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Truth vs. Myth About Methadone Treatment

Updated on April 27, 2016

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Methadone is a federally regulated medication dispensed by licensed nurses at reputable facilities.
Methadone is a federally regulated medication dispensed by licensed nurses at reputable facilities.

According to Emmett Velten, Ph. D., rumors thrive under two conditions: high emotion, and a lack of education. "The rumors and mythology surrounding methadone treatment may differ from normal rumors, because the emotionality surrounding methadone largely causes the lack of information about it. What causes the emotionality? Prejudice!" For some reason, methadone, a medication used to get addicts away from heroin (thus getting them away from using and/or sharing contaminated needles, contracting Hepatitis C or HIV and engaging in other high-risk behaviors) is connected to the same negative stigma as heroin abuse itself. Due to this misinformation, there are a large number of myths about methadone that simply are not true.

MYTH: Methadone is just trading one addiction for another.

Methadone patients are DEPENDENT on their medication the same way a diabetic is DEPENDENT on his insulin--they are not ADDICTED. When either patient does not take their medication on time as prescribed, they become sick. But according to the DSM-IV, methadone does not meet the require for an addictive drug. An addictive drug leads to significant impairment in functioning, causes the addict to continue to use despite related problems, and results in an increase in tolerance, meaning that over time more and more of the drug is needed to achieve the same effect. Opiate addiction is a brain disorder that causes permanent brain damage when used long-term. Methadone stabilizes the brain chemistry that heroin first deranged.

MYTH: Methadone is just as bad as heroin/is synthetic heroin.

Heroin is an illegal narcotic sold on the street by gun-wielding strangers. It may be cut with any number of additives, so that when ingested the user has no idea what he is putting into his body. Addiction at its worst may cause the user to beg, lie or even steal to acquire the large amount of money needed to fund a heroin addiction. IV drug users often develop dangerous abscesses and infections on their arms and legs. Life as a heroin addict is chaotic and clandestine, and the user quickly finds himself in a downward spiral. Methadone, on the other hand, is prescribed by a doctor and dispensed by nurses in a medical facility. Methadone, by eliminating withdrawal symptoms, stabilizes the client, thus allowing him to get his life back on track, secure a job, go back to school, properly care for his children, etc.

A methadone dispensing station at a clinic
A methadone dispensing station at a clinic

MYTH: Methadone was named after Adolf Hitler.

The liquid suspension that is presently dispensed by nearly all clinics is called methadone (the generic name) or methadose (brand name). Although it was indeed invented in Germany, the methadone wafer that synthesized for use in the United States went by the brand name Dolophine named after Vincent Dole (one of the New York physicians who marketed the drug.) The "-phine" comes from the term morphine, named after Morpheus the Greek god of dreams. It is mistakenly assumed that the "dolph" found in the word Dolophine actually comes from the "dolf" in Adolf Hitler.

The inside of a methadone clinic is not that unlike any doctor's office.
The inside of a methadone clinic is not that unlike any doctor's office.

MYTH: Methadone rots your teeth.

Although there is no scientific evidence which fully explains why, heroin addicts have a never-ending craving for sugar that causes them to consume massive amounts of sweets--gum, candy, and especially chocolate. When someone plunges into the deep abyss of addiction, personal hygiene tends to fall by the wayside. Dentist and doctor appointments are no longer a priority, and showering gets fit in to the schedule when it can. The same goes for brushing one's teeth. Everything that used to matter is overshadowed by the great monster of drug addiction, which trumps all, not to mention that heroin is the ultimate pain reliever, masking toothaches and any other oral sensitivities. Because of this, when a person finally begins to take a step in the right direction and starts taking methadone, their dental hygiene is way below average. One of the side-effects of methadone is that it may give you dry mouth, the same as many other medications. This may cause your teeth to produce more plaque, therefore leading to tooth decay and gum disease.

MYTH: Methadone is a legal way for addicts to get high.

Stabilized methadone patients who are on an adequate dose of methadone (not too high and not too low, and taken every day as prescribed) are indistinguishable from the rest of society. They hold down jobs, own homes and raise families. Many people consider methadone to be a life saver, and as long as the dose is not too high and causing the patient to feel drowsy, taking it causes clients to feel normal rather than euphoric, messed up, tranquilized or high.

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MYTH: It's harder to get off methadone than it is to get off heroin.

Because methadone has a longer half-life than heroin, withdrawal from it is slower and longer if one was to stop taking it suddenly. Medically supervised withdrawal, on the other hand, where the client is gradually decreased over time under a doctor‘s supervision, can be relatively free of pain and discomfort.

I AM LIVING PROOF OF THIS. After battling a heroin addiction for two of the longest years of my young life, I decided to take control and get clean. I tried both Suboxone and Subutex, but was unsuccessful. My doctor, an addictions specialist with 17 years of experience said to me, "Some people just do better on methadone." I enrolled in a methadone maintenance program in Pennsylvania, and after two months I stabilized and was off street drugs completely. I stabilized at 120mgs and after I had one year clean I started decreasing blindly (which meant having the nurses cross out my dose) and sloooooowly, and on my own time table--not anyone else's.

It took me eight years to get off it. But it took that many years because I was being cautious, I was in no rush to be off it completely, and I paused the decrease if I ever felt the slightest discomfort in order to let my body adjust. In October 2011, I came off it completely after I got down to 1mg, which is the way it's supposed to be done, and I felt hardly no physical withdrawal symptoms upon doing so.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addition to heroin, OxyContin, Roxys, Percocet, Vicodin, Fentanyl, morphine or any other opiate, methadone is one of several treatment options worth looking into. For more information, visit To find a methadone clinic treatment center near you, check out

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    • Britney 9 years ago

      Methadone is AWFUL. I withdrew from it cold turkey after being on it for 3 months. it took me 3.5 weeks of intense withdrawls, no sleep, and almost no nourishment. But i did it. THere is no excuse. You choose to use, you pay the price. Everyone is looking for the easy way out. Unfortunately, using methadone, even at small doses, even at decreasing it gradually, is only avoiding the inevitable. Because of it's long half life, and the fact that it actually stores itself so deep in your body that it seeps into your bones, that no matter when, or how low of a dose you are on, you will have to FACE the withdrawls. THere is no easy way out. Period. You can delay it through clinics, or doctors RX etc. but it WILL find you eventually. I'm in medical school now and have been clean for a year. If i could do it, anyone can. Good luck to all.

    • kayla 9 years ago

      i don't believe this post! i've seen what mehadone does first hand! you get addicted to one drug then the government allows you to get addicted to another drug that you are paying for and they know it! methadone clinic's are a joke you are supposed to take an even worse drug to get off another??? Methadone is almost impossible to come off of! i would never recommend it! Methadone clinics keep upping and upping your dose of methadone to where you'll never come off it and you keep coming and they make money off your addiction! if you have too many mg's in your body you can overdose!! I am completely against Methadone!! who ever wrote this article has obvisley never seen what the drug methadone can do. they are oblivious to the fact it can kill patients!

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 9 years ago from N.J.

      Kayla -- I am the author of this article, and I have been on methadone for four years. I can tell you in full confidence that it saved my life. If you were on methadone at some point, I'm truly sorry for the negative experience you obviously had. Not all clinics are reputable. I was fortunate enough to find a clinic with competent nurses, a caring doctor, and a staff of counselors who were committed to slowly weening their patients off of methadone AFTER the client had stabilized at an adequate dose, pulled his life together, had a good stretch of time clean, and felt ready to detox.

      I started methadone at 120mgs and with the encouragement of my family and my counselor, I am now down to 35mg. I don't know if you've ever been addicted to heroin or painkillers, but methadone, although it doesn't work for everyone, is a Godsend for many addicts. I'm not going to debate each one of your points, because you epitomize the EXACT type of mindset that perpetuates the myths this article seeks to dispel. Take a look at the DSM-IV and you will see that methadone does not meet the criteria for an ADDICTIVE drug. I'm sorry that you've had such horrible experiences with it but I wanted to let you know that it is not like that for everybody. For many people, methadone was the one thing that was able to rescue them from a life of running and scamming and lying, of needles and abscesses and hepatitis, of getting arrested and losing your house and going to jail and selling your belongings along with your body.

      I have seen close friends of mine have their lives DESTROYED by heroin addiction, and it is the ones who completed a methadone or Suboxone program who have survived and prospered where others have failed.

    • dave vachon 8 years ago

      my identical twin and i have been on methadone for over 7 yrs and it saved our lives,made it so we could become functioning members of society and raise a 13 yr old daughter of 1 twin whos mom abandoned her . ill be the first to say it has to be controlled to a degree and i don't want to be on it forever we are on 30mgs from 120 and lots of dope before that. i just wish people could try to see all sides to it good and bad some people ,it saves while others it kills safety must be first but education is right there beside it dave

    • lisa 8 years ago

      i too am on methadone, have been for five years. i started at 86mgs. and am now down to 29 mgs. It took me a year to get clean of all drugs including cocaine and alcohol. had it not been for the caring staff of the clinic i go to in massachusetts i may not be here today. my husband is also on methadone and is now clean also. I'm now a college student at 40yrs old after quitting school when i was 16 due to alcohol and drugs. i have the love of my family and friends and respect from the people i know. i don't meet people and say hi my name is lisa i'm on methadone and antidepressants. i am just Lisa, a college student who works hard at getting a degree. Methadone is a medicine i take when i wake up. I go to group counseling and see a therapist out side of the clinic as well. Detox is slow because it took 30yrs to end up where i did, it's not gonna solve itself in 4 months! If you work the program right and don't use illicit drugs, your life gets better, plain and simple. People say terrible things about methadone but ask my family, ask my friends who they like better. the lisa on drugs or the lisa on methadone. They will most surley say the latter. I can't change everyone's mind but i do know the one's closest to me have seen me change and grow into a functioning human being and you can't put a price on that. I am very grateful to the methadone clinic and the people there that gave a crap about me when no one else did. It has changed my whole life.

    • sara 8 years ago

      from canton need to know what dose i will be on i hane been on oc all of it for 12years

    • privateye2500 profile image

      privateye2500 8 years ago from Canada, USA, London

      This is complete dangerous BS! Methadone patients are DEPENDENT on their medication the same way a diabetic is DEPENDENT on his insulin--they are not ADDICTED. THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!

      Methadone DOES lead to a hugely significant impairment in functioning; I have witnessed it FIRST hand more than once!!! It is also harder to get off of than ANY other drug and it is VERY VERY dangerous.

      If you are going to write articls about this serious a topic - you better get your facts right or you just may aid in KILLIUNG some people!

    • Duane Cobble 8 years ago

      I would like to say that I have been on Methadone for three months now. I am on 80 mgs. This program has saved my life. Saved my family, and saved me a lot of money. I was hooked on Vicodin, Fentanyl, and morphine for about 10 years. On days when I did vicodin I would pop anywhere from 20-30 10mg pills a day. If it was a fentanyl day I would chew 3-4 2.5mg patches a day. This habit was costing me anywhere from 150-250 dollars every day or two. It was also killing me physically and mentally. I am truly grateful to have found the clinic that I go to. It save my life. In my opinion if methadone is messing you and your life up when you take it, then you probably didn't need it in the first place. It is a strong drug; especially if you don't have a high tolerance. But in my case, I needed it, it does not get me high, I function normally, when before I could not even hold a job or take care of my children. Methadone may not be for everyone, but for those of us who truly need it; it is a godsend.

    • methadohn 8 years ago

      Its the devils juice

    • TROUBLES1 8 years ago

      I am curentaly on Methadone, along with my wife, I am very Gratefull to my Counsoler, and the clinic, it is allowing us to be Normal, we are raising our children, going to ZOOS, and Museames, playing with our kids, and working, we are both graduated from Collage but made some bad decisions. Any person who says things about the Program in hopes of discrediting it, or keeping people from going, are infact hurting the people they might feel they are trying to help. the person privateye2500 is obviously one of those sad individuals who instead of trying to become educated on a subject just bashes it because of fear. Uneducated fear.. if you are an Addict, and you want your life back, Methadone will help give it to you. No it is not easy, there is Counseling, and Group sessions, and going to the Clinic every day. but you get to live. and you get a chance to be proud of yourself again, and like my wife and I You can make people proud of you. to the Author of this Article, you are doing a good thing by giving back to a program that has saved so many of us THANK YOU.

    • vikki_b 8 years ago

      I have been on Methadone for a number of years. I was on heroin for less than a year, but I am definitely grateful for being put on Methadone when I was. I do not like being dependant on ANY substance but it's a heck of a lot better than the lifestyle I had when I was on heroin.

      I made a bad decision and I got help for it, which allowed me to lead a normal life. I only wish there wasn't so much ignorance about this drug. Yes it can be dangerous if taken when not prescribed (i.e bought off the street) but then so can many many drugs. If you stick to what you are prescribed, and reduce at a pace with which YOU feel comfortable, then it's fine. Some misinformed people are always gonna be ignorant and see methadone users as "drug addicts" which we are NOT. I have been clean now for many years.

      I agree with becauseilive 100%. Good luck to other people on Methadone.

    • Proud mom 8 years ago

      My 18 year daughter told me three weeks ago she had been using herion. She got herself on a methadone program for 4 mths before telling me anything about it. As she lived on her own i had no idea (250 miles apart). Three weeks living at home she is now getting her life back on track. She is down from 70 mg to 50mg and doing great she no longer has junting out bones in her face. I am proud that she had the strength to ask for my help. No one could be more passionate about helping her get better as im her mom. She so badly wants everything that 18 year olds have in there life and i will be standing beside her holding her hand as she leaves her old life behind.

    • Whheezzzz 8 years ago

      The people saying methedone is evil and that people get high and uncontrolable while on it, are sometimes partly true. Its the people who are just getting started on methedone and trying to get their dose adjusted accordingly that may become prone to sleepieness, drowsiness,or impairment. Once dose is corrected, all that does away not to high nor to low.

      Its the people that are abuseing it and continue to get increases even though they don't need to, that are trying to get high off off it and are not in serious recovery that gves it a bad name. I can almost bet that all of the people that are putting it down are or were never addicted before.

      KUDOS to all who have surrendered to and prevailed this disease,how ever and whatever it took to do so. :)

    • D.M. Thraam 8 years ago

      Methadone absolutely saved my life and what I regret is ever getting on the heroin hell train, NOT the method I used to get off the train before it went off the rails. I knew when I got on the methadone I'd be on it likely for the rest of my life; I was not bothered by this. Why all the fuss about medicines and drugs? Why is a drug evil and a medicine good, and where does one end, the other begin? The only negative thing about methadone? Because of drug phobia and over-paranoid regulation, going to the clinic is a bit of an inconvenience. But had I not done so, and threw my lot in with things I'd tried and failed with before, including 2 stints at inpatient 12 step based rehabs (I think it's not exactly that helpful to spend day after day after day inventorying one's faults, especially while in the most depressed or suicidal time of one's life! 12-stepping was invented for alcoholics and appropriated for drug dependents later on; I think perhaps it's not appropriate for most drug users, who'd benefit from learning more about their strengths and how to use them, not merely becoming even more aware they've got shortcomings...the result of doing that was always wanting to hide from all that gab in the drugs. But I digress...)

      Anyone who thinks methadone is just sanctioned heroin should look up the initial studies done by methadone pioneers Dole and Nyswander, who observed patients on morphine and patients on methadone in a hospital setting. The morphine addicts lay around in pajamas watching TV silently waiting for the day's meds. The methadone patients, once stabilized, began making inquiries such as "Can I please find something to read? Are any art supplies available? Any way for me to go to school?" They wanted to DO things.

      And that's how it is for most patients. A certain percentage of patients at any clinic are living in poverty, and/or are mentally, physically or emotionally bankrupt from non-drug related issues simultaneously. The hopelessness engendered by these circumstances can lead to them misusing other drugs and alcohol, failing to eat right, and not getting medical care or even housing. Those are the ones who look like hell. It's not the methadone doing it. If they were off it, believe me, they'd be far worse. I know what I speak of, having been on the clinic for almost 17 years now, and seeing a great many persons on and off, and making the comparison. ALL of them were far better and clearer-spoken on methadone.

      What seems to louse them up most often is crack and alcohol, especially if used at the same time. Patients will end up falling into that hole after losing housing, say, after a divorce, and ending up in a transient hotel, surrounded by people using crack and drinking. Friendless and depressed they soon join their ranks. But it's not the methadone. Clinics could stand to get better counselors to deal with the issues that do wreck their patients.

    • melissa 8 years ago

      Interesting..the clinic pictured on this is bi valley in sacramento, CA. I was sexually assulted there 4 years ago by a reg sex offender they hired by failing to do background check. I recently found out that another girl accused the same man(my counselor) of sexual assult and they still didn't do anything. I had to see that man every day....finally, a fellow employee found my counselor on megans law and he was fired by the dept of health and human services. 1 dose of methadone cost less than a dollar...these clinics charge 30$ a dose. I am 3 weeks off of methadone from a taper of 160-0. Im suffering from worse withdrawl now than i did during the taper. It does rot your teeth, and it does get into your bone marrow which holds a great supply of red blood cells, thus producing the bone aches and joint pain commonly associated with methadone withdrawl. These clinics have a success rate of about 2%. 98% percent of the addicts on methadone are poly-drug users and still continue high risk behaviors(needles etc.) despite methadone. Im the only person at this clinic pictured above to successfully taper in 8 years. and when i wanted to get off methadone,I recived NO support. The doctors at bi-valley med clinic NEVER even mentioned that you could get off methadone. I did it. IM not stupid, I was on this shit for 4 years. Since 26yrs old. I have been clean for a couple years and I attribute none of that to methadone. In fact, mY using got soooo much worse on methadone where clinics are great places to hook up with other users and dealers. There is a gathering on the corner of 21st and capitol where bi-valley is every day of people openly selling heroin, klonipin, rock....and everything else...including the methadone they just got from the clinic. These places are legal drug dealers...literally. If anyone wants to defend this that fine. you wont change my mind. check the statistics...check out methadone web sites not owned by methadone this one is. They want your business..they literally need people to stay on methadone to thrive. Its sick money making business.

    • Emily 8 years ago

      Methadone is the greatest decision I've ever made. The negative stigma is directly related to pure ignorance. Oh and those who are now off methadone, and miserable, and are NOW saying it's terrible. Just because you suffered withdrawal, means nothing, you're clean aren't you? It's SO typical for someone tapering, to turn their back on Methadone, of course while they were stable, they'd say "Oh this medication is wonderful and saved my life" Now that they are experiencing some W/D's from it, they hate it. Bottom Line if you taper at a very slow rate withdrawals are minimal. Maybe those who are saying that they hate methadone (now that they are off) shouldn't have ever gotten off? It sounds like they are miserable. Success is NOT measured by when one gets off of methadone, but when one is living a life of recovery on Methadone. The ignorant people out there, sound incredibly uneducated, and it's quite laughable, to hear some of the ideas, and myths that come out of their mouth. Seriously Ludicrous lol. That goes for HARMD too, they are just angry bitter moms, who lost their children and want to make others lose theirs Evil Bitches...

    • bev49 8 years ago

      The article above is right on the money. The stigma attached to methadone is the government's fault. Because of too much lawmaking, people on methadone are forced to go to a clinic specifically designed to do nothing but dispense methadone. If family doctor's were allowed to dispense methadone, nobody would know the difference between a person on methadone and not. I believe methadone is addictive, despite what the author of the article states. However, it is a hell of a lot better than being addicted to heroin. I speak from experience. I was on methadone for many years following an addiction to heroin. I started at 80 mgs. and weaned down to 20 mgs. Because I am about to move to an area where there are no clinics close by, I have switched to suboxone, which can be perscribed by a doctor licensed to do so. I am certain that if not for methadone, I would either have contracted AIDS from dirty needles, be in jail, or be dead. If you take methadone at a reasonable dose, there is no drowsiness or euphoria, just normality. The myths surrounding methadone are out of control and just not true.

    • beautiful oblivion 8 years ago

      My boyfriend has been on Methadone for 10 saved his life and now he is ready to quit He has been detoxing at home now for months, VERY SLOWLY...I mean it has taken months. He was on 400mg a day and is now (after direction under a doctor) takine 2.5mg.

      My question is can 2.5 mg still make you look so messed up, he sweats prefusly, still falls asleep standing up, I would have figured that after sucha high tolerance to it, taking it down that low would make a huge difference. Such as not being able to sleep, etc.

    • Mike3232 8 years ago

      People on methadone Please listen to this. I took methadone for 1 1/2 years. Before that I was on painkillers for 2 years. I started methadone at 30 mg's, eventually went up to 120mg's. Slowly over the year i went down about 10 mg's a month on average. I got down to 10mg then could no longer deal with waking up every day to get drugs so I stooped, I have to say I got the same effect if it was 10mg or 120 when you go down slowly your body gets use to it.

      I have been detoxing from 10mg of methadone a day! since aug.5th its now october 15th. I cant sleep for crap. I feel like im in a fog all day. I gained weight on methadone and I am not as healthy as I was before I took methadone. The 1st month detox was very bad. Im now on my 3rd month and all I can tell you people thinking about methadone is DETOX OFF THE PAINPILLS that is only a month at the most. I have no idea if I will ever feel normal again its been over 70 days. I don't care what anyone says methadone causes your damage to your brain.

    • jessica 8 years ago

      i started using pain pills very young and eventually started shooting heroin. when i was on heroin i was homeless sleeping in hallways, prostituting, begging people for money on the street. Some of the worst things you could ever think of and i'm only 21 years old. I started the methadone clinic about 3 months ago and in just 3 months i'm living back home talking to my family again, about to start working, everything a normal person does. i never ever thought i would b able to stay off drugs. I used to think i'm not going to live till 30. I can't even put into words how the clinic has saved my life. Yes there is withdrawal symptoms. If you eventually decide you want to come off the clinic you can slowly come off, even 1mg a month if u want and won't feel a thing. But if u don't want to follow the rules and get KICKED OFF for some reason and go threw horrible withdrawal that is your own fault not the clinic's. And no people aren't falling asleep and not functional, whoever you seen like that is taking benzos, clonidine, finagen, or some type of other medication to make them like that so don't go by what you see. unless you been on it yourself you wouldn't say it makes you like that because it doesn't at all. My uncle used for 37 years. He has been clean for about 9 ys thanks to the methadone clinic. If there is any1 hat had no hope it was him and if the methadone clinic helped him it can help any1. We have a disease just like cancer or anything else and we also need medication to feel normal. And methadone and suboxone are the 2 medications that help addicts be a normal funtional person. We need help too, you wouldn't look down on the meds for somebody that had anuther disease that was helping them so why would you be against a medication that is helping so many people live a much happier life.

    • harleystar0203 8 years ago

      UH I've been on methadone for 6 years! Ive been clean for six years! I was a hard core IV user now I'm graduating college and i've been SLOWLY detoxing. I was on 90mg now im on 8 mg. I just did a research paper on methadone. Did u know that methadone was developed by the nazi's. The creators are named Dr Dole And Dr. nysander. U guys don't know what your talking about. I think I've been on methadone long enough and I'm educated enough to make a comment. before making assumptions you should research and the people that comment that have never been on methadone should keep there mouth shut. They don't know they just read it in a book.

    • Stephanie 8 years ago

      Okay first off I would like to say painkillers destroyed my everything. I lost 2 houses, 2 cars, my self respect, I've lost my teeth due to malnutrition from being addicted to oxycontin's so I have false teeth, I also weight about 100 lbs. down from 130. I started out as normal as everyone here...Straight A student in high school, got married had 2 little girls that I stayed home and raised and my husband was prescribed oxies, after 4 years of him being on them I took them occasionally for toothaches. After years of taking them I realized we were addicted, after losing everything...I never stole from anybody or lied. It pissed me off so bad as strong a person as I was I was sicker than a dog without my pills, until I found out about a methadone clinic. I've been on methadone for about 2 months, I started at 30 mg and am now down to 10 mg and feel fine. Methadone is not a quick cure or a drug to keep you high legally. If used correctly it can be a miracle drug, but it takes motivation and will power to get clean and stay clean like anything else. I see my counselor almost every day, they helped me get back on my feet as far as finding a job, a place to live...they bought my children x-mas presents at my clinic even. I should say I was against methadone more so than anybody as my painkiller dose was extremely low that the methadone I always believed was stronger, however each person's dose and story is different. It's just like doctors, sure there are the crooked ones and good ones, clinics there are good ones that don't even let you talk to the other patients (dose and go) and others that the clinic nurses actually sell the methadone to druggies, but this is our world we live in. I was fortunate enough that my clinic is real and cares about people and when I want to drop a few mgs. I can drop a few mgs. when I'm comfortable. I now am working full time, taking care of my beautiful toddler daughters, working things out with my husband, I've gained 20 pounds back on Methadone because it has given me my appetite back (something you lose along with your sex drive from opiates) and no more toothaches because I've started caring about my hygiene again and got them all pulled with no pain meds. I might add. So please don't judge us, I've had friends that died from methadone too from not taking it the right way...anyone can die from any street drug, but usually the reason people resort to drugs or pills is...and anyone will tell u this that uses....depression overcomes them and using masks that pain and suffering into happiness and feeling good, but methadone like previously was said can and will be a miracle medication if used properly and not abused in conjunction with counseling, family support and willingness to move on with your life clean. Thank you everyone for your opinions, remember everyone is entitled to have an opinion but don't knock on this drug until you have ever been in someone elses shoes. God Bless Everyone and Thank God For Methadone or I may not be here today either for my little girls, if I hadn't been given the choice of methadone I may still be using and slowly losing more weight and killing myself and meanwhile all in front of my little girls, they are my world and best friends and methadone has allowed me to be able to be a better mother and provider, I am no longer sick and can work to make money to buy them everything they want in life and need. Everyone have a safe and wonderful Christmas and remember please don't judge people due to what medications they're on...I'm not going to judge the incompetence of these people posting negatively about my medication because obviously they've only heard the bad things about it and ignored the good.

    • rooster33 8 years ago

      The withdrawals are HELL. Whether you taper or not, HELL. As I am finding out right now.

    • Angel21up 8 years ago

      I hear many of you speak of methadone killing people and of it's addiction. Yes it has killed people, just as any other drug on the market that was not used correctly. the deaths you hear of are from people who were not prescribed the drug or who took it incorrectly. It can cause a high too, but because of incorrect use. Just because you or someone in your family has had a bad experiece with a drug does not mean it is horrible. Plavix almost killed my grandmother but that does not mean it has not helped others. Methadone saved my marriage and my husband. He was completely addicted to heroin and his insurance would not pay for rehab and no rehab would take him. The state run methadone clinic was the only place willing to help him. Look into the information more before you start hating people get off the streets.

    • Kim 7 years ago

      I have been on methadone since May 2, 2008. It is now January 28, 2009 I started out broke with nothing living with my granny. I now have everything I ever wanted. I went to the methadone clinic, started at 30mg and am now on 60 and stable. I have got 4 jobs, I work 7 days a week, and now I'm taking care of my grandma instead of her taking care of me. I know some people think that "methadone is the devil" but to me it's a Godsend, t saved my life and without God that made man knowledgeable enough to use methadone as a maintenece program for people like me who got addicted to percribed drugs I would not be here today testifying it! Methadone is not always a bad thing if you use it as precribed by your doctor and do everything your counselor tells you to do. I have lost 50 lbs but i was morbidly obese, now I am healthier than i hae ever been went from 280 lbs to 230 and I feel great. so for all of you who think that methadone is so bad im sorry if you had bad experiences with methadone but it does work for some and i am living proof!!!!!!

    • dan 7 years ago

      i cant stand negative people toward methadone!!! i have been an extreme heroin/oxycontin opiate&benzo addict and after a heroin o.d 2 years ago i joined an indiana methaone program ad i haven't used either drug or had the teptation since ,y 120mg a day dose!! methadone is a lifesaver for me!!my mom and little sisiter notice my change as well.i started to study for my ged,getting more daily work,try to help my other friends to get methadone treatment who have a herion/oc etc addiction and the ones who have took my advice thank me and are more happy&healthy than i evr reneber them so anyone with negative cooments has no eduction about it or if they were on it, they didn't have an addiction calling for that kind of tretment in the first place,it is a strong medication if you have no tolerance to a strong opiate addiction anyways!god bless methadone&the treatment programs!!! there even a new vitamin "vitadone" for methadone patients to get their health back better and help the few side effects like "sweats",suagr addiction,constipation etc. ill always defend methadone and its use for helping addicts who would go to an early grave with a straw in their pocket&needle in their arm otherwise

    • Stephanie 7 years ago

      I have been on methadone for over a year now! I was very addicted to morphine and deladeds. I was using through I.V and i was loosing weight like water falling off of me.. Now i was happy about this because i had a few extra pounds on.. I mett my boyfriend while i was using and he exepted me for who i was and put up with me like that for almost a year . he was already on methadone so he knew what it was like to be an addict. He introduced me to the methadone and i admitted myself into a 4 week detox centre to get on it. He waited for me to straiten myself away and then when i got out it wasn't easy because we lived in a drug infested neighbourhood. We have been together almost 2 years now and when i got clean i got a job and saved money and we moved into our own appartment ina lovely quiet place..Methadone is my lifesaver and i am still on it now and i am coming down slowly it will take a year most likely and i wouldn't change anything that i did for the world because it has made me the person that i am today. And about people getting high on it..and saying that it is a badd drug u are sort of right because i have seen people getting tired and falling asleep sitting up but see methadone is very strong and u have to have a very high tollerance to drugs or else it will make you tired.. it does cause drowsyness anyway and some people abuse methadone because they want to get high..I am soo greatfull that methadone was available to me .it truly saved my life!!!!

    • patrick x 7 years ago

      I was an out of control heroin user for a year and a half. I've been through heroin withdrawals and they suck and last five to 8 days, but they are NOTHING compared to methadone withdrawals. Im on day 14 and still sicker than hell. The only bright side to these withdrawals is they are so violent and disgusting that when I even hear the word methadone I immediately start to gag and get nauseous. I will NEVER touch methadone again. I'd rather relapse on heroin. Wake up. Methadone is liquid handcuffs. Anyone on methadone is a robot, the problem is that you don't realize it until you are off it.

