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50 Soft Foods to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Updated on August 08, 2016

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Cooked rice, risotto, and hominy grits are great choices after oral surgery. Just make sure they aren't too hot.
Cooked rice, risotto, and hominy grits are great choices after oral surgery. Just make sure they aren't too hot. | Source

It can be hard to find satisfying foods to eat after wisdom tooth removal or other oral surgery. The food must be soft and easy to eat, but since healing can take a few days it is also important that we not tire of our menu options.

Here are some foods and liquids to stock up on before surgery and keep around while you are healing.

This homemade applesauce smells and tastes great and is easy to make. Add a little cinnamon for flavor!
This homemade applesauce smells and tastes great and is easy to make. Add a little cinnamon for flavor! | Source

Soft Foods to Eat After Oral Surgery, A-C

Cook apples until tender and blend. Try this with apricots or peaches!
Mashed plain or mixed with salt, lemon, or honey
Baby Food
A perfect pre-made puree!
Baked Beans and Spaghetti
Cooked and mashed.
Mashed well with yoghurt or milk.
Chicken, beef, or vegetable.
Soft and well-cooked with plenty of liquid.
You can enjoy yourself during recovery!
Soft or melted.
Smooth and creamy.
Cooked soft.
Well-cooked and served sweet or savory.
Cottage Cheese
Plain or mixed with soft veggies.
Made fresh or pre-made.

Chewing and Swallowing After Oral Surgery

If you have wool pads or sore areas in your mouth, the idea of chewing and swallowing can be scary. Try chewing with your front teeth. Once the food is soft enough, swish it around with saliva for a few seconds and then swallow.

Vegetable, chicken, or beef broth is nutritious and ideal for a healing mouth. Make sure the veggies or meat are cooked very well.
Vegetable, chicken, or beef broth is nutritious and ideal for a healing mouth. Make sure the veggies or meat are cooked very well. | Source

Soft Foods to Eat After Oral Surgery, D-M

Tzatziki, lebneh, French onion, hummus, and guacamole.
Scrambled or poached.
Tuna or lox.
Ice Cream
Frozen yoghurt too. Just avoid nuts.
Quintessential get-well food.
Fresh squeezed fruit or vegetable.
Macaroni & Cheese
Well-cooked and soft.
Mashed Potato
Well-blended with no lumps.
Meatloaf or Meatballs
Mashed a little.

Remember, no straws! Sucking through a straw can remove the blood clot that forms over your wound and heals the extraction area.

Congee, a rice porridge sometimes prepared with broth, can be a meal when prepared with egg, onion, and parsley.
Congee, a rice porridge sometimes prepared with broth, can be a meal when prepared with egg, onion, and parsley. | Source

Pain Medication After Wisdom Teeth Removal

While some people never need pain medication after oral surgery, others feel pain and discomfort that is hard to ignore. Paracetamol (Panadol or Tylenol) or Ibuprofin (Neurofen) can help. If these medicines don't do the trick, check with your doctor, dentist, or pharmacist about which drugs are best for you.

Ice cream (without nuts or other hard inclusions) or frozen yogurt is delicious and soothing after oral surgery.
Ice cream (without nuts or other hard inclusions) or frozen yogurt is delicious and soothing after oral surgery. | Source

Soft Foods (M-P)

Milk Drinks
Cow or almond milk.
Small, flat pasta that doesn't require much chewing or slurping.
Nut Butters
Peanut, almond, or cashew. Well-ground.
Mixed with honey, syrup, or mashed banana.
Used as cereal or with savory additions.
Tapioca, too.
Flavored milk drinks with added vitamins are a great way to get nutrients when your mouth is healing.
Flavored milk drinks with added vitamins are a great way to get nutrients when your mouth is healing. | Source

Soft Foods (R-S)

With well-cooked veggies or meat.
Mushy Peas/Beans
Or refried.
Cooked very soft.
Ramen soups with broth can be dressed up with meat or vegetable additions. Remember to prepare every soft!
Ramen soups with broth can be dressed up with meat or vegetable additions. Remember to prepare every soft! | Source

Soft Foods (S-S)

