What to Expect When You are Getting Dentures From Start to Finish

Getting dentures is better than being without your teeth at all.
Getting dentures is better than being without your teeth at all.

Thinking About Getting Dentures

If you are thinking about getting dentures and want to know what to expect, then you have landed in the right place. I decided to write this article because a member of my family is getting ready to get dentures and are all freaked out. That gave me an idea to write about it, so I am. Please note: I am trying to be a little funny in here at times to lighten you up—because although the horrible, nightmarish, and funny things I say are true, it will be worth it in the end. Smile pretty!

For any of you out there who are honestly worried about getting dentures, read this little story (with a little added humor). This will enlighten you on what to expect and how to handle different things that may come up. On a serious note: dentures are not only a cosmetic issue for most people, but also a health issue. You must remember that if your mouth is full of infection, that gets into your blood stream. So, if that isn't enough information to keep reading on why you should think about getting dentures, then maybe you should re-think your thoughts.

Will I Have to Go Without Teeth for a While After They Pull Mine?

I think this is the very first thing we worry about when you are even talking about getting dentures. I don't recall ever worrying about whether it was going to hurt; I was more concerned about waiting for my dentures to get done after I had my teeth pulled. I thought I would actually start off the story with this information.

Going without any teeth for a period of time (even if it was for a day), and letting my face flap around and look like a skeleton was my biggest fear about getting dentures. Fortunately, most dentists nowadays have what they call a "temporary set" of dentures immediately. If you really are concerned about this, first ask your dentist whether they give you a temporary set immediately after the last pulling of your teeth.

Impression of Your Mouth and Teeth
Impression of Your Mouth and Teeth | Source

Dental Impressions of Your Mouth-What to Expect

After you have decided you want to get dentures, your very first visit (or two) will be the impressions. If you have a gag reflex, like I do, the nurse told me a trick and it worked! Not kidding. When they do an impression, they fill your mouth with this expandable gunk (sorry, don't know the technical name). It hardens in your mouth as you are biting down. Now, before they put it in your mouth, straighten your legs out and POINT your feet towards your head. It prevents and stops the gagging. It was a miracle trick for me. If you want to use that technique for other reasons which I won't say, then go ahead.

Finishing up your denture making with an impression
Finishing up your denture making with an impression

Waiting for Your Dentures to be Made

Now you have to wait a couple weeks or so for your teeth to be made by the lab or dentist. Sometimes it takes a couple weeks, or a couple days, depending upon how the dentist works. When they set up the next appointment, it will be to start pulling what teeth you have left out.

Getting All Your Teeth Pulled so You Can Get Your Dentures

Well, this is not pleasant, and I am not going to lie and say it is. They usually pull five to eight on each side at once and then you go back again the following week and get five to eight more pulled on the other side, then wait a week, go back and get five to eight pulled on the other side top/bottom, and then so on. However, if you don't have that many teeth to begin with, then you are already a step ahead. The whole pulling of the teeth process is about a month (if you have most of yours). Keep in mind, every dentist does it differently. Some may pull them all out at once if you don't have a whole mouth full of teeth. This is just how my teeth pulling went.

Get Ready for Your Dentures

Now, this is where I want you to read the most because I don't want you to be surprised in any way. After they pull the last of your teeth and they give you the temporary dentures (immediately) after the pull, you will probably be crying. You won't be crying because of pain (because you will be numbed up still). You will be crying because you don't know why you just went through all this. Your mouth will be so swollen, and you will be sore. You will have blood dripping down your face and your teeth will be falling on your tongue. You will look like something from Planet of the Apes until the swelling goes down. Not giving you a great scenario I know that, but I'm just being honest. But if you continue reading, after you just went and threw up after reading this, then it will be worth finishing.

Dentist making a denture.
Dentist making a denture.

Learning to Talk Again

Get out a book and start reading to learn how to talk with dentures. I got out a book and read aloud. This really helped me to learn how to talk with a mouthful of plastic. It isn't hard, it is just something to get used to. I was so irritated that I got the dentures, and I was just plain pissed off. But after a couple weeks, I realized I could talk right, I could get used to them, and most of all, I could finally smile without being embarrassed. Like I said, it is a little frustrating at first, but keep at it and you will be a pro. If you want to practice a little before you get your dentures and teeth pulled, stuff a sock in your mouth and try to talk.

Eating With Dentures

Eating with dentures is very tricky. It will never be the same because you can't eat things you used to in the way you used to. Most food will be fine to eat, but trying to eat a raw carrot or celery is out of the question. However, I do know some other people with dentures who eat these items with just smaller bites. It really depends on how good your new dentures are. Eat smaller bites and chew up your food very well. I did choke on food a few times so please cut up the food in small bites until you get used to your teeth!

Chewing Gum With Dentures

Attention all gum chewers: If you don't get Freedent gum or sugarless gum, you will be left in a mess. Myself, I can't even chew sugarless. It really depends on what type of denture you have. The best thing to do is try chewing gum at home first to see what gum you can chew. If you don't, and you go out in public and didn't choose the right gum, you will have gum literally sticking to the roof of your mouth (denture), and it will be everywhere when you try to pull it off. You may actually even pull your denture out as you pull the gum off the teeth. Or, you may have to pull your denture out and scrape the gum off. These are all just things you really need to know that no one bothered to tell me.

Getting Your Dentures Adjusted

This part was kind of a pain in the you know what, but it had to be done. You will be going back every once in a while depending on how they are fitting. I went back every week for a couple months. You will get sores in your mouth, but that goes along with the territory. After your mouth has healed enough and you come out of your room from hiding, you will need to learn how to say words again. Not all, but quite a few. You will try to speak, and you will sound like someone with a mouthful of food. After all, you have a mouthful of plastic in your mouth.

How to Take Care of Your Dentures

If you have a dog in the house, this is great advice. Do not set your dentures down on the table or anywhere where they can get to them. Dentures smell like food, and your dog will want to chew on them! Some people take their teeth out every night and let them soak in Polident or Efferdent or whichever cleaner you choose. I only take mine out and let them soak every few days at night when I'm sleeping so the family doesn't see me running around looking like a skeleton. I said that earlier, but it's the truth. Your face caves in and you look a little funny, but it's better than being in pain from having your bad teeth!

Clean Your Dentures Well

Every day, I make sure and clean my dentures. I have a denture toothbrush, with is a harder bristle and has a very small end on it to get in the rim of the denture. I use toothpaste when I'm not soaking them. Do not use bleach to whiten your dentures!

Brushing your denture, hold on tightly so you don't drop them!
Brushing your denture, hold on tightly so you don't drop them! | Source


Hold on to your dentures with your whole palm when you are cleaning them. Your hands get wet and you don't want to drop your dentures because it could break or crack them.

