Hit Your Head Hard? Concussion Symptoms and Care

A diagram of the forces on the brain in concussion
A diagram of the forces on the brain in concussion | Source

Head Injuries and Concussions

When my son was assaulted and ended up with a head injury, it wasn't until a week later that he started to show the symptoms of a concussion.

I had to learn what those symptoms are and what they mean, and I am sharing here what I learned, so I can help someone else who has suffered a head injury.

At the time of the assault we were not thinking about a concussion. But a week later my son started having:

  • Blurry vision
  • Slurred speech
  • Massive headache
  • Dizziness when he got up after laying down

We took him to the doctor, where an examination showed that his blood pressure would drop upon lying down. The doctor told us he was showing classic symptoms of a concussion. They gave him a CAT scan to find out if there was any bleeding in his brain; fortunately, there wasn’t.

Signs of a Possible Concussion

If you have taken a hard fall or hit your head, you will definitely want to look out for any of the following signs of a possible concussion:

  • Loss of conciousness (even if brief)
  • Headache
  • Nausea, vomiting, or loss of appetite
  • Dizziness or balance problems
  • Double or fuzzy vision
  • Sensitivity to light or noise
  • Feeling slowed down
  • Feeling "foggy," "not sharp," or confused
  • Changes in sleep pattern
  • Concentration or memory problems
  • Irritability
  • Sadness
  • Feeling more emotional
  • Slurred speech

When Symptoms Might Start

Symptoms might begin immediately, or they might not develop for hours, days, a week, or even a month or two. If you hit your head, be sure you take note of your body and any symptoms you might be experiencing and don't ignore them.

What to Do

If you think you might have had a concussion, get to a doctor right away. If you can, get someone else to take you since you might not be in good condition to drive.

Here's what will happen when you visit the doctor or ER:

  • You will be asked about the injury, how it happened, and what kind of symptoms you've been experiencing
  • The doctor might examine you physically to see if any symptoms are detectable
  • If your symptoms are very serious, you might need an MRI or CT scan to "look" inside the brain and determine if there is bleeding. The cost of these vary depending on many factors, but they range from $600 - $2000 and are covered by some insurance. You can call your company to see what you will have to pay.

How It Will Be Treated

Most concussions will heal on their own with rest. Follow your doctor's advice for modifying your activities to make sure you don't re-injure yourself and give your body a chance to heal.

Your doctor might recommend:

  • Taking over-the-counter pain relievers
  • Getting plenty of rest
  • Avoiding driving or riding a bike
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Reducing workload
  • Avoiding strenuous activities
  • Having other people help you make important decisions (since your thinking might be impaired)

Ask your doctor how long you'll need to do these things. Rarely, concussions require surgery to treat bleeding, swelling, or serious injury in the brain.

During the first 24 hours after injury, your doctor might recommend that someone wake you up every 2-3 hours to make sure you haven't gone into a coma and that you aren't confused and don't have any abnormal behavior.

What If Symptoms Don't Go Away or They Get Worse

If you still have symptoms 2-3 weeks after your injury or they're not improving, you should talk to your doctor.

Continuing symptoms might include:

  • Stiff neck
  • Headache that gets worse, lasts for a long time, or doesn't get better with OTC pain relievers
  • Fever
  • Stiff Neck
  • Fluid or blood leaking from ears or nose
  • Changes in your speech, behavior, or vision
  • Changes in the way that you walk
  • Vomiting more than 3 times
  • Confused thinking
  • Seizures

What Is a Concussion?

Concussion is moderate to mild traumatic brain injury, also called closed brain injury. It can result from a blow, from striking the head on something, or from a sudden acceleration or deceleration (as from a car crash or explosion) that affects the head. The brain has a soft, gelatin-like texture and floats in a cushion of fluid. If it bounces against the skull, the brain can be injured.

Concussion can happen even if the patient didn’t pass out when he or she got hit or injured, or didn’t have symptoms immediately after the impact. The symptoms may develop over a few weeks and then gradually decline.

Why You Should See a Doctor for a Concussion

If you have any doubt about the severity of a head injury do not hesitate to get yourself to the nearest emergency room. A concussion is traumatic brain injury. Head injuries can be life-threatening and are nothing to play around with.

One reason to get medical advice is that concussion may be associated with even more serious injury—with bleeding into the brain (hematoma), brain swelling, or injury to the bones of the skull or neck.

Several years ago my father fell off a ladder. Within days he had a very bad headache. My mother took him to the emergency room. They sent him home twice without X-rays, and said he was just suffering from one of his "normal" headaches.

On the third trip there my mother insisted that they do an X-ray. Thank God she did, because the X-ray showed that my dad had a subdural hematoma (bleeding in the brain) which eventually required two brain surgeries.

Had my father gone home after that third trip, he might well have lain down and not woken up. Mostly likely my mother would not have gotten him back to the hospital in time and he would have died.

If there is any indication that you may have injured your brain, get to an emergency room right away. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you might need a CAT scan (an X-ray in stages) or an MRI to find out if you have bleeding in the brain or other detectable injury. Better safe than sorry.

A Concussion Is Traumatic Brain Injury

If all you have is a concussion, doctors are unlikely to find visible evidence of it, or prescribe anything that will heal it faster. Nevertheless, even if you don’t have a hematoma or another complicating issue, concussion is, in fact, brain trauma, and you should see a doctor.

A doctor can confirm that your brain has been injured, that you are going to feel sick for a few days or weeks, and that there’s not much you can do about it except take it easy until your brain heals itself.

Also, a doctor can give you permission to skip work activities that might be difficult for you—for example if they require balance or concentration you don’t have—and most importantly, support your decision to take a break from activities that might put you at risk of another concussion.

Recovery From Concussion: Prevent Lasting Injury

It is clear that the brain can repair a single concussion, or several, but the recovery process is not well understood. It can take weeks, it can be uneven in pace, and it involves changes in the brain’s blood flow, ion balance, glucose (energy) supply, and the shape of the neurons.

There are at least two reasons why it's critical to let the brain repair itself before exposing it to risk of further injury.

  1. A second concussion while the brain is healing from the first one can lead to permanent, even fatal injury; this is called Second-Impact Syndrome.
  2. Repeated concussions can lead to progressive brain deterioration (chronic traumatic encephalopathy, CTE) which can be diagnosed through an autopsy finding of abnormal accumulations of tau protein in brain tissue.

The Frontline documentary League of Denial offers shocking evidence that hundreds of retired football players have permanently lost mental and emotional abilities because of the repeated brain trauma they suffered.

Other athletes—wrestlers, hockey players, soccer players—are also at risk for CTE, as are soldiers subjected to bombs and explosive devices. If you watch the documentary below, you may not want to watch American football any more, or let your kids play it.

Athletes and the Symptoms of Concussion

There is a lot of pressure on even young athletes to pull themselves together from an injury and get back into the game. If an athlete has had a concussion, though, getting back into the game is NOT an option. The risk of permanent brain injury from a second concussion before the first one is healed is far too serious.

The Centers for Disease Control say, “An individual should never return to competitive sporting or recreational activities while experiencing any lingering or persisting MTBI symptoms.”

Here are some signs that may indicate an athlete has gotten a concussion while playing sports:

  • Appears dazed
  • Has vacant facial expression
  • Forgets his or her assignment
  • Forgets plays
  • Disoriented about the game or the score
  • Has an inappropriate emotional reaction
  • Displays clumsiness
  • Answers questions slowly
  • Loses consciousness
  • Can’t remember facts like the date, their birthplace, who is President
  • Displays any kind of atypical behavior

Receiving Proper Care for a Head Injury

The brain is a vital organ. If it’s injured, it can cause repercussions for life. Although concussion symptoms do not necessarily mean lasting disability, they do indicate that there is a risk of a disabling condition, and they need to be investigated.

If you are diagnosed with the symptoms of a concussion, make sure you receive proper treatment and do proper follow-up with your physician. The good news is that our brains and bodies have amazing powers of healing. Sometimes all that is needed is time.


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Uninvited Writer profile image

Uninvited Writer 8 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

I'm sorry to hear about your son, I hope he's okay now.

Storytellersrus profile image

Storytellersrus 8 years ago from Stepping past clutter

My daughter had a table fall on her when she was four. We addressed the broken and impacted teeth with a pediatric dentist, but weren't aware of the head trauma until she had difficulty learning to read. In fourth grade, she was diagnosed with vision issues that led to vision therapy. It was only then that I realized she had experienced a head injury. Evidently unaddressed head injuries show themselves in very confusing ways over the course of years. I am so glad you are conscious.

SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

I feel sorry for your son. Once I had some girls at camp throw rock in the back of my head and while I did not get a concussion, I had a severe headache for several days. I hope your son feels better and thanks for the informative hub.

Georgiakevin profile image

Georgiakevin 8 years ago from Central Georgia

To echo others here I am sorry to hear about your son. As one who has lived through 2 concussions as a result of accidents. I want to thank you for your timely hub but let me reinforce 2 things If in doubt even a little bit SEE A DOCTOR?GO TO THE HOSPITAL, also remember that a concussion is a brain injury the victim may not be able to think rationally. DO what you the care give know to be right not what the victim feels or thinks.

Even after 17 years I still suffer some residual challenges as the result of my concussion. I studdernot infrequently, sometimes can't find words to express my thoughts. This was not a part of my thought process before the concussion. For 10 years my sense of smell was effected by smell and taste was effected.

Lifebydesign profile image

Lifebydesign 8 years ago from Australia

How'd your son do Dorsi? There's that crucial factor of intuition too. If you feel something's wrong insist on it being taken seriously- I suspect that had something to do with your mom insisting on an xray in this case? (This post is so useful-I came out of hibernation to come in and read this! :-)

jim1307 8 years ago

A very well written and informative article. People can only begin to learn from this and from your experience. At least, you can have a pat on the back for making more people aware - well done Dorsi :))

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Yes, concussion can be dangerous. I remember one of our students hit his head on a wall due to pushing by another kid who had ADHD. I was so scared and prayed so hard that he was alright. I'm so glad he was ok. Now I always tell the teachers to be extra careful. Thanks for this info. Hope all is well with your son. Take care...

sixtyorso profile image

sixtyorso 8 years ago from South Africa

Well written informative Hub. In contact sports especially one has to be aware. As a rugby playing nation, Parents and schools are constantly being warned of the dangers of concussion and worse, brain haemorrhage.

I wish you and your son well

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 8 years ago from North America

This is why I don't appreciate boxing, depsite the several martial arts that I practice and teach. Boxing that I have seen focuses too much on purposely injuring the head and brain for sport and for money. What motivates others to mutilate someone's brain in this way? - greed and perhaps ego. Fighters need to guard their heads very determinedly or pay the consequences, so that part is good training, although deadly.

Soccer players should guard against head techniqgues because every strike of any kind to the head makes the brain bounce back and forth against the inside of the skull, past the fluids to bruisng. Look at Muhammed Ali and his condition from boxing. It is preventable.

Thanks for the Hub

sixtyorso profile image

sixtyorso 8 years ago from South Africa

In RSA this weekend a boxer died as a result of his bout, The cause was brain aneurism. so point taken.

sporty girl 7 years ago

Very helpful to me, as a' fisrt aid attendant ' at rugby matches this reconfirmed what I had learnt and added just that bit more.

Thank You.

stevecw md profile image

stevecw md 7 years ago from Washington, D.C.

Nice article!

For more health and medical information, check our articles and also our site at, including talking to our doctors online [] Thanks!

Stevecw md -

Lgali profile image

Lgali 7 years ago

very nice and healthy info

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 7 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Thanks everyone who has stopped by and commented. Hopefully this hub helps some people identify possible concussions, head injuries and brain injury. Treated early this can help save many lives!

natalie stu 7 years ago

thankyou for this, i recently had a blow to the head ending up in needing stitches :( felt fins that day, but the next day i started to feel very dizzy, tired and very confused, along with a headache. I thought concussion happened so soon after the incident which is why i didn't think anything of it but after reading this it have become a lot clearer, so i'm now off to the drs :) thanks for the help, it has stopped me worrying.. slightly

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 7 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Your welcome Natalie. I hope all is well with you and your head injury has healed. Concussions are definitely something to keep an eye out for after a head injury.

thaninja profile image

thaninja 7 years ago from America

I have yet to have a serious concussion. I consider myself very lucky as most of the people I know have had their bell rung badly at least once.

Jim B 6 years ago

I fell backwards on a chair hitting an end table, hurt for a little, now a big goose egg but no blurry vision or speech problems, just tired.

Rose 6 years ago

My 15 year old daughter fell skiing 13 days ago & suffered a concussion. She now has what is called post concussion syndrome. She has problems with vision(double,blurry,& what she describes as the walls are melting)walking, major headaches, nausea,comprehension & taste. MRI & ct scan normal. Its the craziest thing.No time line for recovery & she now needs to be home schooled. Please wear helmets when possible.

Brooke 6 years ago

Ok I hit my head and it hurts now and i think i have blood in my brain but im never going to tell my parents. Because the first reason is my mom is going to be worried. My dad will think im faking. And I dislike doctors and hospitals. I hate how doctors do tests on me. By the way im only 12 years old.

Lucas 6 years ago

Wow Brooke very young you should tell your parents.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 6 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Oh Brooke please do me a favor. Please tell your parents that you hit your head and show them this article. The test they will do to check your head does not hurt. I have had it done many times. It's just like an X-Ray. Please do this for me and let me know how you are doing. I want you to tell them ASAP, OK?

DMB 6 years ago

Thank you so much for the information. My husband recently hurt his head at work, did not black out or vomit etc so did not want to go and get checked out. I insisted and drove him myself to ER he grumbled all the way, he had a mild concussion. The information helped keep an eye for any symptoms.

I hope your son is fine now.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 6 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Thanks DMB and I'm glad the article was helpful. Hope your hubby is doing better. My son is doing fine. Thanks for stopping by to read about the symptoms of concussions - the more the word gets out the better. I think there are probably a lot more concussions that are not diagnosed than we even realize!

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia

I suffered a concussion as a teenager from a horse fall, and my middle daughter also got a concussion from a horse accident when she was a teen. Good hub!

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 6 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Thanks for stopping by Habee. It seems concussions are more common than I realized. Glad to know that you and your daughter got through yours with no lasting repercussions! Sounds like both of you are horse lovers!!

vanessa 6 years ago

i hit my head at some kitchen board on saturday and got sooo dizzy i had to sit down and i put ice on it and drunk some juice. i felt better afterwards. ever since (2 days now) i have had a headache and when i'm sitting or laying down i still feel dizzy.

the headache is getting A LOT better though!! it's just the dizziness.

honestly - i would love to see a doctor but i can't afford it esp if i hear the xray part etc :(

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 6 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Vanessa) I know it's hard when you don't have medical insurance but is there anyway you can be seen by a county doctor or sliding scale program? It sounds like you should have that dizziness checked out. Let me know how things go.

Jonny 6 years ago

Great article. I found this page because I am suffering a rather annoying crushing type headache after hitting my head (higher forehead) 4 days ago. The thing is, I was only at walking speed and I hit the edge of a door frame, but I did turn my head fast when I hit it and I am very heavy which probably added to the force. It made my teeth and jaw ache and really shook me up and is the hardest I have ever hit my head (and I hit my head all the time on doors as I am so tall). I was just wondering if I need to see a doc as I feel so dumb, as people hit doors all the time and just think nothing more of it. But this headache started the same time as the hit, so must be related. Headache tablets help a bit but that nagging crushing/heavy feeling wont go away. I feel better when I wake up, but by lunchtime it has gotten bad again. I don't have dizziness, confusion, or anything. Maybe it is normal for headaches to last this long when hitting them in this way ?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 6 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Jenny) Sorry for the late delay. I have not been on the internet for a few days. I hope you are doing better and my advice would be to see a dr. if you are still having problems. These types of things are nothing to play around with and with the headaches I wouldn't take any chances.Let me know how you are doing please.

jezza 6 years ago

Has anyone found out if that was really a 12 yr old kid (Brooke) or not & a way to contact her family?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 6 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

No Jezza, there is no way to contact a reader that does not sign up with contact info. If they sign up for HubPages then you can email them back. I hope Brooke is OK.

Donna 6 years ago

Excellent info Dorsi, got hit on the frontal side of my head this morning with falling objects, no headache but pain and large bumpt where the impact was and just feel tired, doesn't help as i'm just getting over a bad headcold! Hence me looking it up, didn't know whether to sleep or not. No other symptoms really though, will just keep note of the symptoms, thanks a bunch, take care and glad you son is ok now! Donna x

Toni 6 years ago

I'm 13 and had a soccer tournament on saturday. I got hot in the head with the ball and it hurt a lot. I'm out of focus, have a terrible headache and have all the symptoms of a concusion. My parents say I'm fine but I still feel bad and it's Monday. They won't take me to see a doctor! What do I do?!

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 6 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Donna) Glad the hub was helpful. Hope you are feeling OK.

Toni) Please show this article to your parents. If they won't listen please let your school know what happened or tell a close adult. Let me know what happens, K?

Toni 6 years ago

I did what you told me to do and I went to the hospital the next day in an ambulAnce because I felt light headed and fainted just hours after my mom told me she would take me to the doctors that night. Turns out I do have a concusion and now I'm feeling much better:) thank you do much!!!!! This was really helpful:)

Ryan B 6 years ago

well i played high school football and when i was younger played tackle football since i was like 7 without pads and well had to many Concussions to rember never went to the docotor for a single one and now i get head aches every day, cant Rember much , and now i am clumziy always stumbling and i am now only 21 almost 22 cant afford to see a doctor but it has been effecting everything i been having speech problems since i was 18 it is slurred speech

this was a helpful article since i never went to the doctor i never knew all the symtoms i firuged when i got hit in the head and blacked out or had a head ache for a few days i knew i had one did not think if u wher just dizzy or slurred speech that is a sign of one.. so had more then i thought :\

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 6 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Toni) Thank you for coming back and letting me know you are OK. I'm so glad you went to the hospital to get checked out. You are a smart young man to pay attention to your body, and to have been reading up about concussions. I'm very impressed with that!!