    • Aaron 7 years ago

      I've never been addicted to any opiates, and tried methadone, and let me tell you, I was high as fuck! It is an opiate, so it is the same thing as heroin or anything else, the author needs to stop lying to herself! It was invented by hitlers scientists when he ran out of opium so he could continue to get high!!!!!

    • names 7 years ago

      I am not an addict. I have never done heroin nor will I ever. I take opiates though mostly morphines and methadone. I've done oxys, vicodin, percoset(sp?), suboxan(sp?) and ecstacy. I've taken them for pain and just to get high. Am I nazi? Am I an evil person because I have a bad back and took morphine for it? Should I be looked down on from society for taking methadone? I held down my jobs, paid my bills and kept my relationship together. Just because some people take them to get fucked up doesn't mean everyone is. Methadone is clearly putting some peoples lives back together. Regardless of wether or not its a "drug" that doesn't outweigh that fact. Aaron, get over yourself. This was a very well written article, not every drug dealer carries a gun but whatever.

    • scott 7 years ago

      aaron your high on methadone?mmmmmsomeone slipped you something if you didn't get hot or someget the crawls you weren't on totally missed it anyway,if you know anything or are doing methadone theres a reason; you either need to get it together to stay out of jail or trouble...methadone has saved so many families from the heart break and doin something stupid,Methadone has its place and if your against it(You just aint seen nothin yet) and you haven't done enough opiates obviously because everone knows you sound like a punk, coment about something you know about don't put down something that helps some become better THEY'RE ALTERNATIVE IS WORSE.....

    • Anthony 7 years ago

      I'm on a methadone clinic in Columbus, Ohio. I am at 155mg. I get sick of people talking about shit they don't really know too much about. Methadone is a dangerous drug, so is insulin. I'm not diabetic and if I injected myself with insulin it would probably kill me. My girlfriend doesn't take or need methadone, if she took what I take it would probably kill her. Methadone saved my life and made my family's live's a lot easier. I'm not wasting any more time on this. Use your brain, don't be stupid.

      One more thing I just have to ask anyone who reads this. Is there anyone on the clinic you belong to that believes the first drink is the strongest? Yes, the first person to be medicated for that day getting the strongest dose. It is insane I know but I know two guys that swear by it.

    • bambam_tigger profile image

      bambam_tigger 7 years ago from mississippi

      Ok so I understand both sides of the fence so to speak. However, as someone who is persuing the nursing career I must say that while this drug can and does help some people, it is disturbing how many people are abusing the drug. Taking the doses to get away from heroine but the dropping barbituites with the methadone is a new way for people to get messed up. It really should be a controlled substance in the stance that anyone who is perscribed this should be monitored closely. Surpirse visits, mandatory psychological evals to determine whether or not the drug is helping or hurting the mental state of the patient. I also think a great way to get rid of this craziness is only allow TEMPORARY (and I mean an exact set amout of how long an addict can use the clinical drug to be detached from heroine)use. Then a gradual detox program from the methadone. I think anyone and everyone reading this should look into the documentary calle "METHADONIA" to fully understand why some people are so biast to this drug, and also to see that there are other ideas, and new solutions should be made to wein people of the use of this drug.

    • 7 years ago

      If you have the disease of Addiction, being just plain clean is better. However comma, methadone treatment is not evil - functioning is better than not functioning.

    • genevieve 7 years ago

      im 32, from new york,and ive been on methadone for 8 on 200 mg unfortunately my liver metabolizes it too quickly so i stll get sick, which i am ignoring..coz i really believe it's all in your head..until your nose starts running, non-stop yawning, sweating feelings about methadone changes day i love it, saved my life, helped me get my life back together..then i hate it..i lost my daughter's father from heroin, and left me with a daughter, Jade, who is now 11 yrs old..Ive been reading the past comments and some of them are true, but it helps recovering addicts, function, finally do something right..But that I know I could do more, I feel like Methadone is the one that's gonna bring me down..My mother is a doctor and she wants to get me job at the hospital that she works at..and I know the're going to do a drug test..what do I do? People say, you don't have to say anything that you're on Methadone, legal or will people react to that? People who are not on it do not totally understand Methadone..all they see is a heroin addict who cant stay clean..If people only really knew..

    • Mark Sturge 7 years ago

      I am a diabettic and a methadome patient, If I stopped taking insulin I would die,On one hand I agree with some off this post I have been on this filth for six yrs I was a habitual offender I have been out of jail for five yrs got a flat,some education finished interferon(hep c treatment).

      I don't how ever think its function is to help the addict but to decrease crime because it holds back being very deperate and strung out,I hate being on it and have tryed and tryed to get offf but failed,every other user of methadome uses heroin on top in the UK that's common knowage to the drug agencies the are just intreasted in putting people on probation based drug programs or harm reduction.

      So now I have a new prison, I'm in a limbo instead of bars,Methadome works if the patiant wants to change fights the cravings(It only takes away the pain not cravings but they are some what dulled),but there is a point where u can no lomger achive things when you get to the point where you want relationships and employment but can't get of methadome the last time I tried I was strung out and sick as hell for 10 days,the emotional stuff flooding in my head was unbarable and I tried to kill myself but used heroin instead it took 3 hits of heroin before I felt OK again,I was put back on it,in my opinion they would rather give you more than help you detox,I'm trying again real soon(I use no other druigs and have not done so for ages) but if I don't try something I am just a relapse waiting to happen.

    • AirJking 7 years ago

      I started doing vicodin when i was 16 for about a year straight and quit that cold turkey pretty much just fine but i didn't really understand i was doing a highly addictive narcotic so that helped to get off of it. Then i was introduced to OxyContin at 18 and popped it for a year straight, then snorted it for a year straight, then, unfortunately, shot it for about 4 months, along with Fentanyl (smoking), morphine, and dilaudid's when i couldn't get oxy. My life was a total wreck and i don't know how my parents didn't know (cuz i live with them) But when i went to the methadone clinic they started me off at 30mg and i felt great. They made me feel like, "yes this is a miracle drug you will be off of it in less than a year blah blah blah. . " and i will admit, it ended up saving me a lot of money and a lot of w/d's. But then i realized how money hungry those clincs are. Don't forget they are privately owned and a business just like any other. THEY WANT YOUR MONEY. If you are even a dollar short they won't give you your dose, and they want you to get your dose up as high as they can so you get hooked on it, CUZ YES IT IS VERY VERY ADDICTIVE. I was taking un-prescribed benzo's when i was at 145mg a day and they said they'd have to cut me down 10mg each day til i get to 60 which was a good thing, but then they start handing me all these numbers for all these docs that will give me xanax easy as hell. That was so they could get me back up to 145 so i would stay hooked and keep giving them money. So then i went to a doctor to try suboxone and that didn't work out for me, because i didn't really give it a chance i guess, so he started prescribing 60mg of methadone a day for me which is way better cuz i have insurance. Now it's been about a year and a half since then and i really really want to get off methadone. I just recently got prescribed xanax and i'm hoping that will help. I'm thinking about talking to my doc about switching to suboxone again and givin it another shot. I just hate waiting the 3 days for everything to get out the system. But the point of my story is, for me anyway, The cons def. outway the pros concerning methadone. i believe if i just would've gotten prescribed oxy and it was highly supervised and they cut me down little by little, i would've been off the stuff at least a year ago if not longer. But that's life who knows. But that's my opinion on methadone, but i really think clinics should start getting real and telling the truth, not all these false promises. But to everyone on it, GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS.

    • alex 7 years ago

      Ive been on the program for 8 months and it has helped me in an immense way to get clean. i have redused from 60mg to now 27.5. i may not be drug free, but i will be soon. without the methadone i don't know what would have helped me get my life together. Yeah i know one can become psychologically and physically addicted to it, but its a hell of a lot better that using opiates intra venously with dirty needles and dirty people..... if u seriously want to get clean, methadone, or bupe can help

    • Gennifer G 7 years ago

      I have been on Methadone for almost two years now, and I completely agree that anyone who thinks that it makes you high or unable to function normally is taking TOO MUCH in the first place. Your treatment is exactly that.. TREATMENT to a far worse problem. Only you are in control of your treatment, and only you know the proper dose. To those who put it down, your problem was not true.

    • Gerri 7 years ago

      Ok so I too was on methadone. I was addicted to heroin and didn't know how to get off. Had detoxed myself several times but always went back. In hinesight I know that I really didn't want to be without opiates. I just did not want to consequenses I was facing by using. I read up on methadone and it sounded oh so fine. Like a miracle, I was going to be ok. I wasn't ready to detox after thirty days of my mehtadone dose. I knew in my heart that I still wanted to use.

      I then set up a meeting to get on methadone maintence. I actually cried that day because I knew that I was already addicted to the methadone and didn't think I was goin to be able to get off. I remained on methadone for 4 years.

      Yes its true I did well in the program. I did not use heroin. I only gave 2 dirties in that time for percs that didn't even work. I did drink however. I got take homes and sometimes misused them.

      My experience with methadone was that it did provide me a high. I knew that when I took my dose I was going to feel better. I saw a counseler at the clinic and a psychiatrist. Neither of these were of any help.The coulselor saw too many addicts a day to show any care and the doc just handed out more drugs. I was beginning to slip in a very bad depression and couldn't hold a job and drank more, wouldn't come out of my room. I was emotionally unavailable and in my own world.I was losing my relationship and still suffering from addictive behavior. I still disliked myself and wanted to escape my own feelings .

      I did not realize any of this at the time. I became less social unless I was feeling the methadone or was drinking. I was numb. But inside I truly believed I needed opiates being pills, heroin, or now methadone to live.

      I feel that for those four years on methadone it just prolonged my addiction.It was a cage of time that kept me safe from the streets but not safe from the insanity inside my addict self that seems to be neglected in most posts about the methadone treatment.

      I was turning 29 and no longer wanted to be a slave to methadone. The clinic did not want to let me off. I fought for a while but ended up doing non payment. They dropped me from my 90mgs 5 every 3 days. It was fast. Too fast I guess.

      I had been in withdrawel so many times I thought I knew what to expect. I was okay , not good but ok, until the last week when I was in the single digits. I twitched, jerked, yawned, burned, could not walk like a normal person, I looked like a robot. I couldn't sleep. I still knew that I wanted my spirit back and my enthusiasm that they say sometimes doesn't come back , but it does.!!

      I ended up using heroin to get off methadone. See the insanity?? I used methadone to initially get off heroin.

      Where did it leave me? Another 2 years of hell....

      Since that I was in treatment a few times was arrested again and in a half way house. I am 34 and have been clean for 3 years.

      More than anything I believe that therapy,coping skills and inside work needs to be stressed more in the clinic especially in the process of getting off. Support Support Support!! I also would like to see people who have successfully gotten off methadone and are living life on lifes terms without opiates go and be examples and give hope to those in the clinic that see no way out!

    • scott 7 years ago

      My wife and I have two children. when you get to a certain place in life and decide to grow up and get out of the "scene"Methadone can save your life and anyone elses that's around you if your paying peter to pay paul to get the monkey off your back.All the negetive comments are from people in life that either arent addicted or you have a little pill problem and need to get off.If used properly and dosing is Kept down to a minimum{not letting them take you over say 130 or so)it will work. Brush your teeth and stop eating all the sweets your craving that's roting your teeth.IVe been on 5 years and have none of theeffects people are talking about.{If used RIGHT}1 it will get the addict off the street2 It will control your withdrawal sickness/Your just not{ HIGH}3it will stop the seeking behavior that Causes all the problems between all people.Weather you need or steel money or sell somrones stuff or just break up familys..ITS saved my Marriage of 15 years and Everythings fine.Just get educated about it.SCOTT

    • Ralphus 7 years ago

      my weekly payment is 55 dollars a week.When I was using that would last an hour.Yea methadone is hard to get off but I have seen many heroin addicts kick and go right backto it.It saved my life cause when I was in the height of my addiction I would do anything for that money you wouldn't wanna walk on the same side of the street cause id jack you,no more.And another thing is after 60 mg you cant get high,a 2 min rush maybe.But I don't use street drugs anymore so it worked for me.You anti-methadone people take your xanax and booze and act like jerk offs I see it a lot everybody is addicted to something even if its food,make-up ,shopping and your pissed you cant stop so you bitch at us.

    • Scott 7 years ago

      Methadone. Really?!? Im an opiate addict. Have been for years. I have tried almost everything out there at one time or another. Oxycontin was my favorite, I snorted it, popped it, and would even smoke it. I always liked when one of my, "so called recovering friends would offer me a couple methadone." I loved this as it would incrase my high drastically!

      My girlfriend is now starting the methadone treatment. She has quickly realized how corrupt the system really is.When she first went in and they asked her what she did and how much. They didn't even hessitate to find out if that was true though they did take a piss test. They put her on 40mg and said if she needed more to let them know! Now to me that sounds like a legal drug dealing clinic! Withdrawling is a bitch, if your even reading this you have probably been there. Suboxen has been a life saver for me. I don't even take it daily I just like to have it around if I have any urges or just in generall feel shitty. Nice thing about subs is you don't withdrawl at all when coming down.




    • savedmylife 7 years ago

      Well, I just wanna say that methadone saved my life. I had been on a downward spiral into hell for over 6 years, until I started the clinic. I am 23 now and have been on Done for about 4 months. It has saved my life in EVERY way possible. I am getting back to who I was before I got on dope. I was doing as many dilaudids as I could a day, and had been on heroin and oxy's before that. I had been to rehab twice and it didn't work for me, but methadone has truly been my lifesaver. So anyone out there who is downing it, don't knock it to much because it has saved MANY people's lives. Yeah, the withdrawals may be bad, but that's with almost any drug. I am willing to go through the withdrawals because methadone has been a blessing to me!! I have put myself through A lot more painful and worse experiences, I'm sure. Maybe all of you that are knocking it need to think back on ALL of your bad experiences. Because I am sure there's something worse that you've, besides getting help by going to the methadone clinic.

    • living life now 7 years ago

      I have tried suboxen, and my opinion is, is that it is NOT for everyone. I know of some people that can't take sub's because they cause them to have panic attacks. But, methadone is the perfect way to keep them off pills, so that right there tells me that methadone IS better for some than others. It really irritates me when I see and hear people knocking Done, because truthfully, methadone has helped MANY people.. Let others' decide for themselves.To all those out there dissing methadone: STOP DOWNING IT JUST CUZ YOU DON'T LIKE IT!!

    • Miss Informed 7 years ago

      I think that all drugs (including even tylenol and advil) are just a way for people to hide from their pain and give them excuses to not have to take care of themselves. All medications do is temporarily hide what your body is trying to tell you is wrong with it. Society has become so dependent on COVERING UP instead of FIXING issues it's ridiculous.

      "Methadone patients are DEPENDENT on their medication the same way a diabetic is DEPENDENT on his insulin--they are not ADDICTED."

      Dependency = addiction. Just as diabetics could change their diet and lifestyles to eliminate use of medications to keep their bodies in order, so could anyone using pain medication. Diabetics don't produce enough insulin because they don't eat the way their body needs them to. Narcotic users (when using for pain control) aren't producing enough endorphins or other pain relieving hormones because they don't move their bodies enough.

      There is no one answer to any situation, and drugs are definitely not an effective answer - they only cause more problems. They stop the body from functioning properly, then cause withdrawal symptoms when users try to get their lives back on track.

      I people truly cared about their bodies, they would certainly NOT turn to methadone, or any other drug for that matter, to "take care" of their physical ailments. There are a million and one NATURAL cures for any and every disease, issue and disorder.

    • ATL 6 years ago


    • ATL 6 years ago

      I really hope this helps someone. I have a lot of personal experience AND family experience with this drug. I first went on Methadone 6 years ago, started at 30mg a day, after becoming addicted to painkillers (heavily, 40-50 a day) I started @ 30mg at that clinic @ 2 days in withdrawal. My MOTHER recommended it. My mother was an old junkie (shot morphine) and for her it was the only answer. I thought it was a godsend at 23. 3 months into that program, after being allowed to go up just about whenever I damn well pleased, I was at 150mg. I quit cold turkey---and for 6 weeks endured the worst hell of my life. And you're talking about a person that just STOPPED taking daily amounts of demerol, benzo's, perkss-whatever I could get my hands on. At the end of that 6 weeks, guess what I finally broke down and did? I went to my mothers and shot morphne for a week, just to get past the hump of the methadone. I gladly came back home and sweated out that morphine w/d, let me tell you:)

      6 years later. I have had problems on and off, but in the past 3 months,I see myself using again. In a moment of weakness, I actually DECIDE methadone may be the answer again. Again, I go to a clinic, again, I start at 30mg, and after 3 weeks, i'm up to 80mg,no questions asked. My drug tests were all CLEAN when I entered the facility, bc I was actually already DONE with withdrawal, but was already on autopilot..last week at the clinic, I'm going in the mornings, I see my gd hand shaking everyday as I reach for my dose. I go last weekend for my takehomes, and I never go back. Cold turkey. It's day 6, and I'd be DONE with a pill DT by now. However, the fun is only just beginning, bc methadone has a wonderful defunct called a "half-life". If you must know the horrors, I'm alternating sweating with freezing to death, at day 3 sober, the ambulance was at my house. My arms and legs at this moment feel as though they are being chewed apart by termites. But after many years of drug use, I'm pretty hardened, and this is giving me a run for my money. I called my counselor, she wanted me to come back. FUCK THAT. I asked her "how long is this going to last??" She says "oh, maybe 4 days." My ass. I refuse to take any other drugs during this time. I've learned there is a certain amount of wisdom to be gained in withdrawal---I've seen things more clearly hanging off the side of the toilet with green bile sliding down my face and the toilet, because, lets face it, that'll put some shit in perspective REAL quick, no?

      The honest truth is that yes, methadone usually isn't as physically taxing as a normal dt, instead, it's a mental fucking straight jacket that you wouldn't wish on your worst fucking enemy. I'm a drug addict, and I'm telling you, no matter WHAT you are on, no matter HOW much you do, you are better off doing THAT withdrawal than the withdrawal of methadone....even at MINIMAL levels you will suffer immensley. The best advice I can offer you while going off? Sleep when you can--that won't last for long, and you'll need the rest you CAN get. Avoid caffeine--it makes the runs and anxiety ten times worse. Chug water even if you throw it right back up. Force yourself to get up and eat ANYTHING. A piece of bread. Whatever. The more you do this, the stronger you will get, the less it will mind fuck you. The pain that it causes is what will turn you suicidal.

      As for mommy dearest? My mother died on June 4th, 2009, from acute liver failure. She used other drugs while alive, but her primary choice of the years was methadone. she had been on it for over 20 years straight. I'll spare you the details of her death-they are absolutely fucking horrible. But I'll tell you this. When they cut her open afterwards, they said her liver was like a bowl of fermented soup. She had bone tumors over nearly 70% of her body. She died a horrible death, at 45 years old. I am 30 and I feel I never got to know her. She left behind a 9 year old little girl that stood beside me at her funeral, stoically, and neither one of shed a tear, and I know it was bc we were happy that she was no longer suffering.

      Think about what you do before you do it. It's a hell of a lot easier to say "no" and walk away from something that you NEVER TRIED, than to get hooked. God bless you all. Stay Strong.

    • neverstopjamin 6 years ago

      ATL I`d love to speak to you privately. Been on meths for years. guess this is a longshot though. Thanks.

    • Gina 6 years ago

      I am curently on Methadone, which I consider to be a Godsend. I was addicted to pain killers for 6 years. Spending $300 to $600 weekly on pills. The clinic I'm going to is very professional with very caring Doctors, Nurses and counslers. I have heard a lot of negitive talk about Methadone. All I know is that I went form a non functioning addict to a functioning, working person who got her life back. I went from 100mg a day to 45mgs now, working on weening off. Methadone usually only kills people who take other drugs not approved by their treating doctors.

    • flgirl 6 years ago


      This is the propaganda spread by methadone clinics to devalue the effect methadone has on a person's body.

      I was on methadone treatment for 8 years. Methadone effects so many systems in your body. If you are a woman, it can cause hypothyroidism and put you into early menopause. (google's a fact) I now have subclinical hypothyroidism which is a DIRECT result of my methadone maintainence therapy. My hair started falling out, I had no energy, gained a TON of weight...I now have to take a synthetic thyroid hormone to regulate my thyroid gland. Otherwise I can hardly get out of bed.

      Another lie told to me by my methadone clinic...that methadone has NO EFFECT on an unborn fetus, and it does not matter how high your dose goes while you are pregnant. I was on methadone when I was pregnant, and luckily I did not "double my dose" when I got into the third trimester as my clinic advised me to do.

      My son's neonatologist informed me that the dose ABSOLUTELY has an effect on an unborn baby. The higher the dose, the longer the baby will be in withdrawals. Isn't this common sense? I stayed at 30 mgs, and my son had very minor withdrawals for one day. My nurse told me that another patient had just been discharged with her newborn...she had been on 140 mgs, and the baby had to detox for a MONTH.

      DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE...THE HYPE OF THE MONEY MAKING, GREEDY CLINICS. Do your research. This drug has a PROFOUND effect on your body.

    • jgoertzen 6 years ago

      My wife and I have been on Methadone for about 8 months now. It has saved our lives along with our will to succeed. People must understand that with drug addictions comes mental health issues.. When on a responsible methadone program with a caring health team, you can be succesful. I am now finishing school finally and going to groups and 1x1 counseling sessions every other week. Methadone is a tool and does help restore normal brain functions. The problem lies in those who continue to self medicate, trying to hide all the other personal life problems. You must be proactive in recovery from all mind altering substances. Going through the program has allowed me to set goals and follow through.

      Also keep in mind that real life issues stemming from past lives or traumatic events must be identified. So in conclusion, I am a huge advocate as long as the program is worked in an effective manner.Learning to live life on lifes terms.

    • joe 6 years ago

      I just wanted to add that i tae methadone for chronic back pain. It truly no matter what the bad comments about methadone says, it truly helped mt life out. At one time I couldn't even stand up straight my back hurtso much, but with methadone i can stand and sometimes even run again . It is a life savior. So all thoses who dissagree with me try having a serious back problem and try taking methadone , you will see im am right , it is a good drug so stop being so rude to people and telling them it is a bad drug when all drugs are addicting but most do not work as good as methadone, as far as side effects , i have had none from it. It is greart so I recommend it to everyone who is in pain start methadone.

    • Melissa 6 years ago

      Who ever wrote this has no clue what they are talking about. Clearly she has never been on Methadone nor has had a sibling or someone close to them die. I vow to change things. I plan to get the word out that Methadone KILLS!

    • dsb235 6 years ago

      I have been off of methadone for 2 years and I owe it all to my Dr. who has had the necessary training. It is difficult to de-tox off of methadone. It just stopped working for me. Methadone clinics have a place in society and they are not for everyone; the same is true for suboxone. I am happy to be off of methadone. It does affect your cognative abilities and your memory. I am now a senior at Portland State University; I have a 3.5 GPA and I will finish up next Spring. Suboxone re-wires the damage to the brain that methadone caused. I am so much better off being stablized on suboxone. My thinking is so much clearer and I am thriving. good luck to all dsb235

    • Methadonian 6 years ago

      Morphine patients lay about watching Tv in hospital , well lemme tell you summit. I am a methadone patient and i do the same, Who ever wrote this is high lol.

    • Methadonian 6 years ago

      I forgot to add too see this is what methadone does, my brain is fuzzy. For me even at 20mg i feel depressed get shocking panic attacks. Forgetful, vivid dreams. People cmon its a drug what do you expect? what you think it has no side effects go look it up online. Messes with my BP too, dizzy attacks. Nausea, i can hardly hold down a good steak, Constipation and the biggyyyyyyyyyyy Weight gain i have doubled my weight man i look like someone you could see from Mars!!!!!, I't aint no joke this jungle juice, I'ts hard core stuff Liquid handcuffs, do yourselves a favour loose the fear about being of it, and get of the stuff and realise how life is and should be. Back to nice Rem sleep , food taste better, can eat and have sex like a normal person. You will keep upping your dose, lowering it etc. And never will be happy on it, it makes you anti social too. Life isn't so bad clean try it :)

    • amy 6 years ago

      I have been on methadone for 2 years and 6 months. When I got on methadone I was a big pill head. I wasn't on the streets getting them. I have a lot of health problems so doc handed me what I needed. When I first got on methadone I was all for it. I looked in to it. anything I found about it I read it. So I though I knew what I was getting in 2. Now Im TRYING 2 get off methadone and I've never felt this bad EVER! They never tell u a bad about methadone. Most Docs don't know what methadone is or does 2 a person. I wish now that I didn't get on it. I have gained 50 pounds, my teeth r very bad now and I do take care of them. I do want 2 do anything. I have to take it everyday or Im sick. Im now not taking pills but Ive put methadone in its place. There is 1 thing I can say Idont get high from it. but i've learned a lot of scary stuff about it. If ur thinking about gettin on methadone think reel hard about it. Just like other drugs its put a lot on my family. I could go on and on about what Ive gone though cause of methadone and the bad out ways the good. Anyway u go with getting help is hard but methadone withdraw is worse that withdrawing from pills or herion.

    • cockney p. 6 years ago

      Better to see a doctor thav a drug dealer. Better to go to a chemist than a back alley in a rough neibourhood. Better to drink meyhodone than inject herion. Better to deal with profesenals than the underworld.

    • cockney p. 6 years ago

      the way its done hear in the uk is much better. for 1 you can see your family doctor and for 2 you don't have to pay a penny. that's what i never understood bout the usa sysytem charging addicts 30 bucks makes no sense. but i feel this has more to do with the health care in the two countrys than anything else

    • Kevin 6 years ago

      I've been through the program, and when done right, it works. I went from 30mg to 80mg. Then from 80mg to 0mg. I went down SLOWLY. 2mg a week. Taking breaks after every 10 to 20 mg. After stopping 1mg, I didn't go through a withdrawl.

      Those that say coming off Methadone cold turkey is hard, aren't lying. It is. But that isn't the correct way of doing it.

      Methadone saved my life.

    • a mother 6 years ago

      Is this website sponsored by the folks that manufacture and sell methadone? it must be. Methadone ruined our family.

    • detox 6 years ago

      I have to disagree with this post. It IS harder to get of off methadone than heroine. The withdrawal syndrome is much worse and takes longer. Beside that, the dosages of methadone go up with time and as with any other drugs, the tolerance grows.

    • Mike 6 years ago

      Methodone is a joke! It is for week minded people that enjoy doing drugs. There is one way to quit any drug and it's the only true way. Just don't do it. That's it no other way. Man up to your own wrong doing and controls yourself. This is the problem with the world today every wants the easy way out. You will always use the excuse you don't understand what it's like to be addicted. It's a cop out is all it is. Do you want to suceed or fail it's that simple. I have done many drugs in my life and not just for a month or 2 for years I enjoyed smokeing crack for 3 years list everything and said ok it's tome to stop it sucked you crave it every second but it's suceed or fail what do you want to do! I still have cravings but I say no I don't want to go back so I don't. Stop being the problem and be the solution and just say no!

    • bryan 6 years ago

      I was on mthadone for 5 years. after many years of opiate

      abuse a thought i had found a wonder drug. I started at 30mgs a day and less than 1 month I was at 90mgs. 2years went by without problems then nausa vomiting no appitite

      my desire to live left me. all i cared about was clinic and making sure i had enough mony and gas to get my fix

      despite what it was doing to me mentaly and phisicaly

      i can relate to everyone trying to come of this horrible drug it is a living hell i swiched to soboxone and it works for me don't have to take full dose just if i have an urge or cant sleep. it is replacing 1drug for another the clinics (i have been to 3) THAY ARE ALL THE SAME THEY WANT YOU HOOKED AND YOUR MONEY i wish i never made this mistake a lot of people have paid the ultamat price (DEATH). to late for them if you are reading this its not too late read as much as you can befor starting and i am not talking about what the clinics give you or a methadone junkie might tellyou about how it saved them this will make you a zombie and you will not know it but the people who know and love you will GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

    • my taper 6 years ago

      I am now tapering and the girl who wrote this, tell me how you feel once you get under 10mg. I am living it first hand and I have boosted my amino acids and all the right supplements. did it slow 2 mg every other week till 10 then 1 mg a week and let me tell you honey u detox. I never went past 85mg.

    • brians son 6 years ago

      i'm brians son and methadone has gotten him diagnosed with diabetes. many years have gone by where i've woken up to the sound of my father vomiting blood and gasping for air. many days he was zombified and didn't move from his chair. he was fading from life on methadone. then we found saboxin. he is much more active and is getting better every day. i'm 10 years old and my dad and i hate and are against methadone

    • huskerdu 6 years ago

      Huskerdu: Methadone for heroin addiction seems to be the motif of these posts. Simply, I climbed to 700mg of Oxycontin per day after an accident which made a mess of my spine. I was on this dose for 8 years. life was day after day of misery laying in bed and looking forward to chewing my next Oxy. Prescribed Oxy. After all that, I asked my neurologist to detox me in hospital under Ketamine. He did it in 10 days. It was a breeze, having been through the horrors of cold turkey 3 times. In fact, I wouldn't have known it was happening. I was then re-instated on 30mg of Physpetone (methadone) tablets at 10mg every 8 hrs for the chronic spinal pain. I'm prescribed 90 tablets per month on authority. I just completed my degree in drug and alcohol councelling. I've had a recent bone density scan. My bones are fine. I now go to the dentist every 6 months and after having the 7 teeth that required work fixed up during my Oxy taking but couldn't be bothered, I've had no further problem with them since being on Physeptone for 3 years. The dose hasn't changed, I now exercise daily, socialize, read like I used to (allot), play my guitars, look after my aging parents and lead a pretty good life. In comparison to the Oxy days I'd say it's a fantastic life. So, I'd say my brain function must be o.k if I just completed a degree, my bones are in good condition, my teeth are good, my LFT (liver funtion tests) come back fine. I have tapered off Physeptone at 5mg per every 7 days and had no trouble at all, apart from extra spinal pain, which is the reason I stay on this drug, so all in all, I'd have to say, I know which medication I'd rather be on. Finally, I don't regard herion addicts or any other kind of addict as a 'scumbag'.I believe they have an awful illness like a clinically depressed person with a chemical imbalance and also, the Nazi's did NOT invent methadone. It's a myth. It was invented prior to Hitler coming to/taking power due to morphine shortage in German hospitals so that patients could get some pain relief. Methadone is a partial agonist/partial antagonist and so not a replacement drug for opiates or opiods. Yes, it will relieve pain, it will also block the effects of excess opiate/opiod usage. Oh yeah, I've also had a brain scan/mri- no damage so far :) . As for the devil's juice, I'd call that ignorance. By which I mean ignorant statements about methadone are the devil's juice. If it works for you, work with your doctors/councilors or whatever and don't let ignorant people who don't know the hell of addiction put you off. Keep up the good work and all the best.

