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Sleep Paralysis: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Updated on January 13, 2017
Sufferers of sleep paralysis often feel there is an old hag, or witch, in the room tormenting them
Sufferers of sleep paralysis often feel there is an old hag, or witch, in the room tormenting them

One day last year I was taking a nap on the couch when I heard my mother come home from work. I woke up and saw her walk through the front door, and I tried to say hello to her. I was disturbed to find that I couldn't speak; my tongue was frozen in my mouth. I tried to move my body to get her attention, but I couldn't do that either. I was paralyzed.

Panic quickly set in, and although I had been breathing perfectly normally up until then, I suddenly felt like my lungs were constricted. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep, only to have the same scenario repeat itself a few moments later when I thought I heard her moving around in the kitchen. I was desperate to get her attention so that she could help me, but once again I could not move, and I would drift back to sleep. After about four more rounds of this, my brother came home from school and that was when I woke up -- for real.

That was when I realized that everything that had just happened hadn't been real. It was a freaky sensation, but I chalked it up to a bad dream... until it happened again a week later. Hoping that if perhaps I could understand what was happening, I could possibly change it, I did a Google search for "can't move while sleeping" and discovered the concept of "sleep paralysis."

Sleep paralysis is actually a fairly common condition characterized by either partial or total paralysis of muscles. It occurs upon awakening from sleep or when falling asleep, although the latter is much less likely. The episodes generally last anywhere from seconds to minutes, and outside stimuli like touch or sound may terminate it.

According to Wikipedia's article about sleep paralysis:

"It is closely related to the paralysis that occurs as a natural part of REM sleep, which is known as REM atonia. Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain awakes from a REM state, but the body paralysis persists. This leaves the person fully conscious, but unable to move. In addition, the state may be accompanied by terrifying hallucinations (hypnopompic or hypnagogic) and an acute sense of danger."

Although I had never heard of sleep paralysis, this was clearly what I was experiencing. The same physiology that keeps us from acting out our dreams as we sleep was now keeping my body frozen as my mind was awake and aware. Most people experience severe panic symptoms during an episode, even as they know that their perceptions are false. After reading more on the subject, I decided I was one of the luckier ones. Many people also experience hallucinations during sleep paralysis. In particular, they may see an old hag in the room, or feel a witch or demon sitting on their chest and laboring their breathing. Although I hallucinated my mother coming home from work and was greatly disturbed when I couldn't reach out to her, I have never had the sensation of something evil lurking.


Sleep paralysis entails one or both of the following:

  • Paralysis: occurs after waking up or just before falling asleep. You cannot move any body part, aside from involuntary movements such as blinking and breathing. "This paralysis is the same paralysis that occurs when dreaming. The brain paralyzes the muscles to prevent possible injury during dreams, as some body parts may move during dreaming. If the person wakes up suddenly, the brain may still think that it is dreaming, and sustains the paralysis." (Source:
  • Hallucinations: Images or sounds that appear during the episode. The sensation that someone is standing beside you or somewhere close by in the room. Strange sounds. Some people feel a heavy weight on their chest, as if they are being sat on.


Although there are several theories, the actual cause of sleep paralysis is still unknown. However, several factors have been identified that may increase the chances of having an episode:

  • Sleeping in a face upwards or supine position
  • Irregular sleeping schedules; e.g., naps, sleeping in, sleep deprivation
  • Increased stress
  • Sudden environmental/lifestyle changes
  • A lucid dream that immediately precedes the episode


For those who suffer severe and persistent sleep paralysis, there are medications that may improve the condition. One option is to take 0.5mg of Clonazepam at bedtime. Ritalin has also been used as a daytime medication, the idea being that establishing healthy sleep patterns will reduce instances of sleep paralysis. Before considering or taking any medications, however, you should consult your doctor to discuss your specific condition.

In all my research, the only other suggestion I found was to try to move your facial muscles during an episode, as it may be easier to move these than your arms or legs. Not only will it give you a sense of control, but it may be enough to ease you into wakefulness.

Consult Your Doctor

If you experience sleep paralysis and are concerned about its causes or symptoms, please consult your doctor. Any consideration of medications should be discussed with a medical professional.


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    • profile image

      Valerie Lynn 8 years ago

      I've had episodes of sleep paralysis all of my life.  When I explained the characteristics of these episodes to my neurologist, he was quite familiar with them.  The mind puts the body into a state of physical sleep, a protective measure; otherwise we are able to act out the physical movements of our dreams. Body paralysis accompanying the lack of conciousness of sleep is the body's means of avoiding possible injury.  Most of us, most of the time, have a synchronous mental awakening accompanied by the freeing of body sleep and movement. 

      When mind and body sleep are not (always) in sync, then there is the frustration of being mentally awake while unable to physically move.  My earliest memory of this is as a toddler, with a dreamlike fear of falling between the bed and wall as the bed moved closer to the wall. I felt the anxiety of an external force preventing me from protecting myself from being crushed between the bed and the wall. 

      As an adult, I now rarely have the out of sync awakening experience of mental arousal preceeding my body awakening.

      I have taught myself the ability to make even a slightly move one muscle generalizes to the rest of the body and I am able to wake fully. 

      This is a common neurological disorder, well familiar to neurologist and information easily found on the internet.  If one is unfamiliar with it, anxiety dream states are more likely to accompany the physical paralysis and are distressing. 

      Cognitive awareness of the of what is happening can diminished the "fear" or dream of "being held bound by external evil forces."

      The "just one slight move of one muscle" effort has been effective in fully awaking me when my mind awakes slightly ahead of my body. 

      The actual time between the two types of arousal is generally a short time, though the frustration of it, especially in the presence of attributing it to some unfriendly external force, or an evil presence, can grossly distort the perception of how long it last and the intensity of the fear arouses adrenaline and other chemical reactions in the body, further enhancing the perception of a supernatural force coming to bear. What a nightmare! The fear and confusion can last for a period of time, and yes, escalate to the severity of fear of going to sleep, attributing the experience to external forces, creating a true disability and trauma.

      This phenomena has the very practical purpose of protecting the body from harm while sleeping, suppressing the thrashing about or movements during (especially REM) sleep. The neurological factors responsible for this have far less impact in creating an environment of sleep terror, probably for most people, when understood as a distorted perception to a compensatory physical response in keeping the body physically safe.

      Work to short the duration of the perceiving experience as terrorizing by focused practice of viewing uneven awakening between the cognitive mind and the physical body as simply a neurological anomoly. 

      For some, the fear generated probably from childhood, distorts into anxiety and terror dreams for the inability to express what is happening and to cognitively understand it.

      The paralysis is real, and so for many, the dream surrounding it is as real, and certainly the anxiety is intensely a part of this chain of events.

      Education of the causes, and an understanding of how to exert your own control in awakening the physical body helps allay anxieties of "evil" or a foreign force "taking over" the body. Our minds are quite susceptible to unexplained experience, especially if this is a neurological deficit existing since childhood. Our childhood experiences and beliefs about it can extend into adult, resolutely denying plausible explanation for the years of terror.

      I overcame moderate amounts of anxiety related to body paralysis by complete focus on moving an exremity, if only slightly.

      Moving a finger or foot usually begins the quick process of physically awaking. Sometimes, when there is a greater lag between cognitive and physical awaking, it is more difficult. When this happens, I focus on a repeated kicking motion, until I suddenly physically awake.

      I imagine there is a range of least to most difficulty in awakening the sleep paralyzed body after the cognitive mind becomes concious owing to variations in how much earlier the cognitive mind reaches consciousness as compared to the body; thus, the tendency to experience the fear of a dream of the body be possessed, or the effect coming from an external, even evil, force. I never experienced this degree of fear, except in early childhood.

      After the explanation from my neurologist, I found it progressively easier to exert control over my sleep paralyzed body, with a lessening of the anxiety not being able to move understandably produces.

      Surprising, the espidoes of body paralysis have been similarly decreased.

      The fear of the experience may have a negative feedback effect. The more anxious we become about "it happening," the more we attempt to overcome the anxiety; the purpose of our dream worlds is to work out in our sleep that which unconsciously, or consciously is trouble while awake.

      Try a didactic learning approach, a period of focused understanding and belief your body is a complicated machine. Misunderstanding about how it operates can subject one to enduring, but distorted, and disturbing conclusions.

      A trial of practical cognitive problem solving, is a reasonable effort to ridding oneself of the terror of things that go bump in the night.

      I do sympathize with the anxiety aspect, as well as the terror of the unknown experience associated with this phenomena. And, I'm glad I have been able to use a practical approach in allaying my fears, practicing ways of awakening the body through focused attention on muscles, freeing myself from early childhood fear of the unknown. Warm regards, and sleep confidently, Valerie Lynn

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 8 years ago

      I have had this disorder since I was a teenager, about 15. I'm 37 and I've noticed things that really make it worse, more extreem or more frequent. I used to drink a lot of pop, orange pekoe tea and chocolates. I also would drink a lot of coffee. I went through a period when I changed a lot in my diet and noticed that when I drank the tea pop or coffee my heart would race really fast and I wondered if it contributed to my sleep problems. Plus when I would drink tea I didn't sleep well anyway. So I tried cutting the caffenated drinks out and it almost completely got rid of the problem. But then I noticed when christmas came around and I had that big box of chocolates (which I always ate about 10 chocolates) I would go into a really sleepy state and instead of going to sleep I would go straight into sleep paralysis. I knew the caffiene content wasn't that high on chocolate but the sugar was super high. So I tried drinking coffee without the sugar and it didn't bother me and then I tried putting brown sugar in it and it didn't bother me either. So now I try to stay away from sugar as much as I can and it is not near as severe when I do have an episode. Although I do still have them. What I do different is I just don't try to move or fight it. I notice if I do try to move or fight it that it drains my energy so much that when I do finally wake up I'm so exhausted that I will go right back into another episode. So I just lie there and let it take it's course. I noticed if I didn't try to breath or try to move or try to wake up that it lasted just as long but I wasn't exhausted when it was over. By the way I noticed that I didn't have to fight to breath, I just felt like I couldn't because I was trying to fight it and it was wearing me out somehow. But fighting it never really seemed to do anything but tire me out. If I tried to move it could still last several minutes. If I just lie there it can last the same several minutes but with no fear. I know how scary it can be and I hope I've been able to help someone out there. I don't know if it ever completely goes away but maybe you can learn how to make it not as bad. Good Luck! 

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 8 years ago

      I wanted to comment on the videos. I am not against people believing in God. However, I was a christian for at least 25 years and as devoted as possible. Not just to christianity but personally to God.  During these years I suffered from sleep paralysis when I delt with it at it's worst.  I would pray to God because I thought I was dying. I was seeking comfort, I wanted it to end. I would ask Jesus to bring me out of it or help me to deal with it. Prayers did not make a difference. I'm only being honest. It was only when I changed my diet that the sleep paralysis was not so bad. And then when I learned not to fight it that I could deal with it without fear.  If you can see sleep paralysis logically it makes sense.  Your mind has woke up about half way, so your still sleeping but still dreaming which explains why you can see things that are not there but yet you can still see the room as it is. Your body is still asleep so it is in a paralysis state so that you will not act out your dreams and hurt yourself. Although if you are a sleep walker you may wake up crawling out of you bed if you see something frightening. I never really feared demons so I never saw them when I was in this state. In my mind I imagined my family was in the room but I could not get their attention and because I was fighting it I felt that I could not breath (because trying to fight it drains your energy). That was my fear, having someone right there, gasping for my life, and no one knowing or helping. Sometimes someone would see me moving my eyes funny or I would get a grunt out and they would wake me up. I told them if they saw me doing that to wake me. I believe that if I had a fear of demons and was afraid of them coming to get me that I might have imagined that. I honestly believe that when you are in that state, half sleep half awake, that it is much like a dream. If you see something and then you think it may be something else it changes, just like a dream.  I don't believe these are aliens or demons. I think it is a half dreamlike state upon awakening and that it can feed on fears just like a dream can. You can only learn to control it when you actually know what is going on and what to realistically expect. So that combined with less sugar in your diet I found works. I say less sugar because it is believed that sleep paralysis is linked with being diebetic. You can be slightly diebetic and not know it. When I read that and put it with my own experience of changing my diet and my sugar experiences with sleep paralysis it made complete sense. Good luck! Unfortunately not everyones body is the same so I'm sure some of our needs with be different.

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 8 years ago

      Hi again,

      I know I have commented twice on this page but I'm doing more research right now because I have a friend who suffers from this severely and has not learned how to control it yet. I came across a page on another website and wanted to post what they put on it. I will then follow it with another comment that makes me believe more now than before that this is a hereditary condition.

      How to Lucid DreamThe most basic definition of lucid dreaming is "being aware you are dreaming while dreaming". Most lucid dreams are about things you want to happen. Although most people know they're lucid dreaming, you can change your dream to how you want it to be. Lucid dreams usually occur while a person is in the middle of a regular dream and suddenly realizes that she or he is asleep and must be dreaming. The person is then said to be "lucid", and may enter one of many levels of lucidity. At the lowest level, the dreamer may be dimly aware that he or she is dreaming, but not think rationally enough to realize that events/people/actions in the dream are not real/pose no threat. At the highest level, the dreamer is fully aware that she or he is asleep, and can have complete control over his or her actions in the dream. However, with low mental control your decisions could be biased not by your opinion, but by your brain. You can control your dreams using the lucid dreaming methods that follow.

      This was a link from a page on sleep paralysis.

      There was more to this topic but when I read it I realized it is exactly what my dad is able to do.  Sometimes when he is just entering a dreamlike state he envisions a circle opening up in front of him. He gets up from his bed and enters the circle which he calls a dream world. There he can control what he does and knows he is dreaming. It is the most amazing way to dream ever. I wish I was able to do this, maybe I can get to this point from sleep paralysis. My brother on the other hand is bipolar to the point of seeing people and things that are not there and hearing voices (all during waking hours) I wonder if these are all linked together...

    • profile image

      sufya 8 years ago

      I found all the differrent comments about sleep paralysis intersting. I am a counsellor and I see many people, who report being victim of this condition. In reality all our beliefs depend on our value system regardless of relegiousity and or ... it all comes as a result of our observision leading to our basic learned behaviors. for those who belief in god praying is the best option as it keeps them focused. however movment of facial muscles are great espacially in trying to open your eyes. what is important to know is that sleep paralysis causes no harm to you even when it it seems that your are out of your self, you are fully concious in your mind there for, making this episode an opportunity to have time with your inner self is not a bad idea. if you are still feeling uncomfortable in having these experiances, there are some tips to help you avoid it. allow positive thoughts to be part of everyday life, become aware of things that makes you happy and unhappy, make mental notes about what you become aware of about your self and the qualities that you hold. they are very valuable to you and others even if you don't know them. sleep on your side and avoid sleeping on your back, as it is easier to move your body when on one side. befor getting ready for bed, listen to relaxation cds such as prograssive muscle relaxation. reduce drug and alcohol. and take care of your self. this is exactly what i did when i was experiancing it.

    • profile image

      Amy 8 years ago

      I'm reading Cynthia's comment about being a Christian and I'm not sure if you're still a Christian or not. But in many instances, you can ask God for something till you're blue in your face. God has already given us everything we want, we need to take action to get it. It's like an obese person praying to God to help her to stick to her diet. It's pretty straight forward - make a conscious decision to stick to your diet and be disciplined. It's basic biblical principles we need to live by. It's like asking God to solve all your financial problems, but you sit on your ass and don't get an extra job, or even remotly try to spend less. Asking God to 'take something away' is like a silly prayer. You should ask God to give you wisdom and show you how to deal with it - which he did, by you changing your diet. And you should be greatfull for that, because he did answer your prayers.

    • profile image

      carol 8 years ago

      dear cynthia,

      i thank you for you valueable information. Honestly, I am having sleep paralys past 2 years. i do not know anythign about it and this happen more frequent recently. I too prayed for GOD to give me some know, GOD leads me to your article. You have become an instrument for GOD to answers our prayer for sleep paralys. i felt you are helping many many people with your article on this sleep paralys thing. How wonderful and privilege you are to be use by HIM in HIS work!

      God love you now matter what you think of HIM. He will not do things for you like a delivery order service. you call, you order, they deliver. GOD works in ways MOST suitable for you so that you seek HIM and learn! if you want pizza, He won't delivery that to you. HE will send you a recipe and you make it yourself. that is more value lesson than just merely receiving.

      Have faith.

      "i've been crucified in Christ and I no longer live, but Christ live in me. The live I live in the body, I live by FAITH in the Son of God, who love me and gave himself for m." Galation2:20

      Thank You again!

    • profile image

      jim 8 years ago

      i love the ignorance of the science like myself still a half sceptic but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Haley 7 years ago

      I would just likt to thank all of you who posted. I've been having these for a year now, and they scare mt to death, I was pretty sure i was being spiritually attacted for a really long time. But thanks for the information. (:

    • profile image

      DA 7 years ago

      i also have it...Ive learned how to control it a little bit more now. I don't try to wake up anymore or move. It use to drain me when i did. I thought i was having a dream inside of another dream. Scarey stuff!!! Thanks for posting!!!

    • profile image

      Meera 7 years ago

      I have been suffering from sleep paralysis for 6 years now. i just had one this morning and have noticed that these episodes happen when i take a nap during morning hours.

      It was worse when i started having sleep paralysis.I never knew what i was goin through during my sleep. as DA said.. i too felt that i was having a dream inside another dream. I always woke up crying. Well, things have become better now and are less scary.

      Thanks for the comments..

    • profile image

      Lauren 7 years ago

      I am absolutley thrilled that I have found this post. I am 21 years old and I have had this so called "sleep paralysis" since i was little. I have tried to explain it to my friends but they have no clue what i am talking about. They think im jokeing around. I don't find it to be funny at all. Its quite terrifying actually. The Most terrifying feeling imaginable. I Just had my most recent episode yesterday (four times in like a two hour period). I wake up (at least i believe i am awake) and find myself unable to move or talk. And believe me I try so hard to scream or move so I can snap out of it. Almost everytime I can make myself actually wake up from it. Sometimes it takes me a minute or two but I can. There have been times where I have heard buzzing in my ears and then my body felt like it was vibrating. There has been times where I have heard a demonic voice scream my name. Yesterday I heard a sound like an old fashion radio being changed through the channels real quickly. I have told my mom and she has experienced the same thing through her life. She does not believe it is sleep paralysis. She believes its an evil occurrence. My mother is a very educated women who happens to be a psych nurse. She is also a strong faithed christian. So her credibility is valued. I am undetermined if i believe it is the work of evil or if sleep paralysis is actually the case.

    • profile image

      Katie 7 years ago

      This has been going on with me for a few years now. I didn't know what was wrong with me until I came across a section in my Psychology book on the subject. Between reading that and reading this and all of the comments, I realize that sleep paralysis isn't that uncommon and that if you stay rational during an episode it will be over with soon enough.

      I also found that I get them mostly when I take naps and there's light in the room. I guess it needs to be completely dark so you aren't shocked out of REM stage or something. Hope that helps.

    • profile image

      becca 7 years ago

      heyyy iv recently been experiencing theese too iv been having themm for a whilee and when i started having them i was feeling very terrified im only 15 and i thought something was wrong with me, i never really tried explaing this too anyone because i thought pepople wouldn't believe me but just today actually i googled it an d found a lot about it and im so thankful i read all theese because honestly i thought i was being spiritually or watever you call it supernatural things i don't see things or anyhitng but i just cant talk or scram or move my body and the fisrt time it happened i was so scaredd other times i had my eyes open and i herd something like the bed shaking wen i finally woke from it and the next day my sister said i was shaking violently in the bed but i thought it was a dream until she told me i was actually shaking but it only lasts a couple minutes with me ans every time it happens i try to make my slef move to be awake but from what ic read in theese comment im guessing waiting it out it the best to do,

      it was such a terrifying experience but now that i know its fairly common i ffeel much better about it so thanks so much everyone.

    • profile image

      Rocky 7 years ago

      I have it too... I feel like it was all a dream after i wake up from the episode..its like someone is pushing you down hard

      and preventing me from getting up..

      I am just interested in knowing whether it is harmful or people can live it . I mean i am not scared of it.. i just let it happen whenever it happens..only thing i worry about is whether i ll snap out of it or not ? i feel i ll go to life long coma...that part is scary!!!

    • profile image

      Sweet LOU 7 years ago

      i heard an evil dog growling..on top of me

      and same as others..

      could not move or talk

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 7 years ago

      Hi, Posting again! : )

      Funny thing how this condition plays on your fears. I have a story of what happened after reading this page and veiwing the videos. All of us who have this disorder know that no matter how much we tell ourselves that we are in a state of REM sleep (which we are). When an episode actually happens somehow our thinking process just isn't as reasonable as when we are fully awake. So I'm lying in bed, just fell asleep and something happens that has never happened to me before during sleep paralysis. I know it was from reading all the stories as well as talking to my friend about her stories. So all the sudden I feel an impression on the bed behind my legs...then it makes it way up behind my back. So I'm thinking to myself, okay this plays on my fears, so maybe I can make it play on my I'm thinking Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt, Brad Brad Pitt (true story). Not so lucky..I felt it jump off the bed behind me and then I snapped out of it. I got up checked the room and no Brad A few nights after I was lying on my back and went into an episode. This was after I read the article on Lucid Dreams. I thought "just go with it" "don't fight it" so I felt myself go up into the air...which I know I didn't really but it felt like it. I've experienced a falling feeling before but not a "I'm going up to the ceiling" feeling. I felt like I was hovering there looking at my ceiling. Then I realized that my ceiling looked slightly different and then it was I guess reality set in.

    • profile image

      Gen 7 years ago

      I stumbled upon this page trying to find a reasoning for why I can't sleep. I have had this experience a majority of times. It feels as if I am awake in a dream, and I can not move my body, I feel like I am drugged. Also, I feel as if there are other people present in my dreams and around me, and the feeling is like they are going to harm me and when I try to scream or yell, nothing comes out. It has always scared me when this happens, and it feels like it takes forever for me to finally actually wake up. Until today I never knew what was happening to me. Usually this Sleep Paralysis happens when I am taking a nap, so this all makes a great deal of sense to me!!

    • profile image

      AudreyR 7 years ago

      I only had one episode of this, but I just wanted to post to let others know you are not alone and you most certainly are not crazy.

      We don't actually see through our eyes. They just take in light waves for our brain to interpret as what we see. So when our brain projects something that is not there, we're going to be more apt to believe it is. Add to this the fact that you are half-sleeping/half-awake AND cannot move a muscle, well it's a terrifying experience.

      This really is a very misundertood disorder and we really should be more supportive and more vocal about it. Just think of the stigma attached to some of the stories associated with this!

    • profile image

      SleepFlyer 7 years ago

      I have been experiencing sleep paralysis since I was very young, though I found it became more intense when I was in my heavy drug-use phase of my life. Those days are gone, but the sleep paralysis has stayed. I can sympathise with people who experience fear when in this state, as I used to feel very scared when it happened to me. I am stuck in my bed, unable to move, and I hear this sound in my ears like a rumbling in my ear drum. It's really quite frightening when you don't understand it. However, I have known about sleep paralysis for a long time. When I started experiencing it often, I asked my father (an MD) and he told me about it. Over the years, though, I have come to appreciate the experience, and hope each time I fall asleep to experience it again. It is quite the trip. I am now at the point where I can leave my body and float. Last night was the first time I tried to test the limits of what I could do. I actually floated out my bedroom window, but I had no real control of my flight and so I soon found myself back inside my room bouncing around on the walls and ceiling, flipping around. I tried to look down to see if I would find myself in my bed, but I was unable to. I've found now that I am more capable of controlling my dreams in this state, including at one point feeling that I was underwater and breathing of my own accord. I just want to tell people no to fear it. Don't use medication to stop it. Learn to accept it, even enjoy it, it can be very enjoyable once you get past the superstition of demons, or aliens, or God... none of those have anything to do with it. It is simply a biological function (albeit a strange one) that is completely natural, and as you can tell from the plethora of info available online, quite common. Learn to enjoy it, I have. In the end you are only in bed, usually looking up at the ceiling, sometimes you feel heavy, sometimes you feel light, sometimes you fly, sometimes you swim, and sometimes you just sit there trying to make sense of the experience. There is absolutely no danger, just keep that in mind, you are in the safest place in the world at this point, in your nice warm bed...and in this state, your dreams are yours to create. This doesn't happen right away, it takes years of practice, and a little knowledge of what is happening, much of that knowledge you already have if your on this webpage. I am only just beginning to have control over my conscious in this state, and I am very much looking forward to the next experience. Fear Not Everything is Better than Okay!

    • profile image

      Zohra  7 years ago

      Hi Everyone,

      So I have had this for the longest amount of time. I really thought the devil was after me because I am such a positive person. Thank you so much Cynthia. This is so awesome how you are taking time and posting all these lovely comments on this disorder. I wish I had known about this a little longer. My whole family suffers from Sleep Paralysis. My sister told me to just joke when I am having an episode, to say things like " Yay I am having so much fun" instead of taking as a threat. I always get very scared. I am Muslim, and I always say my prayers when it happens to me. My last episode was seeing a demon with its draping tail float up the stairs. My fiancé just started experiencing once I told him about Sleep Paralysis. He is so scared.

      I am helping him to cope with it.

      Thanks Again,

      From San Francisco,


    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 7 years ago

      Okay so I've just recently stopped trying to pull out of SP when it happens and had good results. Something else I am noticing now though and I'm just curious what others experiences are.

      I'm in my bed and just starting to go to sleep and all the sudden the room gets dead silent...really it's like suddenly...and really silent. Then I will feel the vibration feeling (I used to think I would feel my bed shake at night) At this point I'm not in SP though, it's something different but I guess related. If I want to I can get up, and that is what I used to do, but after researching on the internet other similar experiences I decided I would just stay there with my eyes closed and see what happens. It felt like the inside of my body was making a wave like motion. Mostly in my arms and legs and I could still feel the slight vibration. This happens when I'm on my side so I'm wondering if it's the same thing as when I'm on my back and feel like I'm floating up or falling. But like I said I can actually choose to open my eyes and get out of bed. I guess I'm wondering if anyone who has experienced this has taken it any further to like lucid dreaming or anything. But I know I am 100% fully awake and able to get up if I choose to (but not out of body). If you've experienced it you know what I am talking about.

    • profile image

      Bellywinks 7 years ago

      I am 42 and have experienced this oddity since I was around 16. For years I "saw" a tall woman dressed in black. She never scared me but the experience disturbed me. I also get a loud rushing noise in my ears. When I moved into my new house 4 yrs ago I spent weeks expereincing them every morning after my husband left for work. I would hear the front door open and hear footsteps up the stairs. This frightened me as I waited hopeless to who was coming up the stairs. I would also smell cigarette smoke. I have also had the physical sensations, punching in my stomach and bitting. The last time it happened was the morning after my husband's nephew died suddenly. I "woke" to see our nephew's face in mine contorted in anger, screaming so loud it actually shook me out of my paralysis.

      Do you think that maybe at this vulnerable time we are receptive to supernatural experience?? Also has anyone heard that rushing noise??

    • profile image

      Renae 7 years ago

      I was looking up a site for a friend about panic attacks, when i ran across "sleep paralysis"I could not take my eyes off of this site! this is me! I did not know that so many people goes through "sleep paralysis"when I go through it, I make a grunge sound ,praying that my husband would hear me and touch me, most of the times he does,when he does not, I talk myself into coming down, then my body makes this sudden jerk and I wake up."sleep paralysis" happens to me when i am upset or scare or when someone hurts my feeling about something, and last but not lease, when someone close to me dies.

    • profile image

      Olivia 7 years ago

      Coming across this site has made me feel more confident, and not so fearful of going to sleep at night. I had one or two episodes when I was very young, and it now started a few months ago, after many years, I am now 32. It was really terrifying to say the least. It really felt like this invisible force sitting on me was trying to drain all life I had, from me, suffocating me, while I was fighting for my dear life. The weird thing is that it felt so real, so vivid, and this invisible force kept trying to suffocate me, even feeling for a pulse on my neck to check if Im still alive, after I could no longer fight back due to the energy just draining away. I then started praying very hard, and in a flash he disapeared. I woke up so scared and terrified that it took me weeks to overcome the experience, and I told my Mom and Dad about it, and learnt that she has these experiences too.

      I then googled "invisisble force suffocating me while sleeping" and came across so many sites where people are experiencing exactly the same thing. It makes me feel so much better and stronger knowing I am not alone, or crazy.

      Last night I just had another episode, with this invisible force trying to suffocate me, while I was lying on my side(I don't sleep on my back since the first terrifying episode), but then I just let it be after a while of fighting and even trying to tell him to GO AWAY!!(but the words could not come out, and felt him fade away, after trying to pray hard, still it's so scary, because it really feels as if someone is trying to kill me, with all his might.

      I've now decided not to fight back, because the harder I fight, the harder and longer and stronger this force fights back, and it drains my energy tremendously.

      So Im going to train myself not to be scared and just let it happen(even though it does get scary), instead of fighting. I think this "thing" or whatever it is Im experiencing also feeds on fear, as I can sense in my "dreaming" state that he enjoys seeing me fight for my life

      I also realised that when Cynthia mentioned the sweets. That's exactly what I ate last night just before bed, a whole pack of sweets(naughty), so no more sweets for me, atleast not before bedtime.

      And the fact that it happens when I am really stressed out too, so I am now going to take up some Yoga classes that might help me in trying to relax and free my mind, and take control when I have to.

      I am really glad I came across this site, as it had given me a lot of confidence not to fear it, but turn the experience around.


    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 7 years ago

      I was bad Friday. I went to a luncheon and had two cups of coffee with about 6 packs of sugar each and then followed by a nice big glass of sweet tea. Later that night I fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie with my son and one of my daughters. They knew about the sleep paralysis but it's been so long since I've had an episode like that where I suddenly wake up paralyzed gasping for air and trying to talk and get their attention that they forgot I guess. I guess it looked pretty darn funny because they were cracking up and I was getting pretty annoyed because nobody was waking me up. So I tried to make a face that looked pretty desperate and apparently that was even funnier. So they laughed even harder leaving me to my suffocating misery. I finally popped out of it and they were like "Mom, do you know what you were doing while you were sleeping?" "ha ha ha" "you were making a face like this and you were making noises like this" I'm sure you can imagine what I said I already knew. But it was kind of funny to see them laughing uncontrollably.

    • profile image

      Alexandra 7 years ago

      My name is Alexandra I am 21. Wow, it is such a relief to read this page. For the past month I have been having SP. Sometimes I get it about an hour into my sleep, and sometimes I get it in the morning, it all depends. All I know is when this happens I am terrified! Now I am terrified to fall asleep, I will be up for hours before I actually fall asleep. Thank God I don't see any demons!! I live with my boyfriend and he hears me right when it is over screaming "HELP!". He thinks that I am crazy. Anxiety runs in my family, so this has been on my mind constantly since it started. I am contemplating whether or not to take some kind of sleeping pill such as Tylenol PM, but I am hesitant because I don't want it to backfire. I am in college and I also work at a restaurant till late at night, so my hours of sleep are always fluctuating, plus I love to sleep in! My greatest fear is to be stuck in that state for hours...

    • profile image

      Debs 7 years ago

      I'm 40 and have been suffering from SP since I was about 14. It terrified me for many years and to be honest, it still does from time to time. I've learnt to live with it but sometimes it gets so bad it drives me nutts!!!! I've tried the good living approach and to be honest, although I'd always recommend looking after yourself, if you get SP then it's going to happen anyway! Sometimes I just lay there and let it run it's course but other times I panic and it all goes horribly wrong. I personally don't think God, healthy living or demonds have anything to do with it, it's just an imbalance of chemicals when we're dropping off to sleep. Like I said, scares the living sh** out of me sometimes but I'm still here!!!

    • profile image

      Nick 7 years ago

      I used to call them my wind tunnel dreams. They started when I was in high school. I am now 23. They still occur from time to time. Whether or not there is paranormal activity with SP, those that have it know that there does seem to be paranormal activity on the body. I went to college and it happened less frequent than it did at home. I do believe that there is a regular occurance of paranormal activity in my room. (There is a constant tapping on a wall all hours of the day) I wonder because of this fact, I am more likely to get SP in my room at home. I have managed to live with it and even if there truly is no paranormal activity involved with SP, the episodes are shorter when i tell myself whatever is out there to "leave me alone" I force myself to move my body.

    • profile image

      Zayra 7 years ago

      I started having sleep paralysis when i was 13 during my summer break in Mexico. I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that i was awake and not breathing. Panic took over my body as i felt someone covering my nose and mouth. I could see in everything in the moonlit room and i was alone. When i was able to finally move i woke everyone up with my loud screams. This happened for 2 nights in a row and i decided to stay @ my others sisters' house a few blocks away. This continued even when i came back to the states ( I thought some evil spirit had followed me lol) I could hear my family talking in the kitchen and living room and i would wish that someone would come move me. I have the halucinations and fear of something evil. I would wake up and have someone laying on me and i couldn't see their face- i could feel them squeezing my arm. Sometimes i could feel someone walking towards me from the side of my bed and i would close my eyes. I could feel someone sit next to me in bed or shake the bed (felt like an earthquake). I'm now almost 25 and i still have these randomely have these episodes. I think they're worse when i'm under a lot of stress. I'm so glad that there are so many of u that can understand this because i was beginning to feel like i was going crazy!!

    • profile image

      Zayra 7 years ago

      Oh and Nick (above my previous comment)- I feel like the episodes are shorter when i tell them or it to leave me alone too lol. I know there isn't anything paranormal and it's just ur mind waking up before ur body- but it helps to yell @ whatever i think it is when i'm in that state (yell in my head cause i can't talk). Anyway i'm used to it by now and i'm not afraid to sleep anymore like i was when i was younger. I'm a night owl so i don't really have a sleeping pattern. I think this has only happened like once or twice this year- hopefully it'll stay that way.

    • profile image

      sandriitah 7 years ago

      So I woke up a while ago 3 something in the a.m., after having an episode, great I have class in the morning.... This was so fucked up. Like seriously. This episode I just had. But I'll start from the beginning. Since I remember I have been having SP since I was 17 or 18. I am 21 about to turn 22 in a few days. lol. So anyways, when it first started my episodes just consisted of not being able to move and ofcourse I would try to scream but nothing happened. During those years 17 18 it would occurr once in a while. Maybe every few months or less. Then SP dissapeared for a long while. Maybe a little bit less than a year or during the next year it would happen only few times that year. Then, after that I guess I was about 19 20 it ocurred all the time! Like almost everyday, and sometimes 4 times a night. I remember that night I was so scared! Then I still kept on having them... again and again. Thank God just not being able to move part. Here comes the next stage, I guess. I freakin hate itt but yea... This is my first major story, that I remember I think, so I was with my 4 yrs and months now boyfriend, we were watching t.v. at his house and suddenly we fell asleep. So I find myself not being able to move and then felt some air from the window just a few inches above us to the right. Then I hear some kind of evil man voice saying something but I couldn't make anything out. Then I started to get attention from my bf but nothing happened. I couldn't talk.... I tried screaming and thought to myself... let me shorten his name, cause I could bearly even try to talk. lol. Then after a while I finally was able to move. I woke him up super scared and told him. Like you didn't hear me calling you or what? He was like yes at the end he heard me. After that I had to go home, and I had driven to his house. I was scared I didn't want to go home. lol. He actually followed me to my house. I was all paranoid. Good thing he lives 3 min. away. I know this is super long but this is just the beginning.

    • profile image

      sandriitah 7 years ago

      ookkk so i wasn't going to post till some other day but i'm already wide awake after this terrifying episode. i can't go to sleep and i have skool in a bit. so i'll keep on writing so that you can maybe post your opinions on what you think. i want to know what you believe in rather than SP. moving on... after that happened to me i thought it would maybe be something evil. Then someday not too far from that day, coming back from my bf's house, on my own, it was super late like always, i see something right before i enter my neighborhood. so check it out, when i enter the first neighborhood there's houses and then it's attached to my neighborhood at the back. don't know if you understood but yea. lol. so in the middle of both neighborhoods there is plain grass like 1 acre. right before the first house that's in the entrance of my neighborhood. so i see someone not something. i just randomly turn to the my right where the grass part is and see a man standing.... just looking my way. i was like maybe a neighbor. then i was like i don't think so at this time and just stanging there. i was all shocked i pressed the gas pedal and jet to my house, which is halfway in the middle of the neighborhood. i get off running inside my house and sit in the living room. let's say i didn't sleep. Then after that SP kept ocurring randomly, lets say frequently. All of a sudden i think it stopped for another long while...... until recently before 21.

      so check it out. this happened recently. am 21 now. about 2 months and something. i was in my mom's room with my mom and little niece. my dad was in theh house but at that time i didn't know where he was at. so suddenly we hear my dad calling me in a desperate voice. said my name twice and saidd to come. i was like... did i hear then my mom said hurry go ur dad's calling you. so i rush out of the room and start searching for my dad. outside the door, living room, the rooms, nothing.... so i go to the restroom and i hear him taking a shower. i was like did you call me, with my voice loud so he could hear me. he was like no. i was like you called me. he then said no again. and started laughing. i was like oookkk. i guess. then a few days later i was at work. my family was having a cookout and my dad and sister were outside and my mom was inside. and they heard my mom call my sister. so my sister goes in and asks her what she needed and my mom said what and my sister was like what? and my sister said you called me. and my mom said nooo. very strange huuh? and im posting this part because it has to do with this.... somehow. though i thought, think i don't know anymore. but yea. well after this happened was when i started having SP over again. and here's my first story since the last time. which was a long time ago....

