How Long Does it Take for Broken Wrist Bones to Recover & Heal?


The whole reason I wrote this article is that I broke both my wrists in a terrible accident in 2007 and found very little information online about broken wrists. I decided to write about what happened to me, in order to help other people in my situation! I hope you find this useful. You can read all about my story below, but first, some information about broken wrists.

Types of Wrist Fractures

The wrist is one of the most commonly broken bones. In patients under 65, the wrist is the most common bone to break.

Seventy-five percent of wrist injuries are fractures of the distal radius and ulna. Distal means the end of the bone closest to the wrist. The eight carpal bones (the bones between the arm bone and the hand) are injured less frequently.

In general, there are four main kinds of fractures which are:

  • Simple or closed fractures: an easily treated break with little damage to the surrounding tissue.
  • Compound or open fractures: a complicated break that also damages the surrounding skin.
  • Comminuted: a comminuted fracture means the bone has broken into several pieces. Note: This is the kind of fracture that I had!
  • Greenstick: this type is usually most common in children. Greenstick is a type of fracture where the bone is bent but not broken.

Hairline fractures are minor cracks to the bone and only show up on an X-ray. An impacted fracture is when the ends of bones are driven into one another.

Wrist fractures are most common in children and young adults, especially if they're involved in risk-taking activities. They also become common as people get older, when we more likely to fall or suffer from osteoporosis, which increases the likelihood of breaking a bone.

It’s also true that this kind of fracture can sometimes save lives! If I had landed in any other way when I fell, I probably would have broken my neck. In some ways, my wrists were the parachute that softened the fall, though at a fairly big cost!

This is an x-ray from a typical distal radius fracture
This is an x-ray from a typical distal radius fracture


Usually you know if you've broken your arm or wrist bone because it will be extremely painful.

If it's a clean break, you may have heard a snap or a grinding noise during the accident. The bone can break straight across, diagonally, or in a spiral pattern. In severe cases, the bone may break into many pieces (comminuted), stick out at an angle, or poke through the skin (open or compound fracture).

Some things to look for if you think you may have broken your wrist are:

  • Swelling or tenderness around the injured area
  • Bleeding if the bone has damaged the tissue and skin
  • Pain, especially when flexing the wrist
  • Bruising
  • Your wrist looks bent or crooked
  • Your wrist, arm, or hand is numb
  • Your fingers are pale

Presence of these symptoms is not a guarantee that there’s a fracture. A sprained wrist can feel similarly and an X-ray is the only way to find out what happened.

If you’ve suffered an injury to your arm or wrist that has lasting pain, you should go to a doctor to have X-rays taken. It might only be a sprain, but it’s better to be safe than to risk more injury.

What to Do

  1. Don't eat or drink anything if you think you've broken your wrist, as you may need a general anaesthetic (be put to sleep) to allow doctors to realign the bone. This process can be very painful to do so while you're awake.
  2. A sling will help stabilise the arm while you're on the way to the hospital. The sling should go under the arm and then around the neck. Don’t try to straighten your wrist.
  3. Apply an ice pack to the injured area (try a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel). Ice can help reduce pain and swelling.
  4. If the injury is to a child, try to find someone to drive and someone else to support and comfort the child.

What to Expect from Treatment


A broken arm or wrist treatment differs depending on how bad the injury is. Here's what will happen as you go through the process:

  • A doctor will give you painkillers and then fix a splint to the arm to secure it in position and prevent further damage.
  • An X-ray will be taken of the arm to see what kind of fracture it is. Even hairline fractures should show faintly on X-ray.
  • A simple fracture where the bone remains aligned can be treated by applying a plaster cast. This holds the broken ends together so they can heal. You should be provided with painkillers to take home and information on how to look after your cast, and you’ll probably make an appointment to attend a fracture clinic so specialist orthopaedic doctors can take over the care of your fracture.
  • With more severe arm or wrist fractures, the bones can become misaligned (displaced). If the bone is not realigned (reduced), the bones will not heal well. Doctors can use a technique called 'closed reduction' to pull the bones back into position.
  • Local or regional anesthetic will be used to numb the arm (this is rarely used in children), or you will be put to sleep using a general anaesthetic. If doctors are happy with the bones' new position, you may be treated with a plaster cast and regular follow-up appointments and X-rays.
  • Certain fractures are best treated with surgery to realign and fix the broken bones (as in my case because it was so severe). This includes displaced fractures, fractures involving a joint, and open fractures. Surgeons can fix bones with wires, plates, screws, or rods. This is called open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF). Any metalwork is usually not removed unless it becomes a problem.
  • In rare cases (like mine!) an external frame is used to hold the broken bones, known as an external fixator.
  • After most surgeries, a plaster cast is applied to protect the wrist. A sling may also be provided for comfort. If you have surgery, you will usually be able to go home within a day or two.

Helping a Broken Wrist Heal


You might also want to take these steps to help hasten healing along:

  • A splint, which you might use for a few days to a week while the swelling goes down; if a splint is used initially, a cast is usually put on about a week later.
  • A cast, which you might need for six to eight weeks or longer, depending on how bad the break is (you might need a second cast if the first one gets too loose after the swelling goes away.)
  • Regular X-rays to make sure your wrist is healing normally
  • Elevate your wrist on a pillow or the back of a chair above the level of your heart for the first few days. This will ease pain and swelling.
  • Ice the wrist. Do this for 15-20 minutes every two to three hours for two to three days. Be careful to keep the splint or cast dry while icing.
  • Take over-the-counter painkillers. Ask your doctor about nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), like ibuprofen, naproxen, or aspirin (except for children). They can help with pain and swelling. However, these drugs have side effects, such as an increased risk of bleeding and ulcers. They should be used only occasionally unless your doctor specifically says otherwise, as this may delay healing.
  • Practice stretching and strengthening exercises of the fingers, elbow, and shoulder if your doctor recommends them.
  • Most the time, these treatments will be enough. But sometimes (as in my case) people with a broken wrist need surgery. Your doctor might suggest this if the bone is not likely to heal well in a cast. Sometimes, pins, plates, screws, or other devices are needed to hold the bone in place so it can mend.

How Long Will Healing Take?


Generally, recovery for adults takes about 6-8 weeks (shorter for children and longer for elderly). Everyone's situation is different. My recovery took longer than most (obviously) due to the severity of my injury.

In general though, here's what you should expect:

  • The plaster cast will stay on until the bone has healed, but the exact length of healing time depends on the type of fracture, whether it has damaged the surrounding tissues, and the age of the patient.
  • A young child who broke his or her wrist will need to wear a cast or removable splint for just two to three weeks. For older people, a wrist injury can take a lot longer to get back to normal and stiffness is extremely common.
  • Be sure to follow instructions on how to take care of your cast. Most importantly, don’t get it wet! The orthopaedic doctors will decide when you can take the cast off and when you can return to normal activities or work.
  • Your arm is often stiff and weak after being in a cast. Physiotherapy can be useful to help build up strength in the arm muscles and restore full movement, as in my case. However, this is rarely needed for children (guess I’m not a kid anymore!)
  • There’s a higher chance of re-breaking or cracking the bone once the plaster is removed is increased, especially in children, so kids especially should avoid trampolines, bouncy castles, soft play areas and contact sports for a further two to three weeks to be safe.
  • Also, you shouldn’t drive in a cast. Talk to your doctor about when you can drive again.

Scaphoid (navicular) bone shown in red.
Scaphoid (navicular) bone shown in red. | Source

Fracturing the Scaphoid Bone

The scaphoid bone (also called the navicular bone) is one of eight carpal (wrist) bones. These small bones are the ones responsible for the complexity and delicate movements of our hands. The carpal bones are located between the forearm and hand bones.

The scaphoid sits below the thumb, and is shaped something like medium sized cashew.

Unlike other bones, the scaphoid bone has a retrograde blood supply. This means that the blood flow originates in a small vessel that enters the most distant part of the bone and flows back through the bone to provide nutrition to the bone cells.

The pattern of blood supply in the scaphoid presents a problem when it's fractured. Because of its blood supply system, a scaphoid fracture can sever this blood flow and stop the delivery of necessary oxygen and nutrients to the bone cells.

In short, fractured scaphoid bones sometimes have a hard time healing themselves. Thus, healing can be slow or may not heal at all.

Symptoms of a scaphoid fracture:

A scaphoid fracture is the most common type of carpal bone fracture, accounting for 79% of all carpal fractures. They occur most commonly from falls, which is how I experienced it.

The symptoms of this kind of fracture are pain on the thumb side of the wrist, swelling in that area, and difficulty gripping objects.

Many patients scaphoid fracture can be misdiagnosed with a wrist sprain, but diagnosis is difficult because x-rays taken right after the injury may show no abnormality.

In my case, it wasn’t a problem because of the severity of the fracture. However, even six months after surgery, I still had pain in my right thumb whenever I grabbed something.

When will you get back to doing the things that you love (like playing piano)?
When will you get back to doing the things that you love (like playing piano)? | Source

When I Can Resume Normal Activities?

Everyone wants to know when and if they can return to their former activities after suffering from a broken wrist. This is a great question which seems simple but actually has a complex answer.

Most patients do return to all of their former activities, but what happens in your case depends on the nature of your injury, the kind of treatment you and your doctors decide on, and how your body responds to the treatment.

You’ll need to discuss your case with your doctor for specifics, but in general most of the following are true:

  • Most patients have their cast taken off at about six weeks.
  • If recommended by the doctor, patients will start physiotherapy within a few days or weeks after surgery, or right after the last cast is taken off.
  • Most patients will be able to resume light activities such as swimming or working out the lower body within a month or two after the cast is taken off, or after surgery.
  • Most patients can resume vigorous physical activities, such as skiing or football, between three and six months after the injury.
  • Almost all patients will have some stiffness in their wrist, which will generally diminish in the month or two after the cast is taken off or after surgery. Wrist flexibility will continue to improve for at least two years (this is for adults).
  • You should expect your recovery to take at least a year, and most will still feel some pain during vigorous activities for about that long. You should also expect residual stiffness or aches for two years or possibly permanently, especially for high impact injuries (such as motorcycle crashes), or if you are over 50 or have some osteoarthritis.
  • The good news is that the stiffness is usually minor and may not affect the overall function of the arm. Remember that these are general guidelines and may not apply to you and your fracture. Ask your doctor for specifics in your case.

Waiting for Your Wrist to Feel Better

Of course, what you really want to know is when you can get back in the game after breaking your wrist. There's no easy answer.

Here are some things to keep in mind during recovery from a broken wrist:

  • It might take eight weeks or longer for your wrist to heal. More severe breaks may not fully mend for six months. You and your doctor will decide when you are fully recovered.
  • Don't rush back into your usual activities too soon. If you start working out before your wrist is healed, you could cause more serious damage.
  • You may still have discomfort and stiffness in your wrist for months, or even years, after the injury.
  • Follow your doctor's instructions for taking care of your cast. Remember that casts cannot get wet.
  • See your doctor if the pain or swelling keeps getting worse after you get a cast or if you experience numbness in your fingers.

The house where I was lodged in Les Gets, French Alps. I fell from the closed door on the second floor balcony.
The house where I was lodged in Les Gets, French Alps. I fell from the closed door on the second floor balcony.

My Broken Wrists

In July 2007, I was on a mountain biking trip in the French Alps and fell from the balcony of the second floor of a building. Unfortunately it wasn’t as exciting as a bike crash! And no, I didn't try to kill myself! (in case you were wondering).

After I fell, I had to get up all by myself and go upstairs to go back to the second floor where my friends were. I still don’t know where I found the strength to search for my friends and get their help. I guess my love for life certainly helped!

When I finally reached my friends, they called the paramedics and I was taken to the hospital right away. Well...almost right away. We actually had to stop twice to get some money from an ATM since the ambulance would only take me to the hospital after I paid for the service.

Due to the severity of the fractures, I had to be operated on as soon as I got to the hospital.

During this surgery (the first of three), doctors fixed both my wrists with titanium plates and screws, and they also put an external fixation on my right wrist. This external equipment was attached to both the radius and forefinger metacarpal bones by four screws, two in each bone.

Back in Portugal (where I’m from), the external fixation was removed two months after the operation. They took it out without any anesthesia which made it an unforgettable moment for me (as in it was extremely painful).

At this point, I started daily physiotherapy sessions and immediately began to see good results.

One week later, I went to hospital again. This time it was to have a little spike that the doctor had put in removed because it was starting to push through my skin. I also had no anesthetic this time and it was pretty painful, but by now I was learning how to enjoy it!

X-rays After the First surgery

My left wrist (view from below) with the titanium plate and screws inserted during surgery to hold the bones in the proper position
My left wrist (view from below) with the titanium plate and screws inserted during surgery to hold the bones in the proper position
My left wrist (lateral view)
My left wrist (lateral view)
My right wrist (view from below) with the titanium plate, screws and external fixation inserted during surgery to hold the bones in the proper position
My right wrist (view from below) with the titanium plate, screws and external fixation inserted during surgery to hold the bones in the proper position
My right wrist (lateral view)
My right wrist (lateral view)

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

— Friedrich Nietzsche
Just after the last surgery (October 2009)
Just after the last surgery (October 2009)

Almost 7 months after the accident, I had to be operated on yet again to remove the titanium plates from both wrists and get a new on my right wrist to keep it from moving incorrectly. In order to allow the right hand to rotate, they also cut the distal end from my right cubitus bone. This was my third surgery. Not fun!

Even though I was much better, I still needed at least one more operation to have my left wrist put back in place. That surgery, unfortunately, could only happen when I got some significant time off work.

Yes, that’s right—I’d be spending my next vacation in the hospital.

In October 2009, I went through that surgery, which I hoped to be my last, and my surgeon believed that my left wrist would be able to regain its mobility after correcting its position.

This time I only had local anesthesia which allowed a much faster recovery, and I started moving my fingers by the end of the day. It also allowed me to watch the entire process without any pain. However, it did take more than two hours and I almost fell asleep during the surgery...

The operation team decided to add two titanium plates to my wrist and put it back into its natural position. This by itself made a big difference and I could finally grab my bicycle`s handlebars.

The bad news is that it did not improve my wrist mobility, but I had been expecting this. In the last appointment before the surgery, I even suggested to my doctor that he completely secure my wrist like he’d done with my right one, but he told me there was a chance of improvement with the left one.

Unfortunately, I still don´t have good quality digitalizations of the X-rays because they never gave me the original ones. The pictures below were digitized from a paper copy, so I apologize for the poor quality.

Four years after the accident, I can work, write, ride my bike, and do normal, everyday tasks.

If I’m being completely honest, however, I can’t do everything I did before. On the other hand, now that I’ve had to re-learn some things, I do them even better!

X-ray from right wrist after the last surgery

They also remove (cut) the distal end from the cubitus bone to allow hand rotation
They also remove (cut) the distal end from the cubitus bone to allow hand rotation

After breaking my wrist, I searched for help and information online from people who’d had similar experiences but found very few people sharing their broken wrist stories.

I hope this hub helps other people going through the same kind of injury. Writing it down and sharing it with everybody certainly helped me debrief the experience.

Stay Strong!

I hope this helped you as you're recovering from a broken wrist. It does get better :) Feel free to leave some of your experiences and advice in the comments section!

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funride profile image

funride 5 days ago from Portugal Author

Fairly normal!? Come on Lynette... we all know how extraordinary you are! And I`m pretty sure you`ll become even better after going thru this healing process. ;)

Sending much love and strength for those moments when nothing else seems to help, whishing you a fast and complete recovery.

Lynette 5 days ago

Thank you for writing this. It has been helpful. I broke both my wrists at work. They were splinted right away. Since it was a workers comp issue I could not get into the orthopedist until the following week. He did surgery on both the next day. When they removed the stitches I was put in removable cast. It has been 5 since my accident and they are still very swollen, my palm is numb and bruised. After reading your story I have hope that I will get back to fairly normal.

funride profile image

funride 3 weeks ago from Portugal Author

Hi everybody! Once again I`m sorry for not replying every comment here, specially to Ona66 who I thank for keeping us informed on your wonderful recovery (I read all the comments but I fail to reply to everyone). As I previous said it`s overwhelming to realize how many people are going through a broken wrist... at the same time is very rewarding to know that this article and my experiences have somehow helped so many people around the world. All your comments make this article more complete and useful for those who are now facing the healing process, thank You all! Whishing everybody fast and complete recovery, take care!

Ona66 3 weeks ago

Hi everyone,

I wrote couple months ago( unfortunately no one replied), but really no hard feelings. I broke my right wrist 4 months ago. Took my cast off at the beginning of August. went to 14 physio therapy sessions and I can say that I am feeling great. I can do everything with my right hand, and I am shocked that I am so good. I am 50 years old and the only thing is that I can't bend my wrist all way , but I am optimist it will come. I have no pain at all. I drive, clean, hold heavy bags, vacuum, cut with knight,mop,rinse and squeeze clothes ect..... my doctor is very surprised with me. I wish that everyone can feel , just the way i did. Good luck, and keep moving your hand as much as you can, because I did it a lot in the beginning.

victoria mckenzie stewart 4 weeks ago

Thank you so much for your extremely informative article. I am 74 years old, female, now almost four weeks out of ER and three out of plate and screws surgery for radial beak/ulnar fracture). The timeframes you experienced are way way longer than anything I heard regarding my particular case. I have numbness in index and thumb on left hand. My most concerning symptom actually, but am told 99 percent of feeling returns! Again, I imagine this could take lot longer than - obliquely - projected. I do believe - although "doing very well" with hand therapy - I am in for a long haul full recovery - more like years than weeks or months.

DANIELLE 4 weeks ago

wowzers, after breaking both my wrists at the drag strip on my motorcycle I'm not sure how I feel about it still. im three weeks in, two surgeries and really hope I'm on the quicker end for recovery and getting back on my bikes. Thanks for the write up I'm glad its not just me that does things like this.

Hamza 5 weeks ago

I got my fracture playing foot ball.I just want to ask that can I resume my daily activities like playing and taking heavy things in my hand.

Iits Aravin profile image

Iits Aravin 7 weeks ago

i fractured my wrist 9 weeks ago... i can know move my wrist as per normal but i still have a little bit of pain in m wrist can you please explain y? i really cant wait till it heals

funride profile image

funride 2 months ago from Portugal Author

Thank you all for your comments! No one can tell you how long your pains will last... it`s up to you to find ways to mitigate pains (both physical and psychological).

Pushups... only after 1,5 to 2 years I was able to do it but with my fists, it took time for me to regain my muscles. Thanks to martial art trainings and bicycling the process felt much easier!

Wishing that all your pain can have an end soon!

Erin B 2 months ago

Hello- I found your story, and the fact that you are a nutritionist very interesting. I believe vitamins D, C, fish oil, collagen, biotin and zinc have helped my healing process. I fractured my radius and ulna on July 18th. I had surgery the nest day with a plate and 12 screws put in. The plaster cast came off after 2 weeks and i had a removable splint instead, to facilitate physical therapy and massage. It's now been 10 weeks and I am back to most of my fitness activities. I have no pain, only a little stiffness but that continues to improve every day. The only thing i can't do right now is bear full weight on my hands like in a plank position or push up. Have you been successful in regaining the ability to do push ups? If so, how long after your last surgery did it take to be able to do them? Thanks for any insight you can offer!

CDB 2 months ago

OMG, your treatment follows mine almost exactly...I knew I hadn't written it but it sounded exactly like mine. I broke both of mine in a fall back in 2000. Just recently, I broke one of them again. It is miserable and I hope every one heals nicely! Thanks for the article.

Sophie 2 months ago

Thanks for this. I broke my wrist 5 weeks ago on holiday in New York. I was getting out of a taxi when the driver drove off with me half in the car! I hit a parked car and tumbled and was dragged slightly along the road. I'm in the shorter cast now and it's due to be taken off in a week or so but I've been getting really sharp pains the last few days. They seem to happen when I catch my wrist in a certain movement and are so painful. Is this normal? It was less painful near the beginning! Thanks.

Simen 2 months ago


I got in an accident 5 years ago. I got an hairline fracture on distal radius, witch went almost all trough the bone. Since then I have had problems with pain, in different severity. It seems to get worse when cold and after activities like driving long distances or writing on the computer for a long time. I can neither play sports like volleyball, basketball etc.

I have had several trips to the doctor, and they have always said that I should be totally fine in a couple of days. I have taken a lot of x-rays, the last one was about 1 1/2 year ago now, but they never see anything. I get an bandage to use until it's good again, and that's it. Then it goes some days, some weeks maybe if I'm lucky, and it's back. Now I have just stopped going to the doctor even if it's really bad, because it will only be a waste of money.

I guess I just wonder if this is normal, or the doctors may have screwed up somehow. It just can't be possible that I sprain my wrist every time I play basketball or the weather gets cold...

funride profile image

funride 2 months ago from Portugal Author

Sometimes when checking this page and its commentaries I wish none would ever brake a bone anymore... I even (almost) forget it happened to me too...

Pains... such a difficult subject. It all depends on the person and circumstances... I tried my best to reduce painkillers intake by the less amount possible. I would recommend natural painkillers...

Regaining arm, hand and fingers mobility... I can only talk about arm and fingers results because my wrists were not expected to have mobility anymore. I think that after this kind of injury most people are afraid and avoiding any movement, I believe it`s just a natural respond. I struggled to regain back my right arm movements because I spent too much time without almost any movement... only after many sessions of physiotherapy ("painotherapy") my body/mind started to work together and I was able to adapt this new situation.

Being a nutritionist myself, I would recommend that anyone going through any healing process should reinforce antioxidants intake... if you need any other advise on this subject please feel free to email me (rnfunride at gmail dot com).

My thoughts are with those going through pain and suffering... wishing a fast and complete recovery! Take good care.

Farzy 2 months ago

Hi everyone

I broke my left wrist 5 weeks ago. Yesterday I went to the hospital and the doctor took my cast off but when I came home, after I couldn't turn my hand at all but also the doctor gave me another appointment next but please I would love to know why can't I turn my hand..

Jolynn 2 months ago

Hello and thank you so much for this information! I am only 5 days out from surgery on my left arm, fractured distal radius while on vacation in Florida. I have plate and 9 screws after tumbling down rock stairs in the dark. As you say it could have been much worse! I didn't even hit my head. Escaped with broken arm and lots if bruises. This is the type of info we crave after a fall and or break. Much more than we get from our medical professionals . Thank you not only for the info and first hand experience (no pun intended) but also for the optimism that situation will improve! I see ortho specialist tomorrow for redress and next steps. Can't wait to get back to boot camp exercise , which probably helped that it was not worse to begin with! I am 58 years old, with my first ever broken bone. Take care, continue to heal! Jo

Heather 2 months ago

how long can I expect to have severe pain I have broken my wrist & have k wires instead of a plate due to the fact I have had ancillary node clearance due to breast cancer it is 4 weeks since I fell & I am still in a lot of severe pain I am on endone & panadol as directed by dr but this is only taking the edge off it I don't want to have to keep taking these strong painkillers but I am not coping with the pain I had my cast renewed last week as I had severe swelling that is all ok now we live about 4 hrs from drs I don't know if I need to contact the dr again or not as all they did about it last week was write another script for more endone if anybody has any suggestions to help ease the pain I would be most grateful I have used ice packs heat packs & elevation Regards H

Ona66 3 months ago

Hello again,

I started phisio 2 weeks ago. I did 3 sesions so far and my hand is felling better, although my wirst is not bending forward at all.Phisio therapist is focusing in this movement. I have lots of pain after the phisio, but honestly I don't mind it. I am just wondering if my wrist will be moving forward at all. Please let me know if you went through this experience. Thank you!

naomi 3 months ago

thsnk you for all that information. i fractured my distal radius 9 weeks ago. i should have had an operation, but decided not to. as a result i am still severely disabled. i am thinking of having the operation - they will have to cut the bone, and insert screws, etc. i am still unable to drive and have much pain.

please reply to my e-mail

funride profile image

funride 3 months ago from Portugal Author

Hi, Abdul! The healing process is always different and each person has different ways of going through it... in your case, did you got internal plates? Did your doctor said you`ll have to go through any more surgery?

You soon will start physiotherapy and that will help you to relearn how to use your hand and fingers without feeling pain. Some people may take longer to realize/accept that some experiences in life leave a few scars and perhaps also some limitations... whishing you all the best and a fast and complete recovery. Take care!

Abdul 3 months ago

Hey thank you for that article

Which I found while searching for more information to calm my worries

I broke my wrist while skateboarding, had external fixtion for 2 month and now it's already removed, honestly I do worry why I can't move my hand easily wzout pain! And how long it should take to be like before and it gonna be 100% as before or it's just a dream ! I am a photographer and that's what I'm worry about holding the camera and filming now that easy with this in comfortable hand ! I see it need like 2 to 4 years to be as before and it won't be 100% right ?

funride profile image

funride 3 months ago from Portugal Author

Thank you for all your comments! Sorry for being away and not replying to everyone on time.

I must admit sometimes I feel overwhelm and I struggle to find words for each and everyone who share his/her experiences with broken wrist... it`s been almost 9 years since my incident, and although I don`t expect improvements, I still keep taking care of myself (food, supplements, physical activities, rest, music, etc.) knowing that the way I feel depends on how I treat myself. Every healing process can be an unique opportunity for personal growing and better understanding about ourselves and others.

Treat yourself gently and patiently, it will make all the difference while you`re recovering and healing from any fracture.

My thoughts are with you and everyone that went or is going through some rough times.

Jessica 4 months ago

Hey... I broke my right wrist about a little more than a year ago. I hasn't hurt since a while ago but now I can't even ride a bike or vacuum. I don't know if this is temporary or maybe I should go to the doctor? If anyone could tell me some tips that would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Ona66 4 months ago

Hi everyone!

I broke my wrist 6 weeks ago.Cast was taken off after 5 weeks an splint was put on for a week. My two fingers got very stiffed and the doctor decided to take cast off and did an i took the splint off and went in the bathtub to clean my hand, because it smelled bad and take the dry skin off.I can't turn my hand at all. I can make a fist , but that's all I can do. Please anyone can tell me is this normal?? I tried to put my hand on the table and let my wrist hang a little , but withou any result. My wrist is frozen like an ice block :(

Lisa 4 months ago

Hi all, I hope someone can help!!!!!

I broke my right wrist 5 months ago and still stiff etc like expected, however, today I was sat on floor and without thinking I tried to stand by pushing down on wrist, I heard a crunch and extreme pain run up my arm. My wrist is now swollen and very painful, and I also have pain running up my radius.

Anyone have any ideas what I may have done, surely it won't just break again just like that??? I have taken painkillers, elevated it and applied ice but hasn't made a lot of difference.


Thanks in advance x

Jill 4 months ago

Hi there,

I broke my left wrist 5 days ago falling off a low wall. It was broken in 4 places and I had a plate and screws put in.It is painful but I am coping.I have no plaster only a dressing and want to know when I should start exercises to improve mobility.I am worried that I might make things worse.I am 59 and worried as I also had a serious break in right upper arm about 5 years ago

Sarah 4 months ago

So relieved to find this & read everyones experiences. I've been having a bit of a panic, feeling like a complete wuss with no pain tolerance! I broke my left wrist (radius, displaced), 4 weeks ago. I live in France, breed horses & was just finished a poultice on a horses hoof when I lost balance & fell awkwardly. They planned to plate it the next morning but during the night it moved, blocked my circulation & they had to do a quick general anesthetic, closed reduction & plaster.

Today they re-xrayed, its still in place & the radiologist told me it still had a little way to go to be completely healed. I saw the consultant, the next thing they've taken my cast off, wrist agony every time I moved, & sent me off with a note for the physio. No aftercare notes, just told not to use my sling anymore.

My physio was more helpful, sympathetic, told me to do hot & cold soaks (as its still very swollen), try to move my fingers, use my sling & put a support bandage on it. First physio session is on Monday. I have a wheat bag that is brilliant, heat up in the microwave & it stays warm for 30 mins. I have no movement vertically or horizontally & my thumb can only reach to my first two fingers.

I'm terrified of rebreaking it, is that mad? Is it likely just from moving it out of its comfort zone?

I've caught/moved it a couple of times & the pain has been so terrible I've cried. I'm still trying to work with the horses/around the farm but without my cast it feels really vulnerable. I just want to wrap it up/splint it. I'm dreading sleeping tonight. Is it normal to be scared to move it?

One thing I have been doing to help heal quicker is take a lot of extra vitamins/minerals for bones. Having done a lot of research I settled on a Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium supplement plus seperate ones for D3, K2, Triple Boron & Omega 3 & a protein powder (double chocolate :-) ) to get an extra 23g of protein per day. Is it working? Well 4 weeks & out of my cast would suggest yes, just wish the pain was less.