    • whydontumindurownbizzness 6 years ago

      i've been on methadone for almost a year and its SAVED my life!!! honestly the people that are degrading it are people that have no clue what we've been through what or families been through its just ppl that want to put sumone else down because there lives are pathetic and they have nothing better to do!!!! honestly!! i was pregnant i was doing oh 5 oxy's 80mgs a day and finally went and got help went to the clinic and they helped me and my baby! otherwise she wouldn't b here today and healthy as ever thank god! and i think a lot of the haterz are either ppl that got kicked out of the clinic for not following rules or for whatever or are the ppl that got EVERYONE ADDICTED to that shit in the first place!!!!!!!!! but yes its saved a lot of ppls lifes and ruined a few but the reason its killed so many its called doing more than your suppose to if ur perscribed 50 mgs and you go buy 100 mgs yea your going to die! its called common sense and i know a few ppl that's detoxed and has had a healthy & happy life and all you haterz why you so worried about methadone if your not on it! its for ummm ppl that wants to know things about methadone not why they shouldn't be on it or its bad! GET off of here and spend time with your family and quit worrying with our lives bc if we wanted to know how bad it was we woulda started an article whys methadone so bad? blah any comments? we didn't ask for your 2cents so take it else where thanks

      on 68mg's from 90mg's


      oh and aaron um your no better so shut your mouth ur doing drugs so stfu i don't care if it was to try it you did it so yah!

    • bryan 6 years ago

      if you can not loivde life without pain managed methadone by a real doctor is an answer. for us durg heads (me to) the only way is nothing at all a clinic will gladly up your dose any time like i said in my first post THAY WANT YOU HOOKED SO THAY GET YOUR MONEY PAIN MANAGIMENT IS NOT WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT i wathhed my grandmother dye from cancer her pain was unbearable she refused meds if she can i can do this for her as for methadone for less than a year keep on trucking in about 2 you will not want to eat vomiting will become a normal event just like brushing your teeth i thought methadone was my of healing my addiction I WAS NOT CORRRECT

    • BRYAN 6 years ago


    • bryan 6 years ago

      i read all post on this page i am not a gudge get this site listen wat they say take a good look at the man taking his dose find out about about charges he ant no fucking saint ME NOT think what you are paying the drug will kill you young people oxy,lory, any pain pill will be painfull i know i am not beating up methadone clinics with aff ass phds you eill not see smoke a fucking joint if you want a buzz don't who i i piss off judt do reading befor walking in a clinic YOUR MONEY ROCKES THE WORLD KEEPS HER SPINNING BRYANPEACEOUTREADNECK

    • Snakepit 6 years ago

      I'm on 80mg of methadone and still use. I know i shouldn't, but it has given me the step and the outlook that there is something beyond using.

      The past few days i have been contemplating suicide. But each day been putting it off. Apart from the fact im trying to find a peaceful way to end my life.

      I know things will be different when im clean, but at the moment i can't see it.

      I used to have a good job, car and a beautiful girlfriend. But all that fell to pieces when i started using heroin.

      I have tried suboxone and they were rubbish. Subutex are much better and i didn't have any withdrawal symptoms.

      Methadone is ok, but i see all sides of the argument. It is a money making deal to keep addicts on it. But then again addicts could be stronger and turn around and detox off it. Even 2mg a week, even if it takes a year, 2years. The day will come when no-one will need it in their lives.

      I want to get off it, but then again i want to die. This world/society is a vain, shallow, materialistic place to be. It is all style over substance. As long as you look good, have the latest things, then you fit in. Compassion, humanity, love and caring don't come into it anymore. I woke upto this a long time ago. As long as there are people around you that care, that you are happy and have enough to get by.

      Here is something to think about: you go to work, weekend comes and goes. You go back into work and tell workmates "aww, had a great time in this club, sniffing coke, taking e's, smoking pot" etc. What happens? you get a pat on the back. Imagine going back into work and saying "aww, had a great time this smashed smoking heroin and stone/crack" What would the reaction be?

      A lot of people are uneducated hypocrites, who need to understand that they could be working next to a heroin or methadone user.

      Give every human being the compassion they deserve, wether or not they have drug/alcohol/weight/confidence issues.

      May peace prevail on Earth

    • bryan 6 years ago

      snkepit man don't let depression let you make any bad things happenyour brain is hit hard with a very strong drug mandy was my best girlfrind for 5 years snakepit keep biting hang in there i feelyour pain don't know nothing about this chatting if you feel like things are hopelessits ok this is not what i shuold do but i don't care it hurts i lost my wife pissed away more money youwill get it togetrer again this is the thing that is probably not agood idea on this public shit if you have that feeling of harming your self 2296865442askforredneckbryanandwewilltalkand find out what will be the next step only GOD will judge take care readneckbryanout

    • Shealy Healy profile image

      Shealy Healy 6 years ago from USA

      I found you accidentally. I have been writing and do some research on methadone and clients who use it. Your information seems to be valid and authentic.

      However-after reading the comments about meth I can't help to want to know the truth. What is the truth? Is meth a substance that can be very harmfu? I know addicts can abuse it and use it to make theri habbit worse. But, can it be helpuful? Is it worthwhile?

      Thank you,


    • ali 6 years ago

      look i was hooked on herion for 4 yrs. i became pregnant 18 months ago and the only way to save me and the life of my baby was a clinic. it was only a month after giving birth i got my first take home. i am goin on six next month. so i have to set aside one day aweek to keep me strait. its a no brainer it saved my life. mehtadone is the best thing to happen. my son jjst turned one he is walking talking and is very heathy and so dam cute. i am ding better than ever. so thise who have tried it and it didn't work fine but don't knowck it ti saves lives

    • bryan 6 years ago

      last week a friend of mine died of an od. she was 38 years old. she could no longer afford the 14 dollars a day to treatment center of valdosta, ga cut her off cold. she wound up on the streets again thanks to all the owner of the clnic. hope her 14 dollars a day didn't make you miss a payment on your yacht.

    • dani 6 years ago

      Methadone is an insidious drug for sure. On the clinic for two years, I began a taper by choice because I wanted this mind numbing drug out of my system. The clinic seemed very worried about losing money, my insurance was paying them 1,000 bucks a month, how the heck is that when cash is 400. because they can I suppose. I got down to 30 mg from 100/day for 2 years, was doing great, feeling great, when I was 'talked to' and told they were stopping my taper, they didn't feel I was truly ready. I walked out, got some subox on the street, tapered myself according to directions on the internet and I feel great. No regrets. Other than starting the Methadone Clinic to begin with.

    • bryan 6 years ago

      Great job getting off. It is hell. They will not tell you that info when they give you your first dose. Congrats on your recovery. I know it was hard. The subs are great once you drop the first pill. You are pretty much there. Good luck and God Bless

    • isaac 6 years ago

      All u IGNORANT people posting negative comments about methadone GET A LIFE you obviously don't know the facts. Just look at how many posts start off by saying it saved my life! and it saved my life too. theres so many bad myths about methadone and that's all they are MYTHS.To those who relly on it daily to function normally i wish you all the best in life and god bless.

    • bryan 6 years ago

      i first thought it saved mine 5 years later things changed sure people can function fucked up all day is that how you want to live nome i choose life you don't need the shit there other ways such as rapid detox which is costly but think howmuch you spend in a year at the window getting your fix life is good clean... it takes a while to adjust but its better than being a zombie i earnd the right from 5 years of hell on methadone to say what i want about it you just read the pamplets they hand out live in a fog forget there is a great big world out there without any mind altering drugs keep on giving them your money your buisness i want to be able to shut every clinic down fuck methadone it sucks as far as ignorant maby but i am clean the money i was spending at the clinic i now spend on my son ween you posted your little bullshit post i am sure you didn't miss your morning dose god bless

    • Need help 6 years ago

      Idk wat to do, I was snorting 200+ mgs of oxycontin a day. I have sold everything I owned I am broke now. I started the clinic 2 days ago, I'm scared of the methadone but I have to get clean, my life revolved around getting and doing oxy. I'm feeling a lot better since going to the clinic because I'm not out on the streets tryin to get oxy all the time and now I know my dose will b there and I will b able to function everyday. If I quit cold turkey I couldn't work for weeks and I would lose my house then I would b living on the streets so really methadone is my only option. So now I feel like I'm going to b stuck on methadone forever, how can I get clean?

    • bryan 6 years ago

      suboxon has a great deal of narcan in it it will block all of the drugs from reaching your brain. it will work 100% if you do what the doctor says.the clinic will keep uping your dose they do not want you off just your money.i know you fell better however long term is when it will getyou and belive me it will. i have been to 3 different clinics oned by different people they all say and do the same thing. my advise is subs you will not get hooked on them and in 30 days you will be free of methadone and ocys i am a life long drug addict 15 years of it including 5 of methadone i am clean from everything. if i can do this anyone with the will to live can.need help i hope youcan see the bullshit the clinic tells you including the counslers they are in it to the shit is poison that's a fact find an addiction medicine specialest get som subs and tell the clinic to piss off. if you listen to the clinic yes you will be going there for a very long time. best of luck to you read between the linestake a good look at the people lined up to get that fix even ask them if they think that they could live methadone free. i am very glad you are doing reaserch its not too late give your mind to god and your ass to a real doctor. and to all methadone clinics out there a big fuckyou from bryan

    • dui 6 years ago

      yes if you are pulled over by cops and for some reason that they think that you are on something they can convict you of a dui and with a blood test it will stick your nurse that doses oyu and your counslers will not tell you that. an 80 year old man ran out in front of me the accident was not my falt the police asked me where i had been and where i was going. i told them i had just left the treatment center of valdosta (methadone clinic) they took me to the er at the hospital in cuffs like a criminal and had my blood drawn. the then took me to jail where i had to spend the night in cell block 10 i could not be bailed out for 24 hours according to ga state law. his insurance paid for my damages but the dui is still there i had 12 months probation community service and 800 dollars in fines. methadone clinics were no where around here a few years ago. now they are everywhere it is a money maker they lie to you and you will belive it because it does the same thing to your brain that h,oxys,demoral,loris,so they feed your addiction other than treating it if you are going to work at a clinic i think you should dose yourself 30mgs a day for one month then stop then you will know how powerful the shit is. this website says myths dispelled bullshit everything they call a myth is true accept that it was invented by nazies it was created in jermany druing ww2 because of the shortage of morphine. since then there has been little or no research on long term side affects the only true way to find out is spend a few tears sick as hell or listen to other people the beat that horrible stuff it will kill you slowly and can also cause problems as far as getting in trouble i don't know what stupid son of a bitch let the flood gates open on this drug but i wish i did they need to be closing instead of opening left and right any body working for a methadone clinic fuck you you are killing people and lieing to them as for as all of it saved my life post people i feel sorry for you it will get you sooner or later subs are out there and it will end your addiction rather than prolonging the process.

    • Gary Clouse 6 years ago

      This article is devastatingly misleading and hurtful to our society. The mother of my twins is ADDICTED to Methadone. Like most users, it is prescribed to her because she claims to have PAIN (NOT a herion addiction). She has been ADDICTED to pain killers, since I first met her in 1998. The Methadone causes her to fall asleep standing up (dropping cigarettes and almost killing her family; EVERY day and/or night). She is over-prescribed the medication (392 per month), and as a result, she sells them on the streets to other people who are ADDICTED to them. In case I did not say this: Methadone is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, IS PRESCRIBED TO MOST PEOPLE FOR PAIN (a sythetic opiate for gods sake), and a large percentage of people who are prescribed the medication, sell it for $25 per pill, on the streets. This article is LIES.

    • amye 6 years ago

      LOL! THE ONE WORD THAT I CAN OBVIOUSLY USE FOR OVER HALF OF THE COMMENTORS ON THIS PAGE ARE...."IGNORANT"...MEANING ~ TOTAL LACK OF KNOWLEDGE ON THE TOPIC(methadone)THEY ARE DISCUSSING! I am totally amazed that people would post such inaccurate comments. People look to sites such as this for help! And a lot of these comments are not at all helpful, in fact, VERY MISLEADING! AMAZING?!

      I am a wife & a mother of 3 beautiful children!Several years ago, I began taking pain pills, starting out with Lortab/Hydrocodone & slowly but surely progressed to Oxycontin. At one point, I could take 6-8 80mg Oxycontin at once. That's enough to kill probably 2 or 3 horses!!lol! But seriously, over time, the more you take, the more your body is able to tolerate that amount!...The short of the long is that I have been on Methadone now for approx. 4 years. Do I want to be on this 4ever? of course not!.(never done heroin or any other drug for that matter)DO YOU KNOW THAT AS AN ADDICT, YOU SPEND 85-90% OF YOUR THOUGHTS THRU OUT YOUR DAY IS SPENT ON WHO, WHERE, WHEN & HOW YOU WILL GET YOUR PILLS FROM NEXT? SO, when I started methadone clinic, I was & still feel like the world has been lifted off my shoulders. Now, I don't know how long I'll be on this, but I do know when I feel ready, I will do what I need to do! THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING YOU CAN DO AS A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER WORRIED ABOUT S/ONE ON DRUGS OR METHADONE IS TO CONDEMN THEM ALL THE TIME. THAT'S GONNA MAKE IT WORSE, BY FAR! GOSH, I COULD CHAT A WHILE, & HAVE MUCH MORE TO SHARE, BUT I HAVE TO RUN! AS TO THE ORIGINAL POSTED ARTICLE....I TOTALLY AGREE!AT THE SAME TIME, THE MISUSE, & IGNORANCE OF THIS DRUG, METHADONE, CAN BE VERY HARMFUL TO THOSE WHO ARE UN-INFORMED ABOUT METHADONE!

    • scott cummings 6 years ago

      Once again,here are many posts by addicts thinking that they know more than the next.My first comment is to (needhelp)You will be an addict for the rest of your life,but its your choice if you will remain addicted.I too have been exactly where you are.The day you walked into the clinic was the first day of the rest of your life.I say Bravo to you.I am here to dispell the myths.First and foremost,the withdrawls from methadone are cake!!!!!!!Don't let other addicts scare you to believe otherwise.I stopped taking at 190mgs.(cold turkey)Today is number 7.Please do not buy into the hype.To be completely honest its more mental.Im sure it varies from patient to patient.We as addicts can talk ourselves into anything.Including the detox effects.Don't get me wrong im hot and im cold with little sleep but that's it.I used drugs heavily for nearly 15yrs.Never looking myslf in the mirror for the last 6 or 7.I then discovered the methadone clinic and got my life back.That was for years ago.The only thing I dislike about the clinics are that it is all about $$$$$$$ to the owners.Get a little behind on your bill and see what happens(they turn you away)I have spent nearly $30,000 at the clinic.4yrs/2 ppl.But it saved my life and the life of someone very dear to me.So $15,000 a life,I came out on top!If one is truly ready to be done,take it from me,....It can be done!!!To all the Methadone haters,you really,really don't have a clue!

    • Tara 6 years ago

      I was a prisoner to opiates for 7 years. After 4 treatment centres and many failed attempts to kick I went on methadone. I was on it for 2 years at which point I tapered and have been clean since, from all mind or mood altering substances. I have many opinions about what has been said, I can see both sides. To claim that methane doesn't make us high is a joke, it is a drug and we are addicts would would have looked elsewhere for our fix if it didn't. Yet at the same time being on methane saved my life. It took me away from a life of despair and crime, allowed me to heal slowly til I was ready to live clean. Methane is not a life sentence, everyone is capable of recovery if you're willing to work for it. If this addict did it so can you. Don't listen to the hype, its fear disguised as knowledge. But of you do stay on methane for life that's okay too. I'm a believer in harm reduction. Just don't sell your self short . You are more capable than you know.

    • bryan again 6 years ago

      methadone will kill you people i hope that that you do not go that raod i have been on .see them for what they are drug dealrs subs and a real docter red the pamplets they will not tell you the long term effects just drink the small bottle of sweet juice go home stoned like i said it will kill you bless your fucked up soules

    • Concerned Mum 5 years ago

      I am a mother and have a child who is on Methadone, and their partner is on Methadone and they now have a child. Seeing a baby going through drug withdrawls because of two peoples selfish choices is very unfair, its unfair that the medical staff tell Methadone users its safe on babies, this is a load of lies. Any decent mother knows that smoking, drinking while pregnant, eating spicy food effects the baby so why would Methadone be okay! Over the past 5 years I would say that at times it's like I have been living someone's life or in hell. It really confuses me that people make excuses about drugs, it doesn't matter what drug you are taking it's bad for you, because geez I am sure if it was okay the rest of us would be doing it to!!. Methadone is not the answer its just a bandage for a bigger problem. Until you face the demons on your own it will never be the same how will you be able to cope with anything in life. Having excuses and having people okay your addiction is not right, comparing methadone usage to people that have diseases that require medication that they never put on themselves is wrong. If you look at the bigger picture you will realize that someone is making money out of you again whether its herion, dope or methadone. Why can an addict by choice receive discounted medication to those with cancers or diseases that are rare? Why are governments willing to put money into drug clinics but not feed or home the homeless or sick that don't have drug problems. Have you ever thought it could be that they are not telling you the truth as methodone is not that easier to get off and they will continue making money from it, if everyone opened their eyes a bit you would see that methadone is not the answer, it's an easy way out and guess what if we homed the homeless and gave them homes & fed them they won't be making money they would actually be spending it and fixing a problem. I am not denying the fact you may have a problem but why did that problem begin in the beginning why make excuses to get off it don't you think your life is worth livng? Is the problem that you can't face the pain of getting off the drugs on your own (cold turkey) don't you think that doing it on our own and knowing you have done something for yourself is a much better feeling than relying on medication or others. So what if it's going to be hell for a yr or 2 surely it can't be any worse than where you came from. Can stealing, having no job, showing disrespect to others and yourself or lying and living with this each day be any better. Methadone from what I have seen (I know 3 people) has not made these people stronger its made them tired, helpless, insecure, lazy, without jobs and loads of excuses. They all have lost their self respect and respect to others theres always an excuse and a reason why they can't do something. The reality is that you lose your sole and until you find it you are lost. When was the last time you really felt normal do you honestly believe Methadone does that for you and will keep you going for every. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and felt happy to be you, this doesn't come when your on drugs or medication. If you keep telling yourself that you can't do it without methadone you subconsious will start to believing it, many sporting people tell themselves they can win feeding this into their subconsious each day their consious mind will do the same and they win. Positive reinforcement, so maybe think about that next time you think you can't do as I think you can but it will only happen if you want it to. I am not saying life doesn't have ups and downs everyones does and that's how you learn and become a better person, but denying that you have a problem or thinking more drugs and medication is the answer will not work. Surely it might make you feel better for awhile but it won't in the long run. I am really sick to death of hearing the medical field say it's okay its not. The power of anyone getting off any drug is in themselves and I only wish you all the very best but please take a look at the bigger picture not the small moment or space your living, look at what it's doing to your bodies, families , work and most importantly your brain. Set good examples to others with addiction problems(as that's what methadone is) and don't make excuses it gets you nowhere. I look at my life and think geez what could I have done differently to help our child for them not to go down this horrible life they are living, but it's all about choices and we all have them but just remember your choices generally will impact someone elses life around you and they also have to put up with it. All the best and take care...

    • Cannotbelievesomeof you 5 years ago

      bryan again, you are a moron pure and simple. I have read all these post to wonder why as a pain management patient who is on methadone I get treated like shit should I need to go to the hospital or tell people what I take for pain. Now I know why it is people like you and these other misinformed idiots. You can say you are not talking about methadone when used for pain management, but the point is that a view on methadone is a view on methadone no matter how it is being used. Honestly I agree no drug would be better than being on a drug for addicts. Though there are a large number of addicts who well do not want to stop taking a drug whether personal mental preference, refusal to want to ever deal with withdrawl, and any other reason there could be to not want to stop taking a narcotic. In those type of addicts/patients or what I still call them human beings methadone is a godsend a lifesaver and any other word you can use to describe getting a life back to being livable. These people are going to do a drug whether it be the streets are the methadone clinic. In those cases I would rather them be getting a dose at a clinic then on the streets getting a fix. At least with the clinic I know the person is not out ruining his life and others just to get that little bit of money for his next fix meanwhile worrying what he/she is going to have to do to get the next fix. Yes the powers that be if you will look at a huge aspect of reducing crime, because guess what? That is a huge part of helping an individual get a functional life back. Less crime equals safer neighborhood equals more business equal more jobs equal more productive lives for everyone, see what I am getting at? You downing methadone because it did not work for you how you wanted it to or just did not work out at all for you either way it is not fair or right for that matter. Share your experience fine, but you are gong a step beyond that trying to demean people into not pursuing that form of treatment. You tell people to do their research, well I will tell you to do yours. If you did do your research Bryan (oh how stupid you are)you would not know the "great deal of narcan" you speak of does nothing when ingested. It is in the pill for one reason to prevent it from being injected as it will send you into withdrawl immediately as the pill is injected. It is to prevent the abuse of the medication. You should realize dumbass that suboxone is a NARCOTIC DRUG as well. It is Buprenorphen and Naloxone other formulations being just the buprenorphen, subutex among others used for pain control in some countries as well as addiction maintenance. So you see how much you actually know, which is nothing. Because you see the medication you are going on and on about like I said is a narcotic, is a painkiller, and guess what is used by some addicts to still get high even the suboxone containing the narcan for people that have never done opiate besides suboxone is still abused in some countries to get high. So you see to be honest you are the ones going by the pamphlets and paying out the ass, oh wait since insurance pays it is somehow cheaper in your view lol such an idiot. You know what else is funny you go on about being a slave to the methadone, well guess what you are a slave to the suboxone. If you stop suboxone you go through withdrawls as well stop spreading misinformation making it sound as if suboxone is not an addictive NARCOTIC DRUG as well. They are all pain killers first and foremost, but since you buy into the crap in the pamphlets I would not expect you to know anything more than you spew. So either you are some kind of advertiser for suboxone trying to boost sales or in fact you are that dumb. My guess is both though as every post you post sums up you saying switch to suboxone its is better without giving any information on it. Which is either because you do not know any information or you do not want people to truly know the information on it. It is just another pain killer like methadone that has a long half life making it good for addiction maintenance thereby helping addicts get their life back. Both have their uses however even with people paying 30 a visit though that seems more expensive then I think it truly is the methadone then comes to probably the same if not cheaper then the suboxone. Remember not everyone has insurance and not all insurance pays for the suboxone and on top of that you need a doctor to prescribe it to you and then you need to pay to fill the medication. Most of the times insurance will not pay for the actual doctor even should you pay cash it gets expensive just looking online the prices can start at over 350 a visit. Assuming the doctor takes you on as a patient to begin with. So you see you really should do your research. Further if you look up suboxone withdrawl you will see the horror stories people post about that. Only difference being tapering does not work so well because of how Buprenorphen works. Both if taken properly are safe, but honest neither is better then the other. Further you saying methadone kills shows how you must just not have a brain and must just hit the keys and whatever gets typed gets typed. ANY drug can kill you should the does be wrong or should you take way more then you are suppose too. Tylenol has quite a bit of reported deaths from overuse, do not see you going on about tylenol ruining families and killing. Actually do some research you will see methadone deaths closely related to taking more then prescribed, taking it to abuse it without a script or it being dispensed to you, so basically misuse of the drug. The same can be said for suboxone. I am sure you somehow mean well but the shit you spout is wrong, plain and simple. Try thinking that the misinformation even should you think it to be true may be influencing the view of people who are on methadone for pain (it is a far better med then any other out there) though you say that is not your intention. Lastly to huskerdu though I appreciate most of what you type, you are wrong about methadone being made prior to hitler. While yes it was not named dolphine after hitler it was made at his request. He demanded a drug that could replace morphine should they not be able to get it as well as requested also a medication that would be able to be administered by mouth and in lay terms still pack a punch. Basically giving soldiers a medicine they could take have pain relief function without being off their rocker and fight even with pain/wounds. But otherwise great post. Further to any that thing Dole had a hand inventing methadone/dolphine is well wrong. He had no hand in inventing the medication seeing how the medication was invented in germany by a german and Dole is well a American. He helped pioneer its use in heroine addiction, but that is all. He had no hand in inventing the medication or any part of developing it. Anyhow take care I doubt I will be back on this page as it disgusts me, but did help me figure out even as a pain patient while I am treated like crap. Shouldn't of been surprised really when it is the misinformed idiots who want to bag on addicts and decide to bag on the drug as to why there is so much stigma attached to the medicine.

    • sharon 5 years ago

      to becauseilive

      u r right. i can not stand a Hippocratic.the person who said overdose and all that other bull.let me tell u a thing or 2,i have been on it for 6yrs and even with all the side effects it has,this saved me from allot of hosp hopping,buying pills for a ridiculous price,wasting time hunting pills.I had to find out about the clinic from jail.They did not advertise or i would had not gone to jail for prescription fraud if i would had known about the clinic.A doc got me hooked and cut them off when dhec started investigating him.So smart mouth what do you do then?not all of us have ur so called power.please keep ur comments to yourself ,unless u truly know how we feel that hurt and have no other choice.

    • goingon7 5 years ago

      I love the comments on here from people who really have no f***ing idea!Unless you have been through it, what makes you think you know what your talking about. Like many on here, I also go to the clinic I have been going for over six years, I am finally so close to being done..4mg stoked. I have worked so close with my counseler so I would not get urges and it has worked at first I was going down 1mg everyother day the last couple months I've been going down 1mg every 5 days. I have felt very little withdrawls, tossing and turninbg, the restless feeling in your feet, sneezing but that has been about it. I was thinking it was going to be so bad, and so far it has not, I truly believe it worse for people that are not ready because of the pysc part..I want it so bad and I think that is why it haven't been so tough on me.(during my 6 yrs on clinic I tryed twice b4 to get off)I can truly say the clinic diff saved my life I was only 18 when I started using opiates, by 20 I was shooting im almost done with my first year in college, im going for my bac in Criminal Justice. i'm doing awesome!

    • pro-Methadone 5 years ago

      I can honestly say that methadone saved my life. Yes, it's another drug. Yes, it is also addictive. Yes, the drug companies are making money off it, but they are making a lot less off of me than my dealer was. I can afford methadone, and still live the rest of my life comfortably. With h or oxys it was drugs or nothing. I didn't have money for food, rent, bills, etc.. If someone believes they can taper off of heroin the way they can methadone, I would be very curious how. It's tough to get off any opiate, but with methadone at least the dosage can be accurate. I am cutting 1 mg every week, from a starting point of 80 mgs. I am now down to 45 mgs, and have noticed no negative side effects. It will be a long slow process, but I believe it is an effective way to get off of opiates. If anybody has a better idea, other than quitting cold turkey, which I was not strong nor stubborn enough to do, I would love to hear it.

    • OMTcslr 5 years ago

      I just wanted to mention that not all OMT clinics are for profit. There are non-profit clinics who are not in it for the money. It is also a myth that the staff and counselors are paid the big bucks:) Methadone can work for some and not for others. It is always important to remember that its not just the dose that helps a person get better, you have to make the changes, which is why counseling is a part of most programs. All the negative experiences on here are very sad, but it great to see the positives too!

    • blesseddee2 5 years ago

      I have been on methadone for 3 years now... tried to detox cold turkey and i lasted 9 days before i went back in to start it again... the withdrawl was absolutley horrible!!!I would much rather detox from pills than from methadone again...also i just had a baby girl 3 months ago... the doctor told me that the chances of my baby going through withdrawl was slim..and i was on 90 mls a day. #Well my doctor was full of crap... my baby spent a month in the neo natal intensive care unit..they had to give her morphine because its easier to detox from morphine than methadone!!!!I spent many countless hours next to my baby feeling like it was all my fault that she was in so much pain!I am now going to try to get off of methadone using the same withdrawl management they did for my baby!Morphine every day!but a liitle lesss every day!

    • Concerned Mum 5 years ago

      Hey Everyone ,

      My personal comments aren't to put anyone down they are put there from my personal point of view coming from a mother who is not on drugs and how the drugs have affected my child and now my grandchild. I am sure its hard but theres always choices and that's what I question. I am sure methadone may be better for some people but for others it might not be. The thing I try to remember is that everyone is different and what works for some doesn't always work for others but you all have choices in what you do. Also from speaking to people that have been on Methadone almost 80% of them have said they were completely wrong with their comments (while on drugs)and their attitudes and opinions had changed to when they were on methadone or any other drug as it clouded their judgement.

      I question why is there not more effect put into finding out why people take drugs in the first place, surely that's the issue that needs work rather than handing out more medication to fix problems. Band aid solutions don't fix bigger problems. Drugs aren't the answers...

