol im slightly ignorant to the subject...

    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 8 years ago

      Thank you for this thorough and important hubpage on MRSA.

    • topstuff profile image

      topstuff 8 years ago

      You gave a good going to bookmark it.thanks

    • profile image

      hallmama 8 years ago

      HI there.. My 2 year old daughter has been treated this last week for a Staph infection that when cultured returned a MRSA result. She is still on bactrim and it is looking better, but now I have a sore on me that looks just like hers. I am 5 months pregnant and got a prescription for Bactrim to heal mine as well. My concern is the drug Bactrim and its affects on my unborn baby. I know all of the risks, but has anyone had a successful bout of this while pregant? any answers would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks again!

    • profile image

      mark 8 years ago

      hi my wife just gave birth to our first daughter. everything seemed well but 2 weeks later she had an infection in the are where her catheter was inserted. the DR gave her antibiotics and all seemed well. now 3 weeks later she developed a hard lump near her incision for her C-section. the Dr guessed it was just part of the healing process... now two days later it has turned red and soft like it is filled with puss.

      I need to know what the most effective test to determine what type of infection it is, as most signs point to staff.

      Also, equally important... how do i have my baby girl (2 months old) checked for it and if she has a form of staff, how can she best be treated before it gets serious. if something were to happen to either i would be lost.

      please someone help me as i am in the Dominican Republic now and I need expert advice as I want more than anything my story to be a success and recovery not a tragedy.

      Thanks for any help or advice

    • profile image

      Liba 8 years ago

      This is a great place to research. I got a lot out of it.


    • profile image

      Patty 8 years ago

      I had a staph infection on my shin recently, it was awful, they did a culture and told me I have MRSA. It didn't really effect me at first because I didn't know much about it but then I did some research online and I was shocked at what I had learned. First off there are a lot of relly bogus sites out there meant to scare the day lights out of you! Sure you can die from MRSA but you can die from literally anything, you have more of a chance of dying behind the wheel of your car. People who are dying from MRSA are people who got serious infections in their lungs and didn't have the means to fight it off ( I.E. healthy immune systems ). Please don't become obsessed with this, we are all going to die at some point just live your life and try to be healthy and aware, that's all we can do. Maybe we can help fund more research so that a vaccine will be in our future. I use a surgical mask if I am in a place where there are potentially sick people and I carry alcohol wipes with me everywhere so I can scrub my hands and under my fingernails. Keep happy thoughts and just live the best you can, worrying won't stop this bacteria, you can lose all the sleep you want and nothing will change, I know..I didn't sleep for weeks literally. I sunk into a major depression and was so afraid to die I couldn't function, but then one day it hit me...all this worrying isn't changing the fact..I still have MRSA, so I can fight this or I can curl up and let it kill me..I pick FIGHT! While we are all above ground, there is hope.

      IF you are admitted into a hospital, make sure someone is there with you, clean the bed posts and railings yourself with wipes that kills staph it's called PDI sani cloths you see them in the Dr's offices in the red and white containers. make sure the Dr's and nurses have washed their hands before they come into the room or when they are in the room ask them to wash up. Get a flu shot to protect yourself from possibly getting pnuemonia. If you get a cut, clean it out immediately and cover it with a bandage, bacteria can't grow where you don't let it. If you think you have a staph infection get to the Dr immediately so it can be treated sooner. You can NOT get staph infections from your pets. We all have it on our skin, so just be careful when you scratch a bite or get a cut or open sore. Remember the sooner you get treatment the better your chances of fighting this are! Good luck and take care!!

    • Moon Daisy profile image

      Moon Daisy 8 years ago from London

      That's a very interesting, informative (and worrying) hub. Thanks for bringing this subject to light. It's something we all need to know about, even if it's just so that we remember to do basic but vital things, like washing our hands.

