Am I Depressed? Take This Quiz to Find Out. Quiz Statistics

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Have you been feeling sad, hopeless, or down in the dumps?

Do you have a lack of appetite, or have you been eating excessively?

Have you lost or gained significant weight lately?

Are you having trouble sleeping or staying asleep?

Do you feel tired all the time?

Do you have low self-esteem? Or are you feeling like you've let the world down?

Are you having trouble concentrating or focusing on the task at hand?

Are you particularly/unusually restless or lethargic?

Have you thought of suicide lately? Or that the world would be better off without you?

Have you harmed yourself in some way (e.g. drinking, drugs, cutting, extreme dieting, excessive exercising)

How much have any of the aforementioned things affected your work, home, or social life?

Has anyone expressed worry about you or your recent moods / behavior?

For how long has this been going on?