    • thankful 5 years ago

      I have been living with chronic back pain for years and at times it can keep me bedridden for weeks.A few years I was given some oxy 20's from a friend.THey worked and I could work without pain.Until 1 of those times that it got bad were I would be laid up for a few weeks,I tried a stronger dose and I still had pain but could work.I tried to get a doctor to get a better prescription than tylenol 3 but no help from any dr.Now I'm working but to work I am having to spend a lot on painkillers.I'm hooked and when I try to stop I have withdraws along with my backache(although the withdraws are picnic compared to the backache and lying down in agony from that)Thankfuly there is a government run medical clinic about an hour from me and they distribute methadone and a doctor I go to see along with a counselor.Funny how doctors would do nothing for me,but they gave piles of pills to people who sold them to drug dealers,where people like me and other,I hate to use the word addicts,but that is what I am referred to be,have to go and buy for a small fortune from.Now with methadone I can get back to living a life with my family and not feeling ashamed of running arround trying to get enough pills to do me for while.Not trying to get high but just get by.

    • Grateful Henry 5 years ago

      I drank my last (please God !) 36 mg. cup of robot juice Friday April 22, 2011, and entered at detox that afternoon. It is day 18 and I still have a flippy stomach and some diarrhea. I hear that will slowly fade away over the next few weeks.

      Methadone was a disaster for me. I am a computer programmer, and even on my relatively low 60 mg. dose at its max I couldn't concetrate fully. I was tired and lethargic at midday and came home and fell asleep for the night a 6:30 PM.

      Methadone blunts your feelings, both good and bad. In addition, few clients at my clinic (Strathmore in South Amboy NJ) JUST did their meth. They were eating 'sticks' of Xanax, doing coke and smoking weed. I myself never was able to keep myself from drinking my takehome Sunday bottle Saturday morning right in the clinic parking lot.

      I am now back in NA and learning (again ) how to live a day at a time without a drug in me. Some people may do well on meth, especially if they are doing crimes to support a habit. But the article makes methadone sound like some nonaddictive panacea that has no impairing qualities. And to this idea there is but one truthful respone -- BULLSHIT !!!! The oldtimers from the 60s and 70s called it 'liquid handcuffs'. Try it if you must and you will see why. I am SSOOO GRATEFUL to be off the robot juice. Peace

    • Beth k 5 years ago

      I know people who go to the meth clinic and it cost them $400.00 a month in gas and clinic cost, which is fine if that is what they want to do, my problem is i work 40 plus hours a week and pay out my ass in taxes and don't do no kind of drugs my back hurts some time so bad it is all I can do to get out of bed but I do it. The people I know going to theses clinics don't work or try to work but they are getting food stamps my problem is if they can spend 400 a month to lay up and not work why the hell should tax payers have to feed there sorry ass.

    • felony 5 years ago

      Ive been on methadone for 16 years,,clean from all street drugs only 7,methadone did help me half way to learn how to live a normal life,,but its a long shot,,only some people want to get off drugs,I didn't for a long time,,now Ive been on JUST methadone for 7 years,,and im down to 6ml,,its a bad one,,so prolonged,,im a single mom of 3 also,impossible for me to come off so I stay at a low ammount till I can!

    • Christine 5 years ago

      I am currently on Methadone and it is the best thing I have done in a long time!! I am going to college and I have my life back!! It saved my life also! Just because it did not work for you does not mean that it doesn't work for everyone!!

    • Korver 5 years ago

      I notice a lot of addicts here are "in college" while on methadone. I hope they are not taking out student loans, because they will be making large payments to pay the student loans is a scam just like methadone.

    • franksantos1980 5 years ago

      hi i have been to 10 diferent detoxes 2 rehabs and 1 out patient none of them worked i wanted to kill myself i found a methodone clinic which i have been in for 4 months now and my life is almost perfect in only 4 months i can sit here and explain why its better but those of you that know what its like to be all messed up on drugs and then join the clinic know that methodone clinics save lives it saved mine

    • Ray 5 years ago

      Ok, no every addict can see right through BS. This article is 90% BS. First of all, the person who wrote this, YOU ARE STILL ON METHADONE. You're no better than any other drug addict on the street, so don't even try to talk like your better than anyone and know best. Once you get off that last 35mg and stay clean for 10 years. THEN right an article about this crap, I truly doubt it would resemble anything like this article. Methadone ruined my life, I had a bad addiction but I'm one of many young suburban white guys who got hooked on oxycontin. I went to rehab and detoxed 3 times, then I got on methadone after 2 years of addiction.

      PLEASE, words of advice would be to not go on methadone unless you have 10+ years of addiction and are at least 30+ years old. To those of us who are young, methadone is not the answer. Try rehab, keep trying, na, etc...

      Methadone is a bad black hole that sucks in anyone who doesn't have the will to detox. They got me when i was in detox and 5 days into the wd's, I was insane and said yes. 2 years later I'm worse than before.

      Every day on methadone has been the worst day of my life. 2 years now, I'm getting off of it ASAP, but it takes months and months to taper. I've been sick for 6 months straight. and I have another 3 months of detox...

      when I did oxycontin I could detox in a week.

    • Check021 5 years ago

      I am 11 months on methadone,and I am struggling with its side-effects.It is not right substitute for me,cuz i keep dreaming about taking opiates that i used to take.You know... And methadone just covers my withdraw...Nothing much.I NEED FEELING - AND I CANT FUNCIONATE WITHOUT IT...THAT'S WHY MY DOCTOR IS LOBBING FOR ME TO GET HYDROMORPHONE IN MY TREATMENT EVEN THO IT IS NOT REGISTERED MEDICAMENT FOR TREATMENT.

    • whitney1986 5 years ago

      Bryan,Please if you are still on here please contact me at I think we can help each other out.

    • GrimsGrind 5 years ago

      They're so many ignorant uneducated responses to this article I'm not even going to bother educating any of you.

    • marco6769 5 years ago

      metadone has saved my life after 22 years of heroine,now are almost 2 years that I'm without heroine it was never happened before;naturally I got the will that is the base to start getting off of any addiction.

      Stop to say stupid comments about metadone,it is not a drug,it is a medicine.

      This sentence is also written on a paper put on the wall of my SER.T.(in Italy is the pubblic service that takes care of addicted,metadone is provided from pubblic health service,is not paied).

    • dve712331 5 years ago

      I don't think people should judge others for their choices. As long as it works for them and they are no longer making bad choices and they are happy where they are in their life now then it shouldn't matter what other people say. We are all adults and know right from wrong and the choices we made to put us in the position to even make the choice to better ourselves. If this wasn't available what would people be saying then?? The same thing they always said before look at them dope feinds stealing and lieing not taking care of their children" ect... So is that what we are suppose to do not at least try to make our lives better when the opportunity knocks??

    • Angel 5 years ago

      What I am tired of hearing is all those who have no first hand experience with use of methadone preaching how horrible it is. It saves lives if done correctly. It saved Mine!

    • shay 5 years ago

      If u become a patient of a clinic does that mean that u can never get pain pills from a doc or dentist if u really needed them

    • Cdngirl 5 years ago

      About 2 years ago i was taking almost 200mg of oxy a day along with my bf. We both went on methadone and I ended up getting pregnant. I was told i needed to stay on methadone or could risk loosing the baby. I went from 50mg of methadone a day to 150 mg right b4 i had my baby. When he was born he ended up in the nicu b/c of withdrawals which was the most horrible thing ever. After that withen 5 months i went down to 10 mg a day and kept getting in shit for cutting my own dose( i was only taking half of my bottled. After another 2 months i went down to 4mg a day and have beem stuck there for 6 months. Methadone is horrible to kick. I decided to leave the program and detox using oxys again. Withen a month i was off with only 2 days of back pain and vivid dreamd for a week no other side effects that i got from trying to get off of methadone like diarreah amd insomnia. Methadone should mot be used for pain killer withdrawal. Its a horrible drug to get off of and a money grab for drs and the government. I would never ever recommend methadone to any one suffering painn killer addiction. Ya i think its great for heroin addicts who have lost everything but at the same time i know someone who died from methadone overdose. Methadone is a replacement drug to make others more money. I couldnt be happier to have realised what methafone really is. Withdrawal from anything sucks but withdrawal from methadone is worse than any pill. For those of you that think its so amazing just wait until u want it gone for good, it wont happen unless u have weeks off of work and no kids to take care of.

    • MyStory 5 years ago

      I also know the positive and negative effects that people taking methadone have and can experience. However, this has to do with the patient and the recovery support system and not the drug its self. It is a tool and that is it. Yes, you can take too much and yes, it can be very dangerous in those situations. However, when a person is committed to recovery methadone can be a life saver. I begin methadone 1 1/2 years ago. I knew I needed to quite using but I found it impossible to do at that point. I also knew that if I could have an opportunity to feel better, safer and change my life style, I would have a chance at properly building a recovery support system. That is exactly what I have done. I have been clean of of opiates since I began treatment, and I have no desire what so ever to use. Also, I have been steadily (and quite quickly) reducing my medication (3 MG every week). I have not experienced any withdrawal yet but I have no illusions that at some point I will. The difference is now I am prepared. Nothing could get me to use again and I know ultimately there is no rush! Success is measured not by the means one uses to quite, or by how long it takes them. The only thing that matters is that one can find a way to change their life and make a true and lasting commitment to sobriety. I look forward to continuing my recovery and I am grateful for the opportunity to get here. Ultimately no one treatment is "good" or "bad". It has to be right for the person and they have to be ready to commit. Please think long and carefully about any decision regarding recovery because there is no quick fix!

    • greedy creedy 5 years ago

      Drugs are bad; full stop; methadone is "liquid handcuffs". Pay now pay later.Dont let regret conquer your life. Pouring water on your eternal flame pissing off your guardian angel, allowing yourself to be controlled. Yeah of course its great in comparison of roaming the streets ruling the midnight air crumbling away. Alas there is no recovery in continued methadone use only maintenance. Anyone you says its good to stay on doesn't really care for your future...push on thru become drug free and realize even a simple life clear of such unnature needs is a remarkable improvement...Aint no dress rehearsal; What if one day the shops are all closed....It's far from a easy life.

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J.

      @MyStory - Right on, brother! (sister?) I loved this part of your comment: "Success is measured not by the means one uses to quite, or by how long it takes them. The only thing that matters is that one can find a way to change their life and make a true and lasting commitment to sobriety." Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and good luck to you with your decrease. Like you said, there is NO rush, so if you do start feeling uncomfortable at some point, don't be afraid to sit at that dose for a little bit until you feel comfortable coming down again. Best wishes :)

    • 5 years ago

      Some of you people are about as ignorant as they come and do not seem to know the difference between lower doses and higher doses and all the intricacies in between.

      The one's of you who are most ignorant probably don't understand anything about "blocking" doses and the importance of that in the beginning of treatment. Without it, no one would succeed or abstain from illicit drug use, but with a blocking dose, you will "EVENTUALLY" get it right or you'll leave the program to be a loser drug bum again.

      You need to educate yourselves some more and don't give me that bullshit, I did it so you can to. We are all different. Some people are lucky and sleep through there withdrawls while others have it worse and get seizures like I have from cold turkey methadone, 100 mg after 11 years of straight use. Never shit or puked myself or even needed help to walk out of bed when just quitting smack alone so yeah, I just couldn't make it through that. (10X more intensene than H easily, maybe much more intense)

      Most of the time, like 99% of the time, people go up to 100 milligrams or more just because they really do want more, it's the addiction process. You make excuses and tell the doctor to add 10mg until he won't anymore. I think most of us methadone users have done that. THe problem is, 30mg does work for a bad dope habit, but not for 24 hours, not even close so that is the biggest reason people up their doses next to getting high. It just doesn't last 24 hrs and on such a low dose, you'll be sick as F@#CK.

      That leads my to my next point. Once you get used to the methadone, you do not got high at all any more. At the most, once you acclimate, you just might be sleepy but that's a dose issue meaning the person is still taking too much. Once you realize that you can't get high anymore (about 1 to 3 months after your first time), then they realize there's no point on being on so much thus they start to wean down to a more reasonable does. Like I said, I did the , "I need more" thing all the way to 100mg but as soon as I realized there was no point to take that much, I lowered my dose to 70mg. See, for me, 60mg isn't a blocking dose and that's super important, it's what keeps you from using other drugs cause the methadone blocks you from getting high and you finally give up because you see how you are just wasting money.

    • subuhha 5 years ago

      Slow,fast good had, truth is everyoje is different, we think different, have different lives etc. I was down to 15ml and stupidly got pregnant before I got off, but went through with pregnancy, I even had to double ky dose back up to 30ml to prevent withdrawal. My son was a 10lb baby and yes, sufferered withdrawal. Took 5 days to keep him comfortable yet withdraw him. Other than that he is outstanding content, happy, healthy and alert. He is 6mth old and I'm down to 6ml. Currently dropping 1ml a fortnight. That's with a BABY!!!! I cut 5ml atlas fnight at first. Bear in mind once I had given birth the need wasn't therevfor Tue higher dose. Hut still, for first three days each fnight I'm tetchy, have a headache n sleep shitty, but I'll do it!!!!! Post addiction sleep is ALWAYS going to be bad, just accept it. If ur ready that's it, you'll do it. I'm not saying its easy, you just need to find the best way for you!! I couldn't do cold turkey with a baby to tend to. I actually think that in other circumstances, i personally would have done that once I got down. Is he clean now. Either way, its better than heroin, my addiction destroyed all the good in my life. Jail, loss, homelessness, no food, etc compared to family, a home, a son and genuinely being happy - its not the drug that makes u evil or shit. We did it!!! You made the bed, now lie in it or make a new one. The good things in life don't ever come easy. Addiction can happen In one week....think about that. Best of luck all, just be honest about it, to yourself if no-one else, then you'll he halfway already :))

    • JessD123 5 years ago

      Methadone saved your lives! YAY! But it's the same exact thing as heroin except it last longer and you don't get quite as high. WOW!I understand it takes you out of dangerous situations but most people who take methadone, take xanax which can kill you. I have taken methadone and know what it feels like. And like someone else said, most of this article is basically saying there is no proof either way of the negatives of methadone, but people who take it and people who are involved with it know the truth. So you save money (and thats only if you dont have to travel to far to get to the clinic) and get high legally!

    • Kyle 5 years ago

      Comparing Methadone to insulin is total crap. Insulin doesn't make you feel euphoric or anything else that a drug does. Anyone who is on methadone for longer than a few months is just avoiding the main problem which is your addiction. So easy to talk about how great Methadone is when you are still on it. After you have been clean for over a year come back and tell me how easy it was compared to just getting clean off of the other drugs.

    • EttaMay 5 years ago

      I've been on methadone for 3 years, started on 50mg and now i'm on 21mg, so far i'm fine, but I have to say I do not think this drug should be legal. My boyfriend recently got off methadone its his sixth day , hes had horrible withdrawls but hes getting through, although I see this i'm going to continue staying strong and finish my detox, also methadone clinics try to keep you there, which eventually everybody wants to get off but are afraid of withdrawls, when you do get off your going to face withdrawls anyway, so I suggest rehab if thats possible, because you can withdrawl with support. Also I think methadone should not be given to people on pills, now herion is a different story but I would still suggest rehab, I'm only saying this because i'm on it,and yeah your life is more manageable, but it does interfere with your daily life, you cant go on vacations, and dont say you can guest dose because its a damn hassel, and some clinics could be miles from where your going , and when you work mornings and have to go to the clinic first,then your counsler decides they need to talk to you, you tell them you have to go to work but in their head the clinics comes first. Anything that interferes with your daily life, job, or money is a drug thats addicting, I mean think about it if you were $70 short of rent or needed to pay that weeks dose, which would you pay? Anybody who wants to get off of methadone its possible, horrible but doable, and you can do it. For any people thats researching this especially if your on vicodin believe me vicodin withdrawls aint s*** compared to methadone, go to rehab or if you have a great suport system do it that way, dont be no bodies puppet.

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J.

      @Kyle - I wrote this article 3 years ago. I am happy to say I am no longer on methadone. I slowly decreased over eight years, from 120mg all the way down to 1mg, then successfully stopped altogether. So, although I do not yet have a full year off methadone, I will be sure to come back when I reach that milestone and let you know how I'm doing.

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J.

      @EttaMay - That's great that your decrease has been going well. I can see that you are doing it slowly, and taking your time, which is what worked best for me. Can I ask why your boyfriend has decided to detox all of a sudden? Was it an involuntary detox due to non-payment, etc.? Please, please, please be strong during this time. If your boyfriend is doing a fast detox before his body and mind are ready, the odds are NOT in his favor that he will stay clean.

      You are right when saying that getting off methadone is possible; but it is absolutely untrue that the process has to be horrible--IT DOESN'T! I feel like people are so quick to say they hate methadone, when what they hate mostly is the clinic system (which is indeed severely flawed).

      If you're interested, I wrote this other hub not too long ago, and it talks about how the clinic does NOT have to interfere with your life whatsoever: "5 Wrong Reasons to Get Off Methadone"

    • EttaMay 5 years ago

      My boyfriend was not kicked off treatment, he was on 100mg and dropped 10 right off the top, then one every 4 days till he reached 21mg, then one a day till 16 then stopped. He was fine all the way till 2 days after stopping treatment he is really strong, he took on his withdrawls without anything but the occasional tylenol, this is his 9th day he started feeling better around his 7th day, he still has withdrawls but they subsided quit a bit, he can now sleep a few hours a night which I think thats what helped him alot,I know hes going to stay clean cause hes ready to start a drug free life which we've been striving for, I know hes at a weak spot right now but hes pulling through just fine, now I was worried about him 4 days ago but he seems like a brand new person compared to before and the only reason he would relaspe would be because of the withdrawls but like I said its subsided alot, hes not out of the woods yet but I know hes going to be just fine . Also my boyfriend and myself were and are mentally prepared, I wouldnt suggest to any body to detox untill you are because you will not be ready, you cannot be afraid of withdrawls if so you will not succeed, remember they may be physical withdrawls but it all starts in your head. Also to the author I know this treatment plan worked for you but why not just suggest rehab instead of methadone treatment, all of us addicts will face withdrawls anyway, instead of 1+ years at a clinic then facing extreme withdrawls why not go to rehab for 1 to 3 months. I would agree with methadone treatment if you got on it and they got you to your blocking dose and had real counslers that mentally prepared you then slowly decreased you over time, I mean do you think its natural for a treatment program to let you stay on methadone for 20 years or more, when a real treatment program will keep you there for 3 months give or take. I see your side but please see mine, theres addicts right now researching this please dont give them a false sense of hope, I know rehab isnt possible for everyone but at least suggest it and let them know the down side to methadone, theres NO miracle drug.

    • beachkid28 5 years ago

      I was an IV heroin and oxy user for four years and then went to a methadone clinic when the daily hustle got too much and I could no longer hold a job for longer than a month. I went to a clinc for 3yrs and @ the time it was the right decision b/c I wasn't ready to totally quit and be substance free all together. The problem is that the majority of these clinics aren't run correctly and do purposley try to get you at an un needed high dose and keep you there for the rest of your life. You the addict have to decide and take responsibility for your own life. I had to eventually go to a 2mth residential treatment center to quit and methadone is the worst withdrawl to go through. it literally can last months as in more than one. It took me 12wks to sleep naturally. Quitting using was the best decision I ever made in my life! To all those that think the whole idead of methadone maintanance is horrible, it's better than when we were in active junk addiction and breaking into homes and stealin and panhandeling to get a fix. If someone can come off the street and get a job and pick themselves up through the use of methadone thats a pretty big step. Don't bash em b/c they aren't what you want them to be. It should however be more regulated and controlled b/c of it's halflife it is a very dangerous drug. If you are thinking of going to a clinic it wont solve your problems because you'll still be addicted. withdrawl will allways be waiting on you, not everyone can afford treatment. most states though taken in so many addict a month for free which is how i was able to go which was in florida. try every other way to actually get clean first b4 methadone. all of it is just prolonging misery until the day you actually quit for good. then your life will really just begin. I'm amlost a year drug free and have never been happier. i've started getting back some of the things i've lost and mended some relationships I thought were gone forever. i hope someone struggling reads this and maybe gets a little bit of hope. dont ever give up!

    • Else One 5 years ago

      I have been on Methadone for 10 years. I am currently weening myself off. It does NOT get you high, at all, if you are on maintenance and take it daily. It also got me to stop shoplifting around town, my girl friends to stop prostituting, it let me hold down a real job, since I had to just pay $8 a day and your tolerence doesn't increas, as it does with other opiates. I was spending $80-100 a day on heroin, now I spend 8 dollars a day on Methadone and have been clean from all other drugs for 6 years, including pot and alchohol, since you get urine tests at the methadone clinic, and after long amounts of clean time, you get take homes. We get liquid, not pills, I currently get the max=28 takehomes, which took me 3 years of sobriety to get (and I was also a bad Meth anc cocaine addict). Now I'm clean off all illegal drugs and have been for 6 years, I don't do crims, I'm not shooting up 10-20 times a day, sharing needles, getting Hep C and B (which I got shooting H), being able to function in society. I don't nod, you'd never know I was on methadone, also, it BLOCKS other opiates like Heroin, so you can't get high of those. Also, YOU control your dose. You have to ASK the clinic to raise you, they don't just automatically do it. There's some people who have never been on methadone in this thread talking about it and coming off as completely misinformed. Methadone saved my life, BUT, it does make you gain weight, and if you were to kick cold turkey, the heroin withdrawl is harder but it's relatively gone in around 8 days, you can finally sleep after about 9-10, the leg anxiety, stomach pain, cold sweats, vomiting, yawning, coughing, sensetive skin, etc is gone after 8-9 days, whereas Methadone isn't quite as strong, it's bad enough, and the withdrawls last much longer (my 14th day in jail kicking Methadone I was sicker than the day before, ion complete misery). The difference is, you can taper down with Methadone and use the Clonodine/Vistaril/Methacarbonal protocol when you get on 5 mgs or so to ease up some of the symptoms. You can't get of it quick, but you're not MEANT to.

    • Else One 5 years ago

      *by the way, I had kicked MANY times before trying methadone. In the hospital 11 times, 9 of them on the psyche ward, doing either darvocet step down or clonodine/methocarbnanol (which I walked out of both times, it wasn't strong enough, I was basically kicking with the same thing they gave you in jail, 1 clonodine and 1 methacarbanol every 6 hours). I've kicked at Hooper Detox in Portland Oregon 9 times (they did Clonodine with Librium and Vistaril, it was still highly uncomfortable, to the point I took 7 showers one night), had to take NA classes before they'd let me back and was banned for 1 year for leaving AMA, did 30 days inpatient rehab after 7 days detox, used the day I got out. I've kicked Heroin in jail like 6 times, Methadone twice (not fully kicked, I got out while I was still sick both times on Methadone, one after 14 days, the other after 7), and with the heroin, only 2 times did I sit and kick dold turkey and actually start to feel well, the other times I was bailed out on my 4th day or so. Got clean out here off tar heroin, move to the east coast and got strung on powder heroin. Did a 30 day methadone step down then got on a greyhound and came back to the west coast, dopesick the whole way (one of 4 times I've ridden cross country on a bus dopesick). I went BACK to the east coast next summer, got strung out again, went to the methadone clinic, they gave me 60 days free, along with a 2 week housing voucher and $200 food voucher, as part of a program called "P.I.T" (Prevent Intravenous Transmission, for people with visible track marks that had already tested positive for Hep C, which I did, at the clinic. They MADE you take the test, good thing, I wouldn't have known I had it. Stayed on 2 weeks, took another bus sick back across the US, got strung out on Tar again, and found out my insurance would cover the methadone clinic in Portland. it SAVED MY LIFE. I would still be strung out on the streets, boosting, or in jail. I was using an 8 ball a day when I got on methadone, with no laces in my shoes cause my feet were so swollen from shooting dope in them. I got off heroin, (since you can't feel it anymore once you're at a stabilized dose) got addicted to Methamphetamine, eventually my insurance dropped me and the clinic was going to drop me for giving them like 50 straight dirty UA's. I got clean of that shit, that was 6 years ago this august 14th. I can function normally know, there's no "I gotta go boost and save a few full rigs for a wakeup so I can BE well enough to boost, no more taking steaks to bars and selling them halfprice, walking all over town, using beat up rigs to the point they had to be sharpened on matchbooks, etc. There was not other option for me, as Bupe wasn't around back then. Do what works for you, there IS no easier answer, but if you're saying your getting high off methadone and that it's substituting one drug for another, you've never been on it, sorry.

    • Else One 5 years ago

      lol at the moron who said heroin and methadone are the ame drugs. Um, no, not at all, in any function whatsoever. That's like saying Adderall and Methampetmines IV are the same drug. You DO NOT GET HIGH OFF METHADONE, AT ALL> YOU ONLY GET TIRED. This is why some people get hooked on Benzos, coke or meth.. 2nd point, I've never had my heroin dealer give me a urine test, my methadone clinic does it weekly (at random) to anyone that goes daily, I have alot of clean time, I still get them once a month. 3rd, I committed crimes all day long to support an $80 a day habit for heroin, since your tolerance increases. I pay EIGHT dollars a day for methadone, for the last 10 years, the price has never changed, I don't commit crimes, and your tolerance doesn't raise on it, at all. 4th, I have to go to 2 groups a month at the clinic, NA groups. My dope dealer never made me do this. 5th, there no opium/morphine or any other Poppy based opiate whatsoever in Methadone, it's synthetic. 6th, you have regular access with a counselor and doctor and have to see them regularly, as well as being mandartory to get aids, hep c and Hep B tests. Also, if you smell like alcohol, they have breathalyzers, and will not dose you if you've been drinking. 7th, if you have 2 weeks or more of take homes, they can call you at any time, you have 24 hours to be at the clinic, with all your bottles, unopened except the days you used, and you have to take them on the date specified, and they will see if you tapered with the bottles, so selling liquid is out unless you start cutting your dose down every day and taking some out. Even then, most people won't buy liquid, they think it's diluted with water. 7th. I haven't been arrested in 6 1/2 years now. I have 6 years sobriety. Think that's a coincidence? I have money in my pocket, I have a life, my day doesn't revolve around making money and finding dope. I also don't drink, because you're not allowed to on methadone, and if they did a call back, they also give you a surprise UA, if you're dirty, they take your takehomes.

      You were obviously never a junkie, your probably book read and think you know what you're talking about. You don't. An ex junkie can spot someone full of BS a mile away dude. Don't speak on something you know nothing about.

    • Joey s 5 years ago

      @Kyle, there's no "euphoria" experienced on methadone maintenance. People get on it to quit heroin, and don't get high anymore. I've kicked both methadone and heroin. Cold turkey heroin withdrawal is hundreds of time worse then a prescribed methadone detox. You've never done either, so you sound foolish. 3 of my friends killed themselves over heroin addiction. People in here are talking about kids doing illegal street drugs, a COMPLETELY different scenario than Methadone. And Oxycontin kills WAY more kids than Methadone ever has. How bout you keep your kids off drugs and watch what they're doing, or lock your scripts up?

    • Anti Ignorance 5 years ago

      Beth K, you can't get foodstamps for being on methadone, it's not a disability, you can work fine since you don't get high. I go to a clinic with 800+ people. Out of them, 400 people have takehomes, 100+ have a months worth of takehomes, which you need a job to have. You also need a job to be able to get early morning dosing. I get a weeks worth of doses, and see people from all different occupations in line in the morning (Nurses, salesman, construction, etc,. The cost is $5 a day, as opposed to anywhere from $40-500 a day for a heroin addiction, it makes it feasible for you to work again. If you get CLEAN, which the program is intended to, you get doses to go, which aliviates the gas money.

    • frustrated 5 years ago

      i can not believe all the negative comments. people like me are searching for help. The stereotyping and condimnation is unbelievable I started taking methadone two months ago after being on oxy for terrible pain issuess. If I had not taken the pain killers I would not have been able to continue working and eventually would hav3e lost my house and every thing I owned It has been awful being labled a drug addick and even my own wife bought the hype of the reason people take pain meds is to get high. my doctor fortunatly has been the only one to help me through this. I was not mentally addicted but switched to methadone to help with the unavoidible physical addiction. It is the misuse of these drugs that create problems even if it is the clinics doing it. If these drugs are used correctly the majority of the time things will go ok. I hate going through the wd so am trying to follow my dr program to the tee. I Know pain and my mother at eighty know pain that no one should ever know and if she gets addicted so what. I just hope that these drugs do not get so missed used that drs become afraid to manage pain with them and even more people would resort to high priced ellegal drugs

    • No WORRIES 5 years ago

      I have to agree with this article. Addiction does not discriminate. I have never done drugs in my life, until I had severe back problems and was prescribed pain medication for several months. Not knowing the effects of pain medication, I took it because I felt my doctor was prescribing, which indicated to me that it was "alright". However, when stopped I would feel intense pain in legs, insomnia, sweats, etc.. which we all know as (withdrawals). I am a Case Manager for mental health and have patients I work with that are engaging with the same methadone TX I am currently in. I really think methadone help. I was able to finish my education with a master degree in psychology and got promoted as a medical director..

      I dont think that this program is ment for everyone, however i know that it work. It takes time, dedication and determination. I know patients who are in this program, and purposely abuses this TX. I see patients misuse benzos, alcohol, and using other drugs while on TX. So of course the results will not be positive.

      I have also notice patients reach a certain dose such as 30 mg or lower and decide to go cold turkey. based on that one is defently setting themselves for failure.

      it works..

      and for for you that believe it does not! Think, have you consumed any alcohol during TX, have you taken any other illegal substance during TX, such as benzos, weed, cocaine, etc..

      If so than of course it will not work. Only you will know..because believe me this medication works, but you HAVE to participate in this program and really stick to it. You cant be on any other substance, and or decide to just QUIT.

    • JessD 5 years ago

      ELSE ONE- UMMM methadone is SYNTHETIC heroin! It is just alike. And don't lie and say it doesn't get you high. IT DOES! We all know it does. It's just not the same high as pills and heroin. It's the same powerful addiction. If you could not get your methadone one day, you would chase it. Get REAL! They might as well hand out heroin and pills at the counter instead of methadone. I really don't see why they don't.