You Will Get Used to Your Dentures

It kills me to go somewhere and see people without their teeth. These are people I know and they have dentures, they just refuse to wear them because they gave up on them. Well I'm telling you, don't! Are you really not going to continue to try and get used to them because you feel like you can't do it? You got the dentures either because your teeth looked horrible, and you felt embarrassed to smile, or they were so bad with infection, you had to. Either way, it doesn't matter. Everyone is beautiful and everyone deserves to show off the smile God gave them. I promise, you will get used to them and yes, they still are a pain in the ass. The bottoms will "float." That means, they just kinda come up in the middle of talking or eating. However, that is why they made Poli-grip and all those other adhesives, so you don't have a floating denture.

A Beautiful Smile Is Worth the Trouble

Getting that beautiful smile is worth the trouble, and being healthy is more worth it. In a couple months, you will be smiling so big at everyone you meet. You will still of course be getting used to them, but you will be happier. You will get used to them and you will get to know what you can and cannot do. Careful so they don't go flying out of your mouth when you crack up at someone if you don't have them glued in! But, if they fit right, you won't have to worry about too much glue. Some people have such a perfect fit, they don't even wear any. I'm not that fortunate, but at least I have teeth. Heck, you will look like Smiling Bob over here to the right you will be so happy.

This is what you are getting out of all the trouble you go through. A beautiful smile and a healthy body.
This is what you are getting out of all the trouble you go through. A beautiful smile and a healthy body.
Don't use too much adhesive. Using too much glue will make it ooze down your throat.
Don't use too much adhesive. Using too much glue will make it ooze down your throat.

Using Denture Adhesive

There are a lot of different adhesives to use. You will have to experiment with probably each one on the market for a while to see which one holds your teeth in the best. I went through every one of them two or three times until I figured out which works best for me. Tip: Do not put too much denture glue (such as Poli-grip) on your teeth! You will swallow the glue because it will ooze out the back of your denture down your throat. I will supply you with a video that will show you the proper way to put glue on your teeth. I always have a tube in my purse because I use it on my bottom teeth about four times a day. But, I needed teeth, and by golly I'm doing what I can to wear them.

Final Thoughts

I hope I didn't scare you away from getting dentures. I just wanted someone to tell me what to expect when I was making this decision, and I was lied to so I would get them. So, I was shocked and ticked at the same time. If you know what to expect, then it will go a little easier. It's not that bad, the worst part was getting the teeth pulled. Getting used to them was a different ball game, yes. At least I know I can smile at someone now and most of all—no more pain!

Get Your Teeth Taken Care Of Today
Get Your Teeth Taken Care Of Today

Still Debating Getting Dentures? Think About These Facts

One thing you do need to know is how your teeth can affect your health. If you are still debating whether to go through all this trouble, consider these things:

  • You are in pain every day because you have bad teeth

  • You probably can't speak to anyone without making them back up ten feet from bad breath

  • You can't laugh with your mouth open because people see the teeth that are gone

  • You can stick a cigarette in between the front bottom two teeth and smoke

  • You don't have to buy fake teeth on Halloween and you go as a jack-o-lantern

  • Eat an ear of corn, look at the trail you are leaving on the cob-Train Tracks?

After Reading This, Would You Still Consider Getting Dentures?

  • Yes, Most Definitely
  • No Way, You Scared Me To Death
  • I Have to Think About It, I May Just Wait Until They All Fall Out
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Video Inserting Wax Impressions

Comments welcome below.

Please feel free to comment if you liked this article and if I helped you make a decision about whether or not to get dentures.

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weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 2 days ago from Central USA Author

Just give it time Chris, keep practicing reading a book and eventually it will feel right. Remember how you had to learn to adjust after your top denture 10 years ago and your gums had to heal? Try to think about how you had to learn how to talk with your top denture, if you can remember back that far. If it continues and you feel your bottom denture isn't fitting right, wait for about a month or two and then I would go back to the dentist; but they won't do anything for a while unless your denture is cutting your gum or if it's painful. You may just need an adjustment. I had three adjustments in one year after I got my dentures because as my gums shrink as they healed, the dentures needed to be adjusted ( FYI, bottom dentures usually float, in other words, you may have to glue them in three or four times a day like I do ) and other people are fortunate enough where they don't have to wear any glue! My husband is one of them and I get so angry… I only wish I had that problem.

chris 2 days ago

I have top dentures for about 10 years and never had a problem. Now I just got bottom dentures and after 3 weeks they finally feel okay and are not killing me but I now lisp. Does anyone else lisp and does it go away?

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 2 days ago from Central USA Author

I had a friend who had a similar situation with not being happy and the insurance problem. She contacted the ins company and also asked for the regional home office of the dental company. I would contact them and you can always contact the BBB. Hang in there! Let me know what happens! You have rights and I had problems with my dentures too. (Not like yours) I contacted the owner of the dental lab and the head office of the dentist and complained. They took care of it

Dave 4 days ago

So I had all my uppers pulled and most bottoms. I have six left in the front bottom. This was in June 16. I was told not to smoke for at least 72 hrs (that was hard) had to eat mostly soup or mashed potatoes yogurt things of that nature. That was really hard as I am a steak person 3+ times a week. I had to go back in sept for impressions they said for dentures. They avoided my messages and I didnt get any return call backs until I had to go in in person telling them i needed an appt. So they made an appt in November for impressions then I go back just a few days ago to get the denture. The Dr tells me that the denture doesnt fit right and I have to see the oral surgeon AGAIN to have my gums cut back open so the dentist can remove the remaining teeth that were left in the gums during surgery (not the bottom six mind you) but fragments of what was left after the uppers were pulled and they may have to file bone down to make the denture fit properly. I have already been through so much from the beginning and for me to come this far and have to go through the whole surgery and healing process again makes me wonder if they messed up in the first place. Im really scared about going back to this same dentist however my insurance will not cover me going to soneone else since the process has already been started and the dentures have been pd for. What should I do? I have asked around to other people I know who have been through this and they all told me that nothing of this sort has ever happened before. Please any input would be very helpful as I dont know if this is common practice.

Jackie Oliver 2 weeks ago

I didn't know that you needed to get your dentures adjusted. It's rally interesting how after you have them adjusted, you will have to learn how to say certain words again. Before reading this, I never would have known that!

memawwv3 3 weeks ago

I am currently in the process of getting my dentures. I have had dental issues since the birth of my last child 26 years ago. I am currently 52 and finally taking the plunge and fixing my dental problems. I have had no upper teeth for many years now, so being without them is not a real issue for me. People can accept me for me or not at all, it is their loss. I had the last 9 teeth from the bottom removed on the 4th and it will be 8 weeks before I go back for the next step of making the impressions. So be it, it will be worth it in the end to be able to smile again. Of course the health benefits out way the discomfort of getting adjusted to dentures. For me the actual pulling of the teeth was not painful. The biggest discomfort for me at the moment is the swelling. But with proper care, such as rinsing with salt water and using ice packs periodically all will be well. I know in my heart and soul, I have made the right decision and will be so much happier.

penny tainter 4 weeks ago

Yes I got my dentures but the part I hate was the teeth pulling that was the most pain full part and I'm learning to talk all over agin but it's wroth it's. Thank You for you .