Sandy 4 months ago

Hi. Thanks for creating this forum.Some very encouraging stories. I am telling myself that i am having a 5 week holiday on the couch?? I am 3 weeks in after falling and breaking both wrists. My age of 56 is a concern. my left is simple break and have just had the cast removed and a splint on so I am sure it will be fine. The right in not a nice break and goes into the joint which is a worry. I was very fortunate to have been sent to an orthopaedic who only treats hands. it was borderline between plates and just cast. He manipulated into position in his rooms and put it into a cast and fortunately last week it was x-rayed and is still in position. He is hoping to remove cast after only 5 weeks as he says the 6th week is where the stiffness really sets in. I have been feeling like a baby over the pain but am encouraged that it is a real thing for everyone. I have been devastated as I am a potter and work on the wheel. It is my livelihood as well as passion. A lot of the processes for wheel work use the wrists so I am hoping it will be good physio but can only imagine how sore it is going to be!! My first deadline is for a month after the cast comes off - do you think it will be possible?

aom 4 months ago

what a lucid narration.

i can imagine being on board the same train (having broken my right wrist).

your experience is a brilliant answer session to most frequently asked questions pertaining to wrist fracture.

thank you

julie 5 months ago

Thank you. Most searches for broken wrist say 6 to 8 weeks and 20 weeks in with a plate that looked remarkably like your x ray I was feeling desponde with my lack of recovery and slow pace. I broke my neck in the same fall. I just want my body back. Reading your story gave me breathing space not to be so hard on myself. Maybe a year maybe two seems a much more realistic goal. Thanks

Howard 9 months ago

Hi! I fell off on one of those telescopic ladders.It must have un-locked. anyway i fell from about twelve feet, dislocating my left arm, breaking my humerus bone (open fracture) and smashing my radius bone in about ten pieces.

The wrist is the major problem, as there is too many small bone to plate. The CT scan revealed all the bones had broken in a circular shape just where my wrist watch was.( I must of fell onto my wrist and crushed the watch between the concrete and my hip).

The specialist advise was to let the bones heal as they are as it will give them something to work on when they set? I've had three operations up to now and now have a fixation on to keep the radius in place while the bone heal?.

Going forwards I was told they might be able then plate it, fuse the radius to my hand the shorten the ulna bone?.

This is going to be a long, long, road to recovery.

It was nice to read your blog as you have been through something of the same and come out the other end, and given me food for though.

macy langley 10 months ago

i boke my arm was in a cast for six weeks which was tight and painfull . i got my cast off thinking i would be fine but just a little pain but to my suprise! my arm felt very heavy , and week from my uper arm to my fingers! i was told to try to do every thing i did before , but its very hard for me to hold a pen , r spoon ,i can not hardly move my arm ,r wrist r fingers! i was unaware of this happing! i try to move my arm and fingers but moving my wrist is very painfull and can not move it much , am worryed on how long it will be before my arm is back to like it was before i broke it

Cougmom 11 months ago

Hi Stepper, like you I have a plate in my wrist and I am approaching the one year anniversary of my break and surgery. Personally, I would not subject myself to an unnecessary surgery. I don't care for the idea of having "something" in my body either, but the idea of another surgery overrides that! Just my perspective, good luck in your decision making process on this!

funride profile image

funride 11 months ago from Portugal Author

Hi Stepper! I kept my metal parts... they took the first plates and replaced them during the last surgery... and I will only remove them if any problems come up. Take care!

Charlygirl 11 months ago

Thanks I broke my wrist and hopefully 1st n last bone... It really helped reading your article I didn't know how much time this would take... Ugh the agony... Since doc put it back n place much better but still healing n I'm in a splint go back 2 weeks for my cast yeah...

funride profile image

funride 13 months ago from Portugal Author

Thank you, Elaine! Your comment show us how strong you are. Wishing you well, take care!

Elaine 13 months ago

This has been an Awesome website, So Glad I Found it.....My Sister ( slammed) her car door shut on my hand and Broke my wrist and 3 fingers +that bone between the thumb and finger + it cut my middle finger over a year ago, and I Still Have a lot of pain (all they done @ the hospital after they x-rayed it was put a hand brace on it. I also have arthritis in my fingers now to where it hurts to just move my fingers, Thank-God it was just my left hand since I am right handed. I had a Stroke when I was 47--just woke up and when I stood up I just fell over & broke my left foot and it was paralized for about 2 months & that left me with a drop foot, I had several Strokes during that year So I started going to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida (I live in Orlando) to find out Why I kept having So Many Strokes, Then I had a Stroke on Christmas Day of 1998 and they took me by ambulance from a hospital in Orlando to Jacksonville (2 hours away) and done my 1st Brain Surgery (took 13 hours & I was in a Coma for 2 weeks & had the Brain of a 7 yr. old for Several Months. Since then I have broken 2 ribs, my Toe twice had 10 staples in the back of my head 2 times 2 years apart, was imbedded on my youngest sons Weight Bench on a steel rod the size of my little finger and since I was on Cumadin (blood thinner) They said I could have bled to death before I got to the hospital, had 10 Stitches.....

funride profile image

funride 15 months ago from Portugal Author

Hi Stepper! Thank you for your comment. As long as you have no complains I don`t see why you should remove them... but talk with your doctor just to be sure. I haven`t remove mine and I don`t intend to... unless some problem would occur of course. As you say it`s always another surgery with all its potential complications. Take care.

Stepper 15 months ago

Hi. I broke my wrist approx. 1 yr. ago (07/29/2014) and had plate and screws to hold bones in place while healing. I did not like the idea, at the time, of having the hardware in my body and the doc told me that I could have it removed in one year. It is now one year out and I am thinking about having the metal removed but am concerned that I am going to put myself through a surgery that isn't necessary since I do not have any significant problems.

I am also concerned about going through the surgery again and opening myself up to potential complications.

Would you suggest having them removed anyway?

Thank you for your reply.

funride profile image

funride 16 months ago from Portugal Author

Hi Mwansa, thank you for commenting. If I understood right you only started to feel pain after one year, perhaps you began doing things that forced your injured hand? In my case I had lots of pain before and after each surgery, but after some months I got rid of my pains. You should try to talk with your doctor and see if there`s something you can do to stop the pain. Wishing that your pains go away! Take care.

Mwansa 16 months ago

I really appreciate each ones fracture experience. I broke my hand one year ago, they told me that the hand is malunion, but I was able to write and use it for the easy jobs. But now I have started to feel the pain on my hand fracture, what should I do? or will it stop on it's own? It's now almost a year after the accident.

Please help me!

funride profile image

funride 16 months ago from Portugal Author

Sorry to hear, Baggy. Thank you for your comment and stay strong... I`m 100% or more now, thank you! Wishing you a fast and complete recovery! :)

Baggy 73 16 months ago

I am amazed by your story and what you have been through !! Knowing that you cannot do the things you used to take for granted before is something im feeling now . I had a motorcycle accident 2 months ago which resulted in me having a plate and screws in my left wrist . Basically , I hit a bank at low speeds going around a corner and knowing i was going to crash I released the grip on the bars and waited for the thud . I flew off and actually fractured my left wrist putting my hands out to stop my fall , which is a natural reaction . The pain was imense and I knew after breaking my collar bone in a mountain biking accident before that it was a horrible break . After the op which was a week later I realised how bad it was . Two weeks after the op , the plaster came off and I was gutted . It looked horrible and swollen and stiff as a board . Physio has started and im still off work , and even though im getting there slowly , this has to be the worst of my accidents to date . In my lifetime ive broken my arm , wrist twice , collar bone , and my right thumb which needed temporary pins in . I do think im here for a reason , I must be !! Joking aside , ive got a long way to go and even though its nothing like yours , i know i have to start again with some things . Bones heal but its everything else in my hand that hurts the most . Its very sore and stiff and aches , wow does it ache but hey im still here so im lucky i suppose . Hope your recovery is a positive one as ive had a few very dark days and weeks lately . Support from family and friends is crucial and work needs to be understanding too in order for us to recover as worrying about getting layed off only proplongs our recovery . Take care and I hope you are 100 % now

funride profile image

funride 17 months ago from Portugal Author

Hi Fifi, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your experience with us all. Very glad to know that you`re dealing so well with your healing process, keep up your great effort! Feel free to share your progresses with us, it`ll be very much appreciated! All the best to you!

Fifi 17 months ago

Hi Everyone.

At the end of May this year I was rolerblading and fell on my outstreched hand. When I saw my hand it was hanging. I knew I broke my hand. I was taken to hospital, it was Friday night. After X-ray had done doctor said me that the sugrery would be necessary. I broke radius on two places. Two days later I had operation. A plate was insered. I was in hospital 3 days. During my stay in hospital I was showen exercies for my fingers, to touch with thumb each finger, to turn glass. I had a cast about 15 days, than 1 week bandage. 3 weeks after surgery I started with therapy, hydrotherapy and magnetic therapy, and exercising for the wrist. I included and swimming. And doctor who operated me said me to play the darts and dribbling with ball.

I have been exercising more than one mounth and I see a great improvement. My frist is still swollen a bit, but it is not so horrible. I do exercises several times a day.

I play a lot with a basket ball, also I am able to shoot from a distance about 6 metres, and sometimes I score. It is a great progressing in strengthening my left hand. When I am shopping I taking groceries with my left, operated, hand. Now I am able to pick up and open a jar of honey, weight 1 kg.

Also I exercising with sponged balls.

My operated hand is a bit thicker than the right hand. I do not know is it because of the plate.

I wish to everyone fast recovery.

funride profile image

funride 18 months ago from Portugal Author

Hi AdventureGuide, great to see you again! eheheh So glad to read your comment... it`s a warm feeling knowing that sharing my experience really helped you through yours, thank you! All the best to you too! :)

AdventureGuide 18 months ago

Hey just wanted to update on my wrist fracture recovery. It has been 9 months since my slip into the lake, breaking my wrist and having surgery. I have gone from pain that was so intense that tying my bathrobe literally almost made me pass now being able to do push ups with barely any pain at all. Amazing!!! I so appreciate my wrists...and especially the one that was broken!

My only advise to anyone currently going through the aftermath of a break and to do the rehab. Holy cats, rehab was painful, but the results were amazing. When I started rehab...I couldn't even move my fingers. I remember walking into my first session and having it in my head that I was going to have a spa like treatment....hahaha!!! is NOTHING like a spa treatment other then they warmed my whole arm up with soft white heated towels before they "maneuvered" my wrist, fingers and arm. I held my breath for some of it and slow breathed through the rest. But here is the most important part....every day I went my hand began to move a little bit more then it did before. I convinced myself that the pain was definitely worth the gain. I also did all of the exercises. If you don't have insurance that pays for rehab....there are quite a few YouTube videos online that can walk you through the exercises. The main thing the folks that did my rehab told me was to just keep using my hand.

Fun ride...again...thank you for this wonderful site. I remember how I read it over and over when my break first happened. I guess just knowing that other people had gone through this experience and not only survived...haha...but eventually found relief from those first few weeks and months. This was very comforting!

My best to you and all of the other folks here that are healing!

funride profile image

funride 18 months ago from Portugal Author

Wishing you the best recovery possible! What did your doctor said about start moving your fingers?

After a while without moving my fingers (and arms) I found it difficult to use them and to make full movements... that`s where the physiotherapy had a huge role. Take care!

Tripping 18 months ago

This was really nice to have X-ray's name of bones etc. I was doing odds and ends getting ready to take a trip. Any way I ended up falling backwards cought my self and knew it was bad, a end of bone was not where it should have been. So no visit to Ca for a while. I'm 71 and was glad to see all the good information. I had surgery 4 days ago and have screws into my wrist. It is still padded but they say they are taking it off. I sort of wish they would leave the padding on. Bless your heart having both wrists broken at the same time. This has been very very painful. Just one. I feel bad for you but glad you shared, it makes me thankful I didn't do both wrists . I was looking to see if moving my fingers now was a good idea or not. I want to do the right thing so I can use it.

funride profile image

funride 18 months ago from Portugal Author

Hi BeatsMe, thank you. Loving ourselves... the only hard work worth while. No sacrifice! ;)

BeatsMe profile image

BeatsMe 18 months ago

Whew! Just imagining the pain that you have been through. Not to mention the activities that you have to give up. That must've been some kind of sacrifice. Going through accidents in life is a lot more of a hard work than hard work itself. :)

funride profile image

funride 18 months ago from Portugal Author

Wishing you a complete recovery Aylwin! Thank you for your kind words.

Aylwin 18 months ago

Hi Funrider many thank for your writeup. Had a right hand wrist plate inserted after surgery 6 week ago, similar to yours. Your write up was very useful in helping me to understand the healing process. Now doing recovery slow slow. am a classic guitar player. Right thumb is taking a slow process to heal. not there yet slighly useable but the doctor say another 6 more weeks to go but will not be 100%. cheers n thanks again.

funride profile image

funride 19 months ago from Portugal Author

Hi Ann, hope you`re feeling better now! If it`s still painful you should talk with your doctor... take care.

ann how 19 months ago

I am in plaster cast now & I've fractured my scaphoid bone. I moved my wrist in the plaster and there was a loud crack, agony, went white & felt sick. Not sure if I should give fracture clinic a ring 2moro or not ad bones do crack.

funride profile image

funride 21 months ago from Portugal Author

Thank you, Suzanne! Sorry to hear that you didn`t get treatment right away... in my case the injuries were too severe and they had to operate them asap. Hope your wrist isn`t giving you troubles anymore. :)

justmesuzanne profile image

justmesuzanne 21 months ago from Texas

Excellent information! It's so good that they actually helped you right away when you went to the hospital instead of putting you in a temporary splint and referring you on. This is what happened to me, and it ended up being two weeks before I was able to actually get an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon for real treatment!

Voted up, useful, awesome and shared! :)

funride profile image

funride 21 months ago from Portugal Author

Hello Cougmom, thank you for your kind words! Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. Take care :)

Cougmom 21 months ago

Hello funride, thank you for all the good information here, I am 57 years old and broke my wrist 4 weeks ago. I was bowling at my 4 year old grandaughter's birthday party, stepped over the foul line and lost my footing. My feet went out from under me and down I went. I felt something when I landed and was immediately afraid that I broke my wrist, turns out I was right. It was a distal fracture of my left wrist, thank goodness I am right handed. I had surgery 3 days later to stabilize the break with a plate and screws . There was no mention of removing this plate later so I don't know if it is permanent, until reading here I just assumed so. I feel quite blessed as the swelling and pain have been minimal for me. I seem to have good mobility of my fingers, I have a follow up appointment and X-rays on Monday, so I am anxious to hear the doctors report. I have the greatest admiration for you and the others on this forum who broke two wrists! It is easy to become disheartened having just one hand to accomplish daily tasks. I work at a desk so while typing has been quite difficult and dramatically slower I was able to go back to work after a week. God bless you and thank you so much for sharing your situation.

funride profile image

funride 22 months ago from Portugal Author

Hey Icebunny, I`m so glad you`ve found this page and find it helpful... makes my day every time it happens! Thank you!

Icebunny 22 months ago

Hi funride

I was so happy to find your article and read some of the comments. Like you I couldn't find much online and the dr doesn't volunteer much info. I broke my left wrist ice skating 7 weeks ago, second time on skates for over 40 years I foolishly thought I was doing really well and was getting overconfident. I only fell the one time! Luckily it was a straightforward break and unlike you and many others I didn't need surgery.

Following a tedious 6 weeks in casts (a splint past elbow for three weeks followed by cast below elbow for three) I had the cast removed a week ago. Much to my dismay I found my hand and fingers still fairly swollen, with very little movement of either.. this was such a disappointment and very disconcerting as I was thinking I'd be back to gym and normal activities! So, hence seeking out your article, which has been so helpful and encouraging.

I'm heading to first physio appointment today and I've found some improvement already doing my own stretching although there's a long way to go as my wrist only has some forward movement. I'm a bit scared to push it too hard until I see the physio.

I think being 52 probably doesn't help things, but I'm determined to get back to normality - especially skiing - soon.

Thanks again for this info it was very helpful and good luck with recovery to everyone - especially AdventureGuide I really feel for you I broke my wrist one week before a big family ski trip so disappointing not to ski, but I tried snowshoeing as it was something I could do! I loved snowshoeing and I would have never tried it if I hadn't broken my wrist. And like you I'm amazed at how reliant we are on our hands, but our ability to work out how to do things with one hand is amazing!


funride profile image

funride 22 months ago from Portugal Author

Hi Alice, what a Xmas present you`ve got this time... don`t tell me you misbehaved last year!? Santa should be pretty angry to give you such a gift.

You sound like a tough lady thou and I believe you`ll recover in no time (at least it will seem like no time when you look back after recovering). Keep strong and keep us posted...

And thank you, it feels good to know that my experience has also helped others. Hoping that your pain will slowdown soon (like right now)! _/\_

Alice 22 months ago


I'm glad I found your article! I'm going through my broken wrist joint at the moment-only happened three weeks ago on Xmas day while snowboarding on winter holiday! And completely sober as well!

Very painful at the moment, the doctors will tell me if they will operate in a couple of days-we'll see. I'm feeling anxious about it as metal screws&plates don't sound very appealing !!

I'm staying strong though and thank you for sharing your experience! It's interesting. Glad you recovered well

funride profile image

funride 23 months ago from Portugal Author

Hi Jen! I was 33yo and I thought how fast would it be if I was 18... :)

Whishing you a complete recovery.

Jen 23 months ago

Thanks for telling your story and all the good information. I am currently going through the same thing. I fell in late September and had surgery in early October. The cast is off but I'm still having numbness in my hand, especially in my thumb and stiffness in my fingers. I can't use the hand or hold onto anything. I'm just curious how old you were when this happened - I'm 6O and it seems like it's taking forever to heal. Thanks

AdventureGuide 2 years ago

Hi Funride,

I just wanted to thank you for writing this article.

I broke..."fractured" my left wrist two weeks ago. I had been training at a lake not far from my house for my first ever race...a triathlon sprint. I asked the ER doctor if he thought there was any way possible that I would be able to compete in 4 weeks time. I had learned to swim only 3 weeks earlier and was on cloud nine because the day before the break I swam in a lake for 50 minutes in water way over my head. The doctor unfortunately knew that my break was pretty bad and that surgery was imminent. His answer to my question was..."No". A week later after the swelling went down I had 3 pins surgically installed to hold my radius and a small bone in the joint in place.

I do come from a belief that everything happens in you life for a reason. This experience has made me look at my life differently.....just like it did for you. You brought tears to my eyes reading your post. It's now been a week and half since my surgery and I have celebrated every silly little accomplishment. Learning how to put in contacts one handed, dressing and putting on a bra...haha, even cutting an onion ( just did that one today). This situation has slowed me down quite a bit and has given me a lot of time to reflect. I can't believe how much I admire my right hand and everything it can do. Wow....I never gave my wonderful hands a second thought before. Before this accident I took for granted my entire body. Now I go into my garage and grip my bicycles handle bars longingly. My right hand falls into place so left casted hand limply lays there eager to go for a ride. I can't wait to get these pins out and start rehab. Like you I plan on being better then I was before this crazy situation.

Like hand probably saved my life. I fell into the lake on an old cement boat launch. If it wasn't for my would have probably been my head....who knows, I could have drowned. As it was, it was dark out and I was walking alone along the shore with my dog. I am so thankful my husband was not terribly far away. I had to yell for him to come and get me out of the water. No matter what I did the algae was so thick on the old boat launch that I couldn't pull myself out and the more I struggled the more I continued to slip further in. I have so much to be thankful for.

You said it right.....What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

Here's to becoming stronger and wiser. Thanks again for informing and inspiring me!

My love to you,


101Ways2Life profile image

101Ways2Life 2 years ago from Clean and Green New Zealand

Great hub. Thanks for sharing this information.

funride profile image

funride 2 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Vladimir, nice to meet you!

In my case the plates stayed in place (the original ones` were replaced by the ones I`ve now)... after multiple general anesthetic surgeries the last one was done with only local anesthetic... the time needed to leave the hospital was 3 or 4 days, not sure thou... every injury is different, every recovery is also different... hope yours will be fast and complete! Take care :)

Vladimir 2 years ago

Hi funride and all,

Your post and the Q&A was really helpful for me. Like you said, there aren't too many discussions going on about this.

I had a snowboarding accident, aprox. 2 years ago where I "earned" my double wrist fracture. Both distal radius bones and the ulna on one hand. I was operated the next day, with titanium plates installed as internal fixation, with 5 screws on each hand. Just like ones displayed in photos "My left wrist (view from below)..." and "My left wrist (lateral view) ".

I could use your experience on the screws and plates removal part.

a) was it done with local or general anesthetic?

b) when were you discharged from the hospital?

c) what was the duration of recovery after removal


I have several doctors' and physiotherapists' opinions, and they are opposing - one says "remove hardware" and other says "no need to remove". One which makes most sense for me is that even if the plates do not cause any trouble currently, there is a possibility that they might some time in the future, and therefore to remove the plates.

My case in the hospital was sort of a "guinea pig" project for the surgeons, since they seldom have double wrist fracture patients. Due to this, I sent periodical filled out questionnaires to them. I can share those if anyone is interested, it displays the progress of my recovery in full detail. I can say that the approach used worked really great for me.

The major concern I have right now is how much time and effort would the recovery after removal take. I've had a great year of sport activities in running half-marathons and street workouts. :)



funride profile image

funride 3 years ago from Portugal Author

Sorry to hear that, Jenna. The time needed for healing depends on the severity of your fracture... hope you`ll recover fast and completely!

Jenna 3 years ago

I have broke my wrist 4 days a go and same times it herts, but I don't now how long it will take my wrist to heal... !!! ;(

funride profile image

funride 3 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi LongTimeMother! So nice to meet you! Great hubs you got, I specially loved the one on Foods for healing broken bones... in fact I`ll add a link to it here. Thank you :)

LongTimeMother profile image

LongTimeMother 3 years ago from Australia

Having just gone through the process of my husband's broken ankle being fixed with plates and screws, I came for a look at your hub. We've been using all the bone strengthening foods etc and he's back on his feet, thank goodness.

I was pleased to read about the passing of time with your hardware. :) Voted up ++.

funride profile image

funride 3 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Valerie! It`s not easy to "talk" about pain... somehow it never really express what one is going throe.

Wishing you fast and complete recovery! We`ll be looking forward to here from you in the future, thanks! :)

Valerie Jackson 3 years ago

Hi Funride,

Just want to thank everyone for their comments and caring thoughts. I have found information and comfort from these.

I fractured my distal radius in 4 places in a fall when I tripped on a blanket on the floor. Luckily my emergency Dr, was able to reduce it without surgery, painful as that event was. In the cast I was in intermittent pain a lot of the time, especially when rotating the cast (excruciating) accidentally. I didn't read many comments on pain while in the cast on this site.

One day, at the 3 week point my husband accidentally kn0cked my cast hard with a ladder he was carrying which really hurt and I feared it would move the bones but it didn't. I finally started to feel comfortable with the cast at 7 weeks when I got it off yesterday. My wrist is still swollen and sore. However last night I bumped into a chair in the dark and pushed or banged my somewhat curled hand and thumb and now they are swollen and sore so I put off my first physio for a few days. It is getting cold now in Nov in Canada so doing up boots, jackets and finding a hand covering is challenging.

I found my surgeon didn't give me much information about what a fractured wrist entails so I had to search the internet a lot. I think you must be mostly over your double fracture, you certainly went through much more than me and I appreciate that you are still having this hub. Thanks. I will write again in a few months, hopefully I will not have any more accidents.

funride profile image

funride 3 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Susan, thank you for your contribution. Wishing you a fast and complete recovery... and no more fractures in the future! :)

Susan 3 years ago

I was googling to see the odds of how many people break one wrist then recover only 3 weeks later break the other wrist - as in myself I have done .

funride profile image

funride 3 years ago from Portugal Author

Thank you zeppidy! Hoping that your nightmare will soon be over... wishing you a fast and complete recovery, take care!

zeppidy 3 years ago

wow, I really feel for you, shocking accident and I hope you continue to recover! Nothing as bad as yours, but I thought I'd a link to my current wrist-related nightmare.

funride profile image

funride 3 years ago from Portugal Author

Thank you for sharing your experience... hope you`ll find the best way to get rid of that pain. Let us know how it turn out after the appt.

belbaby profile image

belbaby 3 years ago

hey,thanks for all the info it realy helped me i fell 15months ago on mothers day went to the hospital all they said was i spranged my left wrist BOY when i fell i got sick of my stomche felt like i was going to passout but any ways they gave me a brace to ware on my left wrist and like i said it still is painful trying to pick up something or just doing small things around the house and there is a knot on my wrist right between my thumb and wrist i dont know what is realy going on with my wrist but everything i have read it sounds just like a scaphoid fracture i have a appt,at the pain clinic on aug,14th i,m going to talk to him about this and demand a MRI on my left wrist it,s time someone does something about this 15 month in pain is bad when there is something someone can do to make it better well i hope you still read post on here i realy wanted to say thanks i know it,s not in my head this is real and a doctor is going to listen to me this time so hope you are doing fine,thanks alot.belbaby

john 3 years ago

I also broke my wrist severely, again a distal radial fracture after fallen g and landing on it, i didn't go to hospital for over a week because i was trying to convince myself it wasn't broken, however when the swelling went down i could clearly see it was bent. I had snapped the bigger bone completely and had to have surgery with 3 temporary pins placed in my left wrist. I had the cast on for 8 weeks and pins removed without anesthesia, strangely this didn't hurt, just a slight bit of pressure felt but not pain. I started to slowly resume exercise ( dun-bells) roughly 3-4 weeks following the removal of the pins ( which annoyingly i couldn't keep as a souvenir ) It was very painful but i thought I should do something as i never got round to booking in the physiotherapy my doctor recommended. anyway it is now 3 months following the removal of my pins and the pain and stiffness has more or less gone completely. The only exercise I still cant do is push-ups, due to the positioning of the wrist, I wondered of this was normal as it has been 3 months already and it literally trembles when i put my weight on it. I thought maybe it hadn't been done right after all, however after reading this article I feel better as I now know it can take up to a year to resume full rigorous exercise, and after reading another that there is a piece of apparatus called the perfect push-up, which allows you to grip onto two parallel bars and do your push up without the need to bend your wrists. Although this allows me to work my chest it doesn't help me to do normal push-ups in the future. For this I would recommend practicing push-ups against the wall as you are placing less pressure on the broken wrist whilst still grooming it for full weight bearing in the future.

AMY 3 years ago

I broken my hand and my mum and dad is not taking my to hospital a d it is Harding .

funride profile image

funride 3 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Mona, answering your question I think it took about 1 year before being able to relearn handwriting... I remember having an awful handwriting technique before, so there`re still not many people capable of reading anything wrote by my hand. The keyboard allowed me to write much sooner! Take care of those pains and work hard on PT, not much else you can do right now... wishing you a fast recovery!

Mona 3 years ago

Hey there i have a question how long did it take for you to write again? I broke my wrist too had my sugery 3 wks ago.dr told me to exercise my wrist but i didnt do it coz it hurts im going to start my PT nxt me if you have time thank you

lopper 3 years ago

i broke my wrist 4 months ago similar to you but had a butcher of a doctor and didnt set it wright all i got to say to all readers who have broken wrist dont believe the doctors look at your xrays ask questions if they wont answer them go some where elese your wrist isnt going to heal over night get some pain killers get it fixed properly get your xrays there yours not theres and get another opinion......tell them your a elette sports person musicition or studying to be a doctor and they will fix it good not thats good enough for him remember they get paid per operation they dont care about you your lust another job and think positive its not the end of the earth chicks feel sorry for you too make the best of it

funride profile image

funride 3 years ago from Portugal Author

Thank you for commenting Markeenow and Claire! Great examples of determination and positive attitude! Thank you both, wishing fast and complete recoveries!

Claire 3 years ago

Broke my left wrist two months ago falling on ice. After two weeks in a cast, it had to be rebroken and reset. The cast came off yesterday and I was shocked to see two pins sticking out of the top of my wrist as I was told I did not have any pins. just internal screws. These pins will come out next week and the doctor says it will not hurt,,, but I am not believing that. I told him to expect me to arrive with a bottle of whisky and a bullet to bite on... lol. This has not been anywhere near as painful as a five year ago ankle break was, but it has been more upsetting and depressing to know I have to come back yet again through physio and rehab for the second time in so few years. I guess I used to bounce better in my younger years, as I never broke a thing before until after I reached retirement years. Wish me luck on the pin removal and the physio.

Markeenow 3 years ago

Three months ago fractured and broke my wrist sleigh riding off a cliff...

Using homeopathy...straight bone reset even tho pins were recommended...I have almost full mobility returned to my left wrist. For physical therapy besides stretches and weights have been using rolfing and find healing is happening so fast. Also eating a vegan alkali zing diet have 99% mobility back already and strength increasing daily. I am 67 and have been use to various one breaks over the years thru martial's a miracle yet there other alternative methods available that work...hope this supports others...

funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Lori, nice to meet you! Thank you for sharing your particular experience here with us. Not much pain left for me now... it took some time but finally the pains are gone. Sports and adventure can be damaging sometimes, won`t you agree!? :))

Hope you recover fast and completely, and soon back on the ice again! Take care :)

lori st croix 4 years ago

i fractured both my wrists playing hockey... im 53 and pretty healthy and active till now... almost 8 weeks later and im still pretty stiff with pain...i had to get my hubby to help with everything ---i mean everything...i am trying to stay positive. the Dr that set them in T.O did a great job they said --i did not need surgery. thank goodness...i fractured both large wrist bone the right worse then the left...of course im right strength and the movement is limited still. thanx for the info... i tried finding others with two busted wrists.. you must be in so much pain still. my bones are in very good condition ---i started taking vit e everyday.. happy healing lori st croix canada head first into the boards the dr said it was like falling from a tree. could have been worse right? i had therapy today a bit sore tonight..

funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

I`ve ran out of words now... I can only thank you for your very kind and encouraging words. Thank you, Rachel!