      So this is my next and also recent story. about two months ago. and very scary! i was asleep at my house. i sleep on my own since my sister got married about 4 years ago... check it out since when i was around 18 when i started having SP. the strange thing and my first fact. she used to have them before me. not being able to move. moving on..... i suddenly couldn't move. i was lying sideways facing the inside of my house with the window behind me. so i couldn't move, then i feel a prescence in the room, and then to top it off, i feel a flash of air behind me like someone blowing or sucking air from me! and i also hear itt... i was like what the fuck. seriously??? so i try to move with all my life and then suddenly i gain control and check if anyone's there but don't see anything and freakin run out of my bed off to sleep with my older brother next door. even though i couldn't go to sleep i was so scared! then suddenly i fell asleep and have a nightmare and then wake up and another and then i just fell asleep and wake up about 1 in the afternoon. i had like 3 nightmares that night!

      and there's still more but now i do have to get ready for skool.....

    • profile image

      sonali bawa 7 years ago

      i started getting sp right after i moved into a hostle..for college..the first time it happened..i saw a cloud of semi translucent smoke float in through the was right above my chest when i realised that i couldn't was chocking me...ive never been so terrified in my life.

      this continued for about three months...i would get up in the middle of the night seeing stuff flying towards me...nd the feeling of being watched...for the longest time i thought it was paranormal...i was scared to be in that room alone..nd im still not sure.

    • profile image

      Luckycat 7 years ago

      Like many people on this post, I started having these dreams around 15 years old, and like many of the younger posters who have just recently started having them, I was terrified of them. I would be so frightened that I would not want to sleep. I thought I was going crazy.

      I would have the heaviness on my chest, the hallucinations... sometimes I would feel like I was watching myself sleep, or that I was floating around the room, all the while, completely paralyzed.

      Other times, I would just be trapped inside my own mind as something sat next to me and watched me as my heart beat in my ears, and I felt like I was being electrocuted. The only way I could describe what I was seeing was everything being "3 shades darker" than reality. Creepy...

      But as I got older I learned to control it, by "letting go" or "going with it" as someone above suggested. I still get the dreams, but if I let go, meaning let the feeling pass and don't hold onto it, I go back into normal sleep. It's hard to explain, but it took practice. It's kind of a poor explanation. Sorry.

      Don't get me wrong, it doesn't always work. I still wake up having to shake myself out of it, or gasping for air/making weird faces/ noises, but that might happen only once every few months, usually if I'm too hot or too cold.

      I don't think it's demons, I don't think it's aliens. I don't think it's a higher level of consciousness, I don't think this is anything but a sleep disorder that causes something in the brain to misfire. Someone once suggested possibly a low grade seizure. Another source suggested an imbalance in the chemical that keeps you from acting out your dreams. Someone else mentioned the position the body is in at the time of the dream- could that possibly deprive the brain of oxygen and create the episode?

      The question I have, is why isn't this a more studied phenomenon? I bet there could be a lot of interesting data to come from a true sleep study with people who are prone to this. This is something that really effects people, though it is rarely explored by the medical/ scientific community.

      Also, years after I started having these dreams, I found out that both my father and brother also had the same thing- though theirs stopped in their late teens while mine- now much less severe/ detailed, have continued through my late 20's.

    • profile image

      Aneri 7 years ago

      Hi All, as well as many I am glad I am reading these lines. I have SP since I was a little child and I am trying to deal with it, but not always I am winning :). But I wanted to actually point out one sentence from sandriitah. Here is the sentence: "someone blowing or sucking air from me! and i also hear itt... " this is what sometime I have every night for about a two weeks and it stops for a while and then it is back again. The diference from sandriitah experience is that I am usually about to fell asleep and it feels like something is either sucking or breathing air from/to my lungz and this wakes me fully up immediately. I would apreciate if someboody might know what it is. It really feels weird!

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 7 years ago

      Wow....I've visited quite a few websites and seen so many different levels of SP. I'm glad that this site is a friendly place where we can help each other out realizing that we have pretty much the same thing but yet somewhat different. And best of all nobody looks at us like we're nuts! Nobody is looking at you like....Uh..huh..right..okay We completely understand each other and enjoy listening to one another. Gosh...I wish there was a local group of SP's ha ha. But it would be fun to get together and share stories. I started keeping my toy poodle in my room at night. I really don't think that anything is lurking in my room....until I'm alone in the dark and hear weird stuff and feel my bed shake and have SP. But with my dog in my room I can blame sounds and movement on It works for me. Like I said before I guess I used to blame it on my husband but he started trucking and my room came alive. So now I have to have something to blame it on.

    • profile image

      sandriitah 7 years ago

      so after my last post i have had a few more episodes and then the second to last major one was when i first starting posting. when i woke up and decided to start writing on here. lol. so i was asleep and had an episode, but this time i hear a man's evil voice with an evil laugh. the voice was super clear and it was so freaky. like never before in my life! i was paranoid.... after that i couldn't sleep for days. like literally. so anyways after that i hadn't had any episodes until the day of my birthday actually lol. which was on monday morning... and some things i did realize was that it does actually occur during the first hour of my sleep... though this time i wasn't able to move and that's about it. since i had that evil episode i thought about it and decided not to have anymore coffee... because i had a cup of coffee right before i went to sleep that night. before i din't like it. like a few years ago. and then i started drinking it.. and then about six months to recently i had started drinking it way too much. every morning or at night while doing homework. who knows, maybe it is the coffee, stress, weight gain, depression [the way you live your life.] it has been said that it conludes some of those things. as to my life im always stressed with skool, i used to drink soo much coffee, i gained weight, i always sleep late... since i was 16 i never get enough sleep since then. cause i remember when i used to exercise and was skinnier, cause im not fat, im just a little overweight, i used to sleep well. i just think that it all comes up to this. like yesterday i was all calm with no stress and decided to relax before i went to sleep and i just fell to sleep with no problems. how i said. im always stressed! i did it in a way that i decide what happens to my life while i can. i was like its ok im just going to sleep like nothing has ever happened. just a normal night like before the SP started happening. and bam! i fell asleep... i started thinking about it and im like i can't live with fear. that way im never going to live right. i just need to let go of everything.... relax and hopefully it will never come back.... i don't know if it helps but before i go to sleep im like oo its time to sleep and just think about the old days when nothing ever happened and fall asleep.

    • profile image

      Glenn 7 years ago

      I'm GLAD I don't get the visitations...only occurred once, 3 years after the episodes commenced. I'm less likely to be as aware of my surroundings as I was 31 years ago. They were overly frequent in my late teens and 20s. Sometimes I think the condition's abating, then I'll get a spate of episodes. Light, such as early morning, or simply switching on a light seems to be one of the triggers, after I return to sleep. Lying on my back or side, it doesn't matter. Thinking that it might happen if I've just woken can send me into one. A lot of posters have mentioned moving a muscle if you can will bring you out. Over the years I've used that and developed a lot of tricks, but they just don't work after awhile. Going back to sleep only worked once. This year after over 12 months free, I went back to sleep one morning as my husband remembered he didn't have to get to work so early, and I couldn't rouse from the state. I went further into the dream feeling like days had passed and telling people in that dream that I had to be in a hospital somewhere as I couldn't be woken up. I tried over and over then mercifully popped awake right on the hour. That was the worst ever! All the things that trigger an episode since haven't done so, phew! After all this time I still find it frightening: there is the element of fear each time you won't come out of it. They are not frequent enough to require medication; I can go over 12 months, the longest two years and the ear roaring never happens now. But I'd love it to stop.

    • profile image

      Judy 7 years ago

      Okay, so I'm not having "out of body" experiences! what a relief. All the strange visitations in the bedroom and all the horrifing "daymares" are actually SP episodes. I have to go back and explain to all the people who i've convinced that I am somehow a chosen person elected by a higher being to see things that the "normal" person is not privy to, is nothing more than a sleep disorder. LOL I'm really relieved. Only after I explained these episodes to a friend today for the first time, did she tell me about this disorder. I'm still in shock to find that it's normal! Funny how day time napping plays a big part in these episodes. I've experienced them at night although not like day time napping. Also I might add that I suffer migraine headaches that put me in bed for "naps" which is when a lot of these occurances happened.

    • profile image

      Stephanie 7 years ago

      Wow, these posts have made me feel so much better...when this first started to happen I really thought I was dying. The like everyone else I finally Googled it.

      The sleep paralysis began for me while I was pregnant, and at 4 months I had miscarrige, and since then it's gotten a lot worse.

      I think this contributed a lot to it...I've read stress makes it worse. I also just moved into a new house, maybe I'm not as comfortable here?

      I think I've only ever had these episodes when I'm facing up, and when the TV is on or there is some daylight.

      I found out my Dad has the same problem, except he has the nightmare aspect of it too. He says it's better with light, as opposed to no light.

      I get so scared before I fall asleep.

    • profile image

      glenn 7 years ago

      I posted 3 days ago and forgot to mention how I'm always glad to read there are others, though I'm sorry anyone has to experience SP, especially a lot of poor posters on this site who definitely have it worse. Like the nightmare aspect as the last poster put it. I'm always dreaming I've woken, when I haven't, (It's awful!) and I'm always breathing hard to wake, BUT, I can wake from the rare nightmares I have. Am I the oldest, here? Oh well, I always feel young...I actually discussed it recently with my father-in-law, (I've officially been in the family 29 years)and he told my that up until he went on anti-seizure medication 4 years ago, he too used to have episodes, but hasn't experienced one since. It's kind of interesting. I just looked up the medication and clomazepan, mentioned above it can be of some help,here, and they contain much the same propeties as well as for similar conditions. It IS good to read these posts: I think I've come across 2 other people in all these years, perhaps because I don't speak of it a lot. Thank you.........

    • profile image

      glenn 7 years ago

      PS. I'm so sorryier place, right now. I'm obese, so I like sleep these days, but there were times when I'd prefer to be without it. They were at their most frequent, when I was in a trim, fit stage and definitely awake, unable to more than partially open my eyes.

    • profile image

      jesika 7 years ago

      I first experienced this when I was 17. It was the middle of the night and I "woke up" to find that I couldn't move. Im pretty sure i was on my side facing my wall but I sensed that there was something evil in my room. I tried to scream for my mom and I couldn't do that either. After this I then started to experience a floating sensation then i would drop and get the chills. It finally stopped and the next morning I woke up and thought that I was insane. I researched it and learned that its quite normal (thank god) and now whenever it tries to happen I can tell myself that its just sleep paralysis and it goes away. Im still scared of it happening though. I find it tries to maybe 2-3 times a year.

    • profile image

      Aneri 7 years ago

      I understand why I can’t move when having SP, but I don’t understand why the brain creates horrible hallucinations in most cases? Why the brain is not thinking “everything is fine and you are just about to wake up”? That would be perfect, wouldn’t it? :) I wanted to think this so many times, but even I had a good opportunity (after my daughter was born I had SP several times a day for about two weeks), I wasn’t winning even I was ready for the next episode. I was telling to myself that I am just waking up, but every time I was panicking. I thought I am not going to sleep at all, because it was getting a bit too much, but I started to have hallucinations during awake time too, so I got some sleeping pills and my husband was looking after our baby for a couple of days. I wanted to say that I am quite positive person, surrounding myself with flowers, trees, sun shining...:) and I keep myself happy, but I can't stop panicking when having SP.... I do not watch horrors, do not keep bad feelings, but the nasty feelings or nasty faces are getting into my head anyway. And I drink coffee about twice a week, I am trying to have enough sleep and not eating sweet or fatty food in the evening, but it seems that nightmares and SP come to me any time they want to anyway...

    • profile image

      sandriitah 7 years ago


      okay so i wanted to point out several things and well maybe you will take my advice or maybe not but they're here to help you if you decide to listen. so i used to suffer from SP episodes all the time. what i mean by all the time would be, almost every other day, several days a week, once every week, several times every month to even several times a day. It got to a point where i couldn't take it any longer. The SP episodes got worse. From not being able to move, feeling air blowing sucking out of me, feeling presences to being able to hear an evil laugh clearly and loud while one of these episodes. I was freakin scared to my guts. I then decided not to sleep for several days during the night, cause its scarier than during the day. I would also have them during the day. I would not have enough sleep for about two months, was super stressed, and i would feel depressed also and lastly i would drink too much coffee. I am here to help you so i will tell you what i did. It got to a point where i realized, "What am i doing? this is my life, i control my life, how could this be happening to me?" .... at what point of my life did this start happening to me. this is stupid. only i am the only person who decides what happens to my life. I'M DONE WITH THIS!" after that i decided that i wasn't going to let this take over me. The stress from school was over, no more stress about anything. whatever happens happens. I always felt depressed.... i never had enough sleep. Lastly i stopped drinking coffee. Since that day i haven't had a cup of coffe. now, it's been about a month and a half and the two times i have had an SP episode was the first because 1. it was a sunday, right after i went out and had gotten drunk and you know those moments when you call somebody and then get depressed. well on sunday morning i woke up feeling like shit. like what did i do.... and i was all depressed, even though i said i wasn't going to i felt it and couldn't help it.... and i decided to go to sleep. not because i was sleepy but because i didn't want to know about anything. i was depressed. so i fell asleep and viola, it happened. I had an episode. just not being able to move part. this time it felt like it lasted forever, like never before. i thought like 20 min had passed by i couldn't move. the second time it happened 2. was also because i was sad. not nearly depressed but you know the point right before you get depressed... it was also during the day and i decided to take a nap right before class. i was just a little bit stressed bearly nothing and a bit sad with school and how it has been going for me. and viola, it happened again. just not being able to move again. My older brother also had an episode close to one of mine, and it was because he was feeling depressed also, but he had the not able to move and see somebody behind him. so i think its the way you live your life definitely. I don't know if you think my stories are dumb but i decided i might be able to help some people that's why i posted it. so at the end its all up to you. its your life, not anybody elses. remember that!

      one last thing. i am doing my research paper for school on the possible causes of sleep paralysis and i will be doing a survey or interviews. if anyone can participate i would be more than happy. if you can email me at and let me know. thanks!

      today is the 1st of nov. it would be great if i would get anybody now till dec 1st.

    • profile image

      acinorev 7 years ago

      Im 18 and I've been experiencing sleep paralysis for about 4 years now. the first time it happened to me, i had a dream in which i heard demonic laughter from the voice of a man. it was so loud it woke me up. when i woke up i wanted to scream and run out of my room but i found that i couldn't move and i also found that i could only move my eyes, which i found very weird and scary. i also started seeing things, which are hard to explain but the voice of laughter and the shape i was seeing came together and it gave me a good idea of what was happening to me. i just closed my eyes and started mumbling the first prayer that came to my head.

      im really glad to have found so many people who have experienced what i experienced, it gives me reassurance that im not crazy, and now i know i can relate to people. does anyone have any answer to why it usually starts at the age of 14? or somewhere around that age. 14-16. and why some people only get it when they take naps? because i love taking naps (generally i love to sleep) i don't always get sleep paralysis when i nap but im scared of it. im confused to why evil spirits would enter my body when, all of the houses ive ever lived in have been blessed by a priest.

      please comment, if you can answer and thank you to all who posted this-its given me relief

    • profile image

      Shauna 7 years ago

      I'm 15. I was flicking through Fabulous magazine earlier when something caught my eye on the problem page. It was about a woman who said she was sleeping and thought she was awake and was unable to speak. It caught my eye because it's the same with me, when I go to sleep, i feel as if i'm half awake, and then i'll try to move, and i'm unable to do so, it's terryfying, i cant open my mouth, and when my eyes are closed when it hits, i can't even open them. It hurts to breath, and i can't stop myself from panicking. So i read the answer to the woman's problem, and it led me to this site. Now I know what's wrong with me, but I don't know how to go about it.

    • profile image

      Aneri 7 years ago

      ...and what if we are mad and we have some version of schizophrenia?... :) Cynthia, you said you have something to blame it on and it works for you. That is great! I wish to have something which will work for me as well. We have two cats, but the weird things are happening when the cats are in their bed. (I can’t have them in my bedroom unfortunately). But sometimes I am just reading a book in my bed and the sounds and movements are there anyway and I am so sure I am awake so it is not the case of SP. Sandriitah you said you are having SP mainly when you are stressed. Which I very believe that stress can effect it a lot. But I love meditations and I do meditate quite often and I am the odd one in my family as I am too positive and believe that people have problems only when they call some situation as their problem. I usually am called ‘naïve’ as I believe I can get/do whatever I truly want, I am the bloody lucky one, because I always get it, but this doesn’t work for the hallucinations and SP. I have heard some other opinion what this is and I was told that I am a bit more sensitive to some psychic stuff and this is the reason why I see or feel or hear some things which some people don’t. I don’t know.... is there some ‘ghosty stuff’ I can blame it on? That would be as scary as SP, so no win :). I was talking to my husband about the ‘things’ and he believe it is schizophrenia, but I told him that also our cats look and react to the same things as I do. He thinks that I think that cats can see it as well, but it is just in my head. Well now we have a baby daughter (unfortunately she can’t speak yet to tell me) but she is reacting exactly as I do. We look at the same time in the same place, because I thought my husband just walked into the room we are. There was several times, usually before bed time, when somebody is coming into the room we were and always I thought it was my husband who I saw in the corner of my eye and I heard him. My daughter was looking at him too, but no smile, more like ‘ I don’t know you’ then I turned around and the figure disappeared. Now I am turning around every time I think my husband is joining us. I am very looking forward to when my daughter will be older and can speak and she can tell me that she doesn’t see anything and I will happily go to see a psychiatric specialist :).

    • profile image

      Denise 7 years ago

      I have been having s.p for years but last night was the most teriffing experience of my life i thought that an evil man came into my room and started patting really hard with his hands on my back really hard i couldn't breath and the pain felt so real and all i could hear this loud rushing kind of noise in my ear he put a heavey blanket over me and trapped me!! It was so real i woke up eventually and i woke my husband in hysterics!!

    • profile image

      kupe 7 years ago

      hi, im so glad to of found this page after i experienced this about 12 hours ago. I was taking a nap before my night shift begun at around 5pm, my alarm went off at 6pm i awoke and reset it to 7pm. While what i thought was me still being awake (i was layed on my bed on my side cuddling my very very old bear) i heard a cratching sound running from my door all the way around my bedroom and stopping just behind me, as i was tired for some reason i didn't think anything of it, but i did feel the sense that somebody or something was behind me. I thought it was my housemate, so i tried to turn around to see, but i couldn't, my entire body couldn't move. I felt a panicking sensation, and suddenly i felt as though i could move my leg but only slightly, so i started tapping my foot on the bed trying to get my housemate to hear me, i could hear her very clearly in the next room, but i couldn't shout, my mouth would not open to speak it almost felt like someone was covering it. After what felt like about 10minutes of panic i suddenly felt a release and i could move again. As i looked around my room the door was closed and i just burst into tears. When i later spoke to my housemate she said that there was no shouting she heard nothing. I wasn't sure whether i had had an awful dream or something else, the symptoms for sleep paralysis sound completely similar to what i experienced, and i am extremely afraid to go to sleep again.

      Thank you for posting this, it has made me understand things alot more!!!

    • profile image

      Don 7 years ago

      I am 50 years old and have had Sleep Paralysis since I was 17. when I was younger I would have the sleep paralysis episodes maybe once a month or so. Over time, they have gradually gotten less to where now I only have them maybe 3 or 4 times a year. I'd like to share what I've learned about how to control this frightening disorder.

      I have learned that during these episodes, YOU can learn to control them and not let the fear control you. So the first thing you should try to learn is how to become more conscious during an episode. By this I mean, that when you awake and are in an episode of SP, use whatever level of consciousness you have to gain MORE consciousness. Once you achieve a higher level or consciousness you can then focus solely on the fact that you are in an SP episode. Fully recognizing this will help you eliminate the fear-based effects that so many people experience (phantoms, ghosts, someone sitting on your chest, fear you're going to die, panic, etc etc.). I used to experience forms of panic as well; now however, I've taught my mind to go straight to fully alertness and to consciously think "I'm having an SP episoide. My brain is awake, my body is still asleep".

      Once you control the panic, you can now deal with how to end the episode. Because I sleep next ot my wife almost always, I've learned how to get her attention through deep gutteral sounds and whole body shaking. Focus your mind (again assuming you've overcome the panic which can easily take your attention away)on creating this sound/movement. Don't try to place "rules" around the sound or movement. Take whatever your body is giving back and build on it. Once my wife picks up on the que's she touchs and speaks to me and the episode ends.

      If you do have an episode when alone, the forced gutteral sound and whole body shaking also can work. Once I make enough of a sound - or create enough shaking - to hear or feel myself, I generally snap out of an episode.

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      My girlfriend has dreams of being paralysed and not being able to wake up from her dream. But they also stopped after a while and haven't returned for a while now. We thought it was a mystery! I believe her, and she isn't pretending. I was really surprised to come across this Hub. This is truly facinating. Thanks for the amazing insight and thanks to all the repliers here too! I have learned a few things today!

    • profile image

      Mk 7 years ago

      I had no idea anything like this even existed until about 10 minutes ago. My episode just happened.

      I fell asleep watching I Love Lucy and a lot it was in my dreams. While I was still sleeping I heard the last episode end and it got very quite. I also felt my boyfriend get out of bed and heard him go into the bathroom. At first I felt fine, but then I started getting uncomfortable the pillow was on my face and the blankets started feeling really heavy, so I tried to move... and couldn't. I couldn't open my eyes or make any sort of noise or anything.

      I was trying desperately to make some sort of sound, I knew my boyfriend was just a few feet away and wanted him to save me!

      Things started to feel heavier and hotter until I felt like I couldn't breathe anymore and then I began thinking I might be suffocating. Then I went into a full blown panic and started screaming in my head, "Just wake up!" over and over. Breathing was so hard at this point, it was very fast and shallow. Finally I was able to sit up. Violently, heh.

      I don't think my episode lasted more than a few minutes, but it was terrifying. I just laid in bed and waited for my boyfriend to come back, fighting really hard to stay awake (I'd never felt so tired). It took a few minutes for me to be able to move normally again, everything felt really heavy and I had to concentrate to make any movements.

      I told him about it when he came back, to which he said, "Sounds like Sleep Paralysis." He's usually pretty full of crap, so I looked it up and sure enough, there it was.

      Reading everyone's story and experiences helped me a lot.

      I really hope this doesn't happen again, and if it does that I won't hear creepy voices, let alone see demons. I've got an over-active imagination, so I can bet I'd get some real lookers.

    • profile image

      Jasmine 7 years ago

      I started having SP at 14 and since then it usually varied. Don't be decived every good and perfect give if from the Lord and the rest is from the devil just as sickenss though curable by modern science hails from the devil and his agent. I noticed that when ever I had a bad dream I would usually wake up into paralysis at first I used to be super terrified and thought if the devil that was fighting me won I would be dead so I would scream with all my might but that didn't help until I realised if I calmed down and try to move my little finger I would wake up. It stopped for a while and started again when I had already become born again and now know my rights in Christ. when I woke up the Holy Spirit told me it was the spirit of fear playing with my mind and body and very quickly I screamed at it with all my might and with very much anger to be gone and never come back and after a long time of getting use to it and knowing what to do it never happened again. The truth is if you don't tell the Devil who You are and who he is not(the ruler of your life) he will try to tell you who you are not and who he thinks he should be. Put him in his place and never fear. the bible talks about sudden fear and it is important that when we find our selves in such a position you remind yoour self of how you are and take charge. don't fight the devil he is already defeated you just have to remind him who you are an he will check out but only for a while he is really pesistent if you give him reason too beleive you could be in doubt.

    • profile image

      Kelly  7 years ago

      I'm working on a three-part documentary series for Animal Planet and very keen to hear from anyone who has seen or sensed an animal (demonic or otherwise) during sleep paralysis.

      The series will feature first-person testimony from sleep-paralysis sufferers and interviews with leading experts.

      For more information, please contact me at

    • profile image

      freda 7 years ago

      I am so so glad that i have found this web site , it helps me to think that I am not the only one who is experencing this I have been having these episodes for a few years i thought I was going crazy and was scared to tell anyone about them, the evil presence, not being able to move my body ,trying to call out , noises , someone in the bed next to me feeling actual pyysical contact !! someone one putting their hand over my mouth and my throat!! but i wonder why some people are more prone to this than others???

    • profile image

      saby 7 years ago

      thank you evryone for the valuable sharing of info.. i have had this problem for a long time but i cant even open my eyes and i usually feel there is someone trying to rape holding me down i have never been rapped but i guess that's the biggest fear of my life thst y this keep episodes last quite long and wen i do wake up sometimes i m too scared to even look on my side to check wether some1 is really there or not.I come from a place where black magic is practiced and when i told my people about this they all said it was someone doing black magic to me...i try to shout to call my mom but with no use i also sleep walk sometimes cz i have realised sometimes the things i arrange in my sleep or use i find them in the morning and i remember that i never did that whle i was awake but i did dreaming of doin it so i realsie i have been sleep walking..i m at uni studying now n leave in hostel alone and this is scary coz i sleep walking can be dangerous can anyone suggest me wat to do??? thnx

    • profile image

      charlena 7 years ago

      Oh my Gosh.. this site is so helpful! I just had one of these episodes like two hours ago..I am 20 and I have been having these experiences since I was around maybe 14 or 15.Awhile ago I feel asleep and juat like everyone else it usually happens when you just fall asleep within an hour. I was sleep and heard my mom and my two year old daughter talking and playing.I was lying on my stomach and my mom was asking me questions about what i was gonna do today but i couldn't answer.I tried moving my head(at least it felt like i was moving it). It's like a dream but you are watching yourself sleeping like you are actually positioned sleeping in reality! I couldn't move my legs or arms. I have gotten use to talking mentally in my sleep and telling the demon that I do not belong tto him and that Jesus has my back! and it usually goes away after i pray or scream and call Jesus name after a few seconds! I wonder will this ever go away because i don't want to have this experience forever! The strange thing is I think it is genetic because my mother has it also..I wanted to see how this thing really works as in even though it don't feel like were breathing when were sleep are we breathing in reality so One day i decided to go in my mom room while she was sleep and watch her and she was actually breathing but all of a sudden she woke up in a panic like the SP does..So i think it's just a demon trying to attack us and looking for us to be in fear.So i advise everyone to be brave when it approaches..I think this is a demon because you can feel a negative energy, evil,vibe around.I have not seen one or want to see one but this is what it is! I also want to know why these things are more prone to start messing with people around the ages of 14-17? it sounds pretty weird to me! Learn how to talk mentally in your sleep for it to leave you alone and let it know you are NOT SCARED!

    • profile image

      Glenn 7 years ago

      When I was 5 I tried to wake from a dream just once, and finally managed it. Between the ages of 7 and 10 I'd get the odd episode where I'd wake in bed and be unable to turn over when I really needed to. The last few occurrences I forced myself to relax and then I could move. Then for 7&1/2years, nothing. I assumed I'd outgrown a phase that everyone went through, so when SP came on it was with a bang. Ear roaring and sqealing, feeling like I'd shot upwards out of my body, as well as not being able to move a millimetre, except for raising my eyelids to a tiny degree and no more. I did read an article two years later and guessed that's what it was all about (instead of OOBEs as I kind've hoped and dreaded), but never read or heard anything again for over two decades. Forcing myself to relax certainly never worked then. I will keep trying all the posters'newer advice.

    • profile image

      heather 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Ms.John 7 years ago

      i just had a "Episode" yesterday and about an hour not really sure if its the disorder your saying it is..well yesterday i had a dream i was falling and i was really into my dream...but all of a sudden it went black..and i just remember asking myslf why i couldn't see my dream anymore..then i decided to move .. but i couldn't feel my body,it went numb...i tried to call my boyfriends name but couldn't talk..i paniced and tried my hardest to say his the end i ended up screaming his name and he woke me up out of the state i was in. the experience i just had an hour ago was dream seemed to real..but i knew mentally that i wasn't in a in my i tried waking up..this time i couldn't move but i can boyfriend shook me..and i woke up. i decided to google my syptoms and came across this page. i dnt beleive its something hoping its me. i just started these episodes and i would rather end them before they get worse.i take naps during the day because i work graveyard..but i dnt experience these episods until i fall asleep for bed.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      what if you in your dream state as your paralized you get up and get ready for work or school and then you actually realize your paralized in bed? i have thought i heard my mom coming into my room and i try to call out or move but to know avail and when it finally repeats itself 2 or three times and i realize its not real though i totally felt it all i panic because i can't move and my eyes aren't really open and if i happen to wake out of it i go right back into it again and have no time to get my real self up! i have heard a rushing sound to but it could be my heart pounding in my ears and my body trying to wake up. why is it so hard to keep ones self awake before another comes right after it? i feel as though ive over slept and very drowsy. and i don't have these kind of dreams when i'm asleep in a normal state. iv'e also seemed to have rapid eye movement and i cannot move my limbs even if i try!

    • profile image

      Chris 7 years ago

      When I go to sleep, a lot of times its like a movie... My dreams last forever (it seems) and a few nights a week i can lucid dream. But, I do have a lot of dreams where i can tell its light out but i can't open my eyes, and i try to roll over but its impossible... And sometimes I have really quick dreams where something happens and my heart feels like its seizing up, like kind of vibrating and its hard to breathe. When I wake up from those I can still feel the sensation but very weakened and it goes away. Does this happen to anyone else?

    • profile image

      nahira 7 years ago

      Hi! im 17.

      right now am so scared becase i just finished reading all of this and think im going to have one tonight. It does happen when i take a nap in the daytime. Also sleeping facing up.

      While i have this things i cant move at all, but i can scream. I am too terrified but when i calm down and start thinking of God it stops.

      If you don't believe in God just try relaxing and not thinking about it, and u'll be able to move and wake up.

      It is really scary sometimes i get ugly faces going on and off, and i constantly want someone to move me so that i can wake up.

      Just trust me on this one: while its happening try to relax.

    • profile image

      Joshua 7 years ago

      So far this sleep paralysis thing has happened to me 3 times that I know of. The first 2 times I was going to sleep but wasn't asleep yet but my eyes were closed. Anyways, all of a sudden all I see is white and my whole body is shaking like it's being electricuted and one of the 2 times I hear someone tell me not to do something I had been thinking about doing.

      The 3rd time it happened it was way different from the first 2. I was in a hotel room with my parents. I had been sleeping for an hour or so and the instant my mom turned off the light to go to bed I start screaming 5 or 6 times until she turned the light back on and I realized where I was. What I felt while I was screaming was I could feel a presence almost like it all of a sudden went inside me. It didn't feel malvolent or whatever though but it totally still freaked me out. And I think I was dreaming something about the wall morphing as I was screaming I think, but I'm not sure because its hard for me to remember my dreams when I wake up suddenly like that.

      Anyways, its weird because I'm able to move or scream all I want while these happen. Well while the last one was happening I know I could. But for the first 2 I'm not sure if could or not because I didn't try because I kinda liked it. Also I don't think I was lying on my back during any of them. Plus I wasn't even asleep yet for the first 2. Plus they only happened for a few seconds.

      Anyways, I'm not sure whether or not to believe in science on this one, or that it's spiritual/paranormal. But I'm kinda leaning towards both. I think science is kinda just trying to explain the unexplainable. But there are reports of people who are really sick/close to death who report seeing or talking to spirits. So I think it's possible that it could be a condition that puts you in mental state that makes it possible to experience the paranormal. Like being a psychic for a few seconds or whatever. But I might just say that because my experiences with SP seem to be caused by an angel or a spirit.

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      I have had episodes of sleep paralysis many time in the past year first occuring when i started my senior year i high school. The weird thing is that my episodes are a little different than everyone elses. They would first occur when i was trying to fall asleep and i would just go paralyzed and fell an intense pressure on my entire body and try to yell for help but couldn't get the word out, there would usually be someone in the room when it happened but i could never make out the face sometime it looked like someone i knew and looked as if they kew wat was happening and trying to yell for some help for me. this happened about 20 times in a couple months and then just stopped occuring. The past few times it has happened is in the middle of the night when i am already in a dream it suddenly changes and i am laying in a bed a room i have never seen, i here a eletric noise in my head as if a switch was turned on for this to happen and then crackling and popping as im going paralyzed and fell pressure. the room im always in is very ark but i see a light in the corner that isn't really a figure just light coming from nothing, i tend not to get scared anymore and just overpower the pressure and once i get my arms in the air and shift my body i wake up with an intense heart rate. it just happened 2 nights ago and i don't no when or why it will happen again, i have never seen scary imges or nuthng of that sort its just the fact of being fully concious and not able to move is the scary part of all of this.

      if anyone has had the same problem please let me no what u do to make it stop.

    • profile image

      Glenn 7 years ago

      I work hard to ensure SP doesn't come on, but it happened. Three episodes since I started posting. What's interesting since trying on poster's techniques is that while they didn't specifically work, each episode has been much milder and short-lived and for that I really thank you all. I was a lot less spooked: that huge episode had me freaking about SP again.

    • profile image

      houstongirl 7 years ago

      myself like most of everyone am glad im not crazy or the only one expierancing this, im 21 almost 22 years old and it started about a year ago not all of these "episodes" have deamon or evil like presences in them but almost half, it scares me to death from the beginning ive fought the feeling because its so intense i realize im dreaming and i tell myself to wake up im just dreaming over and over but no such luck at times ill actually think ive woken up and have got to another place, another room, ill think im awake and able to move but i find myself right back in bed to do it over and over again sometimes numberous times before i actually become awake, like everyone else i cant move my body, i cant scream out even when i try so hard too! its terrifying about half the time theres been a "deamon" in them, different sizes no outstanding apperances just dark figures, thank god. i don't think i could handle more of the creepiness by having outstanding features. once there was a huge one towering over the side of my bed i was frozen and broke out of the paralysis (or so i thought) and was kicking at it telling it to leave me alone while it was grabbing at my legs and it seemed to be pulling me off my bed, oddly enough the next day i found a finger print bruise on my upper calf which i hadn't noticed before, where it came from or if it was related im not sure but i hope not.. another time it was a small hooded black figure at the end of my bed sitting on my window seal and i was paralysed with fear feeling something in my room, i "awoke" myself to find the figure i began trying to get away from it and trying my best to move the i thought i had regained my ability and control over my body i began reaching for things on my bed to throw at it.. to find myself only sleeping once again this morning i had one which made me sought out this website and to look more into it, i didn't get much sleep last night maybe 2 hours before this happened and someone in my house was gettin ready for work, this woke me up..really so i was laying there, tired and didn't know i had fell asleep i didn't even know i closed my eyes and i felt a chill up my spine, i felt something terrifying in the room but didn't see anything its not always like that, sometimes ill just get a intense feelings and "wake myself up" to only find myself stuck and parlysed, i have no explantion for this.. i have a pretty decent sleeping regumend/routine that's not something that seems to be the cause of it i don't nap dureing the day, it happends wether i do a lot dureing the day (exersice ect) or if i don't, wether i get a lot of sleep or if i don't, ive never had one while sleeping on my stomache but i have on my side of back, they generally happen when i sleep alone but the second and really worse one was the second one i ever had before i had knowledge of what was happening and that was with someone sleeping beside me, i had really thought i had died and became a ghost or something i have strong faith but no one really knows what happends after we die i was conviced for a short time that i had really died in my sleep and that's what happened... crazy i know, but doesn't all of this sound crazy? im so glad people can relate, anyways.. my diet isn't the greatest i drink coffee, cokes ect..but nothing out the normal that i always have i don't know why this disorder all of a sudden came upon me, ive always had an extreme amount of stress in my life but theres really no explantion for it all of a sudden theres nothing out of the norm. im intrested in the fact of ghost ect.. i watch ghost hunting shows ect.. and maybe the deamonic things in my dreams play on my fears, who knows..i have them pretty frequently atleast once a month for a year now, ATLEAST sometimes a few times a night or week i haven't found anything in my life to be related to my dreams, i don't know ive only told my mom of this... i felt like it wasn't common and meant i was crazy and its just hard to explain to i haven't but im glad i got to vent and know im not alone with this!!! but i hate that it happends, it makes me not want to fall asleep, i might go to a doctor soon to see if i can keep this from happening, i pray it doesn't last for the rest of your life...good luck to everyone else i hope you can over come these episoids i know they're scary! and if someone has over come this past the things posted already that seemed to be related to cause them id appreciate the information!

    • profile image

      Glenn 7 years ago

      I'm a little irked at other websites..a lot of the advice is sound, but "relaxing and letting it pass" is obviously a failure for not just me but several others. It DOESn't pass. Like one of the most recent posters experienced, you can go through trying to wake several times in one episode. Many times I've sank back into sleep and dreaming only to find SP still waiting for me. I went through a stage twenty years back where some techniques were working and therefore I faced sleep with some savoir faire and refused to panic. But when the next spate of episodes came on the techniques were worth zip. AHH, the relief when you suddenly jolt awake at last. Of course it's advisable to sit up and wake fully or yep, you doze off again and it's all ON again. Like yesterday morning; I was calm after the episode (like I posted last, I'm cool about them again ,thanks to the others here) and stupidly let myself fall back to sleep. I'll be glad when this spate is over. I've been without chocolate and fat for a few weeks......