Ann 4 weeks ago

After pulling your teeth, do you get another set that's tailored to the adjustments of the first set? Anyone?

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 6 weeks ago from Central USA Author

@tazzy I understand fully how you feel and don't want to go without your teeth! From what I've experienced, it seems to depend on your dentist about how they do temps or make you wait several months. My husband went 4 months without his teeth because the dentists lab was in another city. You can try to find a dentist who has their own lab. Perhaps that may help speeding things up. Regardless, if you have to go without your teeth for a while, you will live. My husband was without his like I said. At first he didn't want to come out of his room or go to work. But let me tell you, it was so worth it in the end. He couldn't eat hardly anything because his teeth were so bad. People like you for who are you are, not because you don't have teeth. Please take care of your health first!

tazzy63 6 weeks ago

Am waiting on my call for the date were i get all my teeth removed, But they told me i have to go 4 to 8 week WITH OUT TEETH, So am shopping around to see if this is rally true. If so am going to be real nervous how am going to look with out any teeth for that long, In a way am glad to work at a 3rd shift job were am not seeing out side to much. But i think its up to your insh company if they cove the temporary dentures . I Don't think mine dose . So it will be a month or two with out teeth. Unless this outer place am checking out and offer my insh a package deal were i can have a Temps in place. So is it true .. Do i really have to wait that long for Dentures If so can i still have my fav foods or am i cut off untill i get my New Smile. Mite say am Nervous But i all ready told work mite need a few extra days off to heel. the day of surgery and 3 days after , then my 2 normal 2 days off, so be like 4 days to be good to back to work tooth less. What kind of foods can i eat as i waie. Mean no chicken wings any thing like this.. Is their a web site were i can read up on. What to excep whats going to happen for real. I hope someone out their tell me to keep myself not in a high crazy state of mine.

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 7 weeks ago from Central USA Author

@ROBIN Great question! it depends on your insurance company about the temporary dentures. Moreover, it depends on your dentist on how he handles the denture billing. Some dentists give you your full set right after pulling and adjust and do religns later down the road. (That's how a lot of dentists are doing now).

I have spoken with others who get a temp set while waiting for Gums to heal. It will take a good 3-4 months for gums to heal. It really depends on how you, as a person, will heal but mainly how bad of shape your gums were in the first place. You can always ask your dentist as well.

Robin 7 weeks ago

I only have 3 teeth left on top, how much more does the gums and bone need to shrink, is it worth it to pay for a Temp plate til a perm can be made?

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 8 weeks ago from Central USA Author

@Jodie I totally understand your concern about not wanting to go without your teeth. I have been there. If it makes you feel any better, my husband had to go 4 months without his. His teeth had to be made on another city and they took forever. He refused to go out in public. After realizing there wasn't anything he could do about it, he just said, " oh well," I'm still me!" In other words, don't worry about what people think or how you look. People love you and like you for who you are, not what you look like.

There are a few things you can do to just help if you are really having a pride issue (and I get it!). If you smile, just keep your lips together and make a subtle and gentle smile. I Did that anyway when I had bad teeth. If you want to laugh at something, go for it! Just raise your fist up to your mouth and laugh. There are ways you can get by with. Besides, 2 weeks isn't really that long. Good luck!!

Jodie 2 months ago


I live in U.K. And have very bad teeth I have been told the dentist today to be told I need all my teeth out and full dentures I already have a part denture on bottom teeth my problem is my teeth are too weak to do the impression so dentist wants to pull them all and me go without teeth for two weeks then have impression and wait again for dentures this is what I'm scared to do as have family don't want them to see me with no teeth And I work on reception talking to customers.

Weezyschannel 2 months ago

Hi Jeanette! Thanks for the question. More than likely, you will have to do the one, BUT it depends on the dentist and how long you've had your denture, etc...

I so get the gag reflex... BUT!... if you read the whole article, I mentioned the fact of pointing your toes straight towards your head when you're laying in the chair and for some reason that helps stop the gag reflex,… Trust me; it works! It worked on me and I'm horrible at a gag reflex

Jeanette 2 months ago

I have a question, I already have an upper plate, I need a lower plate how will the impressions be done?

I have a bad gag reflex and am happy with my upper plate can the dentist just take an impression of my bottom teeth with my upper denture in?

Cassie 2 months ago

Hi. Thanks for the info. I'm getting 16 teeth pulled in two days and getting my temporary set of dentures. I'm excited but nervous having so many teeth pulled at once. I can't wait to have a smile I won't be embarrassed of. I'm really glad to finally be getting this done and gaining a smile I can be proud of. Sounds like I'll have a lot of work to do once it's done but it'll be worth it. I'm 37 years old and I feel like I'm too young to be going through this already but my family blessings are rotten teeth, my grandma had false teeth at the age of 32. Thank you again for the advice. I'm really grateful to have some insight on what it's going to be like. I've had so many questions on what I'm going to need and what it will be like after. Wonderful article!

Melissa 2 months ago

There was one thing I found confusing about this video! You said the 1st part would be 5400 and then to get the permanent or what I would think are the real dentures was 22grand. In the end you paid 4150.00 and it seams you have temporary dentures. Are the NOT the dentures ppl use while waiting for their permanent ones to come in. Will these only last a short while. It seems that comparatively between 4150.00 and 22 grams most of the 4150 really was paying for your extractions not for a per ant plate. Can you please explain this better! Thank you?!?!?

Charlie Stuckey 2 months ago

I inherited bad teeth, my dad had dentures in his thirties. (We're not from the Appalachians either!) I've been putting off the inevitable for years, but now, it MUST be done. I AM SCARED TO DEATH! I've never done well after any extraction, and even though my Dentist gives me plenty of gas, I'm still nearly shaking in the chair. As a child, I had HORRIBLE experiences with my Dentist. I was afraid of him right from the start. His nickname was "Crabby" -maybe amusing if you're an adult, but to a little kid? Frightening!- I KNOW I need 'em, I can't smile, and, oddly, after my last extraction I can't whistle. I used to be able to whistle exceptionally well, I enjoyed it, and my wife enjoyed it, too . . . HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ANYONE ELSE? WILL I BE ABLE TO WHISTLE A TUNE AGAIN WITH MY FULL DENTURES? If anybody can tell me, please post it! Thank you, and give me a push to make that phone call for an appointment too, would ya? -Charlie

Shelley2655 2 months ago

Hi, just had my 4th visit for my dentures today, so frustrated. Could it be that they can't get the teeth right because I have a small mouth and also had smaller teeth than normal,? Also I was wondering, I went to a sliding scale and my dentures were fairly cheap, $400.00. The gums fit good, they just can't get my tooth size right

Jill Keith 2 months ago

Thanks for video. Two weeks to marrow. Still learning to speak etc.