    • profile image

      kristy30 8 years ago

      Hi Everyone,

      10 days ago I noticed a little cut on my index finger (no idea how I got it). Since then the redness hasn't gone away and it has gotten infected twice with puss. My husband has went in and popped the wound open to drain the puss.... In between all this I have had shoulder pain, my knee has been bothering me, loss of appetite, and nauseous at times. I started reading about MRSA and now I'm freaking. I have an appt to go to the doctor tomorrow morning and just wondering if anyone can give me some tips.

    • profile image

      illuminatedangel 8 years ago

      Let me tell you - I have worked in infection control at a major hospital for quite some time, and I have a fairly extensive background in Microbiology. MRSA definitely IS something to worry about and is becoming more prevalent as people are improperly using antibiotics and not taking common precautions as far as spreading disease is concerned. Children do NOT need to be raised to be germophobes who develop autoimmune disorders because of bored immune systems; however, people should definitely be more cautious of these nasty superbugs because they can KEEP mutating to become resistant to the FEW remaining antibiotics available to treat MRSA infections. MRSA is resistant to almost every kind of antibiotic, I have seen children in our hospital have limbs amputated from horrible infections. A friend's child got MRSA from her daycare - and she ended up having to have surgery to relieve her condition. MRSA is nasty. While we should not be germophobes, we should all learn a little about Microbioloy and germ resistance before saying that MRSA isn't really a big deal. It definitely CAN BECOME a big deal through mutation facilitated by poor handwashing and common germ-spreading precautions, and by poor use of antibiotics. When you do not entirely finish your antibiotics, your symptoms may cease because the antibiotic wiped out *most* of the bacteria. However, because you did not finish it, there are still some surviving bacteria who now have the "blueprints" to the antibiotic. They then take these blueprints and find a way around it. This is a main factor in bacterial resistance. What everyone can do is EDUCATE themselves first about the facts, and then teach others about common precautions and proper antibiotic use - this does NOT mean that we all have to be germophobes, but cautious and aware of what's going on.

    • profile image

      Bettyboop 8 years ago

      My daughter had what we thought were 8 Black Widow spider bites at camp, and got a staph infection due to the lymph edema that it left her, but now I'm wondering if she really did actually have spider bites, but a staph infection to begin with. Her foot had the puss pockets and was as big as an oversized football. She has been in the hospital off and on, sometimes a week at a time. Now it's been almost a year free. It does come back out of nowhere. We thought that she was clear with two years of being infection free, then out of no where she was sick.

      She has been using a lot of antibacterial soaps and gels/creams to shave with when she does shave, but I now think she may be doing her immune system more harm then good.

    • profile image

      Td 8 years ago

      I had a sore on my finger that just would not heal. Seven days after (b/c I was out of town) I went to the Dr. where they took a sample to be sent to the lab. Well, they lost that... so I never got the results. 12 days later I got another pimple like sore that got worse quickly on my ankle. I went to the DR. yesterday where they are senting in a sample. Last night at bedtime my knee starting hurting, like a bruise on the inside. Today it feels a bit worse. Can this be related. I do triathlons and stay healthy. I also think I would have realized if I hit my knee on something. Any advice?

    • profile image

      katie 8 years ago

      i have just learned msra. they drained the boil gave me bactrim and sen tme home now i am lightheaded dizy and throwing up is that a bad sign i might be getting sicker.

    • profile image

      joe anam 8 years ago

      i had an infection on my tricept, it was a huge staph ! i took bactrim for about 1 week, it went away but days later i saw it was coming back.. so i did a lot of research and i am now much better cause of the tea tree oil and aloe vera i was treating it with.

    • profile image

      ePrincess 8 years ago

      I know this is an older posting but I thought it was important to share this...

      First of all this is exactly why I joined this site in first place. You are all amazing and thank you Whitney05 for posting this.