      My demonic presence was actually a figure heralded in my ear by an "angelic chorus". He opened the door between each partiton of our meagre two room apartment and was composed mostly of a 3 meter shadow. I tried to rouse my husband by thudding my hand into his side, then couldn't wake up until the man approaching the bed suddenly vanished. Other than that I sensed a vicious and large dog that tunnelled up through the mattress behind my back, when my husband was away. THAT was worth waking from!! I'm pleased to say they occurred decades ago and perhaps that is one aspect of SP that WILL taper off for you younger posters.

    • profile image

      Debra 7 years ago

      I have had this for several years now. My eyes suddenly pop open and I see people standing by my closet, or coming in my window. It feels like there really is someone or something in the room with me. I don't know how long it is until I can move, but when I finally can, I jump up and turn my light on and look around my room, and then I get back in bed and go to sleep. I have noticed I only experience this when I eat something sweet before I go to bed.

    • profile image

      Skylor89 7 years ago

      Glad I landed on this page. Thanks for clarifying a few things cynthia. There are still a few things I would still like to know more about. I'm 20 and have been having them for a while now. Many who have posted here have had similar symptoms. However I have been experiencing two kinds of "sleep paralysis" symptoms over the past years and would like to know more about them.

      The first kind (not being able to move after I awake) has not happened to me in over a year.

      This would start with a strange feeling around my body during sleep, (feeling a heavy pressure as if intoxicated, sick or drained) normally dreaming something which would comply to feeling that way (one example would be a dream I had where electricity was running through my body whilst physically feeling that way). In my dream I realize something is not right and I wake up. I try to open my eyes but can only open them half way, I try to move but cannot. Until I break free at some point.

      The second kind I just recently woke up from (again, the feeling on heaviness in a dream but this time only my head).

      This involves me clearly noticing a much stronger/heavier feeling than the first kind and that only on my head/brain, not my whole body. Another difference with this kind was that I could get up without a problem if I wanted to so I wasn't paralysed. When slowly becoming concious I realized a repeating sound that suddenly stops when I gain full conciousness. This sound was shockingly similar to the description of "Lauren's" post here 5 months ago. It did sound like an old radio flicking channels however mine sounded more like paper. Kind of like the sound of filing A4 papers together roughly every second then stops at full conciousness. The heaviness to my head also stops at that point. I then get up and think wtf.

      The second kind is more frightening to me than the first. Mainly because the feeling of pressure/drainage seems more intense and concentrated at my head and not my body. Along with the sound I hear when waking from it before becoming fully alert.

      I am still not sure whether the both kinds are classed as sleep paralysis or not. After reading up on the net about auras, negative energies and psychic attacks it has left me uncertain about what to believe. Would appreciate it if someone could tell me more about this or if the same happened to them


    • profile image

      Flora 7 years ago

      I am 15 years old and I've been having SP for many years now.I had no idea wht it was until started really researching it.It's a truly terrifying experience.

      But instead of happening in the night before I sleep it happens really early in the morning when I can't fall back asleep. It's seems really unusual because instead of drifting off to sleep I feel myself drifting off into SP.

      Until this morning I've never had visions during this time or even a sense of an evil presence. This morning at about 6am I went into SP and at times my eyes were open and at times they weren't i didn't have any control over it. When my eyes were first closed I started to hear an extemely loud ringing in my ears and then music going on and off in my head. After my eyes were open I felt finger tips on both of my arms. Just gently pressing down on my arms. As if someone was over me but there was no one there. Then briefly felt myself floating and could see objects in my room as i moved way from them. I notied that there was a pressure on my chest not like an object pressing down on it but more like a drugged feeling. Like something to slow a person's breathing. When all of this was over I was laying in my bed looking at the ceiling still unable to move or speak. Evenually through moving my muscles a little bit at a time I came out of it like all the times before.I still don't know if I can call it an evil preence because I din't feel as though whatever it was that touched me was going to harm me. I was terrified through all of this.I am not certain wehter to believe this is science or some "ghostly" experience. Either way it is terrible and I wish no one had to go through any of this.

    • profile image

      Terry 7 years ago

      I have suffered with this condition all my life and never told my mother because I felt as though the doctors would hold me for psycho evaluations and I would be on meds all of my life. I am 46 now and finally stumbled across this information through a t.v. program. Thank you for shedding light on a grim situation, though my episodes are frequent and severe I now have some idea on how to approach it.. And to think I was told and tested and diagnosed for sleep apnea..that being said, after having kidney surgery last April the episodes departed for 6 months and soon afterwards theory is that the oxygen tube placed in my lungs during surgery opened my breathing airways and allowed my mental and physical to function in sync, so maybe both conditions are equally or partially true,,IDK, but again I am very greatful for this webpage..

    • profile image

      Marchbaby 7 years ago

      Is this the way you die in your sleep? You are awake but can't wake up? So at some point you come to the conclusion that you are dead, passed on? I have had these questions since I was a small child. Until today, all my life I am thinking I am some wierdo who can't wake up when I wake up. Noone understood my explanations, and they started looking at me with "one eye" after Id explain it.OMG! What a blessing to find site. I have had SP for as long as I can remember. Until today, I thought it must be a very rare thing. I've asked several doctors over the years, Im 52, they were mostly ignorant of my condition, one doctor said it was a form of narcalepsy. As a child, I would wake up, and I could hear all the sounds in the house, I could smell the bacon cooking, but could not move a muscle. The more I tried to move, the more "locked up" Id become. I would have to completely relax and somehow "ease" out of it. One day I told my Dad about it and was surprised to learn he also has suffered with it all his life, as well as my uncle. He told me that it is severe if he sleeps with his hands over his head and that sometimes he is able to make a grunt sound, my mother's cue to try to shake him awake. Now, what about being asleep, waking up, and you are up yourself, seeing yourself laying there in bed. Has anyone had this issue? I don't experience this anymore, but I did frequently as a child.

    • profile image

      gavin 7 years ago

      hi, i just recently started getting this happening to me at first i i was scared of it, like didn't wont to go to sleep. Since then its happened more frequently i found if i just started to go back to sleep i was ok. After a while i looked it up on the internet and came accros lucid dreaming , that where you control your dreams, i thought i would give it a go, after a bit of training i found that as soon as i got into a paraletic dream i could use lucid dreaming to control it and send me into a dream which i could control, i recommend trying it as it is entertaining when you can control your dreams

    • profile image

      ana lucia 7 years ago

      i was taking a nap today cuz i was so tired when i felt a voice next to me saying ana come on lets go and i was like wait and i kinda stop breathing i got scared and i try to wake up cuz i knew it was a dream it happened to me many time before when i try to wake up i thought i did when i saw my body on the bed so i try to calm down but it was hard cuz i couldn't breath at all and i start to freak the voice next to me keep calling after i saw my body i went back to the position that my body was on the bed when i felt like i wasn't breating at all i woke up freaking out and i couldn't breath at all for real,i freak out got up right away and i notice that one of my eye was red, weird really weird im still thinking about it

    • profile image

      Max 7 years ago

      So I was reading up about this because my friend told me and I was slightly scared of this. Then by reading this and peoples experiences I remembered previous dreams and realized I think I've had this a few times when I was young. I'll try to make the story slightly quick. But when I was little I used to have frequent dreams about a witch old woman that type of thing and she always used to haunt me. So it was her and she also had like a pack of ghosts as pets. Although one dream I confronted her and asked why do you keep being mean to me and we had a long conversation but it turns out she wasn't trying to be mean or scare me and she was more tying to protect me. But to the real part one night I was dreaming and I woke up but couldn't move so I looked around my room and the room "shape-shifted" into my old grandmothers house. and it took me through one room and there was the woman and she was sitting on a sleigh (this kind of confused me but it's as best as I can remember) and we just kind of chatted until I was able to move again. So personally as it's said this is like a bodies defense mechanism and I think it is, it's not meant to hurt you but help you just have to realize that. It took me so many dreams and stuff to work it out with the mysterious woman figure with ghosts but she had no intention to hurt me. Mind you it's been 5 years since I've seen her (Not too sure why because I enjoyed it it was like talking to my conscious or someone who knows me perfectly well) then again it may not have been SP but I think it was.

    • profile image

      Maz 7 years ago

      I have had sp since I was 8 and i am now 60. I found i had them every time my period was due and since going through the menopause are not so frequent although i still get them. I am still terrified of them and i am always afraid that i wont be able to wake myself up. I also get them if i fall asleep on the sofa and then go to bed. My dr thought i had night epilepsy but tests revealed nothing. Nothing was ever mentiond to me again when I visited the drs and that was back in the 60's. Only through google did i find out i was not alone.

    • profile image

      tdk 7 years ago

      some of you might be experiencing ghost that is a big possiblity...smelling smoke and hearing things and feeling something touching you...just giving you something else to think about.

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 7 years ago

      Well I divorced 3 months ago and my SP has almost completely disappeared. My diet is good and I exercise a lot but a lot of the stress in my life is gone too. Makes me wonder if my stress was playing a part in my SP all these years as well. My dogs not even sleeping in my room anymore and I think I've only had one episode in the last three months and that was when I tried dating someone, yeah I was swindled into that one, haha....bad idea, but that's another

    • profile image

      ryan 7 years ago

      i have only just started to suffer from this sleep disorder, my mother had it when she was a teenager to so i was aware of what it was but still is quite scary when it happens, i always have the feeling of someone in my room with me and they are saying things to me and getting slowly closer to me which invokes panic, all the feeling of them would be saying things like 'hey sweetie' which isn't too scary i was still aware of me needing to get out and away from them, i always try to get up and move and it only goes on for a min or two but then all all at once my mucles would finally work and i would bolt up right, i am aware of what it is more now and it dosnt affect me as much now ps it was always when i was falling asleep not awaking.

    • profile image

      MONICKA 7 years ago


    • profile image

      john 7 years ago

      yeah i to have this problem ive just woke up from the sleep paralysis and i really don't like it, every thing thats happening around me when dreaming is the same i was in the same position and could hear the film tropic thunder on the tv and when i woken it was at the same scean i heard at the dream but all that was different with like with all my dreams is that im always getting attacked by either spiders and bee and thay are to thinkgs i really hate, the one i just had was i was laying face down and i heard a buzzing sound then felt it land on my hand then went under my neck and start stinging me and even tho i know its a dream i still hurts and i pannic because i cant wake up.

    • profile image

      MichelleZ 7 years ago

      I too had my first experience of SP at age 15...after I had been playing OUIJA Board with friends. earlier in the day, after playing, I had not "cleared" the board. My dad had come over to visit and seen the "pointer" on the board moving in a figure eight by itself. I threw the board in the trash after that and had my first episode of SP that night, dreaming of a demon on my chest. I have also been visited in dreams by deceased family members sending me messages over the years. My sister died in a fire suspiciously and in the dreams, she would tell me that she wasn't dead. I haven't been visited by my sister since my dad died, and in the dream"visitation" he sent a message that he was fine and happy and him, my sister, and grandpa were all together now. Although I do not have the dream "visitations"anymore, I still had SP periodically. I have learned to control it. I am a nurse and I understand the medical logic associated with SP, but for that certain part of society who have been visited by spirits, I believe there is a link between the two. Spirits tend to reach out to people when they are in a vulnerable state. What is intersting is the common age of around 15yrs old when SP starts occuring.

    • profile image

      Colin 7 years ago

      It's been happening to me every now and then. Maybe once or twice a month and I can relate to a lot of you. But I hear this intense rumbling sound similar to how it sounds like when you yawn or an adjustment to the ears. I just want some sort of relief that I'm not alone or that I'm not possessed by some demon...

    • profile image

      meagan 7 years ago

      I have need to figure out how to stop this... it has happened 3 times and each time i had scared me so bad i have waken up in tears... everytime i try and tell some one about it hey think im crazy or having a bad dream. every body always has some spiritual explination, don't get me rong i love god and believe in him in and out but i new his had nohing to do with him... i was diagnosed with MS im feb of 09 so the medical aspect makes sense to me. i just wana know wat i have to do to wake up when it happens... im sick of being afraid to fall asleep ;@(

    • profile image

      Anti-Dolt 7 years ago

      I've heard of sleep paralysis before, and it sounds like some crazy, bizarre, miserable stuff - with not much information as to what may cause it. I've also read before, about some wicked folklore that was attached to this condition.

    • profile image

      Good2know Im not alone!! 7 years ago

      So ive been having a couple episodes for the past 4year ( i am now a 20yrl female) and i realized they would come to me every time i was falling asleep to nap or waking up from a nap after feeling really tired. It was scary because ive had episodes where i was alone in my room but then came the day where i was sleeping next to my mom on the couch wile watching tv and had a chronic episode. I felt sooooo mom was next to me but i coudnt signal her out so she could help me. Sadly all i could think is : omg...what if i die right next to her...don't let it happen fight it!! fight it!! and after a few intense seconds i woke up. She looked at me weirdly but that was it. One day i decided to tell my sister because i was feeling a bit crazy so i asked for her to watch me sleep with her one night and that i was able to make little movements with my hands and little subtle sounds so if she noticed she would have to wake me up by pushing me. She thought the whole idea was weird but agreed. As she was talking on the phone i had an episode...BUT SHE WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION TO ME LOL...(i laugh at it now but it was frustrating at the time)..i waited and waited and finally she freaked out and pushed i got up and said : Finally! it took you forever to come! and she was amazed. All of this to say im pretty understanding of what it is now, i think mine has to do with being up too late and lacking of sleep. Hopefully i helped some1 out there :)

      ( oh yeah...i haven't talked to a doctor...i thought of it but i don't want to be placed in a hospital or anything extreme)

    • profile image

      pippy 7 years ago

      hi i have been having sp since a teenager, im 42 and still getting it, its a horrible feeling i agree sometimes im telling myself ignore the urge to break out,and ignore any presence felt i can fight it ha. which works occasionally very scary not being in control tho. but most of the time i get the feeling first like a buzzing noise then silence i can hear evrything , the cars driving past my sons on the xbox, i try and move but find trying to shout finally works . strange to because i try and call my sons names and i can hear , all that i manage is a grunt until finally im making longer louder noises which then wakes me. i often think wat the hell my neighbours think im up too? this makes it comical.but truth is i suffer from high blood pressure and it takes a good few hours to calm down, and not to slip back into another.i find if im more stressed i will have a lot more of these,on the whole i have 2 nights on a good week and a bad week who knows??? glad to read so many people suffer this, so im not possessed phew silly but it scares you that much sometimes your mind goes on overdrive

    • profile image

      CluelessFL 7 years ago

      I have been diagnosed with sleep paralysis also.But during my last episode I wasn't aware for the whole episode.I ended up falling out of bed and gashing my head open.I didn't even know anything that had just happened, not even the gash. I was very confused and couldn't understand why my sister and mom were over my body shaking me and screaming at me. Turns out they had been calling and shaking me for several minutes. My sister heard me fall and that's what woke her up, then she heard the heavy and labored breathing,and she had an idea of what was going on she ran to get my mom's help when they got back to me it appeared as if I had stopped breathing. My color was gone, I became stiff.Perhaps I tried to fight the episode and that's how I ended up falling, I don't really know. On a different occasion, I woke up to hear my phone ring I sat up in bed to answer the call in order to sound more awake. I was having a conversation with the other person and I started to get dizzy and fell back started to have an episode and was then knocked out while the other person was still on the line. I try to fight it because I get scared of being knocked out and possibly suffocating and dying but then if I fight it, I end up hurting myself. There's no winning, lol. I have some of the symptoms associated with sleep paralysis but I also wake up in cold sweats, I have an aura, or a warning sign that warns me that I am about to have an episode (metallic taste in mouth) but by the time I am aware it is too late to call for help, I am already paralyzed at that point. I also feel extreme dizziness right as it begins, and sometimes I feel as if my bed is shaking very hard. I want to know if anyone else is experiencing these additional symptoms as I am starting to think my condition may be a little more serious than this sleep paralysis.. Please help, and thanks ahead of time!

    • profile image

      monica 7 years ago

      im so happy im not the only one that gets these i thought i was being attacked by something.. i started getting these when i was 12 and now im 14 and i didn't know that that's what it was im glad i know now thanks for the info (:

    • profile image

      SAH 7 years ago

      Thank you! Finally, I know what is wrong with me now. I am 31 now. I have this symptoms since kid. Sometimes, it happen so frequent in one night and that will cause me exhausted on the following day.

      I have to sleep with lights on, and it works for me in reducing the number of occurrence.

      When it happen, if I know somebody is nearby, I will scream to get attention, so that person will come and wake me up. However, no voice come out from my mouth. Only "oh oh" sound and my lips will shivering.

      But if nobody around, I will start to curse "whatever or whoever" that I thought is attacking me until I'm able to get control of my body because moving my lip is easier than try to move the other part of the body.

      It happen many time a month and I ain't bother to ask around or do some research for so many years until just now, it happen again when I fall asleep in my office after office hour.

      Just now when it happen, I was fully conscious of what happen surrounding me and I know that my colleagues walk-by and stop to check on me. But I don't want anyone to see my shivering lips or my nightmarish face, so I just calm down and let it happen.

      After finally success in waking myself up, I said to myself, "what the ***# that always happen to me" and I jump straight to my laptop, and google it, and after 20 years, now I know its happen to whole world wide, and not just me.

      "phew" what a relieve.

    • profile image

      Taylor 7 years ago

      I REALLY wish that they would provide the scientific side of what sleep paralysis is, as well it's causes and effects.

      I believe in God, the supernatural, etcetera, and I have suffered from MANY cases of sleep paralysis in my life. Yes, it is scary, and no, I don't know exactly what it is, but I do know that it is purely scientific. I personally have never experienced any hallucinations or feelings of the supernatural, but the fact that I am completely paralyzed is utterly terrifying to me. I believe that the demons some people feel are nightmares, and that your brain is waking up before your body does. This provides a dream state linked with reality, and if that dream so happens to be a nightmare, it would naturally feel supernatural or demonic around you.

      All in all, it is definitely a nurological disorder, and I wish there was more scientific resarch on the subject. If anyone knows of a site that has that type of information, please post it in a comment. :)

    • profile image

      Suzanne 7 years ago

      I had my worse SP experience the other night. I had just drifted asleep and something woke me. My eyes were open and when i tried to move my body i couldn't. I saw a dark figure standing in the corner of the room and began to hear loud bell like ringing in my ears. I remember trying to lift my arm but i struggled to do so, so idk if i did or not. Then ifelt pressure on my entire body, like someone was laying behind me squeezing me entire body. it was a phenomenal pressure, but after a few seconds it passed. the dark shadow was gone, the ringing stopped, and that terrifying experience came to an end.

    • profile image

      Paul 7 years ago

      I have had moments of sleep paralysis as far back as early childhood, later in my teens i was able to identify the trigger which was lack of sleep / overtired. Previouse comments about initiating muscle movement such as a finger / arm / leg movement wakes me up as well, the problem is it just keep reoccuring until I lay on my stomach then I fall into a deep sleep. I have experianced some of the issues mentioned in previous chats about dark figures moving around the room, eyes open but cant move or speak and so on. The bottom line for me is get regular sleep even when on shift work. Hope this helps any other sufferers.

    • profile image

      Sarah D 7 years ago

      I just moved to the Balkans from the US and shortly after settling in I started having sleep paralysis several times a week. Like many others on here, I assumed it was some sort of spiritual attack. Everyone told me to pray and it would go away. That was NOT the case. I know God is here, is loving, and is protecting, but in this case God is not giving me an easy solution. I noticed that my blood sugar was a bit high before I left and, based on some of the posts, I may have found a solution! I'm going to cut out Coke (which I added to my diet right after arriving) and hope for the best!

    • profile image

      S K 7 years ago

      Okay, my question is, if it's not supposed to be a demon, why then do all the symptoms appear so evil? Why don't you dream of flowers or sunny days or positive things when SP happens? Why is it always evil things? Even positive people dream evil things, scary things. It is a demon folks. A demon that likes you and doesn't want to let you go.

    • profile image

      glitch 7 years ago

      hi, i'm Marcus and like many of you, i have sleep paralysis. with my first experience i thought i had died and was in hell. i was having auditory hallucinations but couldn't see anything, granted my room was pitch black. i heard chains and screams like no one could possibly imagine. after that my episodes generally had sounds from my surroundings, just slowed down, like a clock slowly ticking or distorted music playing. i noticed that before most of my episodes, i feel like i am being pulled through a tunnel. this has helped me realize what is happening before i get too panicked. the fear is a chemical response that cant be helped much though. its easier to wake in this tunnel stage than during the episode in my experience. i just thought id share. if you'd like to contact me 8156160794.

    • profile image

      Kate 7 years ago

      I have only had one episode of sleep paralysis some 10 to 15 years ago. Scared me to death! It happened while falling asleep, suddenly I couldn't move, couldn't speak. I didn't hear anything or have any "scary" visions or "Demonic/evil" hallucinations, what I saw was, well, it looked like a tv screen(but no actual screen) with black and white(snowy/fuzzy) horizontal lines moving downward, one after the other. Like a tv getting bad reception, weird. There might have been a weight on my chest, I don't really remember; it was so long ago. After a few seconds it was over. When I told my mother she said she had one of these episodes too. I didn't feel so scared after hearing that.

      Well, that's my story.

    • profile image

      joeysm2008 7 years ago

      Unfortunately, I experienced my first encounter of sleep paralysis not too long ago. Initially, I thought I was having a nightmare. It started off with a demon speaking to me. It surely was not a human vioce because it sounded like something I had never heard before. The demon's vocabulary was vast, evil, and terrifying. He was using words I was unfamiliar with, and he had persisted to keep talking to me as if he did not even want a response from me. A monstrous terror soon took control of me. I found it quite odd that I could open my eyes on command, and still hear this creepy vioce. Usually when a nightmare occurs, afterwards a person can awaken, and realize in reality that the nightmare is finally over, and say "It was all a dream." In my case, I had awoken only to find out that this so called "nightmare" didn't go away, and I couldn't move. My "nightmare" instanly became a horrific reality. I recall trying to speak. After I found out I couldn't speak, it only urged me to want to speak even more. Words couldn't come from my mouth, and it felt like air was building up in my mouth and throat, kind of like when a person tries to scream with your mouth closed. After I had realized I couldn't speak, I felt my lungs were restricting as if I was being choked. Except there wasn't a feeling of someone's hands around my neck. This incident literally freaked me out, and luckily it only lasted minutes. I am more comfortable now that I have read everybody's comments. Thank you!

    • profile image

      Dee 7 years ago

      Thankyou everyone for your comments, I am only just finding out about Sleep Paralysis now, from reading this article. I have always had it since I was a toddler, and I am now 15. I remember having a scary dream and then at the end of it, there would be a "which" or an "old hag" sitting on me, and she would tickle my stomach, and then it would be impossible to wake up but all I had to do was move a muscle. I never talked about it to anyone, but I've always remembered having those dreams and because of it, if people even try to touch my stomach, I freak out, I just hate being touched there.

      When I started to read this article, I could not believe that those "scary dreams" I have had my whole life, and not being able to get out of the situation and feeling like there is someone actually there, was actually a real condition that many people have.

      I can remember quite this happening to me many times in my life, but I've never been able to explain it to anyone, I just thought it was one of those unexplainable dreams.

      The past few weeks I haven't been sleeping well, and this week a kid died in my class. So I hadn't been feeling well, I was feeling a bit stressed, and so tired. So I came home from school early and went to sleep. I was asleep for quite a long time and I thought that my family kept coming into my room. At one stage I thought that my sister was in my room, and I thought that she was sitting on my back (as I was lying on my stomach) and I was trying to tell her to get off me, but I couldn't say anything, I opened my eyes a couple of times but I couldn't wake up properly but I felt as though I was awake, but I was stuck in a dream. I had no idea that I was "paralysed" I finally moved a bit, and I sat up, realising that no one else was home. It was very scary. I've been thinking about it all week and remembering all the other times its happened. Then on a TV show someone said something about a "waking dream" and I wondered what that was, thinking it might relate to what had been happening to me. So I researched it and I found this!

      I'm so amazed about this, and as I was reading the symptoms I actually started to cry, I was so shocked that the same thing happens to so many people and now I have a better understanding, I can try to controll it better.

      Thanks everyone, this has helped so much!

    • profile image

      Yhara 7 years ago

      I was searching for a movie to watch on on Netflix and I came across one about a lady suffering SP. I thought, OMG - that's me! So I googled SP. I had no idea this was a syndrome. I am so shocked.

      I don't know what to think. I was raised in a Pentecostal home, and was no stranger to the concept of demons and posession. Naturally, I thought this was a demonically influenced event.

      Sometimes, I lay in bed fully cognizant yet immobile, and the bed or sofa seems to be shaking or moving. Sometimes, I feel like I'm sinking down into the bed or sofa, and that if I "let go" I will just get sucked down. I have had the feeling of being sat upon. I have woke feeling like I'd had sex a few times also.

      At times I have experiences that don't seem "evil": I can make myself fly, talk to people, go to past homes or jobs. These events happen when I'm sleeping and somehow know I'm dreaming. I have even awakened to use the bathroom, and been able to "return" to a dream.

      Sometimes, in the middle of the day while working or whatever, I'll have this "knowing" that I will fly, eat a certain food or see my childhood pet or whatever that night in my dreams. Sure enough, I do.

      Like I said, I don't know what to think, especially since not all my experiences seem evil. I haven't noticed the SP or dream control to be associated with diet or fatigue. It seems random, and has occured since I was a child (now 38).

      I suppose I could just take comfort knowing I'm not alone. I would really prefer a remedy though. It's expasperating.

    • profile image

      Taliyah Daniels 7 years ago

      I know how is feels. I am only 13 years old and it happens to me and i was not on my back. this sleeping disorder thing happen to me about 6 time since january and the worst time it did to me was whisper to me i dont know what it said but i know i was scary so i got up a couple minute later and went in my friend room because i stay the night (i was on the couch)and i happen again. and when i ask my gandmother about it she said it probly telling me to get out

    • profile image

      Linda 7 years ago

      A few years ago, a psychiatrist prescribed Desyrel (anti-depressant) to help me sleep (although he said he believed I am bipolar). I took the Desyrel that night, and began having lucid dreams. I thought someone was coming in the window, and/or was standing next to me. I was telling him that I am getting up, that I see him, and that my nephew was on the other couch in the living room (couldn't he see him). Finally, my mind awoke, but I couldn't move at all. I screamed loudly, which eventually came out as just sound, like you'd imagine a cave man - "uhhh" (this has worked when I've had nightmares I wanted to wake from, hoping someone would hear it or it would wake me up). My nephew heard me, but couldn't wake me, so he woke my sister in her bedroom. I was aware of where they were, could hear them, but still couldn't move. They asked do I want them to call 911, and got out "no" (she had to put her ear right next to my mouth to hear me). She tried to lift my upper heavy...let me back down with my head way back awkwardly (painful). My lips were stuck dry on my teeth, so she asked if I wanted a drink of water. I got out "yes." I knew, though, that if she put too much in and I couldn't swallow, it would choke me. My head was turned enough to the side that I let most of it trickle out, but the small remainder was irritatingly, gagging/choking me. They again asked about calling 911, and this time I said "yes" (I thought it's best if I'm never going to "wake up"). Right after that, whatever makes your brain connect to motor movement kicked in suddenly and I sat bolt upright, uttering an expletive. We were all stunned...what the HELL was that??? I was so afraid to go back to sleep, that I stayed up as long as I could (almost all day), and my sister stayed awake to watch me. I gave her the Desyrel and will never touch that medication again! Incidently, my nephew had asked me for 3 of them (the dosage said "Take 1-3 at bedtime"), which he took the same night. Although he didn't have my same experience, I noticed that he slept pretty much for two whole days. That was one of the scariest experiences I've ever had, and hope to never repeat it. I still have insomnia, but sometimes rely on Xanax (I try not to, because it is so addictive), or Soma (to me, a dangerous medication, if not used properly). Being a lifelong sufferer of depression, my insomnia began in earnest when I had a herniated disc in Jan. 2006. That's the reason for the Soma (I also get Lorcet for pain), and the prescription for 1 Xanax at bedtime. I hope this helps if anyone else has had this experience, or is thinking of trying Desyrel. The symptoms described on this page fit my experience like a glove!

    • profile image

      mayra 7 years ago

      well, look my name is mayra i am 17 years old i was in my friends car i was so tired it was about 12:00 or so . so i went to sleep and all of a sudden i woke up but my body could not move i only moved my eye balls. thats it. in my mind i wanted that funny feeling in my stomach to go away and i wanted my friends to hurry and come back to the van . so while all that was happening i heard this weird voice and i felt the car giggiling. this has happend to me alot but i know ill be ok because i belive that god is watching over me and nothing will happen to me.but we have to belive in him for real.

    • profile image

      matt 7 years ago

      I have been having these episodes since i was young and they have tapered off as I got older. They di always occur when I was over tired. Only on a few select occasions when I was older in my 20-30's did I have the sense of an evil spirit or some type of nightmarish scenario. This was in the bedroom setting and at night. They were however terrifying and was glad once i woke up.

      My episodes of sleep paralysis happened mainly during the day while napping on my back. I would wake and couldn't move or breath and was always calling out to a family member, girlfriend and now wife to come wake me up. They never came because I was dreaming and not actually calling out. I was aware what was happening while in this lucid dreaming event. I would also always try to shake my leg which was they way I would wake my self up. Unfortunately it would take what seemed like en eternity but eventually would wake. It would happen 2 or 3 times during a nap on the couch, and I would have lucid dream of my sleep surroundings.

      I have since told my wife when she see's me sleeping and my legs moving to wake me when she is in the room, which is not that often but it has worked a few times.

      I thought for years this was sleep apnea but after talking to a doctor, he told me what it was exactly in in a moments time.

      I feel very bad for individuals who have the sensation of something evil in the room with them because it is terrifying.

    • profile image

      moniestar 7 years ago

      Why am I barely figuring out that I have sleep Paralysis? I been dealing with this since I was a teen. People always think i'm crazy when I would explain what I would go through. And never take me serious. I'm glad i'm to see i'm not alone. I sometimes feel like there something dark and evil next to me, somewhere in the room or on my chest when it occurs, But u just have to keep reminding yourself that it's your body, it's not real and that your in control.

    • profile image

      Kyleigh 7 years ago

      You know what's really weird? My mom, my aunt and I all have sleep paralysis! I've had these episodes all my life, and unfortunately I was one of the unlucky people whose episodes also included hallucinations. I usually feel like there is something, like a burgalar or whatever, in the room, so naturally I try to wake up. When I can't I go into a state of panic as this is a scary thought: You think someone is in your room trying to get you and you absolutely cannot wake up! I also feel like I can't breathe a lot, almost as if someone is strangling me without all the pain. Glad to know my aunt, mother, and I aren't alone in this!!!!

    • profile image

      Karen M 7 years ago

      The other day I had what seems to have been sleep paralysis, but it lasted much longer than what I have read on the Internet today. I was taking a nap, face up. I lay there, awake I thought, and could hear voices. It seemed like people were in the room or outside of the room, but I couldn't get my eyes off the ceiling. I tried to move and couldn't. I couldn't move my eyes either and kept thinking I must have had a stroke. My face felt very odd, like it was stiff and I couldn't talk. Hearing the voices (in the next room?) and not being able to talk or look at them I naturally thought I had died and was still partially there.

      Finally I was able to get up (seemed like 30-60 minutes later). I could barely walk. Every step was like a toddler's walk - very awkward, exxagerated wide sweeping steps. I was dizzy and very uncoordinated. I made my way to a mirror and my face had a horrified expression like I had been scared to death in a horror movie. My eyes were as wide and bugged out as possible. I could even see the whites of my eyes all the way around. I rubbed my face with my hands and could not change my expression. Something was very wrong I kept thinking, maybe I did have a stroke. As time went on it bagan to improve. A friend came to my hotel door and agreed something had happened. We thought it might have been the cough syrup I had taken, but that didn't seem right either. My husband later said he thought it was sleep paralysis.

      Two hours later I could walk much better, my face had relaxed, and I could function, but my balance was still very off and I was uncoordinated. Several hours later I was back to normal.

      Has anyone heard of these effects happening for an extended period of time, still happening when you are up on your feet?

    • profile image

      Kiril 7 years ago

      Some thimes when i wake up i can move,breathe or eaven blink,(it lasts for 30/60 secs.).

    • profile image

      Jeremy 7 years ago

      It started when I was about 16. We were at a hotel on a vacation. I was dreaming I was alone in the room but I knew something was wrong. I had a knife on the table, but when I looked back at it it was gone as if someone else had picked it up. It was scary to say the least and I awoke instantly, which only made matters worse. My eyes were awake but I couldn't move at first I believed I was paralyzed with fear. I tried hard to overcome it but I couldn't do anything from speaking to moving. 30 seconds later I let out a cry for help and I knew the feeling had passed. It was very disturbing but I had not ecperienced this sensation again untill just last night. I am nearly 21 now. Im going to visit the doctor today for his advice. Wish me luck!

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 7 years ago

      Karen, I've never heard of any sleep paralysis symptoms like that. Sleep paralysis ends when you wake up. It may leave you feeling slightly drained but you shouldn't have any physical effect like you described. I would definately ask a doctor. I guess it could have been a reaction to the medication but even if that's the case it would be something to bring to your doctors attention and find out what the exact source is. Good luck and feel free to check back and tell us what you find out. And Jeremy, good luck on the doctor visit. I really would like to hear how that goes. It's rare that a doctor can really tell you anything benificial about sleep paralysis other than what you already are experiencing. So if you have valuable information, please share. :)

    • profile image

      Brianna 7 years ago

      well im not to sure what this means but i need to know aother peoples oppions....

      So i was sleeping and my mom had just woke me up from heavy sleep & asked me if i wanted her to turn on the shower for me so i was said yes half asleep. So she left and i think about 2 mins later i feel back to sleep, and this is when i had a thought in my mind that i didn't have to take a shower because i had already took one the night before. So i went to go turn off the shower in the bathrrom & i see three light switches.. when there is usually only one, & the lights were off so i tried turning them all on a couple of times and it didn't work so i step in a little father & then i look down and see a girl just sitting there, i have never been so scared in my life. i tried screaming but nothing came out, its like whoever that girl was didn't want me to be heard or even seen. & i tried running out and i got to the bedroom door and the dream ended?!

      idk what this means, but sire is bothering me very much. i haven't felt such a terror in my lifee.!

    • profile image

      110707 7 years ago

      I've had SP for over 11 years now. When I have an episode, I would breathe really really really heavy and fast so that my significant other will know I am having an episode. He would then shake me and wake up from it. I don't know if any of you have tried something similiar. I'm happy to know I am not the only one suffering from this. Thanks for sharing your stories

    • profile image

      tash 7 years ago

      Im 17 and have always had this, my mum and grandad have it too. Everytime it happens now, I know what it is, but I still go into panic cos im scared I will never move again. Feels like I can't breathe properly too.

    • profile image

      Hannah. 7 years ago

      I'm 15 and this started a year ago. I went to my doctor and told him about it and he perscribed me seroquel. I think the only reason this pill keeps me from having it is because it doesn't happen if I'm high or drunk. This pill makes me really tired and feeling a bit high. If I don't take my pill it happens. It happens now even when I take my pill. I have it like 10 times while falling asleep and 3 or 4 times while waking up. I move my finger to get out of it and then flip to my stomach but it still happens. Is there any other way to get it to stop?

    • profile image

      Zaphara 7 years ago

      I, too have sleep paralysis and have had it since I was very young. And after reading about this and really understanding what our brain is capable of, I do hope that these episodes that I have get better. Today, I was taking a nap and it happened, it happened several times before I completely woke up for the rest of the evening. This time, I went with it, I knew I wasn't awake, I knew I was dreaming, but this time I decided I would sit up and turn to look at myself and I did. When I did that I saw myself sleeping, but I woke up to find me looking at myself and then I turned into this evil looking thing. (no joke!) Until I read that these hallucinations were common during sleep paralysis, I seriously thought that I was some sort of demon, like my dreams were supposed to be telling me something that I wasn't getting before. Before I had even read up on sleep paralysis, I thought all these years I was having out of body experiences. Sometimes, I feel myself vibrating, like I am having a seizure. I have also heard humming noises, in one ear but nothing in the other. It is such a scary thing to go through. I am glad that I have found this it really helped open my mind to it. I am not sure how everyone here gets themselves to wake up from this, but what I do is I work myself up by telling me its just a dream and then I count backwards from three and by the time I hit one, I jolt and wake up. This works every time. But, I still fall back to sleep and it happens all over again. I can hear myself breathing and I can hear everything going on around me. I believe maybe at times, for some that this can be a hallucination, but I believe that when you can hear things, you are actually hearing the noises that people are making around you. I can hear the television, people talking and the like. No matter how much I try to move or talk, I can't. And all I want to do is really wake up, but I can't until I count down from three to one. And I can only count down backwards when I realize that I am not really awake.

