Hip Replacement Recovery: What to Expect, Timelines, Outcomes

Updated on May 31, 2017
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The author is a biologist who worked in conservation, aquatic biology, and woodland management over many years.

Many people recover fully from a hip replacement within three months.
Many people recover fully from a hip replacement within three months.

A Note From the Author

Several years ago, my uncle had total hip replacement surgery. When I searched for information about the operation and recovery, there was little to be found. So, with help from an orthopedic nurse, I wrote this article in order to provide others with an outline of what to expect.

Since publication, the article has acquired nearly 3,000 comments.

It is these comments that make the page valuable. For a purely medical perspective, there is now a wonderful resource here: https://www.niams.nih.gov/health_info/Hip_Replacement/

For more detailed and personal experiences, the forum (at the bottom of this page), is an invaluable resource.

The Operation

Any surgery brings its worries but hip operations are routine and the techniques are well tested. Around 300,000 operations were performed last year in the US, alone. There is a very low rate of complications and hip replacement recovery is usually very good. For many people, a return to simple activities like walking a dog without pain are the gift of a lifetime.

As long as you have chosen a reputable hospital you should be able to let your medical team conduct your aftercare with full confidence. They know what is normal and expected during recovery and what is not. As long as you keep them fully informed of how you feel, they can take the best steps to reassure you or tackle any problems.

The op will take around 3 hours.
The op will take around 3 hours.

Typical Recovery Timeline

  1. The operation. This takes up to 3 hours.
  2. You will be monitored in a recovery room until you wake up.
  3. Once you are awake and ready to move, you will be taken to your hospital room.
  4. From the first day after surgery until you leave hospital, a physical therapist will introduce you to various exercises to speed up a return to full mobility in your hip.
  5. Returning home- you can travel in a normal car, though you will need to keep your leg straight. Some people with smaller cars remove the front passenger seat of their car and sit in back. Usually this isn't necessary. Your nurse can advise.
  6. After you return home (usually between one and three days after the operation) a physical therapist will work with you 3 or 4 times a week.
  7. Staples closing the incision (or incisions) will be removed after 14 days.
  8. You will be encouraged to gradually build up the amount of exercise as the weeks pass, though it is important to avoid falling and stairs will be a problem without the help of crutches or a walker.
  9. You can start driving again about six weeks after the operation unless you are still using pain medication.
  10. Follow up visits to your surgeon are typically at 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

The fitter you were before the operation, the better your chance of full recovery.
The fitter you were before the operation, the better your chance of full recovery.

Full Recovery

For many people, their new hip is a joy to use after only three months. They can walk long distances, cycle and even hike up mountains. For others, recovery might take longer- perhaps even a full year. This depends on many factors like pre-operation fitness, age, weight, discipline in following exercises routines etc. Certainly, the more closely you follow medical advice and the more you talk to your doctor, the more likely you will recover at an optimal rate.

Lifetime of Replacement Hip

Technology is always advancing and hip replacements are lasting longer and longer. A recent study found that the majority of hip replacements installed twenty five years ago are still fully functional.

The lifetime of new prosthetics is expected to be even longer.

Complications of Hip Replacement Surgery

Blood clots in the leg need to be carefully managed by the medical team with medication and special stockings.

About 2 percent of patients will suffer a serious infection. This usually results from bacteria entering the body after the operation, sometimes from dental work or sometimes from skin or urinary infections. Any dental work should be preceded by a course of antibiotics.

Things Patients find most Difficult after Surgery

Shortly after surgery:

  • A burning sensation around the area of the incision. This can be treated with icepacks. The incision area should be kept dry, though.
  • During sleep you shouldn’t cross the operated leg over the 'center line' of the body for a few weeks to avoid stressing the muscles and ligaments of the hip. Use plenty of pillows to support the leg comfortably and keep it in place.
  • Pain in areas around the hip not previously affected. Trauma to various tissues during surgery can result in temporary pain- always mention any discomfort to your doctor.
  • Clunking sounds from the prosthetic. In the first few months after surgery, the muscles that normally keep the hip joint tightly in place may be too weak. This can cause partial separation of the ball and socket, resulting in strange sounds. These should disappear with time. If there is any pain, talk to a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Emotional impacts. Some people have unrealistic expectations of the amount of time it will take to recover. They feel bad that they are letting people at work or home down or that they are a burden afer the operation. There are some great, candid discussions in the forums linked to below. Thinking- and talking- issues like this through before your operation could save a lot of upset.

After a few months:

  • Stiffness after sitting down for a while, which might mean using a stick to start walking.
  • Sudden jarring of the foot (produced by jumping say) can cause pain
  • The joint may squeak during prolonged exercise.
  • Hip replacement recovery after a year or so
  • The vast majority of people simply forget they have ever had a hip replacement.

Hip Replacement Recovery Forum

The forum below is vast and can be opened successively in increments of 500 posts.

If you have a particular issue, the search feature in your page browser can help you to find comments that are relevant.


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    • profile image

      Maria1520 7 days ago

      Hi Rick,

      I wasn’t told any restrictions for being a passenger in a car, but my body certainly let me know what was and still is too much. I had s total hip replacement back in July. In the beginning, all car rides had to be done with me sitting on a fluffy pillow. I couldn’t ride in a car for any longer than 30 minutes. As time went on, I could handle riding in the car for longer periods of time. Now at 5 1/2 months post op, I have ridden and driven a car for about 2 -2 1/2 hours. I don’t need a pillow anymore, but when I get out of the car I definitely have to walk for a minute cause I’ll feel stiff. My little piece of advice would be to take breaks and walk a bit to keep from feeling stiff. Also listen to your body. Good luck!!

    • profile image

      DJ 2 weeks ago

      Add Your Comment.i am 65 and female..had total hip replacement do to a bad fall 8 weeks ago. Walking unaided except for longer distances, then use cane or walking stick but usually nothing. Am having some pain in good hip after being on my feet a long time or walking more. I have more discomfort in good side now than the hip that was replaced. I have a slight limp too. Am wondering if pain in good hip is from limp or what? Doing PT once a week and just have one more scheduled and can do all exercises pretty easily. Never had any problems with hips before fall.

    • profile image

      Rick 2 weeks ago

      Are there any restriction in car travel as a passenger? Doctor has said no air travel for 6 weeks but what if I need to ride as a passenger for 6 hours?

    • ZenZen profile image

      ZenZen 2 weeks ago

      Hi fellow Hippies.

      Joel, no need for a cane after only one month? Did a professional assess your gait and tell you that you could drop using it? Usually it's a minimum of six weeks before assistive devices are even assessed for potential elimination. Please try not to worry too much. Definitely get your lumbar spine checked out, but I suspect you're pushing too hard too fast. I know from experience; I've had both hips replaced and a revision, ( which may as well have been a THR), since 2012. I'm now 53 years old.