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 2 months ago from Central USA Author

Honestly, I would try baby food like Hawaiian delight is really good, cream of wheat or Coco wheats are really good ideas or oatmeal, or you could go the other route and purée your own food you don't really have to make it liquid, but you could just lightly blend it so you can at least chew it. All you need is the magic bullet or a blender which most people have; if not, run to Goodwill and grab me one for a few bucks (just enough to get you through!) You're going to do great

Food particles… You're going to have to mess with different adhesives- I use Fixodent original, it seems to do well for me. Other people use poligrip, you're just going to have to try them and maybe add a little bit more and but don't make it go to the edge of the denture or you're going to swallow it.

My husband actually takes his teeth out to eat, and it drives me absolutely bonkers! He says it feels like food is smashing in his face! I don't get it, you have To test the waters and get used to it.

As far as comfortability goes, that will just take time and you'll get used to it; it will be second nature, just tough your way through it for a few weeks; it will get better! If you don't feel your dentures are fitting right, you'll know that in a couple weeks or longer depending on when the swelling of your gums go down. You may even have to go in for an adjustment in four or five months when your gums finally recede back to normal. Great questions!

@Alice thank you so much for your comment and your compliment at the same time! Feel free to message me or comment if you have any questions or concerns I try to do the best I could at explaining it, but remember, my story is not going to be the same as what you go through but at least it's the basics! Good luck!

PK 2 months ago

Thank you for this article! It was pretty spot on!

I had a full mouth extraction almost 3 weeks ago and received a full set of "immediates". I will get my permanent set in about 6 months. I had suffered for 13 years with broken teeth and not smiling because of my now ex-husband. Which is kind of sad because I have one of those smiling personalities...LOL. So I learned to put my hand over my mouth, not smile as big, turn my head away so people wouldn't see all of my mouth....but sometimes I did embarrass myself like when someone told a really funny joke...but I don't have to worry anymore! I lost over a decade of fully enjoying life because of my broken teeth so I have a lot to make up for!

Even though it was pretty expensive I know it will be worth it! I had nausea and headaches afterwards as well. The pain meds made me really sick so I suffered without. I only used the ibuprofen that was prescribed. Also, I am still trying to get used to the whole palate just feels so weird.

I do have a few questions. First, my dentist recommended NOT using toothpaste on my dentures? Is that due to the type of material?

Second, I am still in the liquid diet stage and I am starving! LOL Any suggestions? It is especially difficult because I have to carry my lunch to work and the choices are so very limited.

Third, I have tried a few solid foods but particles seem to get under my upper plate - and yes, I do use some adhesive.

Fourth, my dentist mentioned something about putting cushions in, any idea what that is about?

Fifth, when will this feel normal or at least start to feel normal?

I am going to go to the dentist next week because these dentures are hurting me again, so much so that I hate to put my dentures in, but I have to because I need to go to work. The dentist is really helpful there, so hopefully a few minor adjustments will do the job.

Thank you again and God Bless!

Alice Johnson 2 months ago

I found the article extremely informative. I've already had all my teeth pulled and have had two impression appointments. Should have my dentures in my mouth in 3 more visits. My dentist wanted most of my swelling gone before doing impressions so that when I got the dentures I would have a good, snug fit. I couldn't have imagined anything in my mouth right after having my teeth pulled. The swelling is mostly gone but I still have 6 or 7 spots where the bone needs to flatten more. As much as it hurt having the teeth pulled, I would do it all again so I can finally smile normal and not with closed lips.

I have been concerned about wearing the dentures to talk and eat. No one has ever explained as honestly as you did about that ptocess. I knew from the beginning it would be a learning process, after all eating and talking with two pieces of plastic in my mouth sounds crazy. You however have helped with some of that anxiety. Thank you so much for being blunt and honest!!!!

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 2 months ago from Central USA Author

Good luck Angela! Remember, it's a short process to get through and it may not be pain-free, but it's pain you can tolerate and it will be so worth it.. Make sure to remember, the only pain is coming from the tooth extractions and dentures do not hurt! . I would love for you to comment a few weeks after you get your dentures

Angela 2 months ago

Thank you for the information I am going to go through this process soon and need all the help I can get!

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 3 months ago from Central USA Author

@steve thank you for taking the time to comment... I'm sure you just helped a lot of people

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 3 months ago from Central USA Author

@KerryAnn I really could not tell you the difference in settling. I'm sorry, I have no experience at all with a partial. Perhaps someone may comment and tell you. Also, sorry but I'm a little confided. Are you going to be getting a full denture soon? Or is only a partial?

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 3 months ago from Central USA Author

@Maronne I had the same problem with my husband. He had to go without for 4 months! Honestly, and this is raw honesty.... You MAY not look as bad as you think (ask a family member!) if you ask a friend, more than likely they just don't want to hurt your feelings). OR.... You can do what my husband did; he just didn't open his mouth to smile or laugh. IF he found himself in a no way situation and had to laugh, he would put his hand (fisted) and bent slightly over as if he were laughing hard. You will figure a way out. And another HONEST answer is..... Who cares! You will feel so much better and there is a lot of people walking around with NO teeth and/or just a few and they are more likely than not, wishing they were you. Please don't worry

Steve 3 months ago

Just had the bite test, next visit to dentist I get new teeth. Had full upper extraction, I'm in UK, honestly can say I haven't been in pain from start to finish, so glad I've had it done, no longer afraid of dentist and I've seen the new uppers in, they look great.

