I had my period from January 29th through February 6th then was sexually active from February 9th through the 11th and again from February 22nd through February 25th. I still haven't started my period but took two pregnancy tests and they were both negative. On March 15th I experienced pink discharge/spotting. Could this be a sign that I'm pregnant?


Unless you have a really long cycle, you're going on about three weeks late for your period. If the spotting hasn't turned into a flow, take another pregnancy test and if that one comes back negative call your OB and let them know. They can give you a blood pregnancy test to confirm whether or not you're pregnant and help you to troubleshoot why your period is so late.

If the spotting has turned into a period then there's lots of benign reasons a period can come late including stress, a cold or flu bug or even a change in your sleep schedule.

Updated on March 19, 2018

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Late Period But Not Pregnant? Here's Why
By Kierstin Gunsberg