Sloppy Joe Meat
Skip the bun.
The less chewy, the better.
Mix some fresh fruit, milk, yoghurt, or ice cream in a blender.
Soaked Bread/Cookies
Soak cookies in milk or a hot drink and bread in soup.
Creamed or mashed. Raises iron levels for faster healing.
Vegetable stew cooked for a long time.
Sweet Breads
Doughnuts, muffins, or cupcakes
Sloppy Joe meat, without the bun, is a tasty meal. Try chewing with your front teeth (or on the side that was not operated on) and mush the meat with your saliva before swallowing.
Sloppy Joe meat, without the bun, is a tasty meal. Try chewing with your front teeth (or on the side that was not operated on) and mush the meat with your saliva before swallowing. | Source

Soft Foods (T-Z)

Pudding or juice.
Warm, not hot. Tannin in tea helps reduce bleeding.
Mashed or cubed. Serve with soy sauce.
Cooked soft and mashed.
Softened with juice or milk.
Avoid flavors with seeds.
Prepare tapicoa pudding or drinks yourself or buy pre-made.
Prepare tapicoa pudding or drinks yourself or buy pre-made. | Source


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    • Eli Lili 13 months ago

      Very helpful and informative!

      I wonder about the chili though. Would the spices irritate the gums at all? It has been a while since I had my wisdom teeth removed.

    • Blond Logic profile image

      Mary Wickison 13 months ago from Brazil

      This is interesting. Although my wisdom teeth are long since gone, I was reading for my sister who after abdominal surgery needed to be on soft foods. I think she would find this helpful.

    • Emma Johnson1 profile image

      Emma Johnson 12 months ago from Denver, Colorado

      Very helpful, this is awesome

    • Gaurav Srivastava 12 months ago

      really its very helpful , great job

    • jae 12 months ago

      Wow. I never thought. I just had all 4 removed and stitches in one four days ago its very hard to eat. This is helpful.

    • Jennica 12 months ago

      Just had 3 teeth extracted at once. This list of foods to eat is great! Thanks :-)

    • Lori 11 months ago

      I just had all the back teeth on both sides removed, i am getting top dentures in about 5 weeks. Very hard to get anything that i have to chew. This page gives me some good ideas on what to eat and how to eat it.

    • Lani 11 months ago

      I just got 4 teeth pulled, and love to eat! It's hard to limit to just soft, and cool foods! (Btw I'm not fat, skinny actually)! Lol!

    • Jennifer 11 months ago

      I was told to avoid rice as it can stick in the clots.

    • Susan 10 months ago

      What can u drink???

    • Mari 10 months ago

      Can I eat bread after my wisdom teeth removal?

    • roselinsojan profile image

      roselinsojan 9 months ago from India,Kerala.

      Very interesting, informative and helpful. thank you.

    • Edward d 8 months ago

      Gatorade!!! Besttttt

    • Edward D 8 months ago

      Gatorade pudding and ice cream! All u need... Ima gunna try mac and cheese and ill let u know how it goes!....

    • Javassiah Manning 8 months ago

      No bread what so ever!! Or at least that's what my dentist guy told me I got 4 removed btw! Good luck to you all!!

    • LaDejah Jordan 7 months ago

      Just had all four removed today

    • Brandon B 7 months ago

      Just has all four removed today, I would recommend KFC, their mashed potatoes are good and their Mac n cheese is soft.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 6 months ago from Arkansas USA

      Wish I would have had this list all those years ago when I had my wisdom teeth removed. I survived on soup and yogurt. Not bad, but I see many items on your outstanding list that would have been nice to have on hand.

    • Tamika 6 months ago

      I had my upper and bottom wisdom teeth removed on Friday debating what I can have for dinner that is filling over liquids

    • Lana 6 months ago

      Just had all four wisdom teeth removed 3 days ago. Atleast this list offers some hot items. Tired of applesauce, jello and smoothies! Vienna sausages and soft cheese have been good too. I also read that crab cakes are ok...haven't tried it tho.

    • Jamie 6 months ago

      My son was an 18-year-old growing young man when he had his wisdom teeth removed. By the second day, he was starving. Many of the soft foods mentioned were good, but didn't fill him. I found that corned beef hash did the trick. I know it may not be the healthiest, but the meat and potatoes seemed to be the most filling for him.