    • profile image

      Haley 7 years ago

      You all have no idea how happy I am to have found this page. I have had episodes of sleep paralysis on and off for the past 3 or 4 years. I am 18. For the longest time, I was to afraid to tell anyone what was happing to me, because I thought i was turning into a crazy person! I was so scared, and it got to a point where i was too afraid to even go to sleep and would purposely push off my homework until the later hours of the night so that I would have to stay awake to finish it. I soon became sleep deprived, and found myself to be more anxious, and upset a lot of the time. The I thought i was depressed, and just didnt know what to do about it. It wasnt until one of my scariest episodes when I had " a dream inside of a dream" as some of you have referred to it, where I thought i was awake and saw a demon like shadow across my room. It was just a large dark shadow that looked like a person with a big hood cover their face. My mind panicked, and when i tried to move or scream for help, there was nothing. The sensation felt like it lasted for hours, but when i finally broke out of it, i realized only a few minutes had gone by from the time i had gone to bed. After this, i knew i had to tell people. I told one of my riens, who sympahtised and was scared for me, but since she didnt understand what I was going through it didnt ,ake me feel any better. A few weeks later, i had a similar episode, only at the time i was sleeping over at my friends house. I woke up to her shaking me and screaming, "Haley its me!!!" Apparently, not only had i had a sleep paralysis experience, but also once i gained control of my muscles, i freaked out again, because someone actually was next to me, and i hadnt realized where i was yet, so i started hitting her, and screaming " who is that, who is that?!"

      After traumatizing both of us, i realized that i had to tell my parents what had been happening to me. While my dad looked at me like i was insane, my mom seemed to understand and said that when she was younger, she would ahve similar experiences, where she would think she was awake and would see her dad come home from work late and night, to check on her, and when she tried to wave to him or say hi she couldnt.

      This was extremely comforting to me, because someone close to me understood what i had been going through. I realized that i was not alone, and perhaps its even genetic. i have no scientific proof stating htat this is a genetic disorder, but i would like to know if it is, if any of you know?

      I have discovered that i am able to find ways to control these situations when they happen to me. Since it has happened so frequently, my mind is aware of what is happening when it begins, so i am able to repeatedly tell myself to wake up, and try to clench my fists, until i do wake up. I also have found, that testing myself to know what the room looks like in the dark is a good way for me to identify objects, so that i can know what i am probably really looking at if i think i am seeing somehting frightening. Of course, i cannot prevent them 100% but it definitely helps me a lot. I do still have an occasional episode, but at least i know what is happening to me, and i hope anyone else to finds htis page, and is experiencing the same issues, can understand that they are not crazy, and they have the ability to control their lives. Having these experiences are definitely of the scariest things ive ever faced, but at least we all know that we are not dying, we're not crazy, and its fairly common.

    • profile image

      Jemma 7 years ago

      I googled ''paralysed while awake'' at 11:30pm last night and i found something that scared me beyond belief. Ive never experianced anything so frightning in my life. I was very sleepy last night so I jumped into bed and lay on my back with my arms on the top of the quilt. I could feel my eyes getting heavier and I started drifting into sleep but I appeared to still have my eyes partly open so I felt aware of what was going on around me. My whole body seemed to be ridged and paralysed but i was having the feeling and I actually believed that i was levitating above my bed, I was trying so hard to move and call out to get someones attention but I couldnt manage either. I then suddley felt as if Id been placed back on my bed but was still unable to move. When I was lying there it was as if there was something holdng me down to the bed but i couldnt feel anything restraining me at all. I do remember my hearing and sight seemed to be working fine at the time, I suddenly became able to move again and I lay there in a state of shock woundering what the hell had just happened to me. I got up and switched the light on and sat down on my bed just staring into space for ages before i decided to try and go back to sleep.

    • profile image

      Cindy 7 years ago

      Hi, I'm Cindy. I have had this condition for as long as I can remember. I'm 48 and it has taken a lot of years to come to terms with it. I have a question, though, for all of you. Has anyone noticed a family connection? My mother has this as well as my 3 sisters and my brother. I have not been able to go back any further to the family line. Thanks, Cindy

    • profile image

      jean carlos 7 years ago

      WOW thank god im not the only one , this has been happening to me for this last month and its one of the most scary feelings ive had in my whole life , i felt like if i was gonna die.

      yes i have all those symptoms , no movement , concious , i with a slightly finger move can wake my whole body ( after i wake myself up i pray and then can normally sleep)

      anyways , im 16 and this have happened to me like 5 times and my last one was yesterday and i know how creepy it is

    • profile image

      Robert 7 years ago

      I'm 16 and I've had this problem for a while. Surprisingly it never scared me and i thought it was just a dream and its normal. My symptoms are a bit different because i can move my arm or leg really slowly but it feel like theres a ton of gravity holding me down. But even moving my arm really slowly doesnt wake me up. To wake myself up i normally take in a huge breath and try to move as explosively as i can, almost like scaring myself out of a dream.

      One weird thing thats happened to me before was i was in a room and i entered sleep paralysis so i started yelling in my "dream" for my mom and my brother since we share a bedroom. Well to me it felt like it lasted 5 minutes and when i finally work up my brother had told me that he heard me groaning and mumbling while asleep which scared him a little.

      Also i seem to have it alot when im really sleepy. Since my family takes alot of road trips in a van, i normally sleep during the ride. We would wake up real early and leave and thats when i would sleep and one day i went into it and i woke up. I stayed awake for about 30 seconds then went back to sleep except i went straight to sleep paralysis. It happened about 3 times in a row and after that i just decided to stay awake.

      So yeah thats just my experiences with this condition that i found out about today in school because someone was making an argumentative speech about aliens and how sleep paralysis might be responsible for some alien "abductions"

    • profile image

      Kerrin 7 years ago

      I'm 15 and I have only had this for a year, but for the longest time had no idea what it is. I guess mine is only a mild case, as I don't usually have hallucinations or TOO much of a scared feeling. I just can't move or breathe that well. I also get this unbearable dizziness, that comes in almost like pulses... But, fortunately I have found a way to wake myself up. Well, my body has. I usually end up waking up by the third pulse of dizziness or so, when I start breathing heavy. When I hear the loud breathing, I wake up and it all immediately goes away and I can move. I don't know if this could work for anyone else, since breathing is usually an issue, but it usually works for me =)

      Last night it was kind of scary though. It happened probably 5 times in a row, mere seconds apart. That's what made me look it up.

    • profile image

      pot420 7 years ago

      One time I was sleeping under a blanket. When I opened my eyes I see the colors only from the blanket. And Imagine just see soo many colors from a blanket and not able to move or talk. I was so scared.s

    • getitrite profile image

      getitrite 7 years ago

      I wrote about a terrifying episode in one of my hubs. I guess I should talk to my doctor about it. Great hub.

    • profile image

      Justin 7 years ago

      I've been having issues for quite some time with Sleep Paralysis, seeing things or being weighed down as my breath became shortened.

      Little did i know when this all first started happening to me. When this first started i thought i had a portal made from Dark Magic somewhere in my house that lets beings into my house, hence, i have seen many spiritual beings in abandoned fields.

      But after doing some research and since i read this article, my problem is indeed Sleep Paralysis. I do tend to stay up late and sleep in, so that might be my first problem, anxiety may be my second. If some people like i can give plenty more info about Sleep Paralysis. Though some of these parts are related to what the article said

      Sleep paralysis is paralysis associated with sleep that may occur in normal subjects or be associated with narcolepsy, cataplexy, and hypnagogic hallucinations. The pathophysiology of this condition is closely related to the normal hypotonia that occur during REM sleep.[1] When considered to be a disease, isolated sleep paralysis is classified as MeSH D020188.[2] Some evidence suggests that it can also, in some cases, be a symptom of migraine.[3][4]

      Symptoms and characteristics

      Physiologically, sleep paralysis is closely related to REM atonia, the paralysis that occurs as a natural part of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain awakes from a REM state, but the body paralysis persists. This leaves the person fully conscious but unable to move. The paralysis can last from several seconds to several minutes "by which the individual may experience panic symptoms and the realization that the distorted perceptions were false".[5] As the correlation with REM sleep suggests, the paralysis is not entirely complete; use of EOG traces shows that eye movement can be instigated during such episodes.[6] When there is an absence of narcolepsy, sleep paralysis is referred to as isolated sleep paralysis (ISP).[7]

      In addition, the paralysis may be accompanied by terrifying hallucinations (hypnopompic or hypnagogic) and an acute sense of danger.[8] Sleep paralysis is particularly frightening to the individual because of the vividness of such hallucinations.[7] The hallucinatory element to sleep paralysis makes it even more likely that someone will interpret the experience as a dream, since completely fanciful or dream-like objects may appear in the room alongside one's normal vision. Some scientists have proposed this condition as an explanation for alien abductions and ghostly encounters.[9] A study by Susan Blackmore and Marcus Cox (the Blackmore-Cox study) of the University of the West of England supports the suggestion that reports of alien abductions are related to sleep paralysis rather than to temporal lobe lability.[10]

      Possible causes

      Several studies have concluded that many or most people experience sleep paralysis at least once or twice in their lives.[citation needed] A study conducted by Sedaghat F. et al. has investigated the prevalence of sleep paralysis among Iranian medical students. 24.1% of students reported experiencing sleep paralysis at least once in their lifetime. The same result was reported among Japanese, Nigerian, Kuwaiti, Sudanese and American students.[11]

      Many people who commonly enter sleep paralysis also suffer from narcolepsy. In African Americans, panic disorder occurs with sleep paralysis more frequently than in Caucasians.[12] Some reports read that various factors increase the likelihood of both paralysis and hallucinations. These include:

      * Sleeping in a face upwards or supine position

      * Irregular sleeping schedules; naps, sleeping in, sleep deprivation

      * Increased stress

      * Sudden environmental/lifestyle changes

      * A lucid dream that immediately precedes the episode.

      * Excessive consumption of alcohol coupled with lack of adequate sleep.[13]

      Treatment starts with patient education about sleep stages and about the muscle atonia that is typically associated with REM sleep. For most healthy individuals, avoiding chronic sleep deprivation is enough to relieve symptoms. It is recommended that patients be evaluated for narcolepsy if symptoms persist.[14]

      Related phenomena

      Many perceptions associated with sleep paralysis (visceral buzzing, loud sounds, adrenal mental state, presences, and the paralysis itself) also constitute a common phase in the early progression of episodes referred to as out of body experiences.[15][16] Mental focus varies between the two conditions; paralysis sufferers tend to fixate on reestablishing operation of the body, whereas subjects of out-of-body episodes are more occupied by perceived non-equivalence with the body.

      The original definition of sleep paralysis was codified by Dr. Samuel Johnson in his A Dictionary of the English Language as "nightmare," a term that evolved into our modern definition. Such sleep paralysis was widely considered to be the work of demons and more specifically incubi, which were thought to sit on the chests of sleepers. In Old English the name for these beings was mare or mære (from a proto-Germanic *mar?n, cf. Old Norse mara), hence comes the mare part in nightmare. The word might be etymologically cognate to Hellenic Mar?n (in the Odyssey) and Sanskrit M?ra.

      Folk belief in Newfoundland, South Carolina and Georgia describe the negative figure of the Hag who leaves her physical body at night, and sits on the chest of her victim. The victim usually wakes with a feeling of terror, has difficulty breathing because of a perceived heavy invisible weight on his or her chest, and is unable to move i.e., experiences sleep paralysis. This nightmare experience is described as being "hag-ridden" in the Gullah lore. The "Old Hag" was a nightmare spirit in British and also Anglophone North American folklore.

      In Fiji the experience is interpreted as "kana tevoro" being 'eaten' or possessed by a demon. In many cases the 'demon' can be the spirit of a recently dead relative who has come back for some unfinished business, or has come to communicate some important news to the living.

      In Nigeria, "ISP appears to be far more common and recurrent among people of African descent than among whites or Nigerian Africans",[5] and is often referred to within African communities as "the Devil on your back."[17][18][19]

      Various forms of magic and spiritual possession were also advanced as causes. In nineteenth century Europe, the vagaries of diet were thought to be responsible. For example, in Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge attributes the ghost he sees to "... an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of an underdone potato..." In a similar vein, the Household Cyclopedia (1881) offers the following advice about nightmares:

      "Great attention is to be paid to regularity and choice of diet. Intemperance of every kind is hurtful, but nothing is more productive of this disease than drinking bad wine. Of eatables those which are most prejudicial are all fat and greasy meats and pastry... Moderate exercise contributes in a superior degree to promote the digestion of food and prevent flatulence; those, however, who are necessarily confined to a sedentary occupation, should particularly avoid applying themselves to study or bodily labor immediately after eating... Going to bed before the usual hour is a frequent cause of night-mare, as it either occasions the patient to sleep too long or to lie long awake in the night. Passing a whole night or part of a night without rest likewise gives birth to the disease, as it occasions the patient, on the succeeding night, to sleep too soundly. Indulging in sleep too late in the morning, is an almost certain method to bring on the paroxysm, and the more frequently it returns, the greater strength it acquires; the propensity to sleep at this time is almost irresistible."[20]

      Hopefully this all helped! :)


    • profile image

      Trish 7 years ago

      Hi, I have been reading extensively on this topic lately. Although I have never been officially diagnosed with the disorder, I am sure thats what I suffer from. Believe it or not, my first episode did not occur (that I can remember) until I was 30. I am 37 now. At that time, my son was just diagnosed with epilepsy and taking alot of seizures. I am not sure if that is what brought it on.

      But I can vividly remember the first time it happened, I was sort of passing out on our couch, it was early evening, The first thing I noticed that freaked me out was a very wierd and loud vibration sound or feeling in my head. Then I had all of these crazy and senseless thoughts racing throuh my head, and then some music playing (beleive it or not, but after I had a few episodes, this became almost a pleasant and very odd sensation) however the first few times it happened, it was absolutely frightening. To be honest, when it first happened, I thought it was some sort of seizure, I am pretty sure I thought like this due to my son becoming so suddenly and unexpectedly ill taking seizures.

      Anyway, that first time it happened lying on my couch, first I remember this weird vibration in my head, then I heard this crazy but beautiful music, but it had no sense, then boom, I felt completely awake yet unable to move or breathe. I was absolutely sure that I was yelling to my fiancee to help me. When I get these episodes, they happen repeatedly. I come out of one and then seconds later it seems I am in another one. I have learned now with experience that for me, it helps to get up out of bed, have a glass of water and stay up for a bit.

      But the first time, was terrifying, when I finally came out of the multiple episodes, my finacee finally looked at me and I screamed at him, "why didnt you help me when I was calling for you"??? I was so sure I was yelling out to him, but he looked at me both baffled and concerned and promising that he never heard a word from me.

      After the first time they happend, they happend with some frequency for a year or so, but now, I get the episode maybe 4 or 5 times a year.

      It may sound weird, but I can actually almost stop one before it stops, that vibration in my head is the sure sign its coming on, so now, I will get up out of bed, but sometimes I will lay there and play it out, as its not nearly as frightening to me as it once was.

      But in my earliest episodes, I used to be terrified and exhausted after they happened, just from trying to move while in them i guess. Used to be in a terrible sweat and woke up feeling so sad and scared. There are a few times I actually believed I was saying or physically doing something that I guess I actually wasnt.

      I have read alot of ppls experiences where they felt someone was in the room with them or laying on there chest, I have never felt those sensations other than thinking my fiancee was there but he wasnt, but never felt a spirit or ghost like presence. Yet I still believe this is what I suffer.

      If anyone has experienced anything close to what I have felt, please share:) I am writing this now as I just had an episode last night after quite a while without one, so Im kind of down and just trying to understand this harmless yet scary thing.

    • profile image

      ash.aus.xx 7 years ago

      i had honeslty wondered wat this was.. i am 15 16 very sooon and seriously like sinci i was younger like wen i was younger i used to go paralysed in my sleep then i would kno that something was coming to get me kinda thing and then i would get tickled and i wouldnt be able to scream for help. i have never seen the demon, thank god!! and i never hope to see or hear anything really bad. i do think my state is really bad at time and it freaks me out to the max becoz i feel as if some one evil is coming to get me and most of the time it is he . when i am asleep i try to say my boyfriends name but it just doesent come out.. at first i thought that i had a spirit of some kind attatched to my body. then my and my youth wworker got on the net and i am very soon going to see a docter. and all im thinking right now is . i dunnno. i feel crazy ha, but i guess it happens to alot of people, i dunno why its hit me though, luckily it has never happend to me in daylight and i have never had my eyees open and unable to move, my eyes have always been shut i have always been asleep then woken up in the middle of the night then tried to nod back off to sleep then my whole body would then become paralised and i would not be able to scream or move i have not experienced something sitting on my chest, the most sevire experience that i hav had with contact with something frightening and SO SCARY was when i used to go into SP wen i was younger and i would get continuesly tickled and i would be screaming my mums name because it wasnt a good tickle, i hated it. I WAS TERRIFIED. and when i finaly woke up i would bust out in tears because i was so terrified i would run out of the room to where my mum was and just cry and cry i was so so so scared!!! one night i was paralised getting tickled and in my sleep i was able to move my arm back coz i felt some one laying behind me alspo pinching my leg , so i pinched his/her leg back then after that i woke up properly and saw him walking out of my room.. and who knows .. if it was real or not or a hillusination or wat.. im still confused on the whole thing..... im shakin as a write this and i feel very sick finding out all this all the connections and that so many people hav had so many scary experiences. i also suffer from anxiety alot and stress.. butwho knows if that matches up. i have only found out all this info today and i have not yet been properly diagnosed with SP but i think im 99% sure that what it is after reading every one elses storys, iv never really shared this info but if other people are scared like me then i guess theyll read this and go FUEF mann im not crazy :) . so dont be scared. im trying not to be . im going to a doctor soon to see if i have SP. but its evry obvious i do. but i have to stay strong because alot of people have SP and its normal i guess to have it like others.

    • profile image

      MIchelle 7 years ago

      Thank you for all the very informative comments. I just started experiencing SP for the past couple of months. I keep reading that it could possibly be because of caffeine and sugar, but i am also a regular smoker, as in i smoke cigarettes and marijuana regularly and i drink alcohol a couple of times a month. I am a college student so that is how my lifestyle has been like for the past year. Do you think this may be a huge factor to why i have developed SP? I haven't read anything about drugs and alcohol being a huge cause to SP because it may happen to anybody but, I am very curious because if it is i will definitely quit.

    • profile image

      The Story Teller 7 years ago

      I wonder how many people actually suffering from this in silence? For anyone who think they are going crazy. trust me you NOT. All the people I know with sleep paralysis have had it since they were children so I certainly would not associate it with alcohol or drugs.

      This topic has become the subject of my short stories. Hopefully more readers might recognize some familiar characteristics and share their experiences too.

    • profile image

      Zack 7 years ago

      The first time it happened to me I was staying alone in a hotel room on a work-related trip. I thought it was some kind of seizure. It scared me so much I got back in the car the next day and headed home in search of some sort of familiar comfort.

      I was about 22 at the time (I'm 38 now) and after the first episode I had several more that month. For a while I thought I was going crazy. I felt anxious whenever I went to sleep, always dreading it happening again.

      The more it happened the more I became familiar with the experience - to the point where I could sense that I was susceptible on a certain night. Like many other have said, I was more prone to them in the daytime or when the lights were on.

      For about 10 years I had them on and off. I was no longer frightened of them so much since I had come out okay every time. I found that I could have little conversations with myself to reassure that it was just another sleep paralysis episode.

      And then one night while it was happening I decided to try to fully experience it. Even when I was no longer afraid of it I still felt myself resisting being letting go. My heart was pounding but I just kept telling myself that it was okay and that I wasn't going to die (even though I swear I was!). My whole body was buzzing and it was like I was being sucked into another dimension.

      Finally the buzzing stopped, everything became clear again and I found myself standing in front of a puddle. I was aware that I was in my dream and I remember thinking "Cool! This must be a lucid dream!" I jumped in the puddle and miraculously it was deep enough to swim in. I did not feel scared in anyway and I was in complete control of the dream. Eventually I lost hold of it - which in itself was a really strange experience - there wasn't any real transition from dreaming to waking.

      Over the next few months I started reading up on lucid dreaming and found that for many sleep paralysis can act as a gateway to lucid dreaming. I have been practicing it ever since the first one with some success, though I find if I get too greedy and try to make too much happen too quickly then I get booted out.

      And then occasionally I still get stuck in the same old scary paralysis - often when the lights are on and my wife is next to me reading. "Didn't you hear me screaming your name!?" But more often than not, I welcome the experience when it starts happening and see it as another opportunity to create a fantastic dream.

    • profile image

      Diana 7 years ago

      Thank goodness i found this site i have been having these attacks for as long as i can remember, even when i asked my GP about it he had no idea what i was talking about. They have always resulted in utter panic (especially as the attack is usually linked to a nightmare) Now i know there is others out there i am going to get to grips with this and research it more fully, including lucid dreaming.

    • profile image

      Anna  7 years ago

      You see, I get almost exactly as described.. but it seems as though I seizure 3 or 4 times for about 3 seconds. It scared me so much because I've recently started getting hallucinations.

    • profile image

      jordan 7 years ago

      i was sleeping normally and i woke up at 3 and i herd a weird noise like a dog but it was not i was frozen still and i was trying to move but it went away because i had broke free my arm but for some reason they don't like fast reactions this happoned at my dad's house and my mums/moms house as well.

    • profile image

      jordan 7 years ago

      ps that sound mite of been a hellhound and where there is a hellhoud is a warrior of hell like a hose for a knite.

    • profile image

      Karly 7 years ago

      For me, it seems as though my body moves in slow motion. Usually I can move an arm or leg, but not very efficiently. Also, I usually try to grab my cell phone and dial a number, and I feel the phone in my hand.. but when I am finally awake it will be right on my desk again. Can anyone explain how it seems that I can fell it?

    • profile image

      jordan 7 years ago

      Have u ever had a dream of a dream its like that but you are susposto finish a nightmair but u can wak up in the middle of 1 and can disrupe your deaming so you feel your fear from the dream also the fear part of your brain is very active.

    • profile image

      singleok 7 years ago

      This is awesome! It just makes me feel better that I'm not alone. I will say I'm sorry to everyone else who goes through this.

      I have always thought it was a dream in my dream. Scary all the same. I force my self back to sleep. I say to myself, deep breaths, deep breaths and fall back to sleep. If I wake up in that state again I just repeat the process. I've heard loud foot steps and can't respond. I've heard my front door open and can't respond. I would think .. NOW THAT WAS A NIGHTMARE! It's definitely strange and frighting.

    • profile image

      jenniferarias60 7 years ago

      I've been having this dream since I was about 8 years old. It had only happened once, but it started again almost a decade later.

      It is very frighting. It usually happens when I'm sleeping alone on my back. I live with my boyfriend, so when he leaves to work I become horrified and cannot sleep.

      It has gotten worse; last week during the episode, I felt as if someone were shaking the bed. As I started praying, a creepy voice repeatedly yelled "NO!" with an amazing grief, it was unbelieveable.

      I wish I could just "go with it" and let things be, but I don't think I'll get over this soon.

      This website has given me the support I've always searched for without looking like a phsycho, lol.

    • profile image

      Ronny B 7 years ago

      It's happened 3 times since December. I'm 42 and have never had this. What I DON'T read here is how ones body feels. I feel like I'm holding onto low voltage wiring. I can recall what I was dreaming before "something" started shaking my shoulders. Another time I was being pushed down into the bed on my collar bones. Last week, something hit my pillow above my head. I really think I have someting paranormal other than sleep paralysis. It's bothered me so much I had a paranormal team case my house a few weeks back. I've lived in it for 12 years now. I've had paranormal experiences in the house. A friend (who I met after I moved in) claims he stayed in the house a few times and was freaked out by things upstairs. I've had really weird things go on as well. It's only been recent that I'm getting touched while sleeping. I can't open my eyes though and I feel like electicity is going thur from my head to my knees. It's a freaky feeling. The paranormal team gave us our results last week. We thought it was an 8 year old who died next door due to suffocating in some dirt. We caught intelligent responses to questions. In my room, it wanted to play "paper-rock-scissors". In the basement when asked if it was making the flashlight power down, it responded "no". We caught grunting, moaning noises at teh top of the stairs. About the time this started, I'd hear noises in the corner of my bedroom like coins clicking on the mirror. Hasn't happened in a few months, the noises. I'm wondering what this electrical current feeling I'm having is? It seems THIS is what scares me and tightens up ALL my muscles making me paralyzed. Is this the sprirt pulling energy FROM me to harass me??

    • profile image

      Kendra Richrdson 7 years ago

      I am 27 years old. And I have been suffering from this for 8 yrs. It first started after I had a car accident and hit the right side of my head. I didn't know what to think at first especially since one episode caused me to almost drop my new born daughter.I thought that it was seziers at first. But then it happened more and more to the point it was happening every night even with lots of rest and at the happiest time in my life. For a long time I thought that I was being attacked by somthing. But then I saw somthing on the tv about this and reasearched it. It scares me because I don't know how to stop it and at times it will go weekes befor I get a break. I do not know what to do and I am getting worn out. Please someone help me.

    • profile image

      Alex 7 years ago

      I have 20 years.I experienced 2 times now the first time i tried to move and tried to talk and and i can't say i was truly terrified about 2 seconds passed then i moved. About a month passed and here i am posting this comment after 1 hour since i experienced it again. I was having another nightmare. I can't say i wasn't scared but i wasn't terrified either because i was triing to speak but then it comed to me why am i triing to speak if i cant move my lips or anything else and then i opened 1 eye and i forced myself to move my hand and i succeded but then i was too worn out i closed my eye again and then i woke up. I think the best method is acting calm about it eventualy triing to keep sleeping and acting calm about it.

    • profile image

      Nick 7 years ago

      I had a horrible encounter with this recently, the first time i have ever come across it and i hope never to experience it again. i've never paniced so much in my life. In my room, if i lie on one side of the bed i am parrallel with a wall and facing it or i can be facing the rest of my room. In this circumstance i woke up facing the wall except i wasn't fully awake. I couldn't move, i couldnt speak. But the worrying thing was i kept feeling a tickling/draft sensation up and down my back and i couldn't move to try and work out what it was. I got it in my head that someone was in the room with me and they were sat on my bed stroking my bed. But as i was unable to move i couldn't investigate. The next thing i remember i woke up a few hours later feeling quite worried and put it down to the fact that my mind was playing tricks on me, but i was certain that i could definitely feel something running along my back. It was very scary!

    • profile image

      LEO 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Jessica 7 years ago

      I have been having S/P since I was about 11 years old; I am now 24. I have them every once in a while, sometimes more frequently when I am more stressed out. After the first time I had an experience with S/P, I was about 11 years old and didn't have another experience for a couple of years after that. I was scarede at first, but I looked on the internet and then once I knew what I was dealing with, it was easier to accept and learn how to come out of an episode. I've had it when sleeping in any sleep position, but mostly when I am sleeping on my side or on my stomach with my head turned to the side. I have had the "halllucinations" and the "evil" presence that is mentioned, but when I have an episode now, I know that it it not real and I become calm right away, and just focus on trying to fall back asleep, or to make my body wake up. The first video makes it seem like people are going to die and they make it seem way scarier than it actually is. I'm sure there are people that have it worse than I do, though. Basically once you have an understandng of what it is, you can deal with it.

    • profile image

      jessica 7 years ago

      Amy you contradicted yourself by saying " you cant ask god to solve all of your problems" but then you said that "god answered all of her prayers"

      if you decided to change something you do, you will get a diferent result. It is not "god" , just you deciding to make the change for yourself. why the hell does no one take credit for doing something on their own? You pray to "god" because you can't think of something to do and you want someone else to do it for you. thats called being lazy. once you realize "god" is just a concept to let people better cope with their situation and to give them "hope". When you ralize that YOU are the one actually doing these things, you realize the idea of "god", or a middle man is not needed. People need to realize that the changes in their lives are because THEY did something about it, but they swear it's "god". if you do something good take credit for it and let yourself feel good about it. dont act like someone else did all the work if you beleived in YOURSELF. "god" is essentially yourself because YOU made a change, which in turn caused something good to happen. praying to "god" doesnt change your diet, YOU change it by, well, CHANGING IT. "god" = yourself. and for those of you who think that I am saying we are "god", the almighty being that is the creator of life and blah blah blah, you're wrong. "god" is just another way of giving yourself hope when you THINK you have none. But you have it there all along, god or no god. you are you're own creator and your own worst enemy. realize that you have the power all along , you dont need someone else doing it for you, especially when the "someone else" is just a concept.

    • profile image

      Isaac 7 years ago

      when i do have an episode ive learned that the best thing to do is focus on one part of your body and try to get it to move for me i start with my fingers by trying to get them to move back and forth. for me the biggest motivater to get moving is fear especially when i have a hallucination and the worst time is when im having a nightmare and have an episode because im already scared when i wake up.really the best thing to do is to fight to get moving and dont close your eyes because you will most likly have a nightmare if you do.

    • profile image

      Eric  7 years ago

      I starting having sleep paralysis because an addiction to pain killers and Xanex. The xanex before bed would give to me without fail. I became interested in this state and also very frightened but I am the type to face it. In 1 year not a week went by that I did not have Sleep paralysis. It was my own fault cause of the xanex but I still wanted to know more. I am not exactly how I did this but I know Out of body experiences happen when you body is asleep but you are totally awake. I woke up knowing that I am feeling paralyzed I had the episode enough to know what was happening I would ease my mind and try to get up and when I finally did get up I looked back at the bed and My body was sitting there as still as can be. Now for me I was pretty scared cause in the back of my mind I thought maybe I was overdosing or something but after it happened once I got in touch with it several times I realized I was entering the realm of the twilight zone, lol thats what I call it. There were no restrictions and Everything was in the exact place that it was when I fell asleep. I can remember the clothes laying on the floor I wore the day before, in the exact place that I left them. Everytime it happened I would explore a little bit more. The last time I had it was the most frightening because I could literlly feel myself drifting away from my reality. I was at my front door and was standing there wondering if I should go out the door, I looked back and saw everything started to fall apart and became distorted, I thought it was the end of me. It was like no feeling and sensation I have ever felt. There is no words to describe what I was feeling other than the main emotions, there was something else. I immediately ran back to my body and woke up sweating and breathing extremely hard. For seconds I thought maybe I was dying because of the Drugs. After that I quit the day after. well it took about a month but I haven't had an episode since. Make sure you pay attention to the medications you take cause it could give you that reaction when you enter the REM during your sleep. I asked Hundred's of people that Would take the same drugs and they had nothing like what I had. The best thing to do when it happens is embrace it and go with it, Dont fight it, the more you fight the worse it can get sometimes. Your body will release on its own awakening. That's what I have learned.

    • profile image

      Skylor89 7 years ago

      Haven't had SP for 6 months now, probably due to less stress in my life. A few things I have learnt from it happening to me:

      -If you feel like you are drifting into SP

      -Do not panic.

      -Realize that part of your brain is awake and the other part asleep.

      -Once you are aware of this and are calm, take your time. Then slowly try to get the sleeping half of you awake. This can take some time, just don't panic.

      -If several minutes have passed and you are still not fully awake, keep visualizing yourself lying in your bed trying to gain conciousness. Then keep forcing your sleeping self awake.

      -concentrating on moving legs, arms and fingers can help sometimes.

      Hopefully this helps when it happens to you, it did for me.

      As for people talking about demons and such. I personally don't believe in anything that I cannot prove. Sorry, but this includes religion. I do not wish to offend anyone's beliefs. However I do think that fear plays a great role in SP and only worsens if you panic or think that you are being attacked by devils, demons or whatever you want to call it. I believe that this is where your creative side of your mind can actually cause you more harm than good. It might be because you are not able to fully control your brain or your body, which is where fear commonly tends to set in and worsens if you are not gaining full conciousness and fall back into a dream. Kind of like having a nightmare whilst being partly awake.

      This is merely my opinion, I am not an expert and I am only speaking from my own experiences. I hope I have not offended anyone's religious beliefs. Thanks

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 7 years ago

      Hi everyone, I wanted to say that since my diet has been good and my stress levels have been down I have been doing great without SP. BUT...I went to my daughters for 4th of July. Her boyfriends family cooked and, well after being so good eating the right foods and exrcising regularly my body had quite a surprise! The food tasted wonderful but was high in sodium and sugar. I also had an amazing I really didn't think much of it because I had been eating well and didn't think it would have much effect. That night I had SP a couple times while sleeping over at their house. I had breakfast and lunch with them, and again the food tasted fabulous but maybe a little too fabulous for I had SP two nights later again. I could even feel theanxiety from the change in diet during the day for three days. finally after getting myself back on track and everything out of my system I felt better and haven't had any problems since. I have read what someone stated about alcohol consumption having an effect. That has not been a problem for me.I drink socially about once a week and have never had a problem. But I do believe everyones bodies are different and different things may trigger SP with different people. But diet, whether it be sugar, sodium, alcohol, or eating snacks that don't qualify to be in the food all be a trigger. I encourage everyone with sleep paralysis to have a journal. Each time you have an episode write down what your activities and diet were for the week previous. Eventually I believe you will find a pattern that will help you pin point what things are triggering SP. And check back here! Seeing others responses always helps as well. :)

    • profile image

      Megan T. 7 years ago

      When I was TRYING to wake up this morning I was half awake and half asleep. I knew I was half awake but I couldn't move. Worst of all, I couldn't BREATHE. I tried to scream for help but I couldn't do that either! I do this every now and then. I would rather have a massive anxiety attack or absolutely anything than SP it's the worst thing a human being has to suffer.

    • profile image

      kristy 7 years ago

      UGHHHHHH I just woke up from SP.. and I finally googled it to see what the heck is going on. I thought maybe I was just crazy. All I can say is THANK GOD there are more people out there that know what I'm going through. Thankfully nothing too scary happens to me. Today my body was simply numb and I was in a very uncomfortable position. I find this only happens to me when I nap during the day. The only way that I have ever dealt with these episodes is by 'going back to sleep'. I find that in any scary dream that I realize I am dreaming in, if I just 'go to sleep' in my dream, I always wake up. If my anxiety is really high I obviously have a harder time 'going to sleep' and therefore take a lot longer to wake up. Sleep paralysis is a terrifying thing, I can only imagine what it feels like to have demons pressing on your chest. I hope that by reading these stories I haven't set myself up for more scary episodes. I read a comment saying that light in the room might trigger it, which makes complete sense since today i fell asleep while watching tv in my room with the light on and the blinds open. Perhaps I'll try not to sleep in broad daylight anymore!!

    • profile image

      THE SOLUTION 6 years ago



      MUCH LOVE :)

    • profile image

      ITS FINALY ALL OVER!!!!!!! 6 years ago

      I havent had an episode in 5 months and i really beleive that it had to do with an evil presence...look at all the comments, ive read them all and they are all the same. everyone here must admit that there is some weird stuff goin on in the world that we can not explain...some bad supernatural things and we need to find refuge in God for help, in order to be safe. The last time it happened to me i called out to Jesus and the episodes never happened again( i felt peace). I use to have them for 4years ( once every couple months) and its over now...all because i know someone is watching over me, someone thats loving and powerfull against all evil things. Its as simple as that. I dunno about you guys but im not waiting til society tells us were crazy and pops us pills just because they dont get it...this is real scary stuff and the solution is quick clear and simple...beleive in a man called JESUS and ALL your troubles WILL GO AWAY I PROMISE YOU my friends.

      My question is...why would you fear hate ,stay away and refuse to beleive in someone that wants nothing more but for you to be happy and rich in his presence? why give that up for this worlds temporary bull. C'mon

    • profile image

      Katie 6 years ago

      I literally just experianced about 10 mins ago and ran to my computer. Logic is better to live with than belief. In my opnion at least.

      My arms were under the pillow above my head and my body felt like it was shivering violently. I opened my eyes slightly but closed them tight because I was too afraid to see what it might be holding me down.

      Part of my brain was terrified but the other part just knew I could move my arms if I tried hard enough.

      At one point I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out.

      Then I woke up.

      I'm so glad I found out what it was because I'd be too afraid to go back to sleep.


    • profile image

      Kevin 6 years ago

      Hi my name is Kevin, this is directed a little more towards Cynthia, reading your comments really help and are very clear to me, thank you. I had no idea what I was experiencing until I read this two days ago. It's been happening since I was 14 in highschool, I would sleep everyday in class and when I would try to sleep longer than usual to make the time pass I would feel it about to happen and sure enough it did, often in school, kids would throw water at me and I still wouldn't come out of it. I only have the cant move and can't speak symtoms, to be honest I'm scared of it getting worse or seeing things or hearing things, I would be terrified, I already feel filled with fear when I'm having an episode so I don't if I could handle it. It only happens now when I take naps and try to sleep in, I'm 19 now and I havnt had it in about a month but I was so shocked to find out that it was called something. My parents always thought I crazy, but I cause this proves them wrong. Something that happens to me that I havnt read someone having yet is pulses. Like that's how I know it's about to happen, I feel these pulses in the back of head and it builds up then releases and if I don't get up and move around right when I feel the first one after about the third I will fall into an episode and try with all my strength to get out of it.. Any comments on that?

    • profile image

      Kevin 6 years ago

      And as far as whoever is saying that the only thing to do is call out to Jesus, I'm a Christian and I've prayed while it's happening and It just doesn't work that way. He can't just take it away. I've researched this and yeah it isn't normal but it's not all about demons and shit. Just saying.