Thankyou whoever you are for writing about this, and to anyone with bad teeth for whatever reason...... GO SEE A DENTIST, they work miracles

KerryAnn Kelly 3 months ago

Hello, thank you for your post! It's very insightful. I needed a partial plate for three upper left, and two upper right. I had my impressions done this morning. Very excited to be getting new teeth again!! I used to have a beautiful smile, and despite always looking after my teeth, I ended up having extractions due to abscesses. Now I'm so paranoid and insecure about my smile. I have a huge gap on my left hand side, and am very insecure about it. How different is a partial denture to a full denture??? Am I likely to experience similar 'settling in' problems?? I have a first fitting in about 10 days, then my final proper dentures 10 days after then. Super excited to have my smile back :-) Many thanks xx

Din 3 months ago

My husband was mortified of dentures. He had an anxiety attack just when I mentioned the word dentist- it's not is bad as you think, and believe me… You will get used to those dentures or the partial in your mouth! If your teeth are very bad on the bottom, why don't you just get a full denture? If there is bad as they say you are, you're going to end up with one anyway it sounds like, but I'm not a doctor or a dentist…

Erunner 3 months ago

Thank you for this site. My name is Allan and I'm 62. I have agoraphobia and panic disorder and the dentist is the biggest challenge for me over everything because of my panic attacks. After 2 and a half years I went to the dentist two days ago. I have a partial on the bottom front and one of the anchor teeth became very loose and the day of my appointment fell out of my mouth. I told the dentist I was too nervous for dentures as mt mouth is the focus of my panic attacks. I hadn't removed the partial for over two years because of my anxiety and my teeth are a mess. The dentist suggested I get 9-10 teeth removed and she'll place partials on the top and bottom of my mouth. I had full X-rays and they did a deep cleaning on the bottom teeth. They cleaned my partial and it's not 100% secure due to the missing anchor tooth with a piece of it remaining as well as the root. The pain isn't an issue for me it's the afterwards that frightens me. How will my tongue respond to a permanent in my mouth? Will I have continual panic attacks? Reading the article suggested I would be in for huge issues if I got dentures. So do I go with the partials although I'll probably have no more than ten teeth left in my mouth? Have you or someone else dealt with people who deal with severe panic as I have. Right now I'm hoping to get some encouragement while dealing with the reality of my situation. Thank you so much

Maronne Anastar 3 months ago

THANKS for sharing your experience and tips RE becoming a denture wearer. I so very much appreciate this! Due to not having much money AND being in excruciating and relentless pain from the multiple infected teeth in my mouth - I found a dentist who would extract my almost full mouth of teeth and refine the inside of my mouth so that I could use dentures. I didn't have the time (or - more importantly - the money) to pre-plan what happens immediately after (and I had them all out just five days ago).

I DO go back to work the week after next - and I will be returning to my job as a cashier in a grocery store - WITHOUT TEETH! I was told today that it is too late to "do the Tempi Denture" thing - and that I'll be without teeth for at least 6 months.

Any supportive comments will be appreciated. I was in so much pain that I was considering putting myself down if I didn't find relief soon. So - while I'm a little vain, THAT pain had me desperate.

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 4 months ago from Central USA Author

Denny.... I had the same problem with my dentist, I was insistent that they were too big and they had to shave them down you have a right to get them done properly!

Denny 4 months ago

I had all of my teeth (24 of them) pulled on June 20th.

I've already had my impressions taken and had what the dentist said was a final fitting, before I receive my permanent dentures. Well I can't express how unhappy I was with the way the temporary ones looked. Way too big. My lips didn't even touch together, when I closed my mouth.

Now the nurse there told me that this was the visit to let the dentist know if I didn't like the style/color or overall appearance. When I told the dentist that teeth looked too big, he said they will look better after time.

I also asked him about the style/color that nurse said I could change. He pretty much said that he couldn't do anything and they looked good.

Sorry for rambling on. I just hate the idea of getting dentures that I have a feeling I'm not going to wear, because I look like a gorilla now...

Latoya 4 months ago

I had my consult today. Im excited about my new smile and new social life but is it just me but the expense of the whole deal is soooo exspensive. Over $12,000 thats just for the oral surgeon and complete extractions after my insurance. What im i to do

Sandy 4 months ago

I am getting my teeth pulled and temporary dentures in 2 weeks. This article was very helpful to let me know what to expect. Just wanted to say THANK YOU.

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 6 months ago from Central USA Author

Yes it's true then it's not is bad you think it is.. It seems to beyour first few days are rough, but they will become a part of you after a few months and you won't even notice the difference of something in your mouth. It does feel very weird and some people and just faster than others My husband still takes his dentures out to eat even anything soft, because he says it feels like food is smashing up in his facec. I still don't understand it, and I will never probably.

The most important thing, is that you do it for health reasons, but the gift you get is being able to smile and laugh in front of people without covering your mouth because of embarrassment

Nicole Young 07 profile image

Nicole Young 07 6 months ago from Chicago Illinois

We all may be needing dentures in the future, be it partial or complete, unless you have the money to have dental implant. After all, a life without a complete set of teeth can be depressing, it may not be that interesting to a lot of people but dentures will be your helping hand when you start losing your teeth. This is because having no teeth will affect your speech, your appetite and your social life. According to my mom's dentist at the Kyrene Family Dentistry, when she first inquired about having dentures, she was told that the first few weeks of wearing dentures may feel odd and unnatural because when a drastic change happens in our body, our brain responds and signals that there is something different or off with e specific part of the body.

Deb 10 months ago

I had 12 teeth pulled 3 months ago to complete the rest for my dentures. My dentist never told me I would have bone fragments and they still haven't come out. Hurts to touch them I'm afraid when I put my dentures and it's going to be very painful. Last visit when I got my impressions he told me I could have surgery to get those bone fragments out. At the time I had considered it but didn't want to have the surgery and have to wait another 2 months before I could wear my dentures and this is very frustrating to me. Has anyone ever been through this for this long of a time?

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 10 months ago from Central USA Author

It's so wonderful to know that I have hopefully gave both of you some insight as to what to expect; But, just remember, my outcome and my story will not be the exact same as what yours may be, but it will give you the gist of things And I would love it if you would get back with me and let me know how you're doing.. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I'll see if I can help you or tell you where to look for information, but basically, you will have to figure it out on your own because what works for me, may not work for you…… Good luck!

SundanceG 10 months ago

I'm getting mine pulled tomorrow after years of dental problems due to severe early childhood illnesses. This has helped me a lot. Still nervous, but ready to actually smile again

Racemom 10 months ago

I too had to have all my teeth pulled about 3 weeks ago 28 in all. I immediately had both uppers and lowers put in same day. It wasn't as bad as I thought. Reading your story really helped with my anxiety. It wasn't as bad as I imagined. The pain is very minimal the hardest part is waiting for the dentures to fit really good and be able to eat food other than soft food. Thank you very much for your article I really enjoyed reading it.

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 11 months ago from Central USA Author

The bottoms can be a bit tricky at times. I find myself using my Fixodent about 3-4 times a day on the bottom denture. If you feel them coming up when you are eating, you will find out quickly you need to add more glue, especially if youre eating a chip because it will poke your gum and that's a horrible feeling!

The good news about having dentures is being able to eat chips and not worry about stabbing the roof of your mouth. My husband still chooses to eat without his teeth in. Drives me bonkers! He said it feels like food is smashing up against his face?? Makes NO sense but hey, who am I to tell him how he should eat but it just really is funny watching him eat without any teeth in. He is gumming his food and cheeks collapse. Oh well!

Annette T 12 months ago

I got my top dentures 5 years ago and now i go on Dec. 28th to get my bottoms done.