Ryan) Thanks for coming by and it's never too late to get checked out, even if it did happen along time ago. Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing!

babymoondrop 6 years ago

I hit my head all the time, esp when I am thinking not to. I layed on the couch yesterday and hit the back of my head on the arm, I thought there was going to be a pillow behind me, but there wasn't. a couple weeks ago I hit my head on a low shelf that I didn't see at work. I haven't had any bumps or bad headaches, I feel ok. But it still worries me.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 6 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

babymoon) I think some of us are more accident prone than others. Glad you found the info helpful and stay safe!

imani 6 years ago

i have been patting my head really hard because it ichtes can i get a CONCUSSION IM 14 YEARS OLD

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 6 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Imani) I really don't know the answer to that but if you are patting it really hard you could probably do damage. Be careful!

Trudy Flaxfeild 6 years ago

thanks for the info its not like other sites this one gets staright to the point while others they have like 10 pages on how the brain works and all this stuff you really didn't need to know and didn't want to know, very useful i am wrighting a novel and she gets a concussion and i didn't know how to describe it so thanks very much it will be published in a year or so and i will put your name on the acknowledgements page that is how much you have helped, since i myself have never had a concussion, even though i am the most accident prone person ever, i have had a piece of wood in my eye, cracked my head open twice and chin open 3 times but never a concussion, i am going to stop talking now and get back to work. i hope your son is better now such a terrible thing you have been through. thanks xxx

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 6 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Trudy) So glad the article was useful. Let me know when your novel is published so I can buy a copy to read! Good luck!

Jade 6 years ago

Just yesterday i got hit in the head by a soccerball some girl kicked and shes got a hasrd foot. I hav troubl remembering the second half of th game after i got hit bye i haven't had any headachesat sll or nausea

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 6 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Jade) Thanks for coming by and commenting. I would suggest you show this article to your parents and let them know your concern about having a possible concussion. Let me know how you are doing.

Amy 5 years ago

just a few hours ago i fell and hit my face/temple/head on a seat. now i feel dizzy and feel the need to always sleep. should i tell my parents and go to the doctor? i also feel a bit sick

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Yes Amy please tell your parents.

brandiwinans profile image

brandiwinans 5 years ago

Concussions have become an epidemic and we must be educatd as parents if our kids play sports as early as Pop Warner to college level sports. I personally have seen the aftermath of multiple concussions and the progression of behavioral and emotional problems from being married to a professional football player for 25 years. I know first hand what the families go through if they are not detected and treated. You can go to and learn more and get concussion kits for your coaches and parents.. Brandi WINANS

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Thank you Brandy for reading and the informative comment. Concussions are becoming more and more common and I hope that people reading this will look for these concussion symptoms and get treatment.

terri  5 years ago

My son was wrestling last night and was knocked out for a few minutes when the two came at each other head to head (of course without head gear) in practice. He does not remember the incident, talked slowly and did not answer questions well. However, he woke up every 2 hours and answered whatever question we asked him correctly. Yet today he has slept almost all day. My question is how do you know when to take them to the doctor? The trainer said he should just rest and recover, but she didn't know he was out cold for a few minutes. When do you go to the hospital - she says they will only tell us what she has already said, but we can go if we wish. If this is normal behavior after the accident, I don't wish to go, if not, then I do wish to go.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Terri) I think you should take him to the doctor. Err on the side of caution. My dad had a hematoma that was was not discovered till days later after he fell off a ladder. He had a bad headache though.Had they not discovered the bleed he would have died. Not to scare you but be safe. Thanks for reading and let me know how things go.

Mary 5 years ago

My son slipped in bathtub and when he got up he was bleeding from his head. It seemed like the blood would not stop but I put a towel on it and held it with my hand. It stopped bleeding. I see he has a bump and a cut. I wanted to take him to the hospital, my husband says it's fine no need to go. What do you think?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Mary) Do you have health insurance and if so can you call an advice nurse? I always err on the side of caution when it comes to head injuries. It sounds like he hit his head pretty hard. Let me know how he is. Thanks for coming by.

Jessica 5 years ago

A week ago I fell backwards off the couch and hit my head on my coffee table. There was a huge bump immediately after. The bump is gone but there is this spot the size of... maybe the end of a tack or a push pin (the larger side) and it is very hard. It doesn't hurt unless I forget it's there and itch it or when I'm brushing my hair. Should I see a doctor or something..?

Jessica 5 years ago

I guess I could give you some more information. I slept fine the night it happened. I haven't slept well since. I wake up every 1-3 hours. But that isn't all that far off from my normal sleeping patterns. I do feel a little.. slow sometimes, like my brain needs an extra few seconds to process things.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Jessica)I would err on the side of caution and call an advice nurse if you can. Thanks for stopping by and hope you feel better. Let me know how things go Jessica.

Tony D. 5 years ago

..getting into my vehicle, while leaning my head to enter it, I hit the left side of my head, right above my ear with the top edge of the door quite hard and now, I feel okay other than a slight headache... I'm worried that in a couple of days, it might progress to brain swelling or something... and being a hypochondriac doesn't help my situation either. I know that I'll be directed to a doctor, though in this case, would it be truly necessary? What should I look out for?? Any sound advice is welcome and appreciated.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Tony D) I've cracked my head in just that manner many times. It hurts!! I would say take a look at the symptoms above and determine if you have any, and try to call an "advice nurse" if you have medical. Sometimes just reassurance from a phone call makes you feel better. Let me know how things go!

Tony D. 5 years ago

Unfortunately, I did not have any type of health insurance, hence the impossibility of having access to a nurse unless I paid a visit to the hospital. Fortunately however, I suspect that a week later (today) has proven to be beneficial on the side of time for me, for I have no headache and feel as mentally sharp as I did prior to the incident. Thank you for your response; it is greatly appreciated. I shall be more careful next time! :-)

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Tony) Glad to hear you are doing OK. Thanks for checking in and letting me know! Perhaps Obamas new healthcare plan will help many of us without adequate health insurance.

marwa 5 years ago

hello i read the article and found it helpful but i just wanna asl a question:my husband fell n the back of his head on a rock he lot conscious for 2 mins then did a strange sound and stood up and talked to me strahgely a if his tongue was heavy then he seemed normal he drove the car but after that he told me that he didn't know whta he was doing.he did a CT scan but everything was normal now he feels dizzy and didn't sleep well all night. should he repeat the scan and do other tests?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@marwa) Hmmm..that's interesting. I would call the Dr. back, if anything for reassurance. Good luck marwa.

Brooke 5 years ago

I fell 3 days ago and hit the back of my head on a table, I went to the doctor the next day and was told that I might have suffered a concussion but all of my vitals were fine(never took a ct). I got some anti-inflammatory medicine and was on my way. Well two days later I still feel extremely dizzy, is this normal?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Brooke) Could be. My son was dizzy too but I'd still call the Dr. for reassurance.

Jennifer  5 years ago

I plopped onto a couch that was next to the counter. And the couch isn't usually next to the counter and I hit the back of my head really hard. It swelled a little. But not real bad. I immediately got a headache and felt dizzy and tired. That was 2 days ago. everyday since I have had headaches and dizziness. Should I wait it out and see if it gets better?

Emily 5 years ago

I fell on ice and hit my head on my truck, didn't go to the ER until five days later and they said I have a mild concussion and I should feel better in a week. I am still having vertigo, blurred vision, and I am so tired. Is this going to end or do I need to call my doctor and let him know what's going on?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Jennifer and Emily) Sorry to hear about your accidents. Head injuries can be so scary! If you can a follow up call to an advice nurse would be wise, if only for reassurance!

Hope you both feel better.

Amber 5 years ago

This has been useful i originally was looking on my computer for help because five days ago my four year old had a really heavy snow globe fall of a shelf and hit him on top of his head, it left him bleading so i ran him to the emergency room we waited in the waiting room for four hours, in the mean time we took him in the bathroom and cleaned it up and it turned out to not be that bad of a cut. The nurse finally called us back and told us it would prob be another two hours before we saw a doctor. Well my son was acting perfectly fine and the cut was not that bad so i regretfully decided to just go home, it was really late and i had both my kids. A couple days ago he started acting really strange like he does not feel well and when i ask him he says he is just tired. I know my son and yes he has always admitted when he is tired but it happened again tonight, something is just not right, he just gets really lathargic and down, i constintly am asking him if feels ok because he does not look like it. Then it popped into my head well what if he is suffering from some kind of trama, ahhhh now i am so worried im so afraid did i make the wrong decicion in leaving tne hospital??? Could his health be at serious risk, can someone help me, I think i should just take him in, no need in taking a risk like i already have and am so regretful in doing..... Any info is much needed, Thank you

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Amber) I would call the Dr. He might just be not feeling well because of something else but I would err on the side of caution. Please don't beat yourself up about it though. We do the best we can as mothers. Let me know how he's doing.

Gayle 5 years ago

I fell and received 22 staples in my head a week ago. the cat scan showed nothing. Staples were taken out today and slight infection continues. I have continued to have a "fuzzy" feeling, right eye throbbing feeling, tired, nausea, and my head is extremely sore. The cat scan was why do I have these symptoms?

Nathan 5 years ago

hi today i banged my head with some power now i feel really tired and dizzy what should i do ?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Gayle)That was quite a blow you received. You could be just be feeling the aftermath or it could be a concussion. I'd give your doctor a call. Thanks for coming by.

@Nathan) I'd give your doctor a call too. Or an advice nurse.

Jessica 5 years ago

This has been very useful. I was hit on the side on the head the other day a couple of times...ended up with a nasty bruise on my temple...didn't experience a nasty headache until 2 days later...good to know I need ot be watched

aiden 5 years ago

thanks for the info. i hit my head really hard on a concrete platform today whilst skateboarding this has helped me a lot to calm down. hope your son is ok :)

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Jessica)Glad to hear your OK. Thanks for stopping by.

@aiden) Your very welcome. Glad to be of some reassurance. And my son is doing fine, thanks for asking.

Joan 5 years ago

I had a serious accident with my horse. I was wearing a helmet thank the Lord for that. I had to do an emergency dismount and hit a block wall. I knew i hit my head hard, but thought i was good since I had my helmet on. I went to the emergency room and they only diagnosed my leg being injured and put it in a soft cast. About a week later I started having problems getting up from my bed-the room would spin, or turning my head quickly I would get dizzy. I called my doctor and got in right away and they ordered a CT scan. I am waiting for the news...but I was amazed to get this a week later. I really thought I was okay!

????????????????????????????????? 5 years ago

fell bad for your son god bless him

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Joan) I am finding more and more people that are having problems days after hitting their head. I'd say at this point ANY weird symptoms, even days after an accident need to be checked out. Hope you are doing OK and good luck with your recovery.

Bobby  5 years ago

I am 13 and I dont have all the symptoms but I do Get really bad headaches and I get very dizzy at night and a lot of the other stuff up there

It just started a week ago. HELP!!!

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Bobby) You need to let your parents know please. And check back and let me know how you are doing.

charlotte 5 years ago

About a week ago I fell and needed 8 stitches on my forehead. At the ER, I had a normal CT scan along with normal heart rate. My doc prescribed Vicodin (taken @ night) and Ibuprofen (taken @ day) for pain. However, I'm beginning to worry since I've been nauseous and have a dull ache on one side of the head. Should I go back to the ER for another CT? No insurance so I'm to avoid a costly trip.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Charlotte) Sorry for the delay in answering. I've been away for a few days. I hope you are doing well. Did you end up going back to the Dr.?

charlotte 5 years ago

Dorsi: no, I haven't. I started feeling better but now the headaches and nausea are coming back. Trying not to worry.

Michelle  5 years ago

a friend of mine was in an M V A in which he hit his head on the roof of the vehicle, he developed a headache "mild" shortly after; he went to a doctor and he was only sent home with analgesics, i thought that the doctor would at least let him do some form of imaging test to rule out brain injury but nothing. if my friends headache persists im going to encourage him to get a 2nd opinion.

zleh 5 years ago

ive cracked my head open twice and i feel pain in the places that i cracked my head open is that one of the symptoms

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Charlotte) I'm sorry to hear that. Have you talked to your Dr. or an advice nurse? Some communities have free health advice lines.

@Michelle) Yes Michelle that's a good idea. Sometimes you have to insist.

@zleh) You would need to ask your Dr. that. I am not a medical professional. Perhaps you are feeling pain from where you hit it though - bruising? I don't really know.

Tdogg 5 years ago

I fell off my horse today and it was a pretty forceful impact. I was wearing a helmet. Initially I hit my lower left back and buttocks, and thought I also hit my head when landing. I was out of breath and almost threw up. It took me several minutes to get my bearing and finally get up. Nothing seems broken but I did find a very sore area towards the back of my head. I was somewhat active after the incident (fixed and ate a meal and did some weed pulling, and later this evening played a game of scrabble). The fall occurred about 230p and since I've taken two doses of 1200 Mg Motrin. I'm now in bed and have a headache that is growing worse. I feel a little pressure as well. The nausea only lasted a few minutes after falling. The only other 'head' symptoms could be a strong feeling of sleepiness around 9pm. I also hear what sounds like my pulse in my ears constantly although hearing now and then is normal for me. Due to my bruising and pain, I can only sleep on my right side. Should I be concerned about my head?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Tdogg) Sorry to hear about your accident. If it were me, I would see a Dr.

Chris 5 years ago

My 15 year old daughter was struck on the left side of her head yesterday....she started dry heaving so badly that she broke blood vessels in her face. I put an ice pack on her injury and kept an eye on her. It took the swelling down.

Today she went swimming at a hotel waterpark. Now this evening she has come out of her room crying that the same side is hurting really bad like a sharp pain. It is not where the bruising is but more on her scalp...should I be concerned and take her in to see a doctor?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Chris) yes I would take her and have her checked over to be safe. And insist on a cat scan if you feel something is wrong.

Merry 5 years ago

I just hit my head on the wall. I dont know if anything will happen or not. But my head feels really bad... I need help. What do i do? Do i just forget about it? or do i tell my parents?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@MERRY) Sorry to hear about you hitting your head. I would let your parents know what happened.

momof5 5 years ago

I hit the top of my head on our open freezer door and the only thing I feel is neck stiffness should I get checked out

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@momof5) Sounds like normal stiffness but if you have a sense that something is not right, I'd get it checked.

TineeBear 5 years ago

Hi Dorsi, thank you for this information. I hit my head 3 days ago getting in a taxi. It hit hard enough that I felt nauseous and light headed for about 2 hours. That is when I food your website. The next day I was okay, not dizzy or lightheaded though did have a heavy feeling in my head. Slight stomach ache. Still wasn't sure about doctor. Kept your sight open o mi phone and kept eye out for other symptoms - sight and concentration fine. The second day after accident woke up with heavy feeling in bead and decided would make appointment with doctor that week. Then at 10 in the morningstarted having intense dizzy spells accompanied by a crushing pain that would last a few seconds every 5 - 10 minutes with an extremely heavy feeling in my head in between. I rushed to the doctor. Towards end of appt. doubled over in dizzy/pain crying uncontrollable that they put me on an IV trip with a painkiller in. Off to neurologist who has ordered a CT scan for today as a precaution but thinks I have something called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo - calcium particles in inner ear knocked out of place. So the point of my rather long winded post is that if a knock on the head is giving you any concerns check it out - it could be many things not just a concussion. Now just hoping my CT scan comes back fine.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@TinneBear) Wow another good reason to watch out for head injuries...hope you are OK Tinee. Glad you went to the doc and let me know how you are doing!!

TineeBear 5 years ago

Hi Dorsi, went to ear doctor turns out that nothing is wrong with inner ear, so neurologist was mistaken about that, though a knock on the head can cause bppv. Now just waiting for CT results, suppose to be back next week, which is when will hopefully see neurologist again as well. Spent since Tues. resting and on medication. Starting to feel better. I am thinking it was a concussion.

aliana 5 years ago

i just passed out in class a couple of days ago and i hit my head pretty hard. A lot of people thought i had a concussion, but i told them it wasn't that serious. Thanks to your article, i read up on the symptons and discovered i do have it. Thank You Dearly!

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@TineeBear) Glad to hear you are following up on this. Sounds like a concussion to me.

@aliana) You are so welcome and so glad you came by! Hope you are feeling better!

Blake 5 years ago

What happens if you take a plate or a glass and hit your head with any of those things?

Shyla 5 years ago

today I was at PE in school, about noon or somewhere around there (it's 10:23 PM now) and I was sitting on this thing that looks like a giant washer, and someone with boots (she's my friend, no worries) was faking like they were going to kick me, but I was on my ipod so I didn't see or hear anything, until I looked up, and I'm a VERY skittish and paranoid person, so as soon as I turned my head to look at her I saw her boot and flinched, yanking my head forward and sideways to avoid her boot (even though she was just holding it there) and accidentally hit my head hard on the end of a metal pole that was poking out right at me. It was steel and rusty, and it hit me square on the temple. I wasn't scared because I've been hit on the temple before because I was horsing around, tripped, and fell on the corner of the coffee table. It wasn't until today that I considered that I may have brain damage, seeing the swelling where I got hit and all. I have the symptoms: nausea, dizziness and balance problems when I stand up, sensitivity to light but not noise, feeling slowed down, feeling not sharp, changes in sleep pattern, memory problems, *some* concentration problems, sadness, and feeling more emotional. And some that I found listed on another website: Arm will NOT NOT NOT *NOT* stop twitching, it feels like I have a nose bleed, and changes in mood or behavior. My arm has been twitching ever since I hit my head. And I'll go from happy go lucky, everything is so very perfect in life, and in just the next hour my mood will be down, depressed, and even suicidal, feeling like I've hurt so many people (I'm 13 and I've ruined 13 lives :| don't ask how) and that I should just die before I hurt anyone else, and all kinds of things. This has been ever since the incident with the coffee table. Also, when I hit my head on the coffee table I started liking things I didn't like before, mainly movies and TV shows. I also started behaving more violently, and I've already gotten in trouble at school twice that I can remember, once for choking a girl, and once for biting a dude. It's only been about a month and a half since I first hit my head, and I'm already in therapy because my mother noticed so many differences in me (Suicidal, violent, liking things that I didn't like before, things I've already mentioned). I really want to make sure nothing is wrong with me, but my mom will think I'm fine and that nothing's wrong and wouldn't take me to the hospital, and she's the only one that lives with us. Also, I have a terrible, TERRIBLE fear of doctors, and therapists (And I'm on therapy, woohoo -_-'). I don't know what it is, but my 4 worst fears are 1. Goats, 2. Nuns, 3. Therapists and 4. Doctors, but I'm getting off subject. After I hit my head on the coffee table it was sore for weeks, I think about 4. I hit my head just today, and it still hurts, *BADLY*. Someone tell me if they know wether I have a concussion or not, because I don't feel like telling my mom because we Really can't afford it and I doubt she'll believe me.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Blake) You could probably suffer from a concussion. Any hit on the head could cause problems.