      Secondly it has been mentioned hospitals and nursing homes being areas of high contract for MRSA but a word out to all the gym goers… my son who is an avid weight lifter (I’m just repeating what the medical folks are telling us) contracted staph they believe from the gym that developed into Impetigo (I think there’s another name for the adult version that primarily effects athletes). He was treated with an antibiotic that is used to treat MRSA which as far as we know has handled the staph however the skin condition he developed never was managed in fact got progressively worse. They (the Dermatologist) now say he has Plaque Psoriasis. I found it odd since we don’t have any history of Psoriasis or any of the related conditions in our family. I will be sharing this posting with my son perhaps he should be asking/pushing more questions.

      I don’t think we need to be paranoid about what is out there but definitely cautious/aware. So, for those of you who visit those gyms & fitness centers; you are all in close proximity to each others bodily fluids, germs, whatever and please take care of yourselves by covering up any open wounds/sores/scratches and wash, wash, wash as soon as you possibly can. My son never felt sick (typical of most athletes) he didn't know anything was happening until a slight burn he on his arm sort of overeacted. That finally went away and then a cut he received, same thing, then he started getting lesions that eventually spread. The Psoriasis my son has now developed could potentially affect him for the rest of his life. This is a shame for someone who spent years and years perfecting his body image.

    • profile image

      mary kay 9 years ago

      I take my dog to a nursing home where there is MRSA. How do I know if my dog gets it from one of the people there? I try to wipe him off with a clorox wipe when we are out of there and I don't take him into rooms with MRSA patients, but some are allowed to walk around, and I can't tell. help please

    • stylezink profile image

      stylezink 9 years ago from Atlanta, GA.

      Great and very informing, I've actually dealt with serious cases when I worked in nursing homes.

    • profile image

      cindy 9 years ago

      i had a staph infection last year and almost died from it. i had to have surgery as result of it, three months later my father died in his sleep. i feel so tired all the time and worry that it may come back. between being sick and the death of my dad the stress, grief and the depression. life can be trying at times but life goes on.i thank my dear daughter for all that she has done for me. i am truly blessed to have such a great kid. i live my life for my kids and plan to help them as much as i can. i hope ot live long enough to see grandkids.

    • Dorsi profile image

      Dorsi Diaz 9 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

      This is a great hub for everyone to read- my sister died from a staph infection in the late 50's (she was allergic to penicillin and back then apparently they didn't have other antibiotics for it), and my dad also died from sepsis, after a staph infection (but he was having chemo and his immune system was very weak) and he caught it in the hospital. Like you said wash hands a lot, and don't eat questionable food, and keep wounds cleaned out.Great hub Whitney.

    • profile image

      Drew 9 years ago

      Hi my aunt was just diagnosed with a staph infection and she has terrible RA also. When visiting her in the hospital should I be concerned about catching it myself? It started from a wound in her foot which is now dressed and covered. Also, the doctors are not sure if it has reached her heart. Hoping she'll be ok. Any advice?

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 9 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      I hope your dog recovers soon.

    • profile image

      aimes 9 years ago

      Thanks for the posting. I'm and ER nurse and this is great review.

    • profile image

      Angela 9 years ago

      Just found out my dog has this. She had an infection for awhile now and had been on a few different antibiotics, whenshe was not getting better, they were baffeled and finally did a culture which came back with her having this. Other then her lesions that were not healing and kept oozing, she has seemed healthy, active, eating and drinking. She starts her new antibiotics tomorrow and will be getting treated for at least 3 weeks on this antibiotic. I think if this had been contagious to humans we would have gotten it already as she has had this for well over a month.