    • Brittany W 5 months ago

      Just had all my top teeth removed yesterday....very helpful list...headed to the grocery store now (Im Starving)♡♡ :)

    • Tabitha 5 months ago

      On day 4 after having wisdom teeth out. This list is a life saver.

      Homemade spaghetti sauce sans noodles was really good. I also found that watermelon was soft enough to eat on about day 2 or 3.

      Peppermint tea helps with the funky breath that seems to linger after oral surgery.

      Always swish with salt water after eating to remove anything that gets stuck in the clots/holes.

    • Stacy 5 months ago

      I had my three lower back teeth removed and gums stitched up. OMG I am starving. This list has helped me a lot. Before I found this list I made soft candy yams and soft shredded chicken with taco seasoning. That filled me up and kept me fool. U can try to eat it after the swelling goes down. Be sure to rinse ur mouth after.

    • Sadie 5 months ago

      Not supposed to have heavy grains or any bread. Or acidic foods, as well as spicy foods.

    • Lynn 5 months ago

      I had my 3 Wisdom teeth removed last week and 1 stitch that is so annoying i thought it was food and had to go back to my Dentist and they told me it was a stitch my Mouth still hurts so much and its so hard to know what to eat so thank you x

    • Nyx 5 months ago

      You should definitely NOT eat couscous or quinoa. It's all tiny particles that'll get stuck in the socket.

    • Mayra 5 months ago

      Had three of my four wisdom teeth removed yesterday ( the bottom one gave a strong battle, so we had to leave the other one in for a future visit). My dentist stitched up all three holes.

    • Athol 5 months ago

      Just had six removed (4 wisdom and 2 supernumerary) Thank you very much for the list, overcooked mac and cheese was a great insight

    • Shae 5 months ago

      I like this list of food - many are tasty things I'd be happy to eat. Thank you! :)

    • Sky 4 months ago

      Just got all four of my wisdom teeth removed two days ago, and all I have been eating is pudding, jello, and mashed potatoes haha! I'm going to try mac and cheese tonight! :)

    • Shelli Hamrick 4 months ago

      I go September 6th to plan my surgery for wisdom teeth and I heard it is extremely painful. Hopefully I can rest better at night. I am going to try a lot of these foods.

    • Kathy 4 months ago

      Just got 2 bottom wisdom teeth out this morning and ate pudding and oatmeal for dinner....gonna have a large frosty from Wendy's for dessert!! Great list!

    • Pamela 4 months ago

      Very helpful and a good variety

    • Kelsey 4 months ago

      Had all 4 wisdom teeth removed and stitched up 6 days ago. Man was this the most pain I have been in for a while! Couldn't sleep or barely eat even with pain medication! BUT I finally caved for mashed potatoes, gravy, Mac n cheese, and even over cooked and chopped up ravioli! :)

    • Jennifer 4 months ago

      Thank you for making this list and every ones comments! 4 days to go and my daughter will be getting her out. :-)

    • Mel 4 months ago

      Not so sure on chilli,rice quinoa options as read small bits can get stuck in extraction site and cause and infection but some very good ideas otherwise thank you

    • Sally 4 months ago

      This was very helpful

    • Jelena 4 months ago

      just had all 4 removed as long as u stay away from grains and seeds u can eat anything else; just everyone pain tolerance different i was eating cucumber and vinegar on my second day after all 4 wisdom pulled and stitched. Found pain medication and their tylenol made me sick and loss of appetite if u can skip the pills and bare the pain.

    • Brittany 4 months ago

      I just got mine out 2 days ago. As long as you take your pain meds, it's not too bad. And I'm a huge baby. I just have pressure from swelling, really. So far I've eaten plain Greek yogurt w mashed banana, tomato soup, applesauce, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes. I'd go get more food but I live too far from the store:/ country livin.. blah

    • Brittany 4 months ago

      Eat food(I eat yogurt) before the pain meds so you don't get sick. I heard dairy helps a lot with it. So far I haven't gotten sick.

    • Sara 3 months ago

      I get all 4 wisdom teeth removed this coming Tuesday and am scared to death. I wasn't even this scared with childbirth! Thank you so much for the list of foods, although I'll be staying away from bread and rice. My pain tolorence is high so I'm hoping it's not as bad as everyone says.