I have mixed feelings about it. But i am ready to get them done.

I really enjoyed the sense of humor in your article.

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 14 months ago from Central USA Author

That's great to hear! They aren't the same, but if you're willing to just slap them in and go with the flow, you'll be fine! My husband just got his and never had a lick of trouble talking.

He's doing fantastic (which actually kind of ticks me off ) especially after I told him he'd need to read a book and learn how to talk for about a week-

I do have one thing up on him though--he takes his teeth OUT to eat! Yes, that's right. He says it feels like the bread from a PBJ sandwich is smashing all up in his face. He eats steak, chips, tacos etc without teeth.

Everyone is different, so just because I had this experience, you may or may not, but it's a general idea!

Brenda Burton profile image

Brenda Burton 14 months ago

I am 37 and a mom of 5. 4 months ago I had all my top teeth pulled at once, and several lower pulled , I still have 8 bottom. I went today and had my impressions done. I decided to have teeth pulled and let them heal, I could not imagine the pain of having dentures put in right away!!! Any ways I see light at the end of the tunnel!!! I can't wait to smile again!!!! I know it will be frustrating trying to talk, but I overcame the language barrier of not having teeth, and my children and husband love to nitpick me about how I talk, lol so if I can give advice to anyone, I would go toothless and wait for your gums to heal it's really not that bad, just learning how to eat was aggravating but I'm now a pro!!!! Steak and porkchops are easy now cut small! So when I get my new choppers I will be back and let y'all know how I'm doing

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 18 months ago from Central USA Author

Well, yes you definitely need to get dentures it sounds like ; But also remember, food taste a little different at first- you don't seem to get the original case is you are used to. It will take you a little while to get used to eating with them, in fact, I know someone who just got dentures and have had them for a month and they take their teeth out to eat. I told her she had to leave them in order to get used to it.

It's definitely not the same, but you look so much better and you will feel so much better that it's totally worth it. Please come back and tell me how it went

Dave 18 months ago

I had a bad infection that i let go too long and my teeth slowly deteriorated . Finally couldn't take the pain and had them all pulled at once. Painful to sure, but the mouth pain is gone and im grateful. My dentist is very good and am starting the next step for impressions soon. Real food will be a joy again.

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 19 months ago from Central USA Author

The longer on procrastinates about getting denture and are scared or afraid, the longer one gets used to not wearing the dentures, the easier it is to go without. That may seem fine, but your(mouth) smile is what people really noticed

Jackson Willis 19 months ago

I guess that I've never thought about the possibility of going without teeth because I haven't had to get dentures, but it's crazy that people have to worry about that. I know that I would struggle with things like this for sure. It could definitely be difficult to figure out the best way to approach this scenario, and I'm sure everyone would have a whole list of concerns about them. I would hope that they would get all of those concerns resolved with the dentist quickly and easily.

Me,Issa 21 months ago

You look great! Can't tell they're dentures. I recently got mine. I feel like have buck teeth lol I was curious if it feels that way at first and you get used to it or is it more so they need to be properly fitted. I just got them a few day ago so I'm still in the first stages getting them adjusted and all

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 23 months ago from Central USA Author

Thank you for the compliment just Kizzy- and yes, you were totally right about the healing process. I think that's why I have so much trouble with mine lately because I've had the same set for 13 years and it's time for a new set. Some dentists are doing things differently now such as waiting for the gums to heal before they give you your dentures while others are still giving you the dentures as soon after your teeth are pulled immediately or just a week later. In fact, my friend just had all her teeth pulled and will not have her teeth for three months before getting her dentures

just kizzy profile image

just kizzy 24 months ago from Michigan, USA

Thanks for this hub! I go next week to have all my teeth pulled for dentures and have been surfing the web for days gathering all the info I can. This was great, and the humor most appreciated :) While you know it happens all the time people don't want to talk about it, and I'm grateful for all the folks who commented as well! Just an FYI; in my 'research' I have found that the reason for going for so long between extraction and dentures is because the gums and bone will shrink and settle as they heal. This causes dentures made before, or too soon after, extraction fit poorly when the healing is complete. (apparently this continues as you age, requiring new adjustments and/or new dentures) I'm in my 50's and have waited so long for this opportunity that I figure a couple more months is no problem... I can't wait to get my smile back! :D

Claire Dentures profile image

Claire Dentures 2 years ago

I'm 34 and have full dentures, I love them. Best thing I ever did. They function well and look really natural.

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 2 years ago from Central USA Author

Glad I could help! Clenching try to stop or it will become a habit!!

SouthernTrouble75 2 years ago

I wanted to thank you for the humor in your post! I just had 22 teeth surgically extracted Monday and had my dentures the same day (I'd come in a week before for impressions). After having so many teeth yanked out, I'm still at the phase of "holy hell if I wanted this kind of pain & frustration I coulda had more kids & shot myself in the foot!!"

One thing I've not seen much mention of is problems with all of a sudden clenching my teeth at night. Like you, I'd prefer to keep my dentures in. But after three nights of repeatedly waking up to this horrid pain of clenching my teeth with my dentures but over the stitches! (I'd rather go for another c-section than that pain!)

Good luck and thanks again!!


Jane Abbott 2 years ago

My dad is old now and has some unhealthy teeth. My siblings and I plan on getting him some dentures, but my dad is worried that he will have to go without teeth for a while. I am happy to hear that dentists have temporary dentures so he can start having a great smile again.

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 2 years ago from Central USA Author

I checked out your website first before approving this- I normally don't approve spam links but I believe you could help people so I approved it

dentures 2 years ago

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weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 2 years ago from Central USA Author

Sometimes people say things that they don't really mean to hurt your feelings especially your husband I'm sure it was all supposed to be taken in stride. If you think they're too big for your mouth then perhaps they may be but if they're not then don't worry about it. It's an emotional feeling anyway to have dentures and maybe he doesn't realize that

Sasy 2 years ago

My husband laughed at me when I got my new dentures he said the teeth are to big for my mouth. I have had dentures for 33yrs and this is the first he laugh made me feel sad

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 2 years ago from Central USA Author

Since you got your permanent dentures you still may need to get some adjustments made. It will take you a good month or two to learn how to talk. get out a book and read out loud to learn how to say your letters and enunciate. It would not hurt to go back to your dentist and tell him you may need another adjustment: I went through several. Good luck and let me know how you doing

carol 2 years ago

i had temp and permanent incerts put in 8 months ago now. i have permanent denctures permanent denctures i had 1 month....but, i battle to talk, is this denctures clip in and out. i did not have bone and teeth were loose...i had all removed....what a business.....just the talking, i slur, is embarrassing too...thank u...

