What treatment is used for a male urethra infection?


Males can have urinary tract infections. They are rare in younger men, but are more common in those over the age of fifty. The infections are often caused by bacteria, which produce inflammation as a major symptom. Men may also experience a penile yeast infection known as Balanitis. According to the Merck Manual, however, it’s uncertain whether Candida can cause urethral symptoms in men.

A doctor must be consulted to receive a diagnosis and treatment for a urinary tract problem. It’s important to discover where the inflammation is located in the man’s tract, as well as its cause. An antibiotic is often prescribed to treat an uncomplicated UTI triggered by bacteria. The doctor will prescribe the best antibiotic for the patient’s condition and overall health status. Medicines can have side effects, which a doctor will take into account.

Updated on April 5, 2018

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Nystatin: An Antifungal Medicine for Candida Infections
By Linda Crampton