Hip Replacement Recovery: What to Expect, Timelines, Outcomes

Many people recover fully from a hip replacement within three months.
Many people recover fully from a hip replacement within three months.

Any surgery brings its worries but hip operations are routine and the techniques are well tested. Around 300,000 operations were performed last year in the US, alone. There is a very low rate of complications and hip replacement recovery is usually very good. For many people, a return to simple activities like walking a dog without pain are the gift of a lifetime.

As long as you have chosen a reputable hospital you should be able to let your medical team conduct your aftercare with full confidence. They know what is normal and expected during recovery and what is not. As long as you keep them fully informed of how you feel, they can take the best steps to reassure you or tackle any problems.

Hip Replacement Recovery Forum

There is a forum at the bottom of this page with over 1000 contributions from all kinds of people. If you are looking for very specific information about aspects of recovery, it is a great resource. Many people also benefit from the support that it offers,

The op will take around 3 hours.
The op will take around 3 hours.

Typical Hip Replacement Recovery Timeline

  1. The operation. This takes up to 3 hours.
  2. You will be monitored in a recovery room until you wake up.
  3. Once you are awake and ready to move, you will be taken to your hospital room.
  4. From the first day after surgery until you leave hospital, a physical therapist will introduce you to various exercises to speed up a return to full mobility in your hip.
  5. Returning home- you can travel in a normal car, though you will need to keep your leg straight. Some people with smaller cars remove the front passenger seat of their car and sit in back. Usually this isn't necessary. Your nurse can advise.
  6. After you return home (usually between one and three days after the operation) a physical therapist will work with you 3 or 4 times a week.
  7. Staples closing the incision (or incisions) will be removed after 14 days.
  8. You will be encouraged to gradually build up the amount of exercise as the weeks pass, though it is important to avoid falling and stairs will be a problem without the help of crutches or a walker.
  9. You can start driving again about six weeks after the operation unless you are still using pain medication.
  10. Follow up visits to your surgeon are typically at 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

The fitter you were before the operation, the better your chance of full recovery.
The fitter you were before the operation, the better your chance of full recovery.

Full Recovery

For many people, their new hip is a joy to use after only three months. They can walk long distances, cycle and even hike up mountains. For others, recovery might take longer- perhaps even a full year. This depends on many factors like pre-operation fitness, age, weight, discipline in following exercises routines etc. Certainly, the more closely you follow medical advice and the more you talk to your doctor, the more likely you will recover at an optimal rate.

Lifetime of Replacement Hip

Technology is always advancing and hip replacements are lasting longer and longer. A recent study found that the majority of hip replacements installed twenty five years ago are still fully functional.

The lifetime of new prosthetics is expected to be even longer.

Complications of Hip Replacement Surgery

Blood clots in the leg need to be carefully managed by the medical team with medication and special stockings.

About 2 percent of patients will suffer a serious infection. This usually results from bacteria entering the body after the operation, sometimes from dental work or sometimes from skin or urinary infections. Any dental work should be preceded by a course of antibiotics.

Things Patients find most Difficult after Surgery

Shortly after surgery

  • A burning sensation around the area of the incision. This can be treated with icepacks. The incision area should be kept dry, though.
  • During sleep you shouldn’t cross the operated leg over the 'center line' of the body for a few weeks to avoid stressing the muscles and ligaments of the hip. Use plenty of pillows to support the leg comfortably and keep it in place.
  • Pain in areas around the hip not previously affected. Trauma to various tissues during surgery can result in temporary pain- always mention any discomfort to your doctor.
  • Clunking sounds from the prosthetic. In the first few months after surgery, the muscles that normally keep the hip joint tightly in place may be too weak. This can cause partial separation of the ball and socket, resulting in strange sounds. These should disappear with time. If there is any pain, talk to a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Emotional impacts. Some people have unrealistic expectations of the amount of time it will take to recover. They feel bad that they are letting people at work or home down or that they are a burden afer the operation. There are some great, candid discussions in the forums linked to below. Thinking- and talking- issues like this through before your operation could save a lot of upset.

After a few months

Stiffness after sitting down for a while, which might mean using a stick to start walking.

Sudden jarring of the foot (produced by jumping say) can cause pain

The joint may squeak during prolonged exercise.

Hip replacement recovery after a year or so

The vast majority of people simply forget they have ever had a hip replacement.

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Cardiosmart 5 hours ago


Thanks for your input!

I see from your posts that you have been on quite a journey.

I wish you well!

ZenZen profile image

ZenZen 29 hours ago

Hi Hippies,

Cardiosmart, I had a right THR in 2012, after about a year and a half it began to feel normal. Now, after almost 5 years I can say that it feels perfect.

Cardiosmart 4 days ago

I had TLHR 3 1/2 months ago at 68 years old. The surgery went well and the recovery was quick because I have stayed in shape for many years and maintained good weight.

I am functioning completely normal, HOWEVER, I have a question I'm hoping someone with knowledge can answer.

At this juncture, it still "feels" like a replacement hip.

Will it ever feel completely normal?

Londonmiffy 6 days ago

Hi. I had a left THR 8 months ago after 2 hip arthroscopies over a 6 year period failed to correct a torn labrum, but also resulted in serious arthritis in the hip joint. I also have hypermobility, although not severe, and a deep seated hip joint. I had the surgery privately, and went through the normal recovery process, physio almost immediately after, although I did stop going after 10 weeks and progressed into my own recovery exercises at home, aqua jogging, longer walks, Pilates moves etc and squats at home (as well as looking after a year old baby). I had a fairly painful first 6 weeks which I expected, and gradually up to 10 weeks I slowly came off all main meds. I then had a wonderful 3 months of pain free, loving normal life as it used to be when I had no hip pain 6 years ago. Now, in last 2.5 months I started to get pain again, more anterior, and the wound area is quite swollen and sore. Also I have that collapsed look around the hip joint where it looks as if muscle has shifted and depleted around that area. I saw my consultant again 5 weeks ago who told me to not exercise for 4 weeks and anti inflammatories for 5 days to settle it, and just go about normal day to day activities. This seem to work initially, and calmed down a lot, but as soon as I do anything more strenuous than walking up stairs, and have a slightly more active day running around after my toddler and shopping, chores etc, it becomes painful again. This is without additional exercise which I miss terribly. My consultant says it maybe damaged soft tissue, but the hip joint looks fine and stable after an X-ray. It's so frustrating however to have almost been lured in a false pretences of thinking I was cured after years of pain meds and reduced active lifestyle, only now to be back in pain again, almost similar to what I was pre surgery. If anyone has a similar scenario or any advice, I'm open to it. Thanks.

Allison 8 days ago

To Dana - I did have PT right after my first THR. I recovered wonderfully from that one. Now it's the other hip that giving me problems. PT was suggested before my last surgery also, but that never happened, mostly my fault. So now I'm wondering when I should start PT for my good hip. Hope that makes sense.

Dana 2 weeks ago

This response is for Allison - you should have started pt the same week you got out of the hospital. It is the most critical part of your recovery.

Stacy 2 weeks ago

Hey everyone,

I had my THR 5 weeks ago after being told what I thought was a pulled muscle was in fact a need for a whole new hip, no conservative measures would help. I waited 3 years and am 42. I lost a lot of blood in surgery and was very dizzy/sick in the hospital but did fairly well once I was home. I stayed on top of the pain but think I did too much too fast. I was never able to lift my leg without grabbing my pants and lifting, but in week 4, I was no longer able to lift it to get into my Jeep (it was the left hip, so could drive once off meds) I was in the worst pain in my life. Saw the surgeon that day and he said he had to dig out the cyst from my hip flexor muscle. It helped explain that mine was different than a worm out hip, but man does this muscle hurt! I still can't lift it from sitting and the PT said the muscle is angry and will take lots of time to rest. It has been hard but at least now I know to take it slower and be easier on my expectations. I just hope the muscle use comes back! Good luck to you all.

Jo 2 weeks ago

Hi - I am almost three months post left hip anterior replacement. I had a wonderful surgeon and anaesthetist. I am 60 years old and not overweight, and have always walked and tried to stay reasonably fit. I can honestly say that I had no real pain issues - but of course had good pain relief for a few weeks after the op. Keep on with your gentle exercises, be patient. I think I have recovered very well and can't believe how well I am going - as good as back to normal. I still need to be careful bending over to put socks, shoes on - bit stiff still, but other than that, all good. Still having pool therapy, that helps. Hopefully my new hip keeps on behaving. Good luck - take it easy.

Kimberlee 3 weeks ago

Cari, I just had a total hip replacement anterior approach on my right side 8 days ago as well. I a 54 year old female, not overweight and very active. First four days were a piece of cake, I was so happy, no pain, but very swollen. Well once the swelling went down, day 5, I am in so much pain, I guess the honeymoon is over. My pain is in my IT band, which runs from the thigh to the outside of the knee. Every time I try to apply pressure I almost go through the roof with pain. I have a PT and do my exercises faithfully. I know it's only been eight days, however I did not have this pain prior and I am wondering why I have it now.