Rachel 4 years ago

I just want to add to my post that I wrote 18months ago, as a lot of positive progress has happened since then..Even though I have lost 45percent flexibility to my wrists I still can do almost anything I could do beforehand...I now have been back at kickboxing for 6 months and find that I am experiencing less pain by keeping my wrists moving...mind you I had to take a long time of this high impact exercise to ensure I would not damage it again..True I can not bend my wrists the same as I could before and I am aware of my limits...But to be honest my wrists feels strong again...I do continue to take bone building supplements....This experience has taught me I need to move forward...feel blessed we are alive and living as every day is a good day and I feel lucky to be alive :) I am sending blessings and happiness your way and know your healing process is apart of learning more about yourself.I thank Fun ride for this amazing website and you all for sharing your experiences.

Causka, Tx 4 years ago

To add to above dilemna docs said probably would have arch..... big time some day; but living in a small Tx town they were helicoptering nurses in from Houston for extra help I guess for this surgery and never left the hosp after being in ER for about 2 wks and at about the same time husband was reacting as if he were maybe having a heart attack so the docs ambulanced him to Houston. But that turned out to be lung cancer and removed 2/5ths of his lung and all seems OK now but quite a bit of excitement for a small town hospital. And no health issues in this family before hardly so quite a lot of excitement for all but ended well considering. Don't want to lead anyone into believing it wasn't painful, most definitely was and took pain killers for a while even morphin for a while, and still take aspirin for the stiffness but down usually to one a day. And it took at least a year and a half to really see great results but improvement came about constantly. No setbacks.

funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

Thank you Causka! Your comment will help many people... it already helped me brighten my day, thank You! Only going through such an injury can we really understand your words... thank You for being strong! Love You

Causka, Tx 4 years ago

Causka, Tx, maybe 3 yrs ago, 70 yrs old, broke both wrists, concussion, etc., had surgery on both with metal/screw inserts, etc. Inserts weren't taken out, in fact that route never mentioned; but after this experience I use to have such feelings for the military folks that came back with lost legs, etc., but now have compassion for those with lost hands, etc. What one can't do for a while from the bathroom routine, to scratching a itch, brushing hair, peeling potatoes, the wonders of the automatic toothbrushes, food processors, electric kitchen appliances, etc.; not being to do simple things as type, fastening clothes in the back; holding thicker stuff was much easier than just trying to pick up like a thin piece of paper. All turned out fine pretty well with myself, stiff wrists problem, fingers locking sometime, picking up heavy stuff use brace things, but so thankful it is much better than it was. Very nice blog and hope the best for the bloggers. Somewhere I picked up online a video of wrist surgery, so glad I did not see that before I had surgery, gross and all those bones. Sounded like wrist surgery could be more difficult than a broken leg surgery. Again, a nice site.

funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

Thank you Steph! I felt the need to share this with you as soon as I knew about your son`s injury... kids recover must faster than adults thou, he`ll be riding and swimming before you notice. ;)

stephhicks68 profile image

stephhicks68 4 years ago from Bend, Oregon

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for telling me about this hub! You are indeed so lucky to be alive, and only suffer broken bones and broken wrists! Since my 9-year old son broke his wrist last week, they have not yet ruled out the possibility of surgery. Poor kid is missing bicycle riding and swimming now for most of the summer. This is such an excellent, helpful hub. Great photos and explanations! Rated up - Best, Steph

funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

Hello skydiver! Did you went through surgery? If yes, it`s natural that you still having difficulties moving your fingers well... are you doing physiotherapy? I`m not saying it will be easy but i believe you`ll be fine... never stop believing and continue with the exercises. Wishing you a fast and complete recovery!

skydiver 4 years ago

Im scared! I fell off the roof and broke my right wrist,it actually was shored off my arm. Its been 3 months and I cant figure out why my hand and fingers are still so stiff and sore.Is it post traumatic arthritis? will my fingers get better?

funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Brian, nice to meet you! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us... you gave us an important heads up! The "healing" process can go on for life and one never knows when another issue will come up...

Hope you find the best solution for your wrist arthritis. Feel free to come back, I would love to know how things went. Take care :)

Bryan 4 years ago

Well, funny that I found this page. I broke my left wrist in a dirt bike accident October 4, 2001; I was a month away from my 21st birthday at the time. More specifically, I shattered the Scaphoid in two places and dislocated the Capitate and Lunate. It was a mess. I had surgery 12 hours after the accident. Originally, my hand surgeon repaired the injury by places screws in all three bones and stabilizing the joint with two pins for the duration of casting.

So here’s the breakdown of the healing process:

1) Surgery to repair the damage.

2) I was in a cast for a total of 10 weeks.

3) Second surgery at the conclusion of the cast period to remove the 2 stabilization rods.

4) 12 weeks of physical therapy.

5) Wore a splint for most activities for another 8 weeks after therapy.

So total, almost eight months of “healing.” I was still sore for several months thereafter. I have almost no extension of my left wrist. The good news is, by a year post-op, I had returned to playing softball, mountain biking, snowboarding, weight lifting…etc. Furthermore, I completed two Police Academies (one reserve officer, one for fulltime employment) back to back in late 2004 through mid-2005. The academy consisted of thousands of push-up (I had to do the on the knuckles of my left hand), wall climbing, defensive tactics, boxing; you get the idea. I have been employed as a Police Officer since.

Now going on 11 years later, my wrist has survived a ton of physical stress and work related incidents. The bad news, I have developed moderate arthritis of the joint. I would say the pain varies day to day. Some days I’m fine, while others I have a moderate amount of “ache.” I notice much of my pain coincides with the weather; cold days are bad, warm days pretty good.

I have sought out several different hand surgeons (including my original) as to potential treatments for my pain. All three surgeons have recommended a four corner fusion with Scaphoid excision (removal). They all say that I will regain some of my lost extension and it should alleviate my current pain. I am now debating on what to do.

I write this for three reasons. First, for those of you dealing with recent surgeries: the pain will get better with time. You have to give it a year honestly. Two, most people will not subject themselves to the amount of physical stress that I have with their repaired joint. I’m sure much of my activity has led to a premature development of arthritis. Three, I’m on the fence about have the four-corner fusion. Writing out my experiences is part of my way to work through my decision.

Thanks for “listening.”


funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

There`s no back motion in both wrists, but that`s just my case. Most cases recover completely... it depends on the severity of the injury I guess. What have your doctor said to you? Hope your surgery goes well followed by a complete recovery!

Judy 4 years ago

Thank you, getting stronger every day.

funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

So glad to hear that Judy! Positive thinking all the way! :)

Judy 4 years ago

Surgery went good, now on to recovery...

Judy 4 years ago

One week and counting till surgery. I know it sounds a little crazy to be looking forward to surgery, but at least I can see a little flicker to the end of this long road. I have heard all the horror stories but I know my recovery will be a good one.


funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

@ Judy - Thank you, I know I`m not the only one wishing you all the best. Good luck with the surgery!

@ Vicky - I almost miss those baths with both my hands inside plastic bags... I should ask my better-half to bath me again... eheheh Hi Vicky, nice to meet you! I`m glad your injuries were not too severe and that you`re recovering very fast. Thank you for sharing your story :)

Vicky 4 years ago

I broke both my wrists snowboarding (well to be more accurate I was falling) 5 weeks ago. For the first weeks I felt like a baby as I wasnt able to do stuff for myself! Then as the pain went I Started to find new ways to to almost everything and was able to return to work on reduced hours after 2 weeks. I know that seems early but I really was going out of my mind with boredom! Also I was advised by our occupational health department that using the fingers and arm would reduce the loss of mobility & improve longer term recovery.

I get my casts off in a week & I can't wait. I know there's still pain to come as I work the joint. But your story gives me reassurance I can get back to normality! And it will be lovely to have a relaxing bath & shower without the need for plastic bags!!

Judy 4 years ago

Here is the latest on me. I will be having surgery March 16th to repair a torn rotor cuff and repair the ligaments. I will update again after surgery. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.

funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

Thank you WB, your story will also encourage others going through this kind of injury. You seem to know what you want, and I believe you`ll get there... wishing you a fast recovery, and hopping that those pains go away (it`s up to us to learn how to control pain in general). Keep up you`re doing a great job, take care.

WB 4 years ago

I broke my right wrist in several places this past June. Two weeks later, I had a 3.5 hour surgery with a plate and nine screws put in. Two weeks later, I was put in a cast for four weeks. After that, I went back to work with a braces on my wrist for three weeks. I didn't go to PT because I was working out of town and I was self pay. I just spent 14K on all my medical to that point (could have been 30k but the Hospital reduce my bill by 16K). My Doctor gave me some exercises to do to rehab my wrist. I worked at it fairly hard for a few weeks but its hard to do PT on your own. You don't really need a PT as long as you are willing to push yourself.

Now, it has been 6 months post surgery. I still do a few exercises here and there but not nearly as much as I should. I still have a little pain in my knuckles and my wrist is still a little stiff with a little pain in it as well. I have talk to a PT and a couple of people with serve wrist breaks and was told that it would take one to two year to fully recover without pain. I feel that I'm in a good spot right now. I have about 90% range of motion back and about 60% of my strength back. I believe that in 6 to 9 more months, I will be back to as close to normal as I will ever get. I will always have the plate an screws in my wrist and probably a little pain but I'll just learn to live with what I have.

I just wanted to share my story because I know that some of the post on here was very encouraging to me.

funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Sally! If your doctor said that you`ll be back to work in 1,5 months it`s probably because your injury was not very severe... did you went through surgery? Any metal plates?

I`m sure your healing process will be much faster than mine was (my wrists were shattered very hard), remember to keep your faith and stay strong during the most difficult times... you`ll become stronger after going through all the pain. My thoughts will be with you and I wish you a fast and complete recovery! Looking forward to hear from you soon... take care! :)

Sally Sun profile image

Sally Sun 4 years ago

Admire your courage to revisit all these painful experiences, and eventually share with all of us. I myself just have left wrist fracture 3 weeks ago. I slip on black ice. I am in second cast. I will have this cast removed in another 3 weeks. Doctor said that I can go back to work in 1.5 month after that. But after reading your article, I do think that suggestion is too optimistic. Now, all I can do is to pray for the best, and prepare for the worst. In Jesus name. Amen.

Judy 4 years ago

Thank you, I will keep you updated.

funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Judy! Sorry to hear about your injury... first I want to share my experience with pain, first I also thought it would never go away... it did but only after some time! And I also had problems with my shoulder... too much time without activity... I only regain total shoulder mobility after long hours of torture... I meant physical therapy and swimming.

Thank you for stopping by... your words made me feel very happy, thank you. Don`t forget to keep us all posted on your recovery ;)

Judy 4 years ago

Hi, thanks for your blog. I am a 54 year old lady that was trying to be 18 Christmas Eve. I fell backwards and broke my left wrist. I had my surgery December 30th, my incision is healing fine but it still hurts to do anything with my left hand. I had a plate and seven screws put in my arm. Will this pain ever go away? Also, I think I may have messed my left shoulder up because I cannot move my are out on up past my chest high. Could this be part of the wrist?

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to listen to all of us!


funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Jamie, sorry to hear about your injury. The pains will most certainly disappear after a while... as to the stiffness it`s more difficult to know how you and your wrist will recover. But I would like to encourage you to think positive and find activities which can help your recovery as well as give you confidence to return to your normal life... my wrists have never been the same (major stiffness) but I`m happy with my life now... happy to be alive! I`ll be thinking of you and wishing a fast and complete recovery! Take care :)

jamie 4 years ago

i dont know if anyone will read this. but im out of suregery two months mow after my scaphoid fracture its healed with a screw and i cannot bend it back they said its healed but its going to be stiff i hurts when i move it back or put pressure on my palm wiill it ever be close to normal again will iever be alble to do push ups again? im so worried

funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

Thank you so much, Val! Your words are so true and I totally relate with them! Now, almost 5 years after my incident, I no longer think about other scenarios (like the first surgery which could have been much much different, and all that followed). I got to know myself better during the recovery period and afterwards... perhaps it was an awake up call for me... and I`m grateful for that! Calcium supplements is a must... fresh vegetables! :)

Your contribution is greatly appreciated, thank you! :)

fiddlefiend 4 years ago

It's a funny old thing, this healing process. Part of me wants to (and does)stay positive, have faith that my wrist will heal, and be even more grateful that I can still do most of the things I used to do, albeit much more easily Before Broken Wrist. On the other hand (sorry, it's been done!), there is a sort of grieving process going on. In my own case it's recognised in hindsight that my break should have been reduced/aligned, and on the gamble of the doctors it wasn't. I don't blame anyone for that. I wasn't in a position to make an informed choice anyway. 5 months on, it doesn't look great for me because of the poor alignment, and there are decisions to be made further down the line. For now patience is required, because the body is a wonderful thing, and i still have hopes that the remodelling stage, and further reduction of swelling is going to turn out a pretty well healed left (dominant and very busy) wrist. So, it's all emotionally and mentally exhausting. I also read that the body needs loads of extra calories in the early healing stage. Mom21b, get yourself some nice treats!

mom21b 4 years ago

Thanks for the encouragement. I vacillate between being gung-ho, and being dog tired. My energy just isn't normal. I hope it's just part of the healing process.

And you are so right. Worrying and negative thoughts are important to manage. Working on that!

funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Mom21b, thanks for stopping by! I think you`re doing a great job... I`ve also had great results with swimming and long walks. Unfortunately I only "found" Yoga after the recovery period, but I`m now sure it can only help your life!

Don`t worry too much... try to have fun while exercising (even at therapy)... your thoughts are very important for your recovery! Always positive thinking! Namaste :)

mom21b 4 years ago

Would love some advice on exercise during rehab period. Broke wrist on Nov 26, had surgery on Dec 5th. Now one month post surgery and have just had my first week of therapy. still working on making a fist, feels very slow.

My question is other exercise. I have gone back to yoga class, doing as much as I can without putting weight on my left (broken, plated and pinned) wrist. I seem to have more pain doing my rehab finger and wrist exercises on yoga days. But the movement in my elbow and shoulder feels so great, as does overall body.

Thoughts? Should I push through? I take some ibuprofen to help with pain and swelling. Also walk some and get on my static bike for short periods of time.

Am I doing too much? I'm going stir crazy, but still get tired fast. Would love to hear others' thoughts. Thanks!

KBick 4 years ago

Thanks! Yeah well this was my first time boarding lol so I will be doing a lot of falling so I was told if im not careful the first few months I could break it again easy. I think I will play it safe and wait till next winter :) I see the doctor tomorrow, hope I get this stupid cast off!

fiddlefiend 4 years ago

Merry Xmas to you too, and to all of the contributors to this amazingly supportive forum. here's to good wrist/arm/ shoulder/ankle health, and to happiness in every nook and cranny in 2012. Fiddlefiend (Val)

funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Finddlefiend, sorry to hear about your continuous ulna pain... sometimes I even ask myself where all the pains went?... I guess they go away every time we get use to them! hahaha

Your contribution is much appreciated! Thank you for your comment. Have a wonderful Xmas!!!

fiddlefiend 4 years ago

Hi, Lovely people on this thread, giving me lots of encouragement. i fell on Ben Lomond beginning August, distal radius fracture, lots of as yet unexplained ulna pain. Alignment slipped while in cast, drs felt not in need of surgery at that point. No abatement of ulnar region pain and lack of movement in all directions. Played fiddle of sorts from day one after cast off. Painful but seems to help with finger mobility and general strength. need to do lots of rubbing and shaking after just a few moments of playing, to keep it supple. Playing actually improving tho! Would be miserable without my fiddle and the life and people who go with that lifestyle. Belly dance too, so a different range of hand movements. Get despondent tho, when I just want to get better. Still a long way off. Huge ulnar side lump with the pain, and constantly obsessed by it. Spent 2 hours on this amazing site so far, when really I took the day off to prepare for Xmas!!

funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi KBick, thanks for your kind comment. I`m glad to know that you won`t need any surgery! This will allow a faster recovery. You never know, maybe you`ll still be able to do some snowboarding this season... you don`t need your hand to snowboard, do you? There are good hand/wrist protections you can wear.

You`ll be fine in no time... I would love if you keep us posted on your recovery. All the best! :)

KBick 4 years ago

Wow I just read a bunch of the posts....I broke my left wrist on Nov. 21st Snowboarding. Broke The Radius distally all the way through with small fragmented pieces and also the side of my Ulna where a ligament comes through. After 2 1/2 hours of no pain meds and having my husband drive me 40 mins to the nearest hospital I saw an ortho doc. that drugged me and reduced my wrist. I was sent home with a fiberglass splint and refered to another doctor near my home to get a cast. My ortho doc now says I’m lucky because the doctor that did my reduction must have worked a miracle on my wrist because as of now I do not need surgery. I go back on the 27th (in a week) to hopefully get this cast off and just have a brace till I feel completely healed. This was the first time I have ever broken anything and man I must say I hope it’s the last. I have 3 kids 7,2 and 8 mon. Trying to take care of my little ones with a broken wrist is tough! LOL I’m also an Ultrasound Technician so I had the luxury of doing a CT on my wrist 10 days after the break and saw it in 3D imagery. Pretty cool :) any way wish me luck and I hope this all heals and I can get this stupid cast off soon... It stinks! Literally haha your article was great by the way. I did not realize that It would take so long for it to get strong again...Guess I won’t be doing any more Boarding this season, bummer

funride profile image

funride 4 years ago from Portugal Author

Thank you all for sharing your experiences! Sharing mine also helped me a lot... still does! Wish you all fast and complete recovery!

Doc 4 years ago

I have recently broken my wrist and, I had to have a plate and screws put in. Being that I started therapy 11 days after the break. It has been two monthys and I still have a lot of pain in my fingers. I still cant turn my wrist in the up position. My shoulder is hurting now and, I have to go see a shoulder surgeon. I just hope I do not have a torn rotor cuff.

new.mexico.strawn 4 years ago

fell off my flat roof during snow storm....flat roofs do not do well in rain or snow, at least in my experience, fell off landed on right wrist, took a week before surgery that lasted apx 4+ hours due to the radius/ulna injury; 2 plates 12 screws! had to protect face, head, neck, back on fall down to frozen concrete....chose the hand which took the wrist out....very luck we all are i would say. lots of roof and ladder injuries so be very careful!

Marc 5 years ago

Geez.... Just reading above....I am not the ONLY one to break BOTH wrists.

Unfortunate - but good to know that there are others who I can share my thoughts with.

Marc 5 years ago


Just reading your page about your accident in 2007 (Somehow didn't see this before)

I broke both my wrists in 2010 from a similar fall. One - my right and dominant hand - required a titanium plate and the other a cast for 8 weeks

Now after 1.5 years I still have pain in the both wrists and hands as well as "Arm Pump" from riding my motorbike.

I have less movement in my right wrist and was wondering about others experience in having the plate removed to regain some movement? Given that its my right hand and the one I use to control the throttle on the bike with - a bit of extra movement would be good.

I am also interested in others recovery. After nearly two years I still have pain in both wrists and dont want to undergo another big operation to remove the plate.


funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey everybody... thanks for all your comments :)

@ milkymik - Hi there, thanks for stopping by! You should probably try some martial art which doesn`t require you to punch the sandbag so hard. I found out that several martial arts can be appropriate for people who suffered broken bones (wrist). I "play" Tang Soo Do (traditional Korean martial art)... :)

milkymik 5 years ago

i have had a surgery about 3 or so years ago to my wrist after it was broken.After the surgery I decided to keep the iron plate and nails that they have put.Now i want to take up boxing as a hobby but when i try to punch the sandbag my wrist kinda hurts.SDo Should I forget boxing as a hobby or there is a treatment or exercises that can help me get over the wrist pain?

naturalsolutions 5 years ago

I'm so afraid and scared for what i see. Having a Broken bones are really dangerous. I will choose to have a great sickness than to broken bones.

Great hub, now i know that there's always a cure even in the broken bones.

Sandy 5 years ago

Guz, it sounds like your thumb and mine are about the same. My Dr. said it looks like I may be developing Carpal Tunnel, which seems to attack the muscles in and around the hand. Have an appointment with a neurologist in a couple of weeks to find out what he thinks. If you have read my earlier posts about my wrist and the very slow progress I am making, May 12, I broke my wrist, 9 weeks late they took off the brace, leaving a very deformed hand. After all this time I KNOW, I couldn't even to toss a basketball much less shoot one, fingers are still stiff and somewhat swollen.

GUZ 5 years ago

Funride,had trouble finding this again(4 weeks ago), HA.My wrist has very good mobility but it def gets stiff now and then.When I play basketball I have to NOT shoot 3pts as the strength/force it takes does hurt after a bit.My thumb does not fully bend and is permanately bigger than my left,I have a feeling something got snipped that shouldn't of. Check ya later :)

Sandy 5 years ago

Karen, Officially I have one more week of therapy, not sure if there will be more after that or not, I, like you, am impatient about recovery and will not be satisfied with the condition it is in now. . My OT said I probably would never have the side to side movement in my wrist. She did say that eventually I should be able to rotate my forearm so the palm is facing up. My thumb doesn't seem to be in the proper place, I need to ask the dr. about that when I go in, it still has some burning but all that I did have in my arm is gone. I am using Emu oil for pain, not sure if it has helped yet or not but it sure can't hurt. From my research I have done, it can take up to 6 months and possible 2 years before we see all the improvement but meanwhile, I am out in the garden, working on my compost bins and raking leaves once again, I just have to adapt my range of motion and not over do. Today, I will be keeping my grandbaby, hopefully diapers won't get the best of me. Good luck and we can update in about a month to see if there has been any more improvement. Thanks for your comments, we need to have someone to sound off on.

Karen V. (Kip) 5 years ago

Well it has been a total of 3+ months now and my last therapy apt. is Aug.19. I am so much better than I was but my fingers are stiff and wrist does not move as it should. I am not very happy with my PTA the PT is pretty good but in 2 months I ony got to see him 5 times. I just do not think they worked me hard enought or showed me enough. I am working on my own and seeing improvement I just would have liked more use out of mky hand but I guess this w /have to do. The is no more burning sensations, very little pain now. I get shooting pain - not sure what that is all about. Never want to do this again ever. LOL

Sandy 5 years ago

Here I am returning to let you know how I am doing so far. To recap, I fractured my wrist on May 12, was immobilized for 9 weeks, then began physical therapy going on a month now. I have made baby steps in my recovery but at least I can now type two handed, can fold clothes, sort of turn a door knob. The swelling is going down, fingers are still stiff and at times painful but with some work I can make a weak fist. I now can see that I will one day have normal range of motion and strength, just not as soon as I would like. During the immobilization my shoulder froze up on me so I am also working on that, it has improved some, too. I go back to the dr. on the 26th of this month, the therapist said I would not be done therapy at the end of the 6 weeks, guess I will still have to hang around the clinic for a while longer. I hope I never have to go through this again.

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Ouch VioletSun!!! I also crack/broke a couple of teeth when I fell... I was lucky it wasn`t the front ones though... I don`t like dentists very much! lol

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Karen - It`s a long story... in a few words I can say that I had gone to a disco that night and drank a few beers, later I went home and went to sleep over the bed (I was still wearing my sneakers). My nephew stay in the balcony to rest his head and later I must have waken and sought for him. But I didn´t saw him sleeping in the living room (I was not wearing my glasses) and went to the balcony which had a little step. Well you can figure what happened next...

I can`t help you on your second question... it`s difficult to know in advance. I never regain normal mobility... but I know hat most wrist injuries recover to normal after some time. Keep your exercises and I`m sure your wrist will be fine soon :)

I knew they would have to take those first plates after some time... the ones i have right now I believe are here to stay (at least I hope so - no more surgeries for me, thanks). You must talk with your surgeon, he`s the one who can say if the plate will have to be removed... I hope you don`t need anymore surgeries :)

Good luck!

VioletSun profile image

VioletSun 5 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

Ricardo, Ouch! Glad it's over! And yes, falling with the hand open is not good! I tripped 9 years ago and used my open hand to give my body support and it broke my elbow. My arm is normal and functional but still a little stiff because the physical therapy was not at optimum. Last week I fell once again after 9 years, and in that instant I remembered not too use my open hand for support, so used the side of my hand to try to help me break the fall, but broke four of my front teeth as my mouth received the impact of the fall. I healed from oral inflamation in one week,still have a sore arm, but am now in the hands of a dentist to get the health of my teeth back!

Karen Vreeland 5 years ago

Funride I just notices you said at 7 months you went back to have the pins taken out. Oh No, No way, I do not want to go back into that hospital again. Please tell me I can keep my plate as long as I want.

Karen Vreeland (Kip) 5 years ago

Funride - how did you fall out of the door on the second story? Just curious I couldn’t find it anyplace on your blog. It has now been 3 years since your accident, how are you doing now? Is there still stiffness on your hand and fingers or does it feel like a REAL hand? I am through my pain now and only have minimal pain and that is usually caused from me working it to hard. I’m tired of having flexibility at night (after working with wrist & hand) only to wake up to stiff fingers. Did this happen to you?

Next Question: I am having a terrible time getting my wrist to bend, I do all the exercises, and I have 3 different weights 1 lb, 2 lb and 3. There is movement but not near enough to be normal. The therapist said it would be at least 2 more months before my wrist broke free. Oh Joy, I run out of therapy visits Aug 19th so I guess I just have to chug on with the notes they have given me – can I get myself back to normal by myself? I guess I have no choice but I just wanted your thoughts on it.

Sandy 5 years ago

Karen, Thank you for this encouragement, I am getting some improvement, especially after reading your entry. I know what you mean, I haven't been able to keep my granddaughter either because I can't change her diapers. I don't think my break was as bad as yours but it was bad enough. please keep us updated on your progress so we can compare notes. Thanks again.

Karen Vreelan 5 years ago

Sandy - You have to push yourself. The one or 3 days a week for 15 min with the physical therapist is NOT enough. I learned from my 86 yr old aunt who broke her shoulder and a guy here at work who races motor cycles (broken dozens of bones) and they both told me it is YOU that has to PUSH YOU not the doctor. You have to push yourself as hard and as far as you can. Yes it hurts but I want my hand back, I want my life back. I can type again, I can hold a hair dryer, I can hold my toothbrush, picked up a ½ gallon of milk this morning for the very first time AND I was able to open a door knob this morning to get into my car. If it were not for me sitting in front of the TV ever night and working this hand I would not be as far as I am. I want to hold my granddaughter again, I have lost 2 months of her life and it is killing me to watch her grow and not be able to hold her. In the beginning (about 9 days ago) when I really started pushing I would be in some pain at night and have a hard time getting to sleep. On day 9 I no longer have pain at night. If you are working your fingers or wrist hard and it hurts go to the kitchen and run the wrist under warn or hot water and start working it that way. I even work my wrist when I am taking a hot shower. I still cannot make a full fist, I still can’t turn my arm so my hand is a full palms up. I bought a 1 lb weight and work it when I watch TV. PLEASE for your sake start working at home or your hand is going to freeze in that position. WORK, WORK, WORK Your will HATE IT but do it.

sandy 5 years ago

So Karen, I am also 65 going through the same things, I want to know if you have gained results from your hard work. I am exercising but not pushing as hard on my own. I wish to get moving as quickly as I can.

Karen Vreeland (Kip) 5 years ago

I have asked no less than 4 medical people about my swelling and was told it is inflamed/damaged tissue and the swelling will go down in about 3 to 6 months or maybe a year. Don't get depressed, get mad, mad at the situation and work at home as hard and often as you can. PUSH through this mess. I'm 65 work full time and am active or used to be until this happened. Seriously that is what i have done, I just got mad at all this and started working with weights on my wrist and pushed until I was in pain. I realized no one else was going to help me through this except me

Sandt 5 years ago

My ordeal continues. Having broken my wrist in a fall on May 12, surgery on May 13. Wore the brace for 9 weeks. Now I am in therapy 3 times a week for 6 weeks. My hand and wrist still remain pretty swollen, looks a little crooked, a suggestion was to wear a compression glove, can't even get one on because of the edema. But i am slowly regaining some motion in the wrist. Beginning therapy at 75% of my normal activity, and the goal is 95% at the end of the 6 weeks. Any suggestions for the swelling will be appreciated.

Thanks for this hub, it is so helpful, especially at a time when depression sets in from being unable to do simple tasks.

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Karen, sorry to hear about your wrist injury... but happy to know this was useful for you too :)

Wishing you a fast and complete recovery! Don`t forget to keep us posted :)

Karen Vreeland 5 years ago

I am so glad I found your log. I have just had surgery – pins and plate in left wrist, broken in three places and compressed the bones (don’t know what that means) anyway I am now in physical therapy, they are having problems with me because my swelling is so bad. My hand looks like a surgical glove that was filled with water. I am so sick of this non stop pain and inability to use my fingers, I have lost my small motor skills (working on that). Learning from you it could take 3 to 6 months to get full mobility back and that it will hurt for at least a year or more made me feel a lot better about this process. You hit a certain age and they put you in a box with a label - I fell off my bike right away they (doctors and family members) oh you have to have osteoporosis that wrist broke too easily. Excuse me, it folded like a pancake under my arm and for good measure all my body weight hammered into the ground. If an elephant had fallen the way I did he would have broken is wrist too (if he had one). Just to make a point to prove all these people wrong I had a bone density test and I am just fine. Thank you for letting me know that my slow recovery is normal, my pain is normal, and it will for quite some time. Knowing all this is a big help

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Guz, thanks for commenting... how is your wrist now? I don`t remember they telling me that... but my right-hand fingers look like I`ve arthritis already. I believe it`s just the result of long immobility... I don`t feel any inflammation yet.