    • Dale 3 months ago

      If you think 4 teeth removed is hard to find anything to eat try having all them removed at once then try to find anything that doesn't kill you to eat mashed potatoes and pudding potted meat that's about all

    • Steph 3 months ago

      I'm having the left wisdom removed and I too am scared of this over having a child! This list is going to help a lot as I'll prepare ahead of time. Thanks!

    • Annie 3 months ago

      Just had gum grafting done and can not bite anything for 10 days. He suggested soft foods for the entire 10 days. I am tired of soup and yogurt. Thank you for your list. :)

    • Coco 3 months ago

      I just had my lower right wisdom tooth pulled yesterday and this pain is the worst. I've been eating yogurt and soup cant wait to eat a steak or burger

    • Sheeba 3 months ago

      Omg I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled today and 2 stitches I have so far only ate applesauce and tried to eat a soft piece of chicken now I think a piece is stuck in my clot. Thanks for this list and all the comments I'm gonna get some things in the morning. BTW I was also more nervous to get mine pulled over child birth lol I even had my first panic attack smh but it turned out not to be so bad!

    • Hashiel 3 months ago

      Had my last upper left remove.

      I'm thinking about soup.

      Last time I had my wisdom removed I ate 2 hour later shertted chicken in soup lol. I was hungry. Guys feel better this is just temporary. Smile with your white teeth.

      Oh thank you handsome :) loveyourself1

    • Christina 3 months ago

      Sherbet. No such thing as "sherbert"

    • Michelle 3 months ago

      Had my 4 wisdom teeth out on Wednesday no stitches and can only eat pudding this sucks

    • Sarah 3 months ago

      I had all four impacted wisdom teeth removed, two other teeth removed, and my upper palate/jaw broke in half. I have stitches for 5 of the teeth, and stitches all under my upper lip for the jaw surgery. Everything hurts to eat. This list is helpful for sure. still missing solid food and chewing

    • PamelaRp 2 months ago

      I had a pulp cap put on a tooth and it lasted less than 48 hours on my tooth and the dentist did a horrible job. I look and studied this list for well over a half hour and feel that there are not enough foods that are not hard for me to eat when having tooth work done. The percentage looks like it is less than 25 percent of the foods we eat that are not hard. It would be helpful that you put in this article the percentage of foods that are hard so I can tell the dentist the reason why he did such a lousy job with the cap on my tooth that was cemented improperly and horribly. This tooth needs a root canal and I am dirt poor. I have the money saved up but this is the last of it and never will have money again since I am severely disabled and cannot work and will not ever be able to work.

    • Nad 2 months ago

      Dr said no alcohol, but for how long after surgery?

    • Lindoc 2 months ago

      Just had all 4 wisdom teeth removed this morning. I made myself a batch of chicken soup yesterday. My sister made a great dish; her Thanksgiving candied sweet potatoes which she then blended for my sake! Also a batch of great mashed potatoes. Had a bowl of tortilla soup for dinner (sans the tortilla strips). All good. Oh, almost forgot the hot fudge banana milk shake from Dairy Queen!!!

    • BM 2 months ago

      Nad, the issue with alcohol is that it can cause stress on your liver when combined with pain medication. You should be fine to drink alcohol in 24h IF you are not also taking pain medication. The combination can put extra stress on your body.

      Had my two upper wisdom teeth removed yesterday morning, didn't hurt at all yesterday (just lots of blood) but they are more sore today (not painful really, just a slight annoying ache). Might try overcooked noodles tonight. Been eating mashed potatoes/soup so far.

    • EYENEWIT 2 months ago

      As I type this text, I'm waiting for these three 800mg ibuprofens to kick in, so I can feel normal again.

      On Friday October 28, 2016, I had my three wisdom teeth removed (two bottoms and one top).

      I was awake during the procedure of my teeth being pulled from my body; however, I had the dentist give me so many pain shots that I didn't feel a thing - not even the pressure that literally everyone said would be felt.

      I was given so many shots that my eyebrows, chin and ears were numb along with the typical expectation of numbness. It took over 5 hours for the numbness to fully go away. Oh, no, I am not complaining. I'm just saying when the dentist said you're going to feel pressure when your tooth leave your body. I almost ran but and I didn't even feel the pressure. Dentist don't scare your patiences!