@Shyla) With all you have told me, I strongly urge you to tell your mom you hit your head. Let me know how things go.

Kirsty 5 years ago

this is a very good article if i had seen this before i had my head injury i would of known i spent 4 days in bed with concussion i had 7 stitches i was fine the day after i did it wasn't till the day after it started i would not wish it upon anyone my doctor has been very good he arranged follow up appointments 4 weeks after to make sure all is ok

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Kirsty)Glad to hear you are recovering. Thanks for stopping by!

Will Poulton 5 years ago


This morning when I was in bed I heard a massive bang from downstairs, so I rushed to see what it was and my father came stumbling through the door. Turns out that he had tripped over the curb on the road and went flying into our house, hitting his head very hard.

A few layers of skin has been scraped off his forehead, but strangely... no bump?

I got him to sit down and fetched him some ice cubes wrapped in a cloth (for the pain).

15 mins later he said that he is ok and went to work, but I am really concerned. He hit his head really hard and I did tell him to go to the doctors or hospital(I even offered to take him myself), but he said he is fine.

I have done some research for systems he has to watch out for and gave him a call addressing him with them.

Is there anything else I can do to help him... as he wont go to the doctors/hospital.

Cheers, Will.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Will) I'd check frequently on him and just see how he sounds and ask how he is "feeling". Hopefully he didn't suffer any damage from his fall. Sounds like he is stubborn like my dad was!! Good luck Will.

CMonkeyC 5 years ago

I whacked the back of my head on a large, immovable shelf on Thursday while straightening up after leaning forward, and have had a horrible headache every day since. I thought it was just a migraine or sinuses due to the crappy weather changes we've been having lately. Now I'm wondering. I've been extremely tired, slightly nauseaus, and have this wretched pain in my head that is making life miserable. Maybe I'll have to go to the doc.

Thank you for your very informative article. I agree with the previous poster about being glad you got straight to the point. I don't need to know the anatomy of my head, just what the damage is when I injure it.

Jolie 79 5 years ago

I suffered a blow to my head after a skydiving accident. The first few weeks I was very tired, headaches and pressure in my head, dizzy , slow and forgetful, depressed off and on, visual problems. Im still having symptoms almost a month later, just not as intense. Should I call my doctor for a follow up? I saw her a day after my accident, I got a cat scan and she said I had a mild to medium concusion. She said to take it easy and not exercise for a few weeks. So I've been taking it easy.., this is very frustrating. And no understands what I'm going through.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@CMonkey) Thanks for sharing and prayers going out to you for a speedy recovery!

@Jolie) Thanks for coming by and thank God you did not get killed in such a scary accident! Yes I would follow up with your doc, at least by phone. Concussions are scary things!

Ann 5 years ago

I had 2 bad concussions. One a car accident, second was I passed out and hit the cement curb. I live alone. No one told me I was goofy. I drove and did things..unknown to me. No one bothered to help. How do you help yourself when there's no one?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Ann) sorry to hear that. Sounds like you need to find someone to buddy up with to check up on each other.

Hope you are feeling better Ann!

Tiffany 5 years ago

Ok I fell and hit the back of my head really hard on a counter prob. 2 months ago;] and about a month ago i walked into a metal pole in our backyard. Never felt dizzy just pain of course. Never thru-up and dont seem to have any other issues but I am still having some headaches. Just random, figured time has passed and this was not still a prob from the fall or hit? Not sure but I am not insured and did not go to the er or dr due to this. Would I still be having problems now from a month ago or longer? I dont know? Sorry if this sounds goofy could use a little info;] Thanks

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Tiffany) I'd say it's possible. You might want to do some more research into concussion recovery time. Hope you feel better soon!

tracie 5 years ago


i hit my head over six weeks ago when the boot of my car slammed down on my head because of the wind,i started having headaches on the one side of my head and feeling sick most of the day

the pain is not there all the time comes and goes throughout the day, anyway i went to the doctors and told them and all i got was i am sufering from stress, i had to go back to the doctors 4 times to get them to send me to a specialist who sent me for a ct scan whick i am waiting for the results

will a ct scan tell you if i have injured my head, or any bleeding ect, as i read on some sights that i needed to have a mri scan and not a ct scan

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@tracie) If I remember correctly a cat scan revealed bleeding in my dads brain when he fell but this was a long time ago, I'd do some research on cat scans vs. mri's and what they each do as far as finding internal bleeding. Good luck and keep me posted.

Shyla 5 years ago

Hi, I commented a few months back, and I took your info and told my mom. She said I'd be fine, and didn't do anything about my head. I had busted my head open when I was smaller, so I thought if I lived through that without a doctor that I'd live through this. I kept a close eye on everything, and thought that if things got even worse I would call 911 myself. But nothing got worse, and so far I've been doing well. No more symptoms. Although, I did fail the school year, I went to summer school and passed with all A's. My mom still thinks that there was nothing wrong in the first place, but I'm not 100% sure. Is there anything that a blow to the skull could cause as far as personality? Because ever since I hit my head I've been interested in spiritual things; voodooism, telekinesis, auras, the afterlife, and things of the likes. Even liking movies that I didn't care much about in the first place. I'm not too worried, because a personality change isn't all bad, but I'd still like to know if you have anything to say about that? Thanks. :)

Kailey0877 5 years ago

Can someone help me please? I do judo and the other day my feet got caught while fighting. I hit my head first but at the same time I hit my apponets fist. I was fine when I woke up but when I was playing with my brother I lightly hit my head and got very dizzy and got a huge headache do I have a concussion

Amanda 5 years ago

On July 4th, just before midnight, I was carrying my daughter to bed. As I went up the stairs, I hit the very top of my head on our archway. My husband took my daughter so that I could get myself together. It wasn't a super hard hit, but it wasn't a light one either. I looked in the mirror and noticed that one pupil was bigger than the other by about a milimeter. I of course freaked. Then around 2am, I headed to my moms, woke her up and made her look at my eyes. She agreed that one pupil seemed a bit bigger than the other. I sarted to dry-heave. I dont know if it was because of hitting my head or my nerves. I am a worrier and I freak out easily. I had been feeling a little queezy. She told me to go ahead and go to the ER to get checked out. I went alone. The dr came in and she asked me a series of questions. She checked my eyes and reflexes. She didn't order a CT scan because she said that the radiation is extremely powerful and she didn't think I needed it. She said my pupil may have always been bigger than the other, I may of just now noticed because I was focusing on it more. I dont know about that, but ok. Its been 2 days. Yesterday I felt a little out of it, very tired and actually quite emotional when watching tv. Today, I felt so much better, but then while eating dinner, I got some sharp pains in my head. Not like a headache....just sharp pain that would come and go. Im going to call my family dr in the AM just to set up a follow up appt, which the hospital suggested anyway. Thanks for the article. It looks like it has definitely helped a lot of folks out!! Take care!

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Shyla) That's very interesting. Being such a complex organ, it would not surprise me that maybe there were some changes to a certain part of the "creative" side to your brain...nothing surprises me anymore. (but I'm not a Dr.,mind you) Thanks for checking back and letting me know how you are doing.

@Kaiely) Did you call a Dr? I think I would.

@Amanda) I'm glad you went to the DR. and have a followup appt. Hope you are feeling better.

Sara 5 years ago

I fell off a horse and hit my head and felt a little dazed and confused afterwards. The next day, I had many of the symptoms of head concussion. I want to tell my parents but they usually don't like to take me to the doctors. What should I do?

Sara 5 years ago

If they discover a focussing, my mom will probably never horseride again because she'll think it's dangerous. But I really like Horseriding.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Sara) accidents happen. I would still tell you parents. Please don't take any chances with your health. Good luck and let me know what happens!

ali 5 years ago

About 3 days ago i had gone to pick something up and wacked my head on a tv that has a bit sticking out as we are moving in and normally i would get straight up and do my normal thing, but this time i have had headaches for 2 days nkt at night just wen i get up and do my day to day thing. I went to the hospital and the doctor said that she doesn't think it a head injury nor a concussion but i have just given myself a jolt so i am getting tension headaches but to still look out for anything else..i feel a bit better today but still headaches nothong to add to it..i am worried still only because i have read a lot on google and i know i shouldn't because i stress myself out but have u heard of anything like this and if you have how long have the headaches lasted?...

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@ali) I am sorry to hear about your headaches. I have been plagued with chronic headaches for most of my adult life. Have you seen a Dr. to rule out any problems? I would.

ali 5 years ago

I did see a doctor and i had a head scan and all was good i suffer migrains anyway. I have pulled muscles in my neck so its taking a while to get better but my son elbowed me in the eyebrow area and now my vision is weird the doctor has said he thinks my neck was healing but another jolt has made my eyes weird he did a few things and said everything was normal and if i felt i needed another scan he would let me have another one...its tiring when you have 2 little ones and basically have to just hope you get better quickly..

Cobe 5 years ago

Today i hit my head at the block at buena park mall and there's a fountain and it was wet and i slipped and fell and hit my head on the middle of it not the side the mddle my mom said if she heard a bang it would beb bad so am i fine

Jodie 5 years ago


I banged my head today. I have a sloping ceiling in my room and there's an edge to it which I hit my head on. I felt dizzy immediately after but now I just feel a tad tired, a slight headache and feel a bit sick.... But I was out last night and a tad hungover so can't really tell if it's because of the bang. Should i wait a couple of days and see if it eases up?


genelia24 5 years ago

heyy.. ur article has been very informative, n after reading i find myself a case of concussion.i m 24 yr old gal..around 2 months back, my friend gave a blow on my head with his hand, i was wearing a loose helmet on my head and it hit me pretty hard. had pain in my head continuosly since then.. then about a month back, i collided with sum1 head to head and again got a blow on the right side of my head near the temple,, ever since then i am having pain on the right side of my head ,, which sumtimes gets better as if there's nothing, n sumtimes it pains very badly.. earlier the pain was continuous but now it occurs sumtimes, n its not continuous.. but when it it does happen the intensity is the same ,, sharp throbbing pain. even got an xray done but its fine.. shud i go for cat scan or MRI or wait for it to get better by itself.. sumtimes the painkillers also dont seem to work.. plz suggest

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Ali) God bless you trying to take care of little ones! It sounds like you are having tension headaches....which can feel similar to migraines. I am glad to hear you did have an MRI though. Let me know how you are doing!

@Cobe) Glad you are alright!!

@Jodie) It's hard to say - hangovers can be pretty bad!! Sorry for the late reply but I had out of town guests this week. Hope you are better.

@genelia) I'm not a DR. but I think I would request an MRI to make sure all is well.

zack  5 years ago

today i hit my head on a corner of a ac unit sticking out of the window then bout half hour ago i was in the shower i bent down to pick up something then got up pretty fast i guess and i hit my head on a wash cloth rack in the shower and it was all in the same day and pretty much the same spot on my head and about a 5 hour difference between the two plese tell me what tooo doooo!!! i am worried i am 14 and bout to go to cedar point in 3 days...dont know if my head is ready for all the jerkness in the rides

Brittany 5 years ago

I feel and hit my head hard on the side of my head off a coffee table. I feel dizzy a little. And I'm kinda getting sick. Should I be worried? No adult is home and I'm 14. I have a soft head and skull, and when I touch it it hurts more. Should I go to the hospital as soon as an adult comes home?

genelia24 5 years ago

hey dorsi,, m also planning to hav an mri.. thanks 4 ur advice though.. i like ur hubpage...

my head feels kind of soft there n hurts more on touching ...

james 5 years ago

i fell and hit m head on the frame of my bed and now i think i have a concussion please help somebody

Sonya 5 years ago

I hit my head very hard on the bottom of a pool, so hard in fact that it left a bald spot on my head. I have a terrible head ache, dizziness, concentration issues and balance issues. I'm very concerned, but my mom doesn't seem to take me seriously. I have no idea what to do, I'm 17 and have no money to go the the doctor. Any ideas?

agne 5 years ago

hello, my frend got head scan 3 times in 2 weeks , is it not to many times???? s that could be dangores?

agne 5 years ago

and more - Can aspirin get rid off a blood clot in the head ? and can be use alcohol when he takes aspirin ?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Zach) I hope your are feeling OK!

@Britanny - Did you go to the Dr.?

@genelia) Glad to hear that and you are welcome!

@James) Are you having any symptoms?

@Sonya) Wow - that was hard hit. Are you OK?

@agnes) I don't think they would do that if they thought it was dangerous. And I'm not a Dr. so I don't know that answer. He should ask his Dr. that question.

Gianna 5 years ago

My dad smacked me in the head 2 times really I have a concussion?

sonia simon 5 years ago

My mom said that when I was 6 months old,I fall and hit my head.Now any time i get sick,I faint,get dizzy,lost my balance,get headace.

Khiara 5 years ago

HI! Thank You for this info and sorry about your son. I recently took a hit to the head while playing a game of soccer. I haven't been to the doctor yet but I have had some dizziness and confusion! Your article has helped me to realize maybe a doctors visit wouldn't hurt. Thank You

rebecca 5 years ago

how bad were your dad's headaches? and how many days after his accident did they find out about the bleeding? was it less than a week? thanks!

Rebecca- Again 5 years ago

Also, were headaches his only symptom? were they minor or severe? ty

Sylence 5 years ago

Okay, so the other day I'd dropped something on the ground as I was getting out of a minivan parked on a hill. As I was bending down to get it the door kind of swung back and caught me on the temple. It wasn't hard enough to make me disoriented or confused, but the pain was very dull, barely noticeable. ...It's still kind of going, though, so should I be concerned? I don't have any other symptoms of a brain injury as far as I can tell.

Anon 5 years ago

I got kicked in the head at work today by a horse, and have a slight headache but nothing else, is this normal ?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Gianna) I don't know if you have a concussion but your dad should not be smacking you! Let an adult know that you trust about this please and let me know how you are doing.

@Sonia) Sorry to hear that. How old are you now?

@Khiar) Sorry to hear you hit your head but glad you are paying attention to any concussion symptoms. Thanks for coming by.

@Rebecca) If I remember correctly his headaches were within that first day of his hitting his head. And it was about 3-4 days until he got a cat scan of his head and they saw bleeding. His headaches were bad. Hope this helps and hope you feel better. Let me know how things go.

@Sylence) I've had that happen. Very painful. You might just be suffering from the pain of the blow but keep your eyes open for any other symptoms.

@Anon) Ouch!! Keep an eye out for any of the concussion symptoms I've listed. That's quite a hit!

Kathy 5 years ago

Hi Dorsi.. my son 18yrs old went roller blading with our rottie, he was just brought home by his girlfriend in a car, she says he called her that he was hurt and didn't know how it happened...he has a scrape on left hand on knee and on left side of face by temple and cheek, he also has like grass stuck to eyebrow...he was acting normal but couldn't remember much, after half hour he just took a shower and says hes perfect now but starts remembering things slowly now, he says hes good he walks better and is acting concern is should I take him to hospital make sure hes ok, because hes been a bit dizzy, he doesn't want to go and my husband says just to not let him fall asleep for now and keep and eye on him, I personally would feel better if he had a cat scan.

dizziPT 5 years ago

Sorry to hear about your son - I am a physical therapist in Las Vegas, NV that works exclusively with dizziness disorders - Werner Institute for Balance and Dizziness - and commonly we see patients with post-concussion dizziness. THe key to understands is this is often due to injury to the vestibular system (inner ear/brainstem) that can be treated and resolved with vestibular rehabilitation - please look me up online to see my program - I hope I can help.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Kathy) That's a concern that he doesn't know what happened. I would feel better to have a cat scan too under the circumstances. Let me know how he is doing.

@dizziPT) Thanks for the info. Feel free to provide the link here.

Kathy 5 years ago

Hi Dorsi, thanks for the reply, I called his doctor and she suggested for me to bring him to the emergency room, there they were prompt to do a cat scan, it came out normal thanks God, they said he has a post concussion and that he will be with a headache for a couple of days, to just follow with his doctor and keep and eye on him that he wont get worse, so far today he still has his face bruised and swollen and a headache on and off.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Hi Kathy, glad to here he is doing well. It's really scary when you hit your head hard like that! Hope his headaches don't last long. Thanks for letting me know how he's doing.

Champagne 5 years ago

Hi, Yesterday as I was putting something away, a bucket that had a rock in it fell over and land right on my head. Once I was home my head was feeling a little strange and still does, I don't feel dizzy and my vision isn't too blurred, but I do plan to do to hospital if I feel anything weird occur. I don't feel a headache to bad, but more of a slight throbbing sensation. If anything I will do something about it.

Isis 5 years ago

My mom feel on her head yesterday at a skate rink and we headed to the hospital. She has a big goose egg on her forehead but the doctors said she was fine and sent her home with some painkillers. I didn't believe the doctors so I checked out this article, today my mom is driving to the hospital again because she has had all of these symptoms that the doctors didn't even think about. Now I'm calling all of my relatives to tell them, and worrying if the doctors know what kind of medicine my mom takes. I'm Isis, and I'm 11 years old. Thank you for writing this article.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Champagne) Thanks for reading and take care! Hope all works out. Let me know.

@Isis) Thank you for reading and taking such good care of your mom! I am glad she is going to the Dr. again.

jaslene 5 years ago

So im 13 & i've been havinnq a really sharp pain in myy stomach & i know its not the monthly thinnq. I think its somethinq else & serious. The pain comes and gos. One minute im fine & the next i can barely stand or move. I feel the sharp pain on my lower stomach & sometimes it hurts like someone just took somethinnq sharp & just sticked it in me. Do you have any idea what it miqht be? Should i see a doctor? What do i do?