Cari 4 weeks ago

I just had bilateral hip replacement at the age of 40. I am on week 5. I am just curious how long it takes to really start to feel good? I am pretty exhausted and sore still. I do my PT exercises 4 x a day and it does help with stiffness and I try to walk as much as possibly. I have always been an on-the-go gal so having to be so restricted and sore and not able to do most things is very frustrating

Any help with this? How long until I feel happy that I had this surgery?

susie 6 weeks ago

working up to right hip surgery. Have had to fight for it. five yrs ago I went to specialist with leg pain. they all said my back was out. 3 surg later still have leg pain. chiropractor looked at xray and said nothing in hip joint. I am 71 yrs old and 250 lb and no one would even look at me. I was told that they did not want to do surgery since there was so many problems with over weight people and they did not want to ruin their record of no 2nd surg. Chiropractor has been doing dry needling on my muscles and that has been a great help. I can now get out of a chair without using cane or walker. I finally found a surgeon that will look at me for consulation and have a surgery date. I believe from comments made that the dry needling treatments that will help my muscle recovery. Keep on fighting. It has been 5 years and 3 back surg and 6 shots. I just want to get out of the house and able to sleep more than an hour at a time.

Allison 2 months ago

Well, I had left THR in Feb. 2013, at age 29. I had bilateral hip dysplaysia that wasn't caught until I was nine, and had major surgery on both hips at that time. I was in a spica cast at that point. Not sure if that's why I started having other hip problems so early or not. Anyway, that replacement in 2013 went perfectly. No problems with that hip except the occasional twinge of pain.

Now my right hip is starting to hurt. Nothing major, and just on occasion, but enough to get my attention, especially with all the others hip problems I've had. If I had to guess, I'd equate it to the problems I was having about 3 years prior to my THR... I have some documentation on that, but can't access it right now, so I'm not sure how I described my pain then. Anyway, I feel it's a "wait an see" game right now. Don't Sorry if this shows up twice. I'm not sure it went through the first time, because it's still sitting here in the text box... want to go to my orthopedist "too soon" and have him think I'm a wimp (lol Mostly kidding. Wimp isn't the right word, but I can't think of the right one) but don't want to wait too long either.... If he can prescribe PT that would help me out, I'd be all for that. He suggested/mentioned it last time, but never actually wrote a prescription for it, and I never followed up on it either. I should have. Any advice as to when to go in??

Allison 2 months ago

Well, I had left THR in Feb. 2013, at age 29. I had bilateral hip dysplaysia that wasn't caught until I was nine, and had major surgery on both hips at that time. I was in a spica cast at that point. Not sure if that's why I started having other hip problems so early or not. Anyway, that replacement in 2013 went perfectly. No problems with that hip except the occasional twinge of pain.

Now my right hip is starting to hurt. Nothing major, and just on occasion, but enough to get my attention, especially with all the others hip problems I've had. If I had to guess, I'd equate it to the problems I was having about 3 years prior to my THR... I have some documentation on that, but can't access it right now, so I'm not sure how I described my pain then. Anyway, I feel it's a "wait an see" game right now. Don't want to go to my orthopedist "too soon" and have him think I'm a wimp (lol Mostly kidding. Wimp isn't the right word, but I can't think of the right one) but don't want to wait too long either.... If he can prescribe PT that would help me out, I'd be all for that. He suggested/mentioned it last time, but never actually wrote a prescription for it, and I never followed up on it either. I should have. Any advice as to when to go in??

Amanda Cole Bursk 2 months ago

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ZenZen profile image

ZenZen 2 months ago

Hello fellow hippies. Nick, please don't go mad yet. At 6 mos. there are still far too many variables. I had both hips replaced and a revision surgery within a three- four year period, so I think I have a reasonably good perspective on the recovery process. It sounds like you must have been in very severe pain in both hips prior to your THR. This in itself leads me to believe that you will experience a longer, stranger recovery time. You probably had to have your surgery with all your muscles in a weakened and or stressed state. I was strong going into my first surgery and was able to get on my bike after about 11 weeks; it could have been earlier had it not been winter. I managed to stay strongish and after my second THR I was riding the bike at around 9 weeks. Before I could regain healthful strength my second THR started dislocating. It popped out 4 times within a year, each time I had to go back to the 6wk. restrictions. So, when I finally had the revision surgery 2 1/4 years after the THR on that hip, my muscles were WEAK everywhere. I wasn't able to ride my bike until around 24 weeks post-op. Because I entered into this surgery in such an unfit physical state I am experiencing an excruciatingly slow recovery. There are some very challenging pains and swellings that arise in all sorts of different areas even now as I approach the 1 yr. anniversary. At around 6 mos. my surgeon encouraged to to start on an elliptical trainer. I am now doing that in addition to my cycling and walking. Very slowly I feel myself strengthening. It is frustrating to say the least, but since I know how my recovery progressed from relative fit form, I'm not panicked about the snails pace of this one. The most important thing for me is to listen to my body very, very closely and adapt and change up my activities and exercise routines so that I strengthen everywhere. I can get impatient and overly enthusiastic very easily and over-do it, then I suffer for days and nights afterward. Spasms, twangs, swells, etc. LOL Considering that the doc.s aren't finding anything wrong with your hip, perhaps you are experiencing a recovery similar to mine. I hope this helps. Oh, I'm 52, I was your age when all this started for me. My prosthetic hips are titanium and plastic spiced up with a few screws in the L hip. I don't know, are there different guidelines for ceramic joints?

nick g 2 months ago

Hi, I am 49years old, and have had ostio in my hips for over 3 years. Left is worse. Had THR of left on 18th April 2016. Ceramic implant. After about 8 weeks as movement increased, could feel movement in hip joint when bending over[never over 90 degrees]. Told doc. Now at 6 months it hurts like hell,is swollen and i feel more movement. have had x-ray and CAT scan, nothing? I am going mad. Dont know what to do. I miss living my life and playing with my kids. Was riding my bike a couple of kms per day, now its to0 painfull and im scared of doing more damage. Second opinions from Docs have told me Im expecting too much so early, but i was told I would be back at work by now but Im i hell. What should i do. People say get a lawyer, ok, but he wont fix my hip.

EDITH CARIOU 2 months ago

Hi !

I am a 66 female retired medical doctor living in Paris, France, and had my first total hip replacement on May the 18 th after having problems with my left hip (osteoarthritis). I had a great 6 weeks with my new ceramic hip and was able to do so much more than I was ever able to pre-op. However, on August 30, my replacement hip dislocated while I was simply in the kitchen placing dishes in a closet. I was taken to the hospital in such a pain by 8 firefighters who took me downstairs (4 floors) in a shell, where my hip was manipulated into place under a general anesthetic. Since that day I rest , walk very carefully with one crutch with great fear it dislocates again. My 3 months recovery will need to be very cautious and I bet I'll take back the 6 kilos I lost! I had anterior surgical approach and precautions are the opposite of the posterior approach. I am afraid of having been educated as a post approach!. Be very careful when watching Youtube: it depends on YOUR surgery. Ask your surgeon. Besides, in total hip replacement, correct orientation of the acetabular cup is essential for the stability of the prothesis. Malposition predisposes to dislocation. You always must climb stairs with the non-operated leg first.

Robbiedooo 2 months ago

Mer1 - 3 weeks is too soon to be concerned. Exercises are the single most important along with hip precautions. I was on a walker for at least 2-3 weeks the a cane for a week or 2. Physical therapy at home 3-4 times aweek then outside phys. Therapy for 2 months. I think my current issues relate to physical therapy exercise that added one day and did not have me do again because it created back pain and pool therapy i did 20 minutes without a noodle to hold me up and the therapists walked right up to me and did not point out. Opiates make you wonky and forgetful. The tightness will go away with moderate stretching exercises done during physical therapy.

Mer1 2 months ago

My hubby is 3 weeks post op from TLHR. He feels that he should be further along than he is. He is 72 & prior to surgery very active..went to gym regularly, weight not an issue. Right now he is off pain medication except for occasional Extra strength Tylenol. Walks with a cane, has been doing all prescribed exercises, but his hip feels really tight. He only is short distances, and has no problem with stairs. His replacement was because of osteoarthritis .

Rosehip19 2 months ago

Robbie - you are not alone. Today it is exactly five years since I had my hip replacement and guess what? I am still in pain. In the interim I have tried physio, Pilates, acupuncture, a private surgeon who recommended two lots of ultrasound guided steroid injections, and a personal trainer. I have a tens machine, heat pads, various creams and gels. Various supplements and dietary 'cures''. I can no longer walk the distances in the countryside that I so loved. I have difficulty getting out of the bath. I can't get up and down off the floor to play with my new grandson. The two flights of stairs in my house are presenting problems. As for sex - don't make me laugh! All the above has cost me dear, in emotional as well as financial ways. Advice, anyone?

Robbiedooo 2 months ago

I have read through a lot of your comments and amazed that so many of you have had successful thr. Mine has been a nightmare. If you have pain but can still walk without assistance, just get a shot and don't do it until you have no option.

I am 56 yrs old snd had thr on right hip on 2/15/16. During surgery they found my hip socket was also diseased so had to do different placement so as not to dislocate out the back. 2 weeks later I was back in hospital for revision, it dislocated out the front. Had severe nerve pain in left leg. My hip Doctor said nerve pain is caused by my back and he couldn't help me with that. I have since found out it is so common it occurs in almost every patient. My physical therapy went well even with nerve pain and 2 weeks before the end of therapy I had severe lower back pain after a session. Everyone is in denial since they don't want to be sued. All I want is to get rid of pain. Finally after 6 weeks my hip doctor referred me to back doctor and found after mri that my lower back was inflammed. Good news. 8 weeks and lots of meds later, my lower back hurts so bad it is affecting every area of my life. Did I mention that I have always been healthy and athletic up until the pain started in my knee and it band. Only yeaars later did I discover that pain was caused by my hip. Bone on bone. i thought I would be perfect candidate for this surgery. The pain is so bad and can't even walk around the block let alone do the basic exercises I need to get stronger. All of the phys. Therapy is like it never happened. My next step is shots in my back to reduce the inflammation. The back doctor will not even admit the inflammation has anything to do with hip recovery. I think my choice of doctors sucked. So 7 months later my life is awful and still in pain. Hip is good though. Its the related effects that will put you down.