    • profile image

      new nurse 9 years ago

      There definitely is AIRBORNE MRSA infections - it's called MRSA pneumonia and deadly!! this staph infection is resistant to most penicillins, thus becoming MRSA - Methicillin resistant- and in the lungs and lung tissue, thus pneumonia. most die of MRSA pneumonia in days. Vancomycin usually used for mrsa is not as effective on lung tissue as an oral pill drug linezolid - problem is they may have coughed on you at the grocery store before becoming so sick they went to a hospital. While we ALL have staph on us, we do not all have methicillin resistant staph on us. people who have overused antibiotics have made their staph resistant to antibiotics, OR ALSO you may have picked up someone else's antibiotic resistant staph. it is easier to get rid of an infection on the skin site than one that has reached your bloodstream and thus ends up everywhere- and in the case of mrsa pneumonia- your blood and heart and lungs connected. I cannot seem to find out anywhere exactly how long the germ lives in the air and on surfaces. if someone with mrsa pneumonia is down the hall even in isolation is their air spreading to everyone else on the floor with the same central air conditioning and heating? some big hospitals have negative pressure rooms but not small hospitals and nursing homes.

    • profile image

      Nancy 9 years ago

      my husband had back surgery, very minor at a very famous hospital in So. Calif. he came home and 3 days later had a staph infection at the wound site. It took months of a visiting nurse every day changing and packing the wound with gauze until the wound healed from the inside out. It was gross, and I think that hospitals should be required to post the number of staff infections that come out their facilities.

    • profile image

      Alex  9 years ago

      For some reason I received this page when searching for Psoriasis. Is it related in any way?

    • profile image

      Heather 9 years ago

      MRSA is scary, it is not that the media has blown it so out of proportion, that is what a lot of people say that do not have to live with it. My husband almost died in January, he is recovered now, I now , as his wife and mother of our 3 kids, have the job of disinfecting our home daily with bleach. This is something every person should be aware of. Wash your hands....all day long, no matter where you have been or what you have done, and stop touching your face as much as possible. There is some stuff on here that is absolutely not true, it absolutely is not airborne....refer to sites that are credible lie the Mayoclinic or get in touch with an infectious diesease counselor if you are afraid you have cotracted it. Get the facts, this is way to serious a problem and life sentence to mess around with half truths.

    • profile image

      Mark 9 years ago

      After my daughters MSSA Staph infection I did much investigation and found a all natural product called ALLIGIN that kills and prevents all bacterial infections to include: MRSA - MSSA Staph, E-Coli, and new Super-Bugs.... DEAD!

    • profile image

      Carol 9 years ago

      MRSA is spread by contact. It is not airborne.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

      Yes, I do believe that a variation of staph can be caught air-borne, MRSA- if I remember correctly. Depending on the staph, I believe it can vary how long you notice signs.

    • profile image

      sweetyyy 9 years ago


      I been working in a nursing home for the past 4 months.I just started becoming the shower girl.When I just found out one of the residents has Mrsa after she was sent to the er with breathing problems.I didn't even know that Mrsa even exsisted.My questions are How long does Mrsa take to appear once you have been exposed? can this be caught by airborne breathing?


    • profile image

      Lynn 9 years ago

      My dad has been diagnosed with MRSA, does anyone know how long they are contagious? I am planning a trip to see him in about two months.

    • profile image

      Melissa 9 years ago

      Everyone needs to understand the staph bacteria is everywhere. It doesn't matter who you are you can contract it. Please wash your hands. It is THE most important measure at saving yourself and your family from contracting it. You must use disinfectant (like lysol) or bleach solution to take care of the germs. This is the only way to get rid of the germ. It lives for a long time on surfaces. I work in group homes, in which, clients are infected. The saying goes, once infected you are considered always infected. Chances of you recovering completely without it coming back are slim. Eveyone please do not take it lightly. It does live in us, paticularly in your nose. Especially those that work in the health field. Just protect yourselves by handwashing and good sanitation.

    • profile image

      Isabella 9 years ago

      I got MRSA a week ago, it was a severe one, I thought I would die. I would really appreciate some advice regarding the recovery part. I just left the Hospital last friday, jan 25th, and I am really scared. Thank you

    • Evelyn Lim profile image

      Evelyn Lim 9 years ago from Singapore

      This is a very useful hubpage, with valuable good info. I've rated it up!