I guess it`s probable that those who broke any joint bones will be more prone to joint inflammations later... lets hope it doesn`t happen to us :)

GUZ 5 years ago

Awesome post!!! Im just a yr into recovering from right wrist surgery...similar to ur left.Were u told U WILL have arthritis at some point?

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Blue, nice to have you here again :)

It`s natural that it hurts now after they have removed those k wires... swimming was one of the best things I did to regain normal arm mobility. You can always try to make some exercises along the day... playing with a sponge ball will make your fingers strong and you should also exercise lifting your arms up and down slowly.

Be careful with the sun! The scars will became much more visible in the future if you don`t protect them from sun.

You`re always welcome xx :)

Blue 5 years ago

hey funride, me again :)

i just had my k wires removed yesterday ! it was a very strange experience. the wires just didn't want to come out, so was a very big tug and pull to get them all out! my arm is very stiff, and is quite painful. (it also looks like ET's arm! lol) do u have any extra tips on how to get my arm moving and back to normal again? (also the tan line is terrible lol)

Thanks for everything xx

x Blue x

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Kevin, you shouldn`t worry about your plate and screws... you won`t even remember you still have them in the future. If there`s no problem with them then it`s better to leave them there :)

I have a nephew who works with SP... mainly for SIC channel and another nephew who is an actor (TV and theater).

Wishing you a fast and complete recovery :)

kwhelan007 profile image

kwhelan007 5 years ago

Hi Fun Ride ... would love to join you for a ride next time I'm in Portugal! It's been 4 weeks since they put the plate and screws in my left wrist. Still in a fair amount of pain and the hand is swollen. My doc says he wants to leave the stuff in my arm. I'm beginning to question that wisdom, however. Where does you family work in TV in Portugal. We worked with a Lisbon based company called DuVideo. Cheers, Kevin

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

You shouldn`t move the wrist yet of course. But you may exercise your fingers, elbow and shoulder... otherwise PT will hurt much more. Try lifting your arm slowly and move your fingers from time to time, that will help keep your joints working :)

sandy 5 years ago

Funride, I can move my fingers but I wouldn't say it was freely. I also have lost a lot of range of motion from the shoulder down. I sure hope that PT helps me regain at least most of it. The dr. just told me to keep it elevated, and not move my wrist, he didn't tell me that I should exercise my whole arm so I will probably end up with a frozen shoulder.

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Sandy, nice to meet you! :)

Our bones tend to heal slower as we age... can you move your fingers freely? It`s very important to exercise them or they will became rigid with limited movements!

Hope you recover completely soon :)

Sandy 5 years ago

Funride. I just recently found your hub. It has helped me to understand that what I am feeling is normal. I slipped in the mud 7 weeks ago and broke my left distal radius and ulna . It was quite deformed when I went to the ER. Had surgery the next day, with plate and screws. Still wearing the brace that I got 5 weeks ago. Haven't had much pain, but I am experiencing a burning sensation along with something that feels like cramps or charlie horses all along my arm which is quite uncomfortable. I am 65 and noe realize that I need to stay off the slippery slopes.

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

I`m so glad to hear you`re feeling better! LOL about your fingers... :D

All the best! Take care :)

Blue 5 years ago

hey funride! You're right the clicks have stopped :) and my arm (wrist) feels alot better, and stronger everyday, i am able to do alot more things with my fingers....(ok, that does sound a bit bad, just to be clear..i didnt mean it in that way lol...) i had a check up at the hospital, and turns out, i have 3 k wires in my but i should hopefully be getting them removed in less than 2 weeks :) thank you for everything ! Xx

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Kevin, sorry to hear about your accident. I`m glad you find my hub and my experience useful and helpful.

In my case I only started to ride my bikes again after more than 16 months... and even then my surgeon thought I was crazy. But I tried to maintain my physical condition during that time using a static bike and walking outside. But I believe my injuries were worst and I`m sure you`ll be riding before you notice ;)

I have family members who also work in television... if you ever return to Portugal leave me a message, perhaps we could ride together :)

Would love if you kept us posted on your recovery, take care :)

kwhelan007 profile image

kwhelan007 5 years ago

Hey Funride, this Hubpage is awesome, thanks so much for creating a place to exchange experiences. It's very helpful. I was hit by a car while on my mountain bike on May 8, 2011. The crazy thing is I had just finished a ride up Mount Tamalpais near my home outside San Francisco. When I got home I realized we had no wine for dinner so I got back on my bike to ride to the market. That's when I got hit! Injured three ribs, my right shoulder and knee and fracture my left distal radius.

My surgeon first tried to reset the fracture with a closed reduction and slint/cast. That didn't work so well. I'm also very active, biking, kyaking, hiking etc so he said I should have a plate and screws put in to ensure a full recovery. I had the surgery on May 27, almost four weeks ago. Still in pain and a little swollen. I have about 50% of my range of motion back but I can't bend my wrist back at all yet. I can't imagine biking any time soon. When did you get back on a bike?

I love road biking and went up Mt. Ventou last year. I was also in Portugal too but we never got to go riding. I'm a TV producer and work on a travel series so I'm on the road a lot. I LOVED Portugal, especially Porto!



funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Jack, thanks for your advise... thing is the first surgery was performed in France and it was in fact the left wrist that they didn`t take good care... I`m not sure where you`re (USA?) but here it`s not that easy to sue doctors and hospitals, after all they did help me when I needed. Of course I would prefer to wait and be operated by a specialized surgeon... my insurance paid a lot of money for those operations and for the time I was there. If only the money could really make my wrists go back to normal...

The first surgery was made just to prepare my flight to Portugal but they told me that it would be necessary to make a wrist fusion later, I was never taken by surprise. Back in Portugal my right wrist was fixed and that resulted in wrist fusion. Don`t get me wrong but after dealing with doctors the last thing I need right now is having to deal with lawyers! ahhaaahhahah :)

jack  5 years ago

Hey, I think your doctor screwed up your right wrist. you might want to sue them. I think you needed a wrist fusion because of the first substandard surgery but I am not sure. Ask to an expert please.

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Thanks spryte! Last weekend was unforgettable... had a great time with family and friends :)

spryte profile image

spryte 5 years ago from Arizona, USA

:) Funride, this hub is so full of information and the comments too that I can't help but check it out for things I can understand thru the healing process. It's nice to have ppl you can commiserate with. Hope you do great things this weekend!

angel 5 years ago

Thank you for all your feed backs Im a massage therapist who fell off a 7 foot ladder 2 days ago i broke my right wrist in 3 places ulnar radis, i have surgery in a couple of days and am kinda scared if i dont heal normally, wondering if i will be able to ever massage again! :0(

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Oh my dear spryte, thank you for helping blue... I haven`t been able to come here lately, I`ve been preparing myself to the Tang Soo Do European championships held here in Portugal this weekend.

Hey blue, glad this hubpage (or page, it doesn`t matter) was helpful to you. Thankfully it was just the wrist... car crashes can have disastrous consequences. The clicks and creaking are normal and should disappear with time. If you won`t need any more surgeries the healing process will be much quicker and I wouldn`t be surprised if you were fine in two or three months... it depends on your age, general health, physical activity, and of course on your diet.

Keep us posted on your recovery, will you? :)

spryte profile image

spryte 5 years ago from Arizona, USA too, blue! I just had 3 pins put in surgically to help things heal in the proper position 3 days ago and I get this "creaking" sensation now in my wrist. so I'm not crazy...yay!

blue 5 years ago

hey, ive just had a head on collision in a car crash, this luckily only resulted with a broken wrist. both bones in the arm (close to my wrist) are broken. the doctors put a ' k wire ' in my bone. It has now started to 'click', or i think/feel that its clicking. Is this a common thing to feel? this has been happening for a week now, (the crash was last friday) how long does it take for wrist bones to heal..roughly?

Thank you for this...(whats it called? a hub?) site, its been really helpful x

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Spryte, your big big hug felt really good, thank you my friend :)

I`m glad to know everything is going to be ok with your wrist soon enough.

Let me know how your recovery is going... and let me know if there`s something I can do to help ;)

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Sorry to hear about your injury Stuart! Never give up trying to improve your adjustment process ... our body never stops amazing us! :)

spryte profile image

spryte 5 years ago from Arizona, USA

A big, big,BIG one-armed hug to you from me. It never fails to amaze me that a friend can with one thoughtful gesture, turn my day around and make me smile. Thank you. I just got back from the orthopedist (who i found adorable and with a good sense of humor) and found out, the big fractured in about 5 places. He gave me three options: let it heal on its own and hope for the best, pin it, or plate it. Since its my dominant right hand...I didn't want to leave it to chance...and the doctor really didn't think the plate was we opted for pins to make sure the bones heal w/o gaps.

I'm having that done on Monday.

The pain is manageable and I will cope with whatever needs to be done. But there are times when I want to scream in frustration because I can't just perform a previously simple task! Grrr! :)

Maybe now would be a good time to install and use the voice recognition software my husband bought me for Christmas!

stuart 5 years ago

2 and a half years on from a ladder fall in which i broke both wrist and mid shaft ulna and i am still suffering with pain. My right wrist had a comminuted fracture(smashed to bits)and although i have done well to get full movement it hurts when i do simple thing such as typing this message or any repetitive task such as handwriting and most of my job which involves intricate repair to componenets.I also now suffer with tendonitis due to the surgery. Good luck all and especially funrides.

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

@ JPS - Thank you for commenting, I`m glad this information was useful for you :)

Only you can decide if you`ll be able to play golf and if your game will improve... I think it`s important to adapt ourselves to the limitations left from this type of injuries. To be honest I haven`t try golf since before my accident so I can`t be sure if I can play better now... but I suspect I can, it`s only a matter of will :)

Keep us posted on your golf game improvements ;)

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

@ Steven Palmer - what an ordeal! I`m sorry to hear about your accident and all those healing difficulties. Did you ever had problems with cicatrization? Are those sores around the places were the open compound fractures happened? Your doctor should be able to find out what`s causing those sores... you better talk with them and try to find out why your recovery is going through so much difficulties.

Hope you`ll find a solution for your problem soon enough.

JPS 5 years ago

Thank you so much for your information. I had a very similar fracture and plate inserted (due a bike accident). Yes, recovery is my primary concern, particularly in that I'm an avid golfer. Currently, I'm working on flexibility and in 3 weeks I'll begin some strength training.

Maybe it's wishful thinking but could it be possible this injury ultimately ends up improving my golf game? I can only hope.

Steven Palmer 5 years ago

on 3/19/09 i had a accident at work. My arm was caught in a roll of plastic as it was winding, came close to pulling it off. I had open compound fractures. First doctor had put 2 wrong plates in. Had another surgery and place two new plates. After awhile my outer forearm (where one plate is)had sores that wouldn't go away. The doctor removed the outer plate, the sores went away and I started PT, while in PT my bone was re-fracture, after this, the doctor again put another plate in (4 surgeries), And again I have sores on my outer forearm, pain numbness, stiffness. There was a MRI perform, (without contrast) and showed no infection. The doctor told me " It is what it is" and he then release me. Will these sores ever go away.

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Kumar, I`m glad to hear that you`re already able to ride after so little time... congratulations! Be careful with your new bike, will you!? Take care :)

Kumar4mIndia 5 years ago

i fell of my bike due to drunken drive

i underwent a similar operation, i got titanium plate over one of the bones below the left wrist which got 9 screws in it.

now its been 2 months alrdy and im able to ride my bike again.

infact my parent are willing to buy me my dream bike the honda cbr 250r :)

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Sorry to hear about your fall, Ramin. I wouldn`t worry if I were you... I had several different plates on my hands and still have the final ones. And I don`t expect to remove them, at least until the eventuality of them causing me pains or other problems which I suspect ain`t gonna happen :)

Stay strong and keep your focus on your complete recovery! It will happen before you notice ;)

Ramin 5 years ago

I am just back from a wrist plate fixing surgery. I fell of a bike 4 days ago and for 2 days i did not know my wrist was broken. and as you see I am just googling...i have not read your post yet but thank you for sharing... the only thing i am thinking about right now is if i can remove the plates or not :(

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hello Karen, very nice to meet you. No one wants that to happen... but sometimes it does and we must try to be prepared for it. That`s why I wrote this, to help people going through the same thing I did.

Hey Harold, don`t worry... the pains will go away as soon as your brain gets used to them ehehhehheh... ok, enough joking. 3 months is not a lot of time and you`ll probably keep feeling those pains a little longer. I`m sure that if you want you`ll be playing hockey soon enough ;)

Harold 5 years ago

The exact same thing happened to me playing hockey, I have the plate in my hand now, it was over 3 months now and I was wondering why I still have all sorts of pain, thanks for writing this, you cleared up a lot of questions for me.

karen kathleen swanson 5 years ago

man this was such a terrible time of my life,long wait for the surgery and very painful,it is something i never want to happen to me ever again r to someone i love! it is very painful wen the bone is broke in half and almost went through my skin,and rubbing together like to sticks as if you were making a fire,it is hard pain!

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Babs, thanks for stopping by. If you ask me the best gift one can give in a time like this is friendship... but you already gave him that, right!? I would say that good braces will be needed... perhaps you could also give him some physiotherapy material like rubber balls to exercise the wrist muscles... but believe me, he will appreciate your friendship much more. I had lots of friends helping me all the way and that was the best thing they could give me.

I wish your boss a fast and complete recovery :)

babs 5 years ago

I have a boss who will be having wrist surgery after a fall from his roof. He shattered both wrists. Do you have any suggestions on helpful gifts. We are all trying to think of something that would really be needed and used.

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Alex, thanks for your words and for sharing your history. I`m sorry to hear about your accident... I wore my braces until the doctor gave me green light to start taking them. Of course I also took them before sometimes but with both wrists wearing braces/casts I couldn`t do much and the danger of wrong moves were frightening... make sure you give that wrist good rest and caring, it`ll help your recovery :)

Alex 5 years ago

April 12th i had a motorcycle accident, someone pulled in front of me - i blanked out for a few seconds, when i came to i had a dislocated shoulder and a broken wrist ( right hand) scaphoid, and trapezium bone, along with the radius boner. the ulna was shattered. i have a plate with 3 screws securing the Radius bone, and 1 screw anchoring the trapezium to the trapezoid bone. my hand was in a splint from April 12th to may 4th, i now wear a removeable brace, needless to say i remove it whenever it gets in the way. Should i leave it on during the course of the day? my wrist is swollen, i cannot grip anything and my wrist stiffens up. ive stopped taking ppain medications so i can feel the limits of my wrist and know when i have it in a compromising position.

Thank you for your blog. It was very informative and helpful. Glad your recovery has gone well.

Guillermi 5 years ago

Staples out tomorrow. Thank you!!!

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Are you already free from those nasty staples, Guillermo? You`ll be fine in no time, take care ;)

Guillermo 5 years ago

I've been away for a while. Right now my wrist is amanzingly well, with a lot of movement and little pain. What's killing me are the staples, that now hurt when I lay my arm flat. I'm getting them out on Tuesday.

Guillermo 5 years ago

8 days after surgery.

Not sure why, but today I've felt mild pain in a spot near my plate. Not sure if it's bone or muscle related. It comes and goes, so I don't think it important. And is not getting worse or swollen.

I'm doing what the PT told me: keep moving the fingers and the wrist (though softly).

Guillermo 5 years ago

7 days after surgery: (pls excuse the typos)

Today I had my fourth PT session. My therapist said I should continue to move the fingers heavily, and the wrist softly but firmly. If I get arm fatigue, I'm to rest for a while, and resume activities. We had a lot of new exercises and movements. She said that I need cold towels applied regularly while having the staples (yes, instead of stitches I got staples, which are supposed to bond the skin better). After the staples are removed on May 3 (about 15 days after surgery, which was April 15), then I can have heat applied to the wrist.

The fractured bone doesn't hurt at all. What hurts are the muscle or ligaments when I try to move the wrist. This is supposed to be normal. By the way, I got 95% lateral movement back, 80% forward movement, and 30% backward movement.

I travel next week, so I won{t attend PT. I'll need to practice on my own.

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

You seem pretty young :)

We learn so much during these recovering periods... "listen" to your body, He will "tell" you how things are going. And in no time your wrist will be as new ;)

You`re always welcome here, don`t forget to share your experiences (if you feel like) :)

Guillermo 5 years ago

Thanks a lot funride. I'm 46, so hopefully I still fall in the "young" category. :)

I like the idea of lowering expeectations and allowing for pleasant surprises. I've done 3 PT sessions, and I'm surprissed at the mobility in my hand: 95% for the fingers, 20% the thumb, and about 50% the wrist. Sometime I think I'm rushing the reovery, so I have to check constantly with the doctor.

I'll stay on this blog for a few months. Hope to hear from you all.

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Guillermo, welcome to the broken wrist club ;)

The recovery time can vary depending on several factors... your age perhaps one of the most important, so the younger you are the faster it will heal. Your capability to work hard during physiotherapy will also help the recovering time.

My suggestion is for you not to get too high expectations on recovery time and total mobility of your hand... this way you`ll most certainly surprise your self positively ;)

If your doctor said 6 weeks then you should aim for that goal... if it takes a little longer, don`t loose your mind... stay strong and confident no matter what :)

I wish you a fast and complete recovery (with as few pains as possible), take care :)

Guillermo 5 years ago

I just had a titanium plate screwed to my left wrist. The wrist was broken and misplaced, so surgery was the recommended course of therapy. I'm new to this, and hope I can get my mobility back sometime soon.

My surgeon says this procedure can shorten the recovery time to 6 weeks. Can anyone comment if this is an accurate statement?

matt 5 years ago

hahaha thats a relief, thanks guys i wasn't sure if it was concidered "exercising".

Rachel 5 years ago

ps...Sorry to hear about your accident Mat, and hope you recover fast, so anything I post is in all good nature, and as funride said, have fun as its the best way to recover.My favourite quote is... Every person is free to choose. You yourself choose whether to experience joy or pain, to be happy or unhappy.(I know what I choose :)

Rachel 5 years ago

Matt, lets hope you can,cos I know one thing you as a guy, you wont be able to do if you broke your prodiminate then again you can always use the other hand even if it is frustrating..lmao :)

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funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Ahahahah... Hey Matt, I`m trying not to laugh, really :D

I`m sorry to ear about your accident and surgery.

Answering your question, it didn`t stop me from doing it (I even think it helped my recovery)... as long as you don`t try difficult positions I believe you`ll have no problems ;)

Have fun! That`s the way for best recovery :)

matt 5 years ago

hey i just had the surgery a week ago, fractured everything and now have 5 screws and a plate in (did it 1 and a half weeks ago snowboarding). This may seem a little funny but does anyone know if i can have sex???

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funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

@ KM - it depends... if you`re not sure about your doctor perhaps you should hear a second opinion from another doctor. In my case I don`t intend to take them off, unless if absolutely necessary at some point...

@ Rachel - thou being sorry to know about your accident I`m glad knowing you are recovering well and with such a good attitude :)

Thanks for sharing your experiences and for the encouraging words ;)

Rachel 5 years ago

Well, I have read this website a few times, and like the support that is shown here.It is amazing how well the human body can repair.I have had my motorbike licence for a few years, always liked road bikes, however my brother brought a harley and I just had to ride it... first ride and last ride on a the throttle got stuck and I ran the bike into a solid brick wall...Naturally i tried to save the bike and broke my wrist,I freaked looking at my hand..I thought I was going to loose it, as it hung like a shape of a deformed snake from my arm...It gets better, my sister in law cancels the ambulance and I endure a bumpy ride to the nearest hospital, like 30km away...ouchhhh!

I still have my helment on as my head hit the brick wall and I am scared of the possible head injury I have who knows!!!Well finally get to the hospital and they are more interested in x raying my pelvis as the handle bars bruised my pelvis...internal bleeding was thier concern...And as you all know when finally getting the xray on the wrist...omg such pain...Well I had the wrist reconstructed by I must say a brilliant doctor...He did such a good job that after much discussion and further xrays I didnt need a plate.. however I still needed surgery and ended up with two screws in the jion as I broke the end of the radius and naturally crushed a lot of muscles, it was an open compound fracture so the bone actually went straight through the main muscle for alot of the wrist movement needed...pretty scarey when I visualize it..As you know it changed my whole life style..I used to do muay thai(kickboxing) 4 times a week and plus I run a daycare from home,I felt pretty depressed for sometime, my brother was more worried about his precious how the good news is that I am now in week 4 since the cast came of and I have almost 45% usage of my wrist.. no I can not do push ups, nor can I scratch my back in that place I could before, however I can swim, I can run, and I can still laugh, I feel we all heal at our own pace, believe and you will achieve...

KM 5 years ago

my sister's arm bone was fractured. doctor inserted nails for support. unfortunately, that nail also broked, may be, during some home job. door of boxbed felldown on her arm. again surgry was done and metal plate was fixed this time because of gap between fractured bone and some bone powder/material was also taken fron her thigh by a cut for filling the gap betwen arm bone.. now 2 years are over. she want to know following things:

1. should she undergo surgery again for removal of metal plate?

2. what are the harms and benefits, if plate is not removed?her doctor has advised, but she is afraid?

3. what are the chances of weakning or fracture of that bone again, after plate removal? if plate is not removed, will it support the arm bone or create problem in future?

4. what precaution, she should take life long after plate removal?

anyone experienced or doctor, please answer these questions.


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funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi cbear, nice to meet you. I have several ti hardware on my wrists and arm (and face for that matter), and I never had any problems. I wouldn`t expect any complications later on :)

cbear 5 years ago

I broke my wrist 7 months ago. I was on my bike and was hit my a police officer on a motorcycle. Does anyone know the long term effect of having hardware in my bones? The doctor said I could leave it in. It doesn't bother me now, but will it cause arthritis later or any other complications?

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Laurel, nice to meet you! I agree with you, after they took the pins I felt more pains... but thankfully not for too long. You should start exercising your wrist with caution in the beginning, soon you`ll be able to do everything ;)

Great decision you made, smoking would only slowdown your recovery! Hope you recover in no time, don`t forget to keep us posted ;)

Laurel 5 years ago

Hi, Funride

Thanks for the great information on wrist fractures.

This is a whole new world for me, as I'm not accident-prone and made it to 58 w/o any broken bones. Anyhoo, I tripped over a cord in my bedroom and having about 2 feet to recover, landed on my wrist - with 2 impacts as I landed on the bottom of a bookshelf and had another 3 inches to go. I was told that the fracture looked good, but after one week in a splint had to have it reset (barbaric!) then I guess about 4 weeks later, was told I needed surgery - It looked like the bone had just collapsed back toward my elbow. I'm in week 7 from surgery and will have been in a cast for a total of 12 weeks at the end of this. My arm visibly atrophied around the 10th week- bummer. I can't imagine having all the surgeries you've had! this has been a trauma for me - I woke up from surgery to be wheeled to the cast room to redo the cast they had just put on and some more manipulation of the pins (!!!) Even with the nerve block, I nearly threw up! and I did throw up seeing my arm at 1 week, then nearly again when they removed the pins last week w/o anesthesia - which is all kind of shocking, as I'm not normally squeemish... At any rate, my question is, did your wrist and arm feel more sore after the pins were removed? Not the wound, but maybe using my hand and arm more w/out the support of the pins? (I'm still in a small cast) The break never hurt too much - just the surgery, and I'm really recovered from that. I am a little concerned that I may put too much weight on it, since I am trying to do more and lifting things. I do NOT want to extend this process any longer than I can help - Hey, something good came from this: I haven't smoked since the surgery. I have been treated at a county hospital, and I've seen and heard EVERYthing in the cast room, including people who weren't healing well because of smoking. Thanks again for your great page! It helps me remember my injury is really not so bad!!

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Thanks for your kind words, Kagami.

Yes, I think the pin was intended to help positioning the scaphoid bone.

If it ever heals completely? I`m not sure, in my case I have lost some mobility on my right thumb and I believe it was also due to the scaphoid fracture.

Kagami 5 years ago

Hello, I'm sorry that all this business happened to you, however, I am very grateful that you documented everything along the way! I'm a writer, and when I was looking up information on broken wrists and bones, this hub came up, and was the most informational article I have found to date. I do have a couple questions though.

Did your scaphoid ever heal completely? And what exactly was it that they did to try to promote its healing? (Was that what the pin was for?)

andy 5 years ago

I'm not sure what I'd have done if I had broken 2 wrists as you did funride. Having just 1 wrist broken is difficult enough. At least at this stage you must be laughing about those moments...I'm also hoping to start laughing soon.

Today I suspected that having a very loose cast was not probably a good thing, so went to the hospital again. My main concern was that my bone might not be healing in the proper position. Well, no more fear, it was confirmed to be OK. I was able to watch my naked wrecked hand, and the big pin inserted in my wrist right below my thumb. My new cast is softer but thighter. I can't belivee how helpless my hand seemed to be without the cast for those few minutes. Beside me at the hospital,an old man with a broken leg and a middle aged woman with a broken foot...they were talking about how science should someday achieve the paradigm of giving us unbreakable bones...sounds certainly good to me too :)

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funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Andy, sorry to hear about your fractured wrist. You know, when I wrote this page I learned that "wrist fractures are the most commonly broken bone in patients under 65 years of age." but I never imagined how many people have broken their wrist(s)... by the number of visits and comments of this page I would say too many.

I`m wish you the best recovery. Don`t forget to keep us posted on your recovery ;)

andy 5 years ago

This is a very nice blog. I admit that it comforts to hear about other people overcoming their own painful experience with their wrists. I fractured my left wrist 10 days ago, by taking a false step on ice, fell down with with my left hand flat open. The pain was so unbereable i almost couldn't get up. was rushed with an ambulance to my local hospital (traffic jam included), where they tried to strenghten my bones to put them in the right position.

I was then told that due to my age (I'm 38), I should try to get a treatment that would ensure full utilization of my hand (apparently the position after the stretching was OK, but more adequate for an older person whose hands would not have to stand the level of activity I'm still supposed to have. So 5 days ago I had surgery. i was told that i would need a plate, but during the operation my surgeon decided that 2 metal pins will just do fine. Now i'm scheduled to have the pins removed by the 17th of february, a bit more than 4 weeks after the operation (they told me 3 originally, but later changed their mind).

I can move my fingers easily (my casting luckily doesn't include the elbow, so i am able to stretch my arm when it gets too numb from the effort of keeping my forearm in an upright position) my thumb is the exception, movement is very limited.

As a first timer in the broken bones club, i must say that the cast is your salvation and your damnation at the same time. i feel some pain in specific spots within the cast, as if a pointy spike inside it is constantly hurting the same spot. during the evenings my forearm seems to contract, so i find more space inside the cast to pull and push my forearm to one pf the cast's walls, that provides some relief...not sure whether that's a good idea though. during the mornings, the cast is pretty tight.

What surprises me is that I don't have any scheduled medical appointments until the day I'm supposed to get the pins off. I want to believe that the reason is that my recovery should be an easy one...

Keep up the good work funride, again, i was glad to find your hubpage.

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funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Ravind, thanks for your kind comment. It`s possible that you broke your scaphoid bone without showing on a X-ray... your symptoms are similar with that fracture. Most of the times there`s not much you can do about it but you should indeed get expert advise from a specialist.

Hope you find some help and minimize your symptoms. Exercising your hand and fingers is perhaps the best way to avoid future problems ;)

Keep us posted on your research, good luck!

Ravind 6 years ago

Great read funride - well, apart from the trauma you must have gone through. Very informative, and scary. I'm glad to hear that you're doing better now. What an ordeal. I can only imagine what must have been going through your mind mid-fall.

I took a tumble while playing soccer 6 years ago - got tackled, fell and landed awkwardly with my butt/hip sorta crushing my left wrist in the process. There was some numbness and slight pain at first before my wrist began to hurt like hell when I put any pressure down from my hand towards the rest of my arm - for example, I was driving a stick shift back then and changing gears was unbearably painful.

An x-ray the day after the incident showed no broken bones but I absolutely could not bend my wrist. The doctor just bandaged me up, saying it wasn't serious, but the pain was too much so I self-prescribed a splint and used it for about 4 to 6 weeks.

Now, 6 years on, I have free movement in my left wrist but occasionally (and more frequently these days) my wrist will hurt. I still can't use sudden force to pick up heavy objects.

After searching online I'm beginning to suspect a problem with my scaphoid bone. The pain is centred around the area just below my left thumb.

I've been doing research on it (which is how I ended up here) and plan to get expert advice from a specialist soon. I hope if any surgery is needed, it won't keep me away from the computer for long. :(

The other worry I have is the kind of problems this injury could develop into in my later years.

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hello Marjorie, why, did you broke a wrist? The operation is not the worst part though...