ZenZen profile image

ZenZen 2 months ago

Hi Hippies. Carrie, I've had both hips replaced and revision surgery on one over the past few years. Before you are discharged from hospital you will probably work with occupational and physiotherapists to ensure you'll be able to navigate your environment. That's my experience. Express these concerns in your pre-op appointments they'll fill you in on their system. Also, prior to my surgeries I had a minor length discrepancy with my legs; now they are the same length. Stock-pile your patience recovery can be trying when you do the surgeries so close together. Try to get and keep yourself as fit as possible. I had a text book smooth recovery with my first, but then had a hard time getting strong after my second because the hip kept dislocating. Now I'm almost a year post on the revision and still struggling with strength, gait and flexibility and pain associated with rebuilding. The pain is nothing like the pre-surgery pain I had, (I had osteo-arthritis), but it is tiresome. I'm pretty sure that I'll be in fine form by spring. Best wishes for your surgery and recovery.

Carrrie 2 months ago

Hi everyone. I am 43 and have to have both my hips replaced. The left leg is being done first in 4 months. Then the right one hopefully 6 months after. My concern is my house is full of stairs. I have watched videos on how to do the stairs after surgery. The problem is because my left leg has shrunk considerably I go up with my left and down with my right. This is opposite of what all the videos show. I can't lift me right leg enough to go up on it. I can't bend my right leg enough to go down with the left leg first. Is there anyway to do the stairs other than up with the good one down with the bad?



Kate 2 months ago

Hi. I am 3 weeks post hip. Left superior, had anaesthetic complications. I was hoping to be further along in movement by now. But long trips in car seem to knock me around. With funny feelings in foot and coldnessIn leg. I have burning in my groin that bothers me. But apart from that I still feel better than I did before. I get around with no aids at home but when I go out I still use either one or both sticks. More for fear of someone knocking me. I am only walking about 500 - 800 mtrs but do regular excises that I have been given.

I'm sure I will continue to improve I just need patiences

Lynne Baker 2 months ago

I had my right hip replaced 10 weeks ago, at the age of 61. Initially the healing went well, but now I'm having continuous pain when I walk. It feels more like nerve pain than muscle pain, but it's hard to tell. For a while, it was just from time to time, but now walking is just painful all the time.I'm supposed to go back to work in one week, and I'm quite worried that I won't be able to function, as I'm a teacher, and on my feet all day. Any ideas would be appreciated.

jellym52 2 months ago


It is totally normal. I had a hip replacement 8 months ago with a great doctor too. I am 52. Left hip The muscles on the outside of the hip are so short and so tight the doctor said it will take at least a year to lengthen. I had hip dysplasia as a child (no hip sockets) and the left hip was never flexible) so I imagine those muscles are doing things they never did before. It IS very frustrating dealing with it and when I stretch them and work out it can be painful and I am not patient at all. So I empathize with you finance!

The doctor said I have to give it time! So I'm sure your fiancé has to do the same. Especially if it is a good doctor. The hip needs time to adjust and those muscles are not used to their new position.

Hope this helps!

Mckenzie 2 months ago

Hello hipsters:) I'm writing this because My fiancé had a hip replacement 8months ago we had a top notch doctor and he is not feeling pain like before but it has been 8 months and he is an electrician and is unable to work. He easily tires after a few hours is sore in his lower back due to tight quads, always sore and tired. Worried he will not be able to continue his career he is over weight at the time not obese but heavier, he is 39 years old . I'm sad and worried watching his struggle has anyone had anything similar or suggestions . Please email me at thank u

Doreen 3 months ago

For Jen: I had my hip replaced (anterior approach) 6 days ago. I have the exact same pain. In the buttock and radiates down the leg, into the groin, and in the cheek area. I had my other hip done in June and, if I remember correctly, this is normal and it means it's healing. Keep up with those pain meds - it gets so much better in a short period of time. Best of luck!

get 3 months ago

I am 78 years of age, and had a hip replacement 33 days ago. I am 5' 8" tall, and weigh 156 lbs (a man). My health is probably better than most my age. Within 2 weeks of surgery, I was able to take a few steps without a cane or walker. At 3 weeks, I could get by without them altogether. Today I am walking a mile a day, and I'm sure I could do more, but I don't want to overdo it. There are times when I have a little pain from muscles, but I do not require pain medication.

If you are considering a hip replacement, I would highly recommend it if you are a candidate. Just follow the instructions of your doctor and physical therapist. No need to suffer with a bad hip. The hip pain will be instantly gone after surgery. There will be some pain from the surgery itself, but mine was very bearable. Not much pain medication was taken at all. Don't suffer needlessly.

noodsmarie 3 months ago

Hi I'm 38 I had my RTHR done when i was 30 ... Then i was told I needed my left side done soon as well.. My right side went well it was done Anterior.. Never had a problem.. Now I had my LTHR done when i wad 36 and it was done posterior.. Recovery was ruff to the point I was scared... Then I got my grove back.. Went back to work and then pain from hell all over again like I never had surgery.. I have weakness in my left hip and I can't sleep on my left side my skin I sensitive to touch and I even get stuck when I walk I can't sit too long or stand to long.. I will have to slowly move my hip from the locked position it got in from doing whatever too long.. I even get jolted out of bed in the night from the excruciating pain I get... Has anyone else felt any of this.. I need some insight doctors make you feel like your crazy...



gaylee 3 months ago

I had my right hip done. I was in a car stopped at a red light .. the car behind me was stopped as well, the third car must have been on a phone but went right thru us. My knee his the dashboard ... I didn't know then but after 1/12 years of PT and every doctor from neurologist to pain management was done. When you are in a car accident everything is slowed down they don't want the expense. When an X ray was done it was bone on bone. The ACL move the tibia into the femur. I have the surgery went well... did exercise for months.. Even went back to the gym.. Now the left side is hurting... many people have one leg longer than the older especially with the surgery. So now I need the other done. I am just hope my balance will be ok since there won't be a normal hip...

Jen 3 months ago

Hi everyone. I am1.5 weeks out from an anterior approach total hip replacement. I've been having a lot of sharp and burning nerve pain inbmy buttock that is mostly center all but radiates down around the groin. Did anyone else have this sort of pain? If so, how long does it last?

Karoll 3 months ago

Had total right hip replacement 5/17/16. I'm three months out and doing great. Walk, bike drive. No pain.

Revision21 3 months ago

Hi all, had my hip replaced when I was 25 yrs old. That was back in 1995. My surgeon at the time did an extraordinary job and in 6 months I was back to my normal vibrant self. Even gave birth to my son exactly a year later 1996. Fast forward 21 yrs and I began to notice extreme pain and popping in my hip after long walks, which was new to me so I knew something was wrong. Went to see the ortho surgeon and low and behold the hip was failing. The fragments from the lining and metal were breaking off into my body and destroying my bone. I had the get hip revision surgery asap. Today I am 10 day post op of my hip revision surgery. My ortho surgeon replaced the lining of the socket, and also did some bone graphs to help heal my weakened bones around the prostheses that was damaged from the fragments of the old hip. As I stated, my first hip lasted 21 years, pain free. I was able to live my life and be as active as possible. Something that was virtually impossible prior to that. It was the best decision I could have made. The revision is 10 days in, I am experiencing extreme tightness in my groin area which I can feel down to my knee. I am hoping this will subside. Has any one experienced this?

Round2 3 months ago

Hi all, had my hip replaced when I was 25 yrs old. That was back in 1995. My surgeon at the time did an extraordinary job and in 6 months I was back to my normal vibrant self. Even gave birth to my son exactly a year later 1996. Fast forward 21 yrs and I began to notice extreme pain and popping in my hip after long walks, which was new to me so I knew something was wrong. Went to see the ortho surgeon and low and behold the hip was failing. The fragments from the lining and metal were breaking off into my body and destroying my bone. I had the get hip revision surgery asap. Today I am 10 day post op of my hip revision surgery. My ortho surgeon replaced the lining of the socket, and also did some bone graphs to help heal my weakened bones around the prostheses that was damaged from the fragments of the old hip. As I stated, my first hip lasted 21 years, pain free. I was able to live my life and be as active as possible. Something that was virtually impossible prior to that. It was the best decision I could have made. The revision is 10 days in, I am experiencing extreme tightness in my groin area which I can feel down to my knee. I am hoping this will subside. Has any one experienced this?

Elli 4 months ago

I had my L-THR 3 1/2 years ago when I was 36 and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. I was 10 when I was first told I'd need a THR. It never stopped me from doing anything, I did everything I wanted. Well until I put myself in a wheelchair. That's when it was time for a new hip. I was very fortunate to have an EXCELLENT surgeon who did not believe in pain. She prescribed some really strong pain meds the night before surgery and I never felt pain again. She didn't use staples, she used glue. Which is great because the scar is not bad. I still can't believe I've had no pain after being in pain for so many years. The only fear I have now is of getting an infection. I try to keep myself as healthy as possible, more than the average person.