      Please remember this is a major surgery you are recovering from and it takes time to heal.

      We should not be blase or dismissive about our recoveries even if the medical establishment treats us as though we've had a tooth extraction.

      TracieinCA, same thoughts apply to you. I'm astounded that your THR's were done so close together. Please be gentle with yourself. Lots of hot baths and stretching after exercise and massage if you can swing it. Balancing the healing waves after double THR is super tricky. You need extra patience with yourself. I don't know your age, but I think you are attempting to do too much too soon. Listen to your body, that tightness is telling you to chill a bit.

      Recovery is a lot slower than we are led to believe.

    • profile image

      TracieinCA 2 weeks ago

      6 months post THR on left. 12 weeks post THR on right. Had quick and pretty pain free recovery on left. Struggling with sore joint & groin on right. Can walk assisted with a cane. I've been working with PT, do 1 hour of Strength/stretch exercises+15 minutes on recumbent bike twice a day everyday. Haven't found a good balance to keep my right hip joint loose. Always feels tight and restricts my movement. I haven't done much Walking because it's uncomfortable, but wondering if I should push through? Should I back of PT strength exercises and focus more on stretching and walking? Also suspected that my right leg is 1/4-1/2 inch longer since surgery and I'm wearing a 1/4" lift. I remember having the same feeling with the left hip but it went away. Imaging confirms that joint is unchanged since surgery and surgeon says a possible 1/4" difference but not convinced. Looking for suggestions and reassurance that my recovery is on track.

    • profile image

      Joel 3 weeks ago

      I had total hip replacement three and a half months ago. I was doing great, no need for cane after a month still undergoing PT twice a week. Suddenly I have developed severe burning around groin area. Surgeon told me hip replacement seems ok and cut down on Pt. Some stiffness in hip area has now accompanied the burning. which is getting worse.No idea if this is related to hip replacement. Please advise . My internist sent me to X ray lumbar spine and pelvis. I am getting very worried.

    • profile image

      Zoraida 3 weeks ago

      I'm five weeks post-op hip replacement surgery. I'm having a lot of stiffness and some pain. Returned to work at exactly five weeks but has been very difficult. At the end of the day i'm really stiff and in pain, but I know that will all pass. Looking forward to better pain, less stiffness days!

    • profile image

      Dj 4 weeks ago

      I've had THE 2 weeks ok.the problem in having with this the is feels like very tight muscle spasm in butt and side of incision. Nothing is working for pain. I've been taking muscle relaxers and pain meds. Not helping. Why pain in butt when cuts in front.

    • milero profile image

      milero 5 weeks ago from Gloucester UK

      Hi Jean,

      It will come just you will need to be patient, your body has become used to the inhibited movement of your bad hip, it now needs to relearn and the muscles need to become flexible again.

    • profile image

      Jean Murphy-Wong 5 weeks ago

      I had a right THR 10 weeks ago and am still going PT 3 Xs a week. When they measure my hip I can only go 55 degrees hopefully someday getting to 90 degrees. Why is this taking so long. I waited for 10 years to get hip replaced and doc said worse hip h had seen in 25 years of practive.

    • profile image

      winona 6 weeks ago

      Anyone had problems with swollen ankle on opp side plus heal pain on both feet?

    • ZenZen profile image

      ZenZen 6 weeks ago

      Hi Maria 1520. I wouldn't worry. You're only 15 weeks post op. It's natural to still be tender. In time you'll suddenly find yourself comfortable sleeping on your operated side. I can't remember when that happened for me, but it did happen for both my hips; and it was gradual. I do recall reaching a healing plateau around 4 months into recovery. And now, that dreaded word: patience. Glad to hear everything else is going well.

    • profile image

      val56 6 weeks ago

      Hi everyone,

      I am helping to care for my stepmom. She feel and had a partial hip replacement 4 weeks ago.

      She is 89 and going strong, before this fall she was in great shape. She actually lives in NYC and was here in Fl with me visiting when she fell. Being out of state has been an insurance nightmare!!

      She was finally able to go to rehab after almost 2 weeks in the hospital.

      I am concerned that she is should be allowed to walk more...

      they have her in a wheel chair and only using the walker in actually therapy. Before she left the hospital she was already waling to the bathroom with her walker.

      We are now at 3 weeks post op....

    • profile image

      Maria1520 6 weeks ago

      It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Are any of you are able to sleep on your side? I have tried pillows, towels, shoving my comforter under my side and a body pillow. It never fails. It starts to hurt. Is this something that will take a lot longer to do? I’m 15 weeks post op and that is the only thing that I wish I could do but can’t. Any suggestions? More walking or maybe strength training???

    • profile image

      Steve 56 2 months ago

      8 days after hip replacement my knee has gotten tight but was feeling good. Common?

    • profile image

      Maria1520 3 months ago

      Hi Everyone,

      Monday will be 8 weeks since I've had my surgery (anterior left THR). I am thinking about going back to work. My doctor has me out on disability til 10/17. Should I stay out til the 17th or is it ok to go back in a week or 2? I'm not walking as far as I would like. I don't use my cane anymore. Only complaint I really have is when I sit in a regular chair for 20 minutes or so I'm in pain and stiff when I get up.

    • profile image

      BetsyInVT 3 months ago

      Thanks Milero and Maria! So good to know! And Milero, I am so, so sorry about your dislocations! Scary! I definitely don't wish for falls and dislocations!

      Thanks again!


    • milero profile image

      milero 3 months ago from Gloucester UK


      go steady, don't get on the floor, my profile picture is my LHR which dislocated twice in 3 days nearly 3 weeks after surgery, believe me, you don't want that

    • profile image

      Maria1520 3 months ago

      Hi Betsy,

      I think it might be too soon to get on your hands and knees to scrub the floor. Can you use a regular mop instead? Even mopping might be risky. What if you fall? That would be awful. You may feel great right now but you may certainly pay for it afterward. When it comes to cleaning your home I would not rush into anything. Something as simple as taking a laundry basket from one floor to another may seem easy. Then after doing it your body will let you know that maybe that was not a good idea. Is there anyone that can help you at home? If not, I would just be very careful.