Hope you`ll never need to go through any surgery ;)

marjorie a. achumbre 6 years ago

I am afraid to undergo such operation... sigh ;-((

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hello Quebecois, sorry about your injuries. And I`m glad you found this hub useful and that it helped you during this difficult time. Physiotherapy will make you get on your feet again soon and I also hope you recover completely from your injury, good luck!

Quebecois 6 years ago

Thanks very much for sharing your experience,i need read it!

I had double fracture on my ankle and the main bone , tibula,last 3 week,a plate with 6 screws and a long screw alone in the ankle,but my doctor removed my cast after 14 days only and he pretended i'll recovery faster,but most of peoples keep it for most of 6 week!

i got an electrik bike accident

hope you fully recovery

bonsoir et bonne chance

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Dave, thanks for your comment. Perhaps that´s because of the warm caused by the healing process... I´m not sure but I remember feeling my hands warmer during the first months after every surgery.

Hope you´ll recover fast and completely :)

daveboy 6 years ago

Hi just been reading all about the bad experiences with mostly happy endings over time as well as some great advise. I had a fall from 6ft and split my left radius in 4 places and had the plate and screws fitted 3 months ago and continue to making gradual progress with the recovery, my palm still gets very sweaty especially when im driving i guess it's nerve damage what are your thoughts anyone!


funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Thanks Vera, I will. LOL

ReuVera profile image

ReuVera 6 years ago from USA

Wow, what a great account and it looks that your personal experience helps other people to gain some knowledge.

I am glad you are fine now (well, as much as it can be). Stay away from balconies! LOL.

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey GAZJ, sorry to hear about your injury. Every case is different... in my case I really didn´t believed it would ever be possible to get full movement on my wrists but there are situations where it´s possible to regain full mobility.

Even though I can´t fully move my hands, I already do everything I did before the accident... if it takes extra effort? For sure... but that extra effort makes me feel alive and most of the time I don´t even remember I have this limitations ;)

Take care :)

GAZJ 6 years ago

I broke my wrist 6months ago now and am still feeling it. i had a plate and 7 pins put into my wrist and undergone hours of hideous physio sessions but have been told i will never get full movement back in my wrist! how are you doing with it now and are you back doing everything you were doing before the break?

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Nina, so nice to hear from you again :)

I´m sure that your positiveness and attitude allowed you to recover much faster.

Thanks for your testimonial, see you soon ;)

Nina 6 years ago

Hi All,

22 May ago I fractured my wrist.

It's a little over 5 month and my wrist is as good as new.



funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Joe, sorry to hear about your fall :(

Did you went through surgery? Three weeks it´s not much time... you´ll have to be patient and with physio`s help your recovery will happen in no time ;)

Have you been exercising your fingers? This will help with the swell.

You can contact me through the "Contact funride" link on the top right side of this page ;)

Wish you fast and complete recovery, take care

Joe 6 years ago


I was working on a ladder and it came out from under me.

I can't believe it still is constantly hurting after over three weeks. I have some awesome pics to send if you have an email address. maybe post them up here. How long did it take for it to stop swelling? Its usually OK in the morning but by afternoon it starts getting swollen. Any suggestions does/dont's on recovery?

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Joe, thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear about your wrist fracture... how did it happened?

At first I remember thinking I was a cyborg made out of titanium LOL. But now I even forget I have all those plates and screws. Wish you a fast and complete recovery :)

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Dear Alber, I also experienced the same on my right hand and it got better after some time. It´s possible that the tendon is rubbing on the plate but it isn´t going to adhere to it. In my case the tendon got stick inside the scar... at first I felt weired seeing the scar moving every time I open my hand. I wouldn´t be scared if I was you... just keep exercising your hand and you`ll forget about this in no time ;)

Joe 6 years ago

I broke my wrist 2 wks ago. Still hurts. Proud new owner of titanium plate and nine screws.

alber 6 years ago

dear funride thanks, actually its the movement of the thumb downwards that stretches it upwards, also i feel sensation, kind of pain when doing it and feel as if someone is pulling a string out. its around 45 days after my operation. my wrist moves upwards and downwards but not in full range, fingers etc are fine but the thumb movement gives me this sensation when the upper prt of thumb is bent down.will it get better? i am scared if my tendon is sticking or rubbing on plate.

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Varnav, thanks for passing by. When they were taking those screws I must admit that I didn´t felt much pain... I guess looking at it makes it more painful and awful :D

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Alber, I also got that stretching feature... specially on my right hand. At first I thought that this skin stretching was the reason why I couldn´t move my wrist freely but now I realize it´s only a slight tacking of the tendon and the skin and it doesn´t affect my hand movements ;)

varnav 6 years ago

A great story. But why doctors decided that it's okay to remove four screws out of bones without anesthesia?

alber 6 years ago

Carol-can you tell me what exactly is this 'odd thing' when you move a certain way? if i make my hand upright on a table resting on elbow and move my thumb back, i can see the incision area move up towards wrist, kind of stretching upwards. my wrist is also not moving in full range. pls let me know ur story as i think u and i have same type of fracture

Alber 6 years ago

hi funide-i broke my radius and ulna and got two titanium plates on them. my wrists are not broken and i was having a crape bandage after surgery for 15 day and i exercised my digits and a bit of wrist. its 1 month now, my bandages are gone but i can have full range wrist movement and when i do a 'thumbs up' i see the incision area of the radius moving or stretching up. it doesnt happen in other hand. when the hand lying on the table etc this upward movement is very negligible. any ideas

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Carol, I understand your worries... I also have a tendon running over the plate on my right wrist and I also experienced some adhesion of the tendon with other skin tissues... as soon as you are able to exercise your hand and fingers you´ll feel confident about their strenght in no time. At the beggining it´s normal to feel some disconfort while moving your fingers but you´ll have to get used to it as the tendon will get stronger and stronger every day.

It`s not easy to go through recovery but as soon as we feel fine all that time seems like no time :)

Thanks for passing by and commenting.

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

@ Lyn - Thanks for your kind comment Lyn. The fact that you kept doing your workout and being fit will help you during recovery... your mindset will also be a great weapon through your recovery ;)

Don`t forget to keep us posted about your progress, take care.

Carol 6 years ago

While vacationing in Arizona, I slipped on a wet driveway & broke my lt wrist . . . both radius & ulna. I have a titanium plate with screws implanted. After extensive OT I have gained back my strength & I am able to function as well as before surgery. I don't have any pain but do experience slight discomfort when moving a certain way. This I can certainly live with. But a constant worry of mine is that the tendon which runs over my plate will "fray" & eventually break. My surgeon told me that if this doesn't happen within 2 yrs. aft. surgery, I am "safe". Do you know anything else about this?

Breaking my lt wrist was some ordeal, but I can't imagine what it must be like breaking BOTH wrists. You have gone through a lot!!

Carol in Massachusetts

Lyn 6 years ago

Thanks for your wonderful hub, Funride. I have found it to be so informative and really inspiring and encouraging. I am a 63 year-old female who is very active. I swim competitively as a Masters swimmer and actually hold a couple of world records in my age group, so being fit and strong is pretty important to me. I broke my wrist 4 weeks ago today - fracture of the left distal radius (fortunately I am right-handed). My husband and I were riding our push bikes on a quiet bike path. My bike has double sided pedals (one side is flat and the other side has a receptacle for the shoe cleat). I really thought the flat side of the pedal was on the top, but when I needed to stop I discovered to my shock that the pedal had flipped over and my shoe cleat had locked in. So down I went! The fracture was manipulated under local anaesthetic and a temporary cast applied. I went to see a hand specialist and at first he said it was in good position and did not believe an operation would be necessary. But later, after more X-Rays, he told us that the fracture had moved and said an operation was now required. I had that operation 9 days ago (he also did a bone graft) and my recovery seems to be going quite well. Swelling in the hand has reduced a lot and I am getting back more and more mobility in the fingers each day – the specialist gave me some finger exercises to begin the day after the operation. I don't have a cast, just heavy bandaging. I go back to the specialist tomorrow and hope he will allow me to begin physiotherapy, although reading many of the posts on this hub makes me think it may be a little early for that. Your hub has really helped me to understand the need for patience and hard work and that recovery will be a reasonably slow process, and I also realise that my injury is much less severe than so many others! So a heartfelt thanks to you Funride, and to everyone else who has contributed to this wonderful resource!

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Ohh Kasey, sorry to hear about your bad luck accident :(

Keep that hope and determination and you`ll be fine soon. Physical therapy and all the exercises will make it a faster recovery.

Take care :)

Kasey 6 years ago

Your post gave me hope, I was recently in a head on collision with a drunk driver and I have a metal plate in my wrist along with ten screws, and I start physical therapy tomorrow. I was worried because when I try to bend my hand it sends shooting pain down my arm, but I know that its going to be stiff for awhile as well and your information put me at ease. Thank you!

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Nina, it’s very nice to feel your energy and happiness :)

The fact that you are able to do all those exercises again will make the recovery even faster. As soon as I was able to ride my bikes again my recovery became much faster with less pains and much more mobility.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us ;)

Wish you all the best,


Nina 6 years ago

Hi All,

it's almost 8 weeks since I broke my radius. I've got most of my ROM back, including able to turn my palm almost 180 degree (previously around two weeks ago, only up to 90 degree). Yesterday afternoon I started to do 20 push ups while holding to dumbles. This morning I started to lift my body up the pull ups bar and using my gravity boots, hanging myself upside down while doing reverse sit ups..

I just can't express how wonderful is to be able to do these things again..

There are no more swelling but there is still bump on the ulna and on the broken part of the radius though, which i believe is normal during recovery time.

I didn't use tennis ball to strengthen my grip, instead i used grip strengthener/exercise (that twisted spring that you hold and squeeze).

Anyway, good to know that everyone else is doing great..



funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey CJ, nice to meet you :)

I understand your concerns... but I don´t know if I can help you. Wait to hear what the hand surgeon has to say and then try to make the right choice for you. In my case I always took the surgeons advices... but each case is different and at some point we have to move on. Even though I still have some limitations I find myself now able to do everything I want (work, ride my bicycles, etc., etc.) and so I don´t think I will go through another surgery to try to fix my wrists a little better.

You must see what is better for you and go from there... there are no guaranties your hand will improve after surgery, are there? If yes, then you should consider it.

I´ll be looking forward to know your decision :)

Take care,

Ricardo "funride"

CinJones 6 years ago

Hi Funride,

I just now found this hub; too bad I didn't find it sooner. I broke my right wrist in October 2009. While refilling a hanging bird feeder, I fell off a stool and used my hand/wrist to break my fall. As they say: no good deed goes unpunished! There was some discussion by my ortho surgeon about surgery, but decided not to at the time. The cast came off and I have done five months of physical therapy - sometimes so painful! I have most of my mobility back, and I am learning to cope with my reduced strength. Most movement of my wrist causes some pain. I have received two opinions about having surgery now. My original surgeon says the pain will subside over the next 12-18 months. A second surgeon says if I don't have surgery I will be in pain the rest of my life. He came to this conclusion by reviewing my medical records and x-rays only. He never examined me or even talked with me! I will be meeting with a hand surgeon next week and I hope I can make the right decision about any future treatment. The thought of "starting over" with surgery and then more therapy makes me depressed - plus I need to get back to work and earn a living again! I'd appreciate any insight or opinions you can provide.

Thanks for your time! -CJ

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Thanks Elaine, that´s a great tip ;)

Every exercise we make with our hands and fingers will improve their flexibility and strength. I remember playing with small clips using the tips of my fingers... and it wasn`t easy to grab them in the beginning.

elaine 6 years ago

hi again funride, thanks for loving my name. a great tip from my physio - kids playdoh. making small ball and then flattening it, rolling the playdoh into sausages and making the back of dinosaurs, gentle excersies that can improve your flexibility. and most importantly patience, some days are better than others, good health to nina and you funride.

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi John D, glad to know you´re seeing good results. As I don´t remember being rude I suppose it was just a typo :D (a funny one though - funrude eheheheh).

Take care ;)

John D 6 years ago

Hey funrude!

I'll be starting my 3rd week of PT, and I can really tell a difference. My wrist and fingers are still swolen, and the incision scar is still very sensitive, but my hand is starting to work again! Hope your recovery is still going well. And good luck and good health to my fellow broken-wristers!

Nina 6 years ago

Hi Elaine,

seems like you and I have very similar experience. I've been doing hand exercise myself and I can see the improvement every day. I'm also cautiously using my hand as often as I can even when it hurt. I can feel some muscles become less stiff.

I also agree with you that this website really gives comfort during recovering time.

Funride, thanks for your kind words.

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Dear Elaine (I love your name), sorry to hear about your incident and injuries. Your kind words made me feel good... it`s very nice to know that sharing my experiences helped others to deal with similar problems, thanks :)

Wishing you fast and complete recovery. Take care ;)

elaine 6 years ago

hey funride, i was hit by a car in late may resulting in a fractured left radius,i had a metal plate and pins inserted. my cast was removed after 4 weeks. started physio 2 days after cast was removed, have seen some improvement but cant turn wrist fully yet. i know the healing process is slow. thank you for your website, its helps to read the experiences of others.

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Nina, nice to meet you. As you already know the wrist it´s a very complicated joint. When you broke your left radius it´s expectable that the joint with the ulna may have been affected too and that can explain the fact that it looks bigger than the right one. So it´s not strange for you to feel that sore feeling as well as difficulties rotating your wrist.

Physio and/or hand exercises will soon allow you to rotate your wrist completely and to see your ulna less swollen :)

Hope you recover fast and completely ;)

Nina 6 years ago

Hi Funride, thanks for sharing your story.

I broke my radius last month (May 22) when playing soccer. Went straight to the Doc and after X-ray, he did the reduction and put a temporary cast on my hand. I went back the next day to do another x-ray and apparently, the bone was not completely straight. So he did some more pulling and twisting and put a hard cast on.

left is not my dominant side, so I still can do a lot of things with my right hand.

I had the cast for 3 weeks. During this period, I took two x-rays. The last x-ray shows (according to the doc) that the bone is healing.

After cast was taken off almost a week ago (June 19), it was a lot of pain which i guess from the muscle. I can not rotate my wrist (palm down, counter clockwise). When I tried with palm down, it only goes to 90 degree (thumb towards 12 o clock). My ulna felt sore and looks a little bigger than the right hand (is this normal after taking cast off??)

No swollen fingers and pain,except on the ulna side, which is not broken.

Today (June 25) my rotation is getting better (thumb on 10 o clock).

What i would like to know if this sore feeling on the ulna side is normal when only radius that was broken?

Thank you

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi John D, thanks for your kind words.

Regarding the stiffness (in my case it´s almost complete) it´s something that should get better after months of physio. I would recommend that you start to do some more exercises after the physical therapy... this way you´ll notice a better muscle response and also less swollen fingers and wrist. Every time I stood still without moving my arms both my wrist and fingers swelled. But not anymore :)

I also experienced the numb feeling during the first months but that went away completely after some time.

In your case (and I don´t know your age) it´s still too soon... 6 weeks seems like much time but it isn´t :-/

Physical therapy, time and of course patience will make your wrist heal completely and I hope it will happen in no time ;)

Take care and don´t forget to keep us posted :)

John D 6 years ago

Wow- this has been most informative to read about everyone's broken wrists and their recoveries. Thanks to all who have posted, especially (of course!) to you funride!

I took a spill off my bicycle 6 weeks ago, and have also had the plate and 4 screw surgery on my left wrist(top part of the radius-"shattered" the doc said) I am now starting my second week of physical therapy, and I must say that I don't see much if any improvement yet. My wrist is still very stiff and sore, and it seems that even though I get a little more limber after the exercises, it's not long before it is just as stiff as before. Maybe all I need is patience! Also, I have about a quarter-sized area just above the incision on the palm of my hand that is still quite numb. I wonder if this is normal or something to be concerned about. I don't see the orthopaedic doctor for another couple of weeks, but wonder if I should call him or just wait and see what he says. Also my fingers are still swolen (sausage fingers!) as well as my wrist.

Thanks for any advice anyone wants to share...

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Anna, I see you´re starting to deal with physio... soon enough you´re going to start loving those pains (specially the results) LOL

@ costa - I´m sorry to hear about your injury, how did it happen? Are you still using a cast on your hand? Did they use plates and screws on your bones? I´m not sure if (in your case) it´s ok for you to start physio or any other exercises already... 3 weeks it´s not much time after the surgery and perhaps you should wait a little longer before starting to make exercises with your hand. I would recommend what Anna S told us before: "massaging my wrists, fingers and arms in a firm upward (towards the heart) movement with a blend of Arnica oil, lavender and vitamin E oil (for the scars) really helps!!! "

When are you going to visit your doctor again? He will recommend you physio or other exercises as soon as you´re ready for it ;)

Keep us posted about your recovery. Take care

costa 6 years ago

can somebody tell me how to recover at home. what exersise should I be doing during the day , except from the water stuff,,

costa 6 years ago

had the same op. done 3 weeks ago. in spain. all info. re. home recovery was,, hand in a bucket of hot water with salt for 20 min. then another 20 min. in clean, cold water, morning and night. absolutly left on my own to deal with. a.t.m. i'm sitting here, squizing an aerosol cap,,,, thank god i found this site,,,

Anna S 6 years ago

Hi again fun ride!! Ouch.... physio hurts BUT no pain no gain!!! also having acupuncture for the pain - only been twice - will let u know if it helps!!!

Sprained Ankle 6 years ago

Yikes, broken wrist surely would put a damper on your entire life. Thank you for the awesome hub!

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

LOL, Hey Cat M., you made me laugh with the typos thing...

I´m really glad that this hub and all our experiences have helped you start feeling better and ready to deal with the recovery :)

Take care.

Cat M. 6 years ago


Don't bother looking for the typos, I proof read 3 times before I submit. I have always checked my writing or typing for mistakes. I never used to find so many of them though.

Cat M. 6 years ago

Hi again funride.

I wanted to thank you for your encouragement and Anna for the suggestions. I have used lavendar scented products for years and it never occurred to me to massage out the stiffness with lavendar oil!

I admit that I was feeling a bit sorry for myself when I first stumbled onto this hub. I had been told that my wrist would never be the same as before and that I should just get used to the bruised ache. After reading the experiences of other, I was not feeling sorry for myself. I was amazed at how resilient people are and hopeful that in time, I would be able to adapt to any new limitations resulting from my injury. Now I look forward to the day when I can honestly say I didn't notice the ache in my wrist.

I am typing this 2 handed! It makes my wrist ache. I am slower at it than I used to be. You would not believe the typos I make. But that is the beside the point. The point is ... I can type 2 handed! I guess I just need a little more patience. I am not good at patience. Sigh.

Thanks again - Cat M,

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Dear Anna, thank you so much for your invaluable contributions. You always add interesting points and ideas (like the massages with oils and the use of a soft ball for the exercises) which will help anyone going through a broken wrist recovery. I´m very happy to see you´re fighting and already starting to do everything again (btw, you should also start distributing some of those tasks with your family - you´re not a selfish person, are you!? LOL).

Anna S  6 years ago

Hi again funride!!!

I fully understand Cat M - had my stitches out on last Tuesday and my left wrist is still weak BUT i'm starting physio this Tuesday and am back to doing ALL housework - much to my husband and 2 boy's happiness - and the Orthopede says this is the BEST physiotherapy!! Cat M both my wrists still ache - especially the left which was broken more seriously and at night and in the morning my hands feel stiff like those of an 83 NOT 38 year old!!!! But, we humans are resiliant and I believe what Fun ride says - we'll get used to it. I, personally find massaging my wrists, fingers and arms in a firm upward ( towards the heart) movement with a blend of Arnica oil, lavender and vitamin E oil ( for the scars) really helps!!! As an aromatherapist ( maybe EX aromatherapist !!!! time will tell ....) I believe in the relaxing and pain relieving attributes of lavender oil!!! Good luck and wishing u all a quick(ish!!!) journey to pain free wrists and hands!!!

PS ( a soft ball to squeeze helps build up a weak grip)

Anna S

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Cat M., Thanks for sharing your story with us. It´s never easy to get used (with or without surgery) to the limitations after some kind of injury. When I broke my wrists I also realized it could have been much much worst...

Before you notice you´ll be doing everything you use to and the strength will be back just after some months of exercises. As to the pains I´m not sure... in my case I guess I got used to them and I no longer feel them anymore :)

Wish you a fast and complete recovery.

Cat M. 6 years ago

Hi, I just stumbled onto this hub searching for information about "Impacted Ulna". I broke my wrist in February. I fell going down the basement stairs. I put my hands out to catch myself (it was instinct). I landed with most of my weight on the left wrist. I broke it and I did a really good job of it too :( the er thought it needed surgery. they splinted it, gave me painkillers and a referal to an orthopedic surgeon for that Monday (it was Friday when I broke it). The surgeon agreed that I was a good candidate for surgery : both sides of the wrist broken, broken at the joint of the arm bone on the side under the thumb. The bone was dislocated and pushed up toward the thumb. Since I had no insurance, he offered to try setting it first. He said that if he could get it in position there was a 50/50 chance it would heal okay without surgery. I said let's try. I spent a week in a splint after it was set and then x-rays to see if it was healing in the right position (warned that if not, surgery was the only answer). It was in a pretty good position, so, he cast it. 5 weeks later the cast came off. Today, 6 weeks after the cast came off, I had a follow up visit. There is a constant bruised feeling in the wrist under the pinky and the bulge of the arm bone there is almost twice the size of the bump in the other wrist. I was told that the wrist healed with an impacted ulna and that is the cause. He will try reconstructive surgery if it really bothers me but he suggests that I try to "learn to live with it" because there is no garuntee that surgery will make it that much better. I was looking for something online to explain this to me (sounds like he is saying that it is as good as it is going to get without surgery) when I came across this hub. Sorry to hear about your double wrist fractures and the surgeries you had to go through. Maybe I should consider myself lucky it was not worse. I am ambidextrous and it seems that if I can live with a bruised ache, I will be able to do most of what I did before in time. The doctor says he is surprised I am recovering so quickly and it is already healed better than he thought it would without surgery. He gave me some exercises to build up the strength of my pathetically weak grip (and that was my strongest hand before the fall). He said flexibility will gradually increase over time. The pain, unless reconstructive surgery is done (and if it goes well), is here to stay. Such is life. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Kind of puts things into a different perspective.

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

@ Anna S - Thanks for your kind words. I´m glad it went well ;)

@ Susie - First of all thank you for enriching this hub. Your contribution will help not only Kingsland but everyone who are looking for information about wrist injuries or other wrist problems. I´m glad you´re getting better and able to do things you couldn´t before. You´re always welcome here ;)

Take care,


Susie 6 years ago

Hi there thought I would give an update having read entries from Kingsland. Since my last entry I have been diagnosed with RSD (also known as a Sudeck's atrophy/ regional pain syndrome, complex pain syndrome),and my symptoms were so similar to Kingsland. A word of caution though there is some scary stuff on the net about this - a huge number of people get better completely in time!

If it is this condition then it is important to get the pain under control and you cannot have too much physio. Just to give a back ground history,I live in UK, broke wrist on 23rd December, surgery on Christmas Eve to have k wires inserted, in back slab for two weeks, then plaster for further three weeks before k wires and cast removed on 29th Jan. Sent straight to physio where I couldn't do anything and next physio appointment physio very concerned because of swelling and stiffness. Saw registrar on 19th Feb who mentioned RSD but then said not showing enough symptoms so nothing further done. Two weeks later in unbearable pain and absolutely fed up with everyone saying how swollen my hand was and what an unusual colour it was went to GP who diagnosed RSD and said if we could afford it to go for private physio as well as having nhs physio as with this condition the answer is physio physio physio. He also put me on pain medication and anti inflammatories. Saw private physio on 9th March and I would have to say she has been my saving grace. I have been through a lot of pain but she and my own determination have been responsible for getting me where I am today not better but with a fairly useful hand again. No all of my symptoms have disappeared but my goodness I am so much better than I was.Saw consultant today and further x ray taken and physio working on improving bone density a way to go but like I said much better. Also RSD can affect mental health and whilst it is understandable that a lot of people will feel very down or depressed it may be that if you have this condition this is contributing to it as well, I certainly have had my moments. I have written this not because I want to worry anyone but to encourage anybody with these symtpoms to be persistant not only with their physio, by the way I do three hours in total each day, but also persistant about making sure they get the correct treatment. ps Kingsland I have just started to drive and yes it is a bit painful but I am getting there - good luck x

Anna S 6 years ago

I must agree with Rob - your hub is a great help for all of us with wrist injuries. Today I had the pins out and now must wait 2 weeks to have the stitches out - must admit that my Italian nerves are getting frayed!!! then, hopefully physio next...patience,patience!!!

Have a great rest-of-the-week


funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Rob, I´m glad to see you back :)

I think you made a good choice. If the plates and screws aren´t compromising your wrist mobility there are no reasons for another surgery.

When I first wrote this hub I never thought it would be so useful, even though the idea was for me to share my experience with others. But back then I was unaware it was such a frequent injury, now I know, I´m not the only one. It´s great to share experiences and learn from it ;)

Have fun,


rob 6 years ago

Hi funride, Thought I'd give an update on whether to remove my plates and screws. I have seen two consultants now. They will remove my plates if I want to but because of scar tissue and the risk of nerve or blood vessel damage in the wrist area they wouldn't recommend it. I have decided to leave the plates in. I have 99% wrist function but still ge a twinge of pain on lifting heavy loads.

Thanks for your advice and it's great how this blog post has now become a major discussion and support area on the net for wrist injury! Rgds Rob.

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Anna, it´s great to lose the casts, isn´t it!? :)

It´s normal to have all the dead skin removed and a brand new one in place in a week or two. In my case the pins were also taken out after a week or two after taking the casts. Removing the pins feels strange but it isn´t the worst pain I remember ;)

I´m holding both thumbs for you ;)

Anna S 6 years ago

HI again Funride!!

Today both my casts came off - it looked quite gross under the casts -- dry, dead skin, scars etc.. BUT at least they off!!!! In true Israeli- public - health- system -style I have to return on Thursday to have pins out - under local anaesthetic. Don't know why they couldn't do it all today BUT as we know : all good things come to those who wait!!!

My wrists are quite weak and the right one ( which was less seriously fractured) looks and feels much better than the left one. I'm sure, as you say, pain will decrease and mobility increase when I start physiotherapy.

Thanks again for your great hub and good advice - i'll keep you posted on what happens on Thursday - hold thumbs for me!!!

Wishing you peace, health and happiness!!!


funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Suzanne, sorry to hear about your broken wrist. How did it happen?

I´m sure your pains will go away after some time (at least the worst ones) and then physio will help you regain more hand mobility.

I feel fully recovered now (even though both my wrists lost almost all mobility) as I can already make my normal life: working, taking care of my daughter, riding my mountain bikes and, if I would like, I could also try skiing and go for a fun ride :)

Take care,

Ricardo "funride"

Suzanne 6 years ago

I just broke my wrist and had two closed an one open operaration and had the same plate put in as yours. Your article is greate the only problems I have now all my bones on my hand hurts and my palm try to stech my fingers but it doesn't always help. 3 more weeks of cast hope I will be fine after.

Hope by now you fully recoverd and started skiing again.

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Kingsland, thanks for keep us posted. Your description reminds me of my left wrist... I also had the knuckle in the wrong place which didn´t allow almost any movement. In my case another surgery was the only option, they try to put my left wrist into its proper position and now the knuckle doesn´t show up (but I still can´t bend the wrist although I can turn it like before). Physio will help blood circulation and also the amplitude of your wrist movements.

Last time I went to an appointment with my surgeon he asked me when would I like to see him again... I guess this means he think I´m done with LOL.

Take care, hope to talk with you again soon ;)

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Anna, nice to hear from you again. You must trust your Dr and you´ll be free from those casts in no time.

Hope the news will be better next time ;)

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

@ tmhalley06 - Sorry to hear about your injury. I believe that every case it´s different... that said, and in my case, I never got back the same wrist motion as before the fall. The right wrist just because they fixed it it´s not possible to move it freely, on the other hand (the left one that is eheheh) and after the last surgery the wrist mobility hasn´t improve much but the position it´s much better allowing me to do a lot of things I couldn´t before. It´s possible to get your wrist to move as before but it isn´t granted. Physio will help alot though ;)

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

@ Jaden - Hope those pains will go away soon :)

Kingsland profile image

Kingsland 6 years ago

Hi again Funride,

Thought I would give you an update. Went back to see Consultant on 29th. April. He was very concerned about the swelling and colour of my hand. I can't remember what the medical term was but he said basically the hand was collapsing and that I needed physio a.s.a.p. I have basically had virtually no physio since the start. He sent me to physio - they asked loads of questions and measured any flexability in my hand then gave me an appointment for the next day. Back I went - I was there 15 mins and given another appointment for Wed 5th. May (tomorrow). The doctor's reaction to my hand has really frightened me - the hand is constantly swollen and red/blue in colour. The feeling in my fingers is not the same as the right hand. I have good stretch in the fingers but find it difficult to make a fist. I still cannot position the left hand to type or hold a supermarket trolley bar etc. and I think that the knuckle side bone could be in the wrong place. Iam hoping the physio will help this. I feel so depressed all the time this has been going on now since 13th. January - when my plaster came off the wrist was twisted - hence the surgery 26th March to put in the plate. I suppose it's not really a long time - considering how long you state for recovery! I have been doing physio excersises at home and I am beginning to feel quite a bit of pain in the plate area and also the forearm but I will keep at it if it will help me - no pain no gain!!! The pain is worse when I try to bend the hand backwards or forwards - within seconds the pain starts! I have virtually no bend in the wrist at all and trying to turn the hand palm up it feels as if the knuckle is in the wrong place. Funride, I do hope you are continuing a good progress are you due for any more surgery? Hopefully not and your surgeon has abandoned his 'Ricardo' knife - !!! Nice to 'speak' with you again - Take care - God Bless x

AnnaS 6 years ago

Hi again funride!