MMS 4 months ago

I've had a tlhp around 3 months ago. I was recovering well at first but then a month after my surgery i've experienced weird spasms in my joint and back as well as unbearable pain.. Had to stop any exercises until the pain is gone.. Currently these spasms are gone, and Now i started doing some swimming, but no physical therapy whatsoever. However my legs feel so extremely weak! Both legs...and Im still using my cane hard to balance without it. Knowing that im 24 years old, i need to know if this is normal or not. I've been waiting for this surgery my whole life don't wna screw it up :(

Roberta67 4 months ago

I had a LTHR in October and was back to work in 2 weeks. I had the RTHR in November and was back to work in 3 weeks. I am 8 months out and back to T-25 work outs (with modifications). I feel blessed to have gone through this surgery and go back to a normal life. I had no pain at all and never took anything stronger than aspirin. Before the operations I couldn't walk any distance without horrible pain. (I am 58). I did follow a Paleo diet for 8 weeks before the first surgery. I also started biking long distances to strengthen my quads. I did exercise with the ellipitcal, even though it hurt I wanted to get stronger. This was an amazing experience. I have heard many stories about others that didn't fare as well. I know I am lucky, I had a fantastic doctor and followed all instructions to a T. I did a lot of walking while rehabbing and followed the instructions given to me for my exercises. The pain was gone immediately when I woke. I was extremely nervous about the surgery, especially after reading some of the issues others have had. Not everyone will have issues. I will update as time goes on. Good luck to anyone who needs to have the surgery. You will have your life back for the most part and be pain free.

Sue 5 months ago

Hello, I am 9 months post total right hip replacement. At approximately 3 months post op I noticed an indent on the right hip located 1-2 inches above the scar extending at least 8 inches from the side of my hip to mid-buttocks. Prior to this surgery, I had surgery to release a iliopsoas tendon impingement, but my tendon was severed instead of the procedure of lengthening it by making slits in the tendon and I know my severed tendon has caused, if not, complicated a condition of Sacroiliac instability as well as arthritis in both SI joints and my pubis symphysis. I need to have my pelvis, SI joints and low back gently manipulated every 3-4 weeks to keep everything in alignment (I've been hospitalized twice for 10-14 days each time for sacral torsion - also since my tendon was severed). 10 months post THA and I still walk with a walking stick & still in physical therapy 2-3 times a week. Now that I explained my medical issues....... My concern and question is this: If this indent on my hip is due to muscle detachment, how long does it take for a muscle to atrophy? Should I ask for a scope to determine what is causing this? If, atrophy has happened on my muscle, won't this cause my pelvis, hip and back to be even more unstable?

val 9 months ago

I had my hip resurfaced in sept 2007 which was ok until 2014 when I had problems including infection. in June 2015 I had hip revision surgery and was told it would be temporary for 18 months or so. It never held and caused problems. so in November 2015 I had the revision re done this time they only replaced the cup, however during the op my hip was fractured by a screw and I suffered excruciating pain for weeks. now 13 weeks on I am still on crutches, I am having hydrotherapy and I am suffering with pain in my lower buttock and side of leg . but cannot walk without aids. I am at my wits end now and have not been able to work since last june. I Just cannot get answers.

Allison 9 months ago

Today marks three years since my left THR, at age 29. So glad I made the decision I did when I did! A little over three years ago, in Dec. 2012 shortly before my surgery, I participated in a large Christian conference that is hel every three years. It took place at a large convention center, and involved a lot of walking. I was in pain, limping, resorted to used a cane for parts of it, and missed some of the "break out" sessions because by the time I got there, they were full.

Three years later, December 2015, and it was time for the conference again. This time I had the absolute pleasure of volunteering. I was able to fully participate, keep up, and complete all of my volunteer duties with no problems and NO pain! The surgery date is actually something I celebrate each year, because it reminds me of all God has brought me through in my life.

So glad to see this page is active again!

shinjo2018 11 months ago

I was 28 when i had my left hip replaced that was in 1998 recovery hurt like hell but best decision ive ever made. I recently had my right hip replaced due to arthritis and i am amazed at the recovery this time as opposed to last hip i had done less pain and will be on my feet in 4 or 5 monts less time than my last hip replacement. I have 19 yrs on my first replaced hip and still going ive plated sports lifted weights squats leg press and never had a problem with it. It did take me a long time to totally trust the implant i would still limp and have pain in my first hip for 1 to 2 years then one day it just became natural to me and i never had an issue i was told when i got my recent hip replaced that the left hip may need to be done in a couple years.i have to say i hate that i had to have my hips replaced but doing it was the best thing ive ever done.

Azhippie 12 months ago

2/14/13 right thr doing well .. Happy holidays ! Do your dr research! Get in shape for the big surgery.

Rosehip19 12 months ago

Have only just seen the kind message from Dee from many months ago, and thought I would update you all on my progress. I am 4 years post replacement, and have only just had a diagnosis of why I am still in pain. The tendon of the iliopsoas muscle is somehow caught on the socket bit of the implant which is sticking out a bit from the bone. I have now had two cortisone injections in that area, can have up to two more, which may well settle the problem. After that we are looking at keyhole surgery to release the tendon. I am feeling really optimistic now. Only trouble is that I have had to go private to get all this sorted and it is costing an arm and a leg (pun intended!).

Worriedgirl29 12 months ago

Hi all, I'm 29 and due to get a LTHR very soon. When speaking to the surgeon he said that due to meds I was on that there was an increased risk of infection. Round about 5 or 6%. He gave me worst case scenario of there being an infection, not being able to get rid of it and having to take the hip out after a potential year of misery and being left with a gap and not being able to walk at all!!! This has me terrified and really scared and apprehensive. Have any of you had this type of bother? I'm in a lot of pain the now so this op is meant to increase my quality of life hence getting it at my age but worried it will have the opposite effect. Really grateful for any responses and chats about this as I feel so alone. Thanks in advance!x

seabeegrandma 20 months ago

I had hip surgery 3 years ago and I was fine but now all of a sudden I cannot sleep on the side where the surgery was and I have pain I just wonder if that is normal I have had no problem since the surgery. Thanks

Dee205 20 months ago

Hi all, haven't been on in a long time but I popped in a saw a lot of "oldies" are back:/ I had a RTHR in May 2011 and LTHR in May 2012. Had a few glitches but things are good overall. Hope gkorbar, rosehip, viv bin, and Susan are doing well! This site really helped

gkorbar 20 months ago

Hi all, update, tomorrow is 3 weeks out from trhr, stopped pain meds a week ago. Walked 1 mile today no cane. Going to see surgeon today, hopefully can drive soon.

gkorbar 20 months ago

Hi hippies, 12 days out from RTHR, 3-18-15, left hip 3-12-12. Doing great! Felt ready to go home on day after replacement, had to stay 5 days because of my blood numbers. Got home and went straight to a cane walking around without cane at times. Feels good, curing pain meds down to one every 6 hrs. No strenght in lifting leg off bed if laying on back and also pulling leg back to center if slide out to side. I know muscles will wake up eventually. So far so good!

Ni 21 months ago

Hello everyone,

I'm 29 and had a total hip replacement 8 months ago. I did physiotherapy and continue to exercise. My recovery process seemed to be going well until I returned to work. Now I'm experiencing my leg lock and sharp pain that lasts for a minute or two, the pain is unbearable. I also feel a burning sensation in my thigh/hip and tightness in my hip. I met with my surgeon two weeks ago and he does not know why this is happening and I'm being sent to see if I have nerve damage. If anyone had a similar experience or can offer any suggestions. Any recommendations that may be beneficial in my healing process?

I would greatly appreciate it.


ZenZen profile image

ZenZen 21 months ago

Oh, gkorbar, It's worth it.

ZenZen profile image

ZenZen 21 months ago

Hi Hippies, I'm back. It's been a while. Stats: R-hip Jan. '12 then L-hip July '12. Right hip is perfect. Left hip is a (please pardon the expression) buggerhead. It started dislocating the the fall of '14, and has done so twice since and threatens me on a regular basis. It was the tough surprise surgery, so I'm not peeved with Doc. but as my Dad would say..."aye,yae,yae". Yes I'm giggling. This is a SLOOOOOW heal. Functioning but tender. And COLD! Do you feel ice thru your spiked bones on cold damp days? I find I have to wear woollen long-johns with nice elasticized leggings over top to feel warm and safe of left hip pop. Doc. is not considering revision surgery at present, but just puts me back on the 6 wk. restrictions whenever Left bugger decides to hop-pop out of socket. Sorry if I'm terrifying new hipsters here, but this is good info. I'm only 51.

Anyway, I'm back. Have missed you. XOX Happy healing.

gkorbar 21 months ago

Hi all, found out yesterday going to get new right hip. left hip replaced march of 2012. Im hurting pretty bad so will be glad to have done but still not looking forward to going through it again.

Susan 21 months ago

Thank you for your post, Rosehip. Your situation is very similar to my own. I, too, feel deformed, especially in certain clothes which show this big extended lump on the right side. Like you, I also have bursitis which hurts many days, and a weird indentation at the bottom of this lump. I have never tried any of the treatments you did, but my surgeon did say that, if the pain got worse, he would do Plasma Replacement Therapy, which he claims is better than a cortisone shot with less side effects. It's a new treatment which involves taking a small quantity of my own blood and injecting it into the painful area. He says it has a very high success rate for pain reduction.