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 2 years ago from Central USA Author

I don't know if I understand your question correctly. You're not supposed to actually have an overbite. Since you just got them today I would call the dentist in the morning and you can go back in there and tell them you're not fitting right I had to go back six times within two weeks. They may just have to do a simple adjustment. Haying in there you will get used to them I promise

febbie 2 years ago

I just got my final upper denture today and I'm not liking it at all it doesn't fit like my temp had somewhat of an over bite and was much more per minute one touches all my teeth when I bite this normal or are they not fitted right?

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 2 years ago from Central USA Author

Danielle please get back with me and tell me how it went

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 2 years ago from Central USA Author

@Danielle...hun I am so sorry you are going through this mess..TRUST will get better very soon and you won't even know you have them does feel horrible and embarrassing and all of the above, but just hang on ! Always revert back to this page if you want to remember all I've said. Good luck and SMILE

danielle 2 years ago

I really wish I would have seen this before I got my dentures. I still would have went through it but I would have known more of what I was getting myself into. thank you for this tho because right now its only been a little over a week and I am hating them mostly because I have no patients but this was very encouraging! THANKS

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 2 years ago from Central USA Author

Thank you for all your comments. Dentures aren't as bad as you think ; there's still nothing like your own still. Sometimes life throws you something that's not prepared for; but you can always deal with it

jtrader profile image

jtrader 2 years ago

Voted up and funny. I guess all of us have to face this choice at some point.

sarahchase81 2 years ago

No it's not painful. I just.noticed a while ago when I was feeling along my upper gum line that there is a couple small spots where the gum almost seems to have worn away and I can actually feel and scratch my fingernail along bone.

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 2 years ago from Central USA Author

If your dentures are not fitting properly they may be pushing in on your gums and on your bones. I would suggest going to the dentist. Is it painful?

sarahchase81 2 years ago

I've had my top denture for over a decade and have had no real problems until recently. I have spots on my upper gums where bone is coming through. Has anyone else dealt with this or have any idea why this is happening?

quildon profile image

quildon 3 years ago from Florida

This hub was beautifully done. You took a subject that most people are embarrassed to talk about and wrote about it in a helpful and humorous way. I wear partials and am thinking of changing them because I can't chew my salads as well as I would like, but now that you mention having the same problem, I'm wondering if I should. Voted up and useful.

diana 3 years ago

Great! I wonder how I can get in touch with you so you can rell me the name of the dentist. I am in Germany and it is basically illegal here if it is not all rotten. I can hardly stand my situation any longer.

Thank you 1

kelly 3 years ago

I like you am also fairly young (mid 30s) and my teeth have really taken the toll of having kids. After my 3rd my teeth said im done and went even further downhill from there. I have done the nasty stuff (mold) and I have had all my broken teeth removed. The 1st visit was horrific. They couldn't numb my teeth. They insisted they did but I knew differently. They kept telling me it was "pressure". I was in so much pain. I had many teeth pulled thru the years so I am well aware what it should feel like. I was crying screaming, and cursing at the dentist telling him to stop that it was anything but pressure. After that appointment he called to tell me it must be the infection in my mouth keeping it from numbing. I said "Gee really? Do you think?" So needless to say I was more than reluctant to return, but I did and made sure my husband was there with me to stop them if I needed. The last appointment went off without a hitch. So now I have 2 more appointments. I have the final appointment to get the remainder of my teeth removed and an appointment this Tuesday. I just am not sure what this one is for. We never discussed size or color or anything of that sort.

I just thought I would tell you how nice it is to see someone who is not elderly getting dentures, as well as explaining it in detail as you did. Thanks

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 3 years ago from Central USA Author

Keep thinking positive gets will be smiling withing a week and eating in 6...Remember, gum is virtually impossible and chew your food well! They are NOTHING like your own cutting a steak with a plastic just doesn't work as well..good luck and come back and let me know how you are doing! Congrats on going for it! You have nothing to lose (except your bad teeth)

MissingOut 3 years ago

Well I'm 35 and about to take the plunge after 7 years of battling tooth decay. I have all my bottom, but all of my top is just plain disgusting, sometimes I think my teeth look like their scarier than those horror movie monsters teeth. I have not kissed my spouse in 6 years. Let me just say I was one for kissing more so than anything else. I brushed, flossed, did go to the dentist. But I have a debilitating disorder and caused my teeth to litterally break or just rot apart. I have gone to a great dentist did my consults and just completed the two appointments for getting the fitting done. The goo that they stick in your mouth and hardens did taste like you know what! When she first put it in I closed my eyes and tried not to gag, she told me to open my eyes and focus on something far away. It did help with the gagging. It only took about 3 mins for it to harden, then she had to pull it out. That kinda sucked because the teeth I do have are terrible and pulling on them with the suction from the goo was uncomfortable but was ok. I just kept thinking Soon I will be able to smile, eat and kiss. Now I'm awaiting the upper denture to be completed. I was shown many options of colors and shapes of teeth, so we could pick something that is close to my original teeth. So in 2 weeks I have to get my teeth ripped from my mouth and a temp immediately put in. And I am to sing and sing and sing on my way home. I imagine that is going to require a bib of some sort, and some of my humor injected into the ride home. My spouse will be escorting me so I will be embarrassed I'm sure, but I know in time it will be ok. I just want my life back, I've avoided family, friends, parties, everything just because of my mouth. So a few months I hear is the how long it takes to fully adjust. So I can't wait! Although I'm dreading the teeth being pulled. Thank you for your stories and help. I'll be back in a few weeks with an update.. Better Heath, better smiles in my future, and hoping my passionate kisses to return as well one day hopefully sooner than later. Good luck all of you, please do it too otherwise bad teeth lead to many other worse issues...We Can Do It! Say Cheese!

kjohn5 3 years ago

This was extremely informative. I never realized there could be so many different complications with dentures. I looked a the site to learn more about dentures and so with that and this article, I feel that I have a good idea and understanding of dentures now. Thanks.

shanon37 3 years ago

wow..thank you soooo much!! I just went to the dentist 3 days ago for a tooth that broke only to get told all my teeth are actually breaking and he said i need to get them all pulled out asap (i litterally cried all day/night) i'm 37 and never thought this would happen ,he wanted to pull them all in one day but due to hard times i just don't have all the money up front so in 2 weeks he will pull all the top ones and put the upper dentures in they already did the cement thing and yes your right it was HORRIABLE..(i wish i knew your gagging technique then lol) because it took them 3 times to get it right because i was gagging so bad. I am still nervous but not nearly as bad thanks to you,i'm just terrified of the pain and hoping and praying no one can tell i have dentures i do know i am very excited to be able to smile again and will no longer have to cover my mouth when i talk to people :) iam hearing the worse pain is when i have to go back the very next day after the procedure is this true? and what is it that he will do on that visit?