    • JEssDDD 5 years ago

      My husband is an addict and takes methadone. I do not think methadone is treatment. I think it is good way to provide cheaper and legal access to drugs. It is still a highly addictive drug. DRUG! Not medicine, not treatment. My husband takes it because he was not ready to give up getting high and now lives a somewhat functional life except we are broke from the clinic. Here it is $15/day and it costs $20 in gas every time he goes to the clinic. You get UA once a month and you have a general idea when it is so you can still do what is you want and just make sure you are clean in those few days. Yes, you have councelors but you only see them for increases and UA's. Stop trying to make it look like such a good thing. I agree it has some positives, but I don't think it is treatment. I think it's an alternative. It's like getting your cake and eating it too.

    • savedbymethadone 5 years ago

      I to have found that methadone saved me as well!! When I was using Roxy's/Oxy's/Percocets I was so disgusted with myself who I had become while in the 2 short years of taking these pain meds ALL prescribed by a Board CERTIFIED MD...RIGHT? Pill pusher was all he was and still IS but with the laws in FLA his days are numbered!

      I did a month of research on methadone, its affects on the body you name it I read it....So when I walked into the clinic that warm April morning at 5:45 a.m. I was READY for intake and READY to become CLEAN.

      I have stood in these lines now for 6 months and the conversations I have heard MAKE me SICK!! They talk about tellin the nurse to up my dose as they SLUR the words outta their mouth..they talk about certain "Over the counter Cocktails" you can buy to make your Dose of Methadone kick in and make you feel so high...I swear to god I want to kick them in the throat...

      So for all that have commented on how this is the DEVILS juice or how bad it is then obviously YOU didn't have a well staffed clinic or you did it your way not the way it HAS to taken in order to acheive the or I will say MY ultimate Goal and that was to become CLEAN.

      By following the guidelines properly everyone will dose at a level that works for them for me it was 40mg where I stayed for 5 out of 6 months as of today, Ive already begun my detox phase and I am doing it slowly not tapering down too fast or just stopping because I think I can "handle my addiction now" all that leads to in the end is what? that's correct...being very sick.

      I NO longer sit and count my pain killers and doing the math thingy in my head of how many can i take today or when I would run out go score from a nasty person who had the NERVE to call me her friend all the while she made 6 thousand dollars off for all that say methadone didn't work for them take a loong hard look at the life you had while using pk's all the personal belongings you took to the pond shop just to fill a script all the missed MOMENTS with your children...and for me to look at where I am now in just 6 months and 1 week is FAR better than the life I WAS living and all of the Addicts on here know EXACTLY what im saying.

      As Kayla's Post read...Find a Reputable clinic with a staff of GREAT nurses & Counselors and you will be home free as long as you follow the correct protocol....yes they do have to make money just like your doctors did and your pharmacy did....but I would rather give MY clinic money for something that is helping me NOT hurting me and I can finally live a life FREE of all the BS that comes with using pain meds!!!

      take a good look in the mirror before you comment on something that has been PROVEN to help for many decades!

      What has the pain pill epidemic caused...DEATH 7 deaths a day in Florida you tell me would you rather take a pill that will eventually lead you to loosing your home, kids life or a medication like Methadone that has SAVED not taken lives.....think first!!!

      god bless to all that have walked the addiction road and WON the war!!

    • Pat 5 years ago

      My boyfriend has been on methadone treatment for over 2 years now. But recently he has been doubling his dose one day and then skips an entire day. For example, he doses in the morning 85mg and that same afternoon or evening he doses again. He says he does it because he wants to be up all night playing his game. Does doubling his dose make him get a buzz or high? He has been doing for the last past weeks and I think its dumb. Its not good for his body.


    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J.

      @Pat - A methadone clinic won't dose you twice in one day, so I'm assuming he gets take home bottles and takes 2 take home doses in one day? That is definitely not good, and yes he is most likely getting a buzz from it. Methadone is designed to work if it is taken as prescribed (once a day, at the same time every day, and not in combination with any other illicit substances.) I also have to wonder how he's getting through the next day with no methadone. This is just speculation, and everyone is different, but I knew people who would skip their dose so they could go out and get high on their drug of choice on that day. Do you have any suspicions or gut instincts? Did anything happen with him a few weeks ago (emotionally, etc.) around the time he began doubling up?

      I would think that doubling his dose would make him sleepy, not wide awake enough to stay up all evening playing a game.

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J.

      I'd like to encourage everyone to try and remember that the user's INTENTIONS when getting on methadone will largely impact their success and their ultimate recovery. If an addict gets on methadone maintenance because he truly wants to turn his life around, get off heroin, and become a normal, functioning member of society, and he is dedicated to taking his dose EVERY DAY exactly AS PRESCRIBED, then he is far more likely to have a positive experience.

      It is not a magic drug, it is not a cure-all, and it absolutely has the potential to be abused the same way many other legal drugs do. Addiction is a biopsychosocial disease. Methadone, when taken as prescribed, treats the biological and neurological repercussions of the disease by filling your opioid receptors so you do not have cravings nor go into withdrawal, and will also help with the psychology behind it (if you have decent counselors).

      A methadone clinic cannot, however, control the social aspect--that part is up to you. You must cut off contact with every drug buddy you ever had, you can't hang around places you used to cop, and you can't associate with anyone who is still using. Getting clean takes work, and it doesn't happen overnight.

      Lastly, a methadone detox is NOT MORE PAINFUL than quitting heroin cold turkey, BUT ONLY IF IT'S DONE CORRECTLY. I feel like a lot of methadone patients make the same mistake as someone who is on anti-depressants. You start taking Zoloft, for example, and after a while feel so much better that you think you're fixed now, you're fine and you can just stop taking your meds, failing to realize that it's the meds that are making you well in the first place! Likewise, people on methadone see their life stabilizing and their drug cravings reduced or nonexistent, and think they're cured. When that happens, they get cocky and decide to jump off at 30mg, or 50mg, or higher. If you do it like that, for sure withdrawal will ravage you. Methadone is designed to be TAPERED, not quit.

      Then you have the other type of methadone patient, for whom treatment may be working physically, but mentally they just can't get past the bureaucracy and inconveniences of the clinic policies. If you live in the negative and don't plan your days or manage your time accordingly, then yes the clinic system can be a pain, but again, if you are committed to getting clean, then you work with it. I love how we'd all regularly spend hours out of our days scheming for money and waiting for a dealer to show up with something that may or may not be dope, a drug whose only purpose was to completely derail our lives, and then we'd wake up and do it all over again the next day, and the next day, and the next, yet when we start taking a medication that can totally pull our lives together, we have the audacity to hate the clinic for requiring that we go there once a day for 15 minutes, or wait an hour to speak to our counselor once in a rare while. How dare they try to help us?! LOL.

      Believe me, I know not all clinics are reputable, which is why patient advocacy work is so important. I was fortunate to have great experiences with clinics that treated me well: (MCMC in Norristown, PA, Ocean Medical Services in Toms River, NJ, and Central Florida Treatment Centers in Ft. Pierce and Lake Worth, FL) all of which I was on consecutively, since I moved around a lot. So, in closing, I can speak to all this from personal experience and would be happy to answer any questions.

    • savedbymethadone 5 years ago

      @becauseilive....I absolutely LOVE what you wrote-I copied and pasted it Below:

      I love how we'd all regularly spend hours out of our days scheming for money and waiting for a dealer to show up with something that may or may not be dope, a drug whose only purpose was to completely derail our lives, and then we'd wake up and do it all over again the next day, and the next day, and the next, yet when we start taking a medication that can totally pull our lives together, we have the audacity to hate the clinic for requiring that we go there once a day for 15 minutes, or wait an hour to speak to our counselor once in a rare while. How dare they try to help us?! LOL.

      My reply:

      I, for one have never looked at the money aspect of getting HELP from the methadone clinic I go to for treatment. But, I DO have to listen to the constant complainers every day I go that say the same things like, "I don't understand how this place makes us stand in this line"? Ummm, No ONE is making you do anything, you put yourself in this line, is what I WANT TO SAY...but instead I just stand there waiting without a dirty look on my face or huffing and puffing under my breath, Nope, I know who's fault it is and I OWN that!!!! I will stand in this line and look around at everyone everyday, and the ungrateful ones and I WILL always remember I never want this life again, and the only way I can stop it, is by NEVER using once I have completed my tapering down phase which I am on at this moment and never look back.

      But every single person that complains, even on here about how the rules and regulations at a Clinic or the price of it or the drive or having to take a bus, Bet you didn't mind driving to the doctors for that script, or the wait in that waiting room, then drive like crazy from one pharmacey to another to get them filled, or, as you stated,"becauseilive", waiting on a dealer to bring us our meds, or Drive to them or someone they know, no matter the distance...Yet they will complain about standing in line, or paying for the dose, when we wouldn't hesitate to hand over $20 bucks for 2 measly pills, all the while putting ourselves in danger by BREAKING THE LAW doing these transactions in parking lots of grocery stores, gas stations, etc;..Right??

      Clinics have regulations and laws they have to follow and by God if I have to stand in line for 2 hours everyday to get my life back and stay away from all the people I had any type of contact with that used or still uses then SO BEIT!!!

      Stop complaining if you REALLY want your life to be clean of all drugs then you will do what ever it takes to get there!!! You WILL stand and wait, and pay what they charge and pass the Urine test they randomly give, and talk to your couselor get in involved in a program where people live their lives without drugs.

      you have to be around positive people, good people...The ones that have your best interest at heart...THAT'S if you really want to be clean? I do, therefore I am doing what needs to be done. It's so simple yet because of our addictions we make it so complicated. I have been BLESSED to be where I am now all due to educating myself about Methadone, knowing it's not going to cure my addiction but it will make this walk a whole lot easier....I am so happy to say I am tapering down and even though I had people tell me differently, I am doing fine and feel GREAT! I'm currently at 20mgs, then in 5 days I'll meet with the nurse, counselor for an update on how I did at 20mgs then, I'll be at 15mgs, and I'll do just fine on that dose as well until I am at 2mgs Which I'll be fine at as well, WHY, Because, it's all about POSITIVE Thinking and living!!!

      Then When I have to walk out of that clinic on my last day of this tapering phase I will stop and look back for one moment knowing I will never Be back....then the real work begins, because I have to continue to work on ME-!!!!

      Until YOU ARE truly ready to do all of this work, you will never be free because its a lifetime commitment to stay clean.....but for your sake and life I hope you do...

    • Nikki 5 years ago

      I have been on 5mg-10mg of Methadone (supposed to take 10mg 2x/day, but I take less because it works and the med gets a little too much for me, so I cut it down at night on my own) in the am and in the pm for chronic pain for around 2+ yrs now and recently screwed up with pot and was taken off the meds. I went through a little withdraw, mostly from the Xanax (which I ran out of 1st) and that I wasn't going through withdrawal anymore. No one believes me, they all think I'm a drug addict, but I don't even want to have to take this crap, but if I don't and once the levels drop too low, I feel like my abdomen is going through a chipper-shredder and the PAIN, NOT NAUSEA causes me to violently vomit. I have something no one has ever heard of - Central Sensitization. Does anyone know a good doctor that I can call to talk to my mother to get her to call off the dogs? Please help me. I appreciate any info anyone who has had positive experiences has to offer. I am living proof of this medication's validity. I agree with this article in full because it is how I've experienced the med. Without the med, I would be in the ER every day, admitted even, throwing and passing out in the ER waiting room. They give me Dilaudid in the ER, but I just want my Methadone back, so I can function without getting extremely sick. Remember, these symptoms came BEFORE 3 YEARS BEFORE EVER TAKING METHADONE!

    • Nikki 5 years ago

      Oh yeah, my mom has everyone thinking I am a drug addicted lunatic because I need the meds to hold down a job, otherwise, I'm in the ER.

    • Seriously 5 years ago

      those of u that wine oh was on methadone for few months an stop cold turky are numb. If thats all the time u spent on it u didnt even need it in the first place. Some people who acually needed it coulda been turned away cause people like u monthers take ul space litarly cause u thought u were gonna get high and then quit cause u realized u dont and it actualy helps.

    • Nikki 5 years ago

      @Seriously - I completely agree. I am supposed to take 10mg in the am and the pm, but at night it's too much for me, so I take half a dose. I never felt buzzed off of the Methadone, I was just falling asleep sitting up at night. In the morning, my entire digestive track hurts so bad, I cannot function, so taking this medication has helped me be able to hold down a job, helps my IBS by making me regular for the 1st time I can even remember.

      I don't know what to do without it, but right now I cannot get it because sometimes I have to go to the ER several days in a row. They stabilize me with 3 shots of 2mg Dilaudid and either Zofran or Phenergan because they think I am nauseated; however, I am not - I throw up from the pain until I am so dehydrated they've had to place IV's in my neck because they can't find anything else. They usually admit me when my potassium is dangerously low, my white blood cell count is higher than normal and my blood pressure gets high, like last week when it was 196/103 from the pain and anxiety about losing another job to this hellish condition. Who has 3 surgeries (gallbladder removed, partial hysterectomy and endometriosis removal during an exploratory surgery), a bunch of uncomfortable medical procedures (colonoscopy that I wonke up during, peeing into a container in front of a bunch of people during an imaging, dangerously too many CT scans, placement of an NG tube...) and violently throwing up in front of 30+ people for over 8 hours in the ER waiting room for drugs because they are addicted??? I can't imagine why anyone would go through and pay for all of that for a buzz or to abuse meds at all. I screwed up and used marijuana once and they popped a piss test on me, which they were already supposed to be doing every time, but hadn't because the doctor didn't really care for several yrs, but now that Governor Kasich signed that stupid law, I am screwed and cannot get my meds without a pain specialist writing a letter of medical necessity now and the doctor I was referred to took my cash only, judged me, told me I abused my meds when she refused to read the entire Rx label that said verbatim, "take 1 every 3 hours as needed for pain (may take 1 or 2)" rushed me out of her office on Halloween and hasn't done anything to rectify this problem, tell me they have the info I had faxed to them or even talk to me at all. I even had the pharmacy fax the hard copy of the Rx to the doctor to prove I wasn't abusing them, I was taking them as prescribed. I argued with her 3 times in her office that I would never have taken more than I was allowed and she kept reading the 1st 3 words on the label and wouldn't hear me out or read the rest of the label. She intimidated me, made me doubt myself and when I looked at the bottle in the car and went back, they were gone, locked up and had left all within less than 10 minutes. My appointment was at 3pm. I really expected a pain specialist to be a lot more thorough. She didn't even attempt to get all the medical records she needed for the visit. She said I had 24 hrs to get info to her, but that was Monday and she has not been, nor will be in the office for the rest of the week. They told me "tomorrow" every day this week and now it's Thursday and she won't be back til Monday. WTF??? I am going to lose yet another job from this pain, end up drowning in medical bills and credit card debt from paying on this stuff... I couldn't get a job for a while from this and now that I have a shitty 20 hr a week job with a health care discount plan that won't cover pre-existing conditions and I have to pay for entirely... What can I do? I called my doctor and am having her refer me to a neurologist now because my entire family thinks I have a drug problem because they associate Methadone with heroin, they never heard of anyone that may need to be on it for the rest of their lives for chronic pain relief, they don't understand or accept my diagnosis (I am so tired of being scared to death and running useless tests due to their mystery diagnosis theories) and they think a drug rehab place will accept me for this problem. I ever had the ER psychiatrist call my mom to tell her that if I had gone through withdrawal, it would have been way worse from my Xanax and that I hadn't taken any for a while so I am out of range for withdrawal. My mother has zero boundaries and I'm almost 32. She has called a bunch of places where I live, told them my name, her theories and now I can't get unbiased help from those places. If I don't take a depression med, my mom insists and nags me constantly and I am not a liar - I have no reason to lie and I really don't feel like I should have to. I went to a therapist for a while and because the therapist refused to call and discuss me with my mother because I am an adult, HIPAA, and to establish boundaries. Because of this, I am seeing the wrong therapist and need to find someone else...nag, nag, nag... I have had to cut her out of my life completely and it hurts. She pumped it into my family's head, so now they all insist I'm going through withdrawal, but I am not. I don't know what to do. It the pain specialist I saw on Monday isn't in the office this coming Monday, I am going to demand my money back and pursue a Neurologist since this is a neuological condition. After that, if it doesn't work, I will be hunting down the pain management team at the hospital I have to frequent. I'm out of time and I really think one more visit will kill my having a job. I'm so scared.

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J.

      @savedbymethadone: Love your comment, especially this part:

      "Clinics have regulations and laws they have to follow and by God if I have to stand in line for 2 hours everyday to get my life back and stay away from all the people I had any type of contact with that used or still uses then SO BE IT!!!"

      One hundred percent agreed :D

    • savedbymethadone 5 years ago


      Thank you for reading and replying to me :-)....I am truly thankful for realizing and educating myself on how methadone works...and yes How it too will be abused if you start taking it without knowing its full potential?

      We all have to get to the root of our addictions, dig deeper than we ever wanted to, to find out why we used to NUMB those feelings, memories what ever it is....

      I know my triggers, I know what made me use "NOW"?!!...I am 44 and I have used all types of drugs and alcohol starting at 13!!! how SAD!!! I now have my own 15 year old and know for 100% assuredly he has never used becuz I'm involved in his life where as my single parent mom was not. She had to work 15 hours a day to put food on our table...So he will have a very hard time getting anything passed me,....I've done it all...the lies, the mints I thought covered up the smell of pot/ Or Booze??

      He has 2 hands on parents NOW as apposed to 1!!

      I am back all thanks to Methadone and WANTING to be clean of it all.....

      Thank you Becauseilive for the article the open forums to discus & to educate those that have only known or seen the bad things that Methadone can cause if you're NOT using it for "treatment" not a replacement?

      Thank you thank you!!

      Kim savedbymethadone

    • The Truth 5 years ago

      My opinion is this whole thing is false. Methadone is the WORST thing that has happened in my generation and that before me. For years I have hated it because it's the exact opposite of everything said. My babies dad has been on that crap for 7 or 8 years now and it ruined and is still ruinning his life. I don't understand how you can say that it's not addicting. If he goes 2 days without it by the 3rd day he's got cold sweats, he makes this horrible gagging sound, he doesn't want to do anything, it goes on...once he gets his "medicine" again that's when he is functionable but doesn't shut up until he sits down he starts nodding out looking stupid. Yes, some people are just wanting to get high, but there are those who are using it for treatment. He asked if he would be able to get off of it once he wasn't still addicted to heroin they told him it would be nooo problem. Well, guess what he's addicted to it and he can't stop. All the people I heard of or knew that was on methadone they sell it they abuse it and some even shoot it. So how is this not like a trade in? Wether you're doing it for the right reasons or not. When you like the feeling that something like that gives you try to get off of it only to be taking a "legal, safe" way to get high. What would make them want to stop? Methadone does rot your teeth out. Him and his stupid Methadone addict friends all took care of their teeth amazingly. Better than me my teeth are perfectly fine while their's is literally rotting out it's disgusting. So they have the umph and drive to take care of their teeth but methadone deterierates your bones!! My friend's dad was on it for years he can't even stand up for long without having to sit back down cuz his bones hurt so much because of the methadone making them week. Not to mention it seems to me and his family that the longer he's on that "medicine" the younger his brain gets. His mom did research on this crap and it is a proven fact that methadone messes with your mind and makes you go back. So you don't become a productive member of society; you just become an irresponsible lazy kid again. I DO NOT NOT NOT recommend this crap to ANYONE! Not only is it making him lose his apt, life, family, baby, EVERYTHING it's holding him back from moving forward and is killing him. The only reason methadone is even legal is because the more they keep us blind and messed up the more money they are making. This "medicine" kills. It is one of the highest causes of death right now especially when mixed with alprazolam (xanex) which it seems to me that everyone who is prescribed methadone also has a prescribsion of xanex...hmm that seems strange we know it's killing people but we'll let it happen anyway. At the Methadone clinics that go by what the rules are. Over half the people going in those things have track marks, look messed up, spit it back into something and shoot it up later, letting people have carries for a week and when they come back it's obvious they're been hurting so obviously they didn't take it right or sold it to innocent people, and all the other signs that they are not or at least some of those nurses aren't doing they're job by the rules. Just recently one of my good friends (R.I.P.) died because of methadone. He barely took any of it and it killed him. At first I always hear "Methadone isn't what people think it SAVED my life" then you see it further down the line; methadone ruined my life. I pray for anyone who is or has family on methadone. That crap is horrible it's not a "medicine" it's just another drug that keep people messed up thinking it's for the better. People do better if they just deal with the heroin withdrawls. Methadone withdrawls ARE worse and you can DIE from them. They last a longer time. Please everyone understand I'm not trying to be rude maybe for some people it does work for them, but I have yet to know anyone on it that it has helped them I've only seen it ruin lifes and families...

    • savedbymethadone 5 years ago

      This is a comment for "The Truth": Let me begin by saying I don't think it was meant for me about you stating Methadone isn't addicting!! Far FAR from the truth...because if you & everyone else would just do some research on it then everyone Would know better??

      If you would kindly read some of the posts of the positive attributes of those that have used this medication properly then will stop being so angry.

      In My opinion is you are not angry at Methadone you're angry due to your babies father ABUSING it... Sorry but it's no different than if I were to blame alcohol for the death of my 5 friends I have lost over the past 20 years...NO I blame THEM! They knew better yet they choose to DRIVE I blame them for being ignorant, and careless. I don't blame the doctors(well not all of them are bad) for prescribing a medication that is to be taken AS PRESCRIBED, then when we have an epidemic as we do NOW with all the pain medication addicts,(7 deaths a DAY in FLORIDA ALONE) I blame myself for that one & everyone that CHOOSE to abuse those drugs.

      Your children's father obviously has a severe problem and it sounds as if he needs in patient care or a housing facility for addiction behavior, disorder. He most certainly has deeper issues than you or even he is aware of therefore he wants to use anything that will give him a euphoric feeling. And to comment on that as well...I NEVER not once felt HIGH or anything except the ability to do the things I couldn't have done if I had been detoxing cold turkey?? That baffles me..anyway ...And speaking on behalf of someone WHO has been there I know that if he is taking more Milligrams than lets say... 60mg's??? Then at this stage( you stated he's been on meth for 7 or 8 YEARS??) you Betcha he's looking to check out of the day to day thing called life?!

      I know first hand there is no reason for a clinic to Dose patients higher than 60mg's, I'm sorry but that's a total BS Clinic because I was a daily user of Roxy's Oxy's Percs etc; for 8 years and outta that 8 I Was able to stop for a few months with out being dope sick??? Don't know if it was due to a woman's body, hormone changes or what but I could just stop...... but the last 3 years from 2008 to 2011 I used the oxycontins 80mg 3 x's a day ..5 Roxy 30mg and when I checked into the clinic I NEVER EVER surpassed Dosing at 40mgs...In the 5 months outta of my 6 I have ALREADY begun to detox which a reputable clinic will do for you the allow you to taper down until you are done and I can say proudly I am at 20mg TODAY!!

      Now as for another one of your comments.. I have copied and pasted below:

      All the people I heard of or knew that was on methadone they sell it they abuse it and some even shoot it. So how is this not like a trade in?

      Answer or OPINION:

      Well that's another no brainer they do not want to get c clean...and that's a simple as THAT!!! they want to abuse something meant to and that DOES help...Again they are to Blame!!!! Can you see that?? It really bothers me when people are not accountable for their OWN actions??

      To comment on your other statement you made, below:

      What would make them want to stop?

      Answer.or OPINION:

      Because they don't want that life any longer? ummm, again Alcohol is LEGAL, as is methadone so STOP Blaming methadone or how its legal so why would anyone stop...I don't know did I decide to stop? Why did "becauseilive" the journalist who wrote this story...she had the will power, and the understanding that if used CORRECTLY you will have your life back and be able to function at everything again. Its all about the power we all possess inside ourselves and the will we were ALL given and my will was strong enough along with Thousands upon Thousand of others who want their lives BACK!!! period!

      Lastly I am a productive member of society....Why? Because I educated myself on the use of methadone. I knew it WAS NOT The cure all and yes all that I have known that have successfully tapered off they STILL had to undergo some withdrawals....Just not as severe as if they had to do it Cold Turkey...They did not Stay on it for 8 years or 10 years??? All anyone has to do is or just as I can Google methadone and it says that:

      Methadone, as an opiate, is an addictive central nervous system depressant. It product analgesia or insensitivity to pain, sedation, slowing of respiration, lowering of blood pressure, constipation, slowing of pulse and, in some patients, nausea. The subjective effects following single doses in non-addicted individuals are similar to those noted after morphine or heroin use: feelings of well-being, drowsiness and euphoria"


      The character and severity of withdrawal symptoms that appear when narcotics are discontinued depend on many factors, particularly: what the drug is, dose, duration of use, interval between doses, health, personality, and expectations and motivations of the patient. The symptoms of abrupt withdrawal from methadone (complete discontinuation of administration of the drug) are: insomnia, anxiety, hypertension, irritability, chills, excessive perspiration, 'runny' nose and eyes, enlarged pupils, sore joints, sore muscles, aching joints, muscle spasms, abdominal cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and overall malaise. Symptoms appear 24-48 hours after the last dose and increase in intensity for six days. They then begin to subside and most major symptoms are minimal by the 14th day. However, general discomfort, loss of appetite and insomnia may persist for as long as six months. These symptoms can be drastically reduced and often eliminated by "withdrawing according to a slow, deliberate dose decrease managed by a physician. The longer the process, the less the symptomology".

      Please READ that over and over because he will after all these years of being addicted to methadone will need to be supervised by a physician...He can not do it alone!!!

      Please understand where I am coming from and just as you wrote and said BELOW:

      Please everyone understand I'm not trying to be rude maybe for some people it does work for them, but I have yet to know anyone on it that it has helped them I've only seen it ruin life's and families...

      Yes it did help me and so many others but ONLY if you follow proper dosage, are doing it to Become clean because he will always be an addict just as I am only I am a functioning one...and he can be TOO!! Help him to understand that Methadone is not meant to be used for the duration of his lifetime..nor was it ever...Help him to get the CORRECT treatment he deserves and you will have your children's dad back and so many others that love him as well.

      Good luck and God bless!!

      A recovering Addict....

    • D Tobias 5 years ago

      Formal study aside, I can comment from the perspective of being a paraplegic with moderate to severe Spinal Cord Injury Pain for 40 years. I am addicted to alcoohol, Valium and similar -azapines, and opiates. In 3 days I'll be free of alcohol for 9 years, free of mind altering pain meds as well. For the last 4 to 5 years I have used prescribed amounts of Methadone, monitored closely by my Neurologist and my Family Practice Physician. While I've tried up to 30mg tid, and have even broken protocol a few times, I am now taking 10mg tid (except I may take an extra 10mg before sleep). This dose, I've found, helps me as much as the larger doses and I'm not as sleepy as with larger doses. However the addiction to sweets and eating through nights of insomnia is rampant which I am successfully managing with the help of a local therapist who's helped me since 1983. Methadone and Lyrica (200mg tid), autogenics, auto-hypnosis, behavioral management, yoga, stretching exercise, and support from my community I've been blessed to combine such that I have a life I'd not trade for any other. I am so incredibly blessed. That said, it's still a struggle that demands all of whatever I can muster to surrender my ego to what my health demands.

      In addition to this personal experience I've been a health-care-provider as a nationally certified Biofeedback Therapist (since the 1980's), and have worked in the field of pain and stress management serving patients from all arenas of life since 1974.

      Methadone, of all the 'pain management medications,' is the best analgesic I've seen for moderate to severe chronic pain - that is, so long as it's used in conjunction with other tools, thinking, etc. a patient can employ to take charge of his/her life again.

    • Kisuke 5 years ago

      This article is obviously biased. I think that methadone clinics may serve their purpose for people who trying get off of heroine. I don't think that any drug should be stigmatized. Stigmas are what cause people do things with out accountability or medical advice. There's a reason that people do opiates or any kind of drug. It is not because they are evil. BUT, opiates painkillers and opiates are very DANGEROUS drugs to get involved with!!! I think it is complete crime against humanity there are doctors who will prescribe painkillers and opiates, esp. OXYCONTIN and METHADONE. I feel so sorry for people who are unfortunate enough to suffer some kind of unbearable pain and have been prescribed these medications by a health professional. YOU HAVE BEEN DONE A GREAT INJUSTICE. Taking a pill for pain will never end your pain. You have to solve the root problem. Please!!! Take care of yourself and you may be able to prevent ever having to be in this kind of situation! My Mom is addicted to METHADONE, before that it was OXYCONTIN. I recently realized that this was what behind her disfunctionality while I was growing up! I just thought she was depressed, not well. Now, clearly that her behavior was not normal, but really a result of going through in and out of withdrawal. I took care of her as a child, throughout And that has a left me with a psychological and emotional scar. This mostly when she was addicted to Oxycontin. Now she has been using METHADONE for 6 years. During this time her health has deteriorated rapidly!!! IT's really scary. SHE LOOKS AWFUL!!!, 20 years older than she actually is. I came home for a break while I was in college (4 years ago) and all her teeth were breaking. This was immensely hard for me to see. At the end of that year all of her teeth were gone! She now as dentchers and she's only 49! She has gained weight and is no longer able to pee with out taking lasex. She has insomnia, drowsiness, and an addiction to sweats (esp. Chocolate!!) I confronted about her use of METHADONE for the first time this year and she went CRAZY on me. I just asked her what medication she was taking. She told me. And then I told her that the negative effects of this drug maybe out-weighing the positive. She wanted to hear nothing of it. She was very DEFENSIVE. Please tell me now that METHADONE is not ADDICTIVE! My poor MOTHER, she was so beautiful. I feel so awful that this is he LIFE, it is serious NIGHTMARE. I firmly think, at a spiritual level, that METHADONE, HEROINE, and OXYCONTIN are very DARK substances. I don't know what they mean, but they are a reflection of something very dark in this WORLD. I say this in no way to judge any of you. I do not think that judgement will help anyone. I think that the root of my Mother's "Pain" and "Depression" that has ultimately brought her to using pain killers (besides bad health which was ultimately the result of her STRESS. Poor Women, we have too much STRESS. Poor Women of the world!) is the physical abuse and neglect she suffered by her parents. These traumas that happen to us when we are young never leave are bodies or minds, unless we truly get therapy and heal from them. I really hope that we can all heal from our traumas and our pain. The world is so full of SICK people. My Heart goes out toward all of us. I send out good energy for good health.