    • profile image

      mattcastle12 9 years ago


      Looks like you've got a lively hub - congrats. Bad thing is that some of this info is partially correct and partially wrong.

      I've personally worked w/ this bug on the epidemiological and genetic engineering levels, and while its scary, its also preventable. I noticed a post above that its difficult to catch, that's a yes and no answer.

      You could have MRSA all over the exterior of your body and you would be fine. It simply needs an entry point by a break in the skin. You can get MRSA on your skin from anywhere - your dog (sorry Whit), your neighbor, or a doorknob. 90% of all bacterial infections are transmitted by your hands so keep them washed.

      If you eat MRSA, you probably won't get sick unless it makes a particular toxin known as "enterotoxins". Meaning its not the bacterial cell that makes you sick, its the poison it creates before you eat it. If you cook it for 10 minutes, it will kill the cell and deactivate the protein.

      Toxic shock is also caused by a SA protein toxin (called TSST), but it can be MRSA or regular SA. The majority of cases are found in women forget to remove a certain feminine "thingie" during a particular few days of every month. HINT -- something that men don't like to buy at the market.

      With regards to Heidi's question, if the cow had a SA infection chances are the USDA inspectors or the grocery meat dept caught it. Infected cows rarely make it past inspection, and the meat would look kinda funky at processing. Remember, a steak is sterile on the inside if it hasn't been punctured - that's how we can eat it rare (yum). Ground meat of any kind is a big problem -- never EVER eat a rare beef, chicken, turkey, or any other ground meat product raw. Sushi maybe as long as its fresh.

      If you had a boil, there is no way to know that its SA or not until you get a bacterial culture or immunoassay from the physician. Rule of thumb - if it smells bad and it drains, go get it checked out. A physician will probably lance it for you.

      For the record, necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating disease) isn't nearly as bad as gangrene. Beware of the rotten cheese like smell.

      If anyone wants to know more, just drop me a note. FYI: I am an infectious disease specialist.

    • profile image

      Heidi 9 years ago

      If you eat a piece of beef and the cow had staph infection are you at risk?\If you have a boil that is Staph, should you pop it?

    • profile image

      Anne 9 years ago

      My mother went into the hostital to have a herna operation, its been nine months and she will feel better, able to do things she did before the surg. then she come down with a low grade feaver and very weak; not like her at all. the primary doctor has not conducted a test for mrsa he just gives her more antiob. pills and has her go in for a blood count. her white count is higher than normall, she is down now and she is at the point she is worried and scared. I have an appointment with an infectious doctor and he will be the one to check for mrsa. I am reading all the comments on this trying to learn as much as i can for my mom.

    • profile image

      rtrotter 9 years ago

      There is a big different between MRSA and CA-MRSA. MRSA referring to the resistant staph that is found in health care facilities such as nursing homes and hospitals. That staph has developed methicillin resistance due to exposure to highly potent antibiotics in those environments. MRSA usually requiring IV vancomycin and this is now becoming less affective.

      The CA-MRSA developed due to the over use of antibiotics. Main cause is people demanding an antibitoic for a head cold or sore throat that's not strep throat. The CA-MRSA most commonly cause a skin infection. It can be treated with Bactrim and/or Clindamycin orally. Your doctor can have a test done to check if the bacteria will develop resistance to clindamycin. Also, when children gets a CA-MRSA infection, the family should be treated with Bactroban swabbed into nose to reduce colonization.

      The media picked up on this due to an article in JAMA and they really over did it.

    • profile image

      --baby-boo-- 9 years ago

      that's gross but it happens to some of us the way the infection looks scares me .My cousin has it and i can't look at it without puking.