    • profile image

      Alyssa 6 years ago

      Hi my name is Alyssa , im 12 years old, i have been having this problem since i was very little , i remember when i was younger maybe like 5 , i was dreaming that this ghost or creature was following me the place where i was at i didnt recconize . and then i tried waking my mom up (in my dream) i fell to the ground struggling to get up, and it was hard for me to breathe i couldnt talk or move , and then i woke up. I have had this problem . This has happened to me plenty of times. One happened last night. i was about to fall asleep and then i heard whispers this allways scares the crap of out me. idk if it is because my grandpa died in last december and we have his ashes. but ever since we got his ashes i always would hear vocies ,and so last night i had a dream... i woke up ( in my dream but thought i really did ) i went to my neighbors to hang out and stuff. and then i went back idk y but i did ... i was running and i saw to black images next to me... idk y but i saw a flash and then i fell i could move talk and it was hard to breathe then i saw a black image walking towards me then i woke up. I told my mom about this today , she said the same thing happened to her when she was in the hospital... she said she was dreaming that a old man was on her chest staring at her and she couldnt move or talk and when she woke up she was crying and sweating, she never had that vison before, she says its because they put her on drugs. Will this ever go away ?

    • profile image

      melinary 6 years ago

      Hi,I'm Mel and am relieved to find this site dealing with 'SP' as i've had similar experiences. After reading through most of the comments, i failed to see one symptom that i have had repeatedly(not all of the time) together with the inabilty to move, heaviness etc,when i go through this paralysis. Sometimes it feels as if someone or whatever is having sex with me and it is soo traumatising. And i sleep alone when this happens... i've never heard of this happening to anyone and it scares the hell out of me and i dont know what to do about it. Has anyone ever experienced this??

    • profile image

      Guinesh 6 years ago

      I have had this for a few months now.. It started right after my mother passed away. It was so bad the first time I woke up at 2 a.m. and had to leave my house to go to a friends house. Its a months later and its been 3 days in a row with about 5 episodes. I get the ringing in the ear and the feeling meone is breaking in and standing over me. It is the scariest feeling I have ever felt.

    • profile image

      heartattack 6 years ago

      i experienced sp the night before. this is the first time i encountered and i was very very scared. i thought i had fallen asleep but suddenly i woke up with my eyes staring at space, while my body felt immobile. i was very scared cos i could not move at all. this happens to me twice in a night. terrible experience, i was sleepless for 2 nights already, afraid that this might happen to me again. really very scary..

    • profile image

      Meera 6 years ago

      Hey People!,

      I have posted in here about 12 months ago. I haven't had an SP for eight months now. Praise God for it! Trust me, I said this prayer everytime i slept during morning hours. "Lord Jesus, Cover me with your Precious Blood from head to toe. I believe your blood has power. Nothing can ever take control of me except you Jesus! Amen"

      ever since i've been saying this prayer believing with all my heart, trust me, this episode has never ever happened. Jesus loves you! and I'm sure He cares for each an everyone of us.

      God bless u all!

    • profile image

      Madelein 6 years ago

      Hi everyone! I came across this page by googling ghosts and spirits that couses paralysis, as I thought that we had a spirit in our house but I am so releaved to discover that my experiences can be because of SP.

      I am not sure yet, but I experience exactly what most of you guys are explaining here. The first time it happened to me was about 5 years ago when we just moved into our new house, I had this feeling that something was with me in the room and I couldnt move or speak although I fought with all my power to move my arm to put on my bedlight and call my parents, it scared the crap out of me and it happened about every night for 2 weeks untill I started sleeping with the light on in my room as I was really scared.

      My latest experience was 2 weeks ago, I was sleeping next to my boyfriend and just as I closed my eyes I immediately felt paralyzed and my body felt like something was going through me over and over and over and I knew that something was standing on the corner of my bed (really evil or demon like) and then moved on top of me trying to pull me from my bed, but I was completely paralyzed, I could not move a finger or make a sound. I tried to turn my head towards my boyfriend lying next to me and move my arm to touch him so he would wake and in my mind I did move my head towards him but as soon as I woke my head was still turned the other way and I didnt move a inch. I looked around the room for the demon or spirit but didnt see anything so I closed my eyes and immediately it happened again, it happened about 5 - 6 times that night before it completely stopped. I was so scared that I started crying and I didn't want to close my eyes again because it just kept on happening.

      I thought this was because a ghost or evil spirit (demon) is in my room and bothers me, but I am starting to think that maybe I have SP. I even told my sister that there was a demon in my room trying to pull me from my bed. The worst is that I am not someone who really believes in this kind of stuff, but since it keeps on happening to me I can't ignore the fact that something is wrong or I do have the SP disorder. I would just really love to know what couses this with me as I cant identify with what some of you guys said. My mother also experiences this but she says it happens to her when she needs comfort, so it always feels like something is there hugging her or touching her arm to give her comfort, where I experience it with a really evil feeling. This is very very scary and difficult to explain to people as they think you are crazy. Glad to see that I am not the only 'crazy' person alive!!

      Thanks guys!!

    • profile image

      bob 6 years ago

      I have this. If you read Sylvia Brownes books, you will maybe view these things as a very peaceful wonderful thing to have in your life. I find it gives me new energy and appreciation for the spiritual world. I would like to think that this is just because my spirit has been traveling, and my body wakes up just as I am re-entering it.

    • profile image

      Tippa 6 years ago

      I am thirty and have had this since childhood. It was only about two years ago when I was relieved to find a name for this and others who experience this as well. I quit talking about this a long time ago because no one could relate or they gave me weird looks. I agree with cutting down on sugar being effective in preventing this.I thought for years that my eyes were open during these episodes only to discover they were not it was simply my minds ability to recall where everything was in my room. To answer MEls question when I was a teenager I experienced that as well but with time it passed thankfully.If you believe in God thats wonderful I too used to pray with great success. I no longer believe as I used but nothing much has changed.

    • profile image

      Nathaniel 6 years ago

      i recently had this,i woke up couldnt breathe,felt like i was in a dream,couldnt feel my eyes open but could i could see,couldnt move at all,felt like my whole body has asleep(like that feeling in you leg when it falls asleep,that tingly feeeling :/) i guess i fell back asleep since i woke up again with large gasp of air,i woke up like some ppl do when they wake up from a falling dream,now i wait till i sleep hoping this wont happen again :/

    • profile image

      jennydelvisco 6 years ago

      Hi everyone, am so happy I found this web page. For the last 8 years (I am 33 now) I have been experiencing this sleep paralysis. Up until last night about 3am I too thought I had been haunted for the last 8 yrs. Some times I could go several months without one single episode. Then other times I could go several months without one single good nights sleep. Most nights that I do have an episode, it's not just one, but 2 or three. I was terrified every night afraid to go to bed. I also would pray to God.When this first started happening, I found that if I got up out of bed and stayed up for about 10 - 15 min then when I went back to bed I would be fine, although still terrified " Please God, what ever it is take it away, make it leave me alone. I can't do this anymore. I am so scared" I sometimes would even get up and start talking to my room, or whatever was after me and tell "it" to go away. Needless to say it didn't work. Through the last 8 yrs. It has definitely been hard, still very scary and uncontrollable, but it has gotten " a little " easier. Like I said, still scared to death, but I don't wake up crying anymore. So I am extremely happy to know that I am not alone, even though this isn't something I would wish upon my worst enemy, not that I have any. Although I am saddened to find out that there is no cure for this, only things to make it either somewhat controllable or limit the chances of episodes by changing diet and stress levels,I am however excited to try some newly learned tricks to help me get through it. Up until last night I though I was trying to be haunted or possessed and now I learn that it is an acknowledged sleep disorder and I don't have demons following me. So, all this being said, I do have some questions. #1 When I was pregnant, I never had one episode. Not one. Why? I didn't change my diet. Although I was the happiest pregnant woman there ever was. Maybe it was my stress levels. #2 When I finally confronted my husband about this and told him I thought something was attacking me at night, he wrote out the Hail Mary for me. I believe and pray to God, but I was never a church going girl. I didn't know any prayers. I just talked to God in my own way. When my husband did this, I would say the repeat the Hail Mary about 5 times and then set it on my nightstand. From the 1st night this was done, I didn't have one single episode for over a year. Then they slowly started coming back. If this has nothing to do with demons, why would they just stop right when I started this. Seriously, it was the very 1st night I did this. #3 Also a religious question, during an episode, I would try everything I could to ask for help from God. One time I think I even got the name "God" out of my mouth physically. When I do this, I feel like what ever "it" is, gets very mad. I feel myself being restrained harder, and I even hear screaming. Like from an angry demon who is extremely angry at me for even thinking Gods name. I only hear the monstrous screams when I start thinking of God. Why? #4 This pretty much started when I had a back injury. I have a herniated disc and I am on some serious pain meds. I have to take the meds everyday. No way around it. I am sure the pain meds have something to do with this. If anyone has some more info regarding this matter or some advice that would be great. Well thank you again to the creator of this site and to everyone who has posted. I am so happy I finally got some answers after so many years. Thank you!

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      jennydelvisco 6 years ago

      Ok, so I went back and read some more posts. Some one said something along the lines of " Just call for Jesus, that's all you need to do and it will never happen again." Seriously, if this person had any idea of the sheer terror this causes then they would understand that this can (and for most people would) make you so desperate for help that even people who didn't even believe in God would try praying. I think I could safely say that at least 90% of all the people on here has tried that route.

      So I wanted to go over some of the specifics of my dreams. I didn't have time earlier. So most of the time they are the same thing. I used to feel something actually holding me down. Laying on top of me, behind me because I sleep on my stomach and still this happens to me. I could feel the weight on my body and my wrists actually being restrained. Of course I can't make a peep or move a muscle. Sometimes if I would say, (try to say) something religious I would feel complete anger and angry screaming. No words just screaming. I think I mentioned this in my earlier post. But I could feel the anger, the ora, everything gets so much worse when this happens. I never hear voices until religion and God come up. ( I still understand that this is a sleeping disorder, just confused is all.) Sometimes I try so hard to wake up that I end up off my bed on the floor or my upper body is hanging off the bed. But when I wake up, I am actually completely still on my bed where I started out. Sometimes I try so hard to get my husband to wake me up. If I can just get him some kind of signal that I need help he can wake me up. I scoot over to him. I am on top of him. I am pushing his head and upper body with my upper body, desperately nudging him to get up. My despair is so intense.So overwhelming. I am draining myself of all my energy just trying to get out even the tiniest little grunt. I feel I do. I think I do. In my head I am screaming in fear, begging him "Scott, please Scott, please hear me, feel me, just know, somehow that I am here. I need your help. PLEASE! GOD PLEASE!" Sometimes I think I feel myself thrashing around. Have no idea really, but I don't think I am at all. I finally wake myself up and again, I am right where I started. He is snoring just like he was in my dream. Sometimes though he does feel or hear me. He pulls me up and holds me, looking down on me in the bed with me in his arms, he's trying to wake me up, but I just won't wake up. He is getting scared. Again I finally wake myself up and again I am right where I started.He never held me in his arms trying to wake me up because he never heard or felt a thing. Again I never moved or made a peep. I am unsure if he would notice something if he were awake because he goes to bed hours before I do and gets up hours before I do. By the time he goes to work though my episodes have been over for at least an hour. I never have them in the morning hours, unless you count super early morning, because I have tried 3 times to go to sleep with out SP.There are a couple more things that have happened to me. Once, while trying to go to sleep, I heard a siren. A continuous siren, like the kind you hear in movies right before testing a nuclear bomb or something. Not like Emergency vehicle sirens. This siren just go louder and louder by the second. And I could feel it happening, or knew it was about to happen. I knew, I could feel I was about to fall into another one of these episodes. Right when the siren stopped, the episode was to begin, but I knew it and I woke up right as the siren ended saving myself from the horror my own mind was about to present to me. This was the only time this has ever happened. Although the siren, even just the sound of a simple siren was so scary to me at the time, now after all these years have gone by, I wish I could have that siren back. If I could just get that siren back, learn how to create one, then maybe one day, I could perhaps be able to say, this will never happen to me again. I have a warning now. Ha Ha! Just laugh in my own subconcious minds face. Ha Ha! The other dream was different. I could move. I felt what ever it was trying to get me was now after my kids. I knew it was going into my daughters room. I needed to stop it. Being a mother I had to save my child from the agony that I face more often than not. I threw my covers off of me. I started running down the hall just to find my self right back in my bed. I never made it to my daughters room. I again threw the covers off me and ran toward my daughters room. Not 1 and a half seconds post flying from my bed, I find myself right back in it, covers and all. This continued to happen for about 7 or 8 times till I realized that I was actually only sleeping. So of course I woke my self up. So these are my experiences. In the most detail that I am capable of. If these help anyone feel even a little bit better, If someone has similar episodes to mine, and can now at least relate to someone then I am glad I took this time to post. I am also able to get this all off my chest. I try to talk to my husband but I don't think he quite gets how scary this really is. Scary, this word is now voted by me the understatement of the year. Oh, also, just want to tell everyone, the way I wake up is shaking my head. I just keep shaking it in my dreams until I am awake. I will definitely try new things though now that I have found this wonderful website. Thanks for all your time. I know this was all rather long.

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      patricia 6 years ago

      I have had one of these episodes about 3 or 4 times in my life.I have always been going to sleep on my side can't remember which but it was always the same side.For me it was more of a very relaxed feeling at first and I began to recognize how it felt when it began so that I could move and so it would not take over me.I was only taken over by it once when I was like 18.I was going to sleeping and my boyfriend at the time was sleeping beside me. It was more like a very relaxed feeling and a feeling of floating away from your body. It felt like I was in a very relaxed state so relaxed I didn't want to move just floating up kind of like being sucked away from my body.Then I heard what sounded like small voices talking like little people.I couldn't make out what they were saying ,just that they sounded like the munchkins on the Wizard of Oz.Thats when i got scared and found I could not move.I tried so hard to pinch my boyfriend so that he could wake me up but I could not move .Thats when i tried to say something but couldn't .I tried so hard to say"Help me!" over and over .I finally felt like I did say that through frozen lips and then i was able to move. IT felt much like coming out of a trance.After that when even I went to bed and felt that relaxed drifting away from my body I would move very quickly and turn over before it got hold of me. Its a very scary feeling and I always wondered if that was what they called astral projection.Then I found this mentioned on a forum and knew it to be sleep paralysis.But then on utube I saw where they were talking about astral projection beginning with sleep paralysis and I got confused all over again.

    • profile image

      Omer 6 years ago

      My name is Omer. I turned 36 this September. Someone does black magic on me using evil spirits or demons for last 5 years. I lost business, went in debts, fights and divorce, remained on bed for 6 months. Doctors were unable to treat me. When it got worst the evil thing asked me to go away from home. I went away wandering in different places I can't even remember. Crows started attacking me, my heart felt like stopping with pressure. needles pinching all over body. I was found by a shop owner when he saw my picture in newspaper under missing people. He phoned my father who traveled and brought me back 150 miles away. Again after 6 months on bed I was able to talk normal but never went out of home for some fear. In 2008 it happened again and I started reciting holy verses. after 12 days of continued recitation and too much weakness a smoke kind of thing lifted off my chest and started roaming the room. Then it went away and I got 100 times lighter and normal. they do it every 6 months and happens on dark moon nights and mostly starts on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

      This time is much much tougher. I am fighting it for 3 months without any success.

      1. Extreme heaviness on body

      2. Tingling on all parts of body. groin area. something travels under the skin.

      3. Something touches on corners of eyes.

      3. Extreme burning at the back

      4. My eyesight is not clear (black shadow on it). all things I see have a demonic look.

      5. Everything I hear is fearful and negative. even from my own family.

      6. Complete blockage on money. Not a single penny left in account.

      I am taking Resperidal 0.5 mg after every 3 days cuz I am helpless. I know it is demons and not Skitzofrenia...

      Can anyone help or suggest some remedy?

      I would be grateful if you can guide me.



    • profile image

      Brittany 6 years ago

      Hi there name is Britt...well it all started in the begining of summer 2010 I stayed in my moms house in upstate Ny basically my whole summer I barely did anything or go any where the funest thing I did was go to the lake once so maybe that's why I've been having all started after one of my good friends had died in June. My first episode was at 3 am I was sleeping in my moms room because it was the only room with a tv. So as I was dozing off she turned the tv off then I started dreaming about my friend we was just hanging out and all of a sudden he started running from some guys who wanted to kill him rite there I woke up looked at my mom then realized I couldn't move nor speak all of a sudden I started hearing screams as if someone was getting tortured then I started hearing heavy foot steps and this presence was standing over my mom. So finally I snapped out of it instantly went back to sleep only this time I turned my head looking torwards my moms knives collection I went quikly went back into SP and saw a glowing blue toy that looked like a little boy sitting on the knives. I woke up and sat in my kitchen till the sun came up lol I was freaked out man. Well after that happend I had like two more one with a little boy standing on my moms bed and the other was a black cat that hopped on top of me and turned into a demon like dob and was growling in my face. It's getting worse I actually just had one rite now ecept I didn't see anything just heard things... Idk I'm so scared I think it might be this house idk

    • profile image

      Gill 6 years ago

      Unless you have experienced it you can't describe the sheer terror of it. I've had this for 26 years and can say - it does get better. When i first had them i hardly slept for months and felt like i was going mad. I finally thought that if i was going to die then i didn't care anymore as i was so tired - then i relaxed and they stopped! since the early years they have continued intermittently and my trigger is stress or if i have a messed up sleep pattern (like napping in the day).

      Tips for 'coming out' of it is (this is from my experience, i'm sure there are others)

      - focus on one part of your body and try to move it

      - I get up and turn on my bedroom light, over and over and over until i wake up for real

      - make you have woken up properly before you go back to sleep or you may go straight back into it (this mainly happens if it's within a dream)

      As to the religious comments i was a christian when it started and it contributed to me losing my faith as god didn't answer. now i'm older i can see that anything that makes you relax and feel less anxious about it will help it to NOT happen.. so if god works for you that's fine, but it's not for everyone. we all have to find our own way with this. and while coping with it does get better i still wake up from it sometimes terrified and wonder if i'm the only person awake and scared...

    • profile image

      Vanessa 6 years ago

      I thought that this unknown torture was only a family curse. I was unaware of how many other people in the world go through the same thing as me. My mom is luckier since she sometimes can make mumbles or weird sounds to let those around her know that she needs to be shaken awake. Or she sometimes tries to move her big toe then foot to shake herself awake. I on the other hand can neither speak or move so I learned how to use my own methods of waking up. I learned that if you can image yourself falling, you can wake up fully quicker. I also use the christian faith method which is praying to God and saying "Ol' Lord Jesus" since he is the only one who hears me during these difficult times.

    • profile image

      BB 6 years ago

      TO COLIN.. who posted 7 months ago... you complained about a rumbling in your ears... to me it feels like my ears "opening" and a sound like rushing water... then i know my sleep paralysis is coming on but there's not much i can do about it unless i wake up completely and get out of bed (which i almost never do)... i have also felt the evil presecnce of someone in the room... usually my attacks of SP last for several minutes because like a lot of people here i immediately fall back asleep after successfully waking myself.. usually by turning my head from side to side... while the SP part is scary enough by itself unless you've experienced the "opening" of your ears rushing water sound .. it makes you feel like if you let it go on too long it might never stop... EVER...

    • profile image

      Amy 6 years ago

      I'm so glad I came across this page. This happens to me occasionally, and when I finally wake up, I'm basically in tears and am afraid to go back to sleep. Luckily I don't hallucinate and see a dark figure or anything, hopefully reading that won't make me start. Usually I will "wake-up" and won't be able to move. I can see everything in my bedroom. There's usually always someone there that I know, like my mom ironing, or my brother, and I try to get their attention, but I can't, and I start to panic. The worst ones are when I hear people talking, but I can't open my eyes or move. Another bad one is I can open one of my eyes, and I feel that I am facing downwards on my pillow, which then makes me feel like I am suffocating because I cannot move my face out of the way. Once again I'm glad I found other people, whenever I describe this to my brother or mother, they get freaked out. It seem s no one I know has gone through the same thing.

    • profile image

      Nacole 6 years ago

      Wow its nice to see there are others with this same problem. I've been having SP since I was 14 and Im 29 now. Its always terrifying but I've gotten better at dealing with it. I guess you could say I've had a lot of practice over the years. Sometimes I'll go weeks without it happening but when it does I always have it several times a night. It doesn't matter what position I'm in either. I always feel an evil presence in the room and then I'll feel a heavy force or pressure on my chest or groin. Once I heard snakes hissing around my bed.I.keep a night light in my room so I can see when this is happening but have never seen my attacker. I fight it the entire time and the more I fight the more violent it gets. Also when I pray it gets worse. It almost feels like its taunting me. I've done a lot of research on this and still Im uncertain as to what this is. Maybe its a sleep disorder...maybe its demonic....who knows? One thing I do know is that it can't hurt me. I am a child of God and have authority over it...whatever it is.

    • profile image

      ZW 6 years ago

      I'm starting to do my research on it now more because my husband has started scaring me at nite. The other nite he reaches over and elbows me and I was like what? He was stiff as abored breathing real hard looking like he was having a stroke or difficulty breathing. I was teying to wake him and he was staring straight to the ceiling when he finally woke up he was saying that he was yellin for me to help him. I didn't understand then he went on to say that a demon was holding his legs and another was sitting on him. He described them and every thing. I admit I was spooked for a couple of nights. But then decided to research it. A similar incident happened to me about a year ago. But now I know what really happened to me. Next time it happens to him or me I'm going to control it. Thanks for all these posts they are very helpful... god bless!

    • profile image

      Michelle 6 years ago

      I'm 18 now had my second SP last night. I had one about month or so ago for the first time.

      The first time I was laying on my side still texting on my phone when like others decribed everything went really dark and i realized i couldnt move. I felt an evil presence in the room. I felt someting blow in my face but all i could see was my wall. it only lasted a few seconds. I tried to scream for my mother but i couldn't move a muscle. I thought at first i froze because i was scared to death. after that i closed my eyes prayed for God to help me and to let go of my fear. I kept on repeating in my head i know he's bigger than anyting i'm save, it helped to calm me down. I don't believe in demons or supernatural things but after that i was so freaked out. 10 minutes later i was fine and chatting again telling my girlfriend what happend she thought it was a bad dream and i decided to tell nobody else what happen.

      i was really freaked out because i have never heard of SP before today.

      last night my second "episode" happend it was terrifying!!!!!

      I was at my dad's house sleeping in my step sisters room. i was very restless after about 2 hours of twisting and twirling i told my girlfriend that its extremely hot and right after that everything went dark and i was paralized!!! i knew i wasn't sleeping because i couldn't fall asleep so fast. Her arm was around my middle and my hand rested on her arm. When i felt paralized i wanted to scream but nothing would come out! i tried to squeeze her arm with every thing i had and i thought i did.... my eye lids only opend an inch i then saw i black mass coming towards me and 3 times that awful downpres on my chest happend. I then relizes i could make sounds in the back of my throught that didnt use muscles i made the sounds harder and harder. Trying to get help!!!

      The moment my girlfriend touched my shoulder and said my name everything was ok! I turned on the light and sat there scared to death crying! i asked if she felt me sqeezing her arm and she said no...she did hear the noise i made in my throught and at first thought i was dreaming but i started to breath heavily and twitch. the first thing i asked her when i awoke was S*ht did you see that?? I'm glad i wasn't alone think i would have had a heart attact without someone to hold!

      Randomly my dad was downstairs 2 am in the morning so i told him what happend he looked suprised at me and told me it happens often to him. He thought he was posesd or sometinhg. i felt better knowing i'm not mad so..

      today for the past 10hours ive been reading everything i could find about sp. It's a horrible thing and it scares the shit out of me!!! I know it's only the REM effect not working properly or whatever but it still scares me..

      I hope i don't get one soon but i want to say thank you to evrybody's hint and tips i feel most definitly more prepared for when it happens again!



    • profile image

      Michelle 6 years ago

      sadly i had a Sp last nigth again...

      i'd like to know is it the same with everybody that when someone touches you and say your name or something you snap out of the episode?

      ...if so it helps me to concentrate on making the noise in my throught you forget bout the "evil presence" when you don't think about it.... and get atensionfrom someone close to you.

    • profile image

      Nacole 6 years ago

      The only thing I have found you can do during an episode to let others know you are having it is make noises in the back of your throat and change your breathing pattern. Instead of breathing normally try breathing erratic. That will clue your partner in on that there is something wrong.

    • profile image

      one 6 years ago

      so much to say? just embrace the experience that is a part of your mind.

    • profile image

      skurd2sleep 6 years ago

      I had my first experience yesterday while taking a rare nap in the morning. I felt a tingling which woke me up (at least I thought) sat up in my bed looked min the mirror and seen my body still laying in the bed. Freaked out felt that tingling feeling again and was back in my body this time I was unable to move or speak. Started crying and felt that tingling feeling again but was able to move so I got up looked in the mirror seen my body but walked in the living room where my sister was cleaning with the radio blasting I was yelling for her to lower it but instead she couldn't see or hear me. Again felt the tingling feeling bad in my bed got up noticed this time I was in my body abble to move so I figured it was ova but no my door to my room slammed shut and I could hear my son talking to my sister while the radio was playing and I was banging on my door scream for my sister or my son to wake me up since this had to be a dream hoping I was able to talk in my sleep then pinched myself to assure myself I was infact dreaming put I felt it not hard but soft. I felt like I was stuck between to world didn't like it. I felt that same tingling feeling and was back in the same spot same thing got up sat in the bed looked in the mirror and felt unsure if I was still in dream state so I picked up my phone and called my husband just to be sure he heard me and I was up. Haven't slept since..

    • profile image

      Rebecca 6 years ago

      Ive recentley just experienced sleep paralysis this afternoon so im trying to find out as much info as I can, it freaked me out so much, its never happened to me before!

    • profile image

      Amy K 6 years ago

      I have had an experience once in my life. I was 18 years old at the time. It was the most terrifying experience of my life.

      I had woken up to see a dark male shadow standing in my doorway to my bedroom. I could not make out a face on th shadow at all but he looked to have on a hat. Although something felt really wrong, I was not scared at all at first as I believed myself to be fully awake and looking at my kid's father standing in the door way. It wasn't until I realized that my kid's father was sleeping next to me that I became terrified. I tried to move to tap him and wake him up but I could not move. I tried to scream but nothing came out. Slowly the figure started to move towards me and no matter how close it got it never had a face. The closer it came to me the more scared I became. The figure continued closer until it was directly over me almost taking my breath away. I closed my eyes tightly and when I reopened them again it was gone. I assume that this is when I actually woke up. I woke up my kid's father who assured me it was just a dream, but it had felt so real and I was so sure that I was awake that I was not able to go back to sleep at all that night. For a while I was terrified to go to sleep for fear that it would happen again but it never has and it's been 8 years since then.

      I have been reading up a lot about this and what may have caused it and came across sleep paralysis. Although it does seem to be a logical esplaination for my experience I still have my doubts. I have had experiences where I have had bad dreams and woke up scared but never like that. I also forget about the dream within days whereas this exprience happened 8 years ago and it is still so vivid in my head. Also I eat junk food every night now before bed and nothing. I know that was one explaination they gave. I have also lost my grandfather and my father and nothing. I just got fired from a good job and am about to lose my house so I am stressed out and not sleeping and again nothing. I am by no means complaining as I never wish to have this experience again and by no means discrediting that it was a product of sleep paralysis. I guess I am just curious as to why it has never happened since and what caused it that one time.

      As for people who are on here or other sites writing comments about the people who are experiencing these sorts of things as being crazy or ridiculous has obviously never experienced anything like it, has no idea what they are talking about and needs to stay off of these sites.

    • profile image

      Kelly 6 years ago

      I am really glad i found this site and been reading alot of peoples comments. I too feel like im going dizzy in my sleep with the buzzing in my ears and really fight to wake up out of it, i feel like i am fighting really hard but in reality i am not moving, my husband has started to realise when i do it, he says that i mumble but to me im shouting or screaming. I also have them sometimes when im dreaming first.. i remember one time dreaming that i was sat in the corner of my bedroom and i floated up and bounced on the bed, thats when i woke up. I dont see anything evil (thankfully) but sometimes feel like something is there. The last time i had it i thought my husband was holding me really tight around my chest but when i woke up i realised he was not near me. I feel like i have to fully wake myself up too before i can try to sleep again otherwise i feel like it keeps coming back.

      My mum has suffered with this and said to not fight, but it scares me that much that im not going to come out of it i always end up fighting rather than letting it happen.

      I do find it happens when ive not had enough sleep or had too much sleep (e.g. a lie in). Sometimes it can be every night and othertimes disappear for months.

      My doctor said it can be to do with being run down but thats its safe.

      Its nice to hear everones different experiences and know that your not on your own

    • profile image

      Beth 6 years ago

      I just want to say thank you. I'm sixteen and this has been happening to me for the past couple months and it was getting to the point where i was scared to sleep and i would leave my light on. I talked to my friends and they all said "oh your just dreaming" but then my mom told me it has happened to her before so i looked into it. I am so relieved to find that it happens to many people and i'm not the only one.

    • profile image

      Leah 6 years ago

      I am so happy to have found this site. This has been happening to me for a few years now off and on but recently it has been occurring more often because I am unemployed and tend to take naps during the day, which I wont be doing any more because I to have found that when I sleep during the day SP is more intense. I have never really seen anything demonic just felt something that wasn't right. Of course, now Im scared to go to bed tonight with all these other crazy stories in my head. Wish me luck!

    • profile image

      Gem 6 years ago

      This has been happening to me for around 3/4 years now (I'm now 30) - probably around once a month.

      It usually does happen if I take a nap during the day when I'm on the sofa downstairs so perhaps that's something I need to avoid.

      I don't ever get any threatened feeling but strangely I have the feeling that I *have* mananged to get up and walk across the room for a couple of seconds but then I just find myself lying back on the sofa again unable to move. This often happens about 4 or 5 times before I wake up for real. Of course this might just be me drifting off to sleep again but I've also been reading up on Out of body experience, which is linked to SP but I'm not sure how genuine these are? It's a sensation I always get when SP happens.

      I thought I might be dreaming but I rewatched a TV programme that had been on during the last time it happened and could remember it for the 10-15 minutes this experience lasted.

      I don't feel threatened by SP at all - more frustrated that I can't move when I first get up. I was surprised to find out how common it is although the people I have told probably think it's just me dreaming.

    • profile image

      Gem 6 years ago

      This has been happening to me for around 3/4 years now (I'm now 30) - probably around once a month.

      It usually does happen if I take a nap during the day when I'm on the sofa downstairs so perhaps that's something I need to avoid.

      I don't ever get any threatened feeling but strangely I have the feeling that I *have* mananged to get up and walk across the room for a couple of seconds but then I just find myself lying back on the sofa again unable to move. This often happens about 4 or 5 times before I wake up for real. Of course this might just be me drifting off to sleep again but I've also been reading up on Out of body experience, which is linked to SP but I'm not sure how genuine these are? It's a sensation I always get when SP happens.

      I thought I might be dreaming but I rewatched a TV programme that had been on during the last time it happened and could remember it for the 10-15 minutes this experience lasted.

      I don't feel threatened by SP at all - more frustrated that I can't move when I first get up. I was surprised to find out how common it is although the people I have told probably think it's just me dreaming.

    • profile image

      Nena 6 years ago

      I have these alot but mine are different. Mostly because after the first one i always know its happening again and i never have seen any type of deamons... sometimes i cry out to my room mate and try to get her to wake me up. other times i tell myself just wake up. and i keep screaming to myself wake up. one time i had it 3 times in one night. i was so tired. i just figured my body was more tired than my brain. then in one of them i swear i was talkin to my roommate. i asked her to help me move and she said she couldnt. i told her i had to get to class but couldnt move and she left. when i really woke up i asked her why she left and she had no clue what i was talking about. i told her about not being able to move and she told me we never talked. i think i have these once ever other month. im use to them but some how they are the worst thing in the world. i feel so out of control.

    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      I am 31 and have been having SP episodes since I was 19. I clearly remember the 1st time. Unfortunately my SP comes with hallucinations (both auditory and visual). I work nights and drink a lot of caffeine, but I did not do either of these when my SP started. Mine happens on my back, on my side and day or night. I often can hear someone downstairs, or coming up the stairs! I have seen animals walk across my bedroom floor and go into the bathroom to drink from the toilet! I have also had terrifying experiences. Usually I can see the EXACT surroundings I am asleep in. If I fell asleep on the couch, I can see the TV. If I fell asleep at my fiances, I will see his room, etc. However, recently my SP is taking place in more of a dream. I am completely frozen and can not even try to "move a toe or shake a leg" or anything. The only thing I KNOW I can do is breathe much faster and louder than normal. I'm not sure what it sounds like, but my fiance will lift up my arm to wake me if he hears me breathing weird. I have had relationships in the past where I can HEAR my boyfriend say "you're doing that weird thing again. wake up." and I'll want to smack him! I must have my arm lifted or be shaken awake. Don't just TALK at me! I'm TRYING TO MOVE! :)

      This morning was terrifying! I KNEW my fiance had left for work (I had kissed him goodbye and fell asleep), but I saw him walk through the door. But he turned into someone else I didn't know who was saying awful things and threatening me at the side of the bed. I could feel his breath on my hand and I was trying to push him away. I could hear someone else coming up the stairs. Even KNOWING it was an episode of SP, I couldn't control any of what was happening. I eventually breathed into a panic and woke up...called the fiance and told him I just can't sleep when he's not here to wake me! UGH! SO FRUSTRATING! I'm SURE it's my lack of a regular sleep schedule (working nights for 8 yrs now), stress (going back to school, planning a wedding), and caffeine intake. However, I have had episodes when I am happy, completely rested and not stressed or caffinated up!

      After nearly 13 years of this, I just want to sleep normally!

    • profile image

      Kelsey 6 years ago

      I've had Sleep Paralysis since I was about eight years old. It's pretty terrifying but you get used to it after awhile. I completely thought a spirit was trying to take over my body. I frantically looked online trying to figure out exactly what it is. I never knew it was as common as it seems to be because I don't know anyone personally who deals with the struggle of having to live your nightmares.

    • profile image

      STEVE 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Y B 6 years ago

      I have been experiencing SP since I was a teenager; I am now in my early 40's. I have recently been having an episode at least once a week for the past 6 months; at times it's very difficult for me to wake myself up. I'm afraid to go to sleep.

      I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but I can feel an episode coming on. It happens when I'm really tired. My body starts to get heavy and I have no strength to get up and move. What I started doing about a couple of weeks ago was keep my cell phone close to me so that when I did feel an episode coming I could set my alarm to wake me up in 10 or 15 minutes. It has helped. Also when I come out of an episode my body is so drained that my energy is completly whiped out. I have to force myself to get up and walk around for 10 minutes to avoid another SP episode. Very scary.

    • profile image

      Ronda 6 years ago

      Wow, what a relief to know that I'm not the only one. I have been having episodes of sleep paralysis since I was a teenager. I find that it happens mostly when I have napped during the day and am not really all that tired when I go to bed that night. I have found that if I don't panic (and believe me that's hard to do) and count slowly by the time I hit 10 I have come out of it. It's so scary not to be able to reach out for my husband who is right beside me to let him know I need him to do something, anything to wake me up. I scream his name and nothing comes out. I try not to nap during the day and I try and make sure I am actually tired enough, but not too tired, to go to bed and fall asleep within ten minutes. I am in my 40's now and they are few and far between but I still get them occasionally. I have noticed that I too, can sometimes tell when they are coming on and I fight to open my eyes but am not always successful and I have to let myself fall back to sleep and try again because it wears me out. I can sometimes do this 2 or 3 times before I "wake" up. I have anxiety issues also, but control it without medications. I haven't noticed a link between the anxiety and the paralysis. For me I think it has everything to do with how tired, or not tired, I am.

    • profile image

      faithful 6 years ago

      to EVERYONE who experiences sleep paralysis. When this happens to you, RECITE THE LORD'S PRAYER OUT LOUD. I know it's really hard to talk when it's happening, but do the best you can. Every time i got sleep paralysis, I would do this and it ALWAYS stopped before I got to the end of the prayer. Humans are in the middle of a great spiritual conflict and the demons like to mess with us. Just know that you're not alone, God loves you and will protect you. Just ask.

    • profile image

      faithful 6 years ago

      Also to those who commented saying that prayer doesnt work and this led to their losing their faith. I have to say that many people who are either just beginning their faith, or in weaker times with their faith, OR even when they're strong experience these sorts of spiritual attack. The devil WANTS you to question God's power. Don't give him the satisfaction! the devil is fighting hard in the battle for our souls, but he has already lost the war! The "terror" feeling you feel during sleep paralysis isn't actually YOUR fear. it's the feeling the evil spirits give you..ever walked through a dark place at night and gotten irrationally scared for no reason? dark spirits. Seek Jesus and HE will bring you peace, guaranteed. All of this is real guys - it's not just some weird neurological thing. go with your gut - you know it's not just science. God bless you all :)

    • profile image

      idas 6 years ago

      like manyone here i too first thought it was some devil activities done on me.but now i realised its nothing evil.

      but is due to disordered sleep wake cycle and due to mental tension.

      sleep when you are sleeping.dont sleep while studying.


    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 6 years ago

      Hi everyone! :) If you have a facebook page please join the one I just created today. I would love to be able to easily interact with everyone to share experiences. Here is the link.

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 6 years ago


      Another night in silence, lying in the dark. In fear of what might come if I close my eyes.

      I try not to think about it because if I do it will surely come. Come to sit on my chest or walk beside me on my bed and steal my breath from me. It may growl or just breathe but it will make it's presence known. Sometimes just to stare into my face and laugh and taunt me in my paralyzed state. Is that you in the corner of my room? Sitting, waiting, speaking in a tounge I cannot understand? Threatening my mind and my soul? Robbing me of my sleep? The sleep I can't have because it is beyond me to grasp it.