Mind Warp profile image

Mind Warp 3 years ago

I got all my uppers pulled on one day, the next day the dentist left for Hawaii for 30 days. The entire time, bits and pieces of bone/tooth came to the surface of my gums, and I had to pull them out with tweezers. OUCH. The dentures NEVER fit and she kicked me out as her patient because I did go back, again and again, trying to get her to reline them. All she'd do was grind on them until finally, she sent me to an oral surgeon - who removed my entire maxilla! NO bone now and no dentures will ever stay in place due to .. no bone! I think I'm getting so lucky when another dentist offers to fix things with an implanted denture except ... he never did it. Made me wait a year, past the civil suit filing date to sue the former two dentists, THEN kicked me to the curb. I'm not a big fan of dentists right now. I cannot eat, no uppers will stay in TO chew with and the lowers? Thank god, they're fine. The real kicker? Turned out - she didn't even NEED to pull the teeth. I only needed crowns, just like I got on the bottom. I wish I had the $8k to GET that implanted "All on 4" but maybe they'll be cheaper ... by the time I turn the 75 I now look! Skeleton-face indeed!

Rhonda1972 4 years ago

Yesterday (11/06/2012) got all the upper teeth pulled, walked out with the temp. denture.. The nervousness was not getting my teeth pulled it was the way I was going to look when I get back to work.. It scares me.. I can't help but thinking are co-workers going to notice..That's what scares me the most..

DMVmimay 4 years ago

ohh very useful hub, another useful hub i visited.. thanks for sharing this, you did very great.. blessed!

trish1048 profile image

trish1048 4 years ago

First, I have had dentures a number of years now. I still have 7 of my own teeth left, so I have partial dentures. I thank God my experience wasn't too horrible. I did have my teeth that needed removing all done at once. I did not get temporary dentures. Impressions were made and I went home.

After about a week, my dentures came in. It did feel strange to once again have all the teeth I was supposed to have. I had most of my back teeth gone for quite some time when I went for the dentures. I did not suffer untold agony throughout this process, such as pain or infection.

I did go for one or two adjustments and then that was it, I was good to go.

The worst part of it for me was getting used to eating. Dentures tend to slide over things like apples, and steak was a bit difficult. For a while I too thought, what the hell did I do? I hate this. Since I had seven of my own teeth left, I would take the dentures out to eat, even if it was out at a restaurant. (of course, I was discreet about it). It took me well over six months to finally decide to wear my dentures when eating.

I think what I was most upset about was that for my whole life, I had taken care of my teeth. I went for regular visits, had problems fixed, more crowns than I care to count, etc. etc. And still, ended up with dentures. Now I'm just waiting for my financial picture to get better to go and bite the bullet and have the remaining teeth taken out.

tc 4 years ago

I am one of the very few people whose teeth never developed properly. All were brittle with no enamel whatsoever. I had all that had come in out at thirteen and the rest extracted (wisdom teeth ) as they came in. All gone at sixteen. I wear dentures and have fully adjusted to doing so. I also enjoy leaving them out at times and have gone for days without them including two weeks in Tukey for a dare. I can eat most foods and speak clearly with my dentures and I can also eat the same without them though I speak with a lisp. I am twenty five now and a wife and mother. Being toothless is not a problem for me and if I am honest I rather enjoy it as does my husband.

Dental Implants Kiev 4 years ago

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weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 4 years ago from Central USA Author

Thank you! Glad you are doing well! Speech takes a little while, but you get used to it!

Atlantis142 4 years ago

Brilliant, well written and respectfully witty. I have just got my dentures 3 days ago, I have partial bottom and full uppers. Bulimia stole my smile. I am having difficulty with eating. Soup with bread in has become my best friend. I sing the abc song too try and improve my speech and count from 60 to 100. The dentures are beginning to feel like a part of me but I've been looking up on how to avoid the dreaded sore spots and rubbing. I go back to my dentist on Tuesday and hopefully she'll realign them. Loved your article, just wanted to impart that my dentist reckons that having partials straight after removal of your teeth causes more trouble and rubbing and you have to get used to them twice, once with immediates and then with your permenants. I'm 43 and was mortified to think I'd be without teeth and as you said so well the face collapse for 3-4 weeks. I did go without however and you would be amazed at the support. Sincere support I received. Just one more thing, Julia Roberts has had falsies from the age of 16! Shes always looked great, so there is hope for the rest of us denture wearers, old or young. Thanks for a great article, Regards, Lisa / AKA Atlantis142

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 4 years ago from Central USA Author

Thank you and you too!

Marty 4 years ago

God bless you

weezyschannel profile image

weezyschannel 4 years ago from Central USA Author

thank you so much for the compliment for one. Second, I am sorry to hear about your banana. I have had my share of not being able to eat carrots and raw vegetables especially. I don't want to break them too!

Paul Kuehn profile image

Paul Kuehn 4 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand

This is an excellent hub and I can identify with everything you have written. I had all of my upper teeth and most of my bottoms pulled when I was 47. This happened because I didn't take care of my teeth when younger and I was afraid to see the dentist due to some bad experiences when I was a kid. Anyhow, the infection in my mouth was so bad that I wound up getting about 20-25 teeth pulled at one time while being knocked out. After I got the dentures, I tried biting into a banana, and it was the strangest feeling in my life like not being able to feel the banana with such a numb feeling. I struggled the first couple of months and can remember eating a lot of times without my dentures. It probably rtook me at least 6 months to get used to them. And yes, my health did appreciably improve. I had fewer colds.

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weezyschannel 4 years ago from Central USA Author

That's a good question. Some may just be because they didn't take care of their teeth very well. Others could be a genetic problem. People have health problems that can contribute to bad teeth as well. We had quite a few in my family that ended up in dentures early and I always took care of my teeth.

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teaches12345 4 years ago

I can see this hub as a real help to those faciing this procedure. You have taken a sensitive subject and covered it very well with great tact and wit. I wonder what some of the reasons are for people having to get dentures, and the common age for this event? Voted up.

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weezyschannel 4 years ago from Central USA Author

I'm glad you enjoyed my little humor. Tried not to make it too obvious.

jenubouka 4 years ago

A very honest and funny story. I think it is very important to keep one's chin up in times like this. Dentures seem apparent in my future so this was comforting. As the tip about gagging, I was seriously laughing out loud!!! Awesome.

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weezyschannel 4 years ago from Central USA Author

Glad you caught that~thanks. Dentures are serious and important. I don't know what possessed me to write about it, but I thought I would. No one told me what to expect when getting mine, and so therefore; I was totally blown away. But I did recover from it and can be out of agony from the pain I had before getting them.

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mary615 4 years ago from Florida

This is a subject that is not written about much, and it is a serious subject. You did a great job on this Hub, and I'm voting it UP, etc. Just a friendly observation from a fellow Hubber: Your first photo has a water mark, one photo is attributed to the other photos are not attributed at all.

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