    • profile image

      BetsyInVT 3 months ago

      I am 10 days post op for a DAA (anterior approach) total hip replacement and doing quite well. is there any reason i shouldn't get down on the floor (on knees to wash floors, etc?) i often have been on the floor in the past

    • milero profile image

      milero 3 months ago from Gloucester UK


      sounds familiar to my recovery on my first THR 6 years ago, you have simply gone too quickly, my advice would be to back off 50 % and slow down, ice the affected area and be patient

    • profile image

      lisa durso 3 months ago


      I had bilateral hip surgery June 26th and like you had no pain meds and was doing great and walking with out aides the very first week- was feeling so good until this week I started with some pain that was even hard to walk through- dont understand why as I have been walking 3- 5 miles a day with no pain - like you not not enough to take me out o the game but a step back for sure - If not better in a week or so I may call doctor - hang in there and hope you feel better - Lisa

    • profile image

      Valerie 3 months ago

      I am nearly 7 months post first hip replacement and 4 months post second hip. I can now walk unaided around home, but still require walker when doing any distance. The pain is diminished considerably, but when I first get up in the morning, I cannot move a step without the walker and the pain is considerable. This slowly goes away with movement. I guess I feel it is moving too slowly. I have spinal stenosis as well and have had surgery for that. I guess my fear is that my back is part of the problem. Hoping it is not. Anyone else having any of these issues?

    • profile image

      Maria1520 3 months ago

      The only person I can offer some advice to is Paisley. I stopped taking Mobic before I had my surgery back on 7/17 because I was have heart palpitations while on it!! I also swear it gave me high blood pressure. I no longer have high blood pressure or the palpitations. Fast forward to today I am 7 weeks post op and instead of taking anti inflammatory pills I would take extra strength Tylenol for pain. That helped along with putting ice on it. I no longer take any drugs. Another thing is if you are starting to feel pain maybe you should take a break. We have to listen to our bodies. If something starts to hurt then maybe you could take a break from the activity you were doing. It's great to finally start to feel normal again. I can't wait to be able to walk on the bike path for an hour nonstop.

    • profile image

      Skiles 3 months ago

      U.S. resident with THR APRIL 2017. I'm 44YO male. Surgery went well. The surgery took approximately 1 hour with 6" incision on front hip area. No screws in any replacement parts. Up walking as soon as spine block wore off. Unassisted walking in 2 days. I stopped pain meds that day. It's not because I'm a tough guy but because it wasn't that painful (honestly), meds made me a zombie, and I have 3 kids under 3YOA (can't be a zombie). In 7 days, no pain and walking largely normal. Fast forward to today, SEPT2017. I've not gone overboard on any exercise as a runner, boxer, and jujitsu practitioner. In fact, I've only worked a little heavy bag at about 20%.

      My belabored point isn't anything other than offering information as today, I have some soreness. It's not debilitating, but it's very noticeable and hindering in movement. Has anyone experienced this? Has it gone away? What did you do if the pain didn't go away or did go away? Thank you in advance.

    • profile image

      Paisley 3 months ago

      6 weeks post surgery; anterior hip, a lot of weight bearing pain after I started doing minor farm work (Livestock handling) and stopped the Mobic..

      I don't want to continue the high risk anti inflammatory drugs, will aspirin in high doses work as well?

    • profile image

      lisa d 3 months ago

      Hi everyone- I had bilateral hip replacement June 26th 2017 I am 65 days post op and doing pretty good- only thing is my left side is doing amazing and my right side not as good- I am not 100 percent myself but 100 percent better than before surgery if that makes any sense - I have been off pain meds since day 5 and anti-inflamatoy meds since week four. I had an infection on my right side stitches , I am wondering if this is why my right side doesn't feel like my left- the outer rotation on my right is killing me along with my right knee. I have been walking since day 5 and at times can walk up to 5 miles. Walking feels better than sitting, very stiff from sitting to standing. My scars burn from time to time. Has anyone who has had bilateral had same thing with differences from side to side?

    • profile image

      Zaneta Anderson 3 months ago

      Hi there, today is 3 weeks after my surgery. I'm 47 years old and I had right hip replacement surgery in UK. I was up next morning after surgery walking on crutches with no problems. I was home after 4 days and one week after my surgery I ditched the crutches. I stopped all medications after one week and very occasionally will take painkillers on a very bad day. Two weeks later I've done 4.9 km of walking in the park with my dogs. Have to say that evening I was very tired. My wound heal up well, there were no external stitches, just peeled the steristrips off after 10 days and job done. Only problem I have at the moment it's occasional strong knee pain on operated leg and numbness on mid tight. Is anyone experience the same problem? I am very happy with the progress and can not wait for full recovery which I hope is not that far away

    • milero profile image

      milero 3 months ago from Gloucester UK


      go back to your sticks, as I came off mine way too early and suffered for several months after. My physio recommended walking poles ( amaz0n £16.00 ) and these were excellent in making the transition from crutches to normal walking, be sure to go you tube walking with ski poles as you have to walk a certain way.

    • profile image

      Pat 3 months ago

      I had right anterior THR going on 5 weeks ago. Stopped all medications at 4 weeks except for occasional extra strength tylenol when it's been an active day. I can walk without a cane around the house a little bit - but it is not a smooth, limp-free gait. In fact, it's a little like a Zombie. Developed Bursitis because of overdoing exercises at home and have backed off for a while. Still in physical therapy 3x a week, as well as using BEMER mat and taking anti inflammatories. How long does it take to walk without a limp? Has anyone else ever developed Bursitis from surgery?

    • milero profile image

      milero 3 months ago from Gloucester UK


      Go back to your surgeon and also try and get some rehab physio, it's vital in aiding recovery .


      You sound exactly like I was , you've simply done too much too soon, back off and start over again, use ice packs to reduce inflammation and swelling, please send me and email to info at forgemotorsport dot co dot uk and I'll send you my physio exercises that I was given

    • profile image

      Ann merrill 3 months ago

      Poster child for anterior hip replacement at 3 weeks, walked, swam last week. Since then i'e been on walker/ cane, serious thigh pain, hurts to get out of chair- much worse than after surgery. What should I do ? I am much better when first wake up but within a few minutes walking with cane , I'm miserable.

    • profile image

      Maria1520 3 months ago

      Thanks Eddie, I will try this tonight.

    • profile image

      Eddie 3 months ago


      Try rolling up a towel into a tube and placing/laying the towel across your side just above your hip. It sort of raises the hip so that your not fully putting your full weight on the hurting parts

    • profile image

      Maria1520 3 months ago

      Anyone have tips for sleeping on their side? I've been granted permission to finally sleep on my side but it is uncomfortable. I'm trying to lay on the non operated side. This is how I used to sleep before all this happened.

    • profile image

      LNTrider 3 months ago

      I had hip surgery because my hip was fracture above the ball and socket. It took four screws to repair. I'm two months and one week post op. When will I walk normal? I'm having a lot of muscle tightening with bud knots and muscle spasms. Still in PT. Any advise?