Thank You For Your Time. (: Please Answer Back!

jaslene 5 years ago

its me aqain & my dad just fell on his head. his head feels hevy, he has a hedache & he doesn't want to qo to the doctor. Do you think he should qo to the doctor? He can Be Really Stuborn Sometimes. HMU! Whenn youhh can!

Michelle1881 5 years ago

I fell 16 stairs and landed on the cement floor in my parents basement sleepwalking last saturday. I had a ct scan and xrays, both clear. I still have a nasty hedacke, I'm vomitting, there is ringing in my ears, my spelling is wrong. I can see that but I cannot see what is wrong with it. I am starting to feel really tired and really heavy and I noticed that my sppech is slowing. I haven't been sleeping. Could that cause my symptons or should I go back? Your article really made me take notice.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@jaslene) You need to let your parents know what's going on. Let me know how you are doing.

@Michelle) Wow what a fall. I would follow up with a Dr. Hope you feel better.

@jorge) I'm sorry to hear about how bad you are feeling. Sounds like you need a follow-up Dr. appt. also.

Gabriela 5 years ago

Hmm reading all this made me curious and kind of scared. Today, just a couple of hours ago, i was leaving the cafeteria in school and i was hugging my friend and he tripped so i tripped and he fell on top of me. I hit my head kind of hard but i just got up. I was a little dizy when i first qot up and my head hurt for a little but i feel fine now. I dont want to tell my parents because i dont want to scare them but i also am scared of falling asleep and not waking up or being in a coma, since that is one of the worst things that can happen.

Ally 5 years ago

Hi,I just hit my head on a chandelier,what should I do????

Elisabeth 5 years ago

I'm kinda worried, when I was little I hit my head extremely hard on a brick wall but I didn't tell anyone because I had a really high pain tolerance and that was when I was 10 and then I started having troubles like dizziness and vision problems. Soon it escalated into on and off problems with any and all words. Then just last year I told my parents about not being able to tell what certain letters were and they took me to the Dr. and I was diagnosed with dyslexia but I'm afraid it's because of the head-hitting. Could that possibly be anything related to this article or am I just freaking myself out.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting.I hope you all feel better.

@Gabriela) I'm sorry to hear you hit your head.You need to let your parents know.

@Ally) Keep an eye out for the symptoms of a concussion and then follow up with your Dr. if you need to.

@Elisabeth) I don't know the answer to your question. I would ask your Dr. about that and share those thoughts with him/her.

Pegasister 5 years ago

I am 11 years old and just had a soccer game today. During a throw in, my teammate accidentally threw it too hard and the ball smacked me hard right in the temple. I fell on my knees once it happened. It took about 5-7 seconds to regain my balance.

Ever since that happened I have been dizzy, in a daze, nauseated, and extremely tired. I feel like I'm sick (like a cold) but not coughing or sneezing or anything like that. Just that feeling when you have a cold. What should I do?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Pegasister) Sorry to hear that. Let your parents know and have them read this article. Good luck!

Elisabeth 5 years ago

Thanks!! I went to the emergency room yesterday because I was kicked in the back in a soccer game (which is unrelated) but I voiced my concerns about my head and my dyslexia and they said they didn't know much they could do about it but did point out that dyslexia is generally a genetically transmitted thing and because neither of my parents have a history of it in their family there is an 80% chance it was because of the head injury. So anyone who is reading this article and is afraid to tell their parents about a head injury please do because I'll tell you now, dyslexia sucks!!

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Elisabeth) Thanks for checking back and the advice!

Nat 5 years ago

About a month ago I hit the back of my head A FEW times on the floor when play wrestling with my older brother. I didn't hit it really hard but it wasn't soft either. I had no symptoms of any kind only a sore head. My head was sore for the first two weeks when I touched it and it is still a little sore now!! I am really paranoid and am constantly thinking about my head. I am afraid that I might be internally bleeding or that something is really wrong. I think it might all be psycological because I always over exagerate things. I think the reason it is still sore is because I am always poking at it to see how it feels and maybee because I am still playing soccer?? Please tell me what you think!!!! Do you think I am ok???????? Please answer!!!

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Nat) Have you talked to your parents about your concerns? I would think you would have some symptoms like listed here if you had a concussion but you should talk to them.

cami 5 years ago

Hello! I was goofing off with my friends today at the beach, and I ended up falling on the sand with my head hitting a big rock hard. It felt blurry for a few seconds, but it went away. It wasn't that painful (esp after I put ice on it), and there was no blood just a big bump, so my friends think that it should be okay. I guess I'm wondering if you can have a concussion even if it doesn't bleed or hurt that much? Also, these symptoms don't have to start on the first day right?

yanie cinco 5 years ago

what should i do in this situation??because my girlfriend bump her head and she is always experiencing headache??especially when i accidentally touch her hair?

Slim 5 years ago

Hi! it was yesterday when my boyfriend and I had an argument and i pushed him so hard that he landed on the floor and hit his head, though he went down with his back but his head also hit the ground. I am so worried cos he left with a headache and back pains, and i have been pleading with him to lets go see the doctor but he tells me that he's fine. This morning he said he's just having a slight headache but he will be okay. Am still worried, what do u think i should do.

john 5 years ago

this article is great for guidance i am a mixed martial artist+get hit on the head a hell of a lot and would say this is great advice,only came across it as my partner bumped her head 2 days ago and is feeling kinda lightheaded so i decided to look something up,she won't see a doc but i will try+convince her too,as i would rather be safe than sorry!

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Cami) If I remember correctly no they don't necessarily start right away.

@Yani) Have her see a Dr.

@Slim) Have him read here about concussions. Maybe he will go see a Dr.

@John) So glad it was helpful I am glad you found my hub on symptoms of a concussion. I think personal stories are helpful. Thanks for reading.

Nat 5 years ago

I feel better that I talked to my parents because they say everything is fine! They said I have always over reacted with injuries in the past and that if something were really wrong I would feel pain or somehting worse then just a sore head! They said because it has been over a month and I have had no symptoms I should stop worrying!!! Thanks a lot for the advice :)

Cami 5 years ago

Can you get a concussion from like hitting your head on the bottom of a bed multiple times? Because I'm in a very tight dorm room, with my desk and one of my roomate's desks under her bed. I've hit my head multiple times on it, going under it. And yesterday I was at a concert and bent down (to grab a guitar pick!!!) and when I stood up someone's elbow got jammed into my head. Later that night I hit my head on the bed, but not very hard. But tonight I hit my head like full on and it hurt pretty bad and I felt dizzy for a bit. I feel sorta like my head hurts now but it could be 'cause I'm staring at a computer screen and also cause I'm really tired. But, can you get a concussion from hitting your head on a bed multiple times?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Nat) That's great that you talked to them. Glad you checked back and let me know you are OK!

@Cami) I supposed you could but I'm not a DR. That would be a question I would ask your DR. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Elsa 5 years ago

Yesterday night, I thought I was going to flop onto the bed full force, but instead the back of my head hit the metal heater and there was a loud noise when it happened. There was a bump right away and I iced it for a while. I was slightly tipsy at the time but aware of what was happening. I slept fine last night and woke up today feeling normal, with the exception of a slight dull pain where I hit my head. I'm a little worried about getting a concussion but my friends laughed at me and said to just ice it some more. Should I check with the doctors, or wait a few days to see how things go?

jim 5 years ago

Hi fellow head injury sufferers

I stood up into a large tree branch I was sitting under, forcefully two weeks ago. I was talking off into a run, so basically ran up and into it. It ripped off two inches of foehead skin and I fell to the ground stunned.

I'm 32 and it felt like the hardest I'd ever been hit on the head. I got up and walked to clean the wound at a sink and check the extent of the wound, then felt very woozy and panic thinking the worst - blood building in brain, broken skull.

I wgot a lift home and applied a frozen cloth. I called a nurse friend and did online checks and 'diagnosed myself' as being ok as my memory, eys etc were fine.

Carried on as normal, wound healed over nicely, exercised and drove as normal. Then slowly symptoms started appearing - mild travel sickness, tiredness, mild headaches.

Then a week after the hit, dizzyness and some vision tunneling. I went to the ER and sat for 3 hours feeling fine, but worried, and the doctor who claimed much experience diagnosed post concussion syndrome and his advice was carry on as normal, but rest the brain as you would rest a sprained ankle etc. Avoid computers, TV, too much coffee etc that work on the brain, rest, don't exercise hard.

He said is wasn't a big enough injury incident to order further tests. So I received no further medical help.

Maybe i'm not resting enough because the dizzyness is getting more constant now... but no other symptoms really.

Offering this story to ease the worry of anyone else searching for information on the net who isn't getting much medical help. But on the dizzyness front, it could be ear infection so its worth getting that checked if possible.

Good luck.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Elsa, how are you feeling?

@Jim) OUCH! That must have hurt. I am glad you are staying on top of things - and thank you for a wonderful post. I am sure this will be helpful to many.

m0nica 5 years ago

Hi I'm 26 years old and I hit my head really hard almost 2 weeks ago and I blacked out for a couple of seconds then I was fine besides the realy bad headache the next day but a couple of days ago I started getting bad headaches and it only hurts were I hit my self witch was on the right side of the back of my head so I don't know if I should have my Dr. check it out.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@monica) Hi I would call your Dr. I hope you are feeling better.

monica 5 years ago

I called my Dr. and scheduled an appt. first thing in the morning for some reason my headaches are getting a little worse hope every thing is ok too. Thank you!

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@monica) Glad to hear you made an appt.I hope all goes well for you.

sunsprite 5 years ago

Dear Doris,

I am sonia simon the one who told you about my head injury.I am 14 years old.These days i am having these headaches AND Fainting . I NEED YOUR HELP.WHAT CAN I DO.

james 5 years ago

i suffered

SHELL MCC 5 years ago

hi my 4 year old fall while out with his dad, and hit his head of the kerb he has come home felling fine but has a big egg on his head i don't know what to do with him as he is himself and doesn't want to go hospital and his farther said he has been fine since it happened.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Sonia) Please let your parents know. Very important!

@SHELL) I would call your nurse or Dr. for advice just to play it safe.

Oscar 5 years ago

Hi Dorsi, i hit my head very hard with my desk as i was picking up a pencil that had dropped and the first thing i did was jump and run to the kitchen for some ice. Only later when i felt a bump did i begin to worry. I'm not going to sleep tonight and i am asking myself questions and keeping myself awake to see how i do. I am a bit nervous though because i started getting a pain on my neck and lower back region of my head. Not sure what to do. i cant go to the hospital right now the earliest i can get to one is in like 12 hours tops. Do you have any advice for me?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Oscar) Hope you are well - I'm just checking in here. You may have seen or talked to your Dr. by now. Hope all is OK.

Vadim 5 years ago

Hi, I went wakeboarding yesterday and I'm pretty decent at riding and I go pretty big but I stacked yesterday really hard hitting the back of my head on the water, I went from 50km/h to 0km/h in less then a second, as soon as I hit the water, everything was vibrating in my head, I thought I knocked my self out but I floated up to the water and was still seeing and the vibration in my body and head was still going for another 5-10 sec then it stopped, scared the hell out of me. any advice would be great. thanks

Klair 5 years ago

Hi, I hit my head and was knocked out for a few minutes, I have bad headaches and just want to sleep all the time, shall I see my dr?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Vadim) Sounds like you hit your head very hard. Are you having any of the symptoms I mentioned?

@Klair) Yes I would call your Dr.

@bhavya) Ask for one if you feel you need it. My dad had to insist on one and I am glad he did - it saved his life.

asdgm 5 years ago

i hit my head last month. (I was playing volleyball) i didn't get dizzy but until now, I have a lump on my head. i often feel dizzy. my dad's a doctor and I told him about this and he told me it's nothing. since my dad is a doctor, I believe him that nothing's wrong. BUT.... how come until now I have a lump on my head? (it's like a dent on my skull) :(

Klair 5 years ago

Thanks dorsi,

I seen my doctors and given me pain relief for my headaches I have got to have a scan tomorrow, I just sleep at the moment. Thanks again

brandon66 5 years ago

Hello. My name is Brandon. And,I am 14. I've only suffered 4 concussions and my doctors are thinking I've had a lot more then 4. Right now I am in my freshman year in High School Football and I am on the Injured List. After reading this I'm now very aware of the signs. Thank you for this! I really appreciate this article!

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@asdgm) I think your dad has your best interest at heart and since he is a Dr. I personally would listen to him. Just continue to let him know if you have any of these concussion symptoms.

@Klair) Glad to hear that and thanks for checking back in.

@brandon) You are welcome and are you sure you want to continue playing football brandon? That's A lot of head injuries. Something to think about.

asdgm 5 years ago

thanks!! I had my eyes checked and that was the reason why i was dizzy :) also i found out that the ''dent'' on my head was because of the fusion of the bones (something like that)

lisa 5 years ago

hi i hit my head today stood up and banged it right on corner of cupboard door this is hardest ever hit my head and it really hurt i have a dent about the size of a 5p piece and its swollen all around it ive spoken to doctor and said to ring bk if any dizziness or anything else the only thing ive noticed is that im struggling to concentrate on the computer and as im on every day this is strange dp u think i should ring docs bk thanks

Jessie 5 years ago

How hard do u have to hit ur head to knock yourself out?

Pig_pen 5 years ago

I have had three to four mild concussions all from Playing football.

Polly 5 years ago

Wow I feel better just knowing there are others who have dumb accidents. Last Sunday a stone bird house fell on my head, I didn't lose conciseness but saw plenty of stars. After sitting for awhile I started to feel nauseated and the left side of my face was feeling numb, this progressed to vision problems and a spaced out feeling. I got a friend to take me to emerg where I was given a CT Scan and diagnosed with a stage2 concussion. Its been a week now and though the symptoms are better I still have head pain, don't feel with it and my ear feels thick which is probably responsible for my balance being off. Anyone else who's had a concussion tell me if this like they experienced and when does it get better?

Thanks to all who have posted.

Ouchie 5 years ago

so i was ice skating today and i fell and hit my the back of my head. not competive skating, just with a bunch of friends. It hurt a little then, so i sat out for a few minutes. Its been 4 hours, i feel fine, none of the symptoms, but i do have a bump. should i be worried?

Conley 5 years ago

kay so tooday i was on my rip rider 360 going about 12 mph. i did a 180 but hit the dirt and the thind threw me backwards and my head slammed againced the dirt. my head hit the dirt going about 10-12 mph. i did have a mongoose helmet on. it was a horrible pain sensation alll throughout my head. i put ice on it. it is now about 10 hours later and i have a mild headace. i am rally worried and i cant sleep (its almost 11 o clock) and all my dad has to say is "i hit my head playing football, got a concusion, and im still alive. my momis sleeping.) they will not take me to a doctor. HELP!!

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@asdgm) thanks for checking back. Glad to hear you got it checked out.

@Lisa) Yes I would let him know.

@Jessie) It varies.

@Pig) That's a lot of concussions.Please take care!

@Polly) I'm not sure if that is part of your concussion symptoms. Sorry to hear you are having problems still. Glad you got it checked out though.

@Ouchie) Continue to monitor for any symptoms. Take care.

@Conley) How are you feeling now?

Jonny 5 years ago

I hurt my head not to long ago and I wasn't sure if i had a concussion. Now a few weeks later when ever I wrestle i get really dizzy and sometimes black out.

Yuri 5 years ago

Earlier today, I was playing flag football, a girl in the opponent team had hit my head hard now i feel like there's pressure on the temples and sharp pain there... Should I go to the doctors cause like... I really don't want to go cause if there's nothing wrong then it's kinda a waste of money and i know that times are harsh :/.

Yuri 5 years ago

Oh and the force was enough to almost knock me to the ground...

Cara 5 years ago

In drama class, at the last minute we decided i should die in the skit. i fell on my back but my head hit the ground harder than intended. about 30 mins later my headache got worse, but manageable. (this was today) When i stand up sometimes i am dizzy, but that happens to me sometimes. i don't want to tell my parents if it is not a big deal, because I am the kind of person 'who gets hurt a lot' and complains. i have no other major symptoms that i can tell. is it worth it to tell my parents? please don't just say yes, i don't want to make a big deal of it. should i see if the headaches persist and/or if i have more symptoms? or dismiss it?

Cara 5 years ago

by the way, i don't know if i hit it hard enough. i have had worse, but still...

mandy 5 years ago

omg now this really scares me, i fell and hit my head on cament like 2 months ago i didn't go get check out becuz it didn't hurt then but now when i blink my eye where i hit it is only now hurting, and i had some of the symptoms before but i think i should go get check out just in case. thanks for the message.

Justin 5 years ago

Well the other day i had a football game a some kid threw me to the fround and i hit my head really hard i had a quick ringing noise then i was really dizzy and a felt like a was about to pass out. I was wondering if i should tell my parents and go to the doctor. (p.s. Im 12

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 5 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Jonny) That's not good. I would definitely see a Dr.

@Yuri) Can you call an advice nurse to ask about this?

@Cara) Let your parents know. Whenever you hit your head like that you need to let someone know and to observe for any symptoms. Good luck.

@mandy) YW

@Justin) Yes let your parents know. Whenever you hit your head hard it's wise to let someone close to know what happened.

Justin 5 years ago

Ok thank you very much

Cara 5 years ago

Thanks, yeah i told them. Thanks sooo much! :)

Katelyn(; 4 years ago

Okayy so first of I'm 16, I hit my head getting into my dads truck on October8th,. Since thEn I'm ALWAYS dizzy and have massive headaches stuff like advil doesn't help at all. I dance a lot so when I went to dance I was dizzy and told my teacher what happened just last Thursday she thought I had a concussion. So I told my parents that and because I'm accident prone they said I'm fine. But just recently I've been starting to get worse headaches when ever there's a light on. I never want to drive anymore because I always feel crappy. I'd go to the nurse at my school but she doesn't like me... So idk what to do. I have most of the symptoms and I've been doing research for like a week,. I think I might have one because I'm always dizzy and always have headaches ligh makes me sick I also feel like I'm about to throwup like every hour :o I hate this I don't know what to do.

Katelyn(; 4 years ago

Oh and I always want to sleep now. Like I go to bed way before I usually do and it's harder for me to wake up.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

YW Justin and Cara)

@Katelyn) Tell them again and show them this article with the symptoms. Let me know how things go.