Was soooo excited to go get casts off today ....but it seems G-d wants to really test my patience ( like he tested yours!!) and, after xrays the Dr said I must wait 1 more i'll keep u posted. Hope u doing well,


tmhalley06 6 years ago

Hey funride,

I just broke my wrist last week and i am going in on thursday to get a plate and screws put in. how well did you get back motion in your wrist. was it like before your fall?

Jaden 6 years ago

I fell on the ice during ice skating a month ago four times. It's been clicking alot and it's painful but i'm still albe to move it around and lift weights with only a bit of uncomfort. Seeing the diagrams have made it slightly more easier for me to think about what it is. Suppose I have to get a support and see if it feels better soon

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

That´s the spirit Anna ;)

After my last surgery (November) things went just fine, the recovery from this operation was faster than the others and I return to my everyday activities in no time. Even though my wrists will never regain their complete mobility I´m happy with the outcome. Stronger, much much STRONGER!!! :)

Anna S 6 years ago

Good to hear fr u funride! well - i fell on rocks whilst on holiday in Eilat (Israel) - was a bit in shock at first as i've neva broken anything in all my 37 years! but everything happens for a reason and as you rightly sed it makes us stronger!!! so - 10 more days to go until casts and pins come off - will let u know how it goes. By the way, how is YOUR progress??


funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Anna, sorry to hear about your injuries. How did it happen? I hope your recovery will be complete and allow you to restart your beautiful work again soon. When we want something badly we are able to do things we never believed we could - never giveup from your dreams ;)

Take care and feel free to return and tell us about your progress ;)

Anna S 6 years ago

CAN'T believe someone else also broke BOTH wrists!! I did one and a half months ago - underwent surgery on both wrists after ulnas moved and now.....waiting for casts to be off in 2 weeks time - yay! I LUV LUV LUV ur positive attitude - i have to have one too as i was or am or will still be a massage therapist!!! methinks it's a hint from ABOVE that i need a career change! Good luck, health and healing.

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

@ Kingsland - thank you so much for your kind words :)

I´m not sure that physio will help stop your pains... in my case it helped a lot. At least I became less sensible to pain eheheh. Time will always help, there were times when I thought things will never get better... but they did :) and things will get better for you too ;)

No matter what happen you´ll have to learn to do some things once again and I can assure you that those victories will give you the motivation you´ll need.

Hope you´ll be able to pick your granddaughter up soon enough ;)

Please, keep us informed about your recovery. Take care

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

@ Asha - Hey there, every time they removed plates from my wrists it was because I needed another surgery. Right now I´m not sure if I´ll need to have my plates removed in future... if you ask me I think I´ll keep them as long as they do not affect me and my ability to use my hands.

Wish you and your son all the best :)

Kingsland profile image

Kingsland 6 years ago

My daughter has just sent me the link to this site and just reading it has helped me tremendously! Funride - I cannot begin to imagine the pain you have suffered. I am a 62 year old grandmother. I slipped on ice January 13th. and broke my left wrist. I was in plaster for 6 weeks and during that time I went back to the Fracture clinic twice because I felt that something was wrong. Both times I was assured by doctors that everything was fine. When the cast came off my wrist was badly twisted. I was sent for a CT Scan and the result showed that the bone had healed more than the doctors anticipated - I believe that they were going to operate straight away and pin it - however, this was no longer an option after the CT Scan result. They decided to leave me 3 months with Physio. 3 weeks later I saw the P.T. for about 20 mins. She sent me away with 4 A4 sheets of excersises to do at home and gave me another appointment for 4 weeks later! Considering I was to have physio for 3 months - that looked like I would only see the P.T. 3 times - I was getting frantic! I could not straighten my hand i.e. point the fingers straight forward to type or even do a simple thing like hold the handle of a shopping trolley. To cut a long story short they decided to operate and put in a plate. This was done almost 3 weeks ago - the stitches came out on 8th. April. Since then I have gone into mega depression! I thought the reason my hand could not point straight out was because the bone had slipped whilst in plaster - so now that the had operated and inserted a plate, the hand would at least point straight - in fact my hand is exactly the same - if not worse because of the discomfort of the plate - and I now have pain in the side of my hand as if a nerve is trapped or similar, This pain is worse if I press on certain parts of the palm of my hand. I go back to see my Consultant on April 29th. and he will probably arrange physio then - do you think that the physio will help/stop the pains I have in the side of the hand? Or is this going to be another problem? I know very little about physio other than it can be painful - but if it will help me get back to some normality then it will be worth it. I am desperate to drive again - the day before I had the operation to insert the plate i managed to drive my car a short distance. The problem was pulling the gears - as I am in the UK the gears are operated by my left hand. I was so pleased to be able to manage it I could have sang from the rooftops!! Now I am back to square one and very worried about the pain in the side and little finger of my hand. I don't have enough strength in the hand yet and I know that it is too early to try however I am impatient so today I tried moving the gears when the car was in my driveway - straight away the pain shot down the side of my hand. Whe I try to type it feels as if the knuckle bone is in the wrong place. If anyone on this Hub can advise me regarding the physio I would really appreciate it. My hand has been very badly swollen since day one and the colour is appalling! Sort of bluey red. As Lynne (further up ^ ) has said, that people comment and say that it shouldn't still be so swollen - this has also caused me great anxiety hearing comments like that! Funride - you have really been an inspiration to me - and I have more hope now that my hand will return to almost as good - I cannot turn the hand around to look at the palm - hopefully physio will help that too. I have put this Hub onto 'My Favourites' I have an 18 month old granddaughter - she is beautiful and I long to be able to pick her up. Thank you to everyone who has posted on this Hub - but my greatest thanks and sheer admiration goes to Funride - God Bless you! x

asha 6 years ago

hi, gr8 site .. and nice to know that there are people out there with similiar probs and willing to post their experiences. My son had a internal fixture done on his broken forearm 2yrs ago. now we are faced with the dilemma of deciding whether to go for plate and screws removal. Doc says 80% of the time they come out smoothly but since it involves GA I am worried. any similiar cases of removal ?

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Terisa, sorry to hear about your mom :(

I´m glad this hub has helped you :)

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Thank you all for your comments ;)

@ Lynn - I´m not sure if it´s normal but I had the same problem for some time. It got better with physio and both the swelling and the insensitivity are now gone. You´ll notice a much faster recovery after the physiotherapy :)

Chili C. 6 years ago

Last month I was in a really terrible biking accident resulting in me flying through a fiberglass fence and breaking both bones in my wrist, my femur, and tearing my ACL. I've been in more pain and discomfort than ever imaginable but I look on the bright side that I am just lucky to be alive! The healing process has been incredibly tough and is far from over. I'm a professional jazz guitarist and have missed out on many incredible opportunities due to my injuries and have had trouble just maintaining a normal life. I have a plate in my wrist and in a few days get my cast removed and the two pins pulled from my wrist. I have no idea how playing guitar will be and I'm very worried about my future, but have to stay positive.

Lynn 6 years ago

hey funride. Hope u r making lots of progress. I broke my right wrist feb 8th. They casted it and then 3 weeks later decided it needed surgery. Surgery was done march 9. Before surgery my fingers were very swollen and would not go down, andd my fingernails stopped growing. After my nails started growing and some of the swelling is gone but still swollen and hard to grip anything. Is this normal? Most people look at my fingers and make the comment that hey shpuld not be so swollen still. It worries me and makes me think maybe it isnt healing.

Ian 6 years ago

I am a physically active high school student, and I must say the 4 weeks I spent with a cast on my right wrist after fracturing it in a snowboarding accident were almost unbearable. I had the cast removed yesterday, and am itching to return to normal activity. Unfortunately, my elbow is very stiff (my cast covered the elbow joint) and i have very limited mobility in my wrist. I hope to play golf and ride my bike soon ( I need to train for a cross country (U.S) bike trip scheduled for this summer), but I know I shouldn't rush my recovery. The stories of broken bones told before mine make my fractured distal radius seem like nothing. It is great that people are able to maintain positive attitudes while dealing with such crippling injuries. Best of luck to everyone!

garcilazoand profile image

garcilazoand 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

great info, i myself broke my wrist a while back. it made me remember those old days...

fahed 6 years ago

i got plates installed go to to c video how long after the plaster is removed after 2 months i be normal

Susie 6 years ago

Thanks, back to physio tomorrow hopefully they will see a little improvement.Best wishes to you.

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Susie, I´m glad this hub and all the comments have helped you.

The period of time needed to regain more wrist movements depends on several factors but physio will have a big role. You should make an effort in the first couple of months of physio because those are the most decisive ones.

Wish you a complete recovery ;)

susie 6 years ago

I am somewhat relieved having read all the posts, thank you so much. I broke my wrist (radius with distal fragments )and had k wires and cast removed last Friday.Really worried that I cannot do anything more than wiggle my fingers, anyone know how long before I might be able to even move towards making a fist?Have started physio and can bend wrist forward a little and a tiny bit backwards.

Rusty love 6 years ago


shoe_gal 6 years ago

Thank you :) They did consider surgery or a manual reduction but decided it was just about ok without. My worry is that it is set in the wrong position and thats why my movement is limited? Guess I will just have to wait and see. Lol, physiotorture sounds about right though!

Take Care xxx

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Shoe_gal, thanks for stopping by. I understand you didn´t need any surgery, am I right? If this is correct I don´t know what that lump could be... did your doctor or physiotherapist explain you what it was?

After some time you´ll be able to push it harder but remember that you´ll have to feel pain in order to recover completely. I call it physiothorture LOL

Wish you fast and complete recovery :)

shoe_gal 6 years ago

Funride these pages are such an inspiration - I cant imagine how hard it must have been for you. I fractured my left distal radius 5 weeks ago slipping on the ice in appropriate shoes and had the cast off y'day.

The physiotherapist says I have good range of movement for so early on but I really struggle to turn my hand palm up or bend it backwards. I have exercises to do at home but how hard should I push it? Its still pretty painful. Also, there is some soft scar tissue in a lump on the back of my hand. Any ideas how long this will take to go down?

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Jackie, thank you so much for your kind words. Your testimony shows everybody how to react and work through the healing process. I´m sure all your hard work was well worth the minute you held your little granddaughter ;)

jackieanu 6 years ago

I have found this site so useful!! I am a 66 yr old grandmother and I broke my wrist in Nov when I slipped on a wet floor in India. I was taken to hospital where I had surgery - plates and screws in the distal ulna and distal radius. After 3 days I was discharged from hospital with a backslab plaster on my arm. I was told to straighten my fingers and make a fist immediately after surgery, and touch all my fingers with my thumb (It took time and effort to touch my little finger but I got there in the end). I returned to the hospital after 10 days to have the skin staples removed (about 32 of them!) and was fitted with a splint as I was flying back to the UK 4 days later. I had no problems on the flight, in fact it was a doddle as my holiday insurance arranged wheelchair assistance, which meant that I had someone with me at all times to carry my luggage and I was fast-tracked through customs & passport control.

I went to the local hospital when I got home, where they put my foreatm in a cast from just below the elbow to my hand, leaving my fingers and thumb free.

In early January I had the cast removed and immediately went to the physio dept where they showed me exercises to do at home. Now, after 2 more sessions at physio they don't want to see me again, although I have to continue the exercises at home.

I am really pleased with all the treatment I have had, both in India and UK. I have good movement in my wrist but need to build up the strength.

I was worried about my prospects of recovery at my age, but after reading all the accounts of broken bones here I decided to work really hard and prove I could get back to normal. I can do most things now, even pick up my 8 month old granddaughter - so I can start babysitting again!

Never give up hope, and do the exercises as often as possible!!!

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey BC, sorry to hear about your injury. As I understand you didn´t broke any joint so you should expect faster healing. On the oder hand I´m not sure if your bones can heal completely in such short period... how old are you?

bc 6 years ago

i just broke my unla and radius but the break didn't go all the way through my bone i think and dislocated my two grothplates it hurt for a will but i am still recovering i never got to see any x rays yet they have never shown me any i saw a glimps of them thogh when they were moving my bones back into place well i hope i can start baseball practice in feburary

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey C Dorff, the pains are more than natural. After the first week I started to feel excruciating pains mostly because they stop giving me morphine as soon as I arrived at Portugal. At that time I took some meds but soon I put them aside.

It is expectable that you will get use to the pains (and almost forget about them) after a couple of weeks. You will feel them again once the physiotherapy takes place.

Did you went through surgery?

C Dorff 6 years ago

Your info. was great but I didn't see where you addressed if you had any pain and to what degree, if any, that you had when you were in the cast. I have a cast on and am having some pretty bad pain (have pain meds. but don't want to take until I can't stand anymore). I just need to know if this is common/normal thing to expect for awhile, I have had the cast on for a week but just now starting to have some pain that bothers me.


funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Thanks Stagnetto, right now and 3 weeks after my last surgery I can say that everything went well :)

I´ll have my left wrist casted one more month before beginning physiotherapy once again.

stagnetto 7 years ago

Wow, what else can I say, no wonder you got 90 for this hub, it is just so well written, explained and so thorough. It's really fantastic - congratulations!!

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Shell, it happens to everybody. I also thought every thing would be fine just after a couple weeks... unfortunately it took much more. In fact, now, after 2 years and 3 months from my accident, I´m going to be operated again next monday to my left wrist... finally!!! As I promised I´ll update this page with all the news.

It´s very rewarding to know that my experiences have helped others. Thank you all for your continuous support, see you soon ;)

Shell 7 years ago

Thank you for giving me hope. I broke my wrist in three places on holiday this year. I had the plaster taken off three weeks ago and am surprised at the lack of use I have. I have rigorously done my physio and can see some great improvements. After reading this article and the comments, I realise that I was a little unrealistic in my recovery period. I will stop worrying so much - boy 1 to 2 years woa I don't know if my yoga can wait that long.

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi guys, thanks for your comments. I have been very busy lately (work, family, bicycle rides, etc.) but I will be updating this page very soon... that´s right, I will go through another surgery next month. This time it will be just my left wrist and I hope it will be finally put into proper position :)

@ Beriyani - Congratulations on your marriage, I bet you looked great even though you were wearing those casts and bandages ;)

Hope your wrists heal fast and completely.

@ Funtobegranny - Sorry to hear about your injury. I experienced the same problem as you are living now. My doctor decided to cut the top of my ulna (cubitus) in order to allow me to turn my wright palm up. But that only took place because therapy wasn´t enough, my left wrist started to turn properly after a couple of weeks of physiotherapy. What happened was that the ulna and the radio were too close together and that didn´t allow them to rotate. In your case I suppose it is still too early to say... I hope you regain full rotation just with physio help ;)

All the best.

Funtobegranny 7 years ago

Found you looking for some help. I broke my ulna and radius at the wrist. Doctor said it was a clean break of both bones like knife cutting butter. I also chipped the protruding bone (whatever that is called). I got the cast off on September 15th. I can type and make a fist but i can't turn my arm palm up. Is this part of the normal healing process? How long will it take to get that motion back? Thanks for any help.

Beriyani 7 years ago

Just wanted to join the party. I broke both wrists 6 weeks ago falling off a ladder, just 10 days before my wedding! Had a complicated 7 hour op where both wrists have sandwich plates and 11 screws each. I brokeradius and fractured the top part of the radius into 4 parts on the rh and 3 parts on lh. Casts come off in one week and then begins the occupational therapy, and planning the next two ops to remove top plates n bottom plates. Got married 2 days after leaving hospital, thankfully my bandages matched my dress colour...

Resolver2009 profile image

Resolver2009 7 years ago from Bournemouth, UK / Oslo, Norway

Wow, that is quite an advanced fracture, just glad to hear you are alright now. Well written and really informative hub, thumbs up!

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

@ puttnow - I guess that crunching feeling can be normal but I never experienced it because I still can´t bend my left wrist and my right one will never bend as it is fixed. I´m sure your doctor will advise you to do what is best for your complete recovery ;)

@ lil_amz99 - Hey Lil, I´m glad this hub has helped you. You should talk with your doctors and ask them about all the procedures they are going to use in your case, this way you´ll feel much more confident before the surgery. Wish you a fast and complete recovery, and don´t forget to keep us posted ;)

lil_amz99 7 years ago

i have a broken scaphiod at the moment and the doctors haven't really told me anything about it or what the opreation will/may involve (im having it next week!) this has been really informative thanks!

puttnow 7 years ago

Hi Funride

I posted here before. On September 30 I fell from an extension ladder 30 feet up broke both wrists to my right couple ribs and experienced some injury to my right ankle.

I have three plates and 13 screws in my left wrist and one plate and 12 screws in my right wrist. I have recovered very well. I can even play golf once a week.

The problem is with my left wrist. It is not painful but I can feel a crunching when I bend it. Did you experience that with yours?

I'm scheduling an appointment with my surgeon to have his opinion on the matter. Is removing the plates a risky proposition? I don't want to go backwards after going through what I did over the last year.

char 7 years ago

oh, i am counting down the hours when this awkward cast comes off and my last, hopefully "mini-cast" comes on for 2 weeks more, 22 hours from now and my 6-weeks cast is history!!!

I hope to draw inspiration from your strength quote, Ricardo,

I've been thinking about your comments that patience with the healing process is so required...i've not realized that i actually have been able to do more things with my large-cast arm, mostly having to do with just being able to lift it, if one pays attention, small progress does happen...

i also find inspiration with the pope's statement that his broken wrist this summer is teaching him "patience and humility". I know that this experience has brought me more of both these qualities, and i was in need of more in these departments...

the cal-o-rad healing my tendonitis came about because i was anguishing about my chronic pain and an aquaintance, who himself had suffered from crushing back pain since a Vietnam War injury (and the cal-o-rad had cured him of it)promised me that cal-o-rad would cure my pain within a month and it did! it took only one bottle, i mixed a tablespoon into a glass of water and drank it every night before going to bed, and not having eaten or drank anything for at least 2 hours before taking the was explained that cal-o-rad is an easily absorable form of broken-down cow connective tissue (cow tendons?) and so overnight i was absorbing these and repairing my tendons...i don't know how it worked but it did and i would do it again if i had that pain again, but the pain's been gone for over 12 years now...wish broken bones could heal like that, but i'm sure tomorrow things will start looking up for me, i think i'll just start letting things look better now...!!! thanks for the supportive words!

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Vadim, thanks for passing by. I am sad to hear about your injury and the fact that it didn´t got better after all this time :(

Hi Char, tanks for your comments ;)

Just curious, "cal-o-rad" it´s a weight loss supplement, isn´t it? How come it helped your tendinitis?

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger."

Friedrich Nietzsche

char 7 years ago

i've had severe tendonitis in both arms and the pain drove me to desperation...physical therapy did little to help, neither did acupuncture or pain meds...finally i took one tablespoon of cal-o-rad every night and within one month my pain almost disappeared...i had thought the pain from that was bad, and that this broken wrist is bad, but i think a severed tendon might also be quite bad...i find after 5.5 weeks, a cast gets so painful and awkward, it seems to get more uncomfortable at the end, i cannot even imagine what i would do if i didn't have my good right hand to help get my left arm cast in a more comfortable position, so "my hat's off" to you double wrist break victims and your caregivers, you are stronger persons than I!

Vadim 7 years ago

I've never had a broken bone (damn lucky) but I did sever a tendon in my hand so I know what it's like to be layed like that. 6 months in a cast another 6 in physiotherapy and 3 years later it's still not the same. But thankfully I'm wright handed and it was my left hand.

char 7 years ago

hello, everyone,

i'm here at 5.5 weeks after my distal radial break.

i ended up canceling my airplane trip this summer;

my fingers get swollen and to risk greater swelling during a long flight seemed foolish.

instead i stayed home & rested...

i go back to work tomorrow after my summer vacation...1.5 weeks ago, the cast was cut down to just below the took many days to get used to the increased mobility...after 3 days i was sling-free! what a joy! the sling was just depressing...

i'd like to say i'm able to do more, but if i lower my hand to do anything, fluid rushes in, my fingers swell, and i really feel too uncomfortable to do anything...all day i just keep my hand elevated any way i can...

in 4 days i will get my new and final cast. i'm told it will allow for more finger freedom and motion...i'm sure it will be a great improvement, and then, 2 weeks from then, i will be cast-free and soooooo excited to do the simple things again!!!!

i hope i will be able to return to normal function soon after cast removal...all during my casting, i have been urged to make a fist and then straighten for 10 second intervals to prevent my tendons from forming scar tissue...i've done this while elevating my hand to the best i can, but i've always retained some finger swelling that has prevented full fist formation...

bonnie, i hope you can find some way to regain function and reduce your pain...i have found that there is a lot that physical therapy can do! several years ago i had severe nerve damage in both my feet (Morton's neuromas)

my foot surgeon insisted that they it was so severe, surgical removal of the enlarged nerves was the only solution...when i opposed this, he suggested electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy...well, after 1.5 years of weekly or biweekly 30-minute treatments, my symptoms mostly disappeared, without surgery...i mention this because the therapist said this combination of therapies "breaks down scar tissue" if your problems are stemming from scar tissue, such a treatment might benefit you and you should get more opinions on your options for treatment. good luck!

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey HorseLady, thank you so much for such kind words, in fact I´ve been doing more than I did before the accident :)

I am also sorry about your injury but glad that it only took 2 months before you could ride your big friends again ;)

Most of the times the plates are removed after some time but that´s not always required. You should talk with your surgeon and listen to what he thinks about it ;)

Once again thanks for your nice comment, take care.

HorseLady 7 years ago

Found this website and postings...I too, broke both wrists in May. I have plate and screws in my right wrist, my left was immobilized for 3 wks.only. My fall was horse related, but not from riding. I have had many falls from horses and never hurt, Thank God, but this was a 'grooming' accident. It happened in the pasture and I had to walk a LONG way to the house, I even went to the Tack Room, put the tools up, locked the door, opened the pasture gate, locked it...but when I got to the front door of the house, realized my hands did not work and had to kick on the door. My husband opened the door, and said...Let's go to ER...long story short...had surgery, plate and screws in right, and now I am wondering, after reading this, why my orthopedic dr. did not mention 'removal of plate'...I pray I do not have to have it removed. I am doing fine, have 95% range of motion, no left one however has nerve damage I assume. It has a tendancy to tingle and feel as if it is 'asleep'...I can live with that if that is the only result of the injury. I have begun riding again after 2 months and so far no problem with either wrists. I do feel my left one is a bit weaker than the right, but the tingling is the most annoying thing. I wake up at night and have to get up and 'shake my left hand' to get relief...I am so sorry about your fall, it sounds horrific, and you are one lucky guy to be alive!!! Hope by now you are doing fantastic and back riding your bicycle and doing all of the things you did prior to the accident. Good Luck ....

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey everybody, sorry for my absence this last couple of weeks (lots of work and very little time for the internet).

@ Char - Hope everything is going OK and that you are already able to do some more things ;)

@ Bonnie - Different doctors most of the time means different opinions... this does not mean that one of them is wrong, every injury is different from another and the best solution can vary accordingly. Also the healing process is something that it is never the same for different people so one can not expect to see his/her injury heal the same way as another person. I´m curious about what your surgeon decided to do next... hope things get better for you ;)

@ fishman - thank you so much for participating and for helping Bonnie ;) It´s not possible to see results without sacrifice... and you have done your share ;) Good to hear you´re playing golf again so soon :)

@ James - I´m sorry to hear about your difficult healing process :( As to your question, I would advise you to use some sand weights (there are some which attach to the wrist with velcro). I used half kg ones at first doing lifting exercises. But even now I still miss my former biceps :(

Even though I can´t help you choosing the right hospital I must say that you should hear a second opinion from another orthopedic surgeon. Good luck with your recovery, take care.

James 7 years ago

Good to here lots of people making a recovery from their wrist injuries and sounds like some have been very fortunate.

I broke my left wrist nearly 3 years ago whilst playing football, the hospital classed it as a high impact fracture. They tried to minipulate the wrist first, then a second time then after a 6 weeks in plaster they decided I needed surgey and a bone graft, after another 8 weeks in plaster I had several weeks of physio which prodused no results as the bone had not healed in the wrong place, I then had futher surgey with metal plates and another bone graft followed by several more weeks in plaster and then physio. Then in March this year I has further surgey with more metal work and 3 months in plaster, when I went to physio I could not do an awful lot as the bone appreas in the wrong place, the surgon has said I now require more surgery and they may shorten th eother bone to accommodate the broken bone. Seems that my wrist has got worse through all of this and it now appears to be in a bad way. My left are has badly wasted over the last three years and my right to some degree due to lack of upperbody excersice. Seems the wrist injury is now effecting the rest of my health as I cant progress physicaly. Im now waiting for a refferal as I want to know if I have been receiving the treatment I should have been.

So as you can likelt tell im getting a bit fed up with this now hence why im looking on the internet and come across you guys. Any advise would be greatly appreciated on how I can build up my upper body/arms etc also any thougts on th e treatment I have received to date. Have been using the NHS to date with the same surgeon the last few times but wonder if I should go private. Any advise very much appreciated! Thanks

fishman 7 years ago

Bonnie, I'm no expert by any stretch, but to start therapy 4 months after the break/surgery is a long time. I have similar hardware as you and my ortho had me in therapy at 5 weeks after surgery. He saw the stiffness in my fingers and wrist setting in and scared me. That day I saw the therapist and off we went. I have to say I saw huge gains in my fingers the first week.

In the hospital right before surgery I asked the surgeon if everything went well how long before I could play golf again. He said 4 months. At the 2 month mark of surgery I was chipping/putting and played 9 holes at the 2.5 month mark. Not well, but I hit the ball off the ground when necessary. I had a great PT and worked my tail off for this to happen. I wish you luck, but I think the amount of time has caused significant stiffness in your ligaments and tendons. Not to mention scar tissue binding up.

Bonnie 7 years ago

In November 2008 I broke my left wrist and had surgery with a plate left in. I had a cast and then it was removed and I had another one for 2 months. I started therapy in March 2009 and it has done some good but I still have pain when using or exercising it. Also, I can not move my wrist nor straighten my fingers. They seem to be stuck in place. Can anyone tell me if they have heard of this after 7 months? I can't use my left hand much at all. They have stopped therapy because they say not showing improvement. I go the the surgeon July 30 and she is going to discuss surgery. I hope it will be of some help to me to get some use back.

Thanks for your hub!!!

char 7 years ago

hi! thanks for the concern!

i went to the doctor and things are going well, but he is a very serious doctor and he said the first three weeks after a bone breaks are the most critical time for the bone healing, and he forbid me to take an airplane trip. so i had to cancel the trip. this thursday i see him again and he may clear me to travel starting at the 3 week mark...i kind of expected this seems that if you can avoid it, postponing an unnecessary trip is the only responsible thing to do, not to mention, now my husband won't let me travel alone with a cast on...we may reschedule the trip and he would go with me...oh, when i am healed i will forever appreciate the joy of being whole and able-bodied! what a joy that will be! of being ableto carry out your summer plans as scheduled!

i am doing a good bit of walking each day, plus picking things up with one's feet is fun exercise so i think i will do alright...


funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Char, what did your doctor said? Hope you can take that flight without any problem ;)If you need to lose weight then this is the time, but don´t forget to do some physical activity like walking or something like that ;) You don´t want to lose muscle during this time. I kept pedaling on my static bike and that helped me a lot when I return to ride my bikes again :)

char 7 years ago

hello, funride, thanks for the advice. i return to the doctor this thursday for a check-up & recasting and i will ask him...5 days from then i am due for a 6 hour flight (not including 1 layover) far i have read that a cast set 3-5 days before a flight should not result in excess swelling on a plane; apparently less than 48 hours after casting can be problematic.

i am adjusting to life at a slower pace...i have never broken a bone before...and i realize it's very traumatic! i don't know what i would do if i broke both wrists like so many of you brave souls! i have not yet gotten up the stamina to take a i learned it is good exercise and a sense of accomplishment to pick things up off the floor with your feet!

i also find i have lost my normally insatiable appetite since the and alcohol have much less appeal for me now, (i will not drink at all during recovery, my sister says the body has to process the alcohol and this takes energy away from healing) especially since flossing my teeth is a lot more time-consuming now. i expect i will be losing weight through this, weight which i need to lose anyway, so that may be one good side-effect.

thanks, this is such a nice forum!


funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Char, nice to meet you. I see you are dealing very well with your injury and all it´s repercussions.