    • profile image

      Leslie 3 months ago

      Hi I'm 42 years old. One Sunday I woke up with pain like I had pulled a muscle. The pain gradually got worse throughout the week. By Friday I could not walk. I need up having a MRI the following Thursday and it showed I fractured my hip above the ball of the socket. The dr had to put four screws in. It has been 2 months and 1 week. I'm having lots of muscle pain and spasms. I was wondering what is a reasonable timeline for me to start walking normal. They found I have osteoporosis and I have started the prolia shots

    • ZenZen profile image

      ZenZen 3 months ago

      Tami, I ditto everything Milero said.

      Start using a cane when your surgeon tells you it is safe to do so; probably at your 6wk. check up.

    • milero profile image

      milero 3 months ago from Gloucester UK


      you will need to be patient and take some time, you have suffered a trauma from the fall and also the surgery, if you are only 50 % weight bearing that's for a reason, if you rush now you WILL regret it, I hurried my recovery and suffered two dislocations after, you do not want that I can assure you, try to get with a physio for more advice on strengthening and recovery. also use ice packs regularly on all the swelling area, it will help.

    • profile image

      Tami 3 months ago

      Hi I am at 3 1/2 weeks from hip surgery. Was thrown from a horse. My leg keeps swelling also down to my foot. I am still using a walker am only allowed 50% weight bearing. When can I start using a cane? I have pain when sitting or standing to long. Also leg that had surgery also has nerve damage. Had back surgery less than two years ago. Anything I can do to help this heal faster?

    • profile image

      Maria1520 3 months ago

      Hi LoveMyLabs,

      I am 41 and at 5 weeks post op left THR anterior approach. I too feel stiffness if I have been sitting for too long. To keep this from happening I try to get up and walk around for a bit to keep that sensation away. Is the pain you feel when bending down and sitting back up muscle pain or is it pain in the incision or something else?

      Hi Carol,

      I only had pain in my left leg and sometimes my back if I walked too much before having surgery done. My arthritis was only in the left hip. Looking at X-rays it was bone on bone. The pain was so bad that I dreaded going anywhere because I limped and it hurt all the time. After having the surgery all the pain I felt before the surgery is completely gone that same day. The new pain (which was quite intense that day) was from having actual surgery. That pain also went away after getting the right pain meds. Now 5 weeks later I don't really use any pain meds. If I do it's extra strength Tylenol after a long walk. Are you feeling apprehensive about having surgery? This forum is a great place for advice. Each persons recovery is also different.

    • profile image

      Carol 3 months ago

      I have pain in my left hip, middle of my back and both legs. MRI shows arthritis in the hip. Did anyone else experience pain in both legs and does this go away after hip replacement?

    • profile image

      LoveMyLabs 3 months ago

      Had bilateral anterior hip replacement 2 mos ago yesterday. 48 yrs. old. Have serious arthritis, but am active and motivated. Gave up all walking aids at 5 weeks, but am frustrated that I still experience stiffness after lying down or sitting at all and if I bend to pick things up off the floor, bending back up right really hurts. I will say there are many improvements since my surgery, I can actually cross my legs(which I have not been able to do for 3 years), but I am wondering if anyone has had bilateral and how long it was before the surgery was no longer something that caused pain? BTW, stopped pain meds at 6 weeks. Did not want to be on them any longer. I still feel like it would help at times, but I know too many people who have had issues with prolonged narcotic use and I just don't want to go there. I also walk every day as I was told this is the best therapy there is for THR. TIA for any responses.

    • milero profile image

      milero 3 months ago from Gloucester UK


      I would recommend an ice pack as soon as you get this sensation, I think it will help,


      You remind me of myself and after 2 months I had a relapse and had to slow down, so please go steady don't rush

    • profile image

      Rose Cox 3 months ago from Maricopa

      I had bilateral anterior hip replacement done 10 days ago. I am doing great. Has anyone had a tearing ripping sensation in the middle of the thigh. It only last a few seconds, doesn't happen all the time. But strange.

    • profile image

      Cavalier 4 months ago

      I am not seeing anything here that matches my own experience. Today is August 12. I had a THR-anterior-right on August 8. Walking that afternoon. Left hospital in less than 24 hours. Today can easily walk with neither walker nor cane nor anything. 62 year old male, strong and in good shape from swimming (until the day before surgery). I already feel like I am babying myself and like I do not need to stay at home anymore. Thigh is a bit swollen and numb, dressing is still on. I cannot imagine I will need more than another few days to be mostly fully recovered.

    • profile image

      Maria1520 4 months ago

      Hi Gina,

      You had a THR on the left leg? If so, swelling is normal. It will eventually go away. I'm no doctor and I'm not an expert on this topic but I can share with you what helped me. Icing and elevating should help the swelling. If I am not walking, I am laying in my recliner with my legs elevated and icing it on the side on top and even sitting on it sometimes. Also walking helps. As far as pain, did they prescribe you pain meds? Call the doctor/nurse and let them know how you are feeling. They should be able to prescribe you something to help with the pain. How long ago was the surgery?

    • profile image

      Shann 4 months ago

      I'm 5 weeks post op THR

      2 things no one mentions.

      1. You may need to buy incontinence pads because at times it will take you longer than you expect to get to the toilet and often too late.

      2. If you don't have one buy or rent a massage table for your stretching exercises. Doing them on a soft bed isn't beneficial and you definitely can't go down on the floor.

    • profile image

      Gina/THR 4 months ago

      left leg is more swollen than my right and I'm having a lot of pain in my left leg also when the hip replacement was done in the right. Has anyone else have these symptoms.

    • profile image

      elaine 4 months ago

      i had a total hip replacement in October 2016 now I am getting pain in my groin and hip and thigh again is this normal

    • ZenZen profile image

      ZenZen 4 months ago

      Maria1520, that's good to hear. Sounds like you're healing well. Patience with your process and listening to your bod is the key. The price for over-doing it is brutal. LOL

      Laurie: In my previous comment I meant to mention that 3 weeks seemed too early to be getting into the drivers seat. I was told 6 weeks. I forgot to edit before posting. Ooops. ;)

    • profile image

      Maria1520 4 months ago

      Pam, I had swelling pretty bad the first week. Not as severe as you are describing though. I iced it, elevated it as much as I could, but also did my exercises and made sure I walked. My biggest fear has been getting a blood clot. Not sure if anyone else feels the same. I make sure I do the exercises and walk and take my aspirin every day.

