I have heard people say that their sense of taste is drastically reduced once they get dentures. What is your experience?


At first, it felt like I couldn't taste much and I couldn't feel whether my food was hot or cold. Everything seemed to be lukewarm, and I got very depressed about it because lukewarm food is disgusting.

But my mouth adjusted to it and I began to taste things more again over time. I am very sensitive to hot and cold things now. But I didn't get 100% of my taste back, I don't think, because my husband says I put too much salt on things. Still, the difference is so mild now that it's barely noticeable. I know this because there are certain foods I can eat without my dentures on. I was told that the plate covering the roof of your mouth is what makes things harder to taste, so I've tried certain foods with or without my dentures on to see if there is a difference and the difference is too mild for me to notice with most foods.

It actually allows you to do certain cool things that you could never do before. I can drink large gulps of cold foods without getting brain freeze, and I have a higher tolerance for spicy food/peppers now, both of which impresses people.

I care very much about being able to taste my food, so I was very worried about this as well. But honestly, people naturally have varying levels of ability to taste foods. Like a lot of chefs and picky eaters have sensitive tongues, while other people can eat anything. Your taste buds are less sensitive after dentures, but they're still within a normal range of tasting, if that makes sense.

I've found that some of the claims of what is "wrong" with dentures according to dentists are true, but they exaggerate. Most of them have never had dentures, so when they say things like you'll only have 10% chewing ability or taste left, you might have less chewing ability than people with perfect teeth and less ability to taste things, but it's more like you're 90% rather than 10%.

Updated on May 9, 2018

Original Article:

The 10 Biggest Myths About Dentures
By EB Black

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