      (I'm talking about the situation of recovering heroine addicts here).

    • savedbymethadone 5 years ago

      This is for Kisuke.. I am sad for what YOU had to watch happen to your own mom? watching her go through and AS a child & dealing with someone who was supposed to protect you, nurture you & take CARE of you??

      I am sorry for your memories and heart scars...but I am also very sorry you feel the way you do about Methadone? AGAIN, There is NO REASON for her to be on methadone for 6 years, other than the simple FACT of the matter that she is in an Out patient treatment clinic? meaning she stands in lines to get her meds, Or she has an ABSOLUTE VIAL Doctor that is prescribing them to her??

      I'm just curious...did you read a GOOD amount of the comments posted on here??? did you read MINE? I too was addicted to Oxycontins 80mg & Roxycodones 30mgs and throughout my addiction all I lived on was candy, sugar, ice cream....etc; Since I have been in treatment at MY clinic and Dosing on Methadone which began April 20th, my August 31st I began tapering down by 5 mil...It is now November 26th Thanksgiving Day and I am at 12 mil....

      I have yet in the 7 months craved anything sweet, I am back to exercising, EATING like I did when I was a personal Trainer...

      I do know it is the oxy's that cause the issues with the teeth...I have also continued to go to my dentist and get my twice a year cleanings along with Listerine EVERY night before bedtime...

      I too had a CRAPPY upbringing by single parent. my brother and sister had to live through the death of our oldest brother when he was 13 we lost him I was mom turned into this hateful grieving person constantly saying to a 10, 11, 12 13 all the way till I was 19 " I wished It would've been YOU that died Not HIM" yes Kisuke, I too lived with a mom that had severe issues...

      yes I turned to alcohol, pot, coke, everything to numb my past....

      when I became addicted to pain Killers It was in 2007...I always used just never to the degree of running out and then experiencing sickness....But that is what ROXY's do to you even though you think "I got this I can handle any pill" WRONG!!!!!!!

      then I was introduced to Oxycontins in January 2009, I depleted my bank account to buy them money I had worked my Butt off to save, GONE!!

      This continued until I stared seeing a psychiatrist to get down n dirty with my feelings my HEAD my F'D up HEAD.

      I decided I could no longer FAIL at cold turkey for the 15th time so I did SO MUCH RESEARCH on methadone so I knew what it was, how it worked and how HIGHLY addicting it is.

      But if you find a clinic one that is Reputable, one that wants you to get Clean which I did. I tell them What I need.

      Well I needed to begin my detox and by god they allowed me to do so becuz my initial intake I told my counselor "WRITE THIS DOWN, I will be ready to detox beginning of my 5th month in order to take it slow as each time you dose down you have to give it time then dose down to the next level.

      Yes I too had a jack hole for a doctor who prescribed me these meds which I didn't even need??

      I go to meetings, I see my therapist, my counselor and I pray to the all mighty God to help NOT just me but to all that are addicted to Methadone due to knowing nothing else?

      I wanted to get my live BACK become BETTER than EVER....for my 15 year old to never ever take care of me....unlike me to have my memories of MY upbringing, he will NEVER go thru that!!!

      I pray you can look into where you mom is going, is it a clinic? Is it a screwed up doctor prescribing them??

      Once you find out especially IF IT IS a Clinic GET HER THE H__LL out of there....get her in one, research they are out there...I promise you....there are good decent ones that want our success not just our Money.....

      Kisuke, I am living breathing PROOF that if Methadone is used CORRECTLY most importantly under the care of a qualified doctor/clinic, Success Is ACHIEVED!!!

      Please, At least do research on the people that have been saved by Methadone....give US a little respect for WANTING to live a CLEAN life and...because of Methadone & following proper protocol..I DO as of today live a better life -I WILL continue going to meetings/seeing my therapist/counselor -I'M THANKFUL for being a full time mom, wife friend, volunteer at events like FEEDING the homeless, Passing out flyers of the missing Mom of 3 in Orlando, FL ...

      those were all things I could not have been able to do while using those pain meds....Its all due to my successful way of thinking...I WANT TO LIVE !!!!! and I AM LIVING ...thanks to Methadone!!

      Sorry for all you've been thru but I will continue to pray for you & your mom...that the lord jesus will lay his hands on her and heal her body,MIND & spirit!!!

      God Bless you both!!

    • lafamillia profile image

      lafamillia 5 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      Methadone saved my life too, i am on 90mg-day dose, in concentration of 10mg per ml. But I plan to be up to two or two and half - three years and then to slow- tap down. Read my hubs about addiction and drug life, and medications that could be used as substitutes. We, in Serbia, have registered buprenorphine - but still, no real maintenance therapy with it. Also, we have the hydromorphone tablets in form of Jurnista, which ONLY could be used in maintenance, but they - government - do not want to register it for opiate addiction.Only cancer.Any way, the biggest problem in Serbia, about addiction and therapies is that we only have - at this point the methadone as full agonist substitute, no slow-release morphine like countries in region, no NOTHING except methadone. Slow-release morphine would be the best decision to make, as registering would take those who find methadone hard to coup with - in to countries supervention.

    • savedbymethadone 5 years ago

      FOR KUISUKE----YOU WROTE: "besides bad health which was ultimately the result of her STRESS. Poor Women, we have too much STRESS. Poor Women of the world!) is the physical abuse and neglect she suffered by her parents. These traumas that happen to us when we are young never leave are bodies or minds, unless we truly get therapy and heal from them".

      I can't make SINCE of this statement??? Poor women,WE HAVE too much Stress.Poor Women of the world!

      I mean are you sincere about YOUR mother or do you just have a negative attitude? Especially towards WOMEN? Men seem to hold on to the past especially (the men) while as little boys then young men suffer thru and their MOMS addictions....

      Just curious about the statement...if you could clear it up But if you don't feel the need then oh well....???

    • angel 5 years ago

      I live in CT. The meth program I go to all they care about is money,its a private own program. I stood on 60mg for past 2 years, feel comforable on it I don't get urges to get high and I sleep real good at night. The thing that really gets me mad is that they all say that meth don't mess with your teeth and it doesn't get in to your bones. Ya right, some kind doctors they are.bout 80 percent people in my program ended up with canes and also with false teeth because of meth.

    • Angel 5 years ago

      Did you EVER concider the "80% of the people" and WHAT THEY DID WAY long before Methadone?? My God...I've known people that SMOKED Crack for 5 years and their teeth are a Disgrace??

      I've known others that have abused heroin for 20 years and their teeth were GONE way before they entered the methadone clinic...

      ITS ALL about how you take care of your teeth while on what ever drug of choice you prefered?

      I freebased for 4 years back when I was in my middle 20's ABUSED the crap outta pain meds LONG before they became the New drug of choice and My teeth are fine...Why? For some odd reason even as an addict I was always compulsive about brushing my teeth flossing and using listerin EVEN during my free Base years?? I also made sure to always take plenty of vitamins as well...

      I have no doubt that methadone WILL cause issues with certain people and their teeth..if YOU go to a clinic daily then remember to BRUSH, FLOSS, RINCE...DUH??

      I also get my teeth cleaned every 6's All just common since really...

      I have seen enough people at the clinic I attend and SOME have a messed up Grill and others that I've spoken with that have become lifers at the clinic have beautiful teeth??

      So...It's all about the INDIVIDUAL.....

      I sorry but I just get really fdefensive about this subject...And I really do not mean to sound so Bitch_y but if everyone that HAS in the past- posted on here that had negative words about Methadone or its patients would just STOP n THINK I mean REALLY THINK about all the WHAT ifs before they post then I wouldn't feel the need to post back sounding like I'm preaching....

      I post back to offer even someone like you angel, all sides of the addiction world and Methadone.

      I have READ EVERY single article I could find on Methadone even before I began treatment so I was educated on it so I was WAY AHEAD of the Game and new WHAT to expect...even the fact it IS ADDICTING! God I can not believe how many people have posted on here and other sites I am a member stating, "Oh my God my husband, Wife, Brother, Sister, Friends God SOOO Addicted to Methadone STAY AWAY it will only kill you"! All DUE to LACK of educating themselves OR THE BIGGEST REASON of ALL...they NEVER wanted to get clean-EVER!

      They basically moved away from Heroin or Pain Meds and allowed themslves to get addicted to Methadone...Yeap I said it THEY ALLOWED it to happen!! If you REALLY want to get Clean...then you will FOLLOW Methadones protacol...DONT blame the clinics....WE are in control of how much we dose! WE are the ones that put in the order to UP our DOSE NOT the clinics???

      ok......Im done yes I am passionate about methadone due to the horrific life I was living BEFORE treatment and I will FOREVER be grateful for my ability to keep my dose down to only 40mg for the 6 months and now I am in the detox phase which began at the end of month 6....I am at 15 mgs...and fine....

      everyone commited to getting clean CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ali 5 years ago

      What heroin addicts should really use is san pedro, a hallucinagine used in mexico to almost "re-wire" or cleanse your brain in a way that makes you feel like you've used a day in your life...

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J.

      @ali - Not sure what San Pedro is, but the way you describe it makes it sound like you're referring to Ibogaine?

    • TrePoundNYC 5 years ago

      First of all.. The damage done to bones from extended heroin use or some other opiate. So when you see people with canes at your clinic it could be because they are old and destroyed their bodies for so many years of their life..

      Second... If you see someone nodding out it's either because they are on wayy too high a dose OR they abuse benzos as well.. It doesnt matter if you are on 100 or 10.. If you take a stick with your dose you're going to nod out and look like a junkbox...

      If you take your meth as directed and don't f around then you won't look like a junkie or nod like one.. I am on 70 mgs and I don't nod, if you looked at me you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between me and someone who isn't on anything at all. Methadone saved my life, saved my relationship with my mother, my 8 year relationship with my girlfriend, i stopped stealing, robbing people, fighting, going to jail once a month and being in and out of detox... And the messed up part is even with all of that, I am NOT a bad person.. I dont have a bad heart, temper, anything of the sort.. it was ALL the drugs - and maybe something inside me who knows.. All I know is that I was always very smart - 1200 (out of 1600) on my SATs without studying, held a job as GM of a restaurant for 8 years, was a mortgage banker (no it wasnt me who screwed the economy up) and worked in real estate.. But between all that I was doing bad things, just never mixed it with my work ..

      Anyway, Im ranting now..

      If you want to get clean you arent going to bullsh!t the clinic to try to get increased, you're not going to use someone elses urine when you get tested.. You're going to do the right thing and your life will improve because of it...

      Keep it funky people.. Stop blaming the world and take control of your own destiny..

    • TrepoundNYC 5 years ago

      GREAT POST!!! Word for word so very true!! I too am on 25 mgs of Methadone (dont' know if you read any of my posts) but I never surpassed 40 mgs. I began going to the clinic 4/20/2011-

      On September 30th I lowered to 35 mgs...It's not December 17th & I'm at 25...I did taper to 20mgs but It was way too soon for me to do so & to do it so fast (I went from 25 to 20 in 7 days) back in November...

      When I began my taper I always gave each milligram 3 weeks...its a SLOW IN STEADY process...but so many people want to believe its a quick fix or the cure all end all...

      THEY HAVE no idea once you begin treatment how much you have to commit yourself to it...

      NOT just the Methadone itself but getting down to the heart of the reason WHY we are addicts...fix our issues while going to the clinic...but GOD forbid the majority of them aren't there to get CLEAN..H3LL NOOO.... they go to the clinic just wanting to take something-ANYTHING due to the addiction of the NOW epidemic of millions that are addicted pain meds like I was.

      I chose to stop the madness...I hated who was, what I had become...and like you stated I TOOK FULL RESPONSIBILITY for all the things I did. And I AM on Xanax...have been for 10 years I take 1 mgs twice a day...NEVER once have I abused them...and my family doctor whom I've been very open with about my Roxy addiction (she isn't the same one that I used to go to for them) Plus she has my medical records and she was Appauled at what she read in my file...

      but she stated taking Xanax while I'm IN a OUTPATIENT clinic is fine..but she watches me like a HAWK...making sure I don't call in my refills sooner than they are due...which she told me she would do because EVEN tho I've never abused them, she said from her experience, while in a methadone clinic allot of patients WILL begin to abuse Xanax?? So I'm fine with that..and its been 8 months and I've YET to do so...

      I also RELATE to what you wrote: Not being a bad person...I Know I'm not. I just made BAD choices while abusing Roxys...I have been volunteering with helping in the search for Michelle Parker I have handed out over 3000 flyers...I help at the Salvation Army during the holidays...I do all I can for people in need....I was also in the Real Estate business...I worked for a Property Management company and I loved it...but due to MY Abuse of pills I lost my job and I let my licence expire...

      But that is ok...due to MY addiction..I have spoken to my husband and I am going back to school to become a drug and Alcohol counselor....the so-called Counselors we have at OUR clinic are CLUELESS?? I personally think talking to someone who has been in the WAR since the age of 14 (Now 45) can UNDERSTAND an addicts world much more in detail than one that just gets licenced to not even be able to understand what the H3LL I'm talkin about??? THAT is MY GOAL!!

      Ok back to the topic.......I am in these lines for ONE REASON & ONE REASON only--- To be "free of the ME I used to be". wow I like that line...needs to be a line in Rock N Roll song.....make a note...

      To sum up what YOU wrote which I agree with below you wrote::::

      If you want to get clean you arent going to bullsh!t the clinic to try to get increased, you're not going to use someone elses urine when you get tested.. You're going to do the right thing and your life will improve because of it...

      SO TRUE!!!

      So to all the NEGATIVE people HATING on Methadone and its Abitlity to HELP you if YOU WANT HELP....just DO THE RIGHT THING...fOLLOW THE RULES...HAVE A CLEAN URINE EACH & EVERY SINGLE TIME---STOP ASKING TO BE INCREASED IF YOU DON'T NEED IT...GO TO THESE CLINICS FOR WHAT THEY ARE INTENDED FOR....................To Get your LIFE BACK--stop lying, stealing, selling at pond shops, hookin up with dealers....making deals in parkin lots...loosing the respect of your family, your son or daughter JUST DO IT for the love of God....If my Best friend can kick it cold turkey anyone can do it!!!!!

      May peace be with all of you and YOU as WELL TrepoundNYC!!!

    • Tom 5 years ago

      Methadone saved my life. It is like brussel sprouts. some love them, some hate with it people and stop getting so emotional.

    • Tom 5 years ago

      WELL SAID Tom WEll SAID!!

    • therenbackntherenback 5 years ago

      in 1996, i was given some "pills" by a "friend. she got me taking 6 percocets a day for free for around 5 days. i had no idea they were addictive; and when i got sick she told me that from now on they were 5 dollars a piece. she had about 20 ppl at least going to the dr for her and giving her all the pills and shed paqy for the appointment, and then dole your own meds out to you and sell you your own meds. Then i got a job with a pain mgmt dr. i was one of the first patients on oxys. ive taken the 160's, ive been a heroin addict, ive taken more opiates, benzos, etc then anyone and nothing fucks me up more then methadone. just 20-30 mgs a day-2-3 10 mg pills, will have me nodding like a fool. the sickness is so bad, you cant get out of bed, you basically have bile constantly coming up and diarrhea coming out. then therres the months of sweats and sleeplessness and im hot im cold. its a fucking nightmare. my doctor at the clinic had me up to 240 mg a day!!! i cant believe ive never overdosed. i still get it prescribed and use it when i run out of my 30 my roxicodones early. im also on adderol and xanax. and pot. wont touch alchohol. hard to believe that first and foremost i was tricked into addiction, secondly that im still here, and methadone did help, but id be awake one sec and asleep the next on a very low dose!! it changes my entire demeanor. i know its a great alt to getting off of drugs. here in flroida they combine them with pain pills. that other drug, ceboxin, causes irregular heart beats, and people died in early studies; i wont touch it. i wish us all luck, and its too late to blame. methadone isnt for everyone, apparently i should just try one and a half a day dpnt know. however, i never nod on my opiates. just the methadone. and it DOES get people high if they take too much, just like opiates, but its got that half life that builds up and builds up until you reach a level of toxcidity and could die. its much safer then heroin and takes the desire away, but it also dumbs you down and causes your mental status to go down making you lethargic, and more willing to take chances that you normally would not. saddest thing of all is i dont want to lose my opiates, i need them. and my xanax. and my adderol now as ive ben diagnosed with adult adhd and THAT turned me around. my entire life revolves around pills. i wish pot was legal, i would gladly just smoke pot then all of the misery, money lost, pills stolen, things ive done to get pills (prostitution), (my teeth all pulled early on) there was a point id have started amputatiuong shit just to get pills. but since i have lupus i get them no problem. but i dont like what methadone does to ME. But i dont judge, this is my story, and if its helping you, im happy for you!!!

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J.

      @therenbackntherenback - I'm sorry to hear about everything you've been through, but you don't sound like you're taking the methadone prescribed (if you're indeed even still enrolled at a clinic). YES if you stop taking it cold turkey at 240mg, or even at 20mg for that matter, you will go into EXTREME withdrawal. YES if you are not taking it every day, or combining it with pain pills or Xanax (which is extremely dangerous) it's not going to work as directed.

      On a reputable methadone program, once you stabilize on a dose, you will need less methadone over time--not more. I was on 120mg of methadone for eight years. I started decreasing around year four, went down as slowly as I wanted, got to 1mg and came off completely in October. There was barely any withdrawal whatsoever. It CAN be done.

      I'm so sorry that you were tricked into addiction in the shady way that you were, but it doesn't have to be like this forever. There are options if you're willing to work them the right way. Good luck to you.

    • TrePoundNYC 5 years ago

      Thanks for the reply.. And yes you're 100% right.. If you are on Xanax, or some other type of Benzo and you follow your doctor's orders and dont mess around, then you should never have a problem.. It's sad to see so many people not do the right thing on methadone, not take advantage of any of the programs they have available (I'm going back to finish my college degree for a fraction of the cost)... The only way to get to my clinic really is by train ( I live in Staten Island, NY.. we only have 1 train running the east coast of the island to the northeastern part.. ) unless you have a ride, which I usually get -lost my license because of pills- and literally ALL the people who take the train are all addicted to sticks or any benzo really.. they come to the clinic looking like zombies and the select few come down and sell their sticks and benzos to the other people on it that take public transportation.. and it really sucks for people who want to do the right thing and get ahead once they get on it, like myself, the guy who drives me and others... These methadonians -the lifers who stay high on all types of stuff while on meth- give us all a bad rap.. The stereotype of methadone being another way to get high is BECAUSE of these types of people... Only if us few who do the right thing were looked at as the result of methadone use, maybe people wouldnt be scared to get on meth in the first place.. I know I was scared about it before I came on because of how I perceived it.. Just like the rest of the world does.. And it took me being on it to open me and my mother's eyes..

      I too made terrible choices while I was on Roxys.. I'm on 70 mg because I was taking upwards of 25 pills a day for years 4 plus years and on them for 6... We all make bad decisions and choices.. But it's what we do with our lives once we are clean that really matters.. After all I've done to my mother over the past few years, she has pretty much forgave, but not forgot, all I did.. Shes just happy that I'm back to my old self..

      And to anyone who is looking at these posts because they dont know if they should go into a meth program or not... First, the defnition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.. Thats what we do in addiction... So if you dont know what to do, give it a shot.. Whats the worst that can happen, you dont like it and get off the program and go back to getting high? Then youll be right back where you are now..

      you have nothing to lose but possibly everything to gain..

    • Sherrie 5 years ago

      I was on methadone for four years and now have been off for four and a half. The withdrawals of methadone are horrible!! It is not fun and I would never do it again. However, Methadone saved my life. I was a heroin and cocaine addict living in a hotel room when I found out I was pregnant. Thanks to the clinic my now husband and I were able to get clean and save our son. I am now about to graduate from college and pursue my Masters degree. I am fighting for those who have been on Methadone and are surviving. I appreciate peoples view on methadone as I have seen first hand people abusing it and abusing the system. I believe it should be regulated better and those abusing it should be discharged as they are not ready for treatment. I believe if more people heard the positive stories they would have a better view. We need more people to step up and say I was on methadone and I survived and I am doing good. To say that the withdrawal is easy, would be a lie, it sucks!!! But it was worth it and my boys are worth it to keep going and say that I am 8 1/2 years drug free.

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J.

      @Sherrie - I'm so happy for you and was very interested to read your story. How many milligrams were you on when you came off methadone?

    • sherrie 5 years ago

      I am so happy you posted that story. I too know that the day I taper off will be a horrible day but it can't be ANY worse than discusting withdrawals I went through SO many times when i tried to cold turkey off my huge amounts of If YOU can survive it and share your story I will be ready for what ever long as I am FREE of ALL drugs even Methadone for helping me I still want to wake up day after day for the rest of my life and NOT have to stand in a line worry about the money...just BE FREE and methadone has given me the tools to find my way thru this life without being doped up.,

      I'm on 20mg and in the taper stage now...YeS It is scary but I'm willing to do the time.

      Thank you again for sharing And CONGRADULATIONS on 8 1/2 years of being DRUG FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      God bless you your boys and YOU LIFE!!


    • tamilhp 5 years ago

      I am tapering off and on 17 1/2 m. I still have anxiety but its so much better then the drug life I lived before. I was at a clinic for 10 yrs. And they just pushing my dose higher and higher. I finally found a doctor who is helping me off and i've went from 135 m to what i said above. it can be done. I wanted off so bad , i pushed myself a little to quick and now i think i need to stay where i am at for a little longer. I'm just looking for positive feedback, my anxiety couldn't take any neg. feedback right now. I'm looking for encouragement and positive people like becauseilive and sherrie. Thank you so much. My regrets of even being in this position are a weight tied to my leg. God Bless

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J.

      @tamilhp - You are doing the right thing by taking it slow. There is NOTHING wrong with pausing for a while at 17 1/2 mg. You have to listen to your body when it tells you "slow down" -- there is no rush. Some people think, for example, "Oh, I have to be off in exactly six months from now". They get an arbitrary number stuck in their head and push themselves to be off it by then. I'm not necessarily dissing this method, I'm sure it works for some, but for me personally I never had an end-date in mind. I never got upset if I felt I had to pause my decrease (or even go up 1 or 2 mg during times of stress), I just went with the flow.

      You have already done amazingly well! Have you considered doing a blind decrease? That helped me tremendously. A HUGE part of addiction is psychological, so if you know when exactly your dose drops and what amount you're at, you're going to automatically assume that that decrease will trigger withdrawal symptoms. Does it trigger withdrawal because you're truly feeling withdrawal, or because your mind has convinced you that you're going to feel it, and therefore you do? It's true that "what you think about, you bring about." Good luck, keep me posted!

    • J. M. O. 5 years ago

      I have, unfortunately, had to come off of heroin 3 different times. I really want to stop; and I have for small periods of time. The fact is: opiates make me feel like myself, but the best "myself" that I can be. I have a drug-free family, so the constant lying of where I was and what I spent my clothes and bus fare money on, becomes an ongoing lie. I am tired of it. I am doing things to make my life better; I am getting my class A CDL and I have 3 days clean from Heroin. Of course, I am getting a little substitute called methadone (the cheapest drug detox I can find). But, I make myself have a seven day program. One ten mg in the morning (first day of H) following one half(5 mg. at night) Second day (half in the morning and half at night{before bed). It isnt enough to get me high, but it is enough to make myself shower, eat, bathe, etc. Third day is half in the morning and 1/4 for night. Forth day is 1/4 for Morning and the same at night. By this time the withdrawels are almost gone. By the fifth day, wait as long as you can possibly stand the Withdrawels(They are not near as bad by now) and take 1/4 (I try to take it around 2 or 3 pm. That night, however, you WILL sleep, but probably not 8-12 hours (especially depending on how long you have used Heroin) But you should get at least six hours of sleep, off and on. I always kept 1/4 by my bedside just in case of the DT's.-- Try to chew a 1/2 of the 1/4, 10 mg methadone pill. That would be 1/8 of a 10 mg methadone. For the next two days (day 6 and day 7) I always would take one quarter of a 10 mg methadone pill per day. That is 2.5 mg. You have to really want to stop in order for this to work. If you relapse on Heroin inbetween these 7 days, you will have done this for nothing. If you try the 7 day schedule again, by the time your done, you will most likely be having withdrawels from the methadone. If you succeed, you will still not feel completely normal. Force yourself to at least complete personal hygiene and do at least one hour chore a day while detoxing. You won't feel like crap, but you will not exactly feel like you could accomplish anything you wanted, when you were high. You have to make a choice. If you have been on heroin for 6months or more, it will take much longer for you to feel "normal". The more you push yourself to do chores, pay bills, get a new hobby, find a higher power, shower, etc. you will feel more positive and more accomplished when your day is over. It makes it to where you dont feel as sad, depressed, and it makes it to where you know (with time) that you will be a better person. You wont have to rely on "feeling" a certain way, in order to accomplish things in your life. There will be days when you have to do numerous things (and the worst part is), you will feel like dog poop and still have to do it. That is just part of life. I am on my third day of my personal methadone program. Yesterday and Today I had to attend 10 hours of class each day. I felt decent, but I am used to feeling THE BEST I CAN FEEL. When i feel the best I can feel, I am instoppable! But what happens when I cant get no more? Or I don't have anymore money? I would try to hustle (NEVER STEAL.... EEVVEERR!!!) but i would find legitimate ways to get money. I would be a lot better off right now if I would have used that money for GOOD. I pray that however reads this will find strength to try my plan. If you are a heavy user, then after the seventh day, use Immodium AD (or even if you are getting the hershey squirts before the seventh day) Even if you arenot getting the diahrreah, the active ingredient in Immodium or Generic Immodium is Loperamide Hydrochloride- it is kind of an opiate. It WILL NOT get you high because it can NOT pass the BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER, but it will tell your brain that you have opiates in it (and even though you wont get high... NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU SNORT, CHEW, ETC. !!! It will help your body with withdrawels. Take the recomended dose when needed for 2-3 days at the most. If that is all you are taking, then you should not have WD.s afterward. Nobody needs to be on Methadone for years at a time; even if a doctor tells you to. If you have trouble sleeping for the next few months, then go to a local mental health facility- They are usually free. If you get Seroquil or Trazadone you will have no problem sleeping and you will feel refreshed in the morning. The best part is both of those pills are NON NARCOTIC!!!

    • tamilhp 5 years ago

      Thank you sooo much becauseilive. I really want to be off of the methadone. I would love to not have to go through the withdrawels.My doctor is wonderful and supportive. He dosen't push, but does encourage that I can make it through the rough patches. I don't have an end date, I did when I first started, well, that's came and went, but I have forgave myself for not being as strong as I thought I could be. I hate being sick. I feel worthless and like I dump haveing to to take care of everything on my husband. He is supportive, but I know he too wishes I was through this. I can't do blind detox, because I get my script each month and know what I have to take. I did so well with hardly any withdrawel feelings at all until I hit 30 mg. Then I felt every mg I went down. My body just seems to hang on to evry mg. I have so many questions, but I'll start with 2 more. When you were off completely was the withdrawel hard? How long until you really felt like your strong self again?Thank you again. tamilhp

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 5 years ago from N.J.

      @tamilhp - Question for you: do you get liquid take homes? If so, the nurse can black out the dose on the bottle, but leave the "Take on: 1/18/12" part visible so you still know what order to take them in. If you are on tablets, however, I can see how a blind detox would be tricky. Doing it blindly was a huge contributing factor in my successful detox.

      I was on methadone maintenance for eight years. That is how long it took me to TRULY feel in my heart that I was ready to be done with it. I decreased incredibly slowly...2mg a month...then 1mg a month. I was at exactly 1mg when I stopped altogether. I just woke up one morning, looked at the extremely tiny amount of liquid that was in the bottle, and suddenly realized that my body couldn't possibly be needing that miniscule amount anymore. I still had a few take home bottles left, but I ended up not even using them.

      The withdrawal was not hard, but neither was it the best thing I'd ever felt, lol. It was, however, TOTALLY bearable and manageable. My boyfriend at the time was very helpful in this regard. If I had let myself just sit on the couch and watch TV, my mind would have convinced my body into thinking it needed it's methadone dose -- I was just so used to the routine of taking it. Around 6pm on the day I didn't take my morning dose, I started getting restless and anxious, my mind racing a little. He all but forced me to go on a run with him, encouraging me the whole time. When we got home I took a shower and could practically feel all the toxins I'd released being washed away. He cooked a very healthy stir fry dinner full of chicken and vegetables, and I took Valaria Root (herbal supplement that eases anxiety and helps you sleep) and passed out. I felt a little anxious the next morning, so I made a huge plate of eggs, took more Valaria Root, went to yoga, and went shopping. It was important to keep my mind engaged. By the third day -- no anxiety!