      Since today is the beginning of week 4 for me, I still use the cane. I don't try to walk without it anymore after reading zen zen's advice. I still ice it after walks and take naps since I don't sleep very well at night. I'm looking forward to sleeping on my side again. I've started using pillows under my knees at night and that has helped me sleep better. Other than that, I walk pretty good. I walk 2 times a day for 15 minutes. I try to do 3 but I'm too tired.If I walk the third time it's for maybe 5 minutes. I tried 20 minutes once last week and I paid for it afterward and the next 2 days after that. If I were to give any advice, listen to your body (advice given to me). If something hurts, stop! Don't say to yourself. Just 5 more minutes. Or I'm going to walk to the stop sign. No. Stop. Also, if you're going to the market or Target or Walmart, get a motorized cart. Using the shopping cart like a walker or trying to lean on is AWFUL!! I made that mistake on Saturday. I had to go home lay on the recliner, take some pain meds and ice it.

    • milero profile image

      milero 4 months ago from Gloucester UK


      Regular use of ice packs will help.Keep walking, and sit to stand exercises but from a higher chair, go to you tube and search sit to stand exercises and also hip surgery exercises, do not over do it and if you are in pain stop and ice ,

    • profile image

      Pam 4 months ago

      I had anterior total hip replacement (right side) three weeks ago. Age: 62. Right leg looked like a balloon for two weeks; it is slowly going down but I cannot wear closed shoes, only sandals for now. Doctor told me to expect swelling in my leg for several months. Walking and other physical activity helps. So does elevating leg with pillows while lying down. As the swelling goes down, it gets easier to do PT exercises. Still using a walker to get around. I plan to go back to my office job tomorrow, but not everyone may feel ready for work after 3 weeks. I have a sedentary desk job and will have to remember to get up and walk around every half hour or so.

    • profile image

      Dianne 4 months ago

      I had a total hip replacement after a fall. The pain after breaking a hip is the worst. No meds I was receiving in the hospital would touch it. I had surgery the next day. When I woke up in recovery I had zero pain. The only problem I am experiencing is my whole leg down to the foot continues to swell when I sit in a chair or walk around the house with a walker. My surgeon says this is normal. No one else in these post have said they have swelling. I am on shots to prevent blood clots. But I worry. But I have not needed any pain meds. I just have this horrible swelling. My feet ankle and leg are so huge they look as if they are going to explode any minute. Does anyone else have this prob!em and what are you doing about it. Thank you all for posting. It is a help to learn of each case.

    • profile image

      Victor 4 months ago

      I had surgery Tuesday morning. 5 days later I feel like I can use a cane, but still need the walker

    • profile image

      ZenZen 4 months ago

      Maria 1520, please continue using your cane. Your gait will be assessed at your 6 wk check-up. If we drop assistive devices too early we train ourselves to walk with limps and they are very hard to correct once established. I've had 2THRs and a revision surgery in the past five years. Someone mentioned driving at 6 weeks, I believe that I was told to wait the full six weeks for that as well. Please, Newbies don't try to rush your recoveries, you can cause a lot of damage, ie: partial or total dislocation; recovery takes a long time, dislocation is HELL. Slow and steady wins the race.

    • profile image

      Maria1520 4 months ago

      I am in my third week now after left THR anterior approach. I have learned to be patient (somewhat...lol). I walk with just a cane, but I am trying to walk without it. I realize am not ready yet. I will definitely ice it after exercise. I do ice it when it is night time. One thing I do is walk as much as I can. I was told to walk 500 ft three times a day and double it each week. I walk a lot more than 500 ft. The longest I have walked time wise is 15 minutes. After doing so I get tired and take a nap. My average time in walking is about 10 minutes. It's when I push myself I walk for 15 minutes. After that I try to get up and move as much as possible. If I sit too long it feels stiff. So to keep it from getting stiff I suggest to get up and move around. It feels much better after doing so. I do my exercises religiously. I lay in bed and do them. I'm laying in a recliner and do them. Every time I think about it I do them. And to my surprise I was FINALLY able to lift my operated leg up a few inches. I was not able to do this AT ALL after surgery and could barely do it before surgery. So like milero said, we all have to be patient in our recovery.

    • milero profile image

      milero 4 months ago from Gloucester UK

      From reading all these posts and issues, I can only suggest you are patient in your recovery, and allow some time, we all heal at differenet rates, For my right THR 6 years ago I was out of hospital in 2 days and off pain meds in 12 hours, I was walking without crutches on 5 days ( this was way too quick and came back to haunt me ) so take some time.

      Also, no matter if you are seeing a private consultant or seeing an NHS consultant in the UK if you are worried or in pain, you MUST contact them and tell them whats going on and whats bothering you.

      I recommend an ice pack ( you can get these from Amazon ) or a bag of ice from the convenience store transfer into a zip seal bag and tie on with a bandage or towel on the incision area immediately after any exercise for 10 mins and repeat regularly through out the day, It helps with the pain and reduces inflammation.

      Simple rehab exercise that will help, try maybe doing 5 x then rest then do twice more if you get pain stop!

      Google these and also search on You Tube for a video is a great help

      Straight leg raises

      Glute Bridge

      Sit to stand( chair must not be too low and hips must not be lower than 90 degress

    • profile image

      Laurie 4 months ago

      I am 57 and have underlying autoimmune inflammatory issues. My right hip with replaced anterior approach on May 9th, 2017. I have had no rehab due to limitations of visits and money. My left, stronger leg with more muscle was replaced July 14, 2017. This one has more illial-Tibia Tendon and muscle pain to the lightest touch, the incision has not fully closed and I am almost 3 weeks out, and my leg is so weak, it is hard to lift it into the driver's seat. I am stiff after sitting. I hope it will recover as I would like to ski again, power walk and lose the 20 lbs I have gained.

      For the person saying they were up all night, many pain meds actually can HYPE you up. I only take the aspirin and famidodine now, but oxycodin and hydrocodin make me hyper. Plus, discomfort, not sleeping on my side as my normal, all create poor sleep. I felt really great on my right hip after three weeks.

      They say anterior is easier, but I have talked to SEVERAL women in their 70's that had it done other ways and report ZERO pain after surgery. Either they are lying, have outrageously strong pain tolerance or the anterior hurts more from pulling the muscles out of the way. But the other approach cuts muscles. So, what's the deal?

    • profile image

      David Grocott 4 months ago

      6 weeks today I had thr at first I was very frustrated because of the restrictions. I decided to follow the advice to the letter. At the moment I can walk up and down stairs without aids I am now sleeping without pain. The only frustration is after exercising then sitting I still get soreness around the scar and I am still frustrated that I cannot walk for long distances without me starting a limp. I am interested in people saying that can take a few months - my 6 week post op check is a few days away and that is one of my questions Otherwise at such an early stage is take your time and remember everyone has different recovery times ps I am 62

    • profile image

      Rich Sirak 4 months ago

      I'm new to the THR community. I've had a bunch of ortho procedures from my military service . 20 total to date. I have 2 questions. I'm up n about and was out of the hospital in just 22 hrs. I can walk stand and move quiet freely already. However, I have 2 great concerns. 1) I'm walking with a severe limb bc I'm taller, peg leg on the operative limb. Is this normal and for how long? 2) I have a torn acl in the operative leg and it gives way when it wants. My latest mri from 2 weeks ago confirmed it along with my 3x post op operation by the ortho last yr (2016). Can this mess up my new hip as well? And how long before I can get someone in there to fix it before it's too late?

