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How Much Does CNA Training and Certification Cost?

Updated on April 26, 2016
The costs of becoming a CNA.
The costs of becoming a CNA. | Source

When considering any product or type of training, the cost is going to make up a large part of your decision. Determining whether to become trained as a Certified Nursing Assistant/Aide (CNA) training is no different.

This article will aim to provide you with an idea of how much CNA training costs along with the CNA certification process.

To work as a CNA within the U.S., you are going to need to undertake a period of training, in which you will be assessed on your knowledge and practical ability. CNA training has two major elements: the practical and theoretical training. If you do not complete both parts successfully, you will not be eligible to register with your state's nursing aide registry, which means you will not be able to get a job working as a recognized CNA.

Looking at the Various Costs Involved

Unfortunately, CNA training is not going to be cheap. The expense is one of the biggest obstacles preventing people from enrolling in the course. However, if you find yourself balking at the costs, one major thing for you to bear in mind is the amount you're likely to earn once fully certified as a CNA. The state you live within will dictate, to a large extent, the amount you earn, but there's lots of potential out there, so you need to offset the likely cost of CNA training with your potential salary.

The two main costs you're going to face up front, before you can work as a CNA, will be:

  • The cost of the CNA training course
  • The cost of the CNA exam
  • The cost of certification by your state's nurse aide registry

A Quick Cost Breakdown

Average Cost
CNA Training Course
CNA Exam
CNA Certification
These costs vary. It's important to remember that the average CNA salary is in the region of $25,000, depending on the state in which you live.

In-Depth Cost Breakdown

The Training Course

The cost of the CNA training course will usually be between $550 and $1100, the overall cost varies based upon the state you live within, as does the length and content of the course. We recommend speaking directly with your state's specific nurse aide registry for information on local CNA training costs.

The training course will usually last for up to 10 weeks in total, with some running for just six weeks. While many of these courses are available online, not all state registries will accept training that has been completed online, so it's always a good idea to check with your local registry first.

The CNA Exam

The CNA exam tests the knowledge you have learned over the six- to 10-week course you've already taken. The exam will usually consist of a set of multiple choice questions; you must pass the test to be eligible for CNA certification in your state.

The cost of the CNA exam is the cheapest element to CNA training and will usually just cost a couple of hundred dollars in total, with most states charging just $115.

The CNA Certification

Once you've completed your training course and you've passed the competency exam, then and only then can you register at your local nurse aide registry to become a fully certified nursing assistant. The cost of this is often included with your initial exam pass.

The Overall Cost Of CNA Training

The overall cost of CNA training will usually be around the $1,000 to $1,500 mark. Some programs will cost more and some will cost less—some courses can even be taken for free at places like the Red Cross. However, whatever the cost, you can be sure of a positive future once qualified as a CNA.

The Salary Prospects Of The CNA

Even though the training is likely to cost you over $1,000 to complete, your overall salary prospects as a CNA are good, with the average CNA salary being somewhere in the region of $25,000, varying depending on the state within which you work. Top-paid states, such as Alaska, see CNAs earning in excess of $30,000 a year, with some earning more than $33,000 a year.


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    • profile image

      Dave Bickel 17 months ago

      Very helpful article and easy to follow. Why pay for the CNA certification if the Red Cross teaches for no cost? Thanks!

    • profile image

      Karen M. 6 months ago

      See that it's $1250 for CNA training at Red Cross in Detroit MI.

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