      Suddenly my body wakes. I am set free from my chains. Hurry, Rise, Walk, before it pulls you down again. I am weak now, my only hope is to put myself in another state of being. Find the cool air, the reality I longed for. Drink some cool water, fall into a book. Into another realm to take my mind far from the place where I lay down in half sleep. A place of terror that I cannot escape. It controls itself and I am forced to watch. But now I am safe. I am tired and weak, but I fight to stay in my own mind, in the place I know as mine.

      Later I fall. I fall into that place again. This time I do not fight it. This time I embrace the unknown. My body shakes. I feel walking beside me. I refuse to be afraid. I wait, knowing I cannot move or fight, yet knowing it cannot take me.

      I wait to find out what is beyond that realm of fear. I tell myself "fear is only what you make of it, you own your fear". Now I have found in this place of darkness and this place of torture what is mine, what I own. It is my fear. And it is only as deep as I allow it.

      Now I am floating. My fear is gone. I have left the world of fear behind. New realms lie ahead. Realms I have not visited. For I have not yet learned how to get there, but I have found the door.

      Inspired by my own experiences as well as the experiences of others.

    • profile image

      memo 6 years ago

      Hey I'm 20 yr old male and cynthia from my past experiences I'm awake in my room not being able to move or talk also feel as if someone is holding me down to my bed by my wrist..but this motioning was the worst of my experience Iwas able to move my hands to my chest and felt some strong hands holding me down I tried twisting the imaginary (not visible) fingers but no go do that's when I started punching and I was punched back but didn't feel the punch I just saw the black out in my eyes as when someone punches you in the eye.half hour later woke to the same thing but this was just the weirdest its as if I was being humped and chokedand that one was juts out the ordinary cuz I'm a male

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 6 years ago

      Wow! That's really bazaar! Did you have any signs of being hit when you woke up? That's the craziest thing. I have a friend who has something that sits in the corner of her room that doesn't look human. Once it got up and came towards her bed and she snapped out of her paralyzed state and jumped over her husband out of bed. Of course nothing was there at this point but being able to distinguish something that seems so real from reality is very difficult. I have felt something heavy walking on my bed beside me and had strong body vibrations. I've felt floating and falling but never had any actual physical contact on my body from a presence. The one thing that makes me wonder about the whole thing having spiritual connections at all is that I had my really crazy experiences all in one house. The ones that I felt things walking on my bed and my body shook. Sometimes I wasn't even in a paralysed stated. I could get up at anytime if I wanted. Other times I felt the sleep paralysis. I created a facebook page two nights ago to make discussion easier. If you'd like to join and post anything feel free to do so. The link is posted above. I created it because this page has helped a lot of people open up and not feel so And a facebook page is easier to communicate with. I want to eventually do a documentary on SP. I have a production company that will help and plenty of people that would be willing to pitch in on the filming. I think it would be great to have something that didn't just look at one point of view but many points of views as well as sharing ways to minimize peoples scary experiences. Especially since there aren't really many doctors that know what to do with it.

    • profile image

      tam 6 years ago

      hi i had this when i was a child and got it about once every 2 months.i am now 22 and get this every 3 tmies a week what i expeirence is when i am in my bed am lying there and its like someone is on top of me tickling me hard and its horrible when i try to look up at them i get a blured vision there has been a time where i had controll of my arms and pushed them off and its just like it fights to get back on me.there has been times where i can look and hear people and i try to wake up but i cant and when i try to speak i just make mumble noise i am scared and need help should i see my gp

    • profile image

      Janet 6 years ago

      All I can say is this if you are suffering from SP, knock it out which ever way suits you. Reason there is a flip side to the apparent dream stuff. I have had everything and all that seems to be apparent is that it is SP but there is good and bad stuff manipulating it.

      One example I was about to have another episode like yourselves and I thought to myself not again. Something black and smokey drifted and shifted my dream about to get at me- however and by the grace of Lord and his messengers something tall, female and dressed in white burst through the ceiling of my room and defended/protected me- though it was aware I was still anxious, whatever happened the good sensed I was uneased and made sure everything was safe again.

      This is rare, I have had both good and bad experience. To the extent that we do not control everything.

      Mentally you can close it off, but you have to close your mind completely. The sooner everyone does it, the better.

      SP is both a medical and dare I say spiritual condition.

      Do three to 6 things: tell parents and have them sit on your bed holding your hand to gt rid.

      2. Go to see a psychatrist/therapist and tell them.

      3. A priest

      4. Doctor

      5. Change diet and mentality about life

      6. Do not seek what you cannot control ie. don't go searching for stuff-there is a reason why we are here and whatever is is closed off.

      You do not want your health compromised. If you're not spiritual, then you're its Sp. If your mindset is diff. and you don't know be wary.

      SP is about belief, yes it is about medical and not.

      Close it off, it is affected by how vulnerable your mind is. Soooner the person conquers it the better.

      In my case- live your life to the full and don't seek stuff out.

    • profile image

      Justin S. 6 years ago

      i've been dealing with this for quite a while now, not sure of exactly how long. but then again for the longest time i just blew it off even tho it was extremely scary. lately i've become more aware of it. it seems to be happening more often too. i've noticed that sometimes i feel places on myself after i manage to pull myself up that still feel like there is pressure there. like where i was being held was actually affected and the pressure has left a tingling sensation. i always feel like something is there with me. watching me. but i can never see it. its just out of view, laughing. its almost always when i'm alone. can only think of one time when its happened with someone near/in the same room. i've found that keeping the light on has helped a little bit... i actually had a dream last night that it was happening, and in the dream i fought to stand up and i turned the light on,but the lightbulb had been unscrewed... then i was slammed to my bedroom floor, i stood again and managed to get the lightbulb back in and as soon as the light hit me i felt like passing out... i ran through the house to get help and as soon as i reached the room where everyone else was the door slammed as i yelled to them for help, but i could see them trying to open the door, i was on the floor watching them, slowly fading out. then i woke up.... i don't know what to make of the dream, nor do i really know why the light helps. i do know that the whole situation bothers me. and that to some it doesn't make any sense at all... but in a way i almost feel like there's something waiting for me in my sleep. i guess the best way i could put it is that i'm not scared of the dark. but that i'm basically scared of whats waiting for me in it... so far the only way i've been able to come out of it is to fight like crazy to get up, if i lay there nothing happens and i stay stuck. i've tried fingers and toes but still nothing. are there any other ways other than just laying there or fingers and toes, or fighting to get up?

    • profile image

      Rob 6 years ago

      It's so ironic - My mind was awakened by the quilt over my face the other night, and I wanted me to push the quilt down to protect myself from suffocating. Meanwhile my body was paralyzed to protect myself from getting injured in my sleep...

    • profile image

      SPgirrrl 6 years ago

      Thanks so much for all your comments. My first memory as an infant sleeping in my crib-was having this experience. I have had this all my life and thought it was nightmares or night terrors. It is always the same and I feel anxious the next day. There is a feeling of my skin "crawling" and a high pitched screemimg or buzzing. I feel my room is full of "people" and they are all standing around my bed watching me talking and laughing. I often try to call out to family members (even ones who don't live with me). I try to force myself to wake up. It is always my face that moves first followed by the rest of my body. I always remember it the next day and dreaded it happening again. Lately I have been saying to myself "Leave me alone" (as someone else mentioned). Scary.

      I am so glad to hear there are others who experience these things.

    • profile image

      Ella O'Neil 6 years ago

      i experienced what i believe to be sleep paralysis two nights ago. i had no idea what happened until i researched 'feeling heavy and restricted in sleep' on google and it came up with sleep paralysis. It was the most terrifying experience i felt wide awake, yet i couldn't move one muscle in my body. i saw a dark figured 'thing' holding me down and smothering me, i tried to scream and struggle but i couldn't do a thing. i think my terrified state finally snapped me out of it. I told my mum about it and she said maybe its related to watching horror films, as i watch them regularly. There is something about horror films that i enjoy, i think its the thrill and feeling scared and anxious. I am so scared it will happen again, last night i found it hard to sleep and woke up early this morning feeling exhausted from thinking and worrying about it all night. Thankfully it didn't happen again but i want to know weather it is likely it will happen again? i never want to experience it again, it was the most terrifying and indescribable experience, can someone please help me?

    • profile image

      Gem Bee 6 years ago

      I have had regular experiences of sleep paralysis since my mid teens. I am now 26. I experience paralysis, the feeling of being awake but I know I'm not, inability to speak, levitation, being thrown across the room into walls, the feeling of 'evil' or a presence in the room, terror. I have learnt to accept & cope with these experiences. I know what is happening when they occur. I try and relax as I know I will wake up shortly. They feel like they last around 5 minutes, but I think in real time it is probably shorter than this.

    • profile image

      Dirk 6 years ago

      New hypotheses about Sleep paralysis:

    • profile image

      Neto 6 years ago

      OMG!! I thought I was the only one who have had these kind of experiences. I've been having these Sleep Paralysis since last year, not often though. And I've never had those hallucinations. The only stuffs that happen to me is the incapability to move and to scream out for help!! lol. Now that I know what it is I'm more aware of it. Thanks to all your comments, they really helped me to find an answer to what was going on!. :)

    • profile image

      Dimitris 6 years ago

      Sleep paralysis happens all the time to me, always when i try sleeping upwards. Some friends of mine say that its the first step before you go into an astral projection. Whatever it is, i love it! its great..

    • profile image

      Jason 6 years ago

      You have to learn to realize that you are in a state of sleep paralysis, now sometimes i try and reach SP. now that i can realise that i am in that state i can use the opportunity for good. i.e. self hypnosis, positive affirmations, lucid dreaming etc. The "evil" people experience is just a manifestation of your fear.*so get to grips with your mind and fear.

      Waking up is the tricky part. Firstly realize that you will wake up through external stimuli so set your alarm clock loud. Then if anything happens and you are in SP you know that your alarm clock will eventually wake you up so it causes you to relax.


      I try using surfacing techniques explained in self hypnosis eg. going up and elevator counting from 1 to 10 etc.

      other options include wiggling fingers or toes or facial muscles. If all else fails you can imagine a accident or something, your adrenaline spikes and you wake up

      my final thoughts is that we are unique and we can use SP to our advantage

    • profile image

      Mimi 6 years ago

      I've had this for a few yrs now, last time it happened this week. I just decided to find out about it and I found it's this. I started thinking about the scientific explanation but there are some things that don't check, such as:

      - if you are paralyzed, how come you can't talk. Most paralized people can still talk.

      - how can everyone have that sence of something evil. It's like all of us having the same dream. Explain how people from different ages, genders, religions, beliefs and all around the world experience the same feeling of something with a bad presence when this occurs.

      - why is there so little known about this in the medical field. They just can't explain it, that's why.

      I found various videos on YouTube regarding an interview with David Hufford. He has researched sleep paralysis for many yrs. and has written a book about it too. I wanted to keep an open mind but all these questions came to me and now I'm just not sure what it is. There are many things in this world that we can't explain.

      I have noticed that these events last for a few seconds for me, but as soon as I get them I start calling God and I believe that had made it go away sooner.

    • profile image

      Adele 6 years ago

      Hi, I am 39 years old and i have been suffering from SP for the last 15 years and if anything, it has gotten worse not better. It has only been the last 3 years that i have been able to put a name to this condition. I stumbled across this site tonight and have read most of the comments and can relate totally to what has been said. My last episode was three nights ago when i fell asleep on the sofa. I woke up briefly to hear my husband get up to go into the downstairs toilet. I closed my eyes and i went straight into SP.I had been reading a book before i fell asleep and it was beside me, i felt the book `stick` to my hand as by some electric current and i felt my body rise up off the sofa. My main thoughts were that when my husband walks back into the room he would see me floating in the air!! As always i try to somehow make a grunge noise which comes from deep within my stomach...this usually alerts my husband to wake me up. This time though i could sense he was taking his time to walk back into the room as he wanted to see what was happening to me. Thankfully i woke up as he entered the room and he assures me that i was not floating in the air!! this is the first time i have felt like i was floating. I usually sense a darkness, and i have felt someone sitting or jumping up and down on my chest. It has been a frightening journey and i wander each night before i go to bed if it will happen again. I am trying to control it by not fighting it, just relaxing and allowing my body to wake up naturally. Thanks so much for this site, its a great comfort to have the support of others.

    • profile image

      Amrit 6 years ago

      Hi, I am a 34 years old male. I have been suffering from this so called SLEEP PARALYSIS for nearly ten years but never knew what it was until today I found this forum. I too experience most of the things what others have mentioned in their posts like someone sitting on my chest, heavy breathing, not able to move my body and screaming for help and blah blah blah. I didn't even know what I was suffering from and thought it has to do with some evil forces. lol... but now I now what I am suffering from. SP..

      Interestingly in these ten years, I have learnt how to control this thing by STAYING CALM and not to fight against as it would make me feel powerless. Secondly it would occur to me the day when I am most exausted and moreover I sleep on my back.

      Hope someone might find my techniques usefull and be able to avoid SP. God Bless

    • profile image

      luckycat328 6 years ago

      It's been 16 months since I last posted and I wanted to thank Justin (from 8 months ago) and Dirk, from just a few weeks ago, for their posts. I really appreciated that those posts offered some kind of evidence that the Scientific world has even acknowledged this as a real thing that happens to people- all over the globe!

      I can't help but notice certain similarities throughout many of the posts over the past year, which also hold true for myself.

      1. It seems as though 70% of people who posted said it started between age 15-25.

      2. It seems as though it happens to a lot of people who have abnormal sleep patterns due to stress or work, or who are napping.

      3. The older posters, while still unnerved by it, seem to be able to deal with it better. They don't seem as alarmed by it- perhaps because they are used to it, or because they have developed a way, to some extent, control it.

      4. It seems to run in families - including my own.

      I think somewhere in the article posted by Dirk, there was a reference to this experience being (or not being) a "physiological hiccup" in the brain.

      Most scientific findings say SP occurs when parts of the brain are waking up while other parts- the ones controlling motor skills, perceptions, etc- are still "turned off" because the person is not quite out of the REM cycle of sleep.

      SP is a terrifying experience and I can't shake the feeling that there's something going on in the body, a physical reaction to something, that is urging the person to wake up or become alert. After reading more about seizures, I feel like it's somehow connected to that. I'm not a Scientist or doctor but from reading about the sensations people have reported before they have a seizure, there seem to be similarities.

      A lot of people asked, if it's not caused by something evil, then why does everyone sense or see an evil presence? I think it's because when your body goes into a state of panic, like from being paralyzed for reasons you can or can't comprehend, your brain will being to try to figure out why, like a fight or flight reaction. If you are in a sleep/dream state, your brain has free reign over what that explanation will be. Couple that with the fact that your eyes are probably partially open during the episode, but the part of your brain that interprets perceptions is not functioning at full capacity because it's technically still asleep, and you have all the makings for the demons and evil shadows we all have seen and felt.

      Maybe it is demonic possession. Maybe it is people sensing an evil presence- I can't say positively one way or another, but there are a lot of similarities in these stories that point to there being a Scientific answer, if it was just studied more. I get the fact that nobody is dying from this, like how people are dying from Cancer, AIDS, and Diabetes, but it is still an unfortunate thing to have to deal with.

    • profile image

      Axel 6 years ago

      just had like 4 of these attacks in one night i thinks its my anxiety and bad sleeping patterns i work a swing shift.

      Anyways thanks for all the posts guys i thought some aliens were messing with me.

    • profile image

      Rene 6 years ago

      Hello there,

      I am out of bed at 3:30 am, out of a long and scary episode of SP, and I feel lucky that I have found this blog with so many comments from many other people like me, suffering from this malady.

      I have been suffering SP since I can remember, before, I usually had a short scary moment before I could pop myself out, then later I explained to my wife to shake me out of the trance and it worked for some years well.

      To me it is very, very disturbing, for a while I thought I was having some kind of brain tumor that was turning my mental capacity upside down.

      Lately, I mean in the last few months, I have had two very long episodes, including this one tonight, that even my wife's shaking and yelling were unable to wake me up.

      As a reference for you guys, I am suffering from this terrifying experience since my infancy, now I am almost 67 years old, and thanks to your postings I have been able to understand, for the first time in my life what was going with me; it is a really terrifying experience when you have no clue (please keep in mind that PC, internet and blogs like this one are available just recently, when you talk about a 67 years old guy like me).

      Thanks from the deepest of my heart to all of you guys and gals, for sharing your experiences, giving the light of understanding to many terrified souls like myself.

    • profile image

      Christian 6 years ago

      You shouldn't be scared i have it all the time and i see it as a good thing. i am a writer(fiction books) and some of the things i see in an episode inspire me. i see it as rather fun to see what my mind can make up.

    • profile image

      sarah smith 6 years ago

      i have had this disorder since i was a child the first time it ever happened was when i was 6 years old i have had it ever since.

      when it happens my whole body shuts down i cannot move or speak i also have a horrible buzzing in my ears i feel there is someone in the room with me and sometimes i feel something drift over the top of me. i have also heard demonic voices call my name. the other i had the worst attackever it went on for ages and i could see little aliens at the bottom of my bed and my bed seemed surrounded with all these different aliens monsters demons etc i was happened again last nite but i kept shaking my foot before it could happen as i now no when it will happen i feel my body shut down so i fight it and shake my feet to stop it happening.when i tell people they think im mad .

    • profile image

      Lindsey 6 years ago

      I am 17 years old and I was diagnosed with a condition known as JME(juvenile myclonic epilepsy) .Although I have been put on various medications such as klonopin,keppra,and lamitical nothing has seemed to work. I first started having sleep paralysis type episodes around ten years old but blew them off as nothing more than an unexplainable dream. It was terrifying at first not having any control of your body and feeling helpless, especially after it happens and you try to explain to others what you just experienced and they just don't understand. Over the years I learned to deal with it until these episodes turned into shakes and convulsions. My mother finally realized the seriousness of it one night when she was sleeping beside me and I turned over and had a blank stare while my head was twitching. I am so relieved to have read everyones stories and know I'm not alone. I went to a neurologist and did an EEg test and the results came back that I indeed had epilepsy. All I can advise to yall is that if these episodes turn into anything that MAY indicate a seizure go see a doctor. And I read in on someones comment saying alcohol has no relation to causing this I HIGHLY disagree.... After a party when I was sixteen before being diagnosed I over drank and I am still haunted by that night, I was very sick and began to have episodes. I couldn't breath, couldn't call out for help, and had uncontrollable muscle movements. This is actually the time when I reached out for help I couldn't go on with this struggle even if it meant getting myself in trouble for underage drinking I did not care. I am still searching for the right meds and right now I am on klonopin but I am still having episodes. I have learned to cope no matter how terrible the severity of the episode is. If you do not panic and focus on moving one part of your body you will most likely wake up faster. This is so closely linked to epilepsy that doctors often times prescribe the same medication to people with severe sleep paralysis to those with certain types of epilepsy such as JME. I went years not knowing what I had and blew it off PLEASE don't do what I did if you think you're having any sort of seizure activity during your episode. I wish you all the best of luck!

    • profile image

      Dee 6 years ago

      Hi Cynthia - You had posted a while back something about shaking of the bed that isn't related to SP. I too long time sufferer of SP with same accounts as everyone here but I too have the shaking of the bed experience a few times which was weird because it feels external like a mild earthquake but it's not. I also recall having experiencing this shaking as a teenager in a mall as I was leaning on a wall. I couldn't figure out why no one else felt it. It was very predominent and a weird phenomenon. I'm 42 now and at least once a week if not more I have sp. Starts in the ears then I go under. Same idea, can see room but slightly different and always hear growling voice saying stuff that doesn't make sense or even others talking amongst themselves. I fight back with the growls and it drains me. When I get out of it, it's very easy to slip back into it. If I walk to washroom after it my eyes want to roll back into it. I'm use to this now, I sleep on my tummy and only have a coffee with sweetner in the morning. I exercise daily and over all sleep well. Often wonder if it has something to do with my neck and spine.

      I didn't read the rest of the comments as there are so many regarding the shaking but wondered if you found anything out on that?

      Also, odd but with each episode of shaking few days later there were earthquakes reported on opposite sides of the earth. Not sure if related but a little bit of a coincidence.

    • profile image

      Pippa 6 years ago

      I don't know if I have SP yet, I experienced something for the first time on Sunday night - I am 48 years old and never had anything like this happen before. I was lying in bed and just falling asleep when I felt the bed clothes tighten around me, as though someone was holding them either side of me to stop me from getting out - I sleep alone - and my body would not move, although I was able to open my eyes until it stopped a few seconds later. I lay there for a minute or two, relieved that it had stopped, and still had my eyes wide open, and I felt it happen again, the bedclothes tightened around me and my body froze completely. I somehow knew it wasn't going to last and just lay there waiting for it to stop. I realised that it was useless trying to fight it so I may as well let it have its fling. It hasn't happened again since but I'm very wary now when I go to bed. Not pleasant at all! I sympathise with you guys who get it all the time. Maybe mine was down to lack of sleep, I'd had a very hectic few days, but I've had hectic days before and this hasn't happened!

    • profile image

      leann2800 6 years ago

      I have this. It's horrible. Those pictures say it all!

    • profile image

      Ian 6 years ago

      Okay honestly, I had the worst experience to date last night. Even though I remained calm it was overly disturbing, and confusingly painful. Ive had sleep paralysis since the first time at the age 16, I recently turned 24 on friday. It was a very stressful birthday, coupled with excessive alcohol throughout the rest of the weekend. Had to party and make up for it.

      But as I was saying last night was very disturbing. the creature, presumably a leprechaun (That movie has always haunted me), crawling onto the mattress behind me. Yes thats right, I was sleeping on my right side, and am usually sleeping on my side when this occurs. And the shadowed figure standing in my door whispering eerily.. All normal things, happens like everytime.

      What wasnt, was what felt like a fury of fist punches to my groin. Small fists albeit, but incredibly painful. And the sudden, and extremely long and loud yelling of a male voice in my right ear. AT this time it felt like a powerful wrenching to the groin.. I should mention Im male and more yelling in a different tone, as in pain. I want to know why I can experience such vivid and incredible pain during s numbed state like this.

    • profile image

      Tiabma 6 years ago

      I have suffered sleep paralysis is silence for over 20 years.

      The episodes have become more frequent as I am aging (4x in the past 3 weeks--more episodes that I can count since the year began...) and I have noticed over the years that although scared, I am somewhat able to control my fear once it starts. I find myself praying (yes, praying) Hail after another.

      I have done much research on this subject and have realized that one opts to either be medicatde (apply a "band-aid") in an attempt to overcome this problem or faces the issue head on by attempting self control with each episode occurence.

      I have opted for the latter with prayer, which yes... soothes me.

      Recently, I had an episode in which I found myself surrounded by the noises, the presence of someone watching me, the pressure, the cold, the fear... I found myself coming out of my body, looking back at myself sleeping and "floating" throughout the house. It was quite eerie at first... but soon woke up feeling quite calm...

      I have been quite stressed over the past few years with aging parents, kids in University, loads of payments to make and a stagnant job with frozen wages due to a financial crisis we are all facing around the world... I am certain that increasing stress and poor diet habits, contribute to the reoccuring episodes. I am also a firm believer in mind over matter...I just wish I would soon find a way of stopping these episodes once and for all.... Meanwhile...I will continue to pray for I find my peace in doing so...


    • profile image

      india 6 years ago

      Can someone explain to me whether what i am experiencing is SP or not please..?

      my first episode was when on my first night of moving into my university halls, id been asleep for a while and then woke up to flashing lights, the devils face and scary faces and i couldnt move or scream- i was terrified and since then i have not slept with my light off.

      Since then i have had other episodes i which faces jump out at me with vivid eyes and i feel really heavy, panicky and i hear buzzing.

      one of the most recent- i was at my parents house, id forced my eyes half open but couldnt move anymore than that, i knew i was awake and i could see my room but i couldnt do anything.

      another recent was really bad. it happened and then id wake up but couldnt lay back down because it felt like my eyes were rolling back into my head and i had to force them to open and even when i stood up it felt like i was going to fall back down and there was something in my room, nothing felt real...

      is this sleep paralysis and if it is how do i stop it or make it into a nice experience? ive tried thinking nice things but it hasent worked for me...

      thank you for reading.

    • profile image

      Violet 6 years ago

      this REALLY helped me. i thot demons were taking over me or something or i thot i was having seizures!

      now im not scared(:

    • profile image

      craig 5 years ago

      i had this when i was 7or8-now 52-they were terrifing-why do so many peoplego thru this.i can describe him-hairy-pointed ears big round eyes and mouth plus he smelled like rotten eggs-i beat him in a couple weeks by trying to wake up and telling him about the picture of jesus in my grandmothers cold.this shit is REAL.COULD NOT BREATHE.

    • profile image

      amberh27 5 years ago

      For 5 years now I have suffered from sleep paralysis. I always dream that I'm stuck on a staircase and I'm trying to escape something evil but my legs won't move and I can't scream for help. I feel completely helpless and terrified. I try telling myself that its only a bad dream and to relax but it never helps:/ I was taking a nap today and had an episode of sleep paralysis, only for a brief moment in my dream I was able to move a little. I dremnt that I was struggling to get up off of the couch to get away from the evil presence and I got 2 feet away and fell on the ground. When I awoke from my sleep, I was about 2 feet away from the couch. Creepy!

    • profile image

      Shadi 5 years ago

      This is what happens when you worship jesus as a god,he is only a prophet.

      Become Muslims.


    • profile image

      Borneo Man 5 years ago

      I always have a sleep paralysis. One day i have suffered sleep paralysis all nights for 2 weeks after wacthing the high blood dead man!!! Sometimes i have a very nice sleep paralysis. Sometime, first i'm dreaming a nice dream and suddenly my dream turn into bad or horror and that make me want to wake up but i cant. i am sleep paralysis already!!!

      My own solution for my self is very simple. After i wake up from sleep paralysis, i go to the kitchen, eat and drink a water a little bit then go to sleep again. sleep paralysis is gone that nite. but tommorow again is the same. I am very angry!!! He he he he.....

      Sory for my English......

    • profile image

      craig 5 years ago

      old hag-whatever-quantum physics-whatever-had first-sleep parallisis in40years-recurring-few-dreams over 40-years-small buzzing-aircraft-over my head-alien?-i grab it-very small-open my hand-sprayed in face-by liquid-see 3-or 4-dimensionel-close-spiderweb-spring-up in my hands-then -awake-see strang-e-markings on window-weird.i am very normal loving father but i see things dead or alive and can describethem-this shit is real.

    • profile image

      samx 5 years ago

      i have been having sp for around 15 years im now 26. i can sometimes go a few weeks without having one or it can happen up to 3 times a night nearly everynight. One of the most scary ones happend when i was living at home when i was around 16/17 years old. I was lay in bed and the sp hppend, all i could move was my eyes. I tried to shout my mum and i was screaming so loud (i thought i was. the next day my throat was very sore!) i felt something very heavy on my chest and pressing my shoulders down, also i could see a dark small shape above my head. After what seemed all night, the dark shape i thought had gone and i could just about move my head and then it was to be the first time i saw him... a dark figure, a man, with a hat on i think or like a cloak but i cant make out his face, And he always stays near my door. Everytime this happens i wake up the next day, very tired, sore throat. Alot of the time i have a headache too. One time i was living with my aunt and this happend, and i felt something hit me on the back of my head and the next day had quite a large lump ther. Over the years i have lived in around 7 differnt properties and it has happened in everysingle one. Iv sorta get a sense when its goin to happen now, and i can on the odd occasion get my self out of it and having a lamp on helps. Other times im not so lucky, i end up ringing my mum and stay on the phone upto a hour before i even get out of bed, or able to speak. I can sense something there stil. My head can be held down too and the more i struggle the stronger it gets.

    • profile image

      kit 5 years ago

      I had experience it twice. First was when I had a nightmare, it was a two level dream. On the level 2 dream, I realized it was a dream so I tried to wake up. I woke up, and to realize that the same nightmare just repeated with a little difference from before. I tried to wake up again and this time It's like going in and out of the dream because I can't move my body and when I close my eyes, I get back in my dream. So I just concentrated and exert force so that I can just wake up.

      The second and the third sleep paralysis just had I think 2-3 days interval. Again I realized that I was dreaming so I tried my best to concentrate not to wake since it's not a nightmare and I want to explore inside my dream. But I was not able to retain in my dream and my eyes opened. But I can't move my body. I't felt like I already moved my body but as I see it, it's not moving. I relaxed and after a few seconds, suddenly my breath was like a vacuum cleaner taking in air. I seems like I died and I just got revived and then I was able to move. The same happened for the my third experience.

    • profile image

      Nancy 5 years ago

      Hi all,

      I am 21 and had SP for 4-5 years now and it is gradually lasting longer and more difficult to snap out of. Throughout the years different elements have been added, including characters from that one horror film I saw 6 years ago (you bet I regret doing that!!!), designing new rooms/houses, shopping around and recently some fantasies ;)

      But yes, it is possible to change the themes. What i've realized is that I must 'forget' to remember the feared themes. I try to alleviate the fears they cause by exposure, but sometimes it's still too much and they intrude my fantasies.. =(

      I can experience SP in 2 ways: eyes open and eyes closed.

      What I found is that SP experienced with the eyes open is more scary (i.e. I can make myself see/hear things in my vicinity, which I detest)

      SP experienced with the eyes closed. however, is tougher to terminate.

      At the earliest onset of my SP 5 years ago, simply moving a finger or two would end them, but now it is getting to the stage where...I tend to sleep on the edge of a pillow, so that when I move my head a little it would turn to the side of the pillow and gravity would make my head drop a bit. That motion seems to work now.

      Also. not sure if anyone posted this: I feel sometimes that my pajamas are making me itchy during SP to the point that i have to wake up. That seems to be before the vivid dreaming starts.

      Anyways, it's all fun since pain and fear are all in your brain. Just play around. The fear you feel is just psychosomatic.

    • profile image

      hummerha1 5 years ago


    • profile image

      jake1 5 years ago


      how do i explain" 2 my 8yr old who had her 1st sp experience last nite (she calls it a "stiff dream") that mummy has bin havin them 4 yrs & i cant explain them or understand them, only that they r bloody terrifying...

    • profile image

      Rob 5 years ago


      People - if you have a problem with terrifying sleep paralysis, then attach an anti-static wrist strap to your leg or other part of your body, and attach it to the ground on your walls electric socket (if you have one) or hammer a length of metal into the ground outside, and attach a wire from this to the wrist strap.

      Try this for at least a few days. This has a significant chance of eliminating sleep paralysis entirely.

      How this works is not fully understood, nor particularly important. Results first, theory later. Try it and see if it helps.

    • profile image

      AI 5 years ago

      It is the most terrifying experience I have ever had. It normally happens when I sleep on the couch. I am awake, but my body is completely frozen and I only wish someone would come and push me off the couch to completely wake me up. I think it is a lot to do with your activities and your way of life. Exercise does help. Of course,now that I have had so many episodes, I don't freak out as much. You get used to it.

    • profile image

      Suzie 5 years ago

      No one ever noticed that you can move your neck. Now this is going to sound strange but it is true. I suffered with being stuck in my sleep and movement comes back slow and gradual. I happened to notice that I could move my neck and I bent my head forward and bit. I felt it unravel and let go of me. It was excellent!! I could immediately move and it never came back. Please try this... I strongly suggest it.

    • shauneagle profile image

      shauneagle 5 years ago from Westerville, OH

      Hello, I haven't had sleep paralysis since I was a kid and it happened recently. I have been thinking about an entity a lot that night before bed because I feel it has been following me most of my life. I was actually able to partially sit up on my side during an episode. I tried to talk to the entity that was beside my bed and I probably sounded like a drunken sailor. I just tried to say hello to it and I could barely move anything. It felt like every body part weighed so much more than usual. Very interesting.

      I started a hub involving my dreams, astral projection, sleep paralysis and sleep apnea. I sort of jammed it all into one and was going to do a lot of research on these items. To be honest, I felt I should write it based on how I felt and I strongly feel I have sleep apnea or some kind of neurological disorder extending from childhood. I find this very interesting, I just wish I knew a little more about it before writing about it and posting it online.

      You do a fantastic job with your knowledge and how you explain it. Well done!

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 5 years ago

      I just thought I'd check in and see what's up with everyone. This has to be one of the most interesting talk forums online. Anyone who's read my comments knows that my SP changed with my diet. I had SP for 20 years. I actually cut sugar and high sodium out of my diet for a very long time and started working out a lot. My SP completely went away. The only time I relapse is when I have a lot of sugar for about three days straight. But my diet in general is really good for the most part. Listen to your body and pay attention to how it reacts. When you have an attack document what you had eaten/drank in the days before. After 20 years of SP and changing my diet I know for a fact that bad diet was what was causing my SP. Sometimes we may not realize our diet is bad because it's simply what we are use to eating or it is what we were raised to eat. It took me about 2 or 3 years of playing around with the foods I eat to figure out what my body reacted to. But sugar and high sodium were the main culprits. I love you all and only hope that you can all find a way to control the SP instead of it controlling you and robbing you of your sleep and sanity. It can be fun at times when you can control the experience but most of the time its just down right

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J.

      @Cynthia Jesseen - Thank you for being such a strong contributor to this thread! I completely agree with what you are saying about cutting sugar out of your diet. When I first started experiencing sleep paralysis in 2007, my diet consisted of WAY too much sugar. I had always had a serious sweet tooth (I'd load up my hot tea with so many teaspoons of sugar my family would cringe, eat rainbow sprinkles right out of the container, and I was a huge fan of these lollipops that are basically like SweetTarts on a stick). Midway through 2010, I cut back on sugar and sweets big time and it almost completely obliterated my instances of sleep paralysis. I've been meaning to do more research on that to write a future hub, so thanks for reminding me!

    • profile image

      Liz Mason 5 years ago

      I just had my only experience of this today. I was taking a nap after a test at school. It was about 11 a.m. I didn't have very much sleep for the past week (maybe six hours per night). All of a sudden I woke up and couldn't move anything. I tried to ask my roommate not leave but I couldn't say anything. I thought I was dying. I kept trying to move and I was finally able to after what seemed like 5 seconds. I fell back asleep and it happened again, this time for only a couple seconds. I got out of bed this time because I was to scared to go back to sleep anymore. I searched google for "not being able to move when you're sleeping" and this website came up. I never even realized this was a thing before

    • profile image

      Tyler Maugle 5 years ago

      I really had no idea what this was prior to reading the above comments.. I too thought it was spiritual or something like that. I have never seen the demons or had the heavy chest but i do know it is trigger 90% more often when i sleep on my back.. its not a good idea.. plus I snore, so plenty of incentive to sleep on my stomache.

      I always hear strange noise and its the first thing that happens.. its like an alarm bell that its on its way..Its happened so many times that i am very used to it.. Never felt like i was going to die !

      I have tried on several times to call out and also to fight it.. it can be fought but recently i have not had the strength to beat it so i just let it finish..usually taking no more then 5-10 mins.

      I always wake up about 5mins later.. WIDE awake and heart pounding alot faster then normal..

      This could be how men/women die in there sleep if they never get it until older age.. imagine the shock, heart attack capabilities for sure.

      I feel alot better about reading everyones stories and im glad im not the only one who hears a really strange noise when this occurs... Seeing demons would mess me right up !

      GL ALL.


    • profile image

      kailash 5 years ago

      Hi All

      I have been dealing with SP for 9 years and I used to think that there is a problem in my spinal cord and its gonna make me paralyzed permanently one day. It used to make me restless and depressed but finally thanks to internet. Thanks All

    • profile image

      anon17 5 years ago

      Im 15 years old, and this has been happening to me since i was if I go for a nap during the day. I think it's an awful experience, lien there and not been able to move. The main thing that fears me is if i can't breath properly. Although this has been happening with over a year, for the first time ever I heard a man in my head every time i try'ed going into a deep sleep. I can't talk, and can't move. It is possible the scariest thing ever! I try'ed going for a sleep there and in 8 minutes it happened to me 3 times, each time when i realized I was frozen, i stretched my leg down as if i was trying to reach something, and after 40-60seconds I woke. I don't know why this is happening but I can't find anything to improve it.

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 5 years ago

      @becauseilive! That's awesome! I'm so glad to hear that. Keep me updated :) I haven't had any issues in quite sometime. Kinda weird after having it all those years.

    • profile image

      Mary S. 5 years ago

      I began experiencing sleep paralysis back in 2002. It happens to me BEFORE sleep, not upon wakening. I have described a roaring sound in my ears, that sort of whooshes through so loudly, almost like a train engine. It comes in waves like a whoosh, whoosh, etc. Then the terror kicks in, my head is stuck down on my pillow. I am trying to scream my husband's name and help me, help me. I can't move, I can't speak, my chest is heavy. I don't have any visuals however. Just sounds and pure terror. Since I've learned more about SP, I have fewer episodes. Odd. Anyway, just wanted to share. Glad I am not alone. I also mentioned my symptoms to my MD, but she never heard of SP. I found out about it on my own. I thought I had some crazy illness!

    • profile image

      archana tandle 5 years ago

      THANKS LOT...