    • profile image

      Maria1520 4 months ago

      I'm 41 years old and I had a left total hip replacement a week ago today. I am using my walker to get around and the cane for small areas like the bathroom. How long does it take to not use any device? I know I'm supposed to be patient but this is starting to upset me that I don't have a major improvement yet. Maybe I'm being unrealistic. I just hate having to rely on other people to do the simplest things. I made a bagel for myself yesterday morning then realized I can't carry my plate to the table. I also can't sleep at night. I wake up every 2 hours and I'm UP. I can't fall back asleep til about an hour or so later.

    • profile image

      Jerelyn 4 months ago

      I had an anterior hip replacement on May 23, 2017. I had had one on the same hip in 2000. Its been slightly over 2 months and I am still on a cane, and doing physical therapy three times a week and swimming every other day. I dont have any pain but I can not stay balanced without the cane ! The hip feels weak. I am concerned its taking this long. My last hip replacement felt great after three weeks. Doctor said i had a lot of osteoporoses and I must be patient. But I am concerned. He says go slow and another month on the cane !!

    • profile image

      Eileen Tully 4 months ago

      I had a left anterior approach total hip replacement four days ago. I am doing great with weight bearing and the arthritis pain from bone-on-bone grinding is totally gone. I do have a sharp pain in the back of my leg just under the buttock though when walking, especially in the evenings when I am tired. Has anyone else experienced this? I have never had pain in the back of my leg and it just seems odd since the approach was anterior. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Mike 4 months ago

      Left hip replacement 7 months ago. Have played golf several times but 5 days ago played and have experienced significant pain and weakness in hip since. Especially painful/weak when going up steps and changing directions.

    • profile image

      Pat Prince 4 months ago

      I had a hip replacement a year ago in Sept. When willI I fell like my old self again?

    • profile image

      Eugenia 5 months ago

      I had a Total hip replacement at 33years. It's been 7 months after the surgery and I have resumed work now. I now have my life back again

    • profile image

      Cat 5 months ago

      Hi there: I am 61 years old and going to have right hip replacement on August 17th, 2017 at Lions Gate Hospital in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I had right knee replacement 3 years ago (It's AMAZING!! Had that one done by Dr. Kevin Stone in San Francisco at the Stone Clinic and would HIGHLY recommend!!) and so now the hip...osteoarthritis has gotten the best of me - left knee is due to be done too but I will have to get this one done in Canada, not the US, so I'm disappointed about that. As a Canadian, I had to pay for the knee replacement in the US but it was SOOO worth it as we do things a bit behind in Canada with replacements.... :-( Anyone want to chat about what I can expect with respect to levels of pain after surgery, physio...tips to help out recovering, etc? Thank you!

    • profile image

      Anne 5 months ago

      I had hip replacement 6 years ago, great recovery and resumed activity. I now have recurring pain every morning before I get out of bed, non weight bearing.

      I can walk miles without discomfort . I never have pain while up and moving, just in the morning. It can be very uncomfortable. Comments?

    • profile image

      Claire 5 months ago

      I am 49 years old and after suffering well over a year with grinding hip pain the consultant has told me that I need a hip replacement on my right side - I am really scared - one of the operation has I have never been in hospital before only the maternity ward twice and two making a full recovery

    • profile image

      Alexis 5 months ago

      I had THR a year ago and everything is great...I have my minor pains if I move wrong but lately my knee is killing me. The pain is intense. Has anyone had this problem?

    • profile image

      Elisa goyette 5 months ago

      The nurse removed the bandage yesterday and put a different one on I still have staples in today my leg at incision sight is very swollen is this normal

    • profile image

      Kittykat2017 5 months ago

      I'm two weeks from hip resurfacing on my left hip. At one week I went for a walk with one hiking pole and felt pretty good. But I will tell you wth all the reading before surgery I didn't read about the intense stiffness like muscles, tendons stiffness, like a great white got you by the leg swam around and shook you a bit.I also describe I as if a a anaconda or bull constrictor is wrapped around it. It's goes away more and more each day.My miles on my Apple Watch were saying in past couple days about 2500 steps a day.today was over 2 miles and 4300 steps but super stiff on both hips. Im getting my right hip scheduled to be done in 4 weeks.Not too much swelling and a lot of it has gone down. Went to the two week check up with the doc and he said it looks good now PT.

    • profile image

      Davec5 5 months ago

      Hi, had thr 5 weeks ago, had been in pain for 7 years and went through hell, sometimes housebound for days just sized up, my two hips are bad pain switching from one to the other after operation no more pain ,,heaven ,,was home after two days biggest problem was sleeping was all over the place up at all hours , ,I found it hard for 2 weeks and when I got staples out it just got better , I'm on two crutches but one would do but until I see surgeon next week I will do as I'm told , I walk a lot and find no pain just get stiff after sitting , I think soon I will have the other. Hip done which I not a bit worried about as many have said just do what the tell you and never overdo it, best decision I ever made should have done it years ago ,was under the idea that a miracle cure was around the corner ,only one cure and with advancement it's a good operation , ,I'm 56 and got my life back , good luck to the rest

    • profile image

      James 5 months ago

      Had anterior done 5 weeks ago. Age 63 male


      - Walked day of surgery with walker

      - Left clinic after 23 hours with walker

      - took minimal meds for 3 days. If i have another done I will take no meds. Do not help much and constipation not worth it.

      - After 4 days couldn't sleep (anesthisia hangover) tylenal pm worked

      - 14 days staples out

      - 14 days first walks without walker

      - 18 days walking 1/2 mile minimum outside

      - 21 days walked 3 miles AND PAID THE PRICE!

      - 22 days could barely walk with cane

      - 30 days (current) muscles seem 90%. Rarely a hint of pain while sitting. Almost back to where I was 8 days ago.

      Note I track heart rate via fitbit. Prior to surgery resting was 58 with 50 to 52 as a low during the night. & days post surgery resting was up to 78!, with a low of 71! Now after about 4 weeks resting is back down to 63 with lows of 56. Conclusion = My body is almost caught up and not working so hard to repair itself.