I flew from Lyon in France to Lisbon with both my arms wearing casts and I didn´t felt any problem (I was lay down and under morphine influence though). I believe you should ask your doctor for his advise ;)

Hope you get well very soon and I´m sure you are a better person already ;)

Take care and keep us updated on your recovery.

char 7 years ago

funride and all others contrbuting to this hub:

thanks so much for all the comforting words!

i broke my left distal radial two days ago in my backyard and was fortunate

enough to find the only working orthopedic surgeon that day

(it was july 3, in the us, and all docs had taken the day off)

fortunately, because i was able to be seen within hours, he reset it beautifully without surgery and i have minimal discomfort...but i will have a cast for 2 months...and already i feel my fingers stiffening from lack of use...

i think i must agree with you & others, this frustration and hard times can only build one's character and cause tremendous personal growth, i think there is no alternative in such a situation, except to become a much better person through these tribulations.

i have one question for everyone: is airline travel with a cast on a problem?

could reduced cabin pressure cause the arm to swell and result in pain and throbbing?

i imagine elevating the arm during flight would help; does anyone have any comments?

thanks again, char

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey Dino, sorry to hear about your daughter injury. Glad that she didn´t need surgery though. I would listen to what the surgeon says about her return to the game. I would also suggest that she continues to exercise regularly in order to keep her physical condition. I expect her next game will be soon ;)

Dino 7 years ago

My 14 year old daughter plays competitive soccer and broke her Radius last weekend. The doctor was able to get things back in place without surgery and she is now in a full arm cast. I'm wondering how long before we can let her safely play again. She loves soccer but her long term health is my first concern.

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi MarshallW, sorry to hear about the attack... I hope those dogs had an owner and that he/she did pay for all the expenses. If you ask me the first couple of months are the worst ones, after that things start to get better. Right now, and still waiting to know when will I be operated again, I "see" myself doing things I thought I would never be able to do again during my life :)

Don´t forget to keep us all posted about your recovery too ;) take care.

MarshallW 7 years ago

3 weeks ago I broke my left wrist during an attack by a pack of dogs while I was out walking. Even though I had multiple fractures of the bone, I really feel luck after reading about your injury and others who have responded. It is depressing to see how long it might take me for a recovery, I cannot begin to imagine what you must be going through. I to have a titanium plate now plus I am allergic to metals so time will tell if I have to have the plate removed or not. I do wish you the best of luck and look forward to read about your recovery as you go.

Linda 7 years ago

It was very interesting reading about your wrist injuries. I can hardley believe that is all that broke falling from that balcony! I too suffered a wrist fracture 3 months ago today. I shatterd the distal end of the radius on my right wrist. Recovery has been slow and painful and more than a little discouraging...especially since I was in the middle of Massage Therapy School when the injury took place. I am back in school now and I find myself telling the instructors that I feel I grin and bare it! Can't afford to miss anymore class...I am going to graduate 4 months after my classmates as is. I have been going to physical therapy 2 times a week now for about a month, and trying to fit in all of the exercises assigned to me at home. It takes about a half hour to do the exercises and the therapist wants me to do these 10 times per day! I have a hard time fitting that in to my schedule! I was surprised to hear that you had your titanium plate removed as my Doc has not mentioned that. Well I will end this now. Best wishes for you continued healing.

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

@ fishman - 2 months and you are already able to move your wrist!? That´s good news ;) Only time will tell if you´ll regain full mobility of your wrist, but I believe it´s normal to experience some rigidity (in some cases, like mine, that rigidity it´s permanent). Good luck with your recovery ;)

@ Teddi - Thank you for stopping by, I hope your neighbor is ok and able to work again.

@ Rob - you´re welcome, I´m glad I could help. We´ll be looking forward to hear the news ;)

rob 7 years ago

Thanks for the info. Your time and considered reply was most helpful. I have booked an appt with the hospital to seek some reassurance. I'll let you know the outcome.

Teddi14 profile image

Teddi14 7 years ago from Southwestern Michigan

My neighbor was on a ladder and it gave way over concrete. He fell and broke both wrists too. The pain & injury actually put him into shock and he walked to the hospital 1/2 a mile away. It was aweful. He could not work for a while as a result because he could not drive.

fishman 7 years ago

Similar story as yours, involving plates/screws, although no balcony was involved. I was skateboarding and shattered my right wrist in so many pieces that surgery was the route. This happened in April of this year and I've been in therapy 3 times weekly for 2 weeks and have had good results. Much better finger movement and downward, side to side movement in the wrist is good, but the movement going back is poor. My concern at this point is what my ability will be to play golf again. I mtn bike and surf as well but I can see ways to get around the inability of cocking the wrist in those sports, but golf is another story. Should I be overly concerned that I seem to have decent mobility in every direction but backwards at this point?

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

My surgeon told me that the plate will be removed but that would be no worries about when.

"Most of the time, the plate stays in permanently and causes no problem." from

Most of the times we tend to feel like doctors haven´t gave us enough attention but we must trust them though... when we don´t then we must look for second opinions which may give us more confidence and perhaps confirm what the first doctor told us ;)

In your case I would not be obsessed and I would try to calmly talk with the doctor because they usually don´t react well when we show some angry against them :)

rob 7 years ago

Thanks for your advice. What worries me is that I have been completely discharged with the plate and screws still in place. This gives me no reassurance. As I said the National Health Service is cost not care driven. Do you expect your final plate to be removed at some stage? Can these plates cause any long term difficulties? I have rebooked with my hospital to talk to the doctor but I want to research this before the appointment. Any advice or links welcome and much appreciated.

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hello Rob, I´m glad to hear about your 95% wrist function (that´s a good result). I also still have the last titanium plate they put on my right wrist 16 months ago. There´s no problem keeping the plate as long as there are no complications but I also believe titanium plates like the one I have (I don´t know about your`s) should be removed. The first ones I had were taken after less than a year after, I guess it depends on the doctors opinion and the type of injury you have. If the plate is not compromising your wrist movements and your doctor think it´s not the right time to remove it, then I think you shouldn´t be worried about it ;)

Keep us updated. Take care ;)

rob 7 years ago

I have a titanium plate still in my wrist after 18 months. I have 95% function of my wrist but still miss that 5%. Occasional twinges but no major pain. Should I have the plate removed. I don't trust the doctors in england as they operate on a cost basis and would not want to remove them. On the other hand I know that the wrist is a complicated joint and don't want to go under the knife for no reason.

rob 7 years ago

I have a titanium plate on my right wrist after a fracture to the radius and ulna. What information do I need to reach a decision on removal?

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Cristine, sorry to hear about your injuries but it seems like they are not too bad and healing fast. I tried to workout my arms using sand bracelets weightliftings and also swimming. Most of the times going by what doctors suggests it´s the best choice but I´m not sure about your case... I guess it depends on the size of the fragments.

Wish you a complete and fast recovery ;)

Cristine 7 years ago

I fractured both of my wrists 3 weeks ago. My right hand (I'm right handed) has a small fracture and my left has a hairline fracture. I am told that the casts must remain on for 6 weeks from time of accident. Since it has been 3 weeks since....i still have some discomfort and sometimes pain when trying to accomplish too much. My fingers are free! Do you have any suggestions for working out my arms so that I do not get atrophy? I also had declined the doctors recommendation to decline the fragmented bone back into place. Do you think that will have any consequences! thanks

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Charles, I´m sorry to hear about your 3 years recovery process. Being able to do things after the injuries is something we need to train and adapt ourself. At the beginning it´s very difficult and we feel lots of pains but after a while we start doing more things. At first when I start to ride I had lots of pains just after a few kilometers but after some time I was already capable of longer rides without so much pain (at least the good feelings where bigger and stronger than the pain). My left wrist still doesn´t allow me to properly grab the handlebar so I have to be careful every time I ride but I believe that after the surgery I´ll be able to ride even more and better, perhaps even to return to the French Alps and ride all those great trails...

In other words, if you really want to ride then you must insist and adapt.

Good luck, do not forget to keep me posted about your recovery and your bike rides ;)

charles  7 years ago

This story hits a little close to home, for me, as I broke both of my wrists as well; however, both wrists were broken at work and the scaphoid was fractured in both wrists.

This happened 3.2 years ago and, with 2 surgeries later, one wrist - which suffered non-union - has severe stiffness stile with chronic pain, while the other has extreme limitations to pre-accident strength.

I finally built the courage to try to take control of my physical life, as for the past three years I have been unable to do anything, and my biggest concern is riding a bike, let alone some of the other activities i use to do. I use to ride trails a lot with a trail bike. I sold my bike after I found out the injury would require surgery, hoping to not really lose value on something that had no use, if you know what i mean. Now comes the time when I'd like to buy a new bike, but... after just trolling the bike around in a few pro shops, a day after the fact has left my left wrist in severe pain.

...does this mean that I have pretty much lost my ability to ride?

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

@ Alison - It´s never easy to recover from a broken bone but I believe the wrists are one of the most difficult because we need our hands so much... I´m sure physio will help your recovery and your wrist will regain its mobility in no time ;)

@ Kdurante - I know it will be a great moment for you - I´ll never forget my daughter`s face when I got to hold her again (after all those months my daughter become very protective for me and she still tells me to be careful every time I go for a ride).

@ jflowe - I´m sorry to hear about your brother, how did he broke his wrist? I´m glad you found it helpful and I wish your brother a fast recovery. He (and you) must remember that we humans are very adaptive beings and losing some wrist movements is not the worst thing it can happen to us... if you ask me, I wish they had done the same to my left wrist also. Right now it`s my left wrist that it´s giving me more troubles :/

Take care :)

jflowe 7 years ago

My brother is having his wrist fused this morning by Ortho Carolina. Your information has helped me understand the process that he'll be going through these next months. Thank you.

kdurante 7 years ago

Ricardo - that gives me a much needed smile! Can't wait to pick up my son again.

Alison - it sounds like our fractures are very similar. I get my cast off tomorrow and, hopefully, will have the external pin removed. I have my 1st physio appt immediately following. I still need at least 1-2 painkillers/day. I am 3 weeks post-surgery. I'm waiting to turn a corner in terms of pain. So frustrating! I can feel the pin and incision site under my cast and it feels like raw skin. horrible! I hope things start looking up for you soon!

Alison 7 years ago

Thanks for your positive thoughts Funride. Went to the physio yesterday and they are worried that I still cant bend the wrist back at all, so will be giving me some more intensive physio. (gulp!) I'm hoping that it will work, as I don't know what the alternative will be. I don't think I could face more surgery. I'm not normally such a moany person, but this has knocked me for six! I will have much more sympathy for people who break bones in the future! I can't believe I have caused so much damage to my wrist just by falling backwards on a dancefloor. (After only 2 glasses of wine!)

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Alison, I remember thinking the same thing after a few weeks but recovering it´s always takes a little longer than we would like... during the first month or two it´s important to rest your wrist and allow it to heal. As to the normal mobility it will be something to work on during physio. You must think positive and do everything to achieve a total recovery (even though that´s not granted). Soon you´ll feel less pains and then you´ll gradually stop taking those pain killers ;)

Wish you a total recovery and as quick as possible ;)

Do not forget to keep us posted during your recovering. Take care.

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Kristina, that´s another thing we must learn: accepting other`s help. I´m sure you´ll be able to pick up your son again in no time. One thing I can assure you, it will be an unforgivable moment for you (I will never forget the face of my little daughter when I was able to pick her up again). Looking forward to hear about your recovery process, take care :)

alison 7 years ago

I broke my distal radius 6 weeks ago and had plates and screws inserted 5 weeks ago. I still cannot bend my wrist back at all although I have some downward movement.It also gets very get achy in the evening and I have to resort reluctantly to the painkillers again. It is also still very swollen and looks significantly larger than my other wrist.I am getting very down thinking that I will never again be "normal". Am I expecting too much too soon?

kdurante 7 years ago

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your note and kind words. My sister came to visit for 10 days to help w/ my son. This has been such a help to me. My husband had been doing everything. He is so good about everything but one person can only do so much.

I'm becoming more and more profficient with one-hand everyday. I stopped taking painkillers a few days ago (love them but too many side effects). So, I can totally understand the idea of getting used to the pain. It's hard to sleep but I take an ambien and some motrin and that helps. Still wake up a lot and fight for a reasonable position.

Do you think they will remove the pin on the outside w/ no numbing agent? I'm going to assume so. Not looking forward to the pain of physio but I want to regain as much normalcy as possible. I will definitely keep you updated on my experience. I wonder how long until I can pick up my son again? I presume we will never be able to lift a weight the same way.

Again, so encouraging to know your story.

Take care,


funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey KD, thanks for your kind comment. I am glad my story was useful for you and I hope it can help during your recovery period. You are right, the worst thing is not being able to take care of ourselves and/or our children... as to the typing issue I am sure you´ll get use to it, I have written almost all of my hubs with my left hand only ;)

Right now I am much better and able to do everything I did before even though I still need another surgery on my left wrist. I believe things will never be exactly the same for me but I´m grateful to be alive and able to work, take care of my daughter, mountain biking and most of all happy that my story can help others going through wrist injuries. Yesterday after a long mountain bike ride a good friend of mine asked me if I have pains afterwards... I wasn´t able to anwser... I´m really not sure if I have pains or not, I guess our brain gets used to pain and we stop feeling it LOL.

I wish you all the best and I´m sure your recovery will be fast... physio can be painful but it will help you much more than you can imagine right now ;)

I would love to hear from you again and get to know your experiences.

Take care,


kdurante 7 years ago

I was so happy to have found your story! 2 weeks ago I was running to my car after an errand. It had turned cold and I wanted to make time. I'm a healthy 35-yr old female but, unfortunately, happened to step on the pant leg of my yoga pants preventing my leg from leading out mid-stride. I fell hard onto my open rt palm. I have a distal radius fracture that required surgery (last Wednesday). There were a few different fracture sites.

I had my 1st post-surgery x-rays today. Lots of hardware! Looked much like your pics but no external fixation. But I have a pin sticking out in one location.

I've been searching and searching for stories from others who have gone through this. I'm surprised at how little is out there in terms of support. I have a 15 month old son who I am now unable to care for and a dissertation to finish writing in 2 weeks. I don't think I'll be able to finish on time. Although I'm getting better at one-handed typing it takes me a long time. It's so frustrating not to be able to even care for yourself much less my son.

Are you back to normal now? Any bad side effects? I start phys therapy in 2 weeks!

Thanks for your story!


funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hehehehehe... you fooled me right. I really thought you were much younger but I see you have a great attitude and that is what really matter ;)

Thanks for coming back and I would love to hear from you again as soon as your sensitivity returns. Take care ;)

PittsburghBoy 7 years ago

Well funride, age is just an attitude. I turned 54 in December. But I'll play basketball at lunch today and goout for a couple of cold ones after work. I did heal pretty quickly though. I hope your're right about the feeling coming back. Appreciate the blog. Thanks

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

WOW PittsburghBoy, what a bad year you have been through. Those are too many injuries in less than a year. The good thing is you are probably still young and you´ve recovered very fast. I also felt that absence of sensitivity you talk about but it tends to disappear after a few months.

Now take care and try not to become stronger or you´ll likely become a superman :)

PittsburghBoy 7 years ago

In October 2008 I fell off a ladder with a chainsaw while triming banches and broke my right wrist, right leg, left hip, right collarbone, 9 ribs, colapsed lung. Had to be lifeflighted to the hospital. They put a plate in the wrist and a rod down the femor to fix the hip. Every thing has healed well, with a lot of therapy. I'm back to playing basketball (not quite as well) and riding my bike. The wrist still hurts and has some limited movement, but good strength. The thing I wonedred about is that the skin around the wqrist still has a lack of heat/cold/touch sensation. Wondered if you felt that. One other thing. on March 5th, I was riding my bike on a bike trail. It was the second time I had ridden since the accident. I went past a parking lot that was near the trial and someone had left a dumpster lid on that hung over the trail. I didn't see it and it hit me under my right eye, breaking the orbital bone and severing the tear duct. After a four hour operation, they fixed the tear duct and put a plate on the orbital bone. But I was back riding in mid March, so everything worked out ok. It really is "what don't kill you makes you stronger". Thanks for the forum, Funride.

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Thanks for the comment and the heads-up. But from now on I will always stay at ground floor facilities lol

mulberry1 profile image

mulberry1 7 years ago

Wow that sounds (and looks) pretty painful! It's good that you are young and will heal well and completely. From now on remember,... that railing at the edge of the balcony is there for a reason...respect the railing.

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

OK, those are good news! You have to remember it is still very recent and only the next weeks can tell if your wrist will heal fast enough or not. BTW, how old are you? I´m asking this because our bones heal faster when we are younger...

I believe it`s possible but you really have to keep in mind that sometimes full recovery only happen some months after the accident (it depends on how sever the injury was). Don`t give up, keep doing everything you can to help the healing process but remember that there are things more important than any game. It`s better to have your wrist fully recover than playing a single game and ruin the recovery process :-/

During the next 2 months your doctor will see how your wrist is healing and he will tell you in time if you may attend those games - I really hope you can! All the best ;-)

Ryan 7 years ago

Thanks for such a prompt reply funride. I did it about 2 weeks ago. The most frustrating part about it was we had won the semi final and as I walked back to the changing rooms I simply fell and landed on the wrist. I have not had any surgery yet! as the doctors are confident of it healing on its own without the aid of it being screwed. I've been back to hospital today to have my ast changed as it was very loose and the plasterer informed me that he was astonished by how quick all the swelling had gone down. So that gave me a little hope, problem is that the final's are due to be played in the next 10 - 12 weeks! so what do you think my chances are of a full recovery and playing the games????

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

I Ronny, sorry to hear about that. How did it happened and how long ago? Did you need a surgery? The supplements will help your recovery but the physiotherapy is going to have the most important role on your total recovery. The time needed for the wrist to become good enough to play can vary but there are several cases of people who were able to ride mountain biking after just a few months so...

If you really want my opinion, the most important is to believe and keep doing as much physiotherapy as possible. Only time will tell if it is possible in your case - it depends on several factors. I really hope you will get your scaphoid bone ready for those games and that you`ll come here after it and tell us how many goals you defended ;)

Take care

Ronny 7 years ago

Hi I've broken the ascophia bone in my wrist, the sad thing about it is im a semi professional football player (goalkeeper) & my team is now in many cup finals, due to be played in early April. Do anyone know what i can do to speed up the recovery so i can get to play in the finals? I am taking Magnesium,Calcium, Vitamin D & pure yoghurt, as i've been informed this will help, could someone confirm PLEASE!! do you think i will be able to play in goals within the next10 weeks?? i intend on playing when my cast is off, with the help of a wrist support.

What do you think (Honestly) am i being realistic??

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Stuart, after reading your comment I remembered what I went through during the first weeks after the accident and even though I´m not totally recovered yet things are much brighter now. This doesn`t mean it was easy but the passed time surely seems quicker when looking behind.

I can only wish you a fast and complete recovery and advise you to keep the goals which will help you through this difficult times. Good luck and don`t forget to come here every time you need to talk and vent your thoughts ;)

Take care, Ricardo

stuart 7 years ago

Hi Funride sorry to read of your accident.I can sympathise as i have broken both my wrists and my mid arm ulna after falling from a ladder at work.

I had titanium screws and plates in both wrist and the ulna the only plus is that i did not have to have plaster just dressings fotr the post operative surgery.

My wrists and arms ache like hell though and sleep is difficult as it only happened on the 13th january it is early days but i do have use of my fingers to type although i do have nerve damage which leaves part of my hand and little finger with no sensation.

good luck with your continuing recovery it's nice to communicate with people with similar experiences. Thanks.

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Jackie, those are great news, thanks for sharing it with us. Back to work after just two months... the worst has passed my friend ;-)

Now doubt the daily exercises will help you to regain more flexibility. Hope everything goes well on that meeting with your surgeon ;-)

Take care... and keep me posted ;-)

Jackie Fritz 7 years ago

Hello, back to work on a progressive schedule. What surprises most is that, at the end of the day, I feel I am regressing since I am not required to do varied movements ... and the cold outside - agh. So I do excercises more frequently at work to help. I still have to ask the surgeon, mid-february, if I can have the plate and screws removed at one point ...

Keep us this good and positive web page.


funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

I´m sorry LondonGirl, I don´t know how but I missed your comment. I´m glad to know you wrist recovered completely ;)

Hi Luna, welcome to hubpages ;)

I also found Hubpages after my accident and it has helped me during the entire recovery.I´m sure it will help you too ;)

I wish you a complete and really fast recovery. Take care ;)

Luna0130 profile image

Luna0130 7 years ago

Broken anything is never good!!!! Two weeks ago today - being the klutz that I am, fell in my Living Room - no less - and broke my arm!!! I made it over 30 years before I broke a bone!! My son is finding my inablility to open jars, bags, and the like quite fun!! I have about four more weeks of my cast!

As so many of my friends have told me - be more careful!!

Have a great Day!!

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

fascinating hub!

I broke my wrist, but as I was only 14 at the time, it mended quickly with no problems.

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Great news then :-)

I´m glad to hear there was not too much pain envolved and I´m sure that after they take your cast you´ll experience a fast improvement. You´ll see that soon enough all this will seem far away and you´ll be able to do your normal live once again.

Merry Christmas and a much better year during 2009!

Nicki 7 years ago

well the hardware was removed on Thurs 12/18, and although there's some pain at the incision, everything else seems great. I'll get the cast off and stiches out on Fri 12/26 and I guess I'll know more then.

So be merry, everyone - and be careful on the slippery ice!

Thanks again for all your support.

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Nicki, so nice to hear from you again. As I say in my last comment you should expect an easy recovery and less pain if compared with the first surgery (this doesn´t mean it won´t hurt!). The good thing about it is that it means that your bones have healed properly and are already able to stand by themselves without the plates. After my last surgery I felt a much greater evolution in my mobility and after just a few weeks I was already able to do many things I didn´t thought I was going to do so soon.

I´ll remember you on the 18th and my thoughts will hopefully help your fast and complete recovery from that surgery ;-)

I wish you a merry Christmas (already at your home) and a much better 2009 with everything you want :-)

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Puttnow, thank you for your words, I´m very glad this hub has been useful for you. As to the plates removal from my experience it´s not as difficult or painful as the time they were attached but it will require at least three or four days in the hospital after the surgery.

For me having the urge to restart doing all those things I did before (specially mountain biking) was one of the things that made me never lose confidence and keep fighting until being able to do those things again. Of course things are not exactly the same but we have the ability to adapt and the joy of doing the things we love it´s even greater than before ;)

Your attitude show us all that there are no limits to our capabilities and I´m sure you´ll be doing your "normal" life before you notice (at least it´s what I feel now that all this time has passed). It´s great to be alive, isn´t it? :-)

Nicki 7 years ago

I wrote you 3 months ago about the possibility of having the hardware (plate and nine screws) removed from my wrist - now it's a reality,scheduled for Dec 18-

just wondering if I should expect the recovery to be similar, easier or worse than the original surgery..

thanks for your advice and support, and to all for sharing their stories.

happy holidays and a great 2009!

puttnow 7 years ago

Hi funride:

I broke both my wrists on 9/30/08 after falling 30 feet fom a ladder onto my deck. I also had a severe high ankle injury that I'm hoping will repair itself. I was so glad to come across your hub as I am getting impatient with the recovery process. I had 3 plates put in my left wrist and a long plate in the right. I had assumed that the plates would remain in my wrists for life but after reading your hub I will ask the doctor about their removal. Is their removal a painful ordeal and require a long recovery time?

Like you I consider myself very lucky. I am alive and able to walk albeit gingerly with the injured ankle. I also have a loving wife who has had to help me in doing things that I was unable to do without hands. I was expecting to get back to normal by now but it has only been 3 months and it sounds like another nine months before I can resume my usual activities. I'm 62 years old. I was playing racquetball for 35 years. Maybe I have to quit that sport. But I still would like to golf again.

I go to a hand therapist who is amazed at my progress. I am typing this with both hands and can exercize both wrist now. I am lifting the weight of a rolled up magazine four times a day now.

Thanks for the info on your blog. It is a help for me to hear about your success and I enjoy your attitude. We are both blessed.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Adriana, thanks for your comment. I know that feeling but the true is we must adapt ourselves to reality and think positive. I wish you fast and complete recovery ;)

Jackie, thanks for commenting. I´m sure by now (after your first session) you already know that physiotherapy is the worst part of all the recovery process. But as you said getting your fingers and hand straight it´s something to look forward ;)

All the best!

Jackie 8 years ago

Well, tomorrow I will finally be taken care of by the hospital's physiotherapist(s)! Somehow I fell out of the system and had to find a physiotherapist (who would return my call and I suspect this is a very busy profession, your page is proof enough) on my own. I'm looking forward to this change and maybe straightening my fingers.

To all of you going through these trying time, I wish the best.


Adriana. 8 years ago

Hello, this is a good website. I had an accident and broke my left wrist. I had surgery, I have a metal plate in the radius, it was terrible for me when doctor said I needed a surgery, I almost cry, I don't know why this happened to me, I felt really bad. After surgery, I just thought that now everything will be better, and sometimes I still think why this happened to me, but well, it was an accident and I must continue my life an accept what happened to me, I can't go back in time and change things. I started physiotherapytwo months ago and I can move my wrist, not as it was before of course, but I hope soon I can do the things I used to.

Take care and thanks for all the information in this site.

Adriana... Peru.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Matthew, thank you for commenting. I´m glad this page has helped you to better understand your injury. The first couple of months are always the worst, afterwards you´ll start to do more things and soon enough you´ll be able to do almost everything you did before. For me the most difficult was the fact that I was expecting to be able to do everything after a couple of months and that only happened a year after :/

As a fellow cyclist I suggest you to keep pedaling (I did it seated on a chair with my stationary bike in front of me) in order to be fitted to start riding as soon as your wrist allows it ;)

I´ll be thinking of you and sending good vibes in your way to help your complete and fast recovery. All the best!

Matthew Freeman 8 years ago

I was in a car accident five weeks ago. A car suddenly pulled out in front of me, and with barely a moment to react, I braced myself firmly on the steering wheel, and on impact absorbed all of the force in my right wrist. I fractured my distal radius, and the styloid of the ulna, and the x-rays look very similar to the ones you posted of your right wrist on this page. One week later I was getting the same surgery, and now I am waiting for that to heal, and adjusting to life with a titanium plate in the radius of my right arm.

I found this page a few days after my surgery, and found your account helpful and informative. There were a lot of things about this fracture and operation that the doctor didn't tell me.

I am an avid cyclist, and a casual racquetballer, and I don't know how long, if ever, it will be until I can do those things again.

Your account was much worse than mine, and I am sorry to hear that your right wrist is now permanently fixated. That must be tough. But it sounds like you are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel, and riding your bike! That is encouraging. Best wishes.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Jackie, thank you for your testimonial here in my hub. I´m happy to hear that you are getting better everyday and returning to your job very soon ;)

You´re right, being a woman and over 50 the danger of having bone "troubles" are bigger but on the other hand you seem to be very active and youthful so I am sure you´ll recovery completely and all this time will became just a memory. And don´t be ashamed of being afraid of surgeries, I still have to go through it again and I have no hurries LOL.

It was nice to get to know you Jackie and I hope someday we can meet and enjoy a nice and safe ride together ;)

All the best!


Jackie Fritz 8 years ago

Oh Funride,

I finally found your hub as you call it and the other post were uninformative. While cycling to work on a beautiful friday morn, and wanting to avoid crushing into a car that had to break abruptly, I ended on the ground. A good samaritan helped me get up, remove the seat, park the byke and drove me to the hospital. Adrenaline is most welcomed at those unfortunate times! This was Aug. 15h, the operation on the 20th. By Oct. 9th, I still could do nothing more than write and type. No strenght. Now I know I'll be okay. Luckily I have no pain except as you mentionned, during exercise or simply trying to improve my skills at doing all that I used to do. Being the energetic and busy type of person, it's a great relief. I start work on Jan 15th.

Before the operation the surgeon said the plate could be removed it it disturbed me. On Oct. 9th, being the stiffes wrist on earth, he said that it was for life. He was overjoyed yesterday when he saw how much I improved and all that I had managed to do. I'm seeing him in 3 mos. I am 58, very petite and slim and am wondering this: as we age, bone density changes and as a women, I expect that the screws will slack qnd pain might follow. I would, although I'm scared of needles - imagine another operation - I think plate and screws should go (out). It was a really bad fall and my hand did look akward and distorted but now it looks fine (kind of). I'm looking forward as everyday now, I can do something new.


funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Thanks Misha, I risk to say I will become even better than before LOL. One can (and should) learn a lot during such difficult times, so I believe that even though my wrists will never be the same I will be a better person after going thru all this.

Misha profile image

Misha 8 years ago from DC Area

You will become just as new as before in another 15 months Ricardo :)

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Thanks Shirley, your comments are much appreciated. You know, now that the worst has passed by and looking back I could say that the last 15 months were pretty fast. The difficult task was living through them trying to figured out when I would be able to do all the things I did before. All that waiting has finaly come to an end, at least if I think about work and all the main things I must do to support my family ;)

Shirley Anderson profile image

Shirley Anderson 8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

I've never broken any bones, but boy! does that look painful! Hope everything is back to normal for you soon. 15 months is a long time!