Richelle 4 years ago


my little girl was playing at the park at hit her head coming down off the monkey bars. She hit her head on the monkey bar, not on the floor, so it was a very close contact with the hit. The noise of the compact was loud. She cried for a couple of minutes and then seemed to be fine. I put ice on it right away. There is a goose bump on the left side of her back head. Now she says her neck is hurting. She is active and alert. I have given her ibuprofin which seems to help. She doesn't complain a lot as a child and I think this is because I tend to freak out too much, but that is my personality and I'm trying to remain calm. We are so broke that we can't pay the rent this month. Tomorrow if she wakes up hurting and stiff I am taking her in to the doctors for xrays. Hoping they have a sliding scale.


Taylor 4 years ago

Hi,I'm 11 yrs old and i am really concerned about my mommy today at work she went to the store and she was pushing the cart and wasn't paying attention and turned around and bumped her head really hard on the door and she was crying but she went to the hospital and they took an xray and cat scam and the doctor said she was fine. But im just still worried i have butterflies in my stomach . WIll my mom be ok?

hi 4 years ago

hello im 14 years old and i as i was stupidly trying to the spider thingie where u land backward and i hit my head pretty hard like if i had fallen directly downward. after the impact i stayed on the floor for a while , and it did hurt i asked my mom to check it for me she said i had a small bump with little bit of blood , and that my head was little red.but i feeling alright now , it only happened 30 mins from now and all i have is minor pain in my head and headache.

Morgan Kaye 4 years ago

okeyy my mom fell and hit her head pretty hard on a tiled floor and i assessed her and everything and iced her head but she has a big bump and the pains not going down at all and idk what to do shes not really showing any signs right now of a concussion er anything. i keep checking on her. shes aware and able to speak clearly and see clearly. anyone have suggestions? please

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Richelle) Thanks for reading and I'm sorry to hear that. How is she doing?

@Taylor) Sounds like the Dr.s are taking good care of your mommy.

@hi) How are you feeling now?

@Morgan) Thanks for helping your mom. How is she doing now?

hi 4 years ago

well it been three days now i do feel better than before but my head still seems swollen is that alright? i dont think it that bad tho but i do sometime get a headache but that can from school. i also get a little dizzy but that can be the lack of sleep. so i am not sure. thank you very much;)

hi 4 years ago

o sorry to post again but i also begin having neck pain since i hit my head;D could that be related to hit i received in the head? thank you again ;)

Cris 4 years ago

Very interesting article. I stopped by because I recently hit my head by running into a tree and was worried if I had suffered a concussion, because as soon as I hit my head I not only had pain where the tree hit me but on the opposite side as well! I didn't have any symptoms of a concussion such as dizziness or blurred vision (I even kept running with my friends like nothing happened) but I promptly told my mom about it; she also worried about a concussion, but it was late at night and she suggested I should rest and see if the headache goes away.

This was yesterday. Today I've woken up with this annoying "pressure" around my head specially in the back around my neck and my forehead. I took some pain medication to see if it would go away, but it doesn't seem to be letting up. I've been looking around the internet to see if I am in fact having symptoms of a concussion and I stumbled onto your page. I think I will ask mom for that trip to the doctor's office now, but I'm scared it will result in some bad news.

Richelle 4 years ago

Hi Dorsi,

It's been over a week now, and she never showed any signs of concussion and no complaints about head, neck or back. I kept her on ibuprofin for two days just so she wouldn't feel the pain. She dances around, does tumbling now and is running around. I think all is fine. I didn't take her to the doctor's. She didn't have the symptoms that alerted to rush her to ER. I just kept a close watch on her. I'm more careful with her now and more aware of what could happen. It opened my eyes and I'm just so thankful she is ok. Because she is such a smart kind girl. Thanks for asking.


jay p 4 years ago

someone hit a bottle into the back of my head, and it gets me headache that was 5 days from now..

eye j 4 years ago

i hit my head the other day on the car and i have most of these symptoms... i told my parents but they're saying you'll be fine... oh well.

JennyT 4 years ago

Thanks so much for the article. I'm a vinatge/antique dealer and yesterday, I was setting up a very large light fixture in the ceiling, to display. Thought I had it solidly in the ceiling. It was too heavy, and it fell from the ceiling, directly on top of my head, (I was taking things out of a box- so almost the back portion of the top of my head). I still have a headache and slight blurriness in the corner of my right eye. Was exhausted today, but am feeling better now. I think I have a concussion. I'm actually relieved these are normal syptoms, as I don't have health insurance and have the feeling emergency care and x-rays would cost a fortune.

Joey Kilp 4 years ago

I Had a Concussion from falling in basketball. But My Head doesn't hurt at the Moment? Has my Concussion gone away? it has only been 2 days?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@hi) Thanks for checking back with me. Those could be concussion symptoms but your Dr. would be the best one to ask that.

@Cris) Don't be concerned. You can recover from a concussion (if it is one)

@Richelle) Glad to hear she is doing well.

@Jay) I would call a Dr. or nurse advice nurse. That's a bad blow from a bottle.

@eye) Just keep an eye out. If problems continue let them know.

@Jenny) Sounds like you might. That was quite a blow. Watch out if you have a severe headache that doesn't go away.

@Joey) I would ask your Dr. that question. Thanks for reading.

4 years ago

I suppose it better to be safe than sorry!!! And get checked out to rule out internal bleeding!!!!

JennyT 4 years ago

Thank you. Still have a little headache and am a little slow on energy, but am feeling on the mend. :)I hope everyone is feeling better today. Best wishes to you all!

Susan 4 years ago

Yeah I'm a bit worried now to be honest. I slipped on a wet floor 4 days ago and whacked my head off the table when I was getting up - the place where I banged it is really sore to the touch, like a bruise, but today I've been feeling an awful lot of pressure in my head - like someone's sitting on my head, squashing it. I haven't had dizziness, blurred vision, confusion, sensitivity to light, stumbling, etc - just this pressure. I guess I thought as long as you were okay right after impact, then you were okay full stop. Should I go to the doctor at the weekend? Like, is this a bad sign? I'm absolutely terrified now!!

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@T) Yes, internal bleeding is probably the worst case scenario. It did happen in my dads case but he had a VERY bad headache for days. Unbearable in fact.

@Jenny) Thanks for the update!

@Susan) I would call the Dr. and at least ask those questions. It could be just part of hurting yourself.Let me know how you are doing.

Susan 4 years ago

Hi, I couldn't get to my GP so I went and saw the doctor on call this evening - he said it was unlikely that I had any internal damage and that it sounded that a combination of worrying and the bang to the head left me with a temporary case of something similar to temporal arthritis, where the nerves in my head are swollen. I got some paracetamol and valium (?!) to relax me, and advice to rest up for the weekend and see my own GP on Monday if the tightness in my head hasn't gone. Thanks for the article Dorsi, it really helped x

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Susan) Glad to hear you are OK and you are very welcome! Thanks for checking back in.

hi 4 years ago

okay thank you very much for your help :) i am feeling much better and tho i got sick a few days back thats i why i couldn't check back :) anyways thank you ;)

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@yunes) Keep an eye out on that.

@hi)Your welcome!

Maria 4 years ago

I am glad that I came across this article. I fell and hit the side of my head after coming from the beach in April i caught my fall with my right hand if not I probably would have cracked my head open. I did bruise the right side of my face up pretty bad. I am having headaches and blurred vision. I will ask my Dr. to do an x-ray and scan on my next visit which will be coming up next week. Thanks again for this article it never hurts to get it checked out at least.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Maria) Glad you are checking it out and thanks for reading and commenting.

jimmy 4 years ago

Glad I found this site has tons of info...I slipped and fell on Halloween night and cracked my head on the ground...I was pretty intoxicated so I wasn't worried about it too much that night...but the next morning I woke up and couldn't lift my head out of bed...I don't know if it was caused by whiplash from the fall or what...but all day was horrible neck got better in a few days..but now 9 days later I've had a headache every day since my fall...and when I wake up I'm in a fog and at times don't feel like myself...I've been working out of town haven't had a chance to go to the doctor ...but today at work the pain moved into my eye and was unbearable I took a nap at lunch...and it went away..I've been worried all week but reading on this site has suppressed a few worries..thanks for the great info

Theresa 4 years ago

Hit my head 4 days ago(sun) on the edge of a cupboard and still filling the effects. The first night i was ok the next day i got a headache and have had a almost pressure type feeling in the back crown of my head since. Yesterday(tue) my right eye seemed to be going in and out of focus and for the past 2 days i have been sick to my stomach. Wondering if i should be concerned or just let it heal. I have no mark what so ever but my head is tender to the touch where i hit it.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Jimmy) Glad you found us here. I would see a Dr. to rule out any internal bleeding. That sounds like it was a nasty fall. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

@Theresa) Can you call an advice nurse?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Tiffany) I am glad the nurse checked you and that your parents know. It sounds like you are in good hands. Good luck hun and let me know how you are feeling.

Richard 4 years ago

hi All, I slammed my head in the glassdoor 5 days ago and i got a bump in my forhead and minor cut in my lip and nosebled a little.

i went to ER and they xrayed my nose but there's no fracture and informed me i should be fine (no need for CAT scan) just monitor if i go dizzy or vomit which never occurred. i Woke up next day with stiff neck, and feels like im floating, mild headache started on the 3rd day. i went back to the doctor who gave me pain relievers, and sleeping pill as i worried too much and advised to put menthol rub in my neck, and that i should be fine. now on the 5th day no more stiff neck but still got headaches and floating feeling(i only took sleeping tablet one time). should i insist a CAT or MRI or just wait?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Richard) Sorry to hear about this. Since it sounds like you have a Dr., I would ask him to give you an x-ray or cat scan. It sounds like it could be a mild concussion, but I am not a Dr. An ray would at least give you peace of mind. Let me know how you are doing!

James's 4 years ago

Hey so I live your article and glad that you are here to help people in these situations! I recently was cleaning my room and my black light fell off the wall and hit my head. HARD. The light turned green and then shut off. That's how hard it was . Very dramatically I fell to the floor for a second and then I got back up! This happened two days ago a d since then I've been really nervous that I have a concussion or internal bleeding! I haven't had any signs of a concussion or anything but my head feels pressured and weird. I don't have headaches but it feels a bit painfull inside my head . Should I go to the hospital or do you think my head is just healing ?

Brittany 4 years ago

I hit my head playing bball in gym. I got kind of dizzy but it went away and got a headache. I told a teacher but didn't go to the office, My headache went away until that night. Now i only have headaches when im sitting down. This is the only symptom i have. Do you think i could have a concusion?

(P.S. This happened yesterday, and i will be 13 in december.)

Brittany 4 years ago

Sorry to post again but i wanted to let you know that i did tell my mom.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@James) Sounds like a bad hit. I would call your Dr. just to check.

Brittany) What did your mom say? Maybe you should show her this article hun.

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 4 years ago from North America

This is still good information everyone should know.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Thank you Patty and I agree!!

Lorie Perry 4 years ago

3 years ago i fell for no apparent reason. bounced my face off a curb the end result was a class 3 concussion, whiplash, broken nose and a few fractures. went to the er waited for 4 hrs just to get xrays to say yes your nise is broken. No head trama tests were done.

In the aftermath of this had to relearn how to write my name over again,feed myself, and dress myself. to this day stiull cant tie running shoes.

the end result went to a neurologist ctscan was done (almost a year sfter the fact) showed no swelling. Had had plastic surgery to repair fractures and rebuild nose (X 2). I now have times where i forget my location or why i am thereI also have a constant headache. Drs here say I am a liability to work for i forget things and balance is an issue( used to nurse 30 + years)

In the aftermath the disability board says im not disabled?????

could the migraines be still caused form the initial injury? Is frustrating that the health field can not justify the means

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Lorie) Wow I am so sorry to hear about your injury. I would look into a good social security lawyer and appeal your denial. Social security is notorious for claim denials - find a good lawyer to help you and good luck. Let me know the outcome please.

Lorie Perry 4 years ago

Hi thanks for the concern i have a meeting with a free lawyer on the 24th. he is representing me in the tribunal hearing on the 29th. here in Canada they have people that will try to help. Am also trying to write a letter to the mp here in brantford. if all else fails an editorial would be in order.

They have finally booked neack xrays and mri's for the nerves in the neck and back. one more step for medical documentation. now it s a waiting game till the end of dec to see if they turn their decision around.( stress is just creating more of a headache- Yuck)

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Lorie) Glad to hear that you have an appt. Good luck with that!

Charlotte 4 years ago

I hit my head hard on a solid iron bedpost. I can't remember the incedent too well. I felt REALLY tired afterwards, but I knew that, as I was alone in the house, I shouldn't fall asleep after a head injury. Anyway, when my mum and dad came back I went to bed and promptly fell asleep. I felt awful for a day afterwards (barely got out of bed). My dad said that he did't think that I was concussed (I think because my pupils were the same size[?]) but I am not so sure, I'm useually quite tired (but that may be because I'm going to bed a bit late), can't concentrate on much for too long (find it hard to follow a long conversation, do my homework etc.), am getting headaches that I sometimes have to take ibuprofen for, sometimes feel dizzy. My dad passed off most of the symptoms, but I am not sure. I don't know what to say to him. I am scared because I am doing hockey tomorrow, and I don't know how serious it will be if I get another head injury. What should I do?

Charlotte 4 years ago

P.S I also get brief periods where I go dizzy, can't see and my memory briefly goes blank. I'm 12 if it makes a difference.

melissa 4 years ago

hi my name is melissa and my 12 year old son hit his head its bleeding should i amedietly get him to a doctor

Jake 4 years ago

Hi my name is Jake my friend hit his head and had trouble standing and had a bad headache.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Charlotte) Sorry to hear about you hitting your head. I would show your dad this article) Good luck.

@melissa) Yes I would.

Jake) Have your friend read this article. Thanks for reading.

Kira-nii 4 years ago

I had a volleyball to head a two+ weeks back and yesterday a football hit me back of head,parents say I'll be fine,had good vital signs.I showed them this article

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Kira) Glad to know you are paying attention and reading up on this after hitting your head. Have a nice Thanksgiving!

Jonathan 4 years ago

What does it mean if there comes blood out of your ear?

Brain injury?

Xien 4 years ago

@Jonathan, Could just be trauma to the ear. Sometimes people are not too bright and stick q-tips up in there, you'd be surprised.

As for myself, went to hospital a few days ago with no short term memory, confusion, sensitivity to light, lack of co-ordination, trouble focusing on things and blurred vision. Even told the doc that I hit my head. When asked if I had a headache, not really, more of a numbness.

Seven zillion tests later (bloodtest, x-rays, etc) the best I got was, yeah you have concussion symptoms. And that was 8 hours of the day. Cure they said: take it easy for a week.

Point being: I think that a lot of people are reluctant to go to the hospital and pay (or waste their time if you have free healthcare like here) for a whole lot of nothing.

To make things even worse, they wouldn't even call me a cab (was too disoriented to call one). Stumbled out and took a bus. (Frank) you Ottawa Civic Hospital.

Mariah 4 years ago

so at about 5 am yesterday morning I moved my head up to switch sides I was sleeping on and at the same time my boyfriend accidentally clocked his elbow right into the back of my head, it felt pretty hard to me it woke me up, I got up and stayed up till 6:30 watching tv because I always heard not to go back to sleep for a couple hours after something like that happens in case of concussion, well I didn't make it to 7 I passed back out and woke up around 9, I never got a headache or anything I mean I did get this one slight feeling that went through my head like 5 times when I got up not a headache feeling like I can't explain it a weird feeling maybe a light headache I'm not sure, I've been in bed all day because I've had a cold and I'm slightly dizzy and maybe my vision is a tiny bit blurred? but again im sick... I ate notmally all day yesterday hung out with my bf remember everything so far and just feel tired but also my ears are clogged from the cold so maybe thats the why i'm dizzy? my dad says it's from the cold, the spot my bf hit on my head is sore though I felt it in the shower, it's been 31 hours since the incident, a day and 7 hours and I have done everything normally

so my questions is basically do you think I should see a dr or do you think I'm fine, and also how many hours or days have to pass without symptoms until you know that you are ok?

Xien 4 years ago

Mine happened on the 19th, still have all symptoms, but at least have a better connection with reality (yes, it was that bad). From a couple friends that got dingers to the head in karate tournaments, don't worry if you still have symptoms for about 3 weeks. Anything longer is worry time (though about 1 in 10 have symptoms longer). Average time is about 2 weeks from what I have seen online and heard from a clinic I was at.

If I were you, I would visit the hospital anyways even if it is likely a waste of time. Why? Because when you suffer a brain injury like a concussion, your brain essentially doesn't want to do unneeded functions in order to recover faster. Causes a lot of blurry vision and memory problems in people, and in some cases people can not be sure if they are in a reality or dream, etc (I got that one, it sucks, though slowly going away). Fastest recovery is doing as little engaging (challenging) physical and psychological tasks. IE, don't play that hockey game or do that word puzzle.

Just as well, even if your symptoms went away fast, you can have had a concussion. I just learned the other day that any time you black out from a headshot, are knocked in that "woozy" state etc, you most likely had a concussion, whether a large or small one. Here, that means likely a half dozen ones that went away within 36-48 hours and was brushed off as being under the weather.

Might I ask if that feeling in your head is kind of a tension/circulating like feeling? I know when I don't have a headache, I get one like that.

Current symptoms:

Vision problems

Sensitivity to Light


Slight (improving) loss of short term memory

Don't know what to call it, but trouble thinking of the right word (where I usually have a huge vocabulary)

Trouble thinking

Loss of reality

Easily Frustrated


HUGE fatigue.

This is 10 days later, all very prevalent. As well, cannot go into large open spaces, confusing to the eyes and makes sense of feel go off. At least hearing is fine as long as noises are soft. Note to self: need new doctors note, lost the last one...

Matty 4 years ago

When I was like 7 I jumped backwards off the trampoline and hit my head onnn a rock so hard that it split my head open and broke the rock. I still get really dizzy out of the blue is this rellated to my fall as I didn't see the doctor and i'm now12 so it was 5 years ago.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Matty) Wow - did your parents ever follow through with a Dr. on that?