I suppose this is the price we pay for being able to walk freely again, without limping and without a cane. My operated leg is also longer, and the physiotherapist said that this throws out of balance my body.

However, I have found the pain is reduced with a supplement recommended by a naturopath I went to - arthritis pain relief capsules which have 250 mg of natural eggshell membrane. They are the new wave of arthritis pain treatment, and after a few weeks, most of my pain is completely gone! They are truly amazing and the health food stores can't keep them on the shelf.

Cleeclive 21 months ago

Hi all, I had a full hip replacement on the left leg 8 days ago, escaped from hospital after 3 days, used crutches for 5 days then went to a single stick around the house.I am now using one or two crutches when outdoors depending on the distance walked.bIt did a mile this afternoon with two crutches, 8 days after the opening. The left leg is still very swollen but pain is reducing daily. Humping to walk in to see the surgeon next Wednesday with no sticks, as the daily rate of improvement is un_believable.

After months of pain and reducing mobility this surgery has been amazing.

I did watch the you tube video entitled total hip replacement, pleased I watched it after the opening and not before.

Rosehip19 21 months ago

Hi Susan! It was good to hear from someone else who still has problems 3 years after THR. In my case the consultant thinks that the socket part of the replacement was too large for me, and the protruding parts are constantly irritating the soft tissues at the top of my thigh. I also now have a misshapen thigh, with a large dent in the centre of the scar area, and the surrounding flesh bulging out. It can clearly be seen when I wear trousers and I feel deformed. I also have bursitis on both hips, and the operated leg is longer than before and seems to be angled differently as well. I have tried steroid injections, acupuncture, Pilates, personal trainer, TENS machine, etc. Ideas, anyone?

Susan 21 months ago

This blog has been very helpful to me over the years. I had a THR 3 years ago on the right hip, and it did take a long time to recover. I was wondering if anyone else has a very big lump on the side of the transplant. It developed over the last 2 years, and now, my body is quite imbalanced, and misshapen. The right hip area is at least 3 inches bigger than the left which throws off my gait and balance. I went back to the surgeon to show him, and he took an x-ray, said everything is fine, and then said, "This happens sometimes." I had never read anything about this as a side-effect of hip replacement surgery. I asked him what it was, and he said scar tissue and inflammation. But I wondered if anyone else has this problem, and whether it indicates excessive bone growth??? (as someone posted above) It doesn't hurt but looks very odd.

gkorbar 21 months ago

Hi Hippies,

It has been a while since I posted. LTHR 3/12/12. I had problem with Heterotopic calcification afterwards, body grew bone in soft tissue front of hip, couldn't bend much. I had surgery in June of 2013 to remove bone mass. I had to go back in a week later, hip swelled up, draining, opened me up again and put in drain. found out I had staph infection. spent all summer with an IV line in upper arm giving myself antibiotic injections. The antibiotic started killing off white blood cells, allergic, back in hospital, new antibiotic. Then again fevers, IV line was infected with E-Coli, new line put in, solved problem. That hip has been pain free now but still can't reach foot to put on sock or tie shoe, almost 3 years out from surgery. I have been having bad knee pain since last spring in right knee. Had steroid injection and lubricant in knee, no help. I went to Ortho surgeon last week, he took X-rays and said right hip and knee bad. Said could be hip causing pain in knee. Went for injection in hip, guess what, knee feels great. Only thing is probably need new right hip. I didn't believe doctor when he said my terrible knee pain was caused by hip, but I was wrong. Anyone else ever have pain in knee that was caused by their hip? I will have to go see doctor in couple of weeks, seems like shot is wearing off after 3 days, will update on whether I will need another THR.

Diane 21 months ago


Replaced hip. No problems for over two years. Playing tennis etc.

Hip got infected approximately two and half year latter. Orthopedic cleaned and replaced ball and tried for a year to treat infection with antibiotics, and other treatments for nine months. No luck. So he put in a spacer and a cement ball full of antibiotics which remained for eight weeks with no weight bearing. After this was removed I had a hip revision and over the weeks I went from 50% weight bearing to full weight bearing. Everything was fine for five weeks. Then I noticed a bright red hematoma over the original incission. It was about the size of a hand spread out. I went to primary doc. And it turns I fave two blood clots in lower leg. No pain. I was put on a blood thinner. Since then the hematoma has turned purple and as spread throught out my whole hip,and my hip has become very swollen.. My question is could the blood clots cause the hematoma? It is just not getting better! Help

wieman351 profile image

wieman351 22 months ago from harvey,La

Well, I have hit my three month mark on my left hip and it feels fantastic. My last follow-up visit, I gave my dr. a BIG hug and thanked him for giving me back my legs and told him now I can dance again. It still is a little bit weak, but I have to keep up my exercise to strengthen that muscle. I walk and use my exercise bike. In 2016, I am hoping to participate in the Breast Cancer Walk, in our city. Unfortunately my right hip is feeling it too. I guess from putting a lot of pressure on my right hip (which was done in 2011), the muscles are a little sore and it can be a little stiff too. But at least there is nothing wrong with the hip implant itself. If there was, I won't be able to put any weight on it at all and it would be excruciating. I am walking around with no problem and putting weight on both hips. I guess sometimes I can overdo it a little on my right hip.

Richard 23 months ago

Hi Anthony 8, I use my wife email address, my name is Richard, I'm a 34 year old sheep farmer. Had right arthroscopic 5 years ago, 17 chips of cartilage removed, my left hip was bone on bone then, which I had replaced 4 weeks tomorrow since. Walking near 2 miles a day now, was reasonable fitness before opening, but amazed how much easier it is now. Just want to be fit again and muscle strong ready for planning starting in February, March and April!!

vivbin 24 months ago

Can't believe it is over two years since I had my hip done. No pain- marvellous. Like you Tony, have arthritis in my other hip, but have no pain, so that is good news.

Happy holiday my fellow hipsters, and eternal thanks for all the support and advise over the months. Greetings from the UK. Vivien

Anthony8 24 months ago

Hi Jess,

If it's only been two weeks, you might be overdoing it a bit by walking a mile a day. It's great that you can, but I was accused of overdoing it by my home health care nurse and I was doing much less than you are. To be safe, I would just run it by your doctor. And congrats!

Wieman, congrats to you too! No twerking on the dance floor, okay? Haha.

Happy Holidays to my fellow hipsters. I can't believe I am 25 months post-surgery and couldn't be doing better. I never think about the hip and would never know I ever had anything done. And my left hip, which they said had arthritis too, is not hurting at all. I think it is benefiting from my 3-4 days a week at the gym.

Keep moving, kids! :-)


peds 2 years ago

Just had left the nearly 2 weeks ago, clips out in 2 days, already walking over a mile a day now, this is not classed as overdoing it is it?


wieman351 profile image

wieman351 2 years ago from harvey,La

Just came back from drs. off.; he removed staples and gave me the all clear for outpatient PT. I am rearing to go and for my X-Mas gift, a night out dancing. Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wieman351 profile image

wieman351 2 years ago from harvey,La

Hidiho and Happy Holiday my fellow Hippies:

It has been several months since I last posted, but a lot has happened since then. Well, on Nov. 4th I FINALLY had my left hip done. I don't know if any of you remember, I did my right hip in 2011 and now I finally did my left one. I didn't like the way the nursing staff treated me in the hospital in 2011, so I wanted to go to a different hospital for my left one and the hospital I wanted to go to, wasn't on our insurance plan at the time. Now that it is, I went and had my left one done. Now comes the agony of recovery!!!!!!! I'm sure most of you can agree that the first couple of weeks are the most painful. THANK GOD FOR ICE PACKS!!!!!!! Well, this coming up Wed. I am going to the drs. off. to have the staples removed (God that hurts) and I think the dr. has way to much fun pulling those damn staples out of my and watching me go AAAGHHH!!!!!! I am getting around ok using the walker, while I am on in home care. But unfortunately, I am also making my husband sick. Who else can say that they actually make their spouses gag. (HA, HA). I can't wait to start outpatient therapy and then after that, graduation!!!!!!!! I can't wait until this spring when I will be able to get around a hell of a lot more and either in 2015 or probably more like 2016, my neighbor and I are going to walk in a Breast Cancer Awareness marathon, to honor my late mother. Well, I will from time to time keep all of you up to date on my progress. The only other thing to say is: "OMG!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR ALL OF THIS CRAP TO FINALLY BE OVER!!!!!!" Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!!!

Anthony8 2 years ago

Hi Christine,

Congrats on your new hip, but sorry to hear about the burning sensation you are experiencing. The surgeon has to do quite a bit of damage to the tissue to do this job, and the pain you are feeling could be anything from nerve damage which will subside as you heal, to an infection that needs immediate attention, to several other things in-between.

I would recommend calling the surgeon's office as soon as possible to see what they recommend. Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress.


Christine 2 years ago

I had my hip replaced a week ago. Al of sudden while sleeping I have this intense tearing burning Sensation that I have to jump out of bed. Now I have it all thru the day. Anyone have this

Anthony8 2 years ago

Hi Barbie,

I would not accept that prognosis if I were you. I am not a doctor, but it is my understanding that different surgeons use different approaches to replacing the hip. The posterior approach cuts through more muscle and requires longer recovery times and dislocates easier. The anterior approach, which is the one I had, impacts different muscles and causes fewer problems.

At the very least, it seems like your doctors should have been sensitive to the damage they were doing - especially if they kept involving a muscle to the point where they now can call it "shot." Who should be responsible for that? Maybe they should have involved a different surgeon to use a different approach that would not have done so much damage to the same muscle(s).