    • profile image

      Linda 9 years ago

      My husband had esophagus cancer surgery last Sept o6 and the fluid never completely left his lung , this June it turned into a full blown pleural effusion . did surgery applied talc and was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal lung cancer. Pain in chest has worsened sine last Sept. , tried thorencentesis 3 weeks ago and got 110 cc out , did biopsy of fluid and it came back staph mrsa and severe inflamation with empyema , I'm beginning to wonder if he ever had lung cancer , supose to see thorasic surgeon tomorrow. Any thoughts or experiences greatly appreciated , my husband is only 48. Thanks

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

      You cannot get MRSA from your pets and they cannot get it from you. The bacteria is already present on your body. There are things that just increase the rick of it getting inside.

    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 9 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      Whitney! This is quite the HUB! Well done.You rock girl...

      regards Zsuzsy

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

      That I've never heard of... But, I guess it is possible. Hopefully, the doctor will be able to give you a better answer.

    • profile image

      Nanette 9 years ago

      I have R.A. along with other medical problems. I am also a carried for staph. I get a break out all the time because my imune system is so low.

      My question is do any of you know if you can have staph in your throat. I have the most awful sore throat that I have ever had in my whole live time. I am just waiting for the Dr. office to open. I sure hope they can see me today. I just got through with a round of Rifampin(?) for a staph out break so that is why it makes me wonder.

      Thanks for your help.

    • wmj profile image

      wmj 9 years ago from Malaysia

      My mom contracted this disease, at first we didn't know its a staph, the doctar said its kind of cellulitis. it took her almost three months to recover. i would like to read more of this disease, thanks for the article.

    • profile image

      progressive_angel 9 years ago

      my boyfrien had a staph infection although not MRSA (thank god) He is still on augmentin for 20days, does anyone know how long till we can.... well you know , without me getting sick too...

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

      Isabella, I didn't even realize that he said virus... :-/

      Thank you. I don't think I even want to attempt to look up flesh-eating Strep. It sounds scary enough.

    • Isabella Snow profile image

      Isabella Snow 9 years ago

      Great hub, Whitney :)

      To Spencer - Staph is not a virus, it's a bacteria, and one that lives naturally in the environment. Staph is harmlessly present on *everything* - and resistant Staph (MRSA) usually only causes problems in nursing homes and other places where people are immunocompromised, and ulcers and infection are prevalent.

      I worked in an isolation unit and cared for patients with MRSA for 5 years - I promise, it's not as scary as the media makes it sound.

      And it's our own fault that it exists, these things mutate when people stop taking meds just because they feel better, as opposed to when the meds are used up. Anti-bacterial soaps have also contributed to the problem. We are raising children without giving them a chance to deveiop their own immunity to natural bacteria!

      I wouldn't worry too much about MRSA. You want a scary bacteria, try flesh-eating Strep. Get a good look at that and you'll never sleep again! ;)

    • bihargyan profile image

      bihargyan 9 years ago from India

      Good post.

    • profile image

      Melissa 9 years ago

      this is not what I want to think about but I have to as I work in the health care field.Pay attention people it is out there and it can happen to you.

    • trakker14 profile image

      trakker14 9 years ago from franklin

      It really worries me to have something like this out there..why not send it to Osama with best wishes...

    • ams_0140 profile image

      ams_0140 9 years ago from U.S.A

      my bad i ment school

    • ams_0140 profile image

      ams_0140 9 years ago from U.S.A

      i don't want to die i have to become famous like miley cyrus!i hope i don't get it . its in the high scool but not in mine.

    • robindarleen profile image

      robindarleen 9 years ago

      my three children have had the mrsa this year.two devloped youngest daughter never deloped sores but she was hospitialied with breathing problems.

      and the person can get mrsa more then oldest daughter had mrsa three times.

      i didn't know pets could get,thanks for the info.


    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 9 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Well done! One more thing to worry about, along with Iraq, global warming and undercooked hamburgers.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

      That I'm not sure. I know that it is naturally on our bodies, but as for how long each bacteria can live, I'm not sure.

    • profile image

      Spencer 9 years ago

      Does anyone know how long the virus lives outside the body in the ambient air?

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