Roks 4 years ago

My mother fell from a vehichle..and she got a bruise on her head. I told her that we have to go to ER, but she said that she want to go tomorrow.well my question is, is it ok to postpone it?i really want to go now even it's 1am here but she's tired from work so she just want to have some sleep.

I'm anxious about her condition.please help me,thanks.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Roks) Sorry to hear that. I'd give your Dr. or advice nurse a call and ask that question I can understand your concern.

Diana 4 years ago

My boyfriend just hit the back of his head pretty hard from leaning back with a chair (always warned him not to do that!) he was bleeding a bit and now is developing a lump and is experiencing dizziness but now Im worried because he wants to take a nap and I keep advising him not to

Bharath 4 years ago

Yesterday night while trying to get into bed, I slipped accidentally and left side of my head, inches above my left ear hit the sharp corner of the wall. I have pain only when I touch the place of impact. Otherwise, I do not feel any symptoms. When I open fully open my mouth, because of the stretch, there is a twinge. Otherwise, no other symptoms mentioned above. Should I worry about internal bleeding

mary 4 years ago

i free fell down 7 steps and hit the front of my head with brute force with my glasses on since then i have had bad headaches and a feling of a muffled head and very slight waves of sickness my neck hurts on movement and i feel better when i lay down to sleep do you think i need to see a doc ?

Charlett 4 years ago

top in 6 days ago should I go to the doctors 22 mo great lakes and I been having

saznrai 4 years ago

I am worried about my sister's vision and literally her head. Back when we were kids, we used to play a lot jumping in the bed and one time I bumped into her and she fell and hit her head hard on the wall.. She hit her head on the top back part of the head. Its been 10-15yrs already and I still remember that bang and thud clearly.. vividly! I can even remember the sound it made...

Life goes on and we forget about it, we didn't tell our parents because I didn't want to get in trouble.

And now she wears glasses.. and I think its quite powerful because without them, she cant read at all.. My whole family doesn't wear glasses and neither did my grand parents.. so its not hereditary.

And I still think that its because of the fall that I caused led my sister into bad vision and possibly other related things too hampering the function of her brain. Theres no other significant symptoms except for the eye. I feel so bad and guilty...

Xien 4 years ago

Vision problems can persist after concussions. A concussion was likely. If vision problems are the worst that came of it, remember, things could have been much worse. Poor vision is not the end of the world and I hope your sister is okay.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Diana) I've been gone a few days. How is your boyfriend doing?

@Bharath) Did you call your Dr.? Internal bleeding is always possible but not always the case.

@mary) That was a bad fall and yes I would see your Dr. or at least call him.

@saznrai) It's quite possible that your sister would have needed glasses anyway. Please don't beat yourself up about this - forgive yourself. You were only children.

@Xien) Thanks for the kind comment.

Marina 4 years ago

I have played soccer for 12 years and have had 3 or 4 concussions. I am 16 and I am doing research on concussions for a school biology project. Thanks for the great article!!!

josh123 4 years ago

this is really helpful because when playing football i hit my head hard and felt dizzy the past few days. then today i got hit in the back of my neck and i'm seeing all the symptoms listed above.

Kira 4 years ago

HEh,a football hit me in back on head couple weeks back,I'm experiencing memory problems,my parents keep telling me I'm gonna be fine cause them and my bro survived worse,can't go to hospital cause I have braces

susan 4 years ago

I need some help to figure out what to do last wednesday I was moving a shelf and a glass frame fell off the shelf and hit me right on top of my head, it caused my teeth to slam shut and my neck to go into my shoulders my big problem is I have so many other health problems it is hard to figure out if anything else is happening because of the head hit or my other things the top of my head is still very very sore can't even touch it and brushing my hair doesn't help either, I am trying to found out if I should go to my doctors to get it checked out or not does anyone have anything they can tell me to help me Thanks a lot Susan

grettel 4 years ago

hi , my son fell off the bed a couple months ago he was 18 months then, he hit the floor and hit his head real bad, i got up in the middle of the night and and he was bleeding, i took him to the er right away, he didn't need any stiches and they didn't do any scans on him either, but 3 weeks ago he started with like a tic his both eyes, evryone keeps saying babies do that at that age, i mean he does it all day and rub his eyes, i alrready took him to the doctor and next week he has an appointment wit a specialist, im just so scared that it has to do something with the fall, now hes very active. he acts the same, its only that im so concerned with, i know concusions symptoms are blury vision, but since hes too small, i mean he cant tell me, and with milestones, idkn if its a habit he just picked up in doing, i sure hope so..!

quincy 4 years ago

i am scared because a kid hit me in the head with a rock and now i am scared 2 go to bed

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Marina) Your welcome! Glad I could be of help.

@Josh) Glad to be of help.

@Kira) How are you doing now?

@Susan) Can you call an advice nurse at least?

@Grettel) I am so sorry. How scary. Let me know how things go with him.

@Quincy) How are you doing?

Denise123 4 years ago

My husband was throwing the remote control from a far distance to me and it hit me hard on the left side of my head near my temple i didn't feel any dizziness or headache but i do have a painful bump there should i be checked or does the bump indicate internal bleeding ?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Denise) Bumps are common when you hurt yourself. If you are concerned I would call an advice nurse to make sure. Best of luck and hope you are doing better.

Kimberly 4 years ago

OK I got hit in the head on Monday five times with a bat and I just got hit in he head again three times today I get very sissy everytime I stand up for more then a minute and I don't know if that is the same thing you were talking about but I am also feeling like I am going to vomit

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Kimberly) Call a doctor and who hit you with a bat?

Kelsy 4 years ago

About four months ago I was fooling around with my friend and I fell of the couch hitting my head on the table and then the floor. To top things off, The next day at my soccer game I got elbowed in the back of the head in the exact same spot (back of the head)!!! For a few weeks after that my head was just sore when ever I would touch the area that got hit, other that that I had no other symptoms but mixed emotions! But recently I have been getting little headaches during the day. Is it possible that the headaches could be from hitting my head four months ago??

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Kelsy) I really don't know. I would ask your Dr. about that. Best of luck Kelsy and I hope you feel better soon.

bubblegumgirl 4 years ago

I hit my head go cart racing 2 days ago. Yesterday i felt sick, and really dizzy, and my head was throbbing. So i told my mom, and she thought i was faking. But she called the advise nurse and told her my symptoms. it turns out i just have the flu. It dosent make much sense to me. Plus, ever since the hit loud things bother me, and there is a lump on my head. But, "there is a bug going around" acording to the nurse. do you think its the flu?

bubblegumgirl 4 years ago

By the way, im 13

Ejay 4 years ago

my feet were wet and i slipped and fell hitting my head very hard on the tiles. I just got a bump but no other pain. i placed some ice on the bump, should this be a cause to worry.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@bubble) I'm not a Dr. or nurse but it is possible you got the flu around the same time you hit your head. I would show your mom this article though and let her know your concerns.

@Ejay) Like I said I'm not a Dr. but I would watch out for any of these symptoms I've listed. Good luck and I hope you feel better.

adora 4 years ago

I am takeing a new sleep aid for PTSD. This moringing around 6 I got out of bed and was super light headed, which is a symptom of the medicine. But this morning it caused me to fall and I hit my head. I woke from the floor like 20 mins later, at about ten I started feeling really sick and I have a pounding headache.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@adora) I'm sorry to hear that. 20 minutes is a long time to be knocked out. I would call your Dr. or advice nurse and let them know what happened. Good luck.

Anon 4 years ago

I dont have any sympyoms but I do have a huge headache when I stand up but it goes away after a few seconds. Btw I banged my head on a wooden board

kerrylynn osbourne 4 years ago

I got knocked out almost a year ago and i still have problems..headaches still, dizzy, memory, mood swings, depression, vision problems etc.....and it feels like i will never get better....i fell backwards on cement stairs and my head caught my fall..4 days later i had a stroke...its been really hard....i liked reading all your stories its what keeps me believing that i will get better.

David 4 years ago

I'm 21 years old, I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, 2 concussions, a lot of long term memory loss, some short term memory loss and many more issues. It gets worse year by year, the funny thing is doctors said in time I wil recover, the only things I have recovered is pry about 15% of my memories. Forgot gramar, math skills how to do certain things. I'm not able to learn them again because I just will forget.

Anna 4 years ago

I hit my head earlier today I only have a headache on my right side, which is the aide I hit. Should I go to the er. It's been like 8 hrs now but it still hurts.

jess 4 years ago

im 14 and i fell off of somebodys back in gym class while playing a game. i had to monkey on someones back and i let go of his shoulders and fell back and slammed my head twice. he dropped my legs and i hit my head a third time and also my back. i got rushed to the hospital because i lost breath and wanted to sleep and they had to keep me up. i ended up with a concussion and now i have been cleared. this happened in september. in november i began getting bad headaches. they have been getting worse and now i get migranes a lot and we cant figure out what is wrong. i hope i dont have anything wrong:(

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Anon) I would call your Dr. or advice nurse.

@KerryLynn) Oh KerryLynne I am so sorry. YES you will get better. My mom fell down 2 flights of cobblestone stairs and broke her hip and hit her head in her 70's. It took a while but she did get better and so will you.

@David) Are you doing exercises and therapy to help bring back your memory? There are things you can do to improve your functioning. It takes time but you can recover some/all of your memory.

@Anna) How are you doing?

@jess) Have you told your parents about the headaches? It sounds like you need a follow up Dr. appt.

Xien 4 years ago

I had been having post-concussion symptoms that were progressing quite well. Was able to concentrate again for a couple hours, started doing uni work again in small amounts etc, but have started feeling most symptoms all over again today. Thats alright in moderation as I figured there would be good and bad days, but concerned that my eyes are turning red whenever I lay down for a while and clearing up when I am up and moving. Hopefully there are just some busted blood vessels. Will do something about it if it persists through tomorrow...

Anyone ever heard of that symptom? Or think just unrelated?

sara 4 years ago

heyy i bumped my head on saturday and i didn'd feel too bad but i had a huge lump on my forehead and it bruised by morning it had gone down but now ive got this blinding headache that won't go away ive tried strong codines but nothings working, wonder if you had any advice for me ? thanx

Ces 4 years ago

Hi Dorsi! Thank you for your article, I am a nurse and I was hit by my patient on the right side of my cheek extending to my right upper eyebrow after doing treatment on him(btw he was a previous boxe!) I placed ice pack immediately and took pain reliever as first aid, my company did not send me to hospital but did let me go home to rest. The next day, am lucky enough not to have a shiner but the affected site is slightly swollen and the whole day I have a dull throbbing pai an it hurt to blink my right eye, after several request for X-ray I will have one tomorrow . Hopefully everything will be ok. Thanks again for your article and the comments of others .

4 years ago

I got beaten up by my ex boyfriend last night he kicked me all over including my face and head .. Thank you for sharing

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Xien) I'm glad to hear you are progressing but I'm not sure if that's a symptom or not. I would call your advice nurse or Dr. that's following you. Good luck.

@sara) Call your Dr.

@Ces) Your welcome and I hope you feel better soon.

@J) OH J I am so sorry. Are you in a safe place now? Away from him? I hope you got checked out. Let me know how things are going.

Maria 4 years ago

Hey, I banged my head whilst climbing into a cab and since then I've had a kinda 'spaced out' feeling, abit of pressure and minor head pains (which i sometimes get usually anyway) I'm a bad hypochondriac and I'm too scared to sleep :( It's been about 5 hours since it happened. I'm quite tired but it is like 11.48pm haha, what should I do :S

babidoll 4 years ago

Thanks for the article, its very helpful!!!

My boyfriend hit his head on the wall. After that, he forgot what we have been talking before, everything is blurry when he shakes his head. He has a mild headache but it hurts more and more every time he has meetings or being stressed. He cannot say a proper sentence in the meeting, he told me he is having a speech problem. He feels very sleepy and tired most of the time. He is also feeling strange and very depressed but does not know why.

I know he is suffering a mild concussion, it has been 3 days but the headache is still happening. I am really worried about him..

babidoll 4 years ago

hi, sorry its me again. I forgot to tell you that after the accident, (he hit on his right side) he has been acting strange, being funny after that happened,then tired and sleepy next day, second day he was depressed, head hurting alot, difficulty concentrating, third day speech problem. And very sleepy most of the time. Please give me some advice. Thank you..:(

Amy 4 years ago

Hi! My son and I were just in a terrible auto accident and he suffered from a pretty intense concussion. The insurance is willing to pay his medical bills for the next three years but he is only four and I am worried that he could have effects much after the three years is up. Is this a valid concern? They are saying that since he is acting normal again I have nothing to worry about. ( not the doctors but the insurance company)

carlajbean 4 years ago

I am 36 years old and fell in the shower last week. I hit my head TWICE, it actually bounced and hit the second time even harder. My husband, a paramedic, rushed me to the ER (I did not lose consciousness) and I underwent a CT Scan, which showed just a "concussion" Since last Wed (the day this happened) I have been very nauseous, shaky, and have had blurry vision. I work as a secretary, at a computer all day, so this may be the cause of all the symptoms. Should I go back in for another CT Scan since it's been a week?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Maria) How are you doing now?

@babidoll) I would have him see a Dr., just to be safe.

@Amy) I am sorry about your accident but glad you both made it through. Personally, I would listen to my Dr. before I listened to an insurance company. Of course they will say "he will be OK" because they don't want any future liability. Protect yourself though and follow through with Dr.s for your son and best of luck.

@carlajbean) Wow ouch sorry to hear that. Yes, I would follow up at least with your Dr.

Alora 4 years ago


So I don't know if I'm getting myself worked up over nothing but yesterday I was doing a freezer pull at work, and a package of frozen bagels fell down and hit me in the head. It wasn't THAT hard but it hurt a little bit. Now, it's been quite a few hours later and I have a really bad headache. (Keep in mind i'm prone to headache's as it is and some of those other symptoms I get from anxiety as it is...) Should I be worried? Or is a package of bagels hitting me anything to worry about? Thanks...

isaiah 4 years ago

would you die if you hit your head really hard

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Alora) How are you doing today?

@Isaiah) Yes it's possible.

Melany 4 years ago

Hi can someone tell me if u get a lump immediately after hitting ur head with serious impact why the lump appeared so suddenly and why do I feel alright just very tired and sore.should I go to a doctor

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Melany) How are you doing today?

Jennifer 4 years ago

Hi Dorsi,

Thanks so much for this article. It has been helpful. Yesterday, my hubby and I were acting like kids chasing each other around, and he shut a door in front of me to keep me from catching him, and I hit VERY hard on the corner of the door on my right eye -next to, yet not on- my temple. It hurt for a minute, but no blacking out, dizziness,

headache, etc. It swelled up very fast into a big goose egg, but after ice was applied it went down quickly. Seriously black eye today, but still no pain. However, after reading this, I will be keeping an eye on how my head feels, vision changes, all the other symptoms, etc. over the next few weeks. Thanks so much for posting this. Reading all of the other comments helped as well. I had no idea the symptoms could happen much later. Very helpful. Take Care. :)

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Jennifer) Thanks and your welcome. I hope you are OK and btw, I love that your hubby and you "play like kids". Awesome:)

dannyonetwothree4 4 years ago

I know what happened to your son years ago, but how are things now? I had a desk hit the top of my head almost 3 years ago. I am loud/sharp noise and air pressure sensitive... I know it sounds weird, but those sounds and felt pressure (like a car door shutting while I am inside), it tingles my head, then I get a headache. All my initial head scans revealed no physical damage, but my doctor agrees, I probably have post traumatic concussion syndrome. I am now taking pills for headaches, 3 weeks at this point, and the sharp piercing headaches have diminished, but haven't gone away... people don't seem to believe I have these symptoms and they are just in my head, they do not believe the extent of my prolonged injury; that is frustrating, but still my head hurts and can make it hard to concentrate and be very agonizing; then some days, it almost seems ok. My doctor believes me... all i can say is when there is a trauma, sometimes others may not believe that there is pain when all seem normal on the outside. Believe me, it can be very painful.... this is true, some how it is only yourself to live with pain.

Xien 4 years ago

Scans all came back negative here. All good, still having post concussive symptoms though. Any dietary recommendations from anyone that helps?

chantal 4 years ago

kay well today when i went to go open the big steal door at school , it like it me in the corner of the head , and now my head is like really hurting , what could happen because of this !

MArz 4 years ago

On saturday morn around 230 3am i was at a bar waiting for the band to load the van i was having a conversation with an aquantance i had dranked that night and was buzzed but consience of what i was doing. as i stood there all of a sudden i felt a HARD BLOW to THE BACK of My HEAD. I didnt fall to the ground but i think i blacked out for a split second, then i had very blurry vision and dizzyness someone held me for a minute and then i just told them im fine. the next day i had a horrible headache and dizzyness but i attributed it to the drinking and since i am a tax pro, to the stress of income tax season. but now the pain is worse i feel dizzy and nausious and my right eye is bothering me but, my head is not sensitve to the touch although my neck and spine are in pain. i dont have insurance or $$ to go to the hospital or to miss work. do you think this will pass??? especially since i had no bleeding and when i touch the back of my head it does hurt its just more of a headache??? please someone advice? #notfeelinglikemyself

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@dannyonetwothree4) I am sorry to hear you are still having problems. My son still has problems, but more to do with the fact that he was also shot in the head buying a car on Craigslist. He physically looks OK but has PTSD now. I have heard that post concussion symptoms can continue for a long time. You can search the web for more info on that. Good luck!

@Xien) Glad you got that scan done. I'm not sure what you can do more at this point. Anyone have suggestions?

@chantal) I'm sorry Chantal. How are you feeling today?

@MArz) Do you have a DR. or advice nurse you can call?

Nama 4 years ago

So I was at the park! And I left up my head and hit my self hard on my to head! I told my husband to take me to the Er to double check! He said I'll be fine! Thus was on june6 last year! Now at times the place were I hit my head hurts like a sharp pain! I wonder what's going on!

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Nama) Thanks for coming by. Maybe a Dr's visit is in order?

Peter 4 years ago

Oh god I'm pretty sure I have a concussion... :(

dannyonetwothree4 4 years ago

Thank you Dorsi for this information... sometimes, life is odd and uncertain, i hope things greatly improve for your son and others quicker and sooner. I will read about PTSD.

