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Treatment & Advice for Back & Spine Issues

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  • Traveling with back pain and sciatica is a challenge. I would like to share some useful tips from my personal experience, as well as guidance from others, that will make it easier for you.

    Back  Pain and Sciatica Travel Tips

    Back Pain and Sciatica Travel Tips

    by raintree13

  • For those of us who do hard physical labor, whether it's for a living or just fixing up your home, back pain is inevitable. It's just part of the deal. I've found some things to make it heal faster.

    Healing a Strained Back

    Healing a Strained Back

    by Portamenteff0

  • I had a herniated disc in 2008 (L5-S1) and suffered for 5 grueling months of different treatments before I got surgery. Here I explore those options I tried; many others share their experiences in the comments.

    Herniated Disc - Treatment Options

    Herniated Disc - Treatment Options

    by Jason Menayan101