Quick Quiz for Diagnosing Dementia Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

This quiz has been taken 238 times.

Average score: 69%

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Repeat 3 unrelated words like: umbrella, football, desk
The correct answer is "should be able to say correctly in order, and repeat when asked a few minutes later"

Add a quarter, a dime and a penny
The correct answer is "36, this everyday task should be easy and non-threatening to a person without dementia"

Say months of the year backwards (or days of the week backwards)
The correct answer is "December, November, October, September, August, July, June, May, April, March, February, January"

Point to earlobe, knuckle, elbow (or any three objects which are part of something else)
The correct answer is "A person with normal memory should do this quickly and instantly."

Use both hands to imagine you are hammering a nail or cutting a loaf of bread.
The correct answer is "Should be an automatic action done quickly."