Vaginal Bump and STD Savvy Quiz Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

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What was the original term for sexually transmitted disease (STD)?
The correct answer is "Venereal disease"

Can vaginal herpes be active on the skin without showing?
The correct answer is "Yes, vaginal herpes virus can be active, and on the skin without any bumps showing, and without having symptoms."

Is vaginal acne a disease?
The correct answer is "Yes, clinically any type of acne including vaginal acne is considered a disease."

Can vaginal warts cause cerival cancer?
The correct answer is "Yes, there is a "low risk" for cervical cancer with vaginal warts."

Can vaginal folliculitis be caused from shaving?
The correct answer is "Yes, vaginal folliculitis can be caused from shaving curly pubic hair too closely."

Is vaginal molluscum contagiosum an STD?
The correct answer is "Yes, although it can be acquired from inanimate objects, it is considered an STD."

What ethnic population has a higher likelihood of developing an STD?
The correct answer is "African American"

Is there more than one type of eczema that affects the vagina?
The correct answer is "Yes, there are four types."

What is the fastest growing STD in the United States?
The correct answer is "HPV (vaginal warts is one type)"

By 2025, how many people are estimated to have genital herpes?
The correct answer is "40% of all men, and 50% of all women"