I have to believe there is some way to fix this, either through rehab or a graft of some kind. I know you have confidence in your doctors, but I would be inclined to find the best orthopedic surgeon within 100 miles of you and get another opinion.

I will stop here so I don't incite you too much, but this sounds like something that did not have to happen and now they should do whatever is necessary to fix it. I mean why didn't they put in the correct-sized cup from the start?...sheesh, this bothers me.

Stay strong and positive.


Vivbin UK 2 years ago

Barbie, good luck. I am sure all will go well.

BARBIE 2 years ago

GREETINGS! Went to my surgeon for a pre-op visit. I'm going to have my 5th 30-year hip revision surgery in less than 1 1/2 years.

Doc examined me and I asked him what this mysterious lump was on my upper thigh that has developed over the last 6 months. He said it was excessive bone growth. Apparently, the bone has grown out of control in an effort to make up for lack of a functioning gluteus medius muscle. He's going to replace the acetabular liner with a larger one that hopefully will "capture" the femoral head and prevent it from any future dislocations or subluxations. He's also going to remove the excess bone growth for "estethic" resaons. Look's like I'm ALWAYS going to limp now, for the rest of my life; he said the gluteus medius muscle, which is responsible for walking straight, is shot to hell after repeated surgeries and manipulations. It is NOT savalgable. So, that explains why I can walk up and down the stairs, stand on line for a long time, and even dance in place without using a cain or walker, but as far as just walking straight, I am always going to have to use a cane or walker. This is very hard for me to deal with. I am a very young 55 year old girl mentally and otherwise physically, and having to use a cane or walker forever is something that I never imagined would happen. That goes to explain why physical therapy did NOT help with me walking straight. I don't know what the future holds for me, but I'm trying to take this day by day and try to convince myself that one day I will walk unassisted. I may just be kidding myself; I will know in the next year if this will be a permanent handicap. I could use a lot of prayers right now.

BARBIE G 2 years ago

Greetings Anthony (and any other interested parties.) Thanks for your reply and concern-----it really means a lot!

I am now 13 days away from my latest surgery--"capturing" the femoral head so I no longer slip out of the socket or have a total dislocation.

In reference to your question about seeing another surgeon, first of all, another surgeon in his office if going to "observe" my surgery because my surgeon said he's done so few of these in the past because he's rarely encountered a patient with my particular problems. But, THIS IS IT!!! YES, I do feel I have a very good surgeon. However, he's never had a patient like me with all these assorted problems. He said If I'm still limping one year after this surgery you can guarantee that I will always limp, which is totally unacceptable to me. I thought that you were allowed to go to physical therapy for as long as you wanted, but, no----insurance only picks up 12 visits. I mean, I can stand in line for a long time., go up and down the stairs, crawl on my hands and knees, and even dance, all without a cane or walker. The only thing I CANT do is walk straight without a cane or walker. I mean, if this surgery is a success, then that's great. But MY main issue is that I'm crippled, and surgery may or may not fix my limp. This is the last surgery I'm having with this Dr., only because another doctor will be assisting. People think I'm crazy to stick with my current doctor, but his record, aside from me, is unblemished. He might be biting off more than he can chew with my surgery. In any event, all I can do is pray at this point and give myself time to heal before I pursue other avenues, whether it be medical or legal. Just the pain and suffering I've endured is incalculable. I have painkillers at my disposable, but I take them only when my pain is totally out of control.

I'm seeing my surgeon before my surgery because several other things have developed. First, I have a hard lump on my upper thigh towards the hip that I didn't have until recently. Second, when I walk and press my fingers on the "lump" I can feel things moving around in there. And thirdly, occasionally I get such a sharp pain deep within the back of my thigh that is more painful than ANY other pain I've had in my hip. I think he should know all this before he operates, and see what he says about these new developments. This whole thing is so $#^W@%$ up that he may suggest that I NOT have surgery right now. Jesus Crackers!! Just waiting around till my visit with him next week. Ought to be an interesting visit. Again, thanks for your concern!! Bless you!

Anthony8 2 years ago

Wow, Barbie! Now I understand - thanks for sharing all that. Sounds like you have been to hell and back. What bad luck to fall and break your hip - I'm so sorry that happened to you.

Despite everything, you seem positive and upbeat and hopeful, and I completely understand why you are looking forward to surgery this month.

Through all this, have all the surgeries been performed by the same surgeon? If so, I'm guessing you must still have confidence in him? I wish I could be more helpful, but I have never had anything close to the experience you have. I hope some other folks can offer you some valuable insights.

I do hope you will keep us posted on your progress. I will be thinking good thoughts for you in August! :-)


Barbie 2 years ago

I've been limping since 1/31/14, when I had my second hip revision surgery in less than 1 year. My doctor tells me that I have a 50/50 chance of losing my limp after this surgery. Since I have had no improvement in my limp since my last surgery, I have a strong feeling that I will always limp. He told me that physical therapy after this surgery will probably not affect my limp.

Naturally, I am somewhat upset and depressed over this. I never thought that at 55 I would be disabled, possibly forever. I have to be grateful that at LEAST I'm still able to walk on two feet, which, after all this, is a definite blessing. Can anyone out there relate? At this point, I can use as much support as I can get. I truly empathize with anyone who has had hip revisions that have gone south. Have a great day and keep your chin up!!

BARBIE 2 years ago

Hi Tony!! Thanks for your response. Here's the rundown:

I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 13. I wore a Milwaukee walking brace every day, 23 hours a day for 5 years. The brace did nothing but stabilize my scoliosis. Never had back surgery until 1999 because L3-L4-L5 discs were pressing on the spinal cord. Been more or less pain free since then. The summer of 2012 I started experiencing bad lower back pain and groin pain. I was referred to a pain mgnt. specialist who performed 5 extremely painful procedures on my lower back to no avail. I was then referred to an orthopaedic surgeon, who refused my lower spine on 2/13/13. It was a great success!! No more pain or sciatica.

As my groin pain increased, tests were run and it was determined that I needed a THR on my right hip. On 4/26/13 the surgery was performed without a hitch. Less than 3 weeks later I fell in the doctor's parking lot and broke my hip in two places----the tip of the greater trochanter broke off, and there was a complete fracture on one part of the acetabulum. The doctor said he would not perform surgery because he felt these fractures would heal on their own, which they did not. After having severe pain all summer, on 9/18/13 he tried to re-attach the piece of the greater trochanter using cables, wires, a claw and a screw. After that surgery I was still in a lot of pain. Around the beginning of Jan. 2014 the femoral head started "slipping" out of the socket (I later found out the technical name is "subluxation", which means the femoral head does not totally dislocate, rather moves out of position in the acetabular cup, causing somewhat severe pain. I started to see the doctor several times a week complaining of this, but when I repeatedly asked him what was causing this, all he could tell me was, "I don't know". I always do a lot of research before and after my surgeries, and I asked him the degree of positioning of the acetabulum and size of the femoral head he used, he always answered me with flying colors.

On 1/31/14 my hip was in so much pain, he did another revision surgery, in which he removed all the hardware from my hip and replaced it with new components. One week later I was back in surgery because I developed a huge hematoma which was bleeding out where he had put staples on the incision line. For the next month I bled out through the incision. He tried a myriad of new-wave "vacuum" bandages which didn't help. After a month of this the hematoma basically dryed up and that was the end of that.

In March of 2014, I was at a restaurant and my hip finally and totally dislocated. I was rushed to the hospital, where it was put back in place. However, my hip contined to subluxate every day, up to 10 times a day.

I am scheduled to have ANOTHER hip revision on 8/18/14. In this surgery, the dr. is going to try to "capture" the femoral head using a larger acetabular cup. If successful, I will no longer have any subluxations or dislocations.

Believe it or not, I'm looking forward to this surgery. Every time my femoral head slips out of place I'm afraid that it will totally dislocate, which could be disastrous and put me in a wheel chair.

As for my chronic limp, the dr. has told me that chanc

Anthony8 2 years ago

Hi Barbie,

Sorry you have had such a rough go of it. I'm not sure I have an understanding of where you are at, medically. In August, will you have had 4 surgeries in less than a year? All on your hips? That doesn't reconcile with doctors telling you that your limp is due to scoliosis. If it's your back, why do they keep operating on your hips?

None of us have the information or credentials to tell you whether a doctor was negligent in your case. However, if you have lost confidence in the doctors who have been working on you, you may want to try others.

Although you are not alone in suffering complications, I don't think the results you are describing are typical, and most folks have pretty good results with THR. Of course, some recoveries take longer than others. If, in fact, you have needed 2-3 revisions in a year, that is a very unfortunate - I'm sorry you have had to go through that.

Please keep us posted on your progress and let us know if you have any other questions.


Anthony8 2 years ago

I had a long post never make it to the forum several weeks ago and then got busy and haven't been around. Sorry, kids! :-)

Derek, I don't know much about dislocations, not having experienced them myself. I think they are more common with the posterior approach and I had anterior. They did warn me about not allowing my op-leg to cross the center-line of my body, as that could cause a dislocation. I'm sure it was painful and I'm sorry you had to go through that.

I'm about 20 months post-op and I have absolutely no pain of any kind. I am doing low-impact cardio (elliptical, treadmill and stationary bikes) and weight training 3-4 days a week. I helped my daughter move a few days ago and amazed myself that I was able to carry heavy boxes up flights of stairs without touching a railing. I'm 55 and it's been many years since I could do that.