Alora 4 years ago

Sorry, I did not come back to this post article til now.I am feeling much better now.

Ella's 4 years ago

Im a nurse and I see no reason to go to hospital and spend $3000.00 on a cat scan or mri for the doctor to you the do have a concussion and oh just keep an eye on them they don't even treat concussions

Carlee 4 years ago

Hi there, I was wondering if you could give me some advice? My partner was drunk tonight and got into a bit of a fight with a guy at the pub and got punched in the face two or three times. He was bleeding and had a few lumps on his forehead and said he had a really bad headache and just wanted to sleep. I tried to convince him to go to the hospital or let me call a nurse but he said no and that he'll just go to sleep. He's in bed now but im still really worried! He seemed a bit confused about what happened but didnt feel sick or anything else. Should I stop worrying?

Mckayla 4 years ago

Hello there, I Have a concussion right now a mild concussion actually. I Was in volleyball and tripped over someone and hit my head pretty hard. I almost blacked out! Well I went to the hospital and got diagnosed with a concussion. It happened 2 days ago and the day it happened I wasn't confused but today I'm confused on school work and in my sports. I told my mom that I was confused and she says this is nothing to fake about!!! I really am confused! Then my volleyball coach says mckayla your fine you have no loss of memory! I am confused though! If I stand up for long about a minute or two I feel like blacking out! Is it normal that I feel like blacking out a couple days after the concussion? Is it normal to black out? And how long are people blacked out for?

Sierra 4 years ago

I just reasently got bucked off a horse today and I landed on my head I have a headache and I'm very tired I'm afraid my dad said I'm fine but I know somethings wrong my dad is.sleeping should I go to sleep or stay awake I'm afraid .

Sierra 4 years ago

I am also only 14 years old what do I do

Elsa 4 years ago

If ur really sleepy and confused u should go to hospital. And also hav somebody wake u up every hour or two

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Peter) How are you doing?

@dannyonetwothree4) Your welcome Danny and thanks.

@Alora) That's great to hear.

@Ella's) I understand what you are saying BUT sometimes there are cases like my dad where his life was saved by a cat scan. If not for that they would not have known he was bleeding in his brain.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Carlee) How is your partner doing?

@Mckayla) Continue to follow up with your Dr and ask him these questions.

@Sierra) That was quite a fall. How are you doing now?

@Elsa) Thank you Elsa

Amanda 4 years ago

My son fell and hit his head on a rock and he has a huge goose egg that is purple on his forehead hes only 3 I am just scared if we take him to the er they wont do anything

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Amanda) I know - that's scary. How is the little guy doing?

mitch 4 years ago

my sister and I had a really bad fight yesterday.. out of anger i pulled her hair from the back which made her fall from the back and hit her head really bad.. we rushed her to the hospital and had an X-ray. there were no skull injuries but we were advise to closely monitor her within the next 24-48 hours for any symptoms... i felt really bad with what i did and hoped for the best for my sister. i just hope it's nothing really serious.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@mitch) I am so sorry. I know you feel bad - how is your sister doing?

Connor 4 years ago

I do muay thai and i got kneed in the left eye i have bruising under my eyebrow and my check is swollen i have had small headaches and i think a tiny bit of Dizziness and a little tired but i have really bad allergies so do u think i have a concussion?

Kaytie 4 years ago

There was a fight at school and a girl hit me in the head on the side by my eye. I was fine it swelled, then It felt alright this was about a week ago and tonight and last night and all day I had a very bad headache. Things are loud and it's hard to keep my eyes open and I'm really tired. I am always at the doctors because I had abdominanal problems and it's under control now, but I'm always either in the hospital or at the doctors and I don't like being there? I am only 15 and if it is a serious problem I want to be on the safe side what do I do?

Jasmine 4 years ago

About two years ago me and my sister were assaulted by a group of boys our age (late teens), they sourrounded us and attacked my sister. It was a case of mistaken identity. My sis looked like the person they were after. Naturally I leapt to my sister's defence and got a few blows to the head and face. in the mean time my sister managed to get away with the help of some girls, I was very disorientated but then I heard the sound of police siren and the boys all ran off but not without one last punch to the back of my head near the neck. I fell on the floor and was unconcious for a few seconds by the time the ambulance came I was very much disorientated. I kept asking about my sis as I couln't see her anywhere. They offered me to take to the hospital but I refused as I had no Idea where my sister was and didn't want to leave her. they left and I found my sister. She was fine, we filed a police report and went home. I never went to the doctor. two weeks later I was assaulted again, this time alone by a group of racist girls/boys. My neigbourhood is not the most welcoming neigbourhood. I could not defend myself well, I was too tired and hurt from the earlier assault. I was punched badly and left with a bleeding nose. these two assaults have ruined my life, ever since then I have been diagnosed with migraines, tension headaches and depression. I never used to have headaches EVER. none of the medication works and my doc just dismisses the assaults. I am uni student and I haven't done any work this year, I can't get out of bed and can't concentrate. I went from a top student to a awful one. I haven't been to any lectures besides two, I keep sleeping and I don't understand what my teacher talks about. I am in my final of uni, I struggled so hard to get here as I was assaulted in my first year. I don't know what to do, I have nothing to look foward to in life anymore. everybody is given up on me and thinking I am being lazy. My GP doesn't want to refer for a scan, instead he referred me to a psychiatrist to sort our my 'depression'. I like to mention my headaches get much better when I lay down or go to sleep and have been having a runny nose ever since the attack, it's like water. Only i few drops when I bend down now but the in the first month of the attack I was a like a water fountain when I would bend down. sorry for the long post. Thanks.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Connor) Did you see a Dr. or are you feeling better now?

@Kaytie) Let your parents know about your symptoms and show them this article if they have questions. Best of luck Kaytie.

@Jasmine) I am so so sorry to hear about you being assaulted. Have you tried applying for the victims of crime program? If you have one where you are they will help you financially and medically to get help. It sounds like you need a very thorough follow up with a medical doctor, and some tests done to see what's going on. Let me know how you are doing, k?

Angel Brown 4 years ago

Im only 12 almost 13 and i was playing on my trapoline (please excuse my spelling) while doing a front flip and feel and hit my head on the black part hard this was yesterday and thee is still a knot on my head i thought i was ok so i started flipping again today but mad it hurt worse now im shakey and starting to get a really bad headake wat do i do?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@angel) Let your parents know what happened and how you are feeling.

London K 4 years ago

I was at the doctor's office the other day and was bending over to pick something up and ended up hitting my head on the corner of the cabinet. It happened yesteday towards the afternoon and I didn't think anything of it because I am always knocking my head against something. It still hurts when I touch it and when I bend down to pick something up. I did initially have a headache later that day after I head my head and it lasted awhile but I think it was more of a hunger headache. Today I am fine, no headache aside from the tenderness when I touch it, nor nausea just the small pressure on the spot where I hit when I bend over. Is that normal or should I get it checked out?

Bubbles 4 years ago

I fainted last night I totally black out I fell face first and busted my lip and my nose hurt and my chin hurt I did not go to the ER all I know is that my forehead hurts. :(

raja 4 years ago

My brother had an ccident on 22nd jan 2012.After accident he had a surgey called "craniotomy".when he became consious he couldnt see i.e he lost his vision of his left eye which didnt hurt at all. His right side of skull was damaged and his right eye was damaged but he has some vision in his right eye. He cant move his right eye.Right flap of the skull is kept in his belly by neurosurgeon.Pls help me fr this case i.e my brother is having having vision problem from his left eye which not at all damaged!He says that it looks like a white layer is in front of his left eye.pls tell me what should i do?

janice 4 years ago

I hit my head hard 2 days ago. I've experienced signs of concussions like headache, nausea,fuzzy vision. But today I'm okay now I never even see a doctor or under go ct scan. Is that okay or should I get it checked out?

butterfly 4 years ago

I bent down to pick something off the floor at home, when I came up I hit my head very hard on a metal door handle, the door was shut. It hurt so bad I cried. The top of my head was and is still sore, but that makes 4 days and it's still bad. The pain is also in my temples, around my eyes and can be a heavy feeling or a sharp twinge. Yesterday my ears were ringing. I feel a bit thick headed too. The other day my head felt heavy when I woke up, like a weight pushing down. I haven't been to the doctor, is it something or nothing?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@London K,Bubble,raja,janice and butterfly) Sorry for the late reply. I've been working on another project all week. I hope this finds you all well. I am not a nurse or a Dr. so cannot give medical advice. What I do recommend is that if you feel something is wrong, have an unusual headache that persists, or have any of the concussion symptoms above it is a good idea to get checked out. I know some people don't have insurance and that's hard but better to err on the side of caution. That's my own personal opinion.

david 4 years ago

i was swimming and i leaned back in the water and smacked my head on the side of the pool in the ymca and i stood up and blood was just pouring out and i had to sit in the hospital with my head bleeding for 5 hours and now i have 2 staples in my head and i didnt have any symptoms but i dont know if i will

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@david) Wow what a bad accident. I'm sorry to hear that. I would bookmark this page and just watch for any of the concussion symptoms. Best of luck. That was a hard hit on the head!

kiko 4 years ago

back in Nov, 2011 i got hit by a 60+ long box, i was told i suffer a concussion and had post concussion syndrome. i have pain everyday since the day of the ingury on my top left of head, also get headaches that last for days, i get like pulses or small shocks on that area, also my left eye hurts, even more when i get those pulses. 2 months ago i started to feel my left side of face numb, now these past 2 week i feel it numb, i dont have problems making facial expression, also the numbness is going past down past my face. the dr I am seeing whats too see my ct scan result from nov 2011. i what him to send me to take another one. any advice will help thank you

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@kiko) kiko I am not in the medical field and cannot offer you medical advice except to say that it sounds like you are doing the right things by following through with your Drs. and yes a second opinion sounds reasonable. Best of luck and hope they get to the bottom of your health problems.

chantelle 4 years ago

hi i was in school today and a girl hit me really hard on the head with a hardback journal fullfource and while i was in the gym and walking home i felt really dizzy and when eating my dinner started feeling sick and tired im worried that i have a concussion i told my mam and she said if i start vomiting she will bring me to the hospital but the thing is i have plans with my boyfriend ?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

chantelle) hmmm... see the boyfriend or see the Dr....tough decision! which one did you choose and how are you feeling now?

Jake 4 years ago

My little sister whos only 5 years old hit her head a tire swing today- This was on the wood bit that holds the swing as it swings round.... She seems fine though a few hours later got a really bad headeache which soon went away.. though she was almost in tears when the headeach struck her.... so far a few hours after the headeache she now is fine again... should I be worried?... p.s Thanks for all the info on this page!

chantelle 4 years ago

i choose to just rest and i did get to see my boyfriend too :) my head only stopped hurting me but other then that im fine now ur website is really helpful thanks for ur help :)

Tria 4 years ago

So I was playing football and landed on the back of my head, I felt blood rushed to my head and was dizzy for a while, I went to sleep ealry and woke up at 12 due to a nightmere and than as I opened my eyes I felt a very strong pain in my head, I went back to sleep the next moring I'm still dizzy and as I turn my head I feel pain and dizzyness so am I ok? Or is it a natural head bump?

Tria 4 years ago

I also have a sore neck and I'm 17 years old

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Jake) YW and how is your sister doing?

YW Chantelle) Glad you are OK!

@Tria) Did you see a Dr?

Alexis 4 years ago

Hi. Yesterday, I was at soccer practice when another goalie softball through a soccer ball at a cement wall and it hit my left temple. Today I am feeling light headed, mildly dizzy, detached, and I have a pounding headache. Should I be concerned? The ball bounced off the wall, it couldn't of hit me hard enough to give me a concussion right?

jules 4 years ago

hi there, my daughter holly(2)fell out of her high chair backwards onto her head and her neck... she seems ok now, just a bit shocked i think. the lump on her head doesn seem that bad but im not sure! wot u think? should i go to A&E? she is sitting eating an ice-cream at the moment happy enough for now but im still bit concerned:-/

Jake 4 years ago

My sister has been really good since then thanks for asking!!;DD .... though today it seems as if she's got really ill.... Being sick and having a temp... do you think this could be from her hitting her head even though theres been no sighns??... starting to become worried again... or am I just being paranoid?? sorry if i am...P.S thank you for all the info on the page once more!!! its great!!

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Alexis,Jules and Jake) Thanks for reading. My feeling is that if you have medical insurance I would definitely check out these symptoms. I know if you don't have insurance it can be hard to decide on whether or not to go the Dr. My own thought? If it seems serious - and you have symptoms - money should be no object to taking care of yourself. Some urgent care clinics will see you right away and the price is not too bad to at least see a Dr. and find out if you should be concerned. Urgent care clinics cost alot less than a trip to the emergency room.

Best of luck to all of you and I hope you and your loved ones feel better soon!

Siobhan 4 years ago

I have read this article and found it to be most helpful. From tuesday i started getting a stabbing pain when i breathe just under my right shoulder, also all my muscles and neck aching and headaches. Wednesday the pain when breathing disturbed my sleep and i went to the kitchen to get pain relief but whilst there i felt overly dizzy. I rested my head down on the worktop momentarily and can only conclude i hit my head on the corner of the cupboard door causing me to then faint and bash it on the floor aswell from the fact of there being 2 large lumps to the back of my head and a small cut. I don't know how long i was out for as i did'nt check the time, everyone else was in bed and i came around to my puppy licking my face. I seen my GP who suspects a blood clot on my lung which i'm having a chest xray to rule out and have been injecting myself to thin my blood in the mean time but no talk of a head xray as at the time i was more concerned about my breathing, but i car'nt move my head without the feeling of pressure, and i have a constant booming migraine. I cant handle noise or light, i'm tearful and depressed, lathargic, have fuzzy vision, lack of balance and concentration and irritable. Lost my appetite too (which is'nt listed) so i will definately be requesting 1 now at my next appointment. I'm a normally healthy 27 year old mother so don't fancy not waking up one day.

Sonja 4 years ago

How long until the symptoms subsided with your son??

Katelyn 4 years ago

Glad I found this page and pardon my spelling im using my ipod for this! Anyways but one of my close friends recently had a seizure and during this he hit his head on the way down. He went to the hospital and they performed test to see if he had a concussion. He doesnt but his head has been hurting still and its been 2 days since this happened. Is it possible that the docs overlooked something? Hes only 14 and is having no other problems but this headache.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Siobhan) Injecting yourself? With what? Please be careful trying to treat yourself. What has the Dr. said? Hope you are doing better.

@Sonja) If I remember correctly he felt better within a week or so.

@Katelyn) Did they do x-rays or a cat scan?

Katelyn 4 years ago

Yes they did but he still has a headache.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Katelyn) I would call the Dr. and let him know he still has a headache and see what he says. Let me know how it goes. That's good they took a cat scan.

Sarah 4 years ago

Ok I'm 14 and yesterday my friend and i were at the pond and she accidentally threw a rock at the soft part of the back of my head. I instantly felt tired and a little disorientated(fell over trying to put on my shoes) and there was a clear liquid that seemed to be coming out of my head. After about 10 minutes I felt where she hit it an it was extremely tender and there was a huge lump. That night I went to bed and slept almost 13 hours and couldn't stay awake all day, I kept dozing off. And now every time I stand up I feel dizzy but then it passes... I've been icing my head but the headache will not go away. It feels like my brain is going to explode. What should I do?

emilie 4 years ago

@sarah - DEFINITELY go to a doctor, sounds like it should at least be checked out, better safe than sorry and all that

Personally, as a VERY accident prone teenager, I've had quite a few concussions, but on saturday night I hit my head quite a few times, nothing amazingly bad, but over the past 4 days I've been feeling dizzy and sick and headachey and all that, but it's kinda getting better, should I still get checked out? Seriously cannot miss anymore school!

And also just thought it should be noted that another frequent symptom of concussions (or so I think, I'm no doctor) is a loss of appetite. Very useful and well written article! Thanks! :)

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@emilie) Great advice for sarah - thank-you! Sarah, did you got to the Dr.? I hope you are doing OK. Thanks emilie for reading and the comment. Did you go to the Dr. emilie? Or at least call an advice nurse?

Sarah 4 years ago

I never went to the doctor.... The symptoms went away and my track coach told me that I'd be fine in about a week. But I get severe headaces when I run and after the mile on Tuesday I blacked out in the locker room. No one seemed to notice so when I woke up I got a drink of water and went back to class. Unfortunately there are no neurologists where I live that are willing to see me.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Sarah) You really need to see a Dr. Blacking out is not normal. Your coach should know this.

Bonnie 4 years ago

I fell from a ladder at work, hiting severeal parts of my body. The back of my head hit, I believe a pipe about 3 inches around, did not lose counsiousness, very sharp pain,had my hand x-rayed because the dr. thought it was broke, only a contusion. It has been a little over four weeks, and still have depression from fall on head. Getting headaches, but also, my nasal septum and brow line hurt. Should I have a doctor address this, I am 61 yrs. old. Thank you.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Bonnie) Sorry to hear about your bad fall. I would follow up with the Dr. to make sure all is going well. I hope you get to feeling better soon - that was quite a fall.

RandomPerson 4 years ago

Earlier today, I fell off my bike, and hit my head, it was bleeding slightly, and there is a small bruise. I usually wear a helmet, but my chinstrap broke yesterday, and I need to get a new one. I dont think it is anything serious, but i just wanted to see if i should do anything. i was dizzy and had blurred vision for about 5 seconds after the incident, but ever since then, I have been fine. this happened around 7 hours ago, so am i fine, or should I go see the Dr.?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Hi Random) How are you doing? I've been away for a few days and just read your comment. Did everything work out OK?


I was hit in the front of my head yesterday with a heavy wooden door, narrowly missing a metal piece jutting out of the door. My friend was leaving my house, and I was standing in front of the door, when he practically body slammed the door, sending it swinging outwards. The corner of the door connected with my head (with a loud crack, my friend later told me). I fell backwards and slammed into the floor, hitting my head a second time in the back. For about a minute afterwards, I couldn't get up. I can't remember if my vision was blurred or anything for some reason. I just remember a very sharp pain that has lasted until today. Right now, my head feels... numb, and there is pain in the front (where I got hit) and in the back right (that feels like a nerve or something), I also feel a little bit sluggish. Should I go see a doctor?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@ICAN) Wow - what a double whammy! Yes, I would at least call your Dr. or advice nurse. That was quite a blow - hope you are feeling better and let me know how you are doing please.