      Physical withdrawal symptoms were NON-EXISTENT. I was pretty sleepy for about a week, but that was all. I have now been off methadone for more than three months, and I feel fantastic. It really, really, really can be done :)

    • tamilhp 5 years ago

      Thank you so much for the encouragement. You sound very similar to my personality and time frames. Yes, I'm on tablet form, so also the smallest amt. I can go down a month is 2 1/2. I am being seen by a doc. and pill form is the only way i can recv. it through him. I know i can do this. The Anxiety is the killer when I go down, but I try and walk, watch positive shows on TV. My goal now is starting to attend church reg. again, and find a group or therapist to help with the regrets, sadness anxiety ect. My doc. encourages this too. I'm glad to have run accross your diary. Thank you for being out there. Just the thought of someone who will share and help others who has been through it, is a wonderful help. Somedays I feel I'll never make it. tamilhp

    • methodone 4 years ago

      ive been on methodone for 8 months and it safed my life i used a lot of herion a day and iv user when i was a user i couldnt take care of my kids let alone or care about my family now i work take care of my kids and live what you want to call a normal life now to what i was before i started herion

    • Janie 4 years ago

      I have been on methadone every day for29 years and I am an international equestrian instructor.

      The drug is exactly the same as me being a diabetic and needing medication. I wasn't a heroin user I was given phase prone by my BP after an accident and have not had the time to get off it.

      Now I started using methadone and realised that after a while you realise thatyouhave to fill 200,000 receptors compared to the normal 800 for a normal person. I am 54 and I run every day I don't ever get a cold or the flu like the rest of my household who. Are onto this drug. Other than the inconvenience. Of. Going to my chemist 3 times a week, I liveable totally normal life. So there you go ~ actually I did try and come off the methadone and went five horrible months. My body was great but my head was not. I couldn't even get a halter on my horses ~ my beautiful daughter asked metro go back on it as she didn't know this other person. That night I took 6mls 30mgs and the next morning I rang my staff and said lets get back to work and I gave my wonderful late husband a kiss and my daughter as well and went for my first ride in5 mths . Soitisn' that bad a drug jesus its all in your heads kids.

    • jinxremoving profile image

      jinxremoving 4 years ago from norcal baby

      I have been on methadone since I was about 19 I had been a pill addict sine I was about 13 or 12 mostly norcos, oxy's, Diluadid or whatever else I could get that was a high strength opiate, that spiraled into IV drug use speed/heroin/cocaine and benzo abuse. When I first started the clinic about 8 years ago (I am 27 now) I was a mess ending up in jail and not giving a f*** about the people around me or my family stealing lying still using even on 140 mg thinking it would get me high etc. I was stabilized at 140 mg for years, the last two years I have managed to taper too 9 mg getting ready to be off totally. It has not been easy but without this drug I would have not learned to manage my life and build the coping skills you need to learn in order to not use. I would be dead or in jail right now if I hadn't gone to get help. There are so many rumors and bs about methadone like it goes into your bones:( false... I love that one! it does not but it might feel that way if you get a fee detox or taper wrong. then there's the its worse then heroin myth because of the half life thats the biggest load of bs.. I have seen a lot of people successfully get off methadone not too many off heroin. I have some suggestions to help with your detox if you are having problems with that. first drink a sh*t load of water make sure you are always hydrated. Second excercise every day and eat a good diet certain foods can atually help with detox. also Medical Marijuanna has helped with my taper A LOT, have not had too much physical or mental pain with that and I don't use pot everyday. I am not saying its not a hard drug to get off or to beat but its not impossible and with the right tools you can do it relatively painlessly, unless you are a chronic pain patient. To me methadone is a very mental drug and if you think its going to make you feel like shit while you taper you will feel like shit if you do yoga meditation etc.. and introduce positive things into your life you will have a more positive taper. Most people I see at the clinic who have the most problems getting off are people who have severe mental illness, people who blame all their problems on a this drug and not on themselves or their choices. people who are not using opiates anymore but still have the mentality and lifestyle of a junky, and of course people who are self medicating with non opaites or even opiates which is pointless to do on methadone. I realize everyone's situations are different getting off methadone is not easy and life is not easy ever. but if you are tapering and do it the right way and with coping skills and support you can succeed! Too say this drug is a terrible drug is misinformation its all about what you choose to do while your on it. If you just use it to get a fix for free like I did at first of course your not going to succeed and its going to be terrible because you are still stuck in that mentality. if you use your time on methadone to introduce positive things and people in your life you will start to get better. Peace and love MIND OVER MATTER is what matters

    • tamilhp 4 years ago

      Wow jinxremoving, I'm so proud and happy to hear the healthy way you are living your life right now. I loved reading your comment, and thank you for sharing your experience. I too am getting close to being off. The anxiety is the hardest for me, and even tho pot may of helped for you, I really hate it. But my doc helps me with the anxiety, and with that, I know I'll be completely off real soon. Are you going thru a clinic or doctor? Again thank you for the confidence that it can be done and all the positive things you've said. That's exactly what people need to hear when they want off so bad and get discouraged. so many people just misuse it, and not do what they are suppose too then blame the drug instead of taking responiblity for their actions.

    • gigglebitch 4 years ago

      a friend of mine just for put on methadone, and I can say first hand, that meth allows addicts to get high legally. I've seen the same characteristics of heroin/opiates in methadone. once they get stable at one level, they will just keep incresing the dosage because you do acquire a tolerance. I have never been dependent on illegal substances. I smoke pot and do cocaine very seldom. I think this whole page is biased bc you're a recovering addict. my home town has been ravaged by drug addiction, and I'm one of few ppl who have resisted. not saying gat I'm better, but I can see things from a more realsitic perspective, rather than an addict who sees meth as the right answer. try subs, yeah they're expensive, but there's a reason that meth is free. meth is just as bad as heroin if not worse bc its legally obtainable, off to college people. pz

    • TREfromNYC 4 years ago

      @gigglebitch. First of all, it is not a free way to get high. I live in Staten Island,NY, and suboxone is free to with insurance just likethe clinic is.. Suboxone doesn't work for all, its mainly used as a crutch for the days u cant get money to get high.... if said person keeps increasing their dose because they lveled out THEN and only then is it a free high.. I have been on 70mg for over 6 months now, don't get increased, don't fuck with benzos, etc... as for your uppity comment saying off to college pz, - seriously? I got a degree in business management with a double minor in marketing and Spanish while I was fighting my addiction and graduated summa cum laude .... so you're not special.. u just live in an area where people don't want to get better or better their lives they just want to get high for free.. so don't knock the people here who are all true successes or the peoplewho are here because they want to truly get their life back.... just because in your small world u don't know anyone who fixed their lives doesn't mean we don't exist... same characteristics? Bull... I'm a totally different person on method than on dope/roxys... and I'm sure everyone.e else who wants a better life can say the same... I truly resent your comment... obviously..

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 4 years ago from N.J.

      LOL @ gigglebitch, methadone isn't free. I paid $95/week for eight years to be on a methadone program, and some clinics charge even more. I think it's funny that you're resentful of this page being "biased" because it paints methadone treatment in a positive light and shares success stories.

      Also, if your friends are nodding out on methadone, then either their dose is too high and needs to be adjusted, or they're still using other opiates and/or benzos. Simple as that.

    • TREfromNYC 4 years ago

      @becauseilive. Yesssssss!!! Thank you!! Lol that post made me real mad.. ur right about her friends dose... and my clinic is $55 a week... but just about everyone there has Medicaid, including myself, so we don't pay anything ....

    • jinxremoving profile image

      jinxremoving 4 years ago from norcal baby

      people are so misinformed. There are people who abuse methadone just like there are people who abuse pot and alcohol and etc.. you can find the negative if you look hard enough anywhere in anything.. It all depends on the individual and their mentality and circumstance. most of the negative things I have read on here are written by people who A. have no experience with opiate addiction or long term methadone treatment B. are seriously misinformed ignorant and uneducated C blame all their problems on a clinic/doc or the drug not their choices or circumstance they are in because of those choices. and, D. just because you know someone who takes methadone or even a group of people who take it does not mean you know anything about what someone who is trying to get better through methadone maintenance has to deal with on a day to day basis. so don't pretend you understand our struggle. I do think methadone is over prescribed I see kids as young as 16 sometimes on it and it shouldn't be given to people who are so young unless its the only option. I don't pay anything for my methadone covered by my insurance :p and I am offended how ignorant people are about it. It took me 4 years just to find a doctor that would work with me for my health related issues because every doctor I would go to would not take me seriously, they would think I was drug seeking even when I was there for skin conditions and things that have nothing to do with getting pain pills autoimmune dissorders etc and my health got really bad because of that but I became proactive and finally found someone who kind of understands it. I never doctor shopped or any of that never needed too. but I am still treated like a junky even though I am not anymore. The stigma around methadone is sickening and those who keep the stigma going sicken me. These myths and pseudofacts that some of the people who are on here need to believe so they can feel better about themselves only aids in spreading this misinformation and stigma against people who use methadone properly. I give props to the person who put this together i think it was @becauseilive thanks and best wishes too you.


      Mind over Matter

    • tamilhp 4 years ago


      wow, that was perfectly said. No one knows what we go through, I have seriously been coming down off of 135m. I'm now on 15 1/2 m. I'm doing it through a doctor. Hes one of the most caring, understanding, encouraging, non judgemental doctors ever. I've been so lucky to have found him. Don't know what I would of done without him.The clinic I went to for 10 years, started out wonderful, they saved my life. I know I would of od'ed without that treatment, but they just never would let me go down, I had clean ua's the whole time, 2 week take outs, ect. Idon't know, I started to feel it was about money, but that dosen't mean I have harsh feelings, I just feel my time there ran its course, but for people who are serious about like you said taking responsibility for their own actions and getting off their addiction in a way that is least painful, then it is the place for them, If your just adding to your drugs,then well....that's your choice for it not to be used as meant for. Well, best wishes to all who have being clean and sober as their goal, and getting their lives back on track. Right now I go through some anxiety, but its so much easier then other choices in life ..jail or death.

    • jinxremoving profile image

      jinxremoving 4 years ago from norcal baby

      @tamilhp thanks! I feel the same way about my clinic they are a non "profit" but still it seems too be a lot about money and keeping mmt patients on methadone because they have to meet a quota of patients too stay open. I am happy too hear you found a caring doctor and are at 151/2 that is awesome and hard keep up the good work! I too get the panic attacks but Dont feel to bad physicaly. I have been exercising at a gym for the first time and that has seemed too help things for me and acupuncture and massage are great there is a sliding scale place near where I live. I wish the best too anyone who is struggling with this.

    • bearface 4 years ago

      I used to have a vague idea of methadone treatment as simply replacing one addiction with another and institutionalising recovery and so on. A year or so ago, it emerged that my sister is/was addicted to heroin. She overdosed twice in my parents' home. She has been on a methadone programme for a number of months.

      Many people who argue against methadone from a purely theoretical point of view don't understand what it is like to be an addict and to live with an addict. Not only does it destroy the person, but it destroys their families too. If heroin abusers are able to follow a structured methadone programme over a number of years that stops them from going back to heroin and enables them to regain a measure of normality in their lives, than I think that in itself is a testament to it as a treatment.

      The argument that "people use methadone to get high legally" is no doubt true in some cases, just as with any drug, but that's not everyone. It seems to me that a number of people manage to lead normal fulfilling lives while taking methadone as treatment for addiction. Just because some people misuse it doesn't mean that methadone should be written off entirely.

      I feel that the people who argue against methadone or exhibit prejudice towards drug addicts generally often just don't understand how complex addiction is and how much it impacts on the addicts' loved ones and, of course, on the addict his or herself.

    • tamilhp 4 years ago

      Very nicely put bearface. I wish and hope the best for your sister. When I went on the program it saved my life. I was taking so many pills a day, I thank God I'm still alive. The program like you said,gave me nomallacy to my day. I was able to take care of my kids, had this whole day of feeling normal, not sick and functionable. I used the program the correct way, not just to add another drug to my life. I'm now almost off the methadone, and I thank God their were people who actually cared and realized I was one of them who was trying to get clean, and now I have a doc. helping me who is truly A God Send. I wish everyone in my position that is serious about being clean the easiest way possible with little pain could find someone like him. God Blessed him with a kind caring non judgemental heart.

      Well, thanks for your input , its nice hearing that their are people who really benifit from this program, and doesn't abuse it, which is awful, because it makes the ones that really need to use it to get their lives on track, well, its just makes it so much harder for them. Best of luck. And good for you for supporting your sister.

    • Ed Harris 4 years ago

      It saved my life in prayed for God to help me or bring me home I was spending 200 a day and I was doing whatever to get it and it started out as pain killers the doctor started giving me for my cancer. Only you know if you need something like this. Please get help if you need it. And if you truely know if you need It.

    • Carrie 4 years ago

      The Methadone clinic convinced my husband it would save his life too. Now instead of Vicodine killing him, now it will be Methadone. The chronic constipation has put him in the hospital with twisted bowel. Not a myth it rots your teeth. He had beautiful teeth, now they are chipping and decaying. It is a fact it effects the absorbtion of vitamins and minerals so he is defecient. Which has led to mono. His testosterone levels are about none, he has NO energy. The list goes on and on. His primary doctor has told him if is imminent to get off this straight from hell medication if he wants to see his children's children. Maybe Methadone has saved lives short term, but THERE IS LONG TERM EFFECTS. I have seen it and anyone who says otherwise is in denial or lying!

    • Starcore 4 years ago

      Your an idiot if you think the clinic is bad. So what if they are making money. Would you rather they bought off the street to supply gangs and cartels. The methadone clinic also supply's jobs. Saves the state money in numerous ways. If you think the clinic is bad, you never were an addict and never saw the inner workings of the "street". Please take your "Dr.Phil advice elsewhere".

    • tamilhp 4 years ago

      You Go Starcore

      Couldn't of said it better myself.

      Loved the Dr Phil comment.

      Very smart comment. Thank you

    • dpmidnight 4 years ago

      I have a neighbor on methadone and we needed to speak with her and she was barely able to walk or form a sentence. She lives with her daughter (very young) and her young adult son and his friends are in her apartment (living there when they are not supposed to be. Dealing drugs...hiding them in the wall and putting the kitchen cabinets over the holes to hide them. How is the barely able to function mother living with her child not a threat to herself in this mode or her daughter...or is she taking something and not really on the methadone program.

    • VWoolley 4 years ago

      My 21 year old son is currently on the Methadone Maintenance Program here in Ontario Canada. He does NOT get high when he gets his drink! Methadone has saved his life. He tried many times to get off the Oxy's on his own, only to end up at emergency. On one occasion the trip to hospital was just in time as his heart almost stopped from the withdrawl from the opiods. Thankfully here in Ontario Canada, our government has pulled OxyContin off the market and will no longer be available.

      it has been replaced with with a new formulation called OxyNeo. Unlike OxyContin the tablet is hard to crush and when added to liquid it forms a thick gel that stops oxycodone from being extracted for injection. The new drug will be funded through the province's Exceptional Access Program, meaning prescriptions will fall under stricter regulations, and will not be covered by government funded drug plan. This new drug will only be available for 1 year to those currently prescribed Oxycodone, and then it too will be removed from our pharmacy shelves. It is a step in the right direction by our government to help get these pills off the street. As a parent I do not want to see my son dependent on any medication, legal or otherwise, but the Methadone is a step to him leading and living a productive life.

    • tamilhp 4 years ago

      To dpmidnight. Your neighbor is not using the program for what it is meant for. Its to help people get off of the heroin or perscription pain meds. If using it with other illigal drugs,,this person needs more help. First her children need help.

      Do what ever you can to ensure the safety of those children. they are not in a good place and may end up .. well, we all know what could happen. Please do what ever you can to help the kids, then , I'm not sure how close you are to your neighbor, but i would try and let her know she's going to end up in jail or dead, either way her kids will be taken. I hope your in a position to help. You can go back and read my story, well parts of it and in a nutshell, but all it took was looking into my two yrs olds eyes and listen to him tell me "He wanted to go weee ( swing at the park) and not have to got to the doctors anymore for me to pull my head out. I went to the methodone clinic, they saved my life and my children. God Bless and best of luck with whatever you decide to do to help

      VWooley, and the best of luck to you, May God be with you every step of the way and turn to him or who ever you trust to help you through the painful times.

    • tamii 4 years ago

      Methadone totally ruins your teeth over time also & much worse your whole body bones & organs, I should know I've been on it over 10 years & I know someone who's brother died of organ failure (organ failure due to methadone was on his death certifi). This article is misinformation, I & so many others i know are no longer on drugs & want off methadone but it's just so friggin difficult (much more difficult than heroin & withdrawl lasts longer)I could go on about the misinformation in this article but I feel pretty crap atm so later...

    • dpmidnight 4 years ago

      To tamilhp - thank you for your response. I am not in a position to help as her son and friends have attacked other neighbors who have asked them to conduct themselves in a civil manner etc...but others are trying ....I just didn't think being on this program would have her acting like she was actually on drugs especially reading yours and others stories. She has been this way for the 1 year plus that we have had her as a neighbor. I just didn't realize the details of what was going on until recently. I do think that treatments are individual for any type of treatment and that what might work for some does not work for others. It certainly is not my place to talk negatively about what I have no first hand experience with. All the best to those on this program and others battling their demons in their own way. Again thank you for the response.

    • tamilhp 4 years ago

      Your a wonderful person for caring dpmidnight. At least you reached out for some info. to see what might be happening. And this is also for tamii, I was on it for longer then that , My teeth are fine, I see a doc on a reg. basis my bone dens. is fine, and I am on a VERY low dose now and almost completely off. As for your friend dying of Methodone, I'm not being disrespectful, but he probably was taking more then he was suppose to , or mixing other drugs. Quit scaring people who are using the program in the correct way. When I became clean, took my CORRECT dose without using ANY OTHER DRUGS OR ALCOHOL, not even my closest friends knew , they were happy they had "me" back. To this day no one would know I am on methodone, almost off, but I wish you and others you know would have a better experience. And I still wish you the best and I am sorry you lost a friend. Again dpmidnight, your friend is not using the program correctly. I will pray for her and her children and for you sweet person for being a caring concerned person.

    • Maryann 4 years ago

      My son is on Methadone and it saved his life! If you truely want to get off opiates and are honest with yourself and your Dr. Methadone can work well. My son tells his Dr. when they give him to high a dose and now is down to 25 mg. a day and asked the Dr. to keep it that low. I have my son back! He is the boy he was before he started using Heroin and I am greatful to the Methadone clinic for helping him stay away from street drugs. I lived every day wondering if my son would be alive when I returned from work, it was like living in hell. Now I have a relationship with my son and I see his life moving in a positive direction. Yes if you want to use the clinics to get high you probably could get there in time cause they raise your dose, which I dont understand or agree with but, if you go there with the purpose of getting clean and take control of your own recovery by telling the Dr. what is the right dose for you it can be a good thing. Good luck to all and God bless. Living clean is the best way of life!

    • mike 4 years ago

      U people who say methadone it's the best decision u ev er made in you're life are ridiculous. Ull say the opposite when ours time to get off. You don't have any cleantime. U r not clean. I found out firsthand.

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 4 years ago from N.J.

      @mike - I have to disagree you, and I do speak firsthand. When I made the decision to get on methadone maintenance, I weighed 99 lbs. and was just a shell of my former self. Within three months of being on the program I had a good job, money in the bank, bought a new car, caught up on my rent and bills, and was planning a vacation. Methadone saved my SANITY. I did fear the day when I would choose to get off it, knowing I didn't want to stay on it forever. I let that fear control me for eight years before I finally felt ready. "Ready" meant coming down as slowly as I felt like doing it. It was a several year process to go from 120mgs to 1mg, but that's what I did. As I've said above, it wasn't difficult at all. The withdrawal was barely noticeable, because I did the decrease the way it's meant to be done.

      I feel terrible for people who have jumped off at high doses (whether through ignorance or because they just didn't have a choice) and had to suffer through that unnecessary pain, and now will never give methadone another chance because of it.

    • jinxremoving 4 years ago

      @ mike that sucks your experience with methadone is so bad maybe you should not have gotten on it in the first place and just kicked the drugs you were taking without it. the problem was for me everytime I went to jail and kicked I would go right back out. methadone allowed me to stabilize and get the compulsive behavior undercontrol which then allowed me too look more into myself and why I was behaving like this in the first place. I would be dead if I had chose to keep living the way I was living. and although I went onto methadone for harm reduction purposes and not wanting to kick in jail again I ended up using as a tool to change my life.

      @tamil my organs are fine. most people I know who have died on methadone were drinking and on benzos or still using something.

    • ricepicker tony 4 years ago

      I am sorry, but i believe that the person who wrote this article is either a poster boy/girl for the methadone clinics, or they own one or they are some how capitalizing off of this article, i did see that one person said that they wrote the article, and they claimed in it that you can get off almost pain free (but then they admit that they are still on 35 mgs.) please don't post this propaganda until you have actually been freed of the methadone. I was at 200 mgs i went off it for 1 month and still was in bad shape and so i went to a suboxone dr, and the methadone clinic kept calling me asking me to come back (i can only assume so that they could keep making money they didnt want to lose patients), and yes i had lost 4 teeth when i was on the drug and have half of one missing with a crown on it. i am now on the suboxone but ever since i went off of methadone i have been losing too much weight, i am 5' 6" and now weigh 121 lbs and i am 27 yrs old. the clinic didn't even test me for opiates before they dosed me. and in the 1st year i was there 10 people died from the negligence of the manager, and they are now in prison, and this clinic keeps getting more patients and when i started there they were $10 a day and now they are at $15, never go on this drug i would recommend valium for 5 days straight and you should feel okay after that. i once quite oxy that way. but now i am on suboxone which is just the lesser of 2 evils. but dont let these clinics con you into utilizing there treatment, because if the drug is so safe why wont any random dr prescribe it. it's just these clinics that wont take your insurance who will prescribe freely as long as you keep paying half of your paycheck to them. think about it before going to these places, because for most there is a long road of no turning back. even the person who wrote this isn't off yet. though they are giving advise. if you were pissing the bed would you ask some one who is still pissing the bed how to stop pissing the bed?

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 4 years ago from N.J.

      @ricepicker tony -- I'm the author of this article :) When I wrote this hub 4 years ago, I was still on 35mg of methadone. However, I now have been off it completely since October and am doing great. I did a very slow decrease down to 1mg, and then came off altogether with relatively zero discomfort. It absolutely can be done. If you actually read through all my comments, you will see that all advice I gave was given AFTER I had started, and then completed, my detox.

    • dpmidnight 4 years ago

      Thank you Tamilhp...I always believe unless you are in the situation you really can't judge. I have my moments but usually try to see things from someone elses point of view. In this case I have no first hand experience so I had to ask. Again thank you. I wish the best for all of you who are going through this. I can't even imagine.

    • tamilhp 4 years ago

      Sweet dpmidnight your a wonderful open hearted caring person. The world would be a much better place to have your kind of personality in it. I am almost completely off of methodone. like I said before I started detoxing at 135m.I'm now AT 12M. SLOW but sure wins the game. I'm still able to care for my child, live a normal life and no one would even know I have to take this. BUT if I was still an addicted i would, well , I would be dead or in jail at this point. Thank you for the kudos, It made my day. And BecauseIlive thank you for starting this, it has helped me through the rough patches going down. I know you understand. But the worse symtems I seem to have is achy legs, none of the other "pray for death" symtems. like I said I have a "sent staight from God Doc, who has encouraged and been so compassionate to what it will take to get me completely off of this forever and stay off. God willing and the river don't rise. lol. God Bless all who have traveled this journey or know someone who has. And also the wonderful people who have stood beside us thick and thin.

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 4 years ago from N.J.

      @tamilhp - I'm so happy for you and so glad I could help in some small way. Like you said, "SLOW but sure wins the game!"

    • nohope 4 years ago

      This article is very missleading. No methadone is NOT like insulin for diabetics. YOU CANT WEEN ONES SELF OFF INSULIN AND BE DIABETES FREE!!!!! Now, while i understand there are a few succses stories the truth of the matter is NOT ALL METHADONE CLINICS are interested in rehabilitation. My wifes clinic for instance refuses to drop their patients less than 10 mg at a time. They are a FOR PROFIT clinic. They do not give change (not even if all you got is a 50 and you may need some gass OR FOOD) they actually punish her by taking away her take outs when she isnt able to give them huge chunks of money. Her counseler has refused to let her drop several times for "the emotional distress" she is under. She refuses to drop from 130, she has no plans to drop becuase she is scared of the withdrawl. My friends mother who also attends said clinic has been on the stuff for over 10 years. THEY DONE A REAL GOOD JOB REHABILITATING HER. The methadone effects her, she sleeps all the time. She is neglectful of our son. (will try to feed him a granola bar for lunch since she cant be bothered to make a sandwhich) Also our son has been involved in several accidents while on her watch (you know cuz im busy working or something) she isnt purpously neglectful, just lethargic alll the damn time. Im sick of paying 500 extra a month for her "treatment". She has lied to me several times about coming down when she infact has gone up. In our broker times she would PAWN MY STUFF TO GET HER DOSE!!!!!! Methadone is not the miracle drug you make it out to be. Im sick of it, im going for custody and im kicking her ass out.

    • Nadine Young 4 years ago

      Hello, their is obviously a lot of debate on methadone is it good or not good? It can be good..if used properly, and not used for a long duration of time. yet to say on e is clean on methadone is ludicrous, it's a synthetic heroin. You may feel great because the methadone is allowing you too. Those that are very pro-methadone don't seem to ever get off of it. That is why some are against it, because you are just switching one heroine in for another. Their goal is too get off of everything and when they realize it would of been easier without the methadone, they become bitter. And to the one who said the ppl who are off it are miserable? how do you know? Maybe they just know that methadone never worked for them and want others to beware, to say they are miserable is pretty harsh.Look up online what the Doctor's sheet that their supposed to give to an addict. Did you know they are supposed to put the majority of ppl up to 40mg?I'm sure all you methadone users feel great and it saved your life for the moment, get off it while you feel that way. I had gained weight when I was on it, palpitations like you wouldn't believe all kinds of problems, an overall feeling in my guts that I never experienced before, that I still am currently feeling some today after 9 months clean of ALL drugs (although I feel a lot a lot better compared to when on it). It affects everyone different. Did you know some ppl died from their dose they were prescribed because after daily use to much built up in their body? There is stuff that they do not want you to know, because methadone isn't all good! I could go on and on, but my point is there is no wonder drug, that doesn't affect you at all! For the one who said just because you had to go through a little bit of withdrawal, that was one of there points that methadone isn't that great. And if it's just a little bit of withdrawal and it's no big deal, why are you still on it? going to name calling is what someone using heroine would react like :) P.S- Methadone is a toxic drug and Oxycontin is not, anything that seeps into your body like that isn't good no matter how much worse you were, you went from an nonfunctional addict to a functioning one, you just don't see how much it is hurting you because you feel and appear to be doing so great! It will eventually catch up to you!

    • Tony 4 years ago

      I've been on Methadone for 10 + years and have heard all the stories about the difficult withdrawal scenarios as well as good stories where people have jumped off at 2 ml with no negative consequences, it all depends on each individual. The ones who end up hanging out terribly after jumping off usually use other drugs even in tiny quantities and have lousy diets, believe me a good healthy diet will make all the difference. Non opiate medications can be used to help things along also. A great one which will stop withdrawals is Gabapentin or Pregabalin (nice stone at any time as well).

      I have an excellent doctor but unfortunately an asshole of a chemist who dispenses it (he can't keep accurate records and has accused me of turning up for a dose when I had a takeaway) , you have to shop around.

    • sol jones 4 years ago

      I was on Methadone for 10 years. I weaned myself down to 5mg daily and then stopped. For 55 days I could hardly walk. I was sick the entire time and saw no improvement over the days. Day 55 on the train, see a dope fiend and on my way, but only for 2 weeks. Got back on the Meth and now on 20mg. 11 years and it appears I will be on it forever 60 years old now.

      The clinic doesn't tell you but Meth wipes out a persons testosterone to zero. This harmone is necessary for many things. When I had medical insurance I recived testosterone and it made a big difference in my energy level and it enabled me to have a decent sex life with my girlfriend. If one has insurance, get it checked by the lab (a lab needs a blood check before a doctor can perscribe it. Such a big difference. I know women need testosterone as well as men but I asm not sure if they need the same amount, possibly less.

    • Victor 4 years ago

      Haha, this is such a joke! Methadone is absolutely trading one addiction for another. I should know, I've been on methadone for rouphly seven years-eleven more years are under my belt as an Oxycontin addict. i know how I felt the years on Oxycontin, which true, were not good, but a helluva lot better than methadone. I gained 75lbs due to the unbelievable sweet cravings that I DID NOT have on other opiates. Thankfully, I have begun taking my life back, and I give NO credit to these crap-hole clinics that push this legal drug. I'm smellin the rain now for the first time in years. If I'd listened to the counselors (that need counseling) at these clinics, I'd have continued to believe my brain was so messed up that I will never be opiate free. I'm on 20mgs/day now, going down 5mgs every 2 weeks. I feel great son, so don't tell me methadone (the way it is being used) is a good thing. It's a prison of epic proportions. You want the truth-there it is. All yall wanting to get out of the prison, come see how I'm doing things.

    • lafamillia profile image

      lafamillia 4 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      I wouldn't agree with upper comment. But, everyone has a right to have an opinion. But, I would state that I am alive thanks to Methadone. I've gone CLEAN to the TEAM of experts, that decides whether or not will someone go into the MMT or antagonistic type of treatment. I've started with 20mg , and I've stabilized on 90mg.

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 4 years ago from N.J.

      @Victor - I respect your opinion and enjoy hearing other people's viewpoints, but your post kinda contradicts itself. You say your life as an Oxy addict was better than life on methadone, but at the same time you say you feel great and have begun taking your life back. Couldn't methadone have been the catalyst that pushed you to take control of your life? I don't know about you, but when I was addicted to heroin, there was NO WAY I could have ever bettered myself or gotten my haywire life under control. Good luck to you with your decrease!

    • tisjinxremoving 4 years ago

      Just got done with my long taper fro 145 mg it has been an interesting ride I am on week two of no methadone the only thing I have had a problem with is sleeping and anxiety and some rls was expecting to feel horrible. My teeth are fine and so is my bones and digestion. it does work for some people

    • Worried 4 years ago

      My husband has been taking methadone for awhile...NOT prescribed. His friend gives it to him. He has lied about taking it and I'm concerned he may be addicted. I don't need lectures, please, I am truly worried.