We had our first grandchild in December and I am so grateful that I can carry her around and get up from a sitting position while holding her. Two years ago, I would have had to hand her off to someone, in order to get up.

One of the best decisions I ever made was having this surgery. My advice: When it gets to the point that your hip pain is affecting your quality of life, do your homework, choose a great surgeon and hospital even if you have to travel to get there, do prehab and rehab religiously and have patience. It will all be worth it in the end.

Good luck!


derek 2 years ago

Face book have a forum, but i dont think they like negative comments, every thing seems to be rosy after t.h.r. we all now that is not so Derek.

Allison 2 years ago

1 year and 2 months after having hip replacement surgery at age 29, I completed my first 5K eve, which I mentioned in my post a few days ago. It was untimed, but I know it took me over an hour, probably slightly less than an hour and a half.

I was able to get in the first wave, so I didn't feel like I was lagging behind too much, except when people from what I'm sure were waves 2, 3, 4 and possibly 5 passed me. :D

But I finished, and that's the most important part. And my hip didn't give me any trouble.

Derek 2 years ago

Ihad t.h.r. 8 months ago, i had 4 dislocations soon after the op. was put in a brace for nearly 4 months, has been o.k. for past 3 months no pop outs,but leg still swelling, o.k. after a nights sleep, and a little pain, would appreciate any comments, thank you all, a great forum. Derek

Vivbin uk 2 years ago

Hi Tony and all hipsters. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. Yes, I think my problems were muscular since the pain has gone. I am using my exercise bike twice daily, water aerobics plus swimming lessons, so getting some exercise. I do, however find gardening quite challenging, especially bending down weeding. Very stiff, but hey, so much better than before my op when I could barely walk for more than 20 yards. hope you are all doing well.


Allison 2 years ago

I had my one year follow up yesterday. Well, one year from my last follow up, that is. I have NO pain, other than the occasional twinge. My doctor looked at my x-ray, asked if I had pain, had me walk, and told me to come back in a year. I'm doing a 5K in a couple of weekends (UN timed... It takes me about 1 1/2 hours to walk 5K!) and he seemed happy about that. So I'm doing really well!

I keep checking here to see if I can offer encouragement to the younger people out there having hip replacement. I may only be 30, but I am SO glad I decided to go ahead with surgery when I did.

Saundra Davis profile image

Saundra Davis 2 years ago from California

Hello Hipsters!

Stats: 53 yo LTHR 02 2013 RTHR 10 2012

I've been away for awhile, staying busy and active but wanted to pop in to say hi and let you know that I just finished walking my first ever 1/2 marathon in San Francisco. Yup, you guessed it, hills and all. I completed the 13.1 mile walk in 3 hours, 55 minutes and 59 seconds. It took me about 10 weeks to prepare and three days to recover.

I also learned of a product that I am certain was instrumental in my ability to do the race and recover quickly. Light compression clothing that I found at was simply amazing. No pressure while wearing them but my goodness do the feel good. Easy to get on and off (they are true to size) and I had no rubbing or any other issues.

I finally feel like I can get back to my normal activities. They have undershorts for men and I hope they make them for women. The hips were supported and I walked with no pain for the entire race.

I am forever grateful for the amazing people on this thread. You walked me through one of the most challenging events in my life (twice even). I may not be around often, but it think of you all and wish you a long and happy life.

Be well HIPPIES!

wieman351 profile image

wieman351 2 years ago from harvey,La

I just wanted to tell all you hippies that since I had THR on my right hip in Oct. 2011, today I did ALL my gardening for the first time in several years. I spent all day outside working in my garden and had the best time ever. I love my Ortho. dr. He gave me back my life.

rogue53 profile image

rogue53 2 years ago

I have been reading and participating on this blog for about 3 years, but I haven’t posted in a long time. But, recently someone said that even bad experiences are welcome so that members can see what can happen. So, I thought I would tell my experience, although it will be long!

I had pretty bad arthritis in my right hip for over 5 years and it became almost unbearable. I scheduled a total hip replacement for early August 2011- During the surgery, the doctor broke my acetabulum, the structure which holds the ball joint. He described it later to me as being "shattered". I spent more time in the hospital than originally planned, then was transferred to a nursing home for two weeks. The doctor had gone ahead with the hip components, after shoring up the broken pieces. I could not bear weight on the right leg for almost 6 months, using a walker instead. This put so much pressure on my wrists and shoulders that to this day, they still hurt. It also put pressure on my left knee, which already had a complete ACL tear without repair, and prior meniscus tears. So, in late December 2011, I was told by the original surgeon that I could now bear weight and use a cane. I had not been happy with my doctor's attitude- not doing any CT or MRI type scans after I had complained for months of feeling movement in the hip and also had very loud squeaks and other noises! I had scheduled a second opinion in early January 2012 with another orthopedist, who recommended a CT scan after hearing the noises. I had a CT scan a couple weeks later. After getting home after the CT that same day, I had a tremendous pain deep inside my buttock/hip area, and could no longer bear weight. I went to bed for a week and when I got the call with the results of the CT scan, I was told that I was subject to dislocation as there was a space where there shouldn't be-- making the hip components unstable, along with later finding out the screws were loosening. I told the 2nd-opinion orthopedist when she called with this news, that I thought it had already started to dislocate. After much discussion, she agreed to refer me to an out-of-network specialist at another hospital. But, this wait took 2 months, all the time with me being in a wheelchair. When I could consult with the specialist, he said he would schedule me ASAP due to the seriousness of the situation. Well, it took from Feb. 9, 2012 to March 12th, 2012 to get in for a complete revision surgery. He wasn't sure I would have enough bone, and that I might have to be non-weight-bearing again. But, good news-- it went better than he thought, and I could bear weight as soon as they got me up. But, at the beginning of the surgery, he spent 4 hours removing metal debris from my tissues from the metal components rubbing, and that was only rubbing for about 8 months.... he said it looked like some hip components he had seen that were rubbing for 20 years or more! So began a year of physical therapy.... trying to gain strength in my weakened hip muscle. First home PT, then out-patient. After about 9 months, I could finally walk without a limp. So, I was almost 100% until this past January 2nd, when I took a step and felt that pain deep inside again! No warning. You might imagine all the thoughts of "not again!", etc. An x-ray showed the bones and metal components still in place, but an ultrasound this week showed a tear in the IT band (always was sore there indicating a weak point- this is probably where it was cut through twice- once for each surgery). Also, there is a partial tear in the muscle attached to the greater trochanter which is the biggest part of the femur bone at the top. I have a lot of bursitis there they said- very angry and inflamed. No wonder I have been on the cane again since the beginning of January! I am back to wearing a brace on my left knee (I had meniscus repair surgery on that again in November 2012), as it is feeling stressed. I am to wear pain patches on my hip, take an anti-inflammatory and will be scheduled for PT again, to strengthen the IT band. Hopefully, the tears are healing on their own.

I hope this helps someone, and would welcome your thoughts.

kat 2 years ago

Hi! I had both hips replaced sept 2013 and Dec 2013. Both anterior. I am amazed at my recovery! I went back to work after two weeks on both. The only issue I seem to be having is with my hip I had done last. I am getting stabbing burning pain in my thigh. Its not anywhere near my incision. Its on the front about 5 or 6" up from my knee. The pain last for only a few seconds and then disappears. Its very random. Dr says I'm healing great. I have a little bursitis and got a cortisone shot. Has anyone else experience this??

JanVA 2 years ago

I had an anterior RTHR in November. I had not used the right leg for stair climbing (I live in a 3 story townhouse) for 4 years. I had something going on with my thigh also during that time with pain and could not use it for the stairs. After the operation that leg was swollen but after the swelling went down it was still bigger than my left leg because of not being used, especially for stair climbing. After my PT, which I am still doing for another week, it is down to the size of the left leg. Because I waited so long to have the operation done I have had trouble building up the muscles in the right leg but I am coming along. I have had IT Band trouble and Hip Flexor problems. It probably depends on what shape you were in before the operation and the PT that is being done after the operation. I am so thankful I have the operation behind me and give thanks every day for not having the hip pain anymore. I will not wait for the left hip to be replaced when it comes that time.

Anthony8 2 years ago

Hi wieman,

I don't remember having puffiness - hopefully, someone else will weigh in on that. Is this a new development or have you had that all along? Heat in an area is one sign of infection, but there are others, so don't totally dismiss that possibility. If you are having any redness, pain, itchiness beneath the skin, etc. - those are also all signs of a possible infection.

Viv, have you been exercising regularly? Could you have pulled something? This is a new problem, are there any other symptoms? Does the pain come predictably, when you do a certain thing? My sharp pains were generally temporary, and the result of certain muscles not getting enough work and weakening.

Most often, the need for a THR comes from arthritis - if it got that bad in one joint, it's likely affecting other joints as well. My left hip is not really painful yet, but they told me it will have to eventually be done. Also I have to ice my left knee after I workout as it does get sore. I try not to overdo it, but I have learned that if I stop moving and baby myself, I pay a higher price of immobility.

So, remember, some of our aches and pains are a normal part of the aging process and the degeneration of our bodies. The best thing we can do is to exercise sensibly as much as possible, and seek PT if we are having trouble strengthening certain areas on our own. That commercial that says "a body in motion tends to stay in motion" is so so true!

