How long does knee pain last after surgery?


It will be different for every individual, and depend on such variables as your age and general fitness level at the time of surgery; the amount of lost motion and flexibility before the surgery; and even one's own level of pain tolerance.

The surgical incision pain is pretty well handled with modern analgesics. My pain tolerance is fairly low, but even with that in mind, I didn't have too much pain from the surgery after about two weeks. However, I found the therapy sessions rather grueling. Others may find it a breeze, again, depending on your own pain tolerance.

Generally, they will advise you not to try and do things like drive a car for about two months, and not engage in activities that put weight-bearing force on the joint, such as jogging. But that has nothing to do with pain; only with ensuring full healing.

Sorry I cannot be more specific, but it really is very individually subjective.

Updated on April 10, 2018

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My Experience With Total Knee Replacement Surgery
By Liz Elias