    • profile image

      patricia 5 years ago

      im 14 and i have sleep paralysis. its very scary and i have it multiple time in a night. one thing i have noticed is that is doesn't matter what position you are you will still have an episode. i was in class one day taking the FCAT and i fell asleep (when i was done of course)and i had not one but two episodes while sitting in class. i herd everyone and i was trying to move but it was hopeless i was there for over 5 minutes waiting to wake up. i have a lot of hallucinations and there very vivid, im always hearing multiple people talking at one time and i feel someone beside me. one time i felt someone tapping on my head and feeling on my side and i also feel someone is sitting on my chest and i can barely breath! its awful and im researching to find a cure!

    • profile image

      Adelaide Rowena Black 5 years ago

      I just came across this page - I was on another site where I described the symptom and someone suggested SP. Never heard of it until now. Both my mother and me had this experience but it only happened to us both one time and both times when we had just given birth - roughly within the first month. When it happened to me, I called out to Jesus and what I thought was a bad spirit then, felt like it was afraid and it fled.

      This forum is very interesting, as I never knew it was so common and hearing other people experiences especially where this is a regular occurrence does sound very frightening.

      I find it nice Cynthia that you found a, 'cure', for the condition, but sadden to hear you left Christianity. I'm not going to preach at you but have you ever thought that God bought you to the change of diet? Like I said not going to preach so I won't say anymore. This is fascination subject all the same.

      With me I can’t say it was down to my diet at the time. I was merely a teenager, (I’m 50 now). I don’t even think I was asleep! Seriously. It’s going back now, but what I did have in common with what I now understand to be SP were, ‘sudden lifestyle change’ – obviously the baby, ‘was on my back’ I was actually in hospital and maybe, ‘stressed’ without knowing it.

      If I’m honest I still can’t say what happened to me was SP, maybe because I only literally heard of it today and for so long I was thinking it’s one thing, now it turns out it may be another!

    • profile image

      Bee 5 years ago

      hiya i have read up on this and im so glad i found this out i still think mines alot worse im just cummin 25 years old and ive been having this thing happen to me for a very long time now and i kept it to myself i thought i was been possessed or my room was but it started happening to me when i was downstairs on the sofa and my mom whitnessed it and called me a psycopath and i was neally in tears, i have heard voices calling me ive heard church bells im not saying like the exorcist im talkin more like monks and stuff ive heard coughing really loud down my eyes and just general random stuff and if the tele was on which i can see it is sumtimes when i snap out of it what i was hearing was nothing wat was on tele i hear all mad stuff snap out and jeremy kyle is on, my eyes sort of flicker and roll and i go into a fit its happend for that long now i cant more or less open my eyes and if i really really wana i can snap myself out of it but its difficult, ive had it feel like sum1s tried to strangle me ive felt punches in my back i cannot talk i can mumble and im really forcing myself beleive me i can move my face and i shake side to side to try brake out of it im practically neally dying more or less everynight and ive kept this to myself and told nobody, i av neally been in tears tonight ive moved downstairs on a camp bed to sleep see if it made a difference and it happend down there so i came back up to my room and here i am writing this, i give up i need it to stop or im gonna die my case seems far more scary and serious than anyone elses and im scared any advise

    • profile image

      Gladys 5 years ago

      i hear that when you move or wiggle your toes it will stop

    • profile image

      Gladys 5 years ago

      i hear that when you move or wiggle your toes it will stop

    • profile image

      bee 5 years ago

      i move my whole body i can open my eyes but they roll i let it happen to me for ages to see if i was been haunted or summit i was loosin the plot it happens alot to me even when im awake sumtimes but now i like go into a struggle sorta fit to snap out of it i shake from left to right i no im doin it aswell n i hear really horrable voices and strange noises like monks singin its happend to me for years now if it dont stop soon im gonna go berserk its not on n messin wid my head!!

    • profile image

      Beth 5 years ago

      I'd just like to thank Valarie for giving the scientific way of viewing this. Im 16 and have experienced it on and off since 14. Honest to god, it terrifies me. As I am an atheist I find myself against the idea of praying etc however I am very superstitious. I've found it not happen for about a year and just recently over the past two weeks when im sleeping alone in my boyfriends bed (when he's at college etc) It happens as im falling to sleep and about 4 or 5 times, seeming to get worse in intensity. Its made it very difficult for me to want to sleep and want to be in the house without anyone else! I know its stupid but the panic is terrifying.

      I was wondering if anyone else had visions (sort of) whilst in SP. Such as focusing very closely on an object and seeing it move? only then to realize your not looking at it at all and it is not moving?

      If anyone would like to reply please email me at

      any help would be great! :)

      Beth xx

    • profile image

      Shirley 5 years ago

      I have always had this but didn't know what it was until I research and found this page. When I was younger didn't bother me as much. I just found myself not being able to move when I thought I heard the phone or one of my children crying. Over the last few years and even tonight it has been more defined. My husband is a army Soldier and I government employee that work for the army. We both travel and of course he has deployed. During his last deployment is when I had the strangest SP. I was sleeping and I felt his presence. It actually felt as if he was holding me. I thought it was becasue he was deployed and I just missed him. It happen once more while he was deployed, I wanted to wake out of it and I didn't because I didn't want to lose the feeling of him. I am on a training assignment and tonight it was the same feeling, I was actually rubing his head while I was in SP. I force myself out of it because I knew he wasn't here. I don't like that feeling, because I know it's not real and it's like losing control and makes me very tied.

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 5 years ago

      Just when you think it's over it comes back bigger than ever! I was laying in bed this morning and at first I heard voices but I knew I was half asleep so I knew it was SP. Then I felt a strong force that swept quickly from my chest to the foot of the bed. Then it happened a second time but this time I felt walking beside it on the bed. Then it stopped briefly and it felt as if the covers all around me just sucked up to my entire body. I closed my eyes and relaxed and everything lifted. I have to say once more that this is now the strangest SP I've ever had. For 20 years I only heard things and saw people in the room and couldn't move. Now I'm feeling weird stuff.

      I have been going through a lot of stress the last 2 months though. So I'm sure that is a contributing factor. It's weird what your mind/body can do when coming out of REM.

    • profile image

      Shirley 5 years ago

      Cynthia thanks for sharing. You are right, I actually was afraid to go back to sleep that night and when I finally did, the SP got worst. I think more so because of the research and things I read. The good thing I was able to come out of this very quickly.

    • profile image

      jay 5 years ago

      I used to get them a few times a week. And sometimes more than once a night. But what I found out and it works for me. When I went to bed with my cover over my head I didnt experience one, but when I didnt I would have one. So I bought an eye mask to sleep with and I havent had one since. Try it, it may work for you. Idky having my eyes covered stops sleep paralysis from happening but Im glad I dont get them anymore.

    • profile image

      emms 5 years ago

      omg this page im so glad i found..i have a funny feeling and i know wen a attack is coming..i then focus on something and can half see it,as for rest cant move or speak and sometimes think someones there yet to realize wen im awake ther eis no heart speeds up and i can feel myself breathing heavy at times i can shake myself out of this and quickly get up others times i let it pass,if i fite this i am left fizzy headed and weak all scary and feels like im not gona wake from this..but its happened to me for years and im still here,been doctors and he hasnt a clue and feels like i cant speak about it as people think ure strange..which was a cure

    • profile image

      Brian 5 years ago

      Hi, I too have been experiencing these horrible feelings when I am trying to sleep. This all happened when I was about 9 years old. I always thought it was my sister playing a joke on me and just sitting on my chest and running off right before I woke up. Needless to say they just thought I was crazy or making it all up.

      Also, I noticed that the facebook page you made isn't working :(. As soon as I saw that I got really excited and wanted to join it immediately. As I tried to go to the page it said that the profile was unavailable.

      Also, Cynthia I really do appreciate all the comments you have left on here, they really are helpful. I found myself just searching for your name and scrolling through just to read your post lol. Again, thank you for your stories! I'm sure they have helped many people.

    • profile image

      Jamie 5 years ago

      I had this happen the first time just a few hours ago,

      for the past couple of days I have been having the weirdest migraines that will stop randomly. Then tonight as I drifted off to sleep I woke up after a few minutes to feel like someone was squeezing me all over to the point of not being able to move. Breathing was a little bit hard and I became really hot then as the feeling of paralysis went away I saw this red thing float past me.

      I was so scared ive never had this happen, I thought it was maybe because I have been reading spiritual books lately but maybe its from stress im not sure.

      Its scary feeling like something is in the room while u want to sleep.


    • profile image

      Jackie 5 years ago

      I've been having this on random occassions for a few years now. I always thought they were "night terrors" and only today, after having my latest episode last night, found out what it really was. My episodes seem a bit different to everyone else. I scream at the top of my voice for someone to help me but if you were standing beside me i just look as though I'm sound asleep. I see horrible things, like for instance in my first episode, my mother, who passed away 6 years ago, was sitting in the corner of the room crying because she was afraid for me. Just last night I seen someone at the foot of my bed crawling up along me (it looked like a little demon or witch with long hair and an evil face) and it felt as if I was being crushed and worrying about this made me forget to breathe in real life. I thought this was their way of trying to kill me or something so i regulated my breathing and woke up, but never got out of bed so kept falling straight back into it. I know I sound like I'm crazy and anytime I tell anyone about this they laugh it off, I on the other hand, am terrified because I feel as if this is getting worse. I have found my episodes only occur after I have been out partying and drinking so I blamed it on the alcohol or maybe I'm not getting enough sleep the night before? I don't know. I wish I did!

    • profile image

      jeakfek 5 years ago

      Just had one for the first time in my life ....very scary no characters doe but I just read most of all the comments it is now 3:30 am and I have skool tamaarbh9pe I don't have another one

    • profile image

      Vikinger 5 years ago

      For the last few weeks I've been having it almost every single night and it's absolutely terrifying. I've gotten so that I don't want to go to sleep anymore and that in turn is dangerous. It's sad to hear people go through this, but also comforting if you know what I mean. To know you're not alone. I've been getting the hallucinations that go alongside it. Awful stuff. I really hope everyone here who has experienced it gets through it soon :)

    • profile image

      katey 5 years ago

      hey so i just experienced sleep paralysis for the first time a few days ago hELP

    • profile image

      Danielie 5 years ago

      This has happened to me and it's terrifying and NOT cool. remember when I was 15 I told my psychiatrist about this and he said I was really asleep, not awake and that it was REM sleep. I beg to differ because I WAS awake I just couldn't move. This article is right on point about being conscious but not being able to move. I haven't had this happen in a long while, thank god. It happened frequently in my darkest days (depressed days).

    • profile image

      Jackie 5 years ago

      @Vikinger, i was d very same i tried my best to stay awake just so it wouldn't happen again but needless to say that didn't last very long! And I completely understand what you mean by comforting. Anytime I tell anyone about it they don't realize how serious it is. Up until 3 nights ago when my best friend told me she suffers from it too. I felt sorry for her because I don't think anybody should have to go through it but it was nice to talk to somebody who knew what you were going through. I hope everyone has someone they can talk to about it because it helped me.:)

    • profile image

      Viktor T 5 years ago

      No freaking way I thought I was the only one and I will tell you one thing that feeling is from something evil, I used to be helpless when it occured but one day it came to me I fell a sleep reading a book, It felt like everything you guys felt but scarier then I said I ain't scared of you devil Jesus is my savior then like everything rewinded and I suddenly woke I know how to deal with it and it gave up on trying to freak me out.

    • profile image

      Claudine 5 years ago

      Victor: "No freaking way I thought I was the only one".

      And so did I until about 15 minutes ago when I googled and came across this page. I had my most recent episode last night, and the episode before that was about 6 years ago, although prior to THAT one it happened very regularly. Last night I was fortunate that my partner was in bed beside me. I had fallen asleep watching a movie, and I became aware of the movie, my partner smoking beside me... everything. Except I couldn't move or speak. I was desperately trying to get his attention.

      When I woke up this morning I asked him bluntly: "Did anything funny happen last night?" He told me that I got very hot and was making "funny noises". Funny as it sounds, I was SO RELIEVED that it was a real incident and not in my mind, but now of course I have to deal with the fact that it IS real.

      It's an absolutely terrifying experience, that fact can't be denied. One time it had hold of me so hard, and of course there's the rushing/whispering that accompanies it... I looked to my right and could see a little black shape floating by the wall. I could feel the malevolence coming from this 'creature' so badly that I prayed to God to help me... I'm not religious and I'm fairly sure I don't believe in God but believe me I PRAYED for all I was worth. And it worked - a figure in white that filled me with joy when I saw it appeared, and seemed to "strike" the figure in black, which then dissolved... the relief I felt can't be put into words.

      To cut a long story short I'm glad I'm not alone in this, although I have deep sympathy for everybody else who experiences this most frightening of phenomena. BTW, I've also had out of body experiences (my sister told me that's what they were, I had no idea!) but haven't had one for at least 10 years, and they usually occurred when I was lying in bed with my daughter who was very young at the time.

    • profile image

      lina 5 years ago

      hi im 17 and this has happened to me a couple of times now. the first time it happened to me i didnt fall asleep first i went right into sleep paralysis. i didnt feel tired at all and a second later i started to feel drowsy and sound started to fade then i started to hallucinate that my aunt was walking past me and speaking to me as she opened the back door to leave..then i started to hear something whisper my name in my ear but it was so terrifying it sounded evil. i tried to call out scream with all my might and move any part of my body but it didnt work...about 4 minds later i scared myself out of it

    • profile image

      Robert Paulson 5 years ago

      I just had this happen to me 4 hours ago. It happened while I was going to sleep. Although I have experienced it more often waking up.

      I have not been sleeping regularly going to bed in between 2am-4am and waking up at 7am then going back to sleep at 9am waking up at 1030am-11am.

      This time I kept hearing this loud rushing noise into my ears which caused a ringing. I can remember the paralysis taking over when I felt my body just shut down since I knew what was going on I just went to sleep.

      When I first experienced this I also thought something was sitting on my back/chest but after a while I figured that my mind was awake but my body wasn't. I only just now found out what this is called.

    • profile image

      Katrina Phillips 5 years ago

      Awake at 4am, after a particularly awful sleep paralysis. I have full blown narcolepsy, and sleep paralysis is a part of that. This is a wonderful site, for helping people to understand that they are not mad, possessed or alone. I couldn't really understand what had given me such a bad episode, as it has greatly improved since I gave up All sugars, and gluten. Then I realised that the cold medicine I took earlier (I have a Bad cold) contained sugar. I can't claim that giving up sugar has made the sleep paralysis disappear completely, as there are other factors that increase it: stress, exhaustion etc. I do know that there has been a dramatic improvement since I gave up sugar, all sugar, including fruits.

      There is a great new song out about Sleep Paralysis, and a book with examples of writing from literature about sleep paralysis, by Gabriel Bruce.An example of someone using their own experiences to create something unusual and positive. We are not alone, there is comfort in that. Goodnight, take care all of you.

    • profile image

      az 5 years ago

      ive had sp since i was 5 years old and the episodes are very vivid and scary.usually the old hag visits or a little maybe 2 foot demon visits or sometimes both.It got to a point were these things would get sexual with me grr not been able to fight them off is so frustrating

    • profile image

      Kristy 5 years ago

      I've had several experiences with sleep paralysis accompanied by hallucinations over the past 20 years. By now I'm aware of what's going on and try to make myself move the slightest bit in order to fully wake up and then I'll usually get up for a drink of water and check that all the doors are locked (my hallucinations often involve an intruder coming into my house) even though, logically, I know that it's not real. But the last 4 or 5 nights I've been having severe episodes where even after I make sure I'm completely awake and even get up and move around I fall right back into it with a different scenario. Last night, for instance, it started with hearing someone come through the front door, walk to my bed and lean over my chest. I woke myself up from this only to start to fall asleep again and it would start anew. Finally, I got up, checked the doors and drank some water. When I started to fall asleep again after that, it was that my daughter was standing right next to my bed choking and I couldn't move a muscle to help her. Unbelievably terrifying. I feel like I haven't slept in days and I'm just wondering at what point I should seek help.I've never talked about it with my Dr. before because it's always been isolated incidents that didn't have long lasting effects. But it's been several days now and I'm really tired. I'm wondering if this is normal or if I should seek help?

    • profile image

      Gurudath 5 years ago

      for me also it happens. it happens at morning times when i wake up and again sleep

    • profile image

      Bethan 5 years ago

      something like this happened to me this morning, i had a sound in my head that sounded a something like wind or white noise, i would hear this in my head and i would be unable to move for 10-20 second intervals, every few seconds.

    • profile image

      Drew 5 years ago

      It happened to me yesterday, I didn't pay much attention to it. I thought it was weird. But it happened again today, I felt like I just woke up, unable to move or speak, my body was totally numb, I heard this white noise in my head, my eyes were closed but I could see that somebody turned on the light, then I heard somebody pulled the knife out, I got really scared, but still unable to move or speak. I thought I was dying. Then I heard in my head these really strange words, it was like a short sentence, that kept repeating in my head. I then tried to move my body as much as I can. I "woke up", my heart was somewhat numb, the sun has set and my room was dark. I'm afraid to sleep tonight. I don't know if this will happen again, If it does, I'll post another comment here.

    • profile image

      cassandrai 5 years ago

      I was very surprised to see that I'm not the only one. I read many comments altho I want able to read all I found many very helpful. I also suffer from this and at first I thought that I was having some sort of demon sitting on me while sleeping. Sometimes when I was going through it I could hear what was going on around me. Like one time I was having and episode and I could hear my mom doing the dishes I remember screaming out for her but my lips wouldn't move I tried to move but nothing would happen I seemed as tho I was being held down. This is weird but I felt the sensation of being touched on my breast....when I finally woke up I asked my mom if she heard me trying to yell out for her and if anyone has been in my room at all she said no. I asked her if she had been doing the dishes and she said yes. Another time it happend I felt so much vibration my body seemed to be numb. I thought maybe I'm sleeping and my house caught fire and I'm burning. I almost didn't want to wake up for that one but I did and I found my self on my back. Normally I sleep on my belly because it only seems to happen to me when I sleep on my back. I looked up sleep paralyes on another website and I seen something of astral projection. Pretty much what this other website is saying is that this happens because are souls are leaving are body and traveling around. Some people claim to travel through walls and see their parents sleeping in the next room or other things all the symtoms they describe are the same as sleep paralyses. Is this true. I have never seen anything weird other than my deceased brother who passed in 2010. Its weird because sometimes when I want to see him I can. Before I go to bed I tell him that I miss him and need to see him and sometimes I do. I never get to hear him talk but I do get gestures from him in my dreams

    • profile image

      Drew 5 years ago

      I couldn't get any sleep today, this may sound crazy, but I felt somebody's presence in my room, just when I felt like I was falling asleep I felt numb again, and had problems with breathing. Staying up for without any sleep second day straight, I am so scared of falling asleep right now, I feel like I'm going to die if I do.

    • profile image

      nathaniel 5 years ago

      dont be afraid

      there is no daemon

      if u have """sleep paralysis""" be grateful,it is a gift

      you can go from Awake to Dream state fully conscious

      let go, go in, pray, tell urself its ok, your ok

      have awake dreams, control them if you like

      then.... pray in a dream, TO anything, say ANYthing :)

      we should respect the dream state, If because and at least WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND

      ...i hope all beings on earth are at peace on day

    • profile image

      Nate @ drew 5 years ago

      i promise your ok, ive gone in and out many times.

      i was vvv very scared at 11yrs old, but u will float into a dream if you relax.

      or if you want out-twich your muscle and change your breathing pattern.

      but the best way to feel "cured" is to confront what is happening

    • profile image 5 years ago

      I had sleep paralisis twice last night and another episode recently. It all started when I was told I had a vortex in my daughters bedroom. She doesn't sleeep well in her bed. Always says her bed is hitting her. Scares the shit out of me. Then I have sleep paralisis. Now after reading all this ghostly stuff I'm even worse!

    • profile image

      nate @ Cathy 5 years ago

      its a natural spiritual process.

      fear is a mighty powerful thing, something we all have to face sooner AND later. lol

    • profile image

      Drew 5 years ago

      thank you @ Nate and @ Nathaniel! I slept 5 hours and nothing happened this time. I just hope it's finally gone. Thank you guys for your support! I really appreciate it!

    • profile image

      Julian 5 years ago

      A couple years back, I woke up from a nightmare and my body was paralyzed, like something was holding me down. I guess I was still in sleep paralysis. As I woke up, I heard this extremely loud lion/demon roar in both my ears. It sounded like a mix between a lion, a human and a demon all in one. It was terrifying! Like something was holding me down and screaming in my ears! I struggled to regain movement in my body and finally did, and the roar subsided. I got up, terrified, and looked up at my blinds and saw all these little white dots form into different shapes and then into a sailing ship on my blinds. It looked like a ship made out of stars. It was beautiful, but I was still scared. I shook my head and it vanished. Needless to say, I was completely terrified. I think I had this experience because I was doing a lot of drugs at the time and doing things I knew I shouldn't be doing. I had a guilty conscience. Perhaps some kind of demon visited me or something. I don't know.

    • profile image

      sapphira 5 years ago

      Amy, you're right on the money girlfriend. Cynthia said she was a christian for 25 years and my hope is that she will turn back to GOD because He was the essencepower and only reason why she did the diet and it's a shame she didnt realise how mighty and loving GOD is. I've had many experiences of sleep paralysis and dreamt that i was being raped and strangled by demons (it felt real). I asked GOD to help me because i'd known Him since I was a toddler I'm 48 now and Yes, you must put the hard yards in and make conscious decisions to make some changes otherwise nothing will happen. For years i was praying for this, that and the other but come on let's get real. When GOD sees that you want to help yourself he will give you the strength, courage, wisdom and all those beautiful things to make your life better, he wants us to be happy! Anyway I was a diabetic due to loving sugar, cakes, biscuits, pies and coke you name it i wanted it, i'd come from an unhappy home, i went thru sexual and emotional abuse and got into drugs and alcohol smoking and food because i cudnt handle my emotions the pain was too much. I knew GOD had faith in me when i didnt have faith in myself, he gave me the gift of strength to pull myself out of the rut i was in. So i cut out all sugar and carbohydrates, lost weight (and still losing), quit smoking, i can't stand drugs or alcohol and i sleep well at night now and i dont give any credit to myself, the credit belongs to GOD who walked with me in the good and bad times and got me thru it, that is precisely why GOD rocks and He is our Rock, demons are real but dont ever forget GOD is real too and he loves all of us unconditionally. Dont give up on him please because he hasnt and will never give up on you!!

    • profile image

      Daniel 5 years ago

      Hello, I've been reading these comments and I'm a bit terrifed I'm only 10, and yestoday when I was playing football for harf an hour, Then I went to sleep then when I woke up about 5:30am I went to the toliet to have a pee, and when I was walking it was pulling me to side and I didn't know why. Then when I woke up at 8:30am my muscles started to hurt my both arms and legs, Could it react of lost of weight?

      Please comment below. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Leanne 5 years ago

      Can anyone explain the meaning of "seeing" and sensing a large black dog growling around your bed leaving you with an irrational fear?

    • profile image

      harmon dushane 5 years ago

      i have these things happen to me and im only 12,i know that if u dont sleep on your back it wont ever happen

    • profile image

      nick a. 5 years ago

      maybe it's god trying to tell us something showing us how hell is like the torment and the pain

    • profile image

      ChantillyLace 5 years ago

      Wow I just had an episode of sleep paralysis at about 10:00pm it is now 12:40am and I have been up ever since reading every single post on this page. I knew sp was common but now it seems everyone on the planet has had atleast one terrifying experience like its part or normal everyday life. I am really beginning to believe that this delicate state really might make us susceptible to paranormal activity or demonic occurrences. I have had this disorder since 16I like many people who posted here. Very strange. From my 1st episode to my most recent just hours ago there has always been a strange presence or feeling of evil. The 1st time this happened to me I was taking a daytime nap (also like many people have posted here) I was on my left side facing my wall. It felt like I was held down, I got goosebumps and chills all over and had a loud unexplainable roaring sound in my ears like I was suddenly deafened. I was so terrified I had insomnia at age 16 for almost 2 years. So sad. I didn't understand then what sp was but I do now, and even though I know what it is it still doesn't make complete sense to me. Its still extremely terrifying. I had an episode not too long ago that really horrified me. I have a 6xmas year old so I now and an 11month old daughter now. My daughters crib is right next to my bed. One day I decided to take a much deserved nap while I could since I had just laid my daughter to sleep in her crib. I laid in my bed and slept for about 2 hours. I planned on waking when I heard my daughter wake up so that I could sleep as much as possible. Suddenly I heard her start to fuss so as I start to move to get up I feel I am being held down again. I go into panic mode as I am not worried about me but about my daughter if I am in this episode. I was on my side racing her crib as this was happening. Suddenly she stood up in her crib and gripped the railing and started screaming bloody murder like she saw something behind me. This caused me to panic more. I screamed but no voice came out. I tried to roll my body to the floor. I started to breath so hard I hyperventilated.

    • profile image

      ChantillyLace 5 years ago

      Wow I just had an episode of sleep paralysis at about 10:00pm it is now 12:40am and I have been up ever since reading every single post on this page. I knew sp was common but now it seems everyone on the planet has had atleast one terrifying experience like its part or normal everyday life. I am really beginning to believe that this delicate state really might make us susceptible to paranormal activity or demonic occurrences. I have had this disorder since 16I like many people who posted here. Very strange. From my 1st episode to my most recent just hours ago there has always been a strange presence or feeling of evil. The 1st time this happened to me I was taking a daytime nap (also like many people have posted here) I was on my left side facing my wall. It felt like I was held down, I got goosebumps and chills all over and had a loud unexplainable roaring sound in my ears like I was suddenly deafened. I was so terrified I had insomnia at age 16 for almost 2 years. So sad. I didn't understand then what sp was but I do now, and even though I know what it is it still doesn't make complete sense to me. Its still extremely terrifying. I had an episode not too long ago that really horrified me. I have a 6xmas year old so I now and an 11month old daughter now. My daughters crib is right next to my bed. One day I decided to take a much deserved nap while I could since I had just laid my daughter to sleep in her crib. I laid in my bed and slept for about 2 hours. I planned on waking when I heard my daughter wake up so that I could sleep as much as possible. Suddenly I heard her start to fuss so as I start to move to get up I feel I am being held down again. I go into panic mode as I am not worried about me but about my daughter if I am in this episode. I was on my side racing her crib as this was happening. Suddenly she stood up in her crib and gripped the railing and started screaming bloody murder like she saw something behind me. This caused me to panic more. I screamed but no voice came out. I tried to roll my body to the floor. I started to breath so hard I hyperventilated.

    • profile image

      chantillyLace 5 years ago

      Guess my comment was too long I got cut off. Anyways I saw my daughter screaming in her crib and couldn't do anything about it. Suddenly it stopped. I was still facing the crib but my daughter was not there. I jumped up so fast I think I got whiplash. I looked into the crib and my daughter was sound asleep exactly how I laid her down. I have never been so spooled in my life.

    • profile image

      mildred 5 years ago

      I also experienced the same thing because last night I was bothered because I dreamed myself and my husband lying but floating in the air outside our house but when I prayed we were brought back inside our house.It's nice to be here in your website....I learned a lot about sleep paralysis.....

    • profile image

      Steve 5 years ago

      Hey I just wanted to say thank you to all of the people who post on here. I've had this for 2 years and just gained the courage to look up what caused it. Like a lot of people I thought it was like demons or something, so to find out others have this is the biggest weight lifted off my shoulders. The worst part of this is that no one who hasn't experienced sp can really understand what it's like. I know my mom kind of laughs it off, but to anyone who actually has this, it is NO laughing matter. Again, thank you, you have calmed me so much and although I know this wont stop, I now know there are people going through the same thing I am.

    • profile image

      atheistbecausegodisntreal 5 years ago

      I'm tired of reading garbage about brain activity and not being able to read for 5 minutes without seeing/hearing "god" spouted by some ignorant bigot.

      god, is simply a comfort mechanism.

      also a weapon of fear.

      nothing more, nothing less. religions are wrong, god isn't real, get on with your life.

    • profile image

      Moose 5 years ago

      I first remember having one when I was like sixteen.. It happens to me like once a month, sometimes not even that much.. But since I got older I figueged move. I could count to

    • profile image

      Suji 5 years ago

      I too have faced a few episodes of SP.. it is scary cause it made me feel I was going to die in sleep some day.I found out a few routine triggered SP episodes.And here is some solution that worked for me

      Avoid sleeping immediately after eating heavy lunch/dinner

      Cardio workout like walking and jogging really brought down my SP episodes.

    • profile image

      warren 5 years ago

      Hi my name is warren and i have had a simaliar exsperance. Last night i tryed to go to sleep but every time i felt my mind sliping away into a dream state i was rudly interubted by a low to high ring/swish sound, usaly i open my eyes and move around befor the ring/swish gets too loud to wake my mind back up. Here is the scary part if i dont move around befor the swish gets to the high high point i become paralyzed, fallowed by sounds, and demoic voices. Panic sets in and i feel this fight or flit respon fighting to wake up. my head starts shaking and my neck spasmous jerking my head side to side where i finaly come too, knowing that its not over cuz im still awake. i tell my self im not crazy and my mind is just firing nerons ackwardly. trying to get sleep i know everything is ok. knowing the demoic voices came from my fear of the dark and closing my eyes. Thats why i sleep with a timer on the tv. i didnt sleep last night to soay the least, al stay awake all day today and later when im really tired my mind will slip in to a dream state so fast al finaly get some rest. and no i wasnt hearing people from anther relm but it was my mind was playing tricks on me. Thanks for listening to my story and if anybody can give me some feed back or simialr exsperiances it would be apreshated.

    • profile image

      golfer bob 5 years ago

      I'm almost sixty and I know I've had this condition all of my adult life. It's usually when I lay on the couch and have an afternoon nap or just happen to drift off. It used to happen very often upon waking in the morning but doesn't seem to anymore. I will be lying on the couch and absolutely believe that I'm awake and I can see my wife sitting at the dining room table doing a crossword puzzle or some such thing. I try to get up but realize that I can't move and am paralyzed. The strangest times are when I actually see myself get up and start doing things and then realize that I'm still prone and haven't moved and inch and can't in fact. I have had scary sensations as if there is someone in the room and that happens if I'm in bed and wake up in the dark. Try as I might to get up and investigate I'm stuck to the bed and can't move. When I used to travel for work and stay in motels with crews of other guys I would actually be late for work. I would hear my alarm or at least I think I would, see myself get up, shower and get dressed but then hear the alarm again and find myself paralyzed in bed. This phenomina would happen quite often and somebody would start pounding on my door to get in the truck for work. Needless to say I went to work hungry on many an occasion. Has anyone alse had this phenomina where they see themselves up and about and then realize they are still in this state of paralysis. It used to be quite frightening but has happened so many times I know I'll come out of it. Strangely enough, I had never heard of sleep paralysis until two days ago when my wife heard a radio program about this when she was driving home from shopping. Sometimes I feel that I've almost tired myself out trying to move because it seems I'm putting so much effort into it and just don't get anywhere. Anyway, I'm especially curious to know if anyone out there has had this sensation of being up and around only to realize that they are still trapped or paralyzed and can't move an inch. Thank you, it's a weird, weird thing.

    • profile image

      Nina 5 years ago

      Well I'm 17 years old, so I'm still in highschool. So this morning my mom was waking me up for school as usual and lately I haven't been sleeping early as I did before (I've slept from 11:30pm at night to 7:30am the next day) Now I've been falling asleep around 4am and wake up at 7:45am.

      I try to sleep earlier,but I can't seem to get my old sleeping schedule back. I have been stressed out with school sometimes,I dom't know if that has anything to do with my sleeping.

      Anyway this morning while my mom was waking me up for school I had fallen asleep at 4am and was woken for school at 7:30am. I remember my mom talking to me,telling me what she wanted me to buy from the store after school and I remember responding back(talking to her)At that time while I was talking/listening to her I had my eyes a little open I could see her siting at the edge of my bed.

      I was lying on my back with my arms sort of bent and my hands were one on top of the other.. I don't want to seem creepy but I was laying in a position like someone would be when they're put in a coffin or something.. I usually fall asleep in a fetus position and wake up also in a fetus position on the opposite side. Sometimes I wake up lying on my back and completely and feeling nothing weird until this morning. (I'm not sure if my sleeping position had anything to do with what I had/or experienced..)

      Although I was still asleep I think,I'm not sure whether I was conscious and unconscious at the same time. I was still dreaming and seeing my dream in my mind and I remember,listening to what my mom was saying and at the same time,I was telling myself (I was thinking in my mind..I'm not sure that makes sense) but I was telling myself to choose something that was happening in my dream and I'd sometimes stop telling myself to choose that thing in my dream and reply back to my mom normally as if I were wide awake but then I'd go back to my dream with in few seconds later.

      That happened the whole time my mom was talking to me and telling me I needed to get up for school and telling me what I needed to buy for the house after school.

      It was about maybe 5 minutes when my mom was in my room and talking to me/waking me up for school. During that time I felt like I was conscious and unconscious (Because I felt like, I was still dreaming yet I was talking to my mom) A minute after my mom was finished talking,she told me to get up and get ready for school then she left my room,and went to leave for work. I told her"okay,I will" then when she left my room i closed my eyes again and then continued my dream. Five minutes later ( I looked at the time on my alarm clock before closing my eyes and going back to sleep again it read 7:50am.) When I woke up again (this time I was fully awake)it was 7:55am and I remember thinking to myself "Why didn't I choose the other thing?" Something in my dream made me question myself. I sighed and got out of bed and went into the bath room doing my normal routine. Then still felt tired so I decided to stay home from school to get more sleep so I fell asleep around 2hrs later and I slept fine and woke up feeling okay and rested. (Not really sure if that really had anything to do with anything..)

      It's my first time for me of this happening,I'm not sure what I wrote down really made any sense. Seems as though I was repeating what I wrote,just in a different way of writing it each time.

      Could anyone tell me what might have caused that? or Tell me what it means or something?

    • profile image

      Debbie S 5 years ago

      ok this happens to me over the years. it really sucks and is very scary. I do get paralyzd in my slep. Tis humming sound starts in my stomache and moves up to my head. This is what wakes me up. I don't see anthing but i;m not looking around. I can open my eyes and thats it. unable to move so I pray until it goes away. Then I go to sleep. Last night it happned about a dozen times. Couldn't blieve it. I don't like this feeling of helplessnss.

    • profile image

      Kyle 5 years ago

      I have been experiencing this for about a year. I'm 15 almost 16. The first time it happened to me was extremely scary. I become conscious of the fact that I'm sleeping and I'm unable to move or wake up. It feels like I'm suffocating but I can control my own breathing and my heart races. I'm conscious of whats going on around me but the most I can move is a finger. Its been a month or two since it happened to me. I think I can thank my ex girlfriend for that because she didn't like coffee and so I gave it up for her and since then it has been a problem so the best thing I can suggest is to cut back on caffeine. I find it all to be extremely traumatic. I feel a great deal of sympathy and wish the best of luck to everyone who experiences this.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      HI! its so nice that i finally found this, tried all i could on google, as the writer says beacause it was hard to describe , to me it started as a teen ,now im 25, when it startd was more often ,but it time started to be more and more rare , now its almost gone, just sometimes my body feel that wants to go into that but i can figure it out and dont let it and i dealy my sleep a bit and its all fine.I never seen demons or something evil this i think is becaus eim a christian as some of u are,maybe one time i saw my mom too like someone else here and was so desperate that she or someone else to wake me up. .. just try not to think about it and have faith. gbu

    • profile image

      Janet 5 years ago

      I am SO glad I came across this page! I have been having these episodes since I was 13 years old (I am now 36). I never tried to explain them to a doctor because I thought I was crazy. For me, the episodes occur when I am trying to wake. I think I am conscious I get a numbing, electric feeling and I can't move or breathe. Most times I hear voices, although not scary or aggressive, just to realize that I was alone the whole time. Sometimes, I feel I am being "tickled" by someone or like someone is patting me awake. The panic sets in and in my mind I tell myself I have to wake up or I will die. Sometimes my heart beats so fast, I think it is going to explode. I usually start with moving my foot, and work my way into kicking my leg which helps me come out of it. I feel like I've been hit by a truck once I come out of it and am exhausted for a day or two after. My most recent event happened night before last and I actually thought I was having a seizure. I felt like I was convulsing and the voices were yelling "we have to get her to the ER now!" Very scary. I Googled sleep seizures and that is when I saw this page and now realize that I am experiencing sleep paralysis. I am sorry that others deal with this too, but I am glad to know I'm not insane!

    • profile image 5 years ago

      ur not insane :)

    • profile image

      Stacey 5 years ago

      I started having this strange occurance when i was around 15 years of age. The first stage for me was the bed feeling like it was shaking, it use to frighten me that much i would sneak into mum and dads room and sleep on the floor. I must admit at this stage in my life the occult was very interesting and as young kids we would often do sceances and found that there were deffinately spirits as they would tell us stuff before it would happen so we were always contacting them to find out more(making them stronger). I would lay in bed at night with my eyes closed and would know it was comming as there was black shadows over my closed eyes then like a totall body vibration, chest crushing, my ears would ring and sometimes voices and laughter could be heard. My body at this stage totally paralised i would try and reach for something and it feels like my soul is comming out of my body. I would be screaming but no one can hear me. The only thing that i have found affective is prayer i am now 34 years of age and it doesnt happen very often anymore but when it does I pray the Our Father and try and vision white light the crushing on my chest seems to get harder but only for a few secconds and then it goes away. I really do believe that this is demons and we are fighting for our souls. I was sent to catholic schools and never really listen to much about God as a child but I do believe know.