Wieman and viv, you know your bodies better than anyone and if you think something is wrong, get it checked out. I was a bury-my-head-in-the-sand-and-it-will-go-away kind of guy, and I still don't run to the doc for every little thing, but I paid a high price for letting things go with my first bad hip.

Good luck and keep us posted. :-)


Vivbin uk 2 years ago

Hi Wieman 351 Although not exactly the same, I am having problems with a really sharp pain on my bottom, slightly above the op site. I had a TLH replacement in August 2012 and have been doing really well. Feel a bit silly as I posted a comment about 2 weeks ago saying how well I was doing!! I have no puffiness, in fact quite the reverse, more a hollow part near to the scar. Any ideas? I am not aware of hurting myself. Do have swimming lessons and use an exercise bike ( upright variety).


wieman351 profile image

wieman351 2 years ago from harvey,La

I had my surgery in Oct. 2011 and had a question. First, I don't have any problems getting around in fact I feel great. Although I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this. Sometimes my hip will feel a little stiff especially after doing a lot; and sometimes my thigh will feel a little sore like I have worked it and also has anyone noticed that the thigh area is a little puffy. Not swollen, but puffy. My leg doesn't feel hot so it is not an infection, it just looks a little puffier than my other leg. Other than that, I am able to do gardening again, even though I still have to have my left leg done. FYI, I haven't said anything to my doctor yet about this b/c first I don't think (at least I hope) it is not that big of deal and second, I don't want the doctor to give me a hard time about having my other hip done. Basically when I am ready, all do it. But I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same experiences. Oh also, what about exercise bikes? Which is better for people like us, recumbent or upright. I just bought a recumbent and I have to confess, I can't ride it with a lot of tension.

Harold 2 years ago

seven months ago, 14 August 0013, i had a l.t.r.h., in the following 3 weeks i had 4 dislocations, they put me in a brace for 4 months, brace came off 6 weeks ago, up to now, walking every day and doing my exerscises , things seem to be o.k. just praying things will be o.k., after my operation i was so careful, cannot understand the pop outs, any one had similar, am nearly frightened to sneeze, thank you.

Anthony8 2 years ago


Sorry you are having problems. My advice is to seek out a good physical therapist. There is no doubt that you can improve with the right exercise regimen. A good PT will evaluate you and isolate the weaker muscles and develop an exercise plan that will target those areas. I did this and the improvement was remarkable!


p.s. So sorry to hear of the troubles some others are having - thanks for sharing, hang in there and keep us posted.

Shishka Bob 2 years ago

Andreathena: It sounds like you are dealing with weak groin muscles. This muscle group does not get stronger unless you purposely work them. You should go really slow because they are delicate. Get a length of some surgical tubing, available at any pharmacy, or anything similer that is stretchy. Tie it in a loop and put it under the leg of something heavy, like a dresser or something. Then all you have to do is put your foot through the loop and use it for resistance training ... doing scissors-type motions, both pulling sideways towards you, across your mid-line as well as pulling outward, away from your mid-line. It will hurt so go easy. You will pay for it for a few days afterwards, so take your favorite anti-inflammatory. Do this every few days for a couple of months and you might be surprised.

By the way ... in typing this post it got mysteriously messed up with whole sections dissapearing. Apparently the site is having issues.

Andreathena profile image

Andreathena 2 years ago

I can't believe the post I just made, disappeared. I was towards the end. I will synopsize.

During one year post op, with surgeon, last week, he told me to "live with it or have TOTAL hip replacement surgery." WHA?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

He only spends about two minutes with his patients, post-op, and then is gone from the room, leaving many un-thought of new questions of this patient that need to be addressed. So that brings me here.

Active walking, 73 year young, slender female, fell a year ago and fractured hip, no arthritis, so Dr. did a PARTIAL hip replacement surgery. I live alone and had to become active early. I began walking within same day of surgery, climbing stairs, in 3 weeks, tying shoes in 3 months. All was fine except the stabs in groin that still exist, mostly upon lifting and hauling in groceries....about $60.00 worth....3/1/2014, heavy but I have always been strong and my attitude, positive. I don't want to have a complete hip replacement surgery. So I guess I have to live with it but I would like to pose a couple of questions and ask for your feedback if you would be so kind to respond.

I want to know IF a hip can continue to improve "after" that one year op. It stabs in my groin upon motion of getting up or sitting down, unless I use arms on chair. It is brief but infrequent....several times a day. IF I lift groceries from my car to my second floor apartment, the hip stabs me for many days afterward. I need to know if there are exercises I can do that will strengthen the hip and lessen the pain or frequency of it . Dr. did not prescribe rehab or exercises after op....only lots of walking. I did that. ( at appt. last week, one year post, x-rays looked normal )

Question: In your experience, can this hip continue to improve with weight bearing exercises using dumbbells? I have 1, 2, and 5 lb. dumbbells that I could begin using, if it won't make my condition worse.

Do you know of anyone who continued to get better, after that all important one year, period I read so much about. Do I need to be exercising and if so, what kind of exercise? I know you can't prescribe, but perhaps you, or someone you know, have had similar experiences you could express, to me.

Please do advise, if you are familiar with my complaints. I need to know this hip can continue to improve, with more walking. Again, I am slender, so weight is not an issue relative to groin stabbing complaints. It it were, I would lose weight.

Feel free to address me as Andie, should you wish.

Thanks, and all the best to each of you.....:)

Rosehip19 2 years ago

Vic - so sorry to hear of the struggles and pain you have been through. However I think it is important to hear of the operations that do not go to plan as well as the successful ones. I too had a thr in September 2011 (in the UK), and I am also not out of the woods yet. Not as bad as you, but it seems that my implanted socket is slightly too large for my body and it has set up a constant irritation and inflammation in the soft tissues. Not bad enough for a revision op, but I have just had my second steroid injection and the pain is subsiding a little. Let's both of us hope that we eventually end up with working hips and no discomfort. (And then sod's law will probably ensure that the other hip will go :-) !)

Vic 2 years ago

At shiksa bob, his name William Simonet ortho surgeon out of Edina Minnesota.

He had a good reputation at one time. He was the Minnesota North Stars hockey team physcian. He was my second opinoun, he did a shoulder surgery on husband.

Have not spoke to him since he sent me to the neourologist. I pursued a few attorneys and they basic blew me off, stated I need proof he made a error.

I have 4 years if I want more opinions, right now I need a mental break from that nightmare. I feel it's time to get his name out there and tell my story so this can be preventive to others.

I have learned you never give up and pursue the drs. until they can help you with your problem. I have had a cortizone shot in recent months and helps with inflammation. I still experience pain from scar tissue but can live with that comparable to the pain a year ago.

I have not planted my garden in 3 years, this spring I will be digging and planting.

Thanks for your kind Reply

Shishka Bob 2 years ago

Vic: What a nightmare! It is so important that you posted your experience here because folks coming along will need to read about what can happen. We have to be pushy, direct and get a good sense up front. No surgeon is perfect but it does sound like yours was not honest, and that is a moral / character issue.

Skill sets and character can be assessed by asking around about a surgeon's reputation, and the way that industry operates a surgeon has to knock out a lot of procedures in order to make it. This is in favor of the savvy patient because the surgeon's reputation rests on results and word does spread, so folks do well to ask a lot of people if they have heard of the surgeon they are thinking of using before they take the plunge. If you get an attitude from the surgeon early on DON'T USE THEM.

You had a long haul, Vic, and it may be that you are on the good side of things now. Don't be afraid of your pain, but learn to understand what it is that hurts, and keep moving things. Keep on top of the inflammation and this will help you tremendously. Your body is resilient beyond your wildest dreams, and you can get it all back if you keep at it!

Vic 2 years ago

Marian Jane I truly feel your pain. Sept 2011 I had a left hip replacement. At the 6 month mark I was still in so much pain my surgeon told me I was a complainer and recommended a neourologist for nerve pain. She did test for nerve damage. No luck sent me to a pain clinic. Told my sad story to this dr. and he sent to a back dr. This dr. did X-rays of my hip and he said it appears you might have loose hardware. He sent me to a hip revision dr. At this point I was so emotional and physically sick I could barely eat or get out of bed. When he looked at the X-rays he said the same thing it appears not for sure. I went into surgery as elective surgery. He opened me up and literally picked up the hardware. Pathology report came back discovered I had staph aerous infection. I had a pic put in my arm for intervenous antibiotics and the infectious diease dr. took over for the next 8weeks. I had a temp hip put in until the infection was gone. No weight barring for 3 months. Pretty much bed ridden. Had the new hip put in but not without complications again devoloped a hematmoma. Back to the operating table, 5 more days In the hospital. Had home care, pt came to my home for 6 weeks. It has taken well over 2 years to rehab this hip. I lost 30lbs which was almost to much for me I am a thin person. I worked very hard to get my strength back and after telling this nightmare story I feel for each and everyone of you that have gone through complications. A life changing experience for a 52 year old. God bless all of you.

Vivbin UK 2 years ago

Hi fellow hipsters. Just signing in to give you a quick update. Am now 18 months post right hip replacement and am now going through days of not even thinking about it. still have occasional twinges if I do something silly like doing too much gardening. Thank you all for your support over the months and all the best to everyone. Vivien

Azhippi 2 years ago

Feb 14 one year out THR had 6 months of hobbling and nuero deficits now pretty much back to normal . Working out and keep moving ! ocassional ache at night ! Worth the long trip it's been ! Keep on truckin'

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