7 Steps for Teens to Gain Confidence

Updated on June 20, 2017
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1. Develop a Support System

When it comes to confidence, a support system can make a huge difference! Find people who care about you and value you as a person. This could be a friend, a family member, a neighbor or even someone you know from your church. If you're not much of a people person, a great option for you might be adopting a new pet to form a loving bond with.

2. Be Healthy and Clean

Your personal hygiene is an extremely big part of determining how confident you are. It's very important that you always shower (making sure you thoroughly wash your hair and your body), brush your teeth, wash your face (manage your facial hair if you're a guy), comb your hair, and wear clean clothes. Cleanliness can not only improve the way you view yourself, but the way others view you. Make sure to eat lots of healthy foods and exercise often to keep your body in good shape!

3. Wear Clothes you Feel Comfortable In

You should always wear things that make you feel good about yourself. It's never a good idea to only base your wardrobe around the trends you see in your community. If it's something that makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable, then don't wear it. If you are constantly tugging, pulling, or readjusting your clothing, it's probably something you shouldn't wear. Wearing clothes that fit properly and give you an appropriate amount of coverage, can make you feel a lot more confident in yourself!

4. Find a Hobby and get Involved

Getting involved in hobby can really give you a sense of confidence! Think of things that you enjoy doing like singing, drawing/painting, running, cooking, skateboarding, yoga, sports, etc. Once you have a hobby in mind, you should try joining a club, team, or class based on your hobby. Trying new things can be scary, but keep in mind that by doing so, you could meet amazing people that enjoy something that you are also passionate about.

5. Stay Safe and out of Trouble

Staying out of trouble will make you much more confident in who you are. You will find that by doing so, you will earn much more respect and trust from the people around you. People who are always causing problems, aren't usually very successful in the long run. In order to stay out of trouble, it's important that you are cautious and careful when it comes to your safety. Hanging out with the wrong crowd can instantly change the way other people think of you and even get you into a lot of trouble with the law. If you want to have a good reputation that you can feel confident about, then be sure to avoid participating in any form of self-harm, and report anyone is harming you or is influencing you to harm yourself. Make sure you aren't giving out information online that is too personal (home address, phone number, passwords, etc.).

6. Have a Healthy Relationship

You need make sure that the person you are in a relationship with, makes you feel special and important. If this person is making you feel bad about yourself, then this is certainly not a healthy relationship that will make you confident in who you are. The point of having a relationship with someone is to build each other up, not tear each other down. Try to end the relationship as soon as possible. If are being threatened, get help from the authorities right away!

7. Positive Self-Talk

Always remind yourself that you don't need to change for anyone because you are unique and amazing just as you are! Shut out any negative thoughts and replace them with good thoughts. Love yourself and value yourself as a person because when you start to appreciate your qualities then others will too. Just embrace who you are and don't let anybody bring you down!


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    • Flipsgeraldine profile image

      Yvette Marshall 20 months ago from Houston, Texas

      This is good. I especially like the comments about wearing proper fitting clothes. Positive self talk is a soft spot for me. Thanks.