    • profile image

      Terri 5 months ago

      1 year and 3 mos. out of bilateral hip replacement for me and have never felt better! I was in so much pain before that I didn't take any pain meds after, hospital staff couldn't believe it! I just started working out again because I've gained weight, but can do an hour on the treadmill at 3.3 speed, wondering since we can't run, how fast can we walk without doing any damage. Anyone know?

    • milero profile image

      milero 5 months ago from Gloucester UK

      Impatient Paula

      3 weeks post op I was walking 10 minutes daily with the power walking sticks (no crutches) but everyone's different .

      Im happy to send any of you the exercises I did, but please email

      p e t er at forgemotorsport dot co dot UK

      Don Gillette I really recommend the use of several ice packs to the area it will give some relief and help recovery.

    • profile image

      Mary G 5 months ago

      In August I had bilateral anterior hip replacement. Other than an initial infection post op and blood transfer it has been mostly good. 9 months post op, I am experiencing numbness in my right hip, right foot and now right hand. Wondering since my right side was always the more painful side in recovery what this might be.

      I was healing so well, this is discouraging.

    • profile image

      Don Gillette 5 months ago

      This was a good article and addressed some of my concerns here on POD #6. I guess I'm just terribly impatient, but when I looked in the mirror today after a shower and saw a Silverback Gorilla looking back at me, I panicked. I had no idea the swelling would be so severe and would go all the way from my thigh to my waist AND around 70% of my back!! No wonder it hurts to sleep on my back. I've been sleeping on my side (non-operative one) with a pillow between my legs. I've also noticed that my usual chair (at my desk) has me at 90 degrees OR MORE all the time without trouble. I've already tried backing off the pain meds and decided that was foolishness this early in the process, so if I start hurting, I hit the Oxycodone like a man possessed. Still, I'm wondering how long before this swelling will go away...

    • Jacz52 profile image

      Jacz 5 months ago from Syracuse, NY

      Reading the comments makes me feel a bit relieved about my recent relapse from my THR. I had the surgery mid Jan. and been doing great until a few wks ago. I have been in severe pain and can hardly walk. Saw my dr. PA she said not uncommon to experience siatic pain. I am back on pain med. taking it slow and have had to put my exercise program on hold. I think I returned to yoga too soon.

      I have to remind myself I had major surgery. Once I feel more confident I will start walking and then return to my gym, but not yoga for awhile.

    • ZenZen profile image

      ZenZen 6 months ago

      Hi Rosehip 19. It's nice to hear from you. I pop in regularly still. Sorry to hear you may have another op looming. I unfortunately don't have any advice on that, just moral support. I've had THR both hips and revision on 1, ( 4 dislocations), in the past 5 years. Still recovering. Don't lose hope newer Hippies; it does get better. My right hip is perfect now. Bone on bone is HELL.

    • profile image

      Impatient Paula 6 months ago

      Milero/Gail would you share the exercises you mention below more widely if possible. I am 3 weeks post THR age 51 (congenital hip dysphasia) and really unsure if I am progressing as well as I should be. Walking with one crutch but still getting pain and a lot of cramping after I exercise. First NHS physio tomorrow so will see what's on offer but would happily pay for private physio if helps rehab. Maybe my expectations are too high- interested to hear how well you were doing 3 weeks out. Thanks

    • profile image

      Bea Loesch 6 months ago

      It is now six months since I had a THR and it is fine. No limping, no pain. I am to the point of actually forgetting this ever happened. I started back in the pool as soon as the weather got warm enough for me that was around the 1st of May. Doing all pool exercises and I love being back in the water with no pain. Next week I am going to try bike riding..I haven't been able to use my bike for about five years so it should be a challenge for me. Anyone thinking about getting a THR do it! Bone on bone hurts so why not fix it...get rid of the limp and pain and get your life back!

    • Wraakian profile image

      Wraakian 6 months ago

      Thanks guys, I will make a list and put it forward to the surgeon Gail. I have pain in my lower leg that is more annoying than anything though my outer hip pain is the main cause of my limping. We have the National Health Service so although I went private to try and hurry things up before my op, I do not need to pay anything now and did not need to pay for my op. With regards to physio, I do have a full set of various exercises off the physio that I am following for the first 12 weeks post op so that shouldn't be a problem. Thanks again!

    • milero profile image

      milero 6 months ago from Gloucester UK

      Gail Crawford

      Sounds like you are progressing well.

      I think to offer advice in time scales for bending past 90, crossing legs, getting up from the floor maybe bad information to pass due to the differences in healing times, levels of pain tolerance etc. We are all different and recovery times will all vary hugely person to person .

      Start to make a list right now of any issues you have, any questions , make notes on any pain of uncomfortable feelings or symptoms.

      I really suggest that any questions should be directed firstly to your surgeons who can advise you.

      When you go to see them, take your list with you and have them answer each question , it’s their job , they are the experts they will be able to help, If they are vague or you do not understand ask again, make them explain.

      More than 50% of recovery is down to the mental process and how confident you are in your healing progress , if you have doubts the recovery becomes more difficult.

      I read every post on this forum and the biggest issue I can see is the lack of regular use of a good physiotherapist to assist in recuperation, strengthening and gaining confidence, I was lucky as my health insurance provider allowed for 12 visits to the physio.

      This was crucial in my recovery, again ask your surgeon to recommend one to you , ideally one who specialises in hip op recovery. If you have to pay and I know it’s easy to say but please try to make that commitment to 3 or 4 sessions you will 100 % reap the rewards.

      It seems that to many of you, have the basic post op physio, i.e. using crutches , going up stairs - down stairs , sit to stand etc. Then you are sent home to fend for yourselves. but there is so much more that’s needed that will help.

      I am more than happy to share the exercises that I was given if you email me . ( last time I put my Email up the post was deleted due to it being tagged as spam) so I will try this

      p e t er at forgemotorsport dot co dot UK

      Good luck everyone

    • profile image

      rosehip19 6 months ago

      5.5 years on from my thr. Still in pain on the front of the thigh. This is due to the ileopsoas tendon rubbing against the misaligned socket or possibly extruded glue. Steroid injections into the area reduce the pain, but they wear off, and I now have had the maximum of three. Next step would be a keyhole surgical op to loosen that tendon. Would have to pay for this, and it would obviously reduce the strength in that leg. Anyone else had this done?

    • profile image

      Gail Crawford 6 months ago

      I have found such a variety of experiences recorded on this site and it is really helpful to read the experiences of others.

      When I think of the pain I have had, I am amazed that some people go home after thr, in a day or two, and don't need pain medication. I am 65, slim, and reasonably fit - have practised yoga for 30 years or so;

      was hospital 9 days - electing the last two because my partner was not going to be home. This is in a large regional city in Australia and thankfully I have good health insurance.