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

LOL I call it "futebol" (soccer in Portuguese) :D

lynn.lpool.england 8 years ago

oops soccer?

lynn,lpool.england 8 years ago

totally agree funride must admit though did enjoy being off work ha! i broke left wrist playing football with my nephew he thort it was funny until he saw the shape of it, another best choice is dont play football or as you guys call soccer x best wishes

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Lynn, those are very good news. I had to wait more than a year to get back to work full time. What can I say, after 15 months I still feel weird about my hands and wrists :/

If you ask me I rather brake my arm than any articulation because the last are really difficult to heal properly. The best choice it´s not to brake any bone ;D

All the best!

lynn, lpool england. 8 years ago

hi hon glad your gettin good now i broke my wrist 2 months ago am back at work now but still not right isn't it weird, i always wanted to break my arm wen i was a kid ha ha. not any more take care and good luck xxx

pjdscott profile image

pjdscott 8 years ago from Durham, UK

Funride - that's great news and I certainly appreciate your relief (and frustration up to this point)! Have a great cycle and enjoy the bike once again!

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Write On - You´re right, I´m already able to do most of the things but I still have some more operation waiting.

pjdscott - Thanks for your comment, I believe you can understand my happiness now that I´m able to make my first rides since the accident. Tomorrow I´m planning on riding 90km with some friends.

In The Doghouse - Braking both wrists was horrible but it was not "enough" so I also "decided" to brake my jaw and other bones on my face :(

Now that is really frightful ;)

In The Doghouse profile image

In The Doghouse 8 years ago from California


Braking one wrist would have been horrible, but both, that is unthinkable. I am glad you have made it through most of the ordeal. What a great Hub explaining the process that you went through, by the comments I can see others have been able to relate very well. Myself, I am whispering this so that Karma cannot hear, but I have never broken anything but my little toe. I hope my luck holds out!

pjdscott profile image

pjdscott 8 years ago from Durham, UK

As a fellow cyclist I sympathize - that was an extremely painful and troublesome tumble funride. At least your recovery must be assisted by your general fitness and well being. I hope you make a full recovery - and this was a most detailed and informative piece.

Write On! profile image

Write On! 8 years ago from United States

I trust that you are now on the mend, and doing some of the things that you love; once again.

I tend to brake toe(s). LOL I am always amazed, that how braking even very small bones, such as a silly "toe" - will cause not only severe pain, but also inhibit normal function. When even one small part of our body's are injured - the entire mind and body then suffer.

Such a bummer:-(

Write On!

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Thanks for your comment but mostly for your friendship ;)

Uninvited Writer profile image

Uninvited Writer 8 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

Wow, you've been through so much. Thanks for sharing.

You really do discover your true friends when you are sick or injured.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Zaq, I already see you playing soccer again and I bet you´ll be able to play as good as Ronaldo. It´s nice to know you already got your surgery and that it went fine. You´ll also have a speedy recovery, I can feel it ;)

I have learned a lot since my accident but one of the most important was to know how much it means to have friends and people who cares about us during the rough moments. I´ve met several here, thank you all!

Zaq 8 years ago

I dislocated my wrist late July of last year playing soccer. I fell, there was sharp pain and then nothing, no pain no discomfort, just numbness ... so I did what I thought was the most sensible next step, I got up and kept playing (I also knew any injury would have to heal on its own because i had no insurance and didn't want to get slapped with a huge hospital bill for a tylenol prescription).

fast-forward 4-6 months, my right hand, especially the wrist seems to be disintegrating, but by now I know what's wrong, my college doc gave me an x-ray and it showed i had a lunate dislocation (very severe).

It took 3 months to finally get insurance (wrist got worse). By then my only option was a proximal row carpectomy (PRC), I had my surgery done in June and haven't played soccer since then. My wrist won't be the same, but it feels good (THE HUGE SCAR REMINDS ME TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL NO MATTER WHAT!!!).

FUNRIDE, just want to say I admire you and I hope you have a speedy recovery, perhaps soon I can get back to immitating C. Ronaldo. I was feeling down until I read JILL's comments, and yes somehow WE WILL FIND BALANCE. I dont know who she is but she's a better person than me, I was about to give up and my mishaps don't even come nearly close to hers ... her comments give me HOPE.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Jill, thank you for choosing my hub to let it all out. I´m sorry to hear about your luck but after reading your words I know for sure that you´ll be ok in no time. Every time you feel depressed just come here and read your words and remember that WE will keep you in our thoughts (at least I will). Be strong - I´ll be sending good vibes in your direction ;-)

Jill 8 years ago

mid july accepted house offer. Then found out breast cancer returned. Marathon road-tripped 1000 miles to find a house to buy. On 7/31 in a wine funk, fell down basement steps, broke ulna and femur 45 degrees off wrist. 8/5=left arm permanent titanium plate, 8/6=left modified radical mastectomy, released 8/7, 08/08/08 my not-so-lucky birthday. Closed 8/20 house sale, same day followed mover semi, road-tripped to new neighborhood 1000 miles away. 8/22 house buy, now after maxing out insurance, i'm hurting, 60k+ in med bills, jobless.. but wait, it's OK. it took all that to make me learn (cause i dont listen to good advice).. to REFUSE to EVER touch alcohol or cigarettes. NOW...Med Bills: every time a bill comes, i call in $5.00 payment. Job: it will happen, I keep looking. YES, I AM most often depressed. Pain: no insurance left so.. Doing my own hand strengthening + stretching.. (HINT: it helps to pull the relaxed finger just a tiny bit with the other hand while stretching it.) My life will find its balance in time, why? cause it just will, that's the way it is. Thanks for letting me air for the 1st time.... All who have been in this HUB, We all will do OK.. just accept things the way they are today, knowing things will be different tomorrow + each day after tomorrow.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Thank you Mary. I´m sorry to hear about your husband. 4 months after my accident I was also very unsatisfied with the results so far. By that time I had my jaw fixed and I wasn´t able to do much with both hands. Even now, after more than a year, I still can´t close my right hand completely but they told me that it was normal and that I would be better after the removal of the last plate they put to immobilize my right wrist. I never thought it was so difficult to heal a wrist fracture but now that I know I can only say that patience is one of the most important factors to get better and to be able to appreciate every little thing we start doing again. If you ask me, I believe you´re his best "therapy". At least in my case I saw my better half as someone who helped me the most and every time I was down it was her who pulled me up again ;)

I wish your husband a fast and complete recovery and hope he can return to his normal live as soon as possible.

Mary 8 years ago

I am so sorry for what happened to you and I'm glad you are getting better. My husband also fell (and also lucky to be alive) while working and he hit his head, neck and back and broke the right thumb tendon and his wrist in many pieces, he had surgery on both and they put a metal in his wrist but almost 4 months have passed by and he still the same, he can hardly close his hand, even though he has been receiving physical therapy and now he is also getting stellate ganglion block injections but they only work for a couple of days and then gets back to where he was before the injection. He is really desperate but I guess all he needs to do is wait (even though he is not happy about the wait).

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Nicki, thanks for passing by. I don´t think there were any symptoms to justify the removal of both plates. Most of the times the plates should be removed as soon as the fracture has healed which was the reason why they took my plates after 7 months. After 18 months it was to expect that they had taken your hardware already but every injury it´s unique and which healing process it´s different from any other.

I hope that your next surgery will be a total success and you will regain complete function of your wrist very soon. All the best!

Nicki 8 years ago

I broke my wrist 18 months ago, had surgical repair with plate and screws as well as carpal tunnel release. Still have not complete function plus increasing discomfort; most recent doctor has stated that the plate and screws may be causing the problem and should be removed. What were the symptoms that led to your hardware removal? has anyone else had this problem?

thanks! hope you are feeling better.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Madashell (LOL nice name BTW), I´m sorry to hear about your injury. It´s normal you can´t rotate your arm right now because the ulna is the bone which makes it possible. I think that after a couple of months when they take the plate you´ll be able to rotate your arm again. As you can see in my rx they had to remove the top part of my right ulna to allow the rotation (and now they´re talking about doing the same thing to my left one). I believe your injury it´s not as severe as mine so I think you´ll not have to wait so long until you be able to do all those things but remember that the first months won´t be easy. I learned that we have the ability to adapt and learn to do things differently after a while. As to the throb it´s mainly an effect of the surgery and it will be gone in no time. If you ask me the real pains come with physical therapy but you still have some time before that ;)

I wish you get well fast and completely :)

madashell 8 years ago

Hi. I was attacked by neighbor's pit bull .. in my yard .. ugh! Luckily, a broken wrist is all I suffered. I broke the bone directly under my thumb; I think the correct term is the ulna. I, too had the surgery with the plate and 7 screws. I am 50 years old, which doesn't help either! My question is, "Is it normal not to be able to turn your arm so that the palm of your hand is on top? In other words,'Rotate your arm'?" My arm won't turn which is really frightening. Today, finally after 15 days, is the first day my arm hasn't throbbed. HOW LONG is the average time for a wrist to be at least 75% after the cast is taken off? I am a hairdresser, I play the piano, I sew,I do calligraphy, etc. I am being optimistic .. just realistic. You might know it would be my right arm, and I'm very right handed. thanx

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Bodav, thank you for passing by. It depends on the kind of plate, I for instant had temporary plates to allow the bone to heal in proper place which were removed after 6 or 7 months but I also have this permanent plate to fixate my right wrist which will be here forever. You should ask your doctor or the one who operated you to know for sure ;-)

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Thanks Epictruth, hope your ankle it´s fine by now ;)

bodav 8 years ago

I have a metal plate in my left wrist. Been in about 2 years. Bothers me a little. Should I have it removed?

epictruth profile image

epictruth 8 years ago from Frisco

Incredible hub! I know exactly how you feel. I recently sprained my ankle and it has put me out for three weeks. When I was younger I would have recovered in a few days. I'm not look forward to old age but I guess that's life. Good luck with the wrists!

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Tayler, it´s better to brake bones when we are young because they heal faster and completely. I had never broke any bone until last year and now I see how difficult it is to recover from this kind of injuries. Thanks for commenting ;)

Tater2tot profile image

Tater2tot 8 years ago from ~~~

Ewww... this hub is gruesome! It remember when I broke my arm in fifth grade.... it wasn't quite my wrist but it was really close to my wrist and it popped my bone out of place so I had to have surgery and wear a long cast all the way up my arm. I hated it. Because I couldn't play kick ball or ride my bike or any sort of sport. I was such a tom boy.

haha. Good hub but very gruesome. :) I hate looking at broken bones but I can't help myself. :)

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

I´m better now and able to do almost everything but I still have at least one more surgery to go (probably in September). It´s difficult though having all mornings occupied with physio...

Thank you for passing by ;)

WeddingConsultant profile image

WeddingConsultant 8 years ago from DC Metro Area

Fun, how's your work treating you these days with those wrists and all? You finally feel like you're back in the full swing of things?

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Thanks Joe, that´s the best way (the only one, IMO) to live. Have fun this weekend ;)

joe strummer profile image

joe strummer 8 years ago from berlin-babylon

wow man, that´s a bad fall, hope you recovering fine!

it´s good to see how you take it with optimism

always look at the bright side of life ;)

have a nice weekend

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi D, sorry to hear about that :/

Be patient and you´ll recover fast, at least I hope so. But as you probably have found out it is a difficult process and the only thing others can do right now is try to cheer you up ;)



8 years ago

i ve broke both wrist at the time damn hard to much

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Jeanie, thanks. I´m sorry to hear about your injury but happy to know it´s on the right track ;) . My first plates were removed after 7 months from the moment they were inserted but I guess this time could differ in your case. It´s great to know you´re already trying to do the things you like. I hope you recover completely and fast :)

Jeanie 8 years ago

Hi Funride, I also broke my wrist and after 12 days in 1/2 a slab, they decided to operate and inserted a metal plate. I play guitar and type and four weeks after the op and attempting both feats. It still has "some" pain but hopefully and from info gleaned from this site, I seem to be on track. I just wondered about having the plate removed...don't really like the idea of it in there. Ha been good reading contributions to your initial question....good luck with it all.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Rookie Expert, thanks. I hope your dad´s injuries odyssey had come to an end and that he is OK since the last one. You´re right, one must not be an acrobatic stunt in order to get injured but your dad had some bad luck this last years perhaps if he was a stunt man he would be safer ;)

Rookie Expert profile image

Rookie Expert 8 years ago from US

Very informative hub! Im emailing the link to my dad. (Why? You'll see, read on)

While reading this hub, the one person i was thinking about all the time was my dad! For 3 consecutive January's he's been fracturing his right hand! First it was his right shoulder, then 2 fingers of the same hand the next year and the 3rd year, his elbow. We had started signing "Happy anniversary" on his plasters. So then this January he spared his right hand (Instead got his spleen injured badly in December 2007). And no, he’s not some stunt man, just a regular accident-prone 54 year old guy!! Good to know you are riding bikes again. Good Luck to you.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Charlie, I´m glad my hub help you during this rough times. When you less expect you´ll be playing ice hockey again ;)

Charlieboi6 8 years ago

Hi funride, sorry to hear about your injury and hope you recover quickly. I broke my left wrist on the 29/2/08 (and what a bad day it was) playing ice hockey. The docter then said that i would need 8 weeks to recover from such a break, In the end the cast came of in 5 but i am still not able to play ice hockey as it is still to weak and i was starting to worry that it would not get strong enough, so basically thankyou for reassuring me with your hub and it has reminded me to be patient and not rush back before im ready :)

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Jarod, my fall was from higher but at least I don´t remember anything from that event. I guess you still "see" your accident happening which can be somehow traumatic. It´s great to know that you have been doing some exercise, for me it´s the best mental therapy. I go for a walk almost everyday after physical therapy and sometimes I do some bike spinning or go to swimming pool (my favorite) ;)

Thanks for your motivational words. I want you to know that my thoughts are also with you and never forget that after the "storm" it can only become "good weather". Better days are coming ;)

Jarod 8 years ago

Hey Funride,

I injured my wrists in a fall out of a helicopter while I was in the Army. It was only from about 10 feet up, but I landed very wrong. The wrists did not heal correctly, so my wrists got osteo-arthritic after a few years.

Keep on pushing forward with your recovery!

On a side-note: I picked up a Wii Fit yesterday and found I am able to do most of the exercises...there are a couple of push-up events that don't work too well...but it is a blast! Something to keep me occupied during all the lightning and thunder we have been having for the last month.

Take care,


funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Thank you for passing by Budwood. As I say in the beginning of this hub: "... unfortunately it was not a bike crash!" but nevertheless I also had several bike crashes but never injured myself like this time :(

I already started to ride (very carefully) my bicycles but I´m still not able to ride safely so you can understand how I fill after almost one year without riding bikes. I also have been using them since I was 5 but I´m only 34 now, so who knows, maybe I´ll be riding until 81 years old ;)

Have fun!

budwood profile image

budwood 8 years ago from Southern Nevada

I guess that sooner or later we bike riders will take spills. However, bike riding is worth it because riding is invigorating and stimulating.

Last year at 81 years of age, I took my worse spill ever resulting in two ribs broken and a punctured lung.  However, still riding today and enjoying every minute.  Riding is too integrated in my life to stop now as I've been using bikes for fun and transportation since I was 5 years old.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Jarod, thank you for passing by. How did you broke them? After almost 11 months since my accident I still have at least another surgery to go and I can understand/feel what you are saying. I guess we have similar broken wrists history. To be honest the worst pains I had were just a couple weeks after the first operation when they stop giving me morphine. Now I can´t say it doesn´t hurt but I suppose I´m getting used to it :rolleyes:. Still the daily physical therapy sessions feel like torture to me and everytime the weather is rainy I choose to take Algimate (which doesn´t take all the pain but helps a little).

Last time I talked with my surgeon I told him that I was starting to feel frustrated with all the time that has passed and he told me that he was expecting to hear that from me several months ago. There´s no easy solutions for severe wrist fractures, we have to be calm and determined to adapt ourself to our new condition.

I wish you fast and complete recovery. Keep in touch ;)

Jarod 8 years ago of the things that has been extrememly difficult to deal with is the recurrence of issues. After getting scoped, then the Proximal Row Carpectomy (removal of the lowest row of wrist bones) I thought everything was fixed...until a month later when the pain came back like a freight train. So...fusion time (which has been awesome for the right wrist!) Then the left wrist needed thing after another gets very tiring.

A question for you Funride: Do you still have pain? How do you manage it? I am usually fine but severe storms and flying can be excruciating. I end up using Vicodin during the rough times.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Helen, thank you so much for your kind words. In fact I´m a Nutritionist so maybe my way of writing about my problem seems somehow "professional" ;). But everything I know about Orthopedics was learn after the accident so I´m not a specialist. Thankfully things are getting better and hopefully I´ll have my last surgery next September, braking was very quick but the recovery has been a long way.

Have fun!

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Jarod, thank you so much for your words. It´s great to have your experiences here and to know that you are much better now :) . I struggle every day with those same things you told but I´m learning and adapting myself to this condition and I believe I´ll be doing (almost) everything as before. It´s always nice feeling reinforce by knowing that others also deal with the same difficulties as we. It´s great to have good friends, isn´t it? Fortunately I also have some good ones who help me almost every day. I wish you all the best and hope you´ll have great rides with your recumbent. Who knows, maybe some day we will ride together :)

Jarod 8 years ago

I just found your page. I injured my wrists in 1995 and ended up needing surgery starting in 2001. I have since had 9 surgeries...fully fusing both wrists and removing a chunk of my ulna on the left. The latest of my surgeries was last year. It ended up being dequervain's (silly tendons!) that was causing the continued pain, which was frustrating after dealing with the injury and arthritis...but now things are SO much better. My bike (a recumbent) is at the shop getting the controls all put on the right friends are doing everything they can to get me outside and active, and I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

I am amazed at how many other folks are out there with double wrist fusions and feel for all of you. Other people who know how frustrating it is to try and reach something under a car seat. Fix wires behing a TV. Scratch an itch on your back. Hold someone's hand comfortably. But it does get better. Pain goes away. And life is wonderful:) ( times I just about screamed at people to just cut off my hands and give me some hooks!)


funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Constance, I´m glad this hub helped you but I´m really sorry to hear about your wrist injuries. How did it happened to you? It´s true, we tend to value things only when we loose them but you´ll see that altho it´ll not be easy, in future and after lots of physical therapy you´ll be able to do (almost) everything you did before ;) . For me the worst thing during the first months was the fact that I created great expectations about fast recovery but know after 10 months I realize that it takes time and hard work to achieve it. I truly hope that you´ll recover well and fast. You´ll have my thoughts along the way :) .

Constance DuBose 8 years ago

I broke both my wrigts on April 1. I had surgery and plates were put in both wrists. You learn to appreciate the little thiings you can no longer do. After 1 month i am able to do some of those things. Each task accomplished is a milestone. This article was informative for me. Now I know I'll be okay in the future. Thanks!

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Francine, I have not told you that earlier because I was not sure about it but I think it´s usual to have those plates removed after several months. In my case because of the severity of the right wrist´s fracture they have putted a definitive plaque in order to fixate it and impede any upward or downward movements. You´ll see that in time and with help from therapy you´ll recover all hand mobility ;) . I find myself doing new things everyday :).

I hope my thoughts also help you and your sister recoveries ;)

Francine 8 years ago

Hi Ricardo...

I was informed that I might need another surgery now to remove the plate, screws and pins...due to the pain I am in 24/7 small % of people sometimes suffer pain after the bones have healed and our very sensitive to the plate, screws and pins. I only have 38% use of right hand going tomorrow for more extensive therapy. I continue to pray for your recovery and your family...Francine

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Francine, thanks for returning. The stifness only gets better with physio but the sensitiveness tends to disappear in a few months, our brain gets used to it I suppose LOL. The stifness it´s mainly due to long immobilization period and it will diminish with continuous exercises. It´s really great to be able to do all those things we love once again ;) . You´re really a kind person, thank you... Ricardo

Francine 8 years ago

I am so happy that you are able to hold your little girl...I am looking forward to returning home to the US the end of May and holding my Grand Babies very carefully. How long does this stifness last, I wake up in the AM's and it takes me a long time to be able to bend my fingers and make a fist, and I am very sensitive to the hardware, if a pc. of cloth touches it, it sends chills down my back and aches...I am praying for you that you heal very fast...and let me know about your upcoming surgery...God Bless You...Francine

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Vonnie, thanks for passing by. When you fell on your kitchen did you get your wrist immobilized? For how long? I still have that same problem with my left one, it´s very stiff and looking deformed. I´m not sure about your case but I´ll have to go on another surgery to put the bones in proper position. Any orthopedist specialized on hands injuries will be able to help you. I hope you´ll find the right DR and get well from your right wrist.

vonnie 8 years ago

I broke my left wrist by falling on dance floor a few years ago. Two years ago I was mopping the kitchen floor barefooted. This was my right wrist. The wrists look deformed and is there a way to position them right? Sometimes the wrists pains. What DR should I go to to see about this? I love to bowl and have not gone to try it out. Does anyone have a suggestion

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Your right Jenn, I had my private angels with me that night. I hit the ground almost horizontally I guess if I had fallen differently I wouldn´t be here today for sure. Thank you so much for the "speedy recovery angels", they arrived well and are already working :D

jenn_tcb profile image

jenn_tcb 8 years ago

Oh my goodness! That was a long fall, but at least subconsciously you put your hands out to stop yourself. You are lucky to be here really. Necks break, pretty hard to heal. It must be hard to write, but I guess its good physio.... good luck , speedy recovery angels sent your way.

Francine 8 years ago

Thank you for responding to my comment. My sister broke her left wrist 9 months ago, she just put in new hardwood floors and had bootie socks on and she fell. I had my injury happen in Rota, Spain on 01/30/08. I caught the tip of my toe on a speed bump after I got out of our car, right in front of our apartment. I also hit my face, my lips, two front teeth, jaw and knee as well as my right wrist fracture. Being in a country where I do not speak any Spanish and with the first two people who came to my aid (my husband was across the street, and did not see my fall) were trying to speak to me but could not communicate with them, I am doing much better with my spanish after my fall...hee hee hee. My husband after hearing me scream out for him then took me on Base to the ER and I had to wait a week before my surgery as my hand was to swollen...Here in Rota, Spain the make a drink called Tinto's, and I did not have anything that day to drink. I am very afraid now when I do go out and walk the streets, I am working on over coming that phobia I have now. I have only had 1 Physical Therapy Session and I go next week for my 2nd Session and yes it hurts doing the Threapy, I will have to look at it the way you do, good pain as it means its getting better. I am very thankful that God was looking out for me as it could have been worst...I hit my face very hard and could have suffered brian damage, so I was blessed. My sister had to have cadaver bone placed in her wrist...I have all the same hardware as you do...have a good day!

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Francine, I´m sorry to hear about you and your sister´s injuries. How did it happened to both of you? The first couple of months after surgery are the most painful. Right now I only feel pain during physical therapy and it´s a "good" pain because it means I´m getting better :)

I hope you and your sister recover completely and without needing anymore surgery. I still have at least one more to go :(. My left wrist is still very rigid and it will need surgical operation to be put in proper position.

Francine 8 years ago

I am now going on 3 months of healing from the same type of broken wrist and surgery...the pain is taking a toll on me. I thank you for sharing your insight, I thought I was all alone with such a surgery and the after affects and the healing process. My sister also broke her wrist she had a compound fracture...I emailed her your story...will check back to read about your progress and what I have to look forward to...Francine

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Thanks for your kind comment, getitdone ;).

getitdone profile image

getitdone 8 years ago

This is really an amazing hub. And you are the second person I've encountered who has broken both wrists at once. I hope you are feeling much better and thank you for sharing this. It is rather fascinating and yet horrible too.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Angela, thanks for commenting ;)

LOL, I´m glad you enjoy my presence here and you are right, I still have the greatest role to fulfill: my daughter´s education! I guess that was one of the first things I thought after the accident and it has been helping me to get well.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA

I broke my wrist when I was a kid, but nothing like your injury. I'm glad you got through it. Imagine Hubpages without funride- much less fun. Without sounding too preachy, all I can say is you must have some purpose left to fulfill on this earth.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Ohhh, that story would give another hub :D but in a few words I can say that I had gone to a disco that night and drank a few beers, later I went home and went to sleep over the bed (I was still wearing my sneakers). My nephew stay in the balcony to rest his head and later I must have waken and sought for him. But I didn´t saw him sleeping in the living room (I was not wearing my glasses) and went to the balcony which had a little step. Well you can figure what happened next :/

I was very somnolence because I still don´t remember nothing but wake on the ground after the fall. At first I wasn´t even aware of what had happened to me.

Regarding costs, fortunately my car travel insurance paid all the expenses made in France including the hospitalization and surgery, plus the flight home. Here in Portugal I have been treated under our public health care system. That means I only paid moderated taxes and the medicinal drugs. My greatest problem has been the incapability for working until a couple weeks ago.

solarshingles profile image

solarshingles 8 years ago from london

Funride, I still miss the cause of this famous fall from the second floor in France?

Also, what was the cost of all medical assistance, for 'your wallet', until now?

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Thank you for your kind comment Tj! Fortunately I´m able to type with my left hand. As I use to say: we have to adapt our selfs to our condition. After all this time I already learn (again lol) how to write, how to drive (thanks to my new automatic Honda Hybrid) and how to do almost everything. I guess what I have missed the most was to hold my daughter in my arms but now I´m starting to be able to do so and she´s loving it as much as I´m!

tjmum profile image

tjmum 8 years ago from Isle of Wight

Ouch! I broke my big toe at Karate and that hurt like crazy so you have my sympathy. How you got back up those stairs is impossible to imagine. Good luck with the healing (how do you manage to type?!)

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

LOL, now I´m already able to do almost everything by myself but until a couple of months ago I had my "angel" Claudia who took care of me while I was unable to do things. Lacy, I can assure you I´m not mad with balconies I just avoid then :D

lacyleathers profile image

lacyleathers 8 years ago from US

Sounds like you need a sux....stay away feom balconies......thay are not your friend!

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Thank you Pat! You are most kind and I really appreciate your words very much ;)

Pat Merewether profile image

Pat Merewether 8 years ago from Michigan

I'm happy that you enjoyed my hubs.

Wow - broken wrists look painful and must be very inconvenient too! You have a great attitud about the whole experience, so I'm sure you'll heal quickly. Sending healing thoughts.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Huummm! :rolleyes: Now I understand why I'm getting well so quickly since I post this hub! G-Ma Johnson and Michelle (Ripplemaker) are both doing great distant healing for for my fast recover. Thank you both so much! :0) HUGS X Millions!!!

G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 8 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

My sweetie You are more then welcome..and Thanks for your concern..I think about you often and hope you feel it...G-Ma :o) hugs X 3

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Oh G-Ma, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom injury, I really hope she gets fine soon enough. Thanks for your kindness, I was thinking about changing my hubface and I found this photo which was taken by me in 2004. Your hugs feels like real, thank you :0)

G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 8 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

Love your new photo... :o) my mom broke her wrist on Easter Sunday..She is 88, but did not shatter or move out of place....Still hurt though..So I came back here to re-read your story  God Bless....G-Ma :o) hugs X 3

WeddingConsultant profile image

WeddingConsultant 8 years ago from DC Metro Area

Oh you've been not working this whole time? Whatever will we do without you on hubpages all the time???

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

LOL You probably right, being mayor has been the very single thing I´m able to do right now :D

Thank you for your kind words Pete. Right now I just want to regain my right hand functionality in order to start working again.

WeddingConsultant profile image

WeddingConsultant 8 years ago from DC Metro Area

You know, Ricardo, I'm not sure I feel comfortable having you as mayor in our hubpages town with your "deformity" and all.

hahaha I'm kidding! But seriously I wish you well with your physio every day. Hope you can have a full recovery in the end!

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi rbnstr08, I´m glad that your injury was not a very bad one. It´s the difference between falling when you are on the ground or falling from a second floor balcony :/

I hope your wrist has recover totally and you be able to play again soon.

rbnstr08 profile image

rbnstr08 8 years ago from Philippines

After going over your hub post and the photos I guess my "broken" wrist was not as bad as yours. I fell face down while dribbling the ball and my full body weight was on my left hand, palm flat on the concrete ground, forcing it to over-extend on my forearm.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Frank, thanks for your comment! At 15 years old we are all hard headed SOB. LOL

After 8 months since that day I´m still recovering and going to physio every day :( the good news is that I´m much better now and soon I will be able to have a normal live again :)

Frank Lee Blunt profile image

Frank Lee Blunt 8 years ago from USA

Hey Funride, thanks for the Hub, I enjoyed it, but am sorry you fell and were injured.

When I was 15 years old (long time ago), a friend and I were playing tennis at the school. A couple of the balls went over the fence which was 12 feet tall with three rows of barbed wire at the top for a total of 15 feet. I climbed over and retrieved the balls and on my way back over, my shoe laces got caught in the barbed wire and I fell..... head first.... onto a concrete tennis court.

My head hit the ground first but I somehow managed to break a bone in my hand. I didn't even have a headache. My ex-wife says I am the most hard headed SOB she ever met, and I can't argue with her, lol.

To this day, that's the only broken bone I have endured, officially anyway. I am almost certain I have had my nose broken, as well as a rib or two, but never went to the doctor. Guess I am making the ex-wifes case of me being a hard headed SOB all over again, lol.

Thanks again for sharing, take care.

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