      So, the scary part was all the uncertainty and mystery. My imagination freaked me out. Plus, the sounds of the hissing tools blazing in my ears as I lay vulnerable with my mouth wide open as this human removed my hugh-deep-rooted teeth from your body. I felt like I was in the movie "Hostel" . The sounds left me a but nervous even though I didn't feel a thing. It's a mind ****. If you're propertly numb you'll be fine.

      As of right now this minute, I'm in noticeable and uneasy pain. From my gums, to my teeth, to the sockets, to my jaws getting some kind of after shock of some sort and phantom psins, I'm not feeling 100%. I can not wait until I heal.

      I'm scared to eat anything because the sockets freaks me out. And what's up with my cheeks wanting to cave in when I'm talking because no teeth are back there for structure and foundation. I feel like I'm 98 years old. Anyway! So, after 24 hours of no food, I tried cream of wheat. Eureka! I stuck gold. Then, I ate yams, grits and I got cocky and tried to eat a pork chop. Ummmm, no! Go bavk to sift food. Yes!Not even chewing it in the front and swallowing in the back works. In addition, it feels weird to eat with my front teeth. I feel like a horse or some sort of creature. I'm trying to avoid food getting trapped in my sockets. OMG! It's so scary to me.

      I miss my teeth. If I would have taken care of them properly, I would still have them since they wasn't causing any problem. They were pulled for poor dental care. :/ Hard to reach area!

      (Avoidance) Brush, floss alllllllllllllllllll the time and eat soft foods (recovery). Ooh! And, the dentist has a tool to flush food out the sockets safely at home. I have one but stills freaks me out.

      I saw my teeth one last time as I sadly kissed them good-bye (not literally kissed) now it's time to say hello to good appropriate foods that I can eat during my healing period.

    • hk98 2 months ago

      tomorrow i am having my wisdom teeth removed, what should i drink and eat afterwards?

    • Amber 2 months ago

      I thinks this list is great.Thanks!!

    • Stacy 2 months ago

      I just had 15 teeth (2 were wisdom) surgically removed 3 days ago. I am starving! Lol! I've been having protein shakes, applesauce, cream soups, and ice cream. May try a few of these others out, thank you.

    • Morgan 2 months ago

      Just got all 4 out and didn't know what to eat, but this helped a lot!!!

    • Aliya 7 weeks ago

      Shoot I'm so happy I found this cuz I'm starving and its been 2 days since I got all 4 pulled and i'm still in pain like I don't really wanna eat but I had mashpotatos ..... Sooooo good

    • Katie 7 weeks ago

      Thank you so much. Ive been at a loss since I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday. This really helped.

    • Morgan 4 weeks ago

      So it's been about 3 days after my teeth where out and I googled what's good to eat after surgery this article popped up and this really helped and narrow down what's the best things and this really help me and my sister who also got hers out and I'm glade I googled this!

    • Caroline Pope 3 weeks ago

      I would say no spicy food it irritates the gums. I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and tried Popeyes gravy and it wasn't awful... just not pleasant.

    • b.stewart 2 weeks ago

      this is really helpful to me i got my tongue pierced yesterday and im restricted to a soft foods diet for a few dys until swelling goes down.

    • Samita 2 weeks ago

      Sounds good..thanks. just got my wisdom tooth extration but the pasta in your advice brought smile on my face..

    • ..... 2 weeks ago

      does it hurt

    • Kelsey 2 weeks ago

      Very helpful!!!

    • Amalia M 10 days ago

      I'm Having my wisdom tooth removed today after 2 painful days. I'm very nervous about it, since is my first time and is an impacted tooth. This list gives comfort and allows time to prepare. I feel hopeful.

    • Pamela LeMaster 6 days ago

      This is a VERY good list.........I done a lot of searching and this is by far the best. its rough!! I had 28 pulled and I'm just glad that only happen's once in a lifetime. Good Luck to all of you...............I had mine removed 26th of December 2016 and I'll be goin back the 1st of March to start the process of dentures...............

    • jesus m. lopez 5 days ago

      Tremendously helpful.

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