      I had posterior hip replacement 6 weeks ago and still need 5 mg oxycodone twice a day, usually around 1 pm and definately about 6.30 - 7.30 pm. That's been my pattern after cutting down from 3 a day. My surgeon is not concerned about this and says I am doing really well and that I should not worry about it. Oxy is in addition to 2 Panadol Osteo thrice a day. I have rarely taken Panadol before but I think these slower release meds help.

      Early attemps to reduce dependence on Oxycodone were difficult - I think I expected to be able to do that too early, so I am accepting now that 2 a day is going to be ok for another week or so - vast improvement from the 8 I had early on in hospital (I had a bad reaction to a different long acting drug which was either an alternative or supplement.)

      I found it very surprising how much improvement one makes from day to day so if you are reading this and feeling a bit despondent or discouraged imho the following might help:

      Be kind to yourself.

      It's ok to have a lay day and watch catchup tv. Mandatory really.

      Let the cat stay on the bed to keep you company.

      Heat packs soothe the areas that set up some aching.

      The first weeks I wore skirts with no knickers - they can be irritating right on the scar.

      Now I am into soft leggings and think I am not ready to wear jeans which are my usual preference.

      I am driving our automatic at 6 weeks but don't feel ready to use the geared vehicle.

      Last week I returned to a regular exercise class and found I could do about 80% of it with a few substitutions. Not ready for floor work yet, so I am guessing that yoga will be out until perhaps 3 months - I want to be able to do at least half of it before taking those classes on again.

      It all sounds a bit woosy but gives you an idea of what the 6 week mark looks like for me.

      I would really like feedback on a few questions:

      1. When can you bend or close to less than 90 degrees?

      2. When were you able to get up and down from the floor safely?

      3. My operated leg was already my longer leg by at least 10mm - do you think any length as a result of the prosthesis, settles a few mm? I feel I have a few mm extra but surgeon says I don't.

      4. When were you able to twist and cross one leg in front of the other safely?

      5. When were you able to lie face down - for massage or osteopathic treatment?

      THR is apparently the operation that produces the most patient satisfaction and life improvement. I already agree and my quality of life is already much improved. Thanks in advance to readers who can give some detail about my 5 questions.


    • Wraakian profile image

      Wraakian 6 months ago

      I've done very well having recovered quickly at each stage of the recovery process. The Physio signed me off after just 15 minutes in the hospital gym as they could see I could do far more than anyone after just 4 - 5 weeks post op. After 9 weeks post op however I am finding it more difficult as I cannot walk very far (approx 10 minutes) without a pain build up in my hip area and then I start to limp. If I stop and wait for the pain to lessen and start to walk again it only takes 5 minutes before the pain reaches it's previous painful level and limping again. I do not know if this is the norm and have been waiting for my 6 week post op assessment to ask if this is normal. Unfortunately, I never received the appointment and telephoned the secretary who said she will get my appointment sorted right away but that was another week ago and I am now as I said earlier 9 weeks post op? I am sleeping on my operated side now (now without any pillow beteen my legs) which has helped as I could never sleep successfully on my back due to having had 3 major back operations many years ago. I still do some exercises but with less frequency ie: twice daily instead of four times daily but with long walks to compensate for less time doing those exercises. I am 70 years of age in July 2017 and have always kept myself very fit since my youth. I am going back to the gym after twelve weeks to do mainly the recumbent cycle, light weights and swimming (without doing breaststroke with the legs of course).

    • profile image

      Jay 6 months ago

      5 days out of hip replacement am I going to be able to go to a graduation party

    • profile image

      Shaunny 6 months ago

      Im 33 and had both hips replaced. The first one in January I was able to work a little more and more each week after PT so 5weeks in I started small. Was pretty good by 5months able to climb a tree...well just got home from my left one yesterday..in a lot of pain. Hopefully it's the same recovery time but my right one is still healing

      Too so I just have to take it how it comes and with a bit more grace. It truly is a longer process than I would like as I am young and extremely active but hey beats the alternative.

    • profile image

      Shayne 6 months ago

      I've been home 4 days from hospital.. today while using wlaker comming from bathroom I got a cramp in back of thigh.. I straightened my leg out behind me and felt a sharp pain..in lower back.. now it's like iam back to square 1.. iam in bed ice packs pain killers .nothings working..

    • profile image

      Carol reyes 6 months ago

      My husband is 6 days postop.i hip surgery.he still can't move left leg at all.is this normal?

    • profile image

      Kevin 6 months ago

      I had total hip replacement 4 years ago. I'm having this sharp burning pain in my femor radiating down to my knee. Is this common?

    • profile image

      Neil 6 months ago

      My recovery is very similar to Jack's. I'm 44 and had my hip replaced 2 weeks ago... I was in the hospital for 24 hours and walking 6 hours after surgery. I currently have a cane but can get around without it now. As for the pain..im finding it hard to sleep but the pain is getting less. I'm off all the pain killers. I do have pain in my thigh that is similar pain I've had in the past after a good workout. It's muscle pain and although uncomfortable at times I can work through it. I've been walking regularly which is important. Strength your muscles and eventually the aches will stop. It's a major surgery so your body needs to mend. If you are looking for a good surgeon google Dr Steven Harwin in NYC. He is the best .i did a lot of reseach. I left the hospital with no restrictions which is not typical. Harwin has performed thousands of replacements and the best around. To all..keep moving and stretching... then rest.

    • profile image

      sue henry 6 months ago

      this is my third hip 2 on one side and now on the other i had total knees 26 and 27 yrs ago this time it feels like my legs are finally even is this possible and if so is the pain i am having in my right leg (newest surgery) from bone settling thanks in advance

    • profile image

      Judy Aldridge 6 months ago

      I had a right hip replacement first week of March. Periodically my femur is very sore. How long does that last? I've been also experiencing pain in my right chin area. Does anyone know what is causing this?

    • profile image

      Sandy 6 months ago

      Anterior right hip replacement Apr 3, 2017. Just curious about normal aches and pains during healing and recovery.

    • profile image

      Chelsea L. Hernandez 6 months ago

      I had a left thr a month before my 26th birthday in 2013. Everything was great up until about a year in where I started having the same pains as before. I'm coming up on my 4yr thr anniversary and I have the exact same pain I did before the surgery. X-rays show that everything is still intact and no one can tell me why I have this excruciating pain that has me not wanting to get out of bed about 90% of the time. It's to the point of depression, not being able to keep up with my boys (ages 8 and 11 months).

    • milero profile image

      milero 7 months ago from Gloucester UK

      Hi Sally A

      I would suggest you get a consultation on your symptoms and some ideas on what maybe causeing the problems

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