      Is this why he scratches his body all night? Is this why he twitches in his sleep and picks his face CONSTANTLY? His moods have been unpredictable and our marriage is falling apart.

      What other symptoms are there to determine if he is still taking it?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    • hope 4 years ago

      I have been on methadone for a year band a half since jan 2011 and have been clean that long. It saved and changed my life. I was addicted to oxycodone 30mgand would do as many as i could get my hands on. Taking methadone is NOT trading one addiction for another! Methadone is not just about getting off opiates its about getting away fromthe lifestyle. That lifestyle is part of the addiction...that chase that we all put ourselves thru everyday for that drug just to feel normal sometimes not even get high. The lifestyle was addicting for me and i truly believe that if you dont remove yourself from that life and from the people that live that life you will never get clean. you may for a few days or week but eventually you will cave. Methadone helped me remove myself from the life. I got high for the first 3 weeks when i started methadone and that was it...i was done. I As my dose went up, the drugs stopped "working."I wasn't really feeling the high like i used to and with the amount of money you spend it just stopped seeming worth it to me to bother spending money for nothing until one day I decided to see if i could get thru the day wihtoiut any drugs...and i did. And then i tried the next day and the next and before i knew it i was clean. Thats how methadone helped me. It helped decrease the craving for the drugs and I knew even if I did sniff an oxy I wouldn't even really feel it so I was able to start rationalizing it that way and kinda talk myself out of deciding to go cop a pill. Thats what it doesn't get you high and anybody that actually was an addict knows that. There are plenty of people that are on methadone that still get high and do drugs becasue they dont wanna get cleaan. yes you hear people talking about drugs at the clinic and there are plenty of people that dont want to get clean so they dont. You have to want to get clean for meth to work. If you dont wanna get clean its not gonna work. And agian if you dopnt get away from the life and the people its not gong to work either. I hate when I hear poeple bitching about this or that when you are standing in line. I agree with what somebody said about how we would wait hrs for our dealer or drive how far to get shit, wait in docotrs offices etc. I think about that all the time when I hear poeple complaining. I pay 65 dollars per week.. 65 dollars would not even get me thru 1 day when i was getting high. My only complaint is the stigma that goes along with meth. It has stopped me from applying for a new job out of fear of not passing a pre employment drug test. I wouldnt be here today if it wasnt for meth. i had tried to get clean before using suboxane that i coped on the street, i tried weening off pills, etc. Obviously it never worked. i never went to rehab but my issue with rehab is I feel like its like a vacation its not real life. The way you are on vacation is not the way you are in reallife. Sure you will be clean for the 30 or 90 days because u r in rehab but when you get outI feel like it would be really eaasy to slip right back into the life and the poeple, as many people do. yoo dont have anything to help with the cravings and thats how meth saved me. It takes time...doesnt happen over night and there are still the tough days...but time does make things easier little by little.

    • Kristina 4 years ago

      Wow. This is insane. You are supplying the general public with more misinformation than I've ever read on the internet. Where in the hell did you get your information? I just detoxed for thirty days from suboxone (which is a maintenance drug, like methadone.) The main difference between the two is that methadone is a full antagonist and suboxone is a partial antagonist. That means that suboxone doesn't supply the same euphoric effect as methadone. If you think that methadone is not addictive, you are uneducated and ignorant. It is an opioid derivitive that is MORE PHYSICALLY ADDICTIVE THAN HEROIN. Suboxone and methadone are both stored in the muscles and tissue and they have a long half life which is why they can be detected in the system for up to thirty days or longer. Suboxone withdrawal made heroin withdrawal seem like a walk in the park. I was in detox for thirty days. Heroin addicts detox for seven- ten days. Any detox will tell you that opiate withdrawal lasts between one and two weeks. Methadone and suboxone withdrawal are longer lasting and more painful. You are misinforming the public and I'm so tired of reading posts written by people with no educational background in their subject matter and who haven't done their research. It's not addictive!!!!??? It regulates the brain!!!???? IT CAUSES MORE LONG TERM DAMAGE THAN OTHER OPIATES! The reason it is used as a maintenance drug is because it's "consistent" and "monitored." I abused suboxone! I took far more than I was supposed to and often bought more off the street when I ran out before my next doctor's appointment. Some of my closest friends abuse their methadone and then have to spend hundreds of dollars every week to buy more when they run out. The only myth here is the one you created when you decided to post this pile of bullshit. From a medical standpoint, you have absolutely NO IDEA what you're talking about. You're screwing with people's a little research...go to college...or just pick up a reputable book and read it. My God, I'm amazed that people actually buy into this ridiculousness. METHADONE ROTS YOUR TEETH BECAUSE IT IS OFTEN DISPENSED IN LIQUID FORM AND THE LIQUID CONTAINS MORE SUGAR THAN A TWELVE PACK OF SODA. Methadone also attacks the bone marrow where the red blood cells are produced in a person's body, and robs this area of calcium and other crucial minerals. PLEASE STOP POSTING FALSE INFORMATION. If you want to spend your life in denial about the long term effects of methadone and the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological DAMAGE it causes, fine. Keep it to yourself.

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 4 years ago from N.J.

      @ Kristina - Thank you for your perspective. I base all of my articles on my own personal experience. I was addicted to heroin for two years, and was on methadone maintenance for eight years. As of today, I have seven years clean. (The last time I touched heroin was June 2005.) I successfully detoxed off methadone in October 2011, so I have nine months free from that as well.

      Many people say that they are "addicted" to methadone; methadone advocates say they are "dependent". It's all a game of semantics. Technically, methadone does not fit the diagnostic criteria for being an addictive substance because you need LESS of it over time, not more, and because the right dose causes no impairment in functioning the way heroin or painkillers do.

      That said, there was NO WAY I could have ever gone a day without my methadone dose. I agree with you. Yes, I would have been in massive withdrawal. Yes, if I had continued with the withdrawal it would have been longer and more painful than heroin withdrawal. That's why in the last paragraph I said: "Because methadone has a longer half-life than heroin, withdrawal from it is slower and longer if one was to stop taking it suddenly." Key word there is "suddenly".

      If you are decreasing your dose slowly over time, however, and then do a medically supervised detox, there is virtually NO pain or discomfort. I am living proof of that.

    • TreeTomori 4 years ago

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    • bryan 4 years ago

      I have posted here befor some things i said i am asamed of. i no longer drink or take the methadone or subs. my habit was iv and smoking ops and also i rather engoyed crack cocaine after my dose it is possible to live a reagular life without durgs my habit lasted 20 years 5 of them on methadone the withdrawal from oc and H are bad I have experienced them both in jail however none were as bad as methadone this drug is horrible thy the constipation because it slowes the digestive tract and after a week of not being able to go to the bathroom then filallywith some form of laxative tou shit pine kones ...... is it worth it?? withdrawal from h and oc and her sister roxane is not nearaly as bad as methadone dont start wth thease deviles my life is great without anyones dose if anyone is on this stuff you will either die or get to a point where you are so discussced you will stop the pain releved now only gets bigger on methadone kick it and close thease places down one at a time live clean it is possible through jesus christ god bless

    • ssouthard79 profile image

      Sarah 4 years ago from Greensboro, N.C.

      I just started methadone about 3 weeks ago because I was on heroin extremely bad. I won't go into details, but my addiction caused me to do things I'm not proud of. Since on methadone, I have started a normal life finally. I think that if methadone is used properly & not abused, it is very effective.

    • John 4 years ago

      That's the problem. Addicts hit rock bottoms so move to methadone treatments to be "in good standing" for trying t go clean. Fact is most are obtaining methadone off the street along with the clinical dosage so they maintain a good high without looking like an absolute pos. I do not abuse nor do any drugs, my son has been on oxy for 10 years, I have seen all the effects. Suboxone does work- I know someone on that. And there is another drug new to USA but old hat elswhere that works better. We must remember that pharma companies have old friends in governmentthat they hold hands with. It's about the money...

    • Betty Cuthbert 3 years ago

      A word of caution about long term methadone use - i have a friend who was on a relatively small dose of methadone for about 23 years. One day she realised she could not tolerate methadone any more or any form of opiate or any drug that affects the nervous system and she had no more craving for drugs and taking even a drop of methadone or any opiate will give her 'overdosing' effects. Now 5 months later she still suffers from anxiety coughing and shortness of breath. It could be another year before her health returns to somewhere near normal.

      (hopefully). This could happend to you after very long term drug use!

    • nikers 3 years ago

      I'm quoting from Methadone rots your teeth.

      " heroin addicts have a never-ending craving for sugar that causes them to consume massive amounts of sweets--gum, candy, and especially chocolate"

      This is a myth also. Not all heroin addicts have these cravings. As a former addict & former methadone patient this is funny. We would often talk about these myths in group. I never had these cravings as a user and large majority of people I've dealt with over the years have not either. It's just another stereotype put out there.

      Also not all addicts put their tooth care aside to have more money to get high. Although a lot do.

      I was lucky. I had the means to care for my teeth. During my each 6 month checkup while I was using heroin my teeth were fine. No cavities no decay. Then I started on a methadone program. After about a year my dentist noticed i was having more cavities and thinning of enamel each time I went. Reluctantly I confided in him. I'm glad I did. He said he see this more often then he would like too in his practice. Methadone reduces the product the production of saliva significantly more than heroin does. It's not enough to brush and floss after every meal. While on methadone you need to brush with a soft bristle toothbrush up to 6 times a day, using an antiseptic mouthwash each time. You must also use saliva producing tools in between. If you don't your teeth will rot.

      Methadone clinics do not tell you this. The FDA does not require instructions to be labeled on the bottle or a list of side effects to be given to the patient. Unless you investigate yourself you do not know what I'll effects the medication can have. I find this to be prejudice. Even something as small as aspirin is required to list side effects and directions for use. Every prescription filled is required to do this. But when you take home your Methadone it's just a bottle with your name and dose.

      I feel it irresponsible of the FDA not to require this. Just because someone is an addict doesn't mean that they don't deserve to be informed.

    • Major Matt Mason 3 years ago

      Arguing over which opiate to use seems rather absurd, methadone as a treatment was originally for heroin however it is now being used to treat Rx drug addiction One Rx Narcotic to treat another, perhaps in 10 years they will be treating methadone "dependence" with Oxycontin Methadone is a powerful Narcotic, and is no different than any other Narcotic, it may last longer in your system A person who is stable on any dose of any Narcotic will function "normally" The long half life may actually be an impediment to getting off the stuff, Oxycontin has a much shorter half life...If you are going to use an opiate it might as well be the one that you find works best for you

    • LoriQ 3 years ago

      Ok here's the thing. I was addicted to prescription Vicodin. It was prescribed to me for my back. Somehow I became addicted to it and took more than I was supposed to then it got bad enough I had to buy more to last the month. I only bought them for the last 2 months before I started with the methadone clinic. I was in a fog and I recently opened my eyes and now I see what these clinics are like. They use psychology and methadone to brain wash you into thinking they are helping you. They are NOT helping you. These cunselors are trianed to keep you on methadone longer than you need to be to keep the cash flowing. That is the ONLY thinkg these clinics care about. The money! If you believe that methadone is helping you than yes you are a victim of a methadone clinic. I know people are going to say but methadone saved their lives and it was the best thing they could have done blah blah blah. They keep you on this drug because they know the longer you are on it and the higher the amount you are on the longer it takes for you to come off it if you ever do. Just look how easy it is to get an increase. Try to ask for a decrease and see what happens. The first thing out of their mouths is, "YOU ARE NOT READY." And if they do give you a decrease see how much of one you get. Maybe 2.5? Maybe? Ask for a 10mg increase and you'll get it the same day. Sure methadone will make you be able to hold a job. But hey if heroin was legal and it cost the same or could get it with your insurance card you would be doing the same thing. You would feel fine. But what if you decide you don't want to do drugs anymore. What if you decide you want to stop methadone? They will drag you on for as long as they can to keep you there to milk your insurance. I've had enough. I am seeing my counselor tomorrow and I am telling, not asking, her I want a 21 day detox. That is MY right because this is MY life. If I have to I will fight and expose this clinic. My counselor has been in so much trouble with the law she has a criminal history a mile long. She used to be a patient there. Now she works there which tells me they helped her out of her trouble and now she owes them. I'm gonna tell her maybe she sold her soul to the devil for this place but I didn't. I don't owe that place anything. They owe me back my sanity. Like I said they will find any excuse not to decrease you. If you have an itch in the wrong spot they will stop you. Heck with this garbage. I have never been a "junkie" and I never will. I do not have a criminal history, never even been fingerprinted, has 1 parking ticket in my life and I am not going to bring myself down any further than I allowed this clinic to bring me.

    • TREfromNYC 3 years ago

      As per the last comment, yes u are a junkie. U said it yourself, u were prescribed Vicodin and abused it. You will never get clean because u apparently don't even realize u have a problem. I am a junkie too. I abused pills for years same as u. The difference is I know that I have a problem. As for your comments about your clinic.... That's terribly sad. I don't know what clinic you go to (nor do I care) but my clinic u can't get an increase whenever u ask and u can come down however fast u want or however slow. Also... If your counselor was a perfect member of society with no criminal history or drug past I'm sure you would be on here complaining about your clinic and how the counselor a can't relate to u. Don't judge the man next to you online waiting for his dose. We are all in the same boat. Some people can't survive or be productive members of society without meth, some become worse than they were on opiates. Don't go in there with a Holier than thou attitude otherwise you'll never get straight. Hope you figure it out I really do. And for the record, I'm a productive member of society now, I own two businesses, one online based, one construction, I take care of my disabled mother who's been sick for two years and I'm living with the disease of addiction. I am also a convicted felon (I was 16 and no I didn't get youthful offender status) and a good person. So like I said. Don't judge the man on line next to u, were all ultimately in the same boat.

    • LoriQ 3 years ago

      No I disagree. A junkie is a lifestyle. That was never my lifestyle. I am not judging. I am explaining my situation. Comparing maybe. Not judging. The only reason I mentioned my counselor's criminal history is because I believe they have something on her or she owes them and she does what they tell her. Of course people become a productive member of society while on methadone. It's still an opiate. You are still feeding your addiction. The goal should be to get you off drugs. Not get you addicted to a different one.

    • TREfromNYC 3 years ago

      Ok...... So methadone allows me and many others to not live their previous lifestyle .. If it means at the moment I am addicted to methadone so be it. I'm a much better person for it. If given the choice to continue what i was doing or go into a program I would still make the same choice. It's also a persons choice whether or not they want to join a program so noone is "getting them addicted to another." Especially if some (most definitely not all)people begin to live normal lives instea of lying, cheating and stealing. The goal ultimately is to get off methadone, that's not a great lifestyle by any means but it sure as shit beats what I was doing. If I destroyed my life with pain mess for 6+ years my life isn't going to be fixed in 6+ months so there's no rush but there is an end at some point.

    • LoriQ 3 years ago

      I think these clinics take advantage of people's addiction and your insurance. The couselors scare you into thinking the withdrawals will be so bad for you if you decrease your dose too quickly. Methadone, if it does work, should be used as a short term thing. In my experience the clinic keeps people on longer than necessary for the money. I mean it makes sense. The clinic is a for profit business. If people got off methadone too soon they would be losing money don't you think? I also think they hope you do relapse. It would be repeat business for them. There needs to be a better way. Maybe I would think differently if my counselor hadn't lied to me and be inconsistant with her "treatment plan." I'll give you a recent example of her inconsistencies. The other day I told her I wanted a 21 day detox. She drew up the paper after she tried to convince me I was doing the wrong thing. I signed the paper and then she said she had to have a dr. sign it but there was no doctors in that day. She told me she would see if nursing can sign it and to have a seat in the lobby. A half hour later she comes out and tells me to take 24 hours to think about the 21 day detox to make sure it's not an emotional decision. I go to dose and I saw they decreased me. Now why did I get a decrease before I gave her my decision? I'm sure she wouldn't have decreased me if I never had asked for a 21 day detox.

    • streetguy 3 years ago

      I am a Methadone patient for 13 years and I must it has it's ups and down's more up's but I was a JUNKIE for some 10 years and I will never get off Methadone. I'm a scumbag and the minute I'm off i'd be shooting heroin and sticking people up to get my fix. I have hurt so many people while being on Heroin. But on Methadone I haven't committed 1 crime . It's a life saver I have the same job for 8 years

    • Phil M. 3 years ago

      What a load of lies. For starters, Methadone is an addictive narcotic. There is a huge difference between the connection between a diabetic and their insulin, and an opiate addict and methadone. I struggled with heroin addiction for over ten years and worked with both suboxone and methadone maintenance programs. Obviously the "doctor" that contributed to this article makes their living selling the substance. I'm sure most of my old heroin dealers would claim that heroin is a wonder drug as well. Using definitions from the DSM-IV is horribly misleading and this quack should lose their license.

    • Dimo 3 years ago

      I am with the author of this article. If you take your dose down slowly and correctly like you are supposed to, you will only have a tiny amount of withdrawal, IF IF IF you even have any. I have been on methadone for 5 years. At one point I was on 128mgs. Now I am on 31mg. I am getting off it very slowly. This has been a two year process to get this far. But, I am telling you I never had a problem and I wont. Never once have I even had a tiny amount of discomfort. One of the firsts posts on this article is someone stating they withdrew for three weeks. Well then, they didn't do it the right way. You can take it down 1mg or 2mg's a month and you will be fine. Quit listening to the b.s. about being sick. I refuse to listen to any of it. For the people knocking methadone. Yes, it is physically and mentally addictive. But so is the medicine given to you when you get a root canal, or when you get surgery. What about the meat you are serving your family that is fed with steroids and antibiotics? You do know the sugar thats hidden in everything including milk is addicting too right? Do you really honestly think the food your eating is so much better than methadone? If you think what you are eating and putting in your body is better, then you really need to research Genetically modified food, the processed food, the beef thats fattened, the plastic you throw in the microwave and eat off, and the pans you cook in. We made our wrong choices and this is one of our options to fix the problem we created. Stop knocking methadone. Why cant people just be happy for someone thats taking steps to be a productive member of society? You would bash us no matter what. Its the people who take methadone and want to get high, or mix it with other drugs to make a cocktail that give methadone a bad name. There are a lot worse drugs out there than methadone. Lets talk about cumadin. Anyone know what that is? That's what a hospital gives you so you don't get a blood clot. Guess what, its partially rat poison. Just because methadone didn't work for you, or didn't work for someone you know doesn't mean it didn't help other people.

    • BennyKulka28 3 years ago

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    • Jim 2 years ago


      I know that it's been many years since you wrote your comment, but I'd just like to point a few things out. Maybe someone got to it first, but I'm going to do it anyway.

      If you truly are the author you said that you were on methadone for 8 years in the article, 4 in your comment. You also said that you reduced until you were at 1mg and then quit in the article, but your comment said that you are still on it.

      What's up with that?

    • becauseilive profile image

      becauseilive 2 years ago from N.J.

      @Jim - That's correct. Six years ago when I wrote that comment, I'd been on methadone for about 4 years (from 2003-2008). I got off of it 4 years later, at the end of 2011. So yes, I was on it for 8 years total.

    • sickofthebs 2 years ago

      Really people, who isn't addicted to something?!?! OH god, the doctor prescribed this medication, that makes it ok, NOT, and if you are on this medication, DO NOT get pregnant, your poor asses cant get off the med, but yet we have to try to get your infant off?!? Its BS!!

    • brandon 2 years ago

      All u people talking shit about methadone dont no shit u all areprobably still using or wanna use herion the kick from heroin

      is way worse than methadone u have to be tapered off properly when tapered off u dont withdrawal barely at all it took a week on herion it took over a month

    • fburg 2 years ago

      I have been on meth program now for 4months. I am on 140mg. I work 13hr days n don't nodd out any. When I was on street drugs I weighed 90lbs now I'm healthy n weigh 130. My counselor at my clinic is my Angel. She cares. The whole staff cares. And that makes a big difference. My counselor told me about vitadone. Just started taking it. Went to the dentist after 6 years being on street drugs and the dentist was amazed. Its so nice having money now. I can do things now that I haven't done in years like go on vactions. Yes, methadone clinics have guest dosing. I enjoyed the ocean for the first clean n sober. I have a long way to go but with help and my detemination. I will survive. Thanks FCCR.

    • brian 2 years ago

      I have never used a street opiate, but take methadone for pain due to having MS. Methadone is a godsend for me. I would not be outside my home without the relief it gives me. I'm tired of the demonizing that surrounds opiate pain medications from those who don't have chronic pain. For disclosure, I have used other drugs in the past for recreation. I came across this post because i was wondering if anyone had noticed the flat out lies about methadone on the tv show House . I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Hollywood got it wrong. The media carry a lot of the weight in causing the demonization issue and so much other misinformation. Thanks to several good books we now know some in the industry do it on purpose. Especially on social issues. I know this is the wrong forum for pain issues. However, the populous need to know that a lot of people are helped by opiates, and need to understand that demonizing them in general does a disservice.

    • NeverUmind 2 years ago

      i have been a patient for almost 6 years and although it did save my life and kept me out of prison it should be a last resort for people who can not stop any other way and it actually has rotted my teeth i think it is all the sugar in it and for some reason it does act strange on my stomach some days i find i am nauscious until my dose takes effect and i get hungry all of a sudden out of the blue and get the shakes if i dont eat at once so it does have some strange side effects but doesnt all drugs it has alot more positive than negative results thats for sure but again methadone should not be used recreational drug users or not for the occassional vicidon user it should be only a last resort for people like me a 20yr veteran heroin addict who has allready failed regular treatment 9 times i tried very very hard to quit but the cravings were just too strong and the anxiety that comes with the withdrawyl was unbearable so for these reason i thank our government for the little compasion they do have thank you for allowing me to use methadone legally sincerly Neverumind p.s. METHADONE TREATMENT IS A PRIVELEDGE NOT A RIGHT SO RESPECT IT AND DO IT RIGHT CAUSE YOU CAN BE KICKED OUT REMEMBER THAT !!!!!!!!

    • Bryan 15 months ago

      Its been years since I have posted anything on this page. I have a home now an a wonderful women. My son and I have a great relationship and I also have a great job that I have been at for several years. I haven't had any trouble with the Law since I stopped using I go to work every day and I am happier than I have ever been. I wish I could git rid of every post on here that I put up years ago. I was angry and blaming other people for my own problems. Methadone is a poison, far worse than anything I ever took before. When I was addicted I wanted anything to ease the "pain" and I chose this drug . These people did not come find me. They are out to make a buck off of you if you are hooked and a drug dealer can sell you anything when you are hurting . I don't blame them because after I kicked methadone I have not wanted any opiates since. If You have survived this drug You will know what I am talking about. A week or two in detox at a hospital is far better than METHADONE IT SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET

    • Jason 13 months ago

      There is a lot of different people out there and methadone effects are different on everyone I don't agree that methadone is a good choice, if you can try and get yourself off the other drug first, methadone isn't for someone who thinks they can help themselves cause methadone is a wild ride and you are going to have some serious withdrawals and serious mood swings, methadone for me was a bad choice my emotions were all over the place I got depression from it and I came to a point that I had to get off of it I feel so much better being off methadone and clean I'm now making better life decisions I'm no longer depressed like I was, no more mood disorders and I'm going to school

    • liladybugz26 profile image

      Rachael Jones 10 months ago from Cambridge

      Methadone is not addictive? If you were to meet my father and uncle you'd know otherwise. The American Psychiatric Association (who created the DSM-IV) better revise their research and listen to those that know the truth such as the US Department of Health and Narconon.

    • Martine 4 months ago

      Methadone is far more addictive then Heroin. It is also much worse for you. I haver been on Methadone for a year now. I HATE it. I have gained so much weight, and so does everyone else I see at the clinic, NO EXCEPTIONS! And I don't mean just a few pounds. i mean they come in looking healthy, and end up obese. The councilors LIE and say it is because you are rediscovering food, or have cravings. NONSENSE. I have no cravings, and I ate far more before I started Methadone, because I wasn't terrified each bite would turn into thirty pounds. I now starve myself, and it still isn't helping. Finally, i decided to lower my dose. My councilor said I should wait. So, I started sneaking less, and they started forcing me to take the full dose. I skipped all the days I got from take outs, and it helped, but I hated being forced to drink poison by these smiling hypocrites. I was afraid to go cold turkey, but at some point, i will have no choice. I wish i never even heard of Methadone. The dealers never forced me to take drugs. They treated me with respect. The people at the clinic treat me like a non person whose opinions about their own life do not matter. This has really changed my mind about government programs in general. I now think we need to get off this liberal path, or all of our decisions will be made by well meaning idiots like the people at the clinic. Methadone causes sweating, weight gain, hormone depletion, and worse. It shortens your life. It is a terrible drug, and Methadone Clinics are terrible places that crush your soul. I suppose there are some people who like to be treated like sheep, and to get a free high( and YES IOT DOES MAKE YOU HIGH! Its alot of fun for three hours at its peak. If it didn't have such awful side effects, i might even have stayed just for that.) Don't kid yourself, the people who write articles like this are just afraid their drug will be taken from them. So they work on convincing people who don't know any better. Methadone is a trap. Yes, I was not doing well before I was at the clinic. But they should have warned me of the terrible things that would happen. I will not go through life as a fat pig, no matter what else is going on. They need to make a drug that does not cause metabolism problems, even if you have to take it more often.

    • Cristian pina 3 months ago

      Hello every one im a 38 year old male the first time I've used here and when I was 15 years old I went to prison at 17 years old been in and out of jail ever since got involved with gangs lived on the streets now I've been clean for 3 months the longest I've ever been clean without having to be in jail and I'm on methadone I'm in the clinic have been there for months the first month I was still using little by little and noticed my way of thinking started changing my old friends are no longer friends of mine my old girlfriend used to get high with me I pushed you away now I'm on a hundred milligrams I've been working a good job I'm on my way to get my first apartment feeling good about myself visiting a church and when I was getting high I was about to kill myself I was tired of life I hate myself from my experience methadone has saved my life it may be different for others but it helped me a lot God bless everybody

    • Jamison 3 months ago

      Obviously there are benefits of using methadone over heroin because it is regulated and of course it has saved lives but you are in denial if you don't think being on methadone is the same thing as being high on heroin. I've been clean for 5 years and I think it's sad people talk themselves into believing methadone is not stopping them from getting out of the fake life of opiates. Your mind is still broken. I remember in my early stages of experimenting with drugs I took methadone recreationally and I have never felt so good and high in my entire life. You may not feel high when using the methadone just like you don't feel high when using heroin after a tolerance. This article is so misleading I felt inclined to comment and I have literally never got engaged with online commenting before.

    • Bama Girl 7 weeks ago

      I was put on Methadone from a called "PAIN MANAGEMENT DOC" - who thought he RULED THE WORLD!!! Took me off my pain pills and put me on methadone. To lead up to that point, this is what had happened prior to that: Had bi-lateral total hip replacements in Jan & Feb of 2004. After healing from those surgeries, my Orthopedic Doc found some other health issue's that I was going to have to deal with in the future. Some surgical and some that I was going to have to deal with taking medications. Issues with my Muscular & Skeletal Systems. As time went on my Orthopedic Doc retired. At that point, my Family Doc said to continue my pain meds, I would have to see a Pain Management Doc. I did. He d/c my regular pain meds and put me on "THE DEADLY METHADONE!!". This was around Feb 06. I have never done street drugs. Didn't have a computer. Was younger than I am now. So, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. As time went by, I gained 70 lbs, ended up finding out that one of my meds shouldn't of been with methadone, that methadone gets in your bone marrow, one of my underline health issues methadone makes it worse, and my list could go on... Got tired of living this way!!! So, I made up my mind(I'm the kind of person that when my mind is made up, I'M GOING TO DO IT!!-PERIOD) that's it. So the next day, March 25th, 2009 I stopped and never looked back. I remember crying my eyes out, saying "I'm dope sick-I never did street drugs and I did what I was told to do"!! I felt as if MY CHARACTER, MY INTEGRITY AND MY PRIDE was gone FOREVER!! That everything I worked so hard to be, was flushed down the toilet!! IT WAS THE HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE!!!! THE SICKEST I HAVE EVER BEEN!!!! I WAS EMOTIONALLY/MENTALLY HURTING MORE THAN IVE EVER BEEN!!!! BUT, I MADE IT, BY THE GRACE OF GOD & THE LOVE OF MY FAMILY!!!MARCH 25, 2017 will be 8 yrs off of prescription pain pill methadone, and EVERYDAY I THANK GOD THAT I'M NOT ON THAT MEDICATION!!!! Sorry, I tried to keep it short. Methadone prescription pain meds should only be given to those who are going to be on it indefinitely. Good Luck to Everyone (:

    • Stephanie 3 weeks ago

      This article is BS. My husband started going to a Methadone clinic 3 years ago to stop his costly hydrocodone addiction. It has been awful. They are legal drug pushers and need to be stopped. He asked them 1 year ago to taper him off. They asked if he was sure he wanted to do that, and in the same visit offered to increase his dose. It's all about money. They did start tapering him. 1 month ago he was down to 1mg and got so tired of them he stopped going. It has been rough. Insomnia, shaking, anxiety, diarrhea, and entire body pain. He should have just tapered himself off of the pills 3 years ago. This prolonged the inevitable withdrawal symptoms and cost him money. It is trading one addiction for another. If you're ready to stop drug use, and choose Methadone, the quicker you taper the better. The longer you take this drug, the longer it takes for your body to reset. Also, there is temptation outside with people trying to sell drugs in the parking lot. If you're not able to qualify for take homes, you can't go on vacation. The drug controls you. I would recommend a detox center. I can't believe these "clinics" are legal. I don't feel being addicted to a drug for years is a proper treatment. It is sad. Don't give these so called "clinics" your business or the satisfaction to control you!

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