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The Best Treatment for Toenail Fungus That Will Not Cost an Arm and a Leg

Updated on August 8, 2017

According to my research, about 25% of adults will experience toenail fungus by the time they are 40 years old. Toenail fungus is more common than fingernail fungus mainly due to the fact that fungus thrives in warm, dark places. I fell victim to this a few years back when I noticed that my toe hurt and it looked as though I maybe bruised the nail. Figuring it would just heal, I left it alone for a few months and asked my doctor at an annual appointment. She agreed that it looked like a bruise but said if it was still there in a couple months, she would refer me to a dermatologist to treat. A couple months went by with no change so off I went to the dermatologist. Diagnosis: Toenail fungus.

I was given a prescription of Jublia to treat the fungus. I was given a little tube of Jublia as a free sample and then a coupon for my first prescription order. Let me say that I was thankful for the sample and coupon when I went to pay for my first prescription of it. Even with health insurance benefits and my coupon I still paid almost $50 for the tube! So that equates to $80 without the coupon. The literature instructed the user to be patient as it would be a slow process to completely rid myself of the fungus. My tube of Jublia lasted about six months and I saw really no change in my toenail condition. It certainly was not worse but it was not any better either.

I started researching on the internet as the time neared to reorder my Jublia. Paying $80 for a prescription that was not even working well just did not sit well with me and I wanted to try something more budget-friendly that might work better. I was willing to be patient, but not poor. In my research I discovered an over-the-counter treatment called Kerasal. The ointment originally was only available in Europe and the reviews were amazing. Over and over I read reviews on different sites regarding the effectiveness of this product. Kerasal boasts about seeing results in the first week of starting treatment and many people were seeing these results. A quick shopping search and I was on my way to Walmart to purchase Kersal for $19.

A week into treatment and I could honestly see an improvement. I religiously applied Kerasal every day for months. In reading the product literature and reviews, the advice again was to be patient as this is a slow process but it will gradually improve. I echo these words as it took over a year before the fungus completely disappeared but I finally got the result I wanted and I did not break the bank.

So my review is that Kerasal is truly an effective product and I highly encourage anyone suffering with toenail fungus to try it. True I may have gotten these results with Jublia but I honestly feel that it would have taken much longer to get there than with Kerasal. Plus, I spent so much less money to get my desired result. It is worth noting that I only bought the one tube of Kersal to get my toe completely free of the nail fungus. I never had to buy another tube!

I feel like I stumbled upon a true secret weapon in the treatment of nail fungus and for $19 it is a true bargain! There is no need in my opinion to pay prescription prices for a product that just did not work better. I am so happy that I did my research and want to save you the trouble of researching as I have found the perfect cure!

Toenail Fungus Prior to Any Treatment

Not My Actual Foot But This Picture Shows Exactly What My Toenail Fungus Looked Like
Not My Actual Foot But This Picture Shows Exactly What My Toenail Fungus Looked Like

My Tube of Kerasal

My Toe Completely Healed After Kerasal Treatment


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    • GinaLou profile image

      Gina Lou 7 days ago

      Hi Gary. I added a footnote to the picture stating that wasn't my actual foot but the fungus was exactly what I started with. Thanks for the comment.

    • profile image

      gary 7 days ago

      I noticed that you showed the left foot with the toenail fungus and the right foot showing the fungus healed. I was wondering why different feet were shown.