    • profile image

      CP 5 years ago

      I often have this frustrating phenomenon in clusters. i.e. i might wake up from one and then go back to sleep and have more (my trigger is usually changes in sleep patterns/naps during the day). My method for overcoming them: When i think that i am likely to have one of them, I fall asleep holding my partners hand. I have found that i am able to squeeze her hand even though i feel the rest of my body is paralysed. My partner knows to wake me up if she feels me squeezing. usually works a treat. Hope that helps someone. I also find it intersting to compare the symptoms of sleep paralysis to panic attacks. It seems that they are both a misinterpretation of bodily symptoms that become a self fullfilling cycle. Worth looking up panic attacks. This similarity suggests that relaxing during these episodes, controling your breathing and remembering that you have overcome them many times before will help take the fear edge off them.

    • profile image

      GODWIN 5 years ago

      I thank God almighty for locating this website. I pray God bless the administrator of this site and everyone that has posted a comment or two to shed more light on the issue of sleep paralysis and Christianity especially "Cynthia Jessen" and "Amy" about two years ago.

      I woke up this morning in the usual struggle that is associated with the phenomenon. I've been having this experiencing for close to ten years now, earlier on I used to be very scared and worried, but of recent I feel rather angry though I still worry but no longer scared, because I felt if it will kill me it should have killed me by now and my anger is why it still happens to me despite all the fasting and prayer and counselling with Reverend Father and Pastors. I am most surprised that none of the clergy men ever told me it has a scientific explanation and I wonder if it means they don't all know about it or they don't agree with the explanation, but it is has began to affect my faith because I strongly believed I was being tormented by demons. Especially when a group of ladies were discussing spiritual attacks and a description of sleep paralysis came up as one of them. (I am hearing the name "sleep paralysis" for the first time today but there has always been various ways of describing the experience and one will know what is being referred to) my then fiancee and now my wife of 4years said brings bad luck and this stuck much more than every other thing that was being said about it and then increased my fear about the experience. But I became angry why God will not do something about the demons that were tormenting me so often and bringing me bad luck especially since I began to associate a failed business deal or disappointments with the last time I had the experience. This was beginning to affect my faith and this morning when I woke up after having the experience again I told myself this cannot continue, the first place my mind went to was the internet and I googled "something makes me feel stiff or freez in my sleep, like am paralysed , I think it's spiritual" and was expecting some church websites explaining the method of deliverance that could liberate one from having this experience for good, this blog seems to be the most relevant of all that came up and Cynthia's post helped me to understand the situation better and was also confirming my disappointment in God for not ending the ordeal in my life till I read Amy's post that made me understand that God led us all to this site to have a better understanding of the experience and as such has answered my prayers and I will even be of help to some other people that suffer the same disorder, I know it will still come to an end because God promised his children sweet sleep (Psalm4:8, Jeremiah31:26, proverbs3:24) , only this time I will not be casting and binding any demon of bad luck but simply ask him for sweet sleep without the complications of my cognitive mind waking before my body because I don't believe that is how God intends it to be. I however disagree with the post of some people especially "sleepflyer" who think it is something to be enjoyed and exploited in different scenarios of flying and floating, it is a disorder for crying out loud, I can still remember a particular expiring that was so different fall the other ones, I notice dark floating image crawl into my room through the window and heard the sound of something crawl up my bed before I experienced the paralysis and after I woke up I could stil perceive a foul smell I could only associate with the presence of spirits. So please lets still be careful about what happens in our sleep.

      Thanks all!

    • profile image

      Kaitlyn 5 years ago

      Hey All I'm so glad I found this website I had a big day shopping and driving in the car when I got home I started to feel tired so I fell asleep I then woke up to my phone ringing so I got up and went to the toilet and layed back down and fell asleep but this time it was so weird i couldent move and everything was black... My boyfriend was playing ps3 next to me and it would flash him playing the game and I could move my eyes but then went black when everything went black it felt like I could hear everything around me but unable to wake up.. In the dream I walked into the lounge but i then I got sick of it so I really tryed to wake my self up and I did but it felt so real and I was scared that their something was in my body and stoping me from waking or moving when I was in this state I called out to my boyfriend saying babe babe!! But it didn't come out I had no voice I really am still freaked out its never happend before I'm 18 years old and suffer very bad anxiety.. Do you think it's the same problem that you are all exsprencing... I'm so terrified :( I never want that to happen again sorry for my spelling I'm not very good at it :(

    • profile image

      Mayssa 5 years ago

      Hello, I reached this page while I was looking for an answer to why I cough just as I am drifting to sleep, wow! I didn't know the rest of the world was experiencing this as well! U c, it was explained in my religion, and before I even knew that I experienced it when I was 15, the symptoms matches ur descriptions, i'm awake, I feel someone is sitting behind my back-as I am sleeping on my side facing the wall so I can't c who it is- then I remember that my door is locked! I panic cuz I can definitely feel it's body's heat, it lays next to me, then on me as I feel my body is sinking in the bed, my eyes are wide open, there is a fire like burning in my throat, I can't say a thing, I feel that if I don't get help i'll suffocate cuz it's pushing me further into the mattress. I start to resight every prayer I know from our holy book till I can hear them coming from my mouth, I slowly start to lift up, breath better and am enveloped with calm.

      NOW, the explanation: my religion goes hand in hand with science, so it always in encourages us to read and learn, and although it talks about other beings living with us in a sort of like parallel universe - the way Albert Instien talked about- and they are called Jin, they are like human beings with urges and needs and minds and different religions and ranking etc, although ppl sometimes dismiss the theory, but I think it's great open mindedness to accept that in this vast universe we have to accept the possibility that we are not alone, if someone as smart as Albert accepted the fact that there might be others living with us but we cannot c, then who r we to chalk it up to fairy tales?in ur region u c them sometimes, and feel them, u call them aliens, or gosts

    • profile image

      Mayssa 5 years ago

      But they are in fact what u call demons, although they are not all bad, some are good, some are bad, some are very harmful, we have long books explaining what they are, but this we know for sure, they are like us in the eyes of God, tested, some believe and some don't, anyways, to cut it short, the ones u feel are the bad ones cuz the good ones don't like frightening us, they poses people, and black animals like black dogs, cats, snakes-not all black animals ofcource- they are what ppl practicing black magic use to get what they want, they don't do it for free of course, and there are many types, one of them for some reason likes to trouble ppl when they are asleep, they can harm u more easily the more u fear them, and the more u give in to gluttony, that's why we are advices to not eat heavily or slot before we sleep, and when u sleep on ur back, that's why we are advised to sleep on our side, this type is called in our language 'Yathoom' meaning: sits heavily on the chest! Whether it was prayers that helped me or focusing on something else, whether it is really a demon or a series of scientific explanations-as usual missing the answer to the question: why does this happen? Not how?- this I believe: God created us, he knows our bodies and the way our minds work, he knows best the solution to it all, if it was a demon then he created it as well, thus explained to us how to rid our selves from it, If it was a physical malfunction then he also advicedvus on how to help ourselves: cause: gluttony, answer: eat right, cause demon: answer prayer(in other words focus on something else or meditate, relax, cause: ur body is not positioned right when u sleep on ur back, answer: sleep on ur side, I noticed in many areas in my religion whe God says: don't do this or that cuz a demon/ devil will harm u- this being said to ignorant ppl about 1500 years ago- now if u use the same guidelines but replace the word demon/ devil with microbe, germs/ sickness then it will fit perfectly with scientific guidelines, e.g.before" Throw out a plate if it has a small crack in it, the devil lives in it" now" throw a plate if it has a small crack in it, Microbes live in it!" or" the devil accompany's whomever is gluttonous" now " sickness accompanies whomever is gluttonous" :) now I don't dismiss the theory od demons, cuz I believe in things I cannot c like angels, God, atoms, microbes, love, dreams etc I keep an open mind, but I love all the scientific explanations and discoveries in our religions. I guess it was easier to convince old time ppl with stories of demons than small beings that goes into our bodies and make us sick! ( germs/ microbes/ viruses) anyways, I found out following the guidelines always mean better health for me, and better mind and happiness, so I follow even if I don't know the answer now, someday I will, we are not very advanced yet. Now the way to rid ur self of this problem: other than the health guidelines, be a good person, I know! How general! It's just that good demons follow or live near good ppl, and bad demons get attracted to bad ppl or at least ppl who practice things the bad demons like, think of them like drug addicts, where will they go? To places with partying, drugs, drinking, sex, now they won't go to places that are clean, where there is peace of heart, praying etc, practicing something is simple as gluttony is considered a sin, and you are more open to them when you are sinning, saying prayer verses repels them, the bible is a book of God so try saying things from it even if it's in ur geartvwhile this happens, and don't fear them while u do that, after all God created them, and if they are behaving badly like disturbing u then they fear God and hate his words, so use them. We use verses from the Quran, our holy book, my religion is Islam.

      To Omer: black magic is mentioned in our religion, pls read Al Baqara ( first and longest vers or soora in our Quran) it takes exactly 45 min to read, u have to read it fully for three days, everyday once, it will rid u from black magic, and any demon position or problem, if u really r a victim of black magic u will suffer from headaches while u read it, blurred vision and a resistance to complete reading, that's normal, resist and be strong willed to finish it, ask someone to help u and insist u stay and finish it, u'll c a difference inshala, I know ppl who read it everyday! Some reported even healing from cancer! The doctors are shocked to c tumors no longer showing in ultrasounds, if God created sickness and magic he gave us a way to heal ourselves with reading, medicine, and even in his own verses, but as our sister mentioned above, it is useless to pray without doing, God said he will not change thing in a nation till they start changing themselves.

      Your sister,

      Maysaa, 32, Bachelors in business information system, owner of my own company, mother of 2

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      I had this experience just now. I'm 14 years old, I was on my rooftop on supine position. I was stargazing, or so I thought. My eyes were open the whole time, and it was all silent, even if my parents tried yelling at me to get down. I was aware of what I was seeing, but I couldn't move. So, I went thinking; "Hey, don't fall asleep here! You got a bed, and some pillows downstairs in your room, remember!?". Then, I woke up for real. The time I started, I guess was 9:30 PM. and I ended at 11:30 PM, when I woke up. Then I remembered a classmate of mine talk about this some time ago. So I did research, and found this. Unbelievably, since my environment was an open night sky and concrete roof, I had nothing to be scared of at all, for that time I fear.

    • profile image

      juvi 5 years ago

      i had experienced this several times, but the most numbers of times was summer last year. it happened when i'am taking a nap every afternoon on our living room. i always woke up when i hear someone was going inside our house, but i always find myself stuck and not able to move. i know everything that was happening on my surrounding. i hear the words they say, i saw their every move. i always try to get their attention but i'am not able to move or say anything. every time this happens to me i always feel so scared that i might not woke up anymore. i just want to cry but i always realize that i'm the only one who can help myself on that situation, and also GOD. so every time that this happens to me i just clear my mind. i calm my self and start to pray. after a while, i count from one to three and i try to woke up. i told my dad about it and he says that it also happened to him. he just told me that when it happened again i just have to pray to god and he will help me.

    • profile image

      jay 5 years ago

      i have sleep paralysis it used to last about 3-5 minutes but now it's getting worse it happens when im awake and just lay down and close my eyes and lasts about 30-40 minutes and it's always the same it's pitch black and feels like im on some sort of metal operating table

    • profile image

      John m. 5 years ago

      Yep this has happened to me three times now,They are only getting worse. I am only 13

    • profile image

      jason c. 5 years ago

      Hey, I just came across this page myself. I just woke up from SA. I'm still too nervous to go back to sleep. Yes, we all KNOW what it is... Still yet, even though I found a couple of ways to "snap" out of it. You just want to escape it for a while. Kinda walk it off and forget about it. I've done this since I was a teenager. I'm 30 now, just experienced it for close to (what I think a half hour) I could hear the television going to commercials and back to the program etc etc. One of the best tricks I've found is to Rey and not open my eyes, (you may not like what you see i.e hallucination) I focus on my back, I try to muster enough energy to twitch it. Most of the time, that's the trick. Not tonight, I went right back in it again. What got me out of it this time was the fact that I made myself moan. To me I'm almost yelling, my wife, who has woke me up several times while I have done this) says I'm not as loud as I think. Lol! I absolutely thought she could hear me, and was ignoring the situation while I laid in agony. Fortunately, I was loud enough this time for the rescue. It's very unsettling to wake up suddenly during this state. Although, it is immediate relief, it is disorienting. It took me nearly 20 minutes to shake it. It is nice to read these posts, knowing that this isn't just my problem. Although I wouldn't wish it on anyone. There is just no explaining how terrifying this can be. I try and explain it to my wife. I learned something new here... A change in sleep habits. This rings true seeing as how my shifts at work just flipped from evenings to day shift I'm doing this a lot more than usual. The last time this happened, to the best of my recollecting, was a couple months ago. A brain is very complicated, there could be a number of things that causes this. I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing. It makes me feel a little more at ease. Well, I'm about to try and go back to sleep...... Lol!

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 5 years ago

      Can anyone give tips on how to not be afraid when you are transferring from SP to astral projection. I haven't had many episodes of SP since my diet change. However, I have had more cake and pizza the last couple of weeks (just circumstances) than in a long time. This caused a couple episodes of SP. I remember when I had SP a lot that I finally learned to relax and just let it take it's course and that was when I found myself floating. But then I started thinking about what was happening and thought to hard and was sucked right back in. I would go through the stages of vibration, then feeling like I had waves throughout my body, but then I would get scared and pull myself out of it. How do you get past that stage???? My dad can do it, my son can do it, I have a friend that can as well but I just get freaked out when it comes to that point. Any suggestions? Any techniques? My family and my friend make it sound so

    • profile image

      TaurianHeadCase 5 years ago

      Wow speacial thanks to all of you for all your experiences. But what really stands out are the several testamonies of people that say they feel, see and sometimes hear evil entities. Some of you say they are halucinations well i'm still not certain as to what they are. But i am glad i'm not the only one. I've been suffering from SP since i was about 4 or 5 and have had "Night Terrors" anlong with "Halucinations" and even "Audio Halucinations". I am 36 now but back in 2005 I was treated as a paranoid skitzo with medication and therapy. My parents delt with most of these SP symptems as if I was crazy. So did my ex-wife. Something that I havent read here yet is what i'm about to explain: I was 10 years old when I had an episode in our old house. I was asleep on our couch sick with the flu when I had an episode again where i couldn't move or scream only the more i was trying to fight it the more angryer i felt it get. The "halucinations" where that something or someone was thrashing about our living room throwing things around including a chair from the kitchen. When i finally was able to move i ran out the house in fear screaming until a neighbor ran up and asked what was wrong. I wasn'ty sure if if was just a dream or what so I recall telling her plainly that someone was in my home. She walked me back only to find that as we approched the living room there was shelves, books, porcelene, lamps and a chair all thrown around. We called the police and they treated it as a breakin and entering along with vandilism incident. I told my mother what i tought happened later that night and we both agreed that i must have been sleep walking. And of course i must have in that state thrashed up our living room. I believed that strongly. In 2005 I was having months and months of SP simultainiously until I had another incident in which i was fighting with a dark image while my son lay next to me. And i was suddenly slammed into the corner of a nightstand. My wife at the time having heard the slam rushed into the room where i was lying on the floor bleeding from the left side of my forehead. I told her i was sleep walking or something. But when i shared these things with some doctors in 2006 they decided i needed medication. I dont know how to quite express myself any further as to say that i never took they're advice and i dont suffer from any form of skitzophrenic disorder. What i do know is that this SP has only at times throught my life been followed with halucinations and sleep walking type movements. I just had an episode last night after several months of not having one. During my episode i saw as clear as day a female image moving away from our bed and walking out towards the hallway. My new spouse hasnt heard anything about this until last night and she thinks im crazy too...HELP I'M DESPERATE TO KNOW WHAT I CAN DO!!

    • profile image

      l.shackleford 5 years ago

      Im sitting here with tears because now i know what was happening to me was real. Ive been having sp for years and couldnt explain it, I tell my husband if he hear me grunting in my sleep to wake me up because i felt paralized yet i could hear voices or the tv on which was never on or i could hear people standing in the room and when i could finally shake my leg and wake myself up, i would be exhausted. Im just glad to know im not alone. I do find if i sleep on my stomach, i dont have the sp as much. Thank you everyone for the comments.

    • profile image

      sleepy girl 5 years ago

      I've had this since I was about 15 it followed after a bad depression where I was very sleep deprive when it first started I was was freaking out but it kept happening so I learned how to wake my self up..... I take 3 deep breathes count to 3 and on 3 I make my body jump or twitch and it would normally wake me up, but then something started happening. I would be in this episode of sp and i would try to move and i would try to make my body jump or twitch and.... id fall off the bed i could see all my surroundings and even my feience sleeping next me id see my self falling off the in slow motion, other times id fall asleep and go into a episode of sp i was floating over my self watching myself sleep i could see my uncle walk past my bed room door and go into the bathroom..... and i have no idea based on what ive been reading i guess it was a hillutionation but it felt sooo real!!! Tonight i fell asleep for a good while. . To wake into an episode where i could feel my feince moving in bed i could feel my own hands moving it was so hard to move them it was like they weighed a million pounds but i wasnt used to this i could never befor move my hands !!!!! So im lying there and all the sudden i can see a dark figure like a man and i seen other things but when i woke i didnt quite remember.... this episode felt like it lasted sooo much longer then any other... so im still in this episode and all the sudden i can hear my breathing and im getting creeped out so it starts to feel like something is sufforcating me so im going crazy panting and all the suddend it felt like my lungs popped and i jumped up freaking out in bed almost in tears..... now should i be worried because this was really scarry i havnt experienced one like this befor now im scared to go back to sleep so ill be running on two hours of sleep.....

    • profile image

      tsartoris 5 years ago

      These are really informative posts and i have quite similar symptoms..but the description of my sleep paralysis is the same each time i have an episode..i am dreaming (usually a nightmare)then i try to wake myself from the dream and all of a sudden i feel a strong pressure pulling my head back into a deeper sleep... my heart starts to race and a feeling of impending doom comes over me...i see black moving shadows and screams or thumps that are so loud.... i try to reach out to grab or call out to my husband but i am totally paralysed. it is such a terrifying experience but i now know the diagnosis thanks to the world wide web... i do believe that stress,certain foods and drinks are my triggers...especially eating heavy bread products too close to bedtime.. Thankyou for all the informative posts.

    • profile image

      Diana 5 years ago

      over the past year i have woke up in the night and had my arms feel very, very heavy like they are being pulled by gravity and i am unable to bend or move them, not even my hands or fingers. I am awake and all the thinking i do not have control to make them move, it takes 20 minutes or so befor they are moveing again. It is scary, i do have back pain however my dr. dosen't tink this is the problem.

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 5 years ago


      I am so sorry for the horrible episodes you have had. I'm glad you found this hub page so you can share your experience. The most rewarding part about that is what you posted will help someone else to not feel so alone or crazy. SP has so many contributing factors. The sad part is that not a lot of doctors know as much about it as you can learn on this page. This page is so great because no matter what the belief of the source of SP someone has, we all have experienced it so there is so much we can learn from each other on how to treat it. Diet and exercise has helped me so much but sometimes when things get stressful it creeps in. My best friend has a creature that she sees in the corner of her room sometimes and she has leaped over her husband and across the room trying to get away from it when she finally can move. So you are not alone on that one. She is a sleep walker as well so it's possible that having SP and Sleep Walking is not a happy combination. I would do a check on your diet, exercise and anything that may be causing you stress in your life. For me a healthy diet and exercise has almost eliminated SP. Even when I do have it now it's not so bad.

      But! I have lived in a new place for 2 years now. I do admit that SP was different in different houses. It's kinda like each house had a different personality of SP. Maybe the stress levels were different. Maybe there was more to it.... Only way to find out is get a new house! lol

    • fluke98 profile image

      fluke98 5 years ago

      TaurianHeadCase --submit an email of your case to

      or you search for him at HP "theexorcist"

      He can help you for sure. SP is NOT fun and need to be cured...prolong exposure can lead to possession by evil entity. It's like playing with will get burn sooner or later..GL!

    • profile image

      Meme 5 years ago

      The event occurs when one sleeps on their back, so don't. Do seek a competent neurologist, to identify what the cause is, i.e., synapse misfiring, herniations, bulges, facets, base skull tumors, autoimmune diseases (inflammation nerve compression), scar tissue from an old injury, any injury , and wrap around spine growths. The neuro will test you, locate where you have nerve block, and then follow-up with monitoring or treatment. Note growths should not be a scary word, it's something you may have had your entire life and is treated through yearly monitoring. As long as it doesn't grow, you don't have it removed, as surgical side effects are worse than not lying on your back to sleep.

    • profile image

      Katherym 4 years ago

      This been hapening to me for a wile now,I know dosent have anything to do with demoms,ghost etc I learn to relax and I start meditating when this happens seems to help a lot and I am the type of person that looks for a logical explanation for things before I say is a ghost or demom and on the other hand I am really sensitive when it comes to the spiritual world I CAN SEE THINGS PEOPLE HEAR THEM etc also sometimes I have dreams of what is going to happen before it does but maybe somebody can answer my question is it possible thatwhen I am having a paralysis attack I am more sensitive to see things ? I say this because last week I saw my self lying in bed and I saw a big dark thing looking at me and when it saw me standing there it ran when I got up I wrote about it becaus it was different than te other times anybody there like me ?

    • profile image

      drew 4 years ago

      wow i think i have this.... so far ive been able to control it and wake up by by slowly moving or keeping calm. it doesnt scare me but the fact of waking up one day and being in complete darkness sure the hell does. it gets worse and worse every time any one have an answer on how to stop it???

    • profile image

      Vic 4 years ago

      Hey guys,

      I had SP for 9 years, first 5 years it was frequent but and the following years were occasional. It was terrifying the first few times because like many of you I seen apparitions such as 'The Witch" Tall dark black shadowy figure standing over me or masked people. The witch and the masked people would always be in my face every time sitting on my chest which was really freaky and I never wanted to sleep again but like every human being you eventually fall asleep.

      I was confused of what it could be because I didn't know if it was a ghost haunting me or what. Eventually I seen a documentary on TLC about sleep paralysis which gave me an idea of what it really was and how it linked to astral projection. But what confused me was I would always see this black shadowy figure in the corner of my eye. I would always feel like it's watching me sleep, waiting... So then I was debating on if I was being haunted or it was SP or both. Eventually it all stopped after I starting be able to control it. I started waking up faster from it, almost instantly. Don't think about it before you sleep. I just learned how to tune it out, wish I could explain but I can't put it in words.

      Sleeping on your side it does help but if you're used to sleeping on your back you might just end up on your back again. You CAN sleep on your back it's possible, just DON'T sleep with your hands to your sides. What I did was reposition my hands, (like put one hand near my head and one on my stomach and tilt my head sometimes) find a comfortable spot for your hands just not on your sides. You'll have to see what works for you. Try leaving the tv on before you sleep and have it on sleep timer, thats what I did before I experimented with sleeping positions and it reduced the chances of it happening. Hope that helps some as it helped for me. Remember to remain calm during the whole ordeal.

    • profile image

      Janita 4 years ago

      I read all about sleep paralysis and i want to know more ! Im turning 17 this year and ever seen i was 13 ive been having sleep paralysis everything ivr read about it it what happens to me. I though it was just me that it happens to but it wasint.

      It happens to me every couple of months mostly when im trying to fall asleep i try to ingore it! But it stay. And finally when i relised its not going away so i just let it happen to me ! I couldint move my body at all and i could do was move my eyes and still i could bearly do that. But everytime it happens to me i see something black on top of me and i found it very scary. But i hear a voice once out of all the times its happened to me and ive spoken to my mum about it and when she was 13 it happened to her too but it stopped for her ! But for me im to scared to sleep along. I also got a vedio recording of a mens voice saying hes going to get me ! That scared me as well. I just feel like theres something following me all the time and i just dont know who to speck too and i would see something like a black shadow sometimes go pass me and i dont know who to speck to about it my mum says its nothing but i know its something

    • profile image

      leospice 4 years ago

      it is by far the most terrifying part of my existence. i feel it coming on early on in the day, high voltage pulsations from me cerebelum to my toes. auditory hallucinations. same shit , cant move speak or wake up. i have a good wife, she knows the signs, she hears me trying to call for her.she will wake me, but it will continue for some time. there is limit to what are mind can create. ilately , for some reason i have the paralysis and an awful jabbing pain in my ribs, like someone is trying to lift me out of bed by my ribs using only there thumbs. i have had these for ten years at least twiice a month , but not limited several times a week. i push my self up to wake up, or call my wife or pets. but look higher and call for the almighty, god or the great spirit. when i pray , and garnish my cross, and my baptism wood thing i got as a child. it leaves. go with it, is craziness. spiral through space. but now i can fly in my dreams. stupid huh. it is what it is.

    • profile image

      Bellywinks 4 years ago

      My first post was about two years ago, I have actually only had a few epsiodes since. I always used to be scared during an episode struggleing to wake up or call for help. The last time it happened I was on my back when I felt someone shove me hard that I rolled over and it woke me up. I thought this is it I'm tired of it. So I have slowly trained myself to relax knowing nothing is going to happen to me if I just try to let my mind go and fall back to sleep. My episodes always start with that annoying rushing sound so I immediately try to relax my mind. It has taken me many tries but now I feel more in control. I never felt that this was some sort of supernatural happening even with the cigarette smells and hearing someone coming up the stairs. I think my mind is adding things to the experience because I am over tired somethings.

    • Cynthia Jesseen profile image

      Cynthia Jesseen 4 years ago

      Oh boy, the bed shaking is starting again. Just slightly. But it's always that way a while before I start actually feeling crawling up my body or something on the bed. I did feel tapping on the covers at my feet a couple of the nights. I was awake and I almost said something to my boyfriend to see if he felt it too but then I thought how ridiculous the question So I kept it to myself for now. I never actually see anything EVER unless it's sleep paralysis. This is different though. It's when I'm still awake. I'll be moving into my new place in a couple of weeks though so it should stop for a while. It doesn't scare me, probably because it's never felt threatening. I don't know if it followed me from place to place because it's not in every place. Also, the house I was in for two years still has it's ghost and I'm not there. And the place I lived for the past two years had nothing. But when I was at my boyfriends a year ago I had a really strong encounter. I posted about that one. I wonder if people who have encounters with spirits are more susceptible to sleep paralysis. My dad has SP and has really crazy encounters while he is awake. There is very much a difference between SP and feeling, seeing or hearing a spirit when you are awake. But I'm wondering if there is a connection with the two because a lot of people say they wonder if it is SP or a demon or SP or a Spirit. Maybe it's SP sometimes and a spirit connection other times. Anybody else notice the differences in the two yet you seem to have both?

    • profile image

      sgroclkc 4 years ago

      Sleep paralysis symptoms are same as fainting (syncope) symptoms and so sleep paralysis is caused by fainting (syncope) .

    • profile image

      richelle 4 years ago

      i go through this every night since i was 5 im 16 now it hurts the back of my head and it lasts up to 10min now

    • profile image

      Annamie Cureteyz 4 years ago

      I have actually experienced this, I wake up in the middle of the night and I cant move any body part, what I usually do is to tell myself that it's just a dream and get back to sleep.

    • profile image

      sgroclkc 4 years ago

      Physiological symptoms of sleep paralysis are the same with those of syncope. Thus, sleep paralysis is caused by syncope. For experts in cardiovascular diseases, sleep paralysis or syncope is a common symptoms of cardiovascular disease【1】. For a long time, due to the ignorance of physiological knowledge of syncope , ischemie cerebrale , slow beat, fast beat and so on, psychological illusion in people’s sleep generated by such physical symptoms i.e. the nightmare really has puzzled the psychologists, therefore they put forward a wide range of wrong even absurd views on the nightmares, which both have no scientific basis, and could not be confirmed, even more were not self-consistent. For example, a medical expert Debacke drew the correct conclusion that the anxiety-dream resulted from ischemie cerebrale according to the physiological symptoms of the anxiety-dream of a boy of thirteen. Freud called such view was a " medical mythology" in the book of Dream Psychology. Most important,the experiment confirmed the idea. For example, a place in country , there is a "haunted" bed which makes people have sleep paralysis or syncope every night, and it is this fact that the pillow in the bed is too high will reduce cerebral blood flow.                                         【1】

    • profile image

      Tammy 3 years ago

      I have had this phenomenon several times in my life...AlWAYS on my side. The last few times were different then before. Before, my body was paralyzed and my mouth cemented together, but I was able to breathe without restriction. The last few times, only my breathing was restricted and restricted completely! I cannot inhale or exhale and it takes all my strength to break the restriction. It feels as if my nose is fully flooded with something and that the airways in my mouth are completely blocked without of trace of air to flow either way. It is terrifying!

      I do believe in spiritual attacks. I do believe that natural scientific phenomenons are used to attack people. I don't have time to read all the comments, but from glancing around, I would add that just because it is a natural event doesn't mean it is not being used by a supernatural opponent.

      Here is the ONLY thing that releases my paralysis...when I say the name "Jesus" it breaks, but not until I work very hard to force the words out of my mouth. I have never seen a demon during those times, but I know the feeling of the dark presence in the room at that time. Regardless of why it is happening, stress, diet, attack, the name of Jesus is the name above every name...even the name "Sleep Paralysis".

      All I can tell you is my experience. I was paralyzed and when I say the name of Jesus, it is immediately released. If I go to Him when I have a headache, then why shouldn't I when I am paralyzed. He heals my natural phenomenons regardless of how they came to be.

    • profile image

      George 3 years ago

      I am 30 years old now.. but i will never forget what had happened to me when i was 6 or 7 years old.

      It was a Christmas night, i was sleeping on the lower bunker and my sister on the upper one. Suddenly while i am sleeping i hear a noise, i open my eyes and see a white luminous cloud standing at my room door. I push my body up and i am ready to scream my lungs out...but i cant and suddenly i realise i cant move and i fell back in my bed, like i have been narced.

      Next year same day, i am thinking about what happened last year and i am telling myself that i am going to be ready this time...and i am waiting....and exactly the same thing happens with the only difference that i manage to move a little bit more and almost hit my sister's bunker with my hand...almost.

      It was the last time i have experienced such a thing. While growing up, i forgot about it, untill a documentary about "alien abductions"...most people described exactly the same situation and that was when i remembered everything. To be honest with you, for a while i strogly believed that i was abducted too, but didnt tell to noone because everyone would laugh and prolly they would be right about it.

      Gladly some years ago an article about sleep hypnosis came up, i read it and finally figured out what was going on with me...

      The only problem is that, i remember myself moving up from bed, i mean pulling up my torso and being ready to step off bed. Could that happen and then this sundrome kick in ?!

    • profile image

      Kyle 3 years ago

      Kyl42hrtmnkyle @

      Please contact me if you have had the same events or know how to stop it. I have gone through this since I was 13. Now 19. It happens when I'm overly stressed. But unlike most on here mine happens before I sleep. Just last night I tried to sleep and started hearing the noise as if I was forcing my jaw shut, then my neck started to sting and went to my body. At that point I started to freak out realizing I couldn't move. I just sat there trying to calm myself but then I keep thinking I see a shadow on the wall(my bed is against the wall and I sleep towards it sometimes). I kept seeing this shadow move around as if it was looking at me and felt the cover sink to my side as if something sat next to me. I tried moving my fingers toes and even face and nothing would work though I'm not truly sure if I actually could move them. It just felt like it. Then eventually I could move and the cover wasn't suck beside me at all it was all in my head. Then I was able to go to sleep after. It scares me and only seems to happen during high stress. When I was young I literally drank nothing but energy drinks which I think triggered my first attack but since then its just been from stress. Did the abuse of energy drinks cause me a health problem and now symptoms show when I'm stressed? I honestly don't know what it is. Just seems like everyone here has had a similar attack as me. I am glad to know I'm not alone. Any info or sharing would be very appreciated as even if its not info on how to fix my problem it does help to know there are people out there with the same problem.

      Thanks everyone for reading

    • profile image

      pearl 3 years ago

      I have been suffering from SP since i was 12. Earlier i didn't know it was SP or smthng. I thought it was a dream in a dream. But it was terrifying. Whenever i lay on my back or stomach, i experienced this. I felt as if something very heavy, a giant being sitting on my back or my chest without moving. I get so much of pain on my hds and legs. I feel my throat breaking. I feel that i am dying. I knw that its not real, i am actually sleeping on my bed, the experience gets so terrifying and life taking that i just wanna open my eyes and feel the real world around me. I try very hard to scream someone's name who is near to me at that time, but i am not able to do it. I am parallysed! And then after lot of struggling, i open my eyes n feel myself gasping, my eyes buldged out. Lastnight in my episose, i saw an old lady, infact she was a beautiful young lady dressed in a long ancient type gown, her hair braided p. She then smiles at me and talks smthng. I don't hear what ashe speaks and so, i look at her curiously.. suddenly her beautiful smile changes to a sinister laughter and to my best fear, her young beautiful face changes to that of an ugly old horrifying face. She then spreads her hand towards me and screams in the most rumbling sound. I can't take that sound. It is so drilling. At that time i know, this horrifying figure and her voice will fade away if i open my eyes. And i wish somebody wakes me up. But it doesn't happen because nobody sees me struggling. My attempts to scream or to move are only inside my so called real dream'

    • profile image

      jhunted7667 3 years ago

      hasn't anyone asked the question why it happens more to women than to men , with women it may be an Ex boyfriend or husband who may be a warlock and he is sending a demon to her , if she has no memories of what happened it can be soo bad that the brain creates a block which will wash out her memory , if she was demon possessed at any time in the past then the demon will block all memories of her only way to freedom if it happens to a man it can be an ex wife who is a witch trying to do the same thing the man would do , what will free the woman is the ability to be with a man she knows she can trust this type of man the women will find herself lying on top of him at night , she will more than likely put her head on his chest and listen to the beat of his heart which will put her to sleep , if his arms and legs are wrapped around her and his hand is on her behind she will more than likely sleep peacefully safe from demonic attack , women today are not fighting a sickness or disease or mental illness but powers and principalities beyond human understanding

    • profile image

      Betty 3 years ago

      I am in my early sixties now and have had SP all my life. Sometimes I don't get it for weeks on end and then I have a really bad episode and I find it really difficult to shake off the effects. I have been through the same experiences the same as the other posters, but I find the one where I believe there is a presence lying of top of me and having sex with me is the most frightening. On occasion I thought I could see the man in my peripheral vision and hear him breathe. I can control it better now as I have learned to think out loud and say in my head " go away - leave me alone, you are not welcome here.

    • profile image

      kyle 3 years ago

      I had mine about 3 this morning idk if its a sleeping disorder but when im have it im on my back just about to fall asleep when all of a sudden i hear a loud rumbling like when you yawn in both my ears at the same time my sheets will be pulled down maybe 6 inches. Now my ligament in my right foot pops all the time idk if my foot is moving them. This is the second night so far. Any help would be appreciated. is my email

    • profile image

      Linda 3 years ago

      They said before that this is what alien abduction is. The sleep paralysis, and they convinced people that it was this. I to had this. I would always see beings when I was going through it, never could see their faces or bodies clearly, but I knew someone was there. Then I read online, to say when you are going through this to ask protection from God, so I did. I said,"Please God help me", and it seemed at that point it stopped, and I have not had it since, that I can remember.

    • profile image

      Jezzy 3 years ago

      I used to have such awful Sleep Paralysis that I thought I would die. For years I suffered through this until it got so bad I ran to a psychiatrist, any one. Without blinking an eye, he diagnosed this condition. This was about 22 years ago. He gave m medication that would delay RES sleep. He told me I was dreaming while being not fully asleep and it was caused by depression. He prescribed ascendin. He said it was not commonly used. Today I can't find it. Fortunately, the medicine worked well, and in the last 22 years, this incident may have occurred twice. No meds. Many people have it and don't discuss it. You'll feel better once you've been treated and diagnosed. Trust me.

    • profile image

      Meghan 19 months ago

      Had one last night, was having a dream then someone in my dream spoke of spirits and how they're coming then i saw a flash of a skull image, tangling up my body mostly in my core and torso, then i hear a vice RIGHT next to me sounding like rubbish, i heard 4 days or something like that, then i actually tried to listen to him again and it said something about a commercial break. Funny stuff brain. Funny stuff.

    • profile image 2 months ago

      Not wanting to offend anyone, but I don't believe that "GOD" (whomever we consider him to be depending on religion) has anything to do with this sleep paralysis issue. I have tried to believe there is a "GOD"....for me personallyI am quite certain such a thing doesnt exsist..never have I had a prayer answered in my 35 years in this life. And the experiences of sleep paralysis I have experienced are anything but godly. But whatever makes you feel better. I just refuse to believe in a figment of everyone's imagination any longer. And I'm tired of hearing people using god as thier crutch. I don't fully understand why this occurs, but I know it's not the work of god.

    • profile image

      Anon 7 weeks ago

      I just woke up from experiencing sleep paralysis where it felt like an evil ghost sat on my bed, put pressure on my chest and blow hot air into my face..... I told it to get lost.... I spoke it out loud and my mouth and throat felt weird like they didn't want to cooperate with my brain......

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