Thank you for your attention. It is now the next day, and my head still hurts. It's sorta funny, though, because now I can't even make facial expressions; it hurts when I try to. Heh...

The back of my head still hurts, and it definitely feels like I hit a nerve. I've gotten a little bit dizzy now too, but that's about it. I can't go to the doctor's today or tomorrow because I have a badminton class. That reminds me, can I still play sports? (I ask this because I walked up 15 flights of stairs yesterday night and my head was POUNDING by the time I stopped.)

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@ICAN) Personally, I'd wait till I talked to a Dr. before doing any vigorous exercise. Hope you feel better over the weekend.



Thanks for all the advice! I'm not going to do anything to vigorous until I see a doctor. I feel a bit better now, though.

Leslie 4 years ago

Hi Dorsi,

This info was really good. i was wonderig what i should do. when i was 16 i hit the back of my head on the toilet. i am 24 now and am looking to see if that was serious. i never told my parents till this day. should i go get checked out even if it's been 8yrs? Sometimes i forget small details or what my conversation with a person was the day/ night before. what to do?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 4 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Leslie) Glad the info helped and I'm not sure about your symptoms - have you talked to a Dr. about it? I would.

carly 3 years ago

i just a few short weeks ago sufferd a had blow to the haed by an iron bar and am expeirencing some symptoms of a conccusion listed here so thank you for the information

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 3 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@carly) Your welcome and I hope you are feeling better :-)

Sam Jr 3 years ago

Hello, approximately two months ago I had smacked my head on the edge of my parent's car door. Later that night, I had taken time to research symptoms of concussion and if I had possibly recieved one. I had not exhibited any at all, besides only a 15 second period of my head throbbing. Other than that I was perfectly fine. But I noticed the next morning, I had difficulty expressing myself and finding correct words to say in my conversations. I had already had this problem prior to the incident, but I had not begun to worry until I hit it. And ever since, I've had been exhibiting a few unordinary signs that weren't characterisitic of myself, such as forgfulness, irritability, some mood change and difficulty thinking as clear as I usually do. But at the same time, I also remember going through all of this long and long ago, and eventually I overcame the difficulty. Do you believe this could be symptoms of post concussion syndrome, or a form of depression? OR am I simply over-reacting to all of this? There are a number of factors that could be responsible for how I feel since they had been present long before I hit my head, but I wouldn't see how they would randomly explain all. I apologize for writing such a long post. I am sincerely worried about how I feel, and if it may be a permanent change for me. Thanks you for your time, I appreciate it.


Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 3 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Sam) So sorry for the late reply. I've been out in the field working alot. I'm not sure but it could be related to depression, yet the symptoms are also similar to a concussion. It wouldn't hurt to run it by your family doctor. Best of luck Sam.

Sam Jr 3 years ago

Thank you again for your patience of responding to me. I had visited a psychiologist in the recent month, and according to the doctor I was referred to, I had been evauluated as having some depression and anxiety. The doctor I had visited specifically told me I had not recieved a concussion and that these symptoms I had been involved of, were purely psychological. I do believe that they are. However, some of my thoughts just don't click entirely with the diagnosis. I noticed that my forgetfulness only began to occur after I had begun to feel down about not communicating my words the way I wanted to, back in October. Otherwise I had not experienced any forgetfullness, after that day. And even more so, I do not have memory loss as a person with concussional damage would have, as much as I do not have clarity with constant thoughts I didn't have difficulty keeping together in my mind. And then also, in a way I feel as if all of these symptoms I am going through can easily be reversed, since I feel like it's just the way I'm looking at them. But the difficulty is getting myself to return back to my ordinary functioning. Anywhom, I thought I'd drop an update to you about my situation. Thanks once again for your consideration! :)

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 3 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Sam) Thanks for stopping back by and letting me know how you are doing. Sometimes it can be confusing to work through these symptoms, because anxiety and depression could occur after a concussion - as a result of the concussion symptoms. I wish you all the best at getting back to feeling better. Hang in there!

carmen 3 years ago

my brother in law is in ICU he had a blood clot removed from the brain. it is still bleeding into the brain. and so far they are unable to wake him up. what does this mean?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 3 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@carmen) I just saw this comment and I hope your brother-in-law is OK.

stephen page 3 years ago

iam deaf i got call my sister susan i talk susan she told on video phone with inper sign so i told susan how is my mom doing she tell me news my mo she is 83 year old she was so wike try walking but susan told me that my mom fall down hurt her head face one eye can see so susan has told me that doctor want test my mother barin and want make sure her barin hope to rember me son and my sister susan bother scott but i dont know iam worry about my mom i was crying worry i dont know why doctor want ch up my mother barin i dont know iam sill worry but she 83! she has keep eyes on her but why my bother scott want told my sister for put my mother a nure home afther march 17th bithday my mom told me be fore she does want go nurse home! that why she fal down she get so wike walk hurt hersif

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 3 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@I'm sorry to hear that stephen. I hope your mom is doing better.

DIP 3 years ago

i m 18 , i hit my head on a iron bar while lifting head upwards on my right side.. i since feel foggy and sad about not being careful and damaging my own brain ...i feel significantly tired(i m also on a tour) , the hit area is not sore . i feel like my head is not working as it use to ... now since i m 18 will the damage caused heal and the neural connections be healed back to normal or have i lost some brain forever??

Shell 3 years ago

Wow. This was an informative article! Wish I'd seen it a few months ago. Back in January, I gave myself a concussion while at home alone - I modified some of the moves for P90X, and needless to say one should never wrap a resistance tube around a towel hook in the hopes that this will substitute for a chinup bar. When the hook flew into my head, I made a funny noise. There was blood, and I blacked out twice. Still managed to call my husband, get a towel, clean the blood off my face, unlock the door, turn off the DVD, and get to the couch in the 20 minutes it took him to get home. Didn't go to the hospital for a week (until I couldn't get off the couch because of headaches), and was told I had post concussion syndrome. The doctor gave me a bottle of a pain pill that didn't work, and sent me on my merry way as fast as he could. It's now been 5 months and I still don't feel like myself - sleep is still out of whack, have a near constant mild ache (which sometimes turns into a horrendous headache), I'm very irritable with moods that fly all over the place, and can't focus on anything to save my life. My tolerance for stress has tanked - meltdowns are becoming the new normal, and I hate that. Will this ever stop? I have a doctor's appointment with my own practitioner next week - how should I bring this up with her?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 3 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

DIP and Shell) In both of your cases I'm sorry to hear about your accidents. Any injury to our heads is a scary thing. I would get it checked out and insist on a CAT scan and/or an MRI.

Shell 3 years ago

Hi Dorsi - yep, had a CT scan the week after, came back clear hence the useless prescription. Guess I forgot that detail. Sigh...

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 3 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Shell) Glad they gave you a CAT scan. I hope you feel better soon - sometimes these things take time.

GirlFromEastEurope 3 years ago

I'm 18 and I've hit the side of my head about 4 hours ago (it was hard enough to see a flash in my eyes). The strange part is that I've hit the left side of my head but the side that hurt was right (and probably because after the collision I immediately made myself an ice pack there was no bump I'm beginning to doubt myself which part of my head I've hit :D)

at the moment I feel a slight pressure on my head. Should I be worried or is it something I can "sleep off"?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 3 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Girl) Sorry I have been away from my writing for a few weeks and just now saw your post. I hope you are doing OK and let me know how you are doing if you read this.

EnglandBorn 3 years ago

Hi dorsi I'm a 17 year old girl and yesterday a basketball hoop fell and clipped me on the right side of my head, ear and shoulder.. It pushed me to the ground but no loss of consciousness, I called an ambulance straight away as my head was numb and I felt a bit sick and dizzy.. The paramedics took my temperature and blood pressure and did eye checks and it was all okay, there was small swelling on the right side of my head and redness, they sent me away and told me to go to A&E last night so I did, I was in there 5 hours and they said that everything appeared okay and that my shoulder bone is okay so I went home and went to bed but I've woken up feeling not myself... I'm not sure if its exhaustion from not sleeping all night of the worry but they didn't do any x ray on my head? I then went to the local doctors this Morning and he said I have a minor concussion, should I go back to hospital and demand an x ray? Or wait it out until tomorrow? Are 3 qualified doctors reliant enough? (I suffer from anxiety so worry a lot)

Thank you

Pat 3 years ago

Today I was walking down a wet tiled street with a friend. The ground was slippery and I (stupidly) tried to slide along it on my feet but I ran too fast and slipped over really hard. I Landed on my shoulder but the side of my head hit the ground quite hard, afterwards, I noticed I had muffled hearing in my left ear and the top of my ear was bleeding. It's been around 6 hours since this happened and I still can't hear very well. It feels like I just got out of the pool or like when you're on the plane and there's a change in the air pressure or something. My parents said to wait a few days in case it gets better before seeing a doctor.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 3 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@EnglandBorn) I hope you are feeling better and if not yes an x-ray/cat scan/MRI would be in order. Let me know how you are doing.

@Pat) How are you doing?

Danette Watt profile image

Danette Watt 3 years ago from Illinois

My sister, fellow hubber Denise Handlon recenly had a concussion when a patient at her work attacked her. She's experienced vertigo (which is slowly going away with exercises) and some other minor issues. Scary!

MPG Narratives profile image

MPG Narratives 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

I recently had a bad gastro virus and whilst trying to get up I fainted and hit my head on our tiled floor. Being home alone, and without realising what had happened, I came too with a throbbing head and managed to crawl to the phone and call my husband as well as our local doctor. My doctor thought I had sustained a concussion but he also said the virus may be causing some of the dizziness and vision problems. He sent me for a CT scan and luckily there was no bleeding. The virus went after 4 days but the concussion stayed for 6 weeks and the treatment was rest and time with pain killers for the headaches when necessary. The blurry vision went after a couple of weeks but the headaches lasted the whole time. I feel blessed that I was able to get to the phone and was helped quickly, concussion is not something to be taken lightly

wiserworld profile image

wiserworld 3 years ago

Interesting statistics. We usually attribute this kind of thing to athletes and adults, but definitely more attention needs to be focused on concussions in the household.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 3 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Danette Watt) Oh my Danette. I am wishing the best for Denise's speedy recovery. It can take awhile.

@MPG Narratives) I agree MPG. Thank God you had access to a phone. I hope you are feeling better now.

@wiserworld) Yes wiser, I am seeing lots of concussions in household accidents. Definitely makes you think about making your home and activities as safe as possible although freak things happen sometimes.

fivesenses profile image

fivesenses 3 years ago from new delhi

yes, head injuries should not be neglected by anyone.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 3 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

You are absolutely right fivesenses. Thanks for coming by.

frostlady 3 years ago

Wow after 5 years or something you are still answering. I'd like to ask, I casually bumped (right side of forehead, just above hairline) into half open door about 5 days ago (walking speed), and I kinda feel weird. I feel like right side of my head (ear, top, eye-face) feels weird (not exactly a headache but something nagging), could it just be the bruising? There is no noticeable bump. Also I feel tired all day, but it could be because of sleeping late and waking up early (just got back to college) (and there is the season change). I am kind of worried, I live with my family, I mentioned the bumping, but since I have a history of disturbing hypochondria nobody took it seriously, and I'm sure if I mention again they'll just say I'm imagining it all. Could it be serious, or am I seriously being a hypochondriac?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 3 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@frostlady) I tend to err on the side of caution. I would get it checked out. It's better to put the worries to rest instead of dwelling on them.

Good thing is that if it is a concussion it usually does get better in time.

My daughter got hit in the head by a 35 pound flying projectile months ago that knocked her out cold. She had a concussion but she is better now, although she has some short term memory loss.

Good luck and let me know how you are doing.

frostlady 3 years ago

Where do I go though? Would some doctor at the university health center be helpful? I don't think they would want screening or something. They'll just check and say I'm okay. Also, even if it is concussion, isn't it like the only way to heal is to just wait? (I already worked out some, should I continue my daily exercises? Also, I have to drive) Should I wait and see how I'm doing with more proper sleeping?

My main concern is about this being something more serious like hemorrhage. But I don't have that much symptoms. I guess the hypochondriac of the year award goes to Me.

Thank you for answering instantly.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 3 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@frostlady) Hey don't beat yourself up hun. I used to be a big time hypochondriac too. I can't answer your questions because I am not in the medical field but what I can say is that when my dad was hemorrhaging we knew something was wrong. He had terrible headaches that he could barely stand. They found the bleeding in his brain through x-rays so if you go in that's the least that they should do in my mind. And yes, if you have access to health care at least call and talk to an advice nurse if you can - she/he may be able to advise you better.

Josie Tovar profile image

Josie Tovar 2 years ago

Around November of 2007, I was in a tragic car accident that from the impact of my mother's car caused my body move to the side which caused my head bumped into my brother's head harshly that I lost most of my memory. I couldn't remember as to why I was there and what I was doing before this happened. I was so confused. While slowly regaining my memory back, the night after the car accident, the temple of my head hurt that when I bobble my head up and down, it would hurt like swelling. (Don't worry, I stopped when I felt the first pain of it.) Then the swelling went down and never hurt again. Yet, an hour ago, while listening to music, I was moving my head with the beat of it and the side of my head started to hurt; like an headache. What could it be? Please help!

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 2 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Josie: I'm so sorry to hear about your accident and pain. I am not a Dr. or a nurse, I would advise you to see one though if you are concerned. Let me know how things go Josie!

BEEZKNEEZ profile image

BEEZKNEEZ 2 years ago

Thanks for all this helpful information. I really do think that concussions happen more often than we think. I'll be looking for these symptoms after my kids fall.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 2 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

You are welcome Bee. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Crimson Phoenix profile image

Crimson Phoenix 2 years ago

I hit my head pretty hard on the doorway when I was carrying boxes out of the basement so hard my mother heard it in the house, and have been off balance, easily spacing out, and have had a constant headache in the front right section of my head since then. Is this likely a concussion, or is it just something I need to sleep off?

Linda LindaC 2 years ago

My friend hitted my head with book, and when i back from school i wanted to sleep, i felt tired, today i dont feel right. Do i need go to the doctor?

DannyV 2 years ago

My mom slipped on ice and fell on her head this morning. What do I do when I see her again?

Teresa2323 2 years ago

I got hit on the head while playing dodge ball in school , And Later on I got horrible head aches dizziness Also I couldn't keep awake all day While my friends were talking to me I couldn't rlly hear them because I was so Dizzy

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 2 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Crimson, Linda , Danny and Teresa, I am so sorry I just saw these comments. I must have changed my notification settings. I hope all of you and your family are doing OK after their accidents.

erorantes profile image

erorantes 2 years ago from Miami Florida

Thank you miss Diaz for sharing your knowledge on head concussion. It is good to know what happen when someone get hurt on the forehead. I like your article. I am certain that you are a good blessings for other people. You wrote an excellent hub.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 2 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Thank you erorantes for coming by and the kind comment.

Billy Monahan profile image

Billy Monahan 2 years ago

I hit my head really hard on a metal barricade coming down a hill on a mountain because I had no brakes, but when I hit my head I got off the ground and I felt like getting sick and I was really tired so I just layed on the ground I don't know how long I was on the ground the first time. This was around a week ago, what should I do. Ps I'm 15

Em-2513 2 years ago

Hi last week at camp I was walking by and I hit my head while someone was opening a door. I hurt but I let it go. For 2-3 days this week it's starting to give me these uncomfortable headaches that im assuming is caused by this injury. They last a few seconds and they hurt. Is that normal

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 2 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@Billy and Em, I am sorry to hear about your accidents. As I advise everyone here, when in doubt get it checked out. You could be suffering from a concussion and get better in time or it could be something more serious like a hematoma like my father had. Only tests can reveal that however. Let me know how things go.

erorantes profile image

erorantes 2 years ago from Miami Florida

Hello miss Diaz. I am deeply sorry for your son's injuries. One time , in my teenager's years. I hit my head in a car accident. I forgot a lot of things from the past such as, events, people and everyday task and cleaning . Other good people help me get better at doing things. I was in college. I had to take special classes to remember and learn my subjects. I hope your son get better soon.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 19 months ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@erorantes) Thanks he seems to be doing OK but I still think he has some residual short term memory loss. I am glad you are doing OK erorantes, that must have been really hard for you to work through your head trauma injury, thanks for reading and have a blessed day.

The weirdo girl profile image

The weirdo girl 14 months ago

I hit my head doing a dive it was hard. My head hit the bottom of the pool. I guess i know why u shouldn't do deep dives. I have not told my parents yet. But i am kinda worried.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 11 months ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

@The weirdo girl) I am sorry I just saw your comment in my feed. I hope you are doing OK, banging your head like that must have been very traumatic. Let me know how you are doing hun.

Kristen Howe profile image

Kristen Howe 8 months ago from Northeast Ohio

Dorsi, thanks for sharing this hub about the symptoms of concussions and what to do if you have it. I hope your son and father are okay. This is a highly popular hub. Kudos on that and congrats on HOTD! BTW, Will Smith did a movie called Concussion about the real life story about the doctor who discovered CTE, though he was snubbed for an Oscar nomination last month for it.

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 8 months ago from the short journey

Congrats on your Hub of the Day award for this useful info on concussions.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 8 months ago from America

When my son was 28 he fell down the stairs had a concussion along with other head injuries. His heart stopped in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. He's doing fine now.

My friend's husband fell down the stairs a year or so ago and he didn't make it.

Head injuries are so dangerous I don't think a lot of people realize that.

Your hub is great and very informative.

wafa haqak 2 months ago

A month ago I got hit hard on the top of my head from the door of an almirah (made of wood)as I stood up. That area got heated up and I had a headache for sometime. I kept an ice pack there for an hour and slept and after I didn't notice any pain or anything wrong . But that time pain was severe. Does this need any check up?What am I supposed to do?

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 2 days ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Thank you everyone for visiting and I hope that you are all doing well. Looks like a lot of people have been reading and I am so glad this hub on head concussions has been helpful. There have been a few recent edits done with some updated information